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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fugitives of the International Criminal Court Flocking Together

Now that members of the so called Jubilee Alliance are so obsessed with contradicting Prime Minister Raila Odinga and working overdrive to act exact counter to any political step he takes, Kenyans are anxiously waiting for their next move to counter Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s gracing of ODM’s historic National Delegates Convention last week .

We expect them to be inviting Zimbabwean dictator Dr. Robert Mugabe to be chief guest during their unveiling of their joint presidential candidate after the coming pre-determined nomination exercise between the two deputy Prime Ministers: - Uhuru Kenyatta and Musalia Mudavadi.

Kenyans won’t be shocked if the other guest of honor will be Sudan’s Gen. Omar al Bashir, the well known ICC fugitive.

 And talking of delegates, when did the URP (bank rolled by William Ruto) or UDF (bank rolled by Kibaki's kitchen cabinet), or even TNA (bankrolled by Kenyatta family) ever conduct grassroot elections to elect delegates that they are purportedly preparing to mobilise to select a presidential candidate? And why is URP's position as running mate locked and not open to democratic competition? See the mockery of democracy?

Of interest will be the main speeches. Observers are waiting with baited breath to see Dr. Mugabe urging them to be confident he will help them once in power on how to cling on to power next year if the Western powers decide to slap Kenyan with sanctions.

We can foresee an arrogant Dr. Mugabe advising the Jubilee coalition to organize in advance how to kick out European farmer, tourists, diplomats and investors, who are nothing but agents of neo-colonialists out to exploit Kenyans. He will urge Kenyans to prepare to be eating and surviving on one meal per day during the Jubilee presidency.

Of course he won’t fail to advice them strongly to revive the old special Branch, secret police units and violent youth groups to deploy regularly to protect the Jubilee presidency from the opposition who, he says are on the payroll of the colonialists. Kenyans are eager to listen to Gen. Al Bashir’s speech a speech that will plead with Kenyan voters to vote in the Jubilee Alliance, and especially the two ICC suspects so that Kenya and Sudan can form a confederation (Political Union) as a free region detached from the new International order, including the United Nations and the ICC.

It will be delirious to hear him promise to bankroll the Jubilee Alliance’s presidential candidate to ensure maximum victory. But many will be left wondering why if he is so moneyed why he has grabbed rich oil wells from the poor southern Sudanese neighbors.

May be the two great guests of the Jubilee Alliance will sign a “Nairobi declaration” with Jubilee Alliance’s Principal Uhuru Kenyatta to be prepared 24/7 to offer any of them sanctuary and political assylum in the event he is toppled by restless masses reacting to high inflation and humanitarian crisis.

Kenyans should be getting psychologically prepared to usher in a government on March 4,2013 whose chief advisors will be Dr. Mugabe and Gen. Omar El Bashir.


Mwarang'ethe said...

"Kenyans should be getting psychologically prepared to usher in a government on March 4,2013 whose chief advisors will be Dr. Mugabe and Gen. Omar El Bashir."


Does this mean you have given up hope of defeating the fugitives in the coming OPIUM SESSION?


"May be the two great guests of the Jubilee Alliance will sign a “Nairobi declaration” with Jubilee Alliance’s Principal Uhuru Kenyatta to be prepared 24/7 to offer any of them sanctuary and political assylum in the event he is toppled by restless masses reacting to high inflation and humanitarian crisis."


You guys overrate/WORSHIP the Mzungu too much.

The Western sanctions can be defeated.

However, what is required to defeat them, even akina Uhuru will not go there.

So, the problem has never been the Western sanctions as such, but, the vested interests/ignorance of those who even claim to fight against the West like Mugabe/Bashir and Uhuru.

Leaving useless stuff, let us inquire something of SUBSTANCE bwan Phil:

So, if the fugitives from justice are defeated by the CORD, will it (CORD) bring back the VAT Bill and ROB KENYANS even more?

And, will that KA VAT not bring in inflation and humanitarian crisis?

Hiyo tuu.

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Simba akilala:

Anonymous said...


Why are there so many fugitives within ODM and PNU who are still roaming freely with out any fear of being arrested and prosecuted by the ICC or held reponsible for their roles before, during and after the post-election violence?

Don't you think it was a real travesty of justice for the ICC to have gone after the small fish like Sang, in the huge pool of a political mess (post-election violence), while the real masterminds and known senior culprits were let off the hook?

Many of the culprits are now cabinet ministers, senior civil servants and certain individuals who have immensely benefited from the status quo since April of 2007.

So, why limit the fugitive lable onto the two politicians in question, while their counterparts from the '07 and '08 political death squads and ethnic camps are allowed to wonder all over the country without any concern, fear or notion of being confronted by real justice in one way or another?

Taabu said...


You must have taken a ride in Tinga with wipers roaring in ford colours. Welcome back bro. Hope your CORD stays sturdy and weathers the storm.

If matters get heady you can seek refuge at Luka's ARK. Both him and Chris have been shortlisted as speech writers for mama Winny.

Anonymous said...


Your point of view is understandle to some extent, but why are you so bent on creating a hellish existence for the likes of Hon. Dr. Mugabe, His Excellency Gen. Omar El Bashir, including the alleged the two "fugitives of the ICC," at a time when your distant maternal cousins within ICC and comrade in arms have chosen not to prosecute HSBC as an institution as well as several of its senior operative on money laundery charges?

Why is ICC after the two top leaders of the Jubilee Alliance for what they are allegedly involvement in the post-election violence four years ago, while HSBC's top brass are allowed to go scot free, keep their plum jobs, huge profits and bonuses they gained over the decades while they were assisting the worst of the worst kind of criminal elements and third world tyrants conceal their sources of illegally gotten billions of dollars and euros?

Slapping an institution like HSBC with a fine of one billion dollars for financial wrong doing that may have wrecked in more than fifty billion dollars is far worse than adding insult to injury when it comes to international justice

In the meantime, thousands of innocent civilians continue to be murdered every day in countries like Mexico, where the government has released a report indicating that over 50,000 people have been killed in the Mexican drug wars, and countleess others disappeared without a trace.

Where is the ICC and UN when they are needed around the world?

Will there ever come time when Kenyan victims of post-election violence, and Mexicans vuictims of drug war will ever get real justice they have been denied for decades by the powers that be?

Lest we and the ICC forget the fact that there are no statute of limitations when dealing with any type of murder cases.

Case in point; 55 Years After Girl's Death, Her Killer Gets A Life Term.

Saved by Grace said...

What a childish article! No need to comment.

Anonymous said...

Saved by Grace,

What a juvenile statement. No need for a tantrum.

Anonymous said...

We, the people, have always been reminded of the fact that two (or more) heads often prove to be better than one but only if those heads are cognitively diverse.

Therefore, will Phil, his esteemed compadres, and company of like-minded political associates be able to steel themselves emotionally against the ushering in of a government of the people by the people and for the people after the majority of the - Kenyan - people have spoken through the ballot and successfully rendered their democratic verdict after March 4, 2013?

And what are Phil, his esteemed compadres and company of like-minded political associates going to do ('gonna do') once the majority of the electorate decide to patriotically flock together under the victorious and democratically united wings of the winners of the general election on March 4, 2013?

Talking of the political duo who have yet to be confirmed fugitives of the International Criminal Court should all overwhelming critical evidence point in their direction without ever splashing over to the otherside filled with so many senior politicians - known culprits - whose names were among the top twenty included on the 'Waki's List'.

Mmmmm! Will the hidden factor end up propelling Phil, et al, into the last minute motions of seeking emergency intervention from the International Court of Justice in their zealous quest to nullify the democratic decision of the majority of the people - Kenyan voters - after March 4, 2013?

Or will they resign themselves to their own fate, adapt to changing circumstances and challenges, and live through a one of a kind experience for another five to ten years under the presidency, vice presidency and majority leadership of the victorious winners of the March 4, 2013?

Anonymous said...


Some of us do indeed concur wholeheartedly that the picture in question is worth more than a thousand maneno.

What do some of you see when you swipe a glance at the top brass of the formidable Jubilee Alliance?

Do some of you see what some of us have been seeing all along?

With regard to what one famous elementary school teacher by the name Pherozeshah used to refer to as mgaagaa na upwa hali wali mkavu, kwa hivyo fanyeni kazi bega kwa bega ili wenye kinyongoo wakose kujigangui vigangoni.

*The Fundamental Science.

Anonymous said...

Poor Phil,
From the undertones reverberating from your post, one can feel your deep seated frustrations that after years of stolen election mantra & chest thumping about the obvious coronation of raila come 2013, it has now become apparent that your crownless prince will have an undecorated retirement early next year.
No amount of foaming in the mouth and desperate e-wars will change the FATE of one tinga.


Anonymous said...


Please buy a mirror and see who is foaming at the mouth.

BTW is Phil a pensioner too? How comes you have not reminding him ama your mum has finally made it up with Taabu.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sereast.
This attempt by one Phil after a long KK vacation is laden with bitterness. Phil has always stated that he is raila damu so I do not expect any objectivity. His is a case of throwing as much mud as he can hoping some will stick. In the meantime, his candidate is cohabating with kigeugeu aka traitor. In his corner also is the mungiki fellow, and a warlord in the name of ntimama. We do not want to name the thieves that he calls reformers aka ngumo, kajwang, nyong'o NHIF, koskey of icc, koskey she who clied when moi was given matching orders, druglord joho just to name a few.

Anonymous said...

.....koskey she who clied...........

So the ethnic L for R comes even on blogs?????????????

Anonymous said...

Is it an issue of reality or bitterness or just a plain tongue in cheek on Phil's part?

First of all, before some of us are accused of trying so hard to be Phil's pseudo-apologists, let us not forget the fact that he still has a right to communicate his opinion and ideas, as well as express his personal take on all things political and especially those pertaining to 2013 general election, like everybody else living within the geopolitical confines of our fifty-year old good Jamuhuri.

All things considered, those of us who may take or not take lightly the humour in his fugitive post are free to note the gist or lack of thererin, without taking our eyes off the prize, namely, equitable enjoyment of the fruits - matunda ya uhuru - and fruitfulness - double matunda ya uhuru - of the constitution's gift once the free and fair general election have been held, regardless of who gets elected as the next head honcho or kahuna of our fifty-year good old Jamuhuri.

Anonymous said...

@Chris wa Kumekucha,

Gotcha!!! There is something delightful about the realisation that some people in our midst can afford to temporarily vanish only to resurface in one big fashion or another after having secured high profile deals with foreign giant investors.

After all, 'The Africa Round Table & Conference On CSR' that was held June 27th - 29th, 2012 seems to have paid dividends in a big way when it comes to one of our own at Kumekucha.

Chris, rumour has it that someone (name withheld) is among the top people at the African edition of China Daily, China's biggest English-language news paper that was launched in Nairobi (Kenya) several hours ago.

Well, if it is true, then help the paper develop a Swahili edition of the same so as to enable it reach more rural people where most of its projects are being carried out and will continue in the future.

Congratulations anyways - if it is really true that someone in our midst is now aboard the inner sanctum of the African edition of the China Daily, Africa edition in Nairobi.

Wishing you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Amuga!! Kumegunja!! Tunzoge na kule mbele.

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