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Monday, June 06, 2016

IEBC Protests Turn Bloody 6th June 2016

One human life lost because of a political protest that was supossed to be peaceful is bad enough but today at least two people died. Two precious Kenyan lives. My sources on the ground say that the official figures are as usual much lower than the reality.

According to Reuters NAIROBI at least two protesters were shot dead in Kenya today as anti-government protests turned violent, with police opening fire to disperse demonstrators in the country’s third biggest city, Kisumu. One corpse had clear bullet wounds according to Red Cross workers on the ground.

The news of the deaths spread like wildfire and the reaction of the usually emotionall charged good people of Kisumu was very predictable. Police opened fire before using tear gas and water cannons to quell the protests.

If you are surprised you shouldn't be. Because this is Kenyan politics where grandstanding and daring your opponent is normal and you never give an inch lest you be labelled weak. You see the electorate abhor weak politicians. In fact Kenyan voters can forget the worst sin by any politician but NOT that of cowardice. Just ask Kalonzo Musyoka how long and hard he has been working to shrug off that image in vain.

But who suffers in all this? Who takes the brunt of the contest when two African elephants fight? The grass naturally. And today the grass people of Kenya have suffered greatly. Remember that most times people who are killed or badly injured are the innocent. The participants usually come prepared with exit routes and plans all mapped out well in advance. So spare a thought for that poor dad and bread winner whose kids are waiting at home but may not realize that they will never see them again.

The fortunate ones are the dads who will go home empty-handed to a family that will sleep hungry tonight. All because it was impossible for them to do what they do every day to earn money in their miserable hand to mouth existence.

 So who is to blame?

Both sides of the divide are WRONG in this IEBC-must-go issue. 

CORD has not exhausted other avenues of sending the IEBC commissioners home. Indeed there are many other more effective ways of forcing the JUBILEE government to the negotiation table. Clearly Raila Odinga has never heard of Mahatma Gandhi.

JUBILEE are wrong in gleefully asking CORD to use parliament knowing very well that they dominate the house in numbers and any motion by CORD will be dead in the water before it even starts.

This is NOT news and neither is it rocket science.

Now I have a question for all those die-hard supporters of either side about to go ballistic on me. What if the tables were turned and CORD was in power? Would they be comfortable with JUBILEE protests, peaceful or otherwise?

Bottom line ALL politicians in Kenya are exactly the same. Wanainchi get out of your stinking tribal pits and realize that what we do in every election is replace one devil with another. 

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Chris, yes jubilee has got the majority in parliament but don't forget many of them ALSO want IEBC commissioners out. For example, Moses Kuria has sworn that if Jakoyo Midiwo petitions parliament, he will second him immediately. Another issue, is it ALL the commissioners they want out or just a few, like Hassan? Or is it the whole IEBC including those manning county offices? Are all commissioners bribe takers? How do you think those innocent ones who joined IEBC AFTER chicken gate are feeling? If all commissioners are kicked out and new ones come in headed by a Mr Kamau or Kiprono, will they be accepted by CORD? This is Kenya my friend, only saints will do.

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