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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Fireworks Ahead: Kumekucha Awards for 2012

In keeping with this blog's tradition, we wrap up the eventful year 2012 with out annual Kumekucha Award. It has been a long journey started in 2005 unpacking all matters political in our motherland Kenya.

Kumekucha's singular is still anchored in the maxim of leaving no subject as a taboo. While the jury may still be navigating the rough seas, when they dock the verdict will no be resolute. This blog blazed the trail of political blogging and we owe it to founding bloggers some of whom have mutated or become inactive.

The heat is on as we usher in 2013, the year of the SNAKE. While the tongues of the ragging flame is threatening to consume us, the twin TOWER of BABELS (coalitions) will come and go leaving Kenya intact.

Starting with the sad news, the year 2012 witnessed massacre of over 40 police officers in Baragoi. That came hot in the heels Tana Massacre Phase one which was gruesomely followed by Phase two few days back. Many may see these as our five-year-cycle murder rituals. But you cannot fail to associate these with lack of true leadership from infront and by example.

That said, the sunset of 2012 sparked the political inferno with formation of two formidable coalitions. While the Jubilee coalition of the accused is still tottering in the brinks, thanks to son of Musa, CORD may well prove too sturdy to tow the other coalition to either nirvana or permanent retirement.

Back to Kumekucha, this blog continues to breathe political fire and brimstone just like when it was launched way back in 2005. Accolades are due to Chris for letting the political bile ooze in these pages, his occasional disappearing acts notwithstanding.

You have to be here to meet our one and only Mwarang'ethe. He comes loaded, spews his intellect with passion and leaves maany mesmerized as he retreats to enjoy. Mwarang'ethe's provocative posts are often enshrined in his fidelity to matters economy and history. His threaded quotes, philosophy and patented PASSION once again earns him top spot of Kumekucha awards.

Make no mistake, no blogger will escape the tongue-lashing of Kumekucha's e-cop. A founding blogger, Luka never tires to cater for the interests of numerous kids and nannies visiting this blog. Chris will not escape his anger with any explicit adult language or suggestive photos. He grabs the coveted vigilante ward.

Another founding blogger Phil may have gone mute in 2012 but he won't fail to occasionally mount his horse and ride it here. He must have developed thick skin to the brickbats he invites from his posts. For his tenacity, Phil bags the valuable (hide-and-seek) award.

The final KK award goes to all the numerous anonymous bloggers who are both the light and the spice of Kumekucha. Finally we the blog would be incomplete without the numerous anonymousness who often You may be faceless, but you set the agenda here with your insightful posts. You often come loaded with both tit bits and vitriol in equal measure. Kumekucha won't have asked for better spice.

The anonymousness may not know it. But your custom makes this blog a daily must-visit to many Kenyans around the globe who wants to feel their country political pulse. The diversity in your lot is exemplified by exported village bias albeit with a touch of sophistication. Hats off to the anonymouses as you receive the KK Wenyeji award.

So the race is set for 4 March 2013 and the heat is on. We lived through the 2007 near-Armageddon and told the story. 2013 promises even more fireworks. Well, book your front seat here at Kumekucha and brace yourselves for a political battle royale.

My utmost sypathy for the faint-hearted and PENSIONERS.


Anonymous said...

Pensioner Taabu bags the disgraceful KK tribalist of the year 2012 award. He also ensures that any comment that does not augur well with his political inclinitions does not see the light of day. For that we award him the mbwa koko award of 2012.


Taabu said...


Thanks for the coveted award. Please check with your mum, we have reconciled and sorted out our domes and your outstanding UPKEEP too.

I guess now there is no need for personal bile unless your mum has conned you again.

And for good measure if your live-in 'daddy' is a useless PENSIONER, I will see what I can do after discussing with your mum.

Now you need to become a good boy who respects his biological dad albeit in absentia.

Happy new year SON.

Anonymous said...

I award Taabu the funniest blogger on Kumekucha award.

Thank you for making it bearable here as Chris does his regular AWOL stunts.

P.S. Just ignore your haters, they are not as handsome as you are. :-)

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