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Monday, February 18, 2013

Harun Mwau Hit By Mutula Kilonzo Popularity...

…As scientific pollsters make adjustments
The presidential race is way too boring for me with all the Cord and Jubilee zombies waiting to do the predictable whilst totally deaf and blind to any new developments and without any brains to think and analyze anything new or old.

And so increasingly my attention is being drawn to the other interesting political battles shaping up all over the country. One such battle that is bound to go right up to the wire is the race for senator of the vast under-developed Makueni county. The main battle is between education minister Mutula Kilonzo and immediate former Kilome legislator John Harun Mwau.

My man on the ground reports a fascinating incident at Sultan Hamud just this afternoon. Harun Mwau arrived in a helicopter at the small town at about 2pm today only to receive a rude shock from the crowd who boldly told him that they were not interested in his money and would vote for Mutula Kilonzo instead. Sultan is right at the heart of Kilome constituency which Mwau has represented for the last 5 years and which should actually be one of his main strongholds as we head to the polls. One man at the meeting today grabbed the microphone and told the crowd that they needed to vote for somebody who was educated this time round and Mutula had a degree from the University of Dar-es-salaam. Mwau’s educational background is sketchy and unclear.

People in the crowd were heard saying that they had had enough of Mwau and his money. My source says that he is still recovering from the shock because this is an area that is poverty stricken and the electorate have always heavily relied on Harun Mwau’s generous handouts where individuals get as much as Kenya shillings 1,000 per person for proving that they are registered voters and intend to vote for him.

This is one very interesting battle that I will be following for you right up to the announcement of the election results. My prediction is that unless something major happens Mutula Kilonzo will win this one.

P.S.  What has changed since two short weeks ago? Actually absolutely nothing. We still have the same mindless Zombies waiting to do what they decided they will do months ago and nothing will change them. Strangely, the weekly polls commissioned by Citizen TV now show that the gap has narrowed considerably between CORD and Jubilee and now the two are neck to neck with one pollster declaring a tie. Why? What has caused such a significant shift?

The obvious answer is that somebody somewhere has made adjustments to the methodology and approach of their polls in response to what critics (including this blogger) have been saying to come up with the kind of results that we are now seeing. In other words nothing has changed on the ground but major adjustments have been made by our scientific pollsters. They still do not reflect the reality as far as I am concerned and my ear to the ground and the tribal numbers still show that Jubilee and their zombies will win the first round easily. As I write this I am just waiting to hear the reasons the pollsters will give for the dramatic change. What a country what a gullible people!!!


Anonymous said...



Kalonzo Musyoka has been asking Kenyans that if they do not trust Raila to vote for the coalition because he can prevail on Raila not to do something stupid.
This is what Kalonzo said in Rift valley yesterday:

''kama mnaogopa Raila akiwa President atapiga Kalenjins, mpigieni Kura kwa sababu yangu. Nikiwa nyuma yake nitamshika koti.

This is what Kalonzo said in Embu a few days ago:

"lkiwa hamtaki kupigia Raila kura sababu mnaogopa, kwa ballot angalia jina yangu unipigie''


Anonymous said...

We, the people, are who we are and we will remain who we have always been in the last five decades unless we, the electorate, decide to get get rid of the likes of Harun Mwau - classified recticulated political reptilians - and many other well known spotted political hyenas and popular striped political hyenas from the corridors of power and circles of influence on March 4th, 2013.

We, the Kenyan people, have the power to unlock or - worse, lock - our political, economical and social future, if we so decide on March 4th, 2013.

One of our biggest problem as a nation is that, there are so many of us who are very protective of the regional spotted political hyenas, while at the same time many others are very supportive of their respective striped political hyenas in our midst.

So far, our country is 'a nation divided' that will never be able to stand united in its own best political, economic and social interests unless many of us, the usual people, stop worshiping deadly recticualted political reptilians like Harun Mwau and countless other destructive deities - of political darkness, economic stagnation and social evils - that keep finding their ways back to higher positions of leadership.

There are those of us who would rather have politicians like Mutula Kilonzo representing our regions in various leadership capacities at any given time, unlike Harun Mwau, Kalonzo Musyoka, et al.

People like Mutula Kilonzo have the ability to employ geometric perspective in terms of governing their respective constituents, egions, and the nation, if and when they are given the opportunity to do so.

As a matter of fact, one of the most deadliest entities in our midst is re-electing a recticualted political reptilians who have perfected the art of slithering obove us and around country in their personal or hired helicopters whenever they so desire during the general election season.

Where are the primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, hospitals, industries, agricultural development projects, drinking water facilities, rural access roads, food security measures, rigional airport, etc, have recticualted political reptilians like Harun Mwau implemented in Kilome and other places?

So, why would any person or the electorate for that matter waste their votes on re-electing a political deadwood who will only return to parliament to play the same old game of doing nothing - zero - interms of developments.

Or why even both electing - recycling - well known failed crop of politicians as the first senators or governors of our respective regions?

Woe unto us, the people and the electorate, for the critical political choice is in our hands and we hold the key to the door of either progress or regression on March 4th, 2013.

Political, economic and social woes awaits us, the people, should we fail to make the right electoral choices on March 4th, 2013.

Woe unto us!

Anonymous said...

Mh. Harun Mwau yuakaribia kipindi chake lala salaama ambapo wengi wa wapiga kura watamukabidhi wafusi ili yeye ajinyoe bila maji wala wembe. Wakati umefika wa kidevu chake kinyolewa kwa kipande buntu cha chupa ya Konyagi au Yokozuma hapo mnamo tarehe 4 mwezi wa tatu.

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