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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

CORD's Raila Odinga Represents the Interest of Youth

By Michael Obare 

 In the heat of Coalition making towards the next general elections, Kenyans have been treated to a shocking lie by the Jubilee Coalition who, for populism's sake, have painted themselves youth and are eager to fool the country's younger generation that they are championing their cause.

Known retrogressive forces, conservatives and political tricksters have formed a united front to hoodwink Kenyan youth to vote them into power in March, so that they can re-launch bad governance, corruption and negative ethnicity; all practices that have in the past undermined youth empowerment in Kenya.

It is evidently clear that out of all the candidates in the presidential race this year; only Raila Odinga (CORD) represents the interest of the Kenyan youth.

The youth form almost 44% of the country’s population and they are the hope of our country. They thus deserve better. They deserve a progressive and honest government.

Towards the 2007 elections the ODM under the leadership of the Right Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Raila Odinga had prioritized youth empowerment in its manifesto. It was in recognition of the important role youths play in wealth creation and sustaining society.

The dream was frustrated after ODM and Raila failed to capture power in the 2007 elections. Because of the complexities of running the resultant coalition government, ODM has only been able to achieve some of the goals they had set in place. That was mainly because of the frustrations by the other coalition partners (PNU).

If elected to power in 2007, ODM had crafted policies that would ensure that the livelihood and welfare of the poorest and most vulnerable people were protected fully. A full-fledged ministry was to be established to supervise and coordinate the implementation.

In the Coalition deal under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development, social assistance including cash transfers is being offered to orphans and vulnerable persons including those with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. The PM has strongly supported these programs despite heavy resistance.

ODM had also set out plans to enhance the role of micro-finance (MF) services which has been partly achieved through the establishment of the Youth Enterprise Fund and Women’s Empowerment Fund as well as the licensing of various MFI’s.

ODM had also pledged in 2007 to open job-seeker offices (employment Bureaux) in major cities and towns and this has been achieved through the reactivation of labour offices in all county headquarters.

Kenyan youths should now be able to determine who their real enemy is. Those who have been hell bent in frustrating the efforts of the Prime Minister in implementing that which is of benefit to the Kenyan youth are indeed our enemies.

Kenyans now have a new constitution whose major beneficiaries are the youth. It is the Prime Minister who campaigned for this constitution while these power hungry politicians now pretending to be pro-youth, the forces opposed to change and those who wanted to maintain the status quo vehemently opposed it.

It is these same backward forces who are now out to mutilate this constitution that Kenyans have fought for many years and lives even lost while the premier and his team of reformers are leading the battle to implement it to the letter. The new government that will be formed in 2013 under the leadership of Raila Odinga has sworn to protect, implement and defend the Constitution in spirit and letter.

In the new government in 2013 under Raila Odinga’s leadership, the youth will be involved in decision-making and planning of interventions that address their needs, there will be well-equipped vocational and entrepreneurial centers in each sub-county, promotion of working relationships between the private sector, educational institutions and non-state actors to provide opportunities for job placement, internships and apprenticeship to young college graduates as well as promotion of modern sports centres in each sub-county, to enable the development of sporting talent among the youth.

In addition, a Raila Odinga led government will mainstream physical education and sports as an examinable subject in the education system, set aside financial resources that will lead to the establishment of modern stadia and sports facilities in every county and the availability of world-class sports facilities at the national level.

His government will also facilitate the establishment of national sports academies for various sporting disciplines and the establishment of a sports policy and legislation unit to oversee the development of policies and guidelines targeting women, children and persons with disabilities, and to ensure proper management of sports institutions and associations.

In matters of health, a Raila Odinga led government will strengthen the implementation of policies and laws by ensuring the consolidation and inclusion of budget lines to support the health activities targeting the youth. It will also put in place measures in support of the development of health programmes that meet the needs of young people.

This is what sets the PM apart from his myopic competitors as a true champion of the reforms which the youths want badly. The youth should shun the jubilee opportunists.

The author is Director For Youth Affairs - Friends of Raila Lobby Group (FORA 2013)


Anonymous said...

Chris was this a paid advert?

kumekucha said...

Yenyewe Phil, as anon above has pointed out, don't you think that this is a PR piece more than anything else? Should we invoice ODM?

Chris Kumekucha

Taabu said...


Please go ahead and invoice ODM/CORD.

This is no opinion/commentary but must have been plucked from the ODM manifesto.

That said Raila's promises will be judged by what he did with his nusu mkate, i.e. appointments, KKV etc.

Anonymous said...

"It is evidently clear that out of all the candidates in the presidential race this year; ...(...) represents the interests of the Kenyan youth."

DFYA-(FORA)'s talking points or rather propaganda list as it were, leaves one wondering whether the mentioned body of youth are from all walks of Kenyan life or just from a particular section within the political camp in question?

While the DFYA-(FORA) has provided the youth with solid political party food for thought to wonder and ponder on, the director has failed to explain what portion of the 44% of youth population is really represented by his party's flag bearer in 2013?

Anonymous said...

The hope and real lifeline of any developing or developed country is its stable economy and a mature political leadership as opposed to its extra mouths full of idle juvenility with any ever ready avaricious appetite and ferocious tenderncy for seeking freebies while feasting on all sorts of cheaply available intoxicants, synthetic canniboids and varieties of dissociatives as is the case in Kenya of 2013.

Anonymous said...

When will people ever arrive at a point of rude awakening and figure out sooner than later about crafted electioneering policies and politically drafted manifesto not having any more value than the plain paper they are written on or sub-standard ... electronic chip they are stored on?

Anonymous said...

The real enemies of Kenya and its youth are non other than the old guard, the post-colonial Kenyan politicians who still have an entrenched mindset where everything-everything is presumed to belong to them and them alone, while the Kenyan youth from their respective political affiliations are expected to patiently wait for their turn to govern after 2033 and 2043.

Anonymous said...

Who really campaigned for the current constitution as we now know it?

Who ended up voted for the passage of the 2010 Constitution?

Was the overwhelming referendum success as a result of one political party affair?

A one man's herculean task as stated by some people?

Or was it due to the collective effort of the majority of Kenyans who are still demanding for real change and progress throughout the country, several years later?

Anonymous said...

A profoundly wise man once said, Soul knows the relativity of its claim on truth. It is always in front of a mirror, always in a speculative mode, watching itself discover its developing truth, knowing that subjectivity and imagination are always in play.

Hence, how will Kenyans from all walks of life and both sides of the political divide be able to differentiate a spotted political hyenas (Crocuta Crocuta) from striped political hyenas (Hyaena hyaena) before, during and after the March 4th general election?

And who among the two types of distinguished political hyenas will qualify to proudly wear on their lapel the official tags of homour under the follwoing; "myopic competitors, jubilarian opportunists, true (anti) reformists aka accipitriforme(r)s, backward forces, chief-mavultures of business as usual," etc. after March 4th?

Mwarang'ethe said...

"ODM had also set out plans to enhance the role of micro-finance (MF) services which has been partly achieved through the establishment of the Youth Enterprise Fund and Women’s Empowerment Fund as well as the licensing of various MFI’s."


We inquire, why do we need the so called micro finance when we have a lot of banks?

More so, are these so called micro finances not a MEANS of Wall Street and such other global banks to SPREAD their DEBT POISON from Wall Street to the villagers/people of Mbeere?

How does making the poor in Mbeere INDEBTED to the Wall Street HYENAS and JACKALS amount to helping the Kenyan youth?

If these FORA Young men/women were truly informed, they would know this:

First, micro financing was popularized RECENTLY by awarding an award to that man from Bengal/Bangladesh.

Who awarded him that award? The so called Economic Nobel prize.

How was that Economic Nobel formed?

It was a CONSPIRACY between the Swedish Central Bank and the American MILITARY.

Get the drift you so called Kenyan youth?

We can say many things, but, we leave them at that for now.


Let us now ask about the Kazi Kwa Vijana which is Raila's CHILD.

Why did we borrow DOLLARS to pay the Kenyan youth when HE could have used the Kenya shilling?

And, since when a bank gives someone a loan, it must satisfy how that person will generate income to pay back the loan. As such:

- How does, or, did Raila intend to repay this loan?

In other words, HOW MUCH DOLLARS, have the JOBS created for the youth via these DOLLARS created?


Leaving the ABSTRACT stuff, let us come to concrete issues.

For a start, the idea that, there are Kenyan youth problems is a stupid joke. What affects the young equally affects the old, middle aged and the little ones. So, let us discard this myth of Kenyan youth problem.

Having discarded this TIRED myth, we inquire, since the FALLING PRICE of coffee will affect the youth, how does Raila plan to do about it from 2013?

"Coffee earnings fall by 14pc due to low prices."


With that, we leave to enjoy:

They are calling our YOUNG men MUNGIKI,

However, when you see YOUNG men being so confused as Mungiki, there is a HYENA or a JACKAL EATING them,

Teach our YOUTH the BOOKISH knowledge (IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS knowledge), but,let them have WISDOM from ABOVE:

Anonymous said...

Michael Obare,

I understand you are a poor Kenyan trying as hard as anybody else to make a living. I also understand you may be having some hungry mouths to feed, rent to pay, fee arrears that needs to be paid, and other pressing issues that all husslers have. I know where you are coming from and I understand why you have to write all these outrageous lies that even raila finds ridiculous.
My advice.
There is alot of money to be made in Kenya if you choose to think beyond handouts. Tilapia farming is churning out millionaires with the current market price of a kilo of Tilapia going for as much as 600 Kshs. If Tilapia farming is not your thingie, try tomato or pepper (pilipili) farming. Go for at least 10 acres. You can easily hire this land so that should not be an issue. These I guarantee my fellow ignorant blogger will make you a millionaire over and over again in under a year.
Forget bootlicking politicians and you will be successful. PS: I am 24 and last year I grossed 45 million KShs over half of which was profit just through farming some 30 acres of tomatoes. It can be done!

Phil said...

Chris, Taabu, et al

This aint a paid advert. You and others are free to question ODM on its 2007 promises, and compare that to what has been achieved in the grand coalition to date. BTW, a comparative chart has been published and am surprised know-it-alls like you guys have not seen it, going by the snide remarks you throw on this thread.

Here you have Mr. Obare telling you folk about the real possibility of what your next president has in store for the disenfranchised youth of this country.

Perhaps you can ask AMANI and JUBILEE coalition supporters to unequivocally say what they too have done for youth and what their plans are. We know their record, we know their credentials and we certainly know on which side they stand on in so far as reform and service delivery are concerned. When you have the biggest land owners and land grabbers coalescing in these dubious coalitions, you definitely know that no land reforms will take place in the next 50 years should Kenyans be ignorant enough to vote them in. You also know in such an unfortunate eventuality, vicitms of PEV 2008 will most likely never see justice and neither will the perpatrators of Goldenberg or Anglo Leasing be made to account.

The problem with you guys is that you have short memories and are easily duped with colourful launches (am told another rent-a-crowd launch is due this weekend at Uhuru Park).

Taabu said...


Thanks for your response. But the smart you chose to skirt the issue of cut-pasting ODM manifesto by Michael Obare. We know ODM website and could read the original there.

Having Jubilee/Amani manifesto here is no answer. Ever heard of regurgitation?

I can't fault your passion except such emotions often cloud objectivity, ama?

Thanks too for your 'MEMORYMETER' which measures SHORT memory of pensioners.

Good luck ridding your horse.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"When you have the biggest land owners and land grabbers coalescing in these dubious coalitions, you definitely know that no land reforms will take place in the next 50 years should Kenyans be ignorant enough to vote them in."


The question is, what does Raila mean by land reforms?

While at it, bear in mind this. Before the 20th Century, China had a perpetual civil reform for Centuries. They were "reforming" until they collapsed into chaos.

From what we are reading, Raila is promising this:

"In what can be seen as a direct target to Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta’s vast tracts of land, Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said he will tax all idle lands, deploy the military to the border and dismantle the monopoly in the electricity sector if his ODM Party forms the government next year."


Now, if Raila thinks that, by taxing so called idle land he is engaged in land reforms, he is DELUDED for this is not land reforms.

As a matter of fact, by so doing, he will PENALIZING the poor folks, while protecting the Kenyatta's.

Let us create a scenario and thereby, see what Raila REALLY means:

For instance, if someone has a 5 acre home at Karen, and his house occupies like 2 acres, are the 3 remaining acres in HIS COMPOUND idle land to be taxed?

We can even put it this way:

We have a guy in Mbeere, with 10 hectares of land which is outside his home compound.

The VALUE of this is around mere KES 700, 000. Being outside his home compound, this land will be likely be classified as idle land.

Then, we have a guy in Karen LIKE RAILA, with 1 hectare of land inside his compound, but, not occupied by his house. This land's value is KES 30, 000, 000.

Now, most likely, Raila will say that, the 10 hectare land (KES 700, 000,000) is idle land to be taxed but, the 1 hectare is HIS Karen home compound (KES 30, 000, 000) is not idle land.

For, how would you classify his compound as idle land?

For, if you did, you have to come up with a national STANDARD of compounds! If not, he will be engaged in ARBITRARY ACTS not founded by the rule of law.

If this is the case, who will Raila be taxing? The POOR or his RICH friends like Uhuru Kenyatta? We answer, the poor!

So much for the reforms!

So, please, tell us another myth!

And, apart from paying the IDLERS like son of Nyachae, what is purpose of additional taxes? Oh, we know, to pay the Kazi Kwa Vijana DOLLAR to Wall Street!

Anyway, since we know nothing, and we are supposed to listen, we leave to enjoy:

Is that smoke?

Phil said...

Guys Guys

Not everyone is as good a writer as Chris or Taabu. And not everyone has had chance to access the ODM website. Yours are just but attempts at creating mountains out of mole hills. I have seen worse quality posts and images here at KK but overlooked them as a champion of free speech.

AMANI and Jubilee are competitors to CORD and it is their propaganda that is clouding objectivity, and there is no such thing as emotion when it comes to patriotism.

If you guys want, we can take down this post so you can proceed to publish your own well-written ones that are not cut and paste (sic). Otherwise I view this as a an attempt at justifying censorship. Just let it be!

Anonymous said...

I am 74 and I have grossed 800 thousand Kshs in the last fifty years, over half of which was profit just through farming a kaquarter acre of biring'anyi, yaani eggplants in my little backyard. You young fellows can do better on a large scale.

Anonymous said...

Who are we as a people? And what do we really want, need or expect after the general election is over and done with?

By the way, what are the so-called presidential contenders going to really do, implement, change, develop, initiate or even bring about throughout the country when and if the lucky winner among them gets to be elected after March 4th?

Talking of regional and national progress that they have failed to do since the 2002 general election.

Including all the well crafted political agendas they have discarded by the wayside since the 2007 general election.

And worst of all, the so-called passionate political promises and guarantees they have never intended to keep nor honour in the last thirty years?

Who is really fooling who? Is it the politicians who are still fooling their ever loyal foot soldiers and gullible electorate?

Or is it the usual electioneering business and season where the general public is so addicted to hearing what they want to hear, including self-deluding political sound bites during every general election campaigns?

Anonymous said...

Poor Phil, I thought that (OO blog what was the name) where you hibernated to was serving your political interests better? Why come to defacate and vomit your irrational diabolics here? Rudisha ujinga huko!!

Anonymous said...


Hate to be the bearer of a painful reminder that Kumekucha's avocation is one of a guiding sage whose task it is to translocate many of us to some of our country's remote political places where we can find unique insight and enjoyable special vision for the common good.

Which can oly happen once the cacophony of deafening support for our reverse omosis political parties, presidential aspirants, party candidates and ukabila lords, including the 'sanctioned' defections on a daily basis, choreographed political mudslingings and empty chants have quitened down.

Without forgetting the ukabila block voting and dirty echoes of kitu kidogo aka haki yetu that is always generated from the general election campaigns - as mandated by the electorate all over the country - have subsided, vanished or habinated until they rear their quadruple ugly heads during the next general election.

Anyway, there will never be a thesaurus of our brand of politics, fanaticism and high fever pitched last minute coalitions of how do I guarantee myself a seat in the next parliament, senate, the largest bedroom in the governor's mansion, or a chance when ambassadorial appointment and many other plum political appointments crop up after the 4th of March, 2013.

However, will there ever come a day or time when we the people of Jamuhuri can get along in our lifetime - 2013-2073 - and maybe find compromises on concrete ways to soften if not cure our entrenched ukabila animosities and siasa tensions?

And in so doing, we might find the will, ways and means into dmystifying the fifty year old mystery of the total emptiness of our warped ukabila based electioning activities that has been the bedrock of poor governance since the mid 1960s?

Anonymous said...

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