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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Drama as Wanjiru’s Educational Qualifications are Rejected by Higher Education Commission

Kumekucha Exclusive
A large number of Kenyans have expressed interest to become pioneer governors in all the 47 counties. It is a new position, which many Kenyans are trying to come to terms with.

News reaching this blogger is that the ODM political strategy for Nairobi County has been thrown into a spin after the Commissioner of Higher Education declined to accept Hon Dr Margaret Wanjiru’s graduate qualifications.

According to the new constitutional demands, these, among others, are the qualifications required for individuals running for for election as a County Governor or Deputy County Governor:

A person is eligible for election as a governor if the person-
-Is a registered voter.
-Is the holder of a degree from a university that is recognised in Kenya
-Is either – nominated by a political party or an independent candidate supported by at least five hundred registered voters from the ward concerned.
According to JIAM sources, Hon. Bishop Dr. Margaret Wanjiru previously worked as a house girl, hawker, a toilet cleaner, car cleaner and office cleaner. On graduation from an unspecified college she earned herself a position as sales girl. The same sources indicate that the Bishop holds a Doctorate in Divinity excelling in the matters of religion, education and human sciences, and that she recently obtained a certificate on governance from Harvard University - USA.

The Bombshell

In letter dated 02/01/2013 , CHE/10/9/1/VOL.140, The Commission for Higher Education has refused to recognize, Hon Bishop Wanjiru's qualification.

In letter dated 31/12/2012,  Hon Dr Wanjiru wrote to the commission requesting that her Doctor of Theology awarded by Vineyard Harvester Bible College and Bachelor of Christian Leadership awarded by United Graduate College be recognized. The Commission replied that both colleges are not listed in the directories on higher education which includes the world higher education data base of 2012 a publication of UNESCO. Most importantly however, the purported worldwide accreditation Commission of Christian Education Institution( WWAC) that accredited the colleges is not listed by the US Department of Education.

Lastly and to add insult to injury, The Hon. Dr. Wanjiru supposedly only passed one subject (English literature -6) at O- level done at SMTPH Shah Secondary School, and managed grade 9 in all other subjects.

The commission in its last statement said that they will not be accountable for the authenticity of the certificates or the identity of the certificate holder presented for recognition.

These developments mean that the ODM cannot risk nominating Hon ‘Dr.’ Bishop Margaret Wanjiru either as governor or deputy county governor as she will most likely be rejected by the IEBC, and there will not be time to replace an ODM candidate once the deadline lapses. The Bishop may however, opt to run for Member of Parliament or as Women Representatives.

The other notable candidates running for ODM ticket in Nairobi Gubernatorial polls are former Mumias Sugar MD, Dr. Evans Kidero and former Town Clerk Philip Kisia.

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Anonymous said...

This university degrees thing is going to come back to haunt Kenyans.

It is a violation of a person's constitutional rights because it favors the rich and those from well-heeled families. It means that those from humble beginnings who have never gotten round to getting this often worthless piece of paper will be disqualified. In other words it favours those from rich families.

I see a smart Kenyan challenging this thing in the courts and being vindicated.

Let the people decide whether they want to be led by a toilet cleaner or by some corrupt smart ass from an ivy league school of fools.

From my experience most of those who hold university degrees cannot empathize with the plight of the common man the majority of whom through no fault of their own have never had any decent opportunities in this life(how can they).

Kenyans need to ask themselves two questions;

a) which countries in the world have this requirement?

b) which politicians have been the most corrupt in the past? Those with university degrees or those without?

Taabu said...


Blame CoE and their degree certficate qualification. But that said Wanjiru was punching far above her weight.

It is one thing to foam at the mouth shouting some Jewish folklore but Governor of NBO demands much more than televangelism. Kidero must be SMILING from ear to ear.

The degree thing came because CoE thought Moi ERROR was a result of his lack of 'higher' edcation. Now it is coming home to bite.

Anonymous said...

Hii drama ya university degrees has just started. Mpigs must have been high on something when they were passing it.

Hate her or like her, Wanjiru would be a better manager of Nairobi for one simple reason. She will not be surrounded by hyenas waiting to eat like Kidero.

Kenyans are fools if they think that Kidero is spending all that money so that he serves them. This is an investment that will bring in a hefty return. Extremely hefty going by Kidero's usual benchmark for return on investments. Ask sugar experts if you doubt me.

Luke said...

Happy New Year belatedly,
BTW is a degree in LIFE sufficient for COUNTY or COUNTRY leadership? just curious bro

HNY albeit in arrears,
ati uncle Dan led us to PROSPERITY for 24 years? hio ni bure kabisa

Many happy returns of the year, kwani PEDIGREE comes from what university? just curious

Mwarang'ethe said...

"... the qualifications required for individuals running for for election as a County Governor or Deputy County Governor:

A person is eligible for election as a governor if the person-

-Is a registered voter.

-Is the holder of a degree from a university that is recognised in Kenya..."


From the LANGUAGE of the CULTURED class to the uncultured class of the GIKOMBA university:

(a) "Is a registered voter," means, a person who believes/DELUDED that, OPIUM SESSIONS matter.

(b) "Is the holder of a degree from a university that is recognised in Kenya..."

This means that, one should have attended one of the many IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS so as to be a FOOLISH GRADUATE who is also, a THIEF and a MURDERER.

Sample this:

If you go to the Kenyan Ministry of Finance/Treasury, you will find MILLIONS of so called Economists from the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS.

However, should you do a census in the Japanese Ministry of Finance, you will find that, they take LAW GRADUATES of Tokyo University, [NOT ANY RECOGNIZED UNIVERSITY] and teach them to become administrators, NATIONALISTS and politicians, but, not as ECONOMISTS.

NB: Remember that our president is a BRILLIANT GRADUATE economist from a RECOGNIZED university in the UK?

Why do the Japanese do such a thing?

They know that the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS graduates only LITERATE people, i.e. people who can JUST READ and WRITE, but, not EDUCATED.

As such, if the PRIESTS who drafted this law knew, they would have demanded one must be EDUCATED.

However, since they are useless, (i.e. live in that world of DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS & INFANTILE FANTASIES) they only want someone who can read and count the NUMBER OF POOR and SICK Kenyans for the World Bank glossy books.

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Building church and UNIVERSITY,

DECEIVING the people continually,

Me say them graduatin' THIEVES and MURDERERS,

Anonymous said...

Mwara HNY in arrears,

What is the equivalent of tokyo university in Kenya?

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. We are now beginning to get our wish after all.

While still wondering how will some of us praise the Creator that we - sinful, selfish, ignorant, arrogant, greedy, power hungry, money chasers, ruthless mortals - can change?

So many of our so-called religious leaders, clergy and seasonal preachers have had their moments in the sun for quiet sometime, dating way back to the 1960s when one famous international crusader was reported to have arrived in Kenya and taken the crowds by the storm, at a time when 75% of the current Kenya's population were not yet born, although Margaret Wanjiru was still an seven-year old kid.

Well, well, well, the chicken seem to have started coming home to roost and their daily noises at dawn are bound to continue being heard loud and clear in very embarrassing cases like the one that has just come to light, involving the credentials of one in the person of Margaret Wanjiru.

Sadly, there are pockets among the general popualtion who are now beginning to wonder and even question whether Wanjiru's bishopric ordination certificate - itself - is valid given what has come out of darkness and into light.

The Creator seems to have been so gracious enough in pushing the envelope until much needed change happened in the lives of several religious leaders, bishops, clergy, evangelists, including many off-license preachers in the last thirty-five years.

Unfortunately, a large percent of them have ended up becoming money changers, lime light chasers and power grabbers within their respctive temple precincts, church communities, congregations, flocks and among unsuspecting viewers of electronic evangelism.

Wow!!! Look at what the cyber colleges have done and continue to do to our beloved shepherds with the dignified titles and letters after their names, such as, Very Most Right Rev. Dr. Mahuburi Understanding Kukesha wa Manane, soon to be governor, senator, MP or president of the republic.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Mwara HNY in arrears,

What is the equivalent of tokyo university in Kenya?

1/4/13 4:08 PM


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he he hi hu hu wa wa wa wa we we we wi wi wi ga ga ga ga ge ge

There is NONE. And, those who mis - educate, brainwash, oh, no, sorry, teach, have no clue!

There are ALL CLONES of the original IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS.

Sample this:

In 1856, a FAR SIGHTED man made this observation with regards with ECONOMICS teaching at the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS:

Having noted that, in the earlier ages, no SANE person would dare discuss economic problem:

"without constant reference to recognized axioms of the science," went on to observe that:

"It was as if mathematicians, in order to attract new adherents to their ranks, had consented to abandon the METHOD OF ANALYSIS, and to rest the truth of their formulas on the correspondence of the almanac with astronomical events."

Then, he observed that:

"The discussions of political economy have been constantly assuming more of a statistical character with results being appealed to instead of PRINCIPLES; the rules of ARITHMETIC are superseding the canons of INDUCTIVE REASONING; till the true course of investigation has been well - nigh FORGOTTEN, and political economy seems in DANGER of realizing the fate of Atalanta."

NB: Hippomenes used golden apples to DISTRACT Atalanta so that he could win the race.


Now, check the Economics curriculum of the University of Nairobi, the BIGGEST university South of Sahara and North of Limpompo at the Economics Department:

Therein, you will see basic maths, algebra and such NONSENSE!

There, you will see the JUNK ECONOMICS they teach and why the Japanese, DARE NOT HAVE so called economists in their Finance Ministry.

NB: The Japanese understand this game although, at times, they play stupidly as they did in the 80's so as to HELP Ronald Reagan election, i.e. OPIUM SESSION. They are still paying the price for that HELP to Reagan.

Anyway, since this occult science and Kenyans prefer to hear how they are SPENDING KES 25 BILLION for their OPIUM SESSION, we are off to enjoy:

Mimi naulinza Wazee, what happened to our WEALTH?

Mzungu alikunja kupoteza Africa:

Anonymous said...


Where is the brotherhood - 'Adelphia' - in support of Bishop M.W. until her credentials are sanctified and candidancy for the NBI's gubernatorial race is approved by the jury of her peers under the IEBC's supervision?

How comes Bishop M.W. is not being considered innocent until proven otherwise by the powers that be?

And what is the real difference between an honorary doctorate that is dished out to our so-called political dignitaries and an oline doctorate that is minted out for a couple of dollars?

After all both parties never worked hard for the same but had it handed to them on silver plater?

By the way, who are Bishop M.W's political opponents and so-called activities - aka hired guns - so quick to assume that their various ... interests will be served better should Bishop M.W. be denied her right to run for the gubernatorial seat?

Are they fogetting the term 'political backlash' and what have you?

Why not let it as is then allow the majority of Nairobians pick their choice for governor on March 4th?

Anonymous said...

She is not a doctor and she is not a Bishop, STOP referring her as such.

Anonymous said...

She is not a doctor and she is not a Bishop.

This is no way a veiled attempt to convey an expressive defence nor blind support of the unaccredidated educational qualifications of 'Bishop' Wanjiru.

However, the question that has always bothered the public is why so many Kenyans are addicted to calling themselves "doctor so and so" without ever having graduated from any recognized local or international medical schools?

Further, how comes a multitude of local male bishops, clergy, politicians, self-syled political aspirants and a certain breed of men out there are so scared, fearful, envious, angry, and downright hateful of female politicians as wellas religious leaders of Bishop Maragret Wanjiru's calibre?

By the way, is there any simple explanation as to why hundreds of our so-called clergy and theologians with accredited MA, MDiv and PhD paper qualification have been unable or rather failed to cultivate, sow religious seeds and gradually grow them into outreach ministries like the one flourishing under the well organized and successful leadership of 'Bishop' Margaret Wanjiru?

In the meantime, where would many of the well known bishops be today without the yearly injection of foreign funds and heavily protected hierarchical tools and church structures that were put in place during the late 1800s and early 1900s by their generous predecessors?

Anonymous said...

Patience is a real virtue when it comes to attaining some of our personal goals as well as professional objectives in life.

Mythology can really teach us to perceive the myths we are living every day and observe those that are particularly ours as individuals.

For instance, the mythic story of the self-styled Bishop Margaret Wanjiru could have been very impressive had she not been overly greedy and bitten more than she thought could chew in the hopes of securing a first time nomination slot in the high stakes Nairobi gubernatorial race before March 4th.

Bishop Wanjiru should have been wise enough and very patient to a large extent, thereby deciding to forego her immediate political desires of engaging in the first ever high stakes Nairobi gurbernatorial or senatorial race.

And instead, chosen to sharply amplify her political and ministrial mythology by taking the time to concentrate all of her calculated efforts and energies in managing and shepharding her brain child project, the JIAM enterprise to greater heights.

While at the same time seeking a combined BA and MA/MDiv degree programes through accredidated online theological programmes from any one of the many traditionally well established colleges and universities in South Africa or better in Canada and the United States of America.

After all, there are many theological or ministerial progammes tailored for interested participants like Bishop Margaret Wanjiru among others, who are so busy juggling two or more careers and personal businesses at the same time.

She could also have decided to remain as the MP for Starehe, then budgetted her valuable time well and at the same time applied to attend two months of summer theological programmes that take two to three years, or four years at most to complete.

These are theological programmes where older students-cum-working professionals like Bishop Margaret Wanjiru are admitted as special students - cases - or on conditional basis as long as they are able to maintain the required minimum grade point average (GPA).

As a matter of fact, busy professionals like Bishop Wanjiru have another choice of opting to attend twenty-four hours of classes for three consecutive days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday - once a month, for seven months a year.

Some institutions provide an icing on the academic cake for religious-cum-political leaders like Bishop Wanjiru, where certain theological programmes are offered in combination with an MBA, as is the same case for medical professionals who opt to take an MBA programme while pursuing their relevant medical or engineering degrees.

Let live and learn from mistakes and self-inflicted wounds that are not mortal.

Anonymous said...

Huyo Mama Askofu wa shirika la Yesu Yu Hai amekumbwa na shida kubwa sana. Ingekuwa bora yeye achague baina ya kujihusisha na siasa au mambo ya kiuchunganji kwa sababu hataweza kamwe kufauli kujenga wala kushugulikia vema mirandi hiyo yote mbili kwa pomoja. Kwa hivi sasa, ratili ya hadhi ya jina na heshima yake imekwisha kudhofika kutokana na uwepo wa digrii za peponi zilizo tolewa kwa urahisi sana na shule ya kibiashara ambayo haina haki, utalaam wala misingi maalum inavyo takakikana. Ingawaje Kidero hataweza kuchanguliwa kamwe kwa vyovyote vile kama gavana wa kwanza wa jiji kuu la Nairobi kwa sababu zinazo julikana pamoja na kueleweke pembeni kote hapa hapa Nairobi. Ni vigumu sana kalamanzila au wanofizi sawa wakina Kedero na wenzaka kuwahi kufua dafu kwa mchuano wao wa kwanza wa kisiasa hasa kwenye uchaguzi mkuu wa hapo tarehe 4, mwezi wa tatu. Itambidi ale kiporo kitupu au wali mtupu kwa miaka mitano ili aweze kukumaa na kujaribu upya kungobea ugavana wa counti yoyote nchini wakati wa uchaguzi mkuu hapo 2017.

Anonymous said...

Paul Mutinda
gud afternoon, 1 lets go back to our roots or rather at home Mwala,the late HON.MULU MUTISYA,NEVER WENT TO SCHOOL,sawa ,see what he did for the youth,and for the whole large,its not there any more while the leaders do have good papers.i do think the issue of out,one can be educated but not see kibwezi now,its ....................mama apewe nafasi wananchi wamue.

Anonymous said...

True, mama apewe nafasi wananchi wamue kwa debe in March. Fact, Kenya has thousands of educated professionals who have failed or do not have an inkling of how to put their classroom earned education to proper use other than load it over their fellow villages who happen to lack undergraduate and graduate degrees, including "the highest order (symbol) of education", the PhDs. Your long term sentimental admiration for the late Mulu Mutisya is commnedable, however, he is one of those politicians who did let down the people of Ukambani from day one by never bothering to uplift them from abject poverty, ignorance and present day diseases that have continued to wreck havoc as well as decimate large portions of the population in Ukambani. His crop of politicians are the ones who never bothered with the facilitation and constructions of business districts in the whole of Ukambani when the right the time was ripe and opportunities were available during the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. His brand of politicians were more interested with following the two former presidents like metalic green, blue, purple, yellow, grey and black morning flies, everywhere they went instead of setting aside time to deal with the basics such as facilitating the construction of modern primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, hospitals, markets, industries, rural roads, water and food storage facilities, bridges that withstand seasonal floods, introduce alternative methods for production and animal husbandry, among other much needed development in the whole of Ukambani for decades. Lack of political leadership is what has penalized the hardworking people of Ukambani for decades. As a matter of fact, there is no point why a large number of former residents of Ukambani should still be leading undignified lifestyles in places like Mombasa, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Taveta, Lunga Lunga, and elsewhere in order to earn a living comes along major health implications and other long term social issues. Sad stories are still told of how Mulu Mutisya used to be robbed millions of shillings in broad daylight by bankers, people, freinds and family members he trusted due to the fact he did not know how to read, write nor sign a check.

Anonymous said...

We are a people who never cease to amaze ourselves and the ... out of the world around us and beyond.

First of all, it goes without question that the self-anointed Bishop Margaret Wanjiru was wrong by all standards, and also deceptive to a great extent in her attempts to present questionable paper qualifiactions that now seem to border on the unethical for a minister of the word, or what some love to call, the "woman of the cloth" given her gender.

The act in itself, in other words, the presentation of any type of documentation in the process of trying to apply for a job or qualify for a political consideration while knowing very well that they are questionable or not credible, should disqualify the application process of the individual is involved.

And it is for that very reason and reason alone that Bishop Margaret Wanjiru should uphold what she preaches by confessing and seeking forgiveness for her wrong doing as in trying to dupe the people of Nairobi County, her party and political coalition, the general public and those concerned with general election process, and consequently disqualify herself from the whole process all together.

For it is written in the very sacred scriptures that she has been preaching, teaching and praying for deacdes that those who lie where little matters are concerned, will definitely lie where matters of grave concern are involved.

So, if Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, MP can not be trusted in small matters, why then would she expect the people of Starehe as well as Nairobi County to entrust her with the governorship?

On the hand, who really cares whether Ms. Margaret Wanjiru was awarded 6 points in English literature and 9 points (of failure) in every oen of the other seven subjects, including religion, her main forte at the moment?

Should the secondary school grades including many other non criminal activities that many people were engaged in during their mid-late teens be held against after a period of twenty, thirty or forty years later?

If that is case, then how many of us would be proud of the conduct unbecoming that we engaged during and after our teenage years that we wish the public will never ever get to know about or find out, regardless of whether it is on public record or not? Or worse known to our one time friends and school mates who are still lucky to be alive severla decades later?


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with the way commentator [1/3/13 @5:54 PM] just nailed it on our collective heads of absolute delusion, ignorance and blind adoration of paper (academic) qualifications.

At when we have always forgotten the fact that when it comes to politics as opposed to the medical, engineering and aviation professions, academic and other paper qualifications are the least of the electorate's worries.

What really matters is having pragmatic leaders and political representatives who know what needs to be done in their respectives regions, and are capable of delivering basic services on time as expected regardless of whether they have BA/BS, MA/MS or PhD attached to their names or hanging on the walls of their platial offices while acculating yearly dust.

Or whether they have primary or secondary school certificates as the only recognised qualification by the electorate, IBEC and other concerned institutions.

Wonder whether we have ever asked ourseleves why the millions of Kenyans with undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and PhDs have yet to find a simple cure for the treaded Malaria, let alone other menacing tropical diseases that keeping wiping out productive members of our families and societies?

Other among us with engineering degrees are the real laughing stock in our midst because a lot has always been expected of them but so far zero progress in all matters of engineering spheres and innovation have been their forte, and the abymasl state of our research industries speak louder and clear about the real value and usage of their respective degrees, regardless of whether they were issued by local or international institutions.

Further, the agricultural, business and IT sectors are other areas that have not been done any justice besides the usual fleeting copycat gimmicks or fly-by-night business ventures that never up making any sort of impact on the country's economic as well as in the lives of the general population.

That is one of many reasons as to why Kenyans from all walks of life should be allowed to run for office as long as they mentally sound, up to the task, have the people's support and their party's backing, and above all have no known criminal record what-so-ever.

Many villages in my home region have so many holders of various degrees and PhDs yet very little has taken place or improved since the day the last reminents of the settlers, asians and Omani arab traders left for more lucrative urban pastures and abroad.

We still have no good rural access roads, highways, bridges, clean drinking water, food storage facilities, modern schools, colleges, univeristies, industries, hospitals, police stations, light duty regional airport, reseach facilities, modern village markets (people's mirikit), public cementaries, wildlife reserves, etc.

No offense intended but just a suggestion to some groups within the general public, however, the old habit of burying people on little family plots and disapperaing farms should have been brought to an end with changing of times.

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