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Monday, March 02, 2015

Will The Government Really Jail Anglo Leasing Suspects?

It has happened many times before. The government of the day generates lots of excitement that finally somebody is beginning to take corruption seriously. Sadly the only things that usually comes out of it is temporary PR mileage.

This of all governments has shown Kenyans so far that it is business as usual and that getting excited about anybody taking corruption seriously is being naive.

So former Finance Minister and close personal friend to former President Kibaki, Daudi Mwiraria was questioned yesterday and we are even informed that he will be charged today.

Remember the circus that went on about Anglo Leasing a handful of years ago? Remember the sensational audio recordings by one John Githongo? We were even told that only qualified people can present evidence blah blah

Wake me up after the verdict comes in... if he is tried that is.

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