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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Snubbish Obama Continues Sneer, Shame Kenya

Now that Obama has finally landed in Dar es Salaam dancing to Bongo 'Ohangla' Flava, we can finally bid him bye from without and mend our punctued national pride.

What a snubbish man to have him camp at next door neighbour with no regard to the hurt he is causing his own people who adore him so much. SHAME.

Forget all the bitterness spewed that we do not need Obama's visit. True, the economic side of such a visit would be realisedmuch later but boy, isn't Nairobi missing the buzz!

Obama's ICC-laced whip smacks of utmost contempt after Kibaki declared a holiday in his honour after winning the elections in 2008. What is more, the Tanzanians could afford to shame him with a street name for recognition.

Obama has missed an opportunity to dance to a Mugithi-Ohangla mix with his 'agemate' in the secure presence of one proven hustler.

True, choices have conseqences and Kenya has MOVED ON. Good riddance to 'anti African/Christian' gay lectures.


Anonymous said...


Ati Obama dancing to Ohangla, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Who is Obama? he can go to hell! He's just another Illuminati puppet!

Anonymous said...

Hustlers. Eventually swim in money and others raw power.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, such out-of-hand but deserved disdainful spurn, collective shaming, national embarrassment with the way things turned out and our self-made fantastic political foolishness are appropriate to the life we, as a people, have crafted for ourselves.

First of all, we have never had an ounce of national pride to begin with, let alone a gram of national identity or unity of some sort.

So, what is really there to be mended after having been snubbed big time?

Is there anything - in our best national interests - that we, as a people, are willing, ready and able to mend for once in the next five to ten years, given our stubborn political business as usual endemic mentality?

We are who we are because we have always been and chosen to remain who we are and what we are at our own peril, and we deserve to be snubbed big time in the eyes of the international community.

Lest we forget the fact that, the Chinese leader kept his safe distance while he was visiting next door, likewise, the American leader had to press the point home for all of Africa to learn from Kenya's self-inflicted political msitakes, and for the whole world to see the collective shaming that was directed at us for obvious prevailing reasons.

SO, we have no one to blame but ourselves, since we have decided to do nothing in order to bring about real restitutive justice to all victims of 2007/08 post-election violence?

Let alone initiate simple steps to thoroughly clean and clear our nation's image in may ways than one since the general election debacle of December 2007?

What were we, as nation, thinking before and during the months leading the March 4, general elections?

The two alternatives we had running for the country's presidency left a lot to be deserved, and they seemed not ready for any type of democratic changes any time soon.

As for the effects of squandered economic opportunities, they will be felt in so many ways than we can begin to imagine because the now strategically placed nation of Tanzania took away what could have been Kenya's economic windfall like taking candy from the mouth a sleeping baby.

Anonymous said...

Upende usipende. Tupende tusipende. Wapende wasipende.

We have been snubbed by a very powerful son of a Kenyan father, and our country has been shamed for all the right political and ethnic reasons. It's high time we change our ways or forever rot in our current misery.

Who is Obama?

Well ask ny kind in your former neighbourhood of Kenya or in your current adopted neighbourhood in the dispora, and they will tell you about who he really is.

They - most people of all ages - know who Obama is. They also know why he is one of the most influential leaders of a powerful nation. And they even know where his mother came from and the final rest place of his old man.

By the way, who are you, if people may ask? What is your name? Who are or were your so-called parents? Where is your "original home"?

And how will your father's or mother's name be remembered years after you are no longer walking on the on narrow dusty streets or unpaved by-roads near your village or hometown?

Why would anyone want Obama to go to hell when indeed he just refused to do so by skipping the country of his father, which has had been clouded in a real hellish socio-political climate since the 2007-08 post-election violence?

Nyanza si Kenya said...

Nyanza si Kenya

Anonymous said...


What say you about the chances of having the double presence of two most powerful leaders from the same nation deciding to mark their in next door Tanzania? Namely, Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Mezeni wembe aka mtaado!

kumekucha said...

Breaking news; Vote recount in Kibwezi election petition confirms that Kalembe Ndile won
the seat with 16,891 votes against Patrick Musimba's 16,773.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, you seems to be in perpetual campaign mood. Me, i want to know what killed Tony, Akinyi's lover (Mrs Tuju).
The circus which is being played infront of our eyes looks like a script from midsummer murder.

Anonymous said...

Talk of a reversal of political fortune in matter of three months, after having been left in the cold, and at times ignored by others at various recent public gatherings.

Eeeeh! Aiseeh! Kalembe Ndile of all politicians gets a reprieve by 118 votes, aftert many political sciencetists, analysts, ethicists, watchdogs, tribal experts, vetrans, and countless people, especially those in academia had already written him off, and even revised his political obituary since mid-late March of 2013.

What happens to Musimba now that the real voice - numbers - of the majority of Kibwezians have been heard loud and clear after the election petition confirmation?

It is going to be a real shocker for Musimba to swallow a humble pie of defeat after he had already tasted the first fruits of election victory, and which had whetted his appetite for a five year banquet as the main political figure - bwana kubwa - in Kibwezi?

Anonymous said...

A win is a win and Kalembe Ndile will take it regardless of whether it is due to a razor thin margin.

The only stern warning there is for any politician who finds or will find him/herself in Kalembe Ndile's bitter-sweet type of position, is to learn from the obvious failures and consequences of a man named Pharaoh Morsi and others like Gbagbo, king of Zamunda village.

Pharaoh Morsi, a now fallen politician who had been elected after having campaigned vigorously on a freedom and justice ticket, ended up denying justice and freedom of expression to the very people he - and his wannabe royal clique of politicians - claimed to represent as head of state.

Mmmmm! Whoever said that Kenyans seeking political office must have a degree from an accredited university in the country or from around the world, never had in mind people like the former Egyptian president who happens to be a graduate from the University of Southern California and Cairo University.

The very type of so-called political candidates who seem very qualified on paper but end up as abysmal failures when it comes to practical application or exercise of common sense leadership and good governance.

Kalembe Ndile should celebrate and embrace his razor thin margin of a victory, then later on make the best of his second chance in power as a wise and practical leader - but not little pharaoh aka bwana kubwa - of Kibwezi.

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