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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Breaking News: Kethi SHOCKER that will hit CORD Plus much more hot news

Kumekucha hot news round up

Kethi Kilonzo mind numbing shockBehind the scenes all is not well with Kenya's sweetheart candidate for the Makueni senatorial seat Kethi Diana Kilonzo. As you read this there is no doubt that the chair of the IEBC Isaak Hassan is sweating profusely. My latest raw notes tell you exactly why.

Uhuru in private
From deep in the corridors of power Kumekucha's informant paints a fascinating picture of Uhuru in power but under immense pressure. What is he like away from the media cameras and crowds? How does he take the pressures of the office? What does he talk about and what is his favourite drink? All these questions answered in an intimate study of Kenya's fourth president packed with information you will not get anywhere else. It's all in the Kumekucha raw notes.

July 5th Shocker That Changed Kenya Forever
In a few hours it will be July 5th. On this day 44 years ago 2 bullets rung out in quick expert succession. Seconds later, the short bald headed assassin escaped in a car. Those two bullets changed the course of Kenyan history. Lying in a pool of blood was one Thomas Joseph Odhiambo Mboya better known as Tom Mboya or TJ to his friends. Who was he? Why was his assassination so significant? Why were powerful people including his major political rival from his own community so determined to re-write the history of Kenya so much so that what our kids read in school today is close to pure fabrication of what really happened and this man's brilliant contribution to the fight for independence? Why are some of his killers still alive today in Kenya enjoying their retirement? Who are they? Chris Kumekucha has been investigating this cold case for 9 long years and has come up with some startling new highly sensitive revelations in his controversial raw notes.

Get all the details in a special book titled; Tom Mboya's killers identified. Order the book and receive a free 2 year subscription to the raw notes. Book costs only Kshs 495 or $4.5. Ordering details at the bottom of this email.

Also remember;
The IEBC is yet to release the 2013 election results. Why? Why the delay and excuses? Is there something really fishy going on here or is it just incompetence. The answer is complex and shocking and you can read it all in my landmark book Mystery Monday: Unlocking the 2013 Kenyan presidential polls secrets are NOT in the dark. Indeed unfolding events have confirmed the contents of that revealing book 1000%. Let me give some very specific examples.

* Those who have read the book were not surprised when Raila complained that he was being trailed everywhere he went by the NSIS shortly after the Supreme court ruling that gave President Uhuru and JUBILEE victory.

* Neither are they surprised that the results have been delayed and that there seems to be a "mathematical" headache facing the IEBC.

* Even the current mounting political problems facing Deputy president William Ruto are linked to the chain of events that took place before and after that mystery Monday day when Kenyans voted in historical elections.
There is no need for you to remain in suspense wondering what would have happened. Today you can get virtually all your questions answered by getting hold of a copy of Mystery Monday: Unlocking the 2013 Kenyan presidential polls secrets and reading for yourself the juicy details surrounding the elections. JUBILEE supporters are especially encouraged to get the facts so that they have a viable answer to the claims that the vote difference is a whole one million votes. CORD diehards on the other hand will be better off knowing exactly what happened and why they were doomed for defeat as early as 2010 when the CORD alliance didn't even exist.

If you order this book today you will be entitled to ALSO get a FREE full 2 year subscription to KUMEKUCHA'S RAW NOTES which has explosive inside info on what is really going on behind the scenes in Kenyan politics.

My very special offer for the book on the elections is only Kshs 495/- or $4.50cts (instead of the usual KShs 990 or $12).

If you have already read the book on the elections you can choose any other book from Kumekucha at the same price and with the same offer. These books include my two latest hot sellers Why was Mutula Murdered? and What Jomo told Moi About Uhuru. Both are amazing reads that will give you unimaginable insights into Kenyan politics today.

Full list of books;
- Why was Mutula murdered? (Shocking. Explains exactly how it was done)
- Dark secrets of the Kenyan Presidency
What Jomo told Moi About Uhuru
- Political Assassinations in Kenya
Mystery Monday: Unlocking the 2013 Kenyan presidential polls secrets
- Scandals linked to 2013 Presidential candidates
- Tom Mboya's Killers Identified

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Anonymous said...


I don't like politics and I do not read anything here that is related to politics. However I am an opportunist who like new ideas.
I just wish you would breath a new life to this ailing 4 years old blog into something new that would transform people's lives and leave you with a legacy.

Anonymous said...


Leave Chris alone he is already changing lives with RAW NOTES. Please subscribe and see the difference.

Please promote Chris so that he can write NEW BOOKS daily.

You see KK blog moved on to advertize for RAW NOTES - no free lunch. Chris has to put food on the table using SIZZLING/HOT RN.

Please join enterprising Chris to create e-jobs. Loosers/veterans like Phil/Taabu/Luke MOVED ON.

Nyanza si Kenya said...

Nyanza si Kenya

Anonymous said...


Who killed Tony Ogunda?
I think we can make a very good movie out of this family saga.

Remember Hollywood managed to make a movie out of similar circumstance and the movie was made in Kenya based on a true story of "who killed Lord Errol" alias White Mischief.

I believe you can make more money out of a movie like this than you would ever make out RAW NOTES.

Anonymous said...

Ati kirangi being groomed to do a Gen. Sisi if ICC cases go wrong.
Unlike predecessors,the guy is enjoying too much publicity with morsi even before the kasarani swearing in.

Anonymous said...

@9:50 PM

The ongoing, episodic prosecutorial work of the ICC and its soap opera proceedings will take another four to five years.

So the public should brace itself for the long haul without braising its hopes and wishes in the process.

On the one hand, the final outcome may leave the country's leaders with the least anticipated scenario similar to that of Charles Taylor, Jean-Pierre Bemba, et al.

On the other, the country may as well prepare itself for a long international siege if its political leaders with the misguided help of their legions of diehard supporters opt for the easy way out patterned along the self-defensive lines of Omar al-Bashir and King Robert Mugabe.

That would the worst case scenario that is more likely to occur once everything has been said and done at the ICC.

As for Kirangi and company, they should be able to have the nerve to pull an instant 'Khalil Al Sisi' on the police kotoma type of chief and his deputies if insecurity continues to infest the country and jeopardize national security.

There is no point in risking the precious lives of our men and women uniform fighting bands of criminals and platoons of thugs beyond certain sectors of our national borders while the likes of kotoma chief and his type of deputies continue to resist embracing any sort of real change as well as complete overhaul of the police force.

Kenyans cannot and will not be able to afford to have their cake and eat it for the next five years, because as they say, something will have to give in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Is it kotma from Things Fall Apart, or kotoma the Japanese sweet rice snack?

Anonymous said...

Agnes Ndetei? Agnes Ndetei? Agnes Ndetei?

Which Agnes Ndetei is involved in trying to find out any discrepancies, errors, alterations, miscalculations and misrepresentations with Kethi Kilonzo's formal paper work for the Makueni by-election?

Is she one and the same Agnes Mutindi Ndetei, the self-procalimed lady of mitishamba (Moringa herbalist), the one time Kibwezi former member of parliament and a self-tyled exile who had fallen on very hard times and professionally humiliating circumstances in the diaspora?

What political business, if any, does she really want do with the senatorial by-election in Makueni at a time she no longer a known quantity in her very own backyard of Makueni?

And what reward does she really expect to get from the powers that be at this point and time, when all the nominations slots and ambassadorial awards have been dished out to the deserving few members who have already been recommended by the special council of the inner circle?

Anonymous said...

UK pays homage to Nyayo for a whole hour.
Is UK panicky of the hustler after URP senators revolt against jubilee?
Can Nyayo tame the tide which could be complicated by the looming strikes?

Me thinks the hustler is for surprises ICC around the corner and it is not far fetched that someone will be sacrificed for the other. ICC also needs to safe face by not "losing" both cases. We all know which is weaker of the two cases.

Anonymous said...

Will the ICC spring surprises in due course? Of course it will to the utter shock of many outside observers and invested spectators.

The hustler may end up necoming the hustled in many ways than one.

A for the issue of 'someone being sacrificed for the sake of the other', it is not going to be a win-win-situation in accordance with the current expectations of certain groups of people.

However, the spectacle at the ICC is over and dome with, there will be one sacrificial lamb and another very-very blemished lamb.

Unfortunately, there is one individual who has already bitten more than he will chew in his life, and what remains to be seen is how soon he will choke on his own gloat in onee way or another.

The individual in question, has overestimated his survival capabilities and overly underestimated the ICC's legal powers, and consequent repercussions from the international community.

Let the chips fall where they may without causing any short term as well as long term damage to the country and all of its citizens.

Kenya's future is worthy than a the self interests and crude political mechanisations of certain whose time will come and go in many ways than one.

So be it, then!

Anonymous said...


Where is the latest BOOK on Kethi (si kethi) being denied the opportunity by Jubilee to succeed her father.

And while please revise your earlier wrong take and wax lyrical how truthful the RAW NOTES are.

Come Chris, advertize the SIZZLING RAW NOTES, too hot to publish here

Anonymous said...

What was Kethi - Keith - Kilonzo thinking in this day and age?

And if it is true, then why was she such a novice in paving her own way while at the same time being so pedestrin in failing to cover up her tracks in the event certain political hyenas and slithering opponents decided to pick up her scent in the hopes of hunting her down by all means.

Kethi must have known way in advance that the old and new enemies of her father would come out swinging their political large cleaver-like knives (12.6 to 18 in), as well as dishing out very personal blazing attacks on her the moment she decided to seek the senatorial seat in Makueni County.

It goes without saying that Kenya may be fifty years old but there are very large segments of general the population who still believe that a daughter should never ever dare let alone be allowed to inherit her father's political shadow in any way, shape of form.

What the ..... was Kethi Kilonzo thinking if at all she tried or attempted to pull a first one in order to qualify for the Makueni County senatorial by election?

Mwarang'ethe said...


Where is the latest BOOK on Kethi (si kethi) being denied the opportunity by Jubilee to succeed her father.

And while please revise your earlier wrong take and wax lyrical how truthful the RAW NOTES are.

Come Chris, advertize the SIZZLING RAW NOTES, too hot to publish here


While at it, let him also, pen a book called: THE DARK SECRETS OF THE CHILDISH REVOLUTION IN EGYPT IN 2011.....

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he ga ga ga fa fa fa fa ra ra ra va va ba ba ba ga ha ha ha da da da ka ka ka ka na na

The African Teacher, said from DAY ONE that, the so called Egyptian Revolution was another of the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS inspired DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES.

For standing on that ancient ROCK of TRUTH, all names were thrown around.

Where are we now?

Oh, Lord, Egypt, The Light of The World has become the Darkness of the World!!!

It must be so, for it was WRITTEN:

"But you should know that A TIME WILL come when Egyptians will seem to have served the divinity in vain, and all their activity in their religion will be despised.

For all divinity will leave Egypt and flee upward to heaven. And Egypt will be WIDOWED; it will be abandoned by the gods.

For foreigners [LIKE THE PRESENT ARAB INHABITANTS who came in 738 A.D.] will come into Egypt, and they will rule it."

There is too much to say, but, it is time for music:

So much things to say:

Anonymous said...

Did not expect that some of us would still be regurgitating the ancient perils and political mysteries from Egypt's Valley of the Gates of the Kings.

Or worse, the never ending residual effects caused by centuries of labours and millions of lives lost on the construction of the lost Egyptian pryramids as well as many other tombs in the areas above the Nile Delta.

Where is the old time perfected tradition of analyzing or comprehending The Deals And Dirty Tricks that have been - BLEEDING AFRICA DRY for centuries?

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