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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blood curdling mystery: The terrible truth

Road accident deaths dramatically increase whenever the country is about to go into a general election. Why? How can it NOT be linked to politics?

Driving along Mombasa road at night a few days ago was a blood curdling experience like no other I have had in recent times. Luckily the car I was in was being driven at a slow speed by a very sober and extra alert driver. Several times we had to leave the road completely and venture into the bushes to avoid colliding with an oncoming overtaking vehicle which usually happily speeded on as if nothing had happened.

To have a fighting chance of survival on Kenyan roads you need to drive not only for yourself but for all the other road users you encounter.

More than 3,000 people die every year in a most horrible way on our roads and Kenya is widely recognize as having the most dangerous roads in the world. Road accidents kill more people than tuberculosis and malaria. If you are terrified of death, forget about cancer or even being killed by gun totting thugs. Instead fear Kenyan roads and with good reason.

As tragic as all this is, it is really nothing new. This has been the situation in our banana republic for a very long time now. Some would say a reflection of our society, the arrogance and impunity rampant amongst us perhaps?

But why is it that deaths on our roads ALWAYS, ALWAYS increase dramatically just before we go into a general election? Examine all the statistics for as far back as you can go and you will always see that sharp hike just before we go to the polls.

Most of my dear readers are smart polished Kenyans who will never buy an old wife’s tale. They are so intelligent that they do not believe that witchcraft exists. It does not matter that history tells us that London had a very serious witchcraft problem early in the 19th century or that the good book also acknowledges the existence of this evil.

I am not here to convince you about anything against your will. But consider the following;

-    Assuming that it is true that many politicians running for political office visit witchdoctors who need human blood sacrifice to make potent charms…
-    Assuming that the most common way of getting this blood is to set “traps” on roads and cause accidents, the bloodier the better. The blood is then drunk by those blood-hungry spirits that release the power.
-    If all this is true then we as a country are in very serious trouble because there is a record number of elective posts up for grabs this time round. More than we have ever had before. Governors, senators as well as more MPs than ever before. Which means that the blood traps will increase in number and the result will be more deaths on our roads than we have ever seen in our history.

I have just realized that as hard as I try, I always have to write this stupid post every time there is a general election around the corner. See a similar post I penned in 2007.

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Saved by Grace said...

Chris, I happen to be one of those polished Kenyan and somewhat intelligent but I also know without a shadow of a doubt what you have written here is accurate and VERY TRUE.
I have written about this in other blogs.

The good book tells us "My people perish for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6.

Let those who have eyes to read read this and let those who have ears hear.

Kenya is not ranked among the 3 countries in the world with high witchraft/demonic activities for nothing.

PS: I also happen to know who is who in this business.

Anonymous said...

This blogger called Chris Kumekucha is either very unwise or very courageous. I guess the jury is still out deciding which of the two he is.

Taabu said...


This post must have been inspired by DARK FORCES. Leave Shetani alone, won't you?

Luke said...

DINI YA MUSAMBWA or....?just curious bro
the DEVIL is in the DETAILS or....?just curious bro

Taabu said...


Which one is you GOOD BOOK: Shakespear's Hamlet or Facing Mount Kenya?

Please answer without foaming at the mouth spewing some alien FOLKLORE.

kumekucha said...

@ saved by Grace

Thank you for your insightful comment.

This is a good forum to toboa what you know. Although you will need plenty of courage to do it.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Where are all the so-called highly educated - creme de la creme - when they are urgently wanted at a time when Kenya and rest East Africa are in desperate need of bright young minds like Jesse Levinson, a scientist at Stanford University's Center for Automotive Research, [who] is helping create new safety systems that aim to change the driving process within his country and worldwide?

In our wornsened epidemic of perennial carnage on Kenya's deadliest roads, we earnestly need our young sicientists - 'the highly educated minds' in our midst - to create driving safety systems that will not only monitor the driving habits of Kenyan motorists, but also keep unlicensed drivers, drunk drivers, habitual traffic rules violators, careless drivers, rogue drivers, road bullies, tired and sleepy drivers, et al off Kenyan roads that never seem to improve beyond their current sad state of disrepair.

Where are the creme de la creme of Kenya to stand and be counted like their counterparts at SUCAR?

What is the point of having an education when it can not be put to better use or serve the most good?

Anonymous said...

As a society we have done very little to change our collective attitude when it comes to improving our overall respect for public road usage, driving habits, the quality of vehicles allowed on Kenyan roads, policing and the institution of severe penalities for violators.

Anonymous said...


The devil is definitely in the mix of political, while his evil angels and other dark forces may be reponssible for making us use vehicles as deadly weapons of choice on our poorly constructed and maintained roads to kill each other during every general election season.

However, what do we expect when free tons and tons of money begin to flow freely during times such these when the country is at the height of our so-called political campaign fever that is fueled by all sort of alcoholic beverages?

And when the general election season is over the victims of road accidents and alcohol related crimes, and other combined issues are always left to lick their deep personal wounds as they fend for themselves given the abysmal state of our healthcare system as well as a judicial system that has not really woken up to the reality a country that has new constitution that should be safe guarded at all costs by those in the positions of legal influence.

Lest we forget the CORD has issued a decree that it will spend Sh13 billion between January and March 4th, and their rivals trying to out do them by spending Sh10 billion
as a counter measure.

Much of all the money will wasted on purchasing free food and alcohol for the gullible masses that never seems to demand what is right for them in terms of basic services delivery among other vital issues.

The other 70% of the Sh13billion and Sh10 billion will go toward greasing the personal pockets as well as beefing up the private accounts of national regional and local well connected political bigwigs, their families, liutenants, business associates, lawyers and money-hungry-clergy (MHCs).

Kenya is what it is and very little is going to change in the next ten years unless otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Road carnage is an issue that many of us - accidents waiting to happen at one point or another depending on the lottery pick for potential victims - should be alarmed about, and must.

The situation is so dangerously out of control while large segments of the Kenya population continue to watch the whole episodes of daily, weekly and monthly vehicular carnage with growing despair.

As a matter of fact, more and more victims will continue to be claimed by vihecular monsters, vihecular homicides, drug drivers, careless road users, poor state of our roads and a poorly managed police force that continues to carry out zero or very little action in terms of arresting traffic violators, homicidal drivers and making sure that unroadyworthy vehicles are kept off the roads.

Unless immediate drastic measures are taken not just by the national police, the recovering judicial system and other government security agencies but also by the general public who must sent a very strong signal of disgust and protest both the drivers reposnsible, the media houses, and a government that is always used to business as usual unless one of its own is involved.

We have become death, death is us by way of road carnage until we change our modi operandi sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

PS: I also happen to know who is who in this business.

Mmmm! 'Who is who' as birds of a fallen feather operating from the amorphous shadows of gehinnom, she'ol, haides, or what?

Has it boiled down to the business of blaming the evil one for all the amounts of alcohol we consume when our social friends say yes while our minds, hearts and pockets say otherwise?

Or is it the ancient business that originated in the area around the two great rivers in Iraq, northeastern Syria, southeastern Turkey and southwestern Iran, later known as the Epich of the Apple in the Garden of Eden,?

Where human beings first perfected the art of scapegoating an imaginary dark (black) figure that was later named as the evil one?

Ever since then the tradition of loading all the kinds of explanations, whatever blame and excuses imaginable onto the evil one was started.

And up to this day, de evil is solely held responsible for everything and anything bad or evil we have done, continue do and will do out of our own free will.

Or worse, is the early lucrative corporate business, thanks to the old time religion, the main force behind the spiritual warfare agenda of devil sighting, fear mongering and constant threats of damnation, still a staple and viable avenue for generating a lot of revenue from mortals who are scared to death of forfeiting their precious to the eternal flames that always stoked up by the evil one?

By the way, why has the evil one been allowed to terrorise mortals for no apparent reason in the last hundred thousand centuries?

And why in the (de) evil's name have human beings always chosen to shift the burden of their indwelling faults, own wrongdoing and other transgressions to the influence of amorphous dark forces and their frontline demonic agents that are still believed to be roaming freely on earth?

Anonymous said...


Ending or curbing road carnage in Kenya will be a hard sell in a culture that prizes itself on drinking large amounts of alcohol as a way social entertainment for all classes of society, and where driving while intoxicated like sunks on a stormy night is never frowned upon.

We live in a society that will stone to death a man or pickpocket caught trying to steal five to ten dollars, yet nothing is done to drunk bus driver who ends up killing sixty, maiming thirty others as well as destroying properties worth millions.

What do you do with people who tend to understand themselves as being largely above the law because they happen to be influencial lawyers, government officials, military or police personnel, diplomats, are connected or related to someone powerful within the government?

Where do you begin to rein in the drunk skunks and help them over their sticking and dangerously alcohol related behaviour?

Anonymous said...


While Kumekucha's yearly reminders of our blood socked highways and byways of Kenya continue to fall on complete deaf ears, have some of us ever heard about the tale from hell with regard to the culture of daredevil driving habits in Nepal?

Where an individual stands hundred chances of being involved in a vehicular accident than be bitten once in a year or lifetime by the dreaded mosquito that loves trading in the ever appreciating malaria portofolio among unsuspecting peace loving citizens.

So many of us will not be travelling to Nepal any time soon for pleasure, business or academics, although news has it that Nepal is one of the most dangerous places in the world when it comes to driving an automobile or riding in one.

Which leads some of us to wonder why such a dangerous driving environment exists in Nepal of all places, given the fact that it is The Land Made of Hundreds of Flowers?

As matter of fact, a traveller, guest or tourist would expect or hope for pleasant surprises along the roads and among the good people of Nepal as opposed to being confronted or threatened by homicidal drivers and mechanical road monsters, that is why outsiders would not understand how the region has very hazardous road conditions that take a heavy toll among the local population.

By the way, are the majority of Nepali people able to name twenty or thirty flowers without hesitation or second thought, out of the hundred flowers that make up the breathtaking beauty of their wonderful nation?

Anonymous said...

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