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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Kenya: Country ruled by hustlers, in militant denial

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Yes, Kenya is a fast-failing country in deep denial.
Granted the national rot did not start with the dynamically incompetent duo presently oiling the wheels to self-destruction.
Since her flag independence in 1963, Kenya has never had a LEADER. The three tribalists rulers before Uhuru and Ruto are defined by bigotry, insecurity and spinelessness respectively.
All the malaise afflicting Kenya are traceable to acute lack of TRUE LEADERSHIP.

Of all the sectors, education has been hit hardest by the toxic effects of the dearth of wholesome leadership.

Sexually and tribally induced degrees
In a country where fraudulent past is laundered and packaged into celebrity hustling culture one can fail to see parents selling their souls to the devil to buy exams for their kids. What is more, the same parents shamelessly offer a metre wide diameter of smile on cameras celebrating such fraud following release of results.
Take it a step further and our hitherto citadels of academic excellence have been turned into intellectual brothels churning out sexually and tribally induced degrees.

If you can't join the dots here is a preview of where cluelessness has permanent home. Just like the NYS scam was authored when its budget was exponentially increased to obscene levels within one year without expanding the capacity to utilise the funds, the universities were thoughtlessly expanded with no commensurate resource to sustain them.

Then enter the real elephant in the national house, parallel degree program. Even Kisii Univerity outdid itself laundering pass degrees for first class after rudimentary one year crash post-graduation program.

What is more, each university must be destructively led by a local and the few not fitting that template always in turmoil as evident at University of Eldoret.

Why my bile at the university, you may ask?

Am mean, I make medicine sick
Well, because of political expediency (read country on fraudulent auto pilot), Kenya is destroying her hitherto potent asses in the name of human capital. Soon the time bomb that are the quacks graduating as doctors (you don't fail module II milk cows) will leave our morgues overflowing.

Am not shouting fire in a crowded theatre but simply refusing to join the national queue of militant deniers.

What a shame to have a country thriveg in cheap celebrity culture worshipping fraud and hustling vice? Add to the rule by an insecure elite whose modus operandi is exclusively defined by hell-for-leather hubris hurtling along a super highway paved in golden self-destructive marbles.

To paraphrase the late Muhammad Ali, THE GREATEST, among regime apologists my punches on the clueless Tom and Jerry duo last week must have amounted to murdering a rock, injuring a stone and hospitalising a brick. I must be so mean I make your medicine sick.

More sweet lies and obtuse propaganda please!

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