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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Very worrying information

This information published in The Star on Saturday is very worrying indeed;

"Is there an attempt to force Safaricom to drop a deal with IEBC to transmit results on election day? Safaricom is providing some of the critical infrastructure IEBC will use to relay results from polling stations countrywide and is rumoured to be under pressure to drop the deal. One of those involved in the plan is a relative of a senior Central Kenya politician, who is known to be a technology wizard and is alleged to work for the National Intelligence Service. The man has previously been involved in tracing some of the ICC witnesses and is said to have access to some of the IEBC data."

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Anonymous said...

Make use of foreign technology firms. Never use companies associated with one region. No neutrality.

Anonymous said...

Poor Chris,
I can see from your recent posts, you are clearly projecting the CORD election losing sorry rigging agenda.

Shame on you.

The elections will be won fairly and squarely in round one. Your opinion poll president is just about to bite the dust...Oh happy day....

Taabu said...


Stop imputing ULTERIOR motives. Kibaki's legacy is clear and he will NEVER allow RIGGING.

Raila's rigging claim amounts to crying wolf.

Kimemia/Gichangi/Karangi/Muhoro can communicate in first language to deter any such monouvres. SHINDWE!!

Anonymous said...

This is rubbish, as usual. These nutcases cry "rigging" every election year. What a useless blog!

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