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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Jubilee: Rogue government defined by evil trinity

So NACADA's director Wilfred Kogo has finally let the cut out of the bag and set it into full flight by revealing that drug barons have sought leadership positions in the present government?

No surprise there for those Kenyans who have refused the temptation to rival ostrich with wet ground ready to burry their heads.

These barons are not stupid and they invested heavily financing political campaign of the dynamically clueless duo. Now it is harvest time and with a regime as guilty as sin itself with no moral ground to point a finger, the bottomless pit that is government coffers are theirs for cleaning.

No free lunch
Well, there is no free lunch, remember. What is more, the ill-gotten wealth must be protected for evil posterity. MTADO!.

Jubilee is a rogue government defined by the evil trinity of fraud, deception, and lies.

The twin musketeers's forte is enshrined in raw bravado and taunting Kenya's other 40 tribes.

This is a regime renown for procuring everything evil. Even the capital City's a police Commander Japeth Koome won't blink in front of camera shamelessly disparaging unnamed people stocking grenades without naming or doing what he is employed to do, arrest and charge them.
Even that blatant and shameless lie to justify use of lethal force didn't fly.

Stupid drama

Add that to the previous incompetent soap opera conducted by none other than principal secretary for Interior, Dr Karanja Kibicho, and the Inspector-General of Police, Boinnet, parading police officers supposedly injured who can afford to salute with slings dropping from their hitherto bandaged arms just after a short 45 minutes flight from Kisumu to Nairobi.

The stupid drama is spiced some more when you have a cop is made a government spokesman and starts accusing unnamed neighbouring countries plotting to use the opposition to overthrow the government.

You see, to make true fake prophesies, governance by lies and disinformation becomes handy ingredients to brew more fraud and chaos.

Welcome to the den of incompetents patronised by a clueless due bent on ruining Kenya ridding on the back of two tribes.</>

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My good brother Taabu has barked "These barons are not stupid and they invested heavily financing political campaign of the dynamically clueless duo" Sasa mimi nauliza, Who are these barons? How have they financed the duo? How much did they finance? When did they finance? If Taabu can truthfully and honestly answer these serious allegations which can easily land him in jail, then we shall debate.

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