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Friday, November 30, 2007

The Uhuru Question and Kibaki Succession

By Kijana Kibisu
One question that has refused to go away is why the leader of the official opposition party would abandon his constitutional role to support the re-election of a sitting head of state. Historians tell us that this unprecedented action has already Uhuru a place in the Guinness Book of Records.What historians forget to add that is that Uhuru's move took months of negotiations with the current regime.

In a series of meetings brokered by Central Province old guard, John Michuki, Njenga Karume and Kibaki's Muthaiga golf club friends, Uhuru was prevailed upon not only to abandon his plans of running for the top post in 2007 but also to reunite KANU by making peace with Nicholas Biwott's New KANU. Further, he was asked to keep a decent distance from Raila's Odinga's ODM. These discussions culminated in the signing of a secret MoU between Kibaki and Uhuru. So what was Uhuru promised in return?

By agreeing to support Kibaki's PNU, KANU was allowed the privilege of preserving its identity within the umbrella party. While other parties were being pressurized to accept joint nomination under PNU, KANU was exempted. The second part of the MoU dealt with campaign funds. The president agreed to underwrite KANU's campaign costs in this year's elections (the party received 50m shillings just to participate in PNU's launch). The third and most important aspect of the MoU dealt with Kibaki succession plan. In this regard, Kibaki promised to use all state resources at his disposal to ensure Uhuru's victory in 2012 elections.

For a while, Central Province leaders and strategists have focused their attention on a succession plan that would ensure retention of power in the region. Although names like George Saitoti, Martha Karua, Kiraitu Murungi have been bandied on and off, Uhuru is increasingly seen as the region's crème de la crème. Not only is he young, savvy and untainted by pervasive corruption, Uhuru comes from the well known Kenyatta family that has immense wealth.

Kibaki's current and rather spirited campaign is therefore more than a just fight for a second five-year term. It is a battle to ensure that power is retained in Central Province until 2022, at least! This was, in essence, the MoU between Uhuru and Kibaki. Indeed, Uhuru has publicly admitted this strategy (without divulging its essential details) when he met with angry KANU supporters to try and assuage their anger over his unilateral decision to offer KANU's support to Kibaki.

Bare-boned Kenya
In the meantime and even as Kenyans sing and dance their hearts out in support of their favourite political parties, Kibaki and his Central Province friends are busy selling off public assets to themselves at throw away prices. Hiding behind persistent calls for privatization by Bretton Woods institutions, they are wasting no time at all in disposing of ALL public assets. By the time power passes into the hands of others in 2022 (but preferably later), nothing but 'bare bones' will be left.

This is why the thought of this well thought plan being disrupted by Raila and his ODM party evokes so much anger and panic in Central Kenya. The 'good work' that Kibaki started in 2002 is not done yet, you know. Another 5 (but preferably 15) years are needed to complete the work! What you may not know is that this good work is consolidation of both political and economic power in one region.

The concept of devolution of political and economic power away from the Centre (another name for Central Province ), is clearly inimical to the grand plan referred to above. The idea is that once the plan is implemented, everybody else (mainly from Western, Coast, Rift Valley and NE provinces) could only be employees (not owners) of former public (but now private) companies owned by the new super rich elite. Millions of others would be tenants in Nairobi offices and houses owned by the same group.

Killing devoluion
However, this plan would come a cropper if new economic centers (in Kakamega, Kwale, Busia, Garissa or Narok) were to spring up through the devolution or ugatuzi arrangement. Suddenly, property value in Nairobi might come tumbling down. Cheap labour, mainly from Western Kenya and parts of Eastern, that keeps Nairobi 's economy running would vanish overnight.

Why would someone from Sabatia take up an askari job and live in a mabati shack in Nairobi for just 200 shillings a day? It is also easy to imagine what might happen if devolved regional administrations decided to build or upgrade airports in Kisumu, Busia or build cold storage centers in North Eastern. Suddenly, horticultural and livestock produce from these regions would find their way into the same external markets that are currently dominated by Central Kenya farmers. To these folks, ugatuzi is clearly an idea whose time has not come.

This year's election is perhaps the most important election in Kenya 's history. The outcome will determine whether or not the Grand Power Plan outlined above succeeds. By re-electing Kibaki, Kenyans can forget about any meaningful change for another 15-20 years.


Tom said...


Congrats. Keep it up. You have been fanning anti-kikuyu hatred throughout the year, in the hope that it would get the ODM presidential candidate to win. But it is failing. I am kikuyu but Uhuru will not get my vote in 2012, come what may. You and your anti-kikuyu ilk have another 27 days to sprout your nonsense, before you are silenced forever. Many non-kikuyu kenyans are already getting tired of the anti-kikuyu vibes, and it will lose all credibility after Kibaki wins on Dec 27th. To say that there has been no meaningful change in the last 5 years is really sad, and just shows how dangerous you and your fellow tribalists are. Thank God you and your ilk won't lead the country anytime soon. Evil has never, and will never, triumph. Kibaki rocks!! God bless Kenya.

Mundu Mugo said...

mmmm, well, Moi, Kibaki, Uhuru and other Gema brothers of mine are the big tree and we are the small sharpened axe. We are ready to cut them down. They are playing smart but not clever. Wait for 27th Dec. 2007.

Mundu Mugo
NB: Ignorance and prejudice are not books of refernce.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I am opposed to Uhuru running for president in 2012 simply because he is Kikuyu. Or rather because you people have decidedly refused to think of Kenya's leadership in terms other than tribal. If he doesn't run in '12, and one of these thieves does and wins, then we can at least hope to make you guys believe that its about the leader, not the tribe. Let me put this into context; Moi was Kenya's president for a solid 24 years, or as long as I had been alive, before the opposition men and women got it into their heads that the only way to beat him was to unite. The mtukufu rais, baba na mama, kiongozi wa taifa etc etc man brought to naught any gains that the Kenyatta presidency had brought about in just about 15 years of Kenya's 'independence' from Britain. A trip to Moi's and Moi's sons' constituencies and immediate neighborhoods would make you guys wake up to the fact that most of our leaders care more about themselves than their tribes. I wish you knew!

Fast forward to 2007: In just 5 years Kibaki has been able to put Kenya back on the path to economic development (arguably, I might as well add - you can't see it if you are determined not to). Still, you guys cannot see Kibaki as anything but Kikuyu. Anyone around him is 'Kikuyus', never mind names like Awori, Kituyi, Kombo, and Tuju around him. Apparently, all these Kikuyus are buying Kenya's state assets at throw-away prices, leading to the suffering of millions of Kenyans, especially those from Nyanza, Western Kenya and North Eastern Province.

To put things in order so that 'Kikuyus' stop taking the blame for other tribes going to Nairobi to seek employment as guards, house-helps and the like (you are essentially telling me that no Kikuyu does this kind of work,all are employers right? Dream on) Uhuru should not even think about running for president in 2012. Otherwise, the guy is cleaner than anyone in government and in the opposition right now----why not?
The buck stops with you Kenyans, not the Kikuyus. 'We' only have so many votes.

Vikii said...

Nonsense. An absolute load of crap posted by someone with a Western Kenya-Nyanza mentality that a president from that region will see them holding majority shares in all major companies. An awkward mentality that Kikuyus are not watchmen because Kibaki is president. If Kikuyus are buying the companies at throw away prices, can you tell us which LUO or LUHYA offered the highest bid and was denied ownership of those 'IMF/World Bank-engineered' privatised companies?

I am a Kamba. Ukambani is among the poorest parts of Kenya. But i am proud that people from there know whom to blame for their poverty. One, nature, two, themselves. but you brothrs think the government will be paying hospital bills, school fees and giving monthly grants to u after giving u a massive 60% of the GDP in form of CDF. Endeleeni kungoja namtakufa kabla ihappen. One, with that mentality there will be no president from the region and two even by some stroke of bad luck if that happens some of u will commit suicide. There will be many shattered dreams.

Uhuru Kenyatta should be judged as a person. If he runs I will vote for him because I am not jealous. PKW, I will actually make u vote for Uhuru because he is a nice guy untainted with corruption. He never chose to be a kikuyu or a Kenyatta. Just like some of us never chose to be Luos or Luhyas. Are u people understanding?

Philip Roy said...

One has to differentiate between the Kikuyu elite and Kikuyus as a tribe.

Do not condemn a whole tribe for issues they have nothing to do with.

And for Vikii:

Uhuru is a good guy at face value, but he has a lot of pressure from the elite society he belongs too and thats why he is doing what he is doing.

I really loved him,but ganging up against the common mwanainchi with the Moi family is a huge betrayal.

NOTE:I remember the tear gas era and I have forgiven Moi, but I am not willing to forget those days in the 90's while Hon. Mwai Emilio Stanley Kibaki ,Minister for Health (1988 - 1991) was just quite in government.


Taabu said...

PKW you don't have to crucify UK on his blood's cross. As Vikii says he is a bioligical accident which happend in a 'locality' where people speak Kikuyu. Judge his persona and not his bilogical roots, ama.

As for bro Vikii he has his vote where his heart is. UK must have caused him obtuse HEARACHE by chickening out just like Jimmy betrayed his trust. But that Kenya politics for us all and in Vikii's words we better resign to that reality, ama?

PS: Now personal Vikii. You were meant to be in Kivuitu's list this year. What happened and are you thinking of 2012. Let me know you take bro, ama?

Marianne Briner said...

I had promised myself not to get involved in this matter - but I changed my mind after having received the following mail yesterday by a Kenyan friend who said: "I am convinced that change to happen in Kenya, it has to start at the individual level ..... not the good leaders or whatever people scream about in Kumekucha. Because even if the leaders are good and the people they are leading are just rotten, it will be another time of going round in circles.....".

I couldn't agree more .... why don't you concentrate on this coming Election - vote for the candidate you think is best - MP's and President - forget all this tribal nonsense since Kenya is not just formed by Kikuyus or Luos .... it is or it should be ONE Kenya and ALL your future which is at stake here. And try to forget 2012 for the moment since you are deciding on the next 5 years right now and then see in 2012 if the decision YOU have made NOW was the right one .....

And keep in mind what my friend so rightly said "the change has to come from every individual" and I would like to add: "it has to start in the mind of everybody and by stopping to judge and oppose people just because of their ethnic background....". Use your vote wisely and you will for sure contribute in a positive way to shape the future of your country.

End of the 'preaching' .........


Mbaya said...

To HELL with these jaluos wafanye kazi no BackDoors to Wealth and Power,
Raila is Tribal and Jelous of Tujus Achievements.Not forgeting the ndungu report and 82 coup attempt which he led.
Ruto is corrupt KPC.
Musalia Architect of GoldenBerg.
Where do you think they will take kenya, am not kikuyu But Kibaki sa Done a lot. Free ARVs and More

Anonymous said...

PKW...being a Kikuyu does not mean defending everything Kikuyus do and are involved in.

There is a fine line btwn pride and outright stupidity.

I would like to think ur an educated person who is able to form her own independent opinions; rather than always making tribe the deciding factor.

Please dont waste ur intelligence forcing and trying to be part of the Kikuyu tribe in that way.If they cant accept u as the individual u r...than ur too good for them anyway.

deroo said...

Kibisu, thank you for your comment. At least I will challenge you on things that I know are true and that will need you own personal checking to confirm.

Before the Patni thing about Muite, the Kikuyu as a tribe were not talking much about Mwai Kibaki. True, Muite was not only seen as a threat to the larger population in Kenya, but to Kanu as a party, and Moi as a person. It was even rumoured that he was protege of on Charles Mugane Njonjo, a disticntion that made him more feraed within the circles of Kikuyu elitism.

When Patni, from nowhere made the malicious claim, it surprised many, including people who attended. It was properly planned and served the purpose. I believe you have read so much about the Kroll Report?

It was a Safina thing in the early 90s, then with Richard Leakey in the party. That is how they could lay their hands on so much of what you read. Muite was the brain behind that. He had to be silenced!

At that time, Moi was in his own way, planning to have Uhuru and replaced Uhuru as KTB chairman (or wahtever) with Raymond Matiba, a move that like the sing-along about Raila suffering for the country, could have worked for Muite. Has he not suffered? Yes. Recieved Pattni money with Oginga like Raila's Mollases? Yes. So much so that on the day of the DP elections in Kasarani, Raymond's appointment was made to neutralise the political chatter.

Now, on to your write-up, I think you fail to get one or two points right and you simply amplify bigotry comments this week by Odinga Dictatorial Movement Presidential candidate Raila Odinga about a secret pact between Daniel Moi, Uhuru Kenyatta, Biwott and Kibaki. Thank you for that.

Why were Raila comments made? To propagate the ADUI issue and stir some kind of sympathy from the other tribes in the country that Kikuyus are planning to cling on to power by hook and crook. Sawa.

If you are an ardent follower of this blog, I said here more than five months ago that 'Kanu will not abandon their identity to join another party'. True, Kanu owners had made it clear to the ODM charade that they will not abandon their name and join another outfit. It was clear from the start.

'They should abandon their parties and join Kanu' That is the message that they sent across and political observers made alot out of that comment. When pushed against the wall, Uhuru made the unthinkable act, leaving ODM or have his demands met. ODM could not guarantee that.

But think of the Leader of Opposition joining the ruling party as it has been put. Lack of democratic principles!

The Kibaki wave in Central Kenya would have dealt 'Kijana' a serious blow similar to 1997 when he was told 'that even if Jomo raises to vie on a Kanu ticket, he will still lose'.

Uhuru could not stop the current Kibaki wave. Interesting, politics my friend, is a game of number, sacrifice (including pride and moral) and gains (financial and loyalty).

Then at the other end, this is the most eerie picture that has emerged. Whether you like it or not, it is Luo and people supporting them vs. Kikuyu and those supporting them.

Confidently I will tell you that this year, the only full black or full white block pattern of voting will be in Kambaland, Luoland and Kikuyuland.

The Luhya vote, will continue with its chequered tradition, the Kalenjin vote will for the first time be chequered, something strange, considering that was the only place in Kenya's history that a whole district could be run by one party in the civic and parliamentary level.

Back to your point as I pen off, the succession thing will be part of the strategy which will be on both sides of the divide. But, what is Gideon Moi's stake in the whole thing? What about Musalia Mudavadi, one soul that will be and rightly deserves to be in the Kanu set-up in their bid for re-election and where do you place Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka?

Forget Balala, forget Ruto and forget the Nyanza reefrums, the Ayackos, Daimas and the upstarts, none will survive two terms.


deroo said...


Where is the Toronto-based lawyer. The scyophant who was to be vying for a seat in Nyando.

You remember Miguna Miguna, who was raising funds in the US and Canada that he is supporting Raila and even standing for MP?

Vikii, Mungu was siku hizi, ni kijana. Na malipo ni hapa. The guys gave me and you stick one day that I will not forget him. (In the ODM/Ramogi/Luo/Raila website called I even wrote to the editors and told them off. I think they removed it the same day)

Anonymous said...

Your wife can't give birth? Blame Kikuyus! This is really a very sad mentality and the world laughs at our cheap tribal mentality. The succession debate which is being fanned by East African Standard is neither here nor there. Only Kenyans can decide their destiny with the power of the precious vote. No one can be imposed on us as Kenyans and Moi surely knows it after his "Uhuru Project" was rejected. It's really sad to see young well educated Kenyans reducing themselves to narrow minded ethnic chauvinists!

kalamari said...

Vikii and PKW, when legitimate jamaas like Raila were fighting for the second liberation, Uhuru was in a perpetual intoxicated state of limited consciousness. In fact, Uhuru hasn’t lived too far from a pub since his days in Amherst, MA (where he didn’t quite matriculate). We have heard of him being dragged, kicking and screaming, from some day and night club in Kiamaiko, all the way to the highest throne in KANU. Unlike Midas, everything this jamaa touches fails at breakneck speed. Remember his days in the tourism sector? Ha, ha. What about KANU in his grasp? Hasn’t this guy failed KANU as its chairman and the entire country as the official opposition leader? Was his quest all along to be the biggest political failure on earth as the Guinness Book of world records might soon establish? This man Uhuru is tantalizing you jamaas with the fruits of his fathers thieving episode…and that you cannot deny.

That said, Uhuru may be close to graduating from a 12 step program which will be a great personal accomplishment. My only question to Vikii and PKW; what has this jamaa ever done to ensure that your children prosper in the motherland? Oh. and please don’t give me that silly untested paradigm of his trustworthiness and incorruptibility. As far as I’m concerned, his name is prominently listed on the title deeds of thousands of acres of stolen land…and this you can’t deny.

In closing, my dear Kenyans, let us not be hoodwinked by leaders of no credibility. I can understand the recognition of family name and the awe of wealth that we all psychologically want to be associated with. The way I see it, vote for Uhuru provided you can conjure up something, anything that you can point out as his (even one) achievement.

Vikii said...

Well Kalamari, u dont want me to give u a list of leaders of unimaginable greatness who were alcoholics, do u? (the only diffrence may be their pub was not Kiamaiko)

About those title deeds, well, i have not seen them. And even if I did, dont u agree with me that it's time we respected the sanctity of that document? Just the same way Raila, the legitimate jamaa (pooh),has a title deed validating a dubiously acquired land on where the fraud that the mollasses plant is stands.

Fascination with a family name? Precisely Kalamari. This is what I have been trying to tell u. U are actually obsessed with the Odinga name. In fact u are a big slave to that family and you cannot deny it. The last time I met slaves on my very freaking journey to Mbita, they sounded like u, complete with your style of humour--These guys, just like u did not understand the chronicity of their problem. My unsuccessful attempt to convince them that there was more to life saw me leave the region with a deep cut on the head and a black eye.

deroo said...

Mhariri wa kongamano la Kumekucha. Tafadhali, majibu yangu katika mijadaala hayaonekani.

Last weekend, quite a few never appeared. Sorry, it tells me that they have to be allowed by the Editor. I dont have a probelm there. But please go through the posts and see if there is a problem? Not whinning as I was told weeks back, but just asking what happens to the centre-centre posts or the right wing and other left-wing.

Tafadhali wanakumekucha, hakuna matusi safari hii. Ni maoni tu.

Mimi wenu katika jina la Kumekucha


Anonymous said...

Alot can be said about a rouge politico who has unashamedly absconded his constitutional duty as leader of offical opposition and in doing so all but abandoned our nation's quest of offering an alternative to the Government of the day for Kenyans but what it boils down to for those of us who cannot mind-read keyboards is the decline and decay of the meaning of the political party system in Kenya-parties with no principles are giving way to bogus coalitions that rule the day, and all coaltions are devoting their chief energies to becoming presidential SAILING SHIPS to safe passage on the backs of opium smoking Kenyan voters wapende wasipende
Even with the recently introduced political parties bill there is no guarantee that the philosophy behind what a party really is will be safeguarded-if you build an ark then all animals are welcome into it and the grass can be exported across the fence to look greener on the other side. Therefore SPINELESS individuals win the day and isn't that what being a president is all about?

kalamari said...

Vikii,as expected you cannot come up with a single UK achievement. There really aint one. If your slaves in Mbita cut your bumpy forehead and punched in your eye, I can understand your hate for anything western/nyanza as nothing but personal.
Since we are all Kenyans, I wish UK uses the next five years to put some hair where it matters. This is possibly going to be the most important parliament. If he is going to run for prezo in 2012, he better show up with a full beared.

Vikii said...


kalamari said...

Vikki, yes bumpy....and like most roads in Kenya, pot-holed. It is only such outward visible disturbances that can explain your internal brain malfunctions.
I respect your dislike of Raila and the slaves of Mbita. What I don't get is your inability to discredit the evils associated with the current administration...oh and why UK?

Vikii said...

I hear you. Can you then give me the script? I promise to follow it in every single comment I make here.

Taabu said...

Kalamari tafadhali umeze dawa. Spare Vikii your insults. Both of you have all the right to back your horse civily, ama?

kalamari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kalamari said...

Taabu, sawa sawa. I will let him off. No more ridicule of Sir Vikii. Either way, I think 'insult' is a tad too strong a word. I prefer western-nyanza humor.

Vikii said...

Kalamari u are letting me off? Ha ha ha. Lemmie tell u one thing little brother, I dont need the Taabus of this world to "defend" me on anything. I am very much equal to the task of tirelessly exposing the idiocy in you. U can let me off but it is idiots like you that I am here for. I wont let you off, no, not any time soon because you started it all. My views on uhuru Kenyatta and your brothers, sister and cousins in Luo Nyanza still stand. Why u have to react to them, i do not know.

Anonymous said...

CVhris , iI think this article was in bad taste , not all Kikuyu's are bad it is only the few supremacists like Kenyatta family.

kalamari said...

Vikii, That's precisely my point. You have no views on UK. Yours on Luo nyanza are debatable. Wacha upuzi.

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