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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Back to Square 1: The Costly Cost Of Contempt

Vice President Kalonzo musyoka has a word with Prime Minister Raila Odinga at a past function. PHOTO/ FILE
Human Trophy: Truly We Get The Leaders We Deserve


Anonymous said...

The real question is;
What has changed in the last week to make the so called watermellon, shuttle diplomat, traitor, kigeugeu, mr 8% etc...the best VP for the octogenarian opinion poll president?
The way I see it, raila has been shortchanged. He should have picked sally kosgey. That would have been a smarter move but then raila is fond of shooting himself on the foot as Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi always says.


Taabu said...


You have gotten your wish of two-horse rase: coalitio of the accu(R)sed vs coalition of veterans/aged/tired.

Ati CORD? Trying too hard to recreate the dead FORD of yore.

NB: Please confirm that you were contacted to be speech writer for Mama Mary but you declined and ended up using 4 guys to sue her for having primary education.

Satellite Don said...

Chungwa Bado ni Moja Tu, na Maisha ni B..

Anonymous said...

Fulani, tafadhali tunakusihi uendelea na miradi yako ya biashara kama hapo awali, ila tu usidhubutu kuwania udiwani, ubunge, ugavana au usenata, kwa sababu ya imekudulika kwamba veve huna elimu, nidhamu, dhamira, mwongozo, na maarifa ya kutosha, wala huna maadili yote yale kwa sababu unahisiwa kwamba veve ulihusika na mipago pamoja na dukuduku ya kufadhili ghasia za baada ya uchaguzi mnamo Disemba 2007.

Anonymous said...

FORD - Former bverrated Regional Directors whose time came and went in a blink of a ten year political cycle.

They are no longer a political force that they once were during the glorious 1990s at a time when any attempts to resist the former old regime was always viewed as a glorified political career stint and personal trait for any potential contender to have on their resume at the time and for party ladder promotion.

Anonymous said...

What a last hour odd pairing of two great political giants who have had a protracted love-lost relationship that predates December of 2007?

"You are going to see great miracles happen anytime soon" was the public declaration made by one of them, and four years later the inevitable has taken place after a miraculous political opportunity presented itself in a manner that may end up bearing a very high cost yet to be determined soon.

The two political giants seemed to have had no alternative options other than joining ranks and consolidating their loyal troops in the desperate hope of seeking to safeguard their political survival after April of 2013.

Their shotgun political marriage of convenience is expected to provide the pair with a sense of stipulated protection, extra prospects and a new lease of life.

In the meantime, they will have to quickly return to the drawing board and plot out new strategies of how to really outfox, outplay and outlive their well financed, prepared and perennial political rivals in the course of the precarious months leading to the general election.

Anonymous said...

Is the picture in question really worth a thousand words, or more?

Or is it what it is, just another picture taken at a public gathering where two political kingpins happen to have been caught by a camera lens while engaged in tactical maneuvers to further their aims and better their respective positions in the event they get the combined arithmetic votes extended to them by the majority of the electorate.

By the way, will May of 2013 prove most of us wrong, talking of people who have failed to allow themselves even dream of a slim posibility that the awe-inspiring picture could end up being one of the many potriats of the country's next president and his vice-president.

Anyways, a pictorial narrative interpretation of what seems to be an intense bantering going on between the famous sons of Bondo and Tseikuru can be summed as an initiative that may end up developing into one of the political productivity of a creative imagination, although typical or characteristic of what goes on behind the scenes during a general election season where deals are made and at times undone for whatever reasons.

When all has been said and done, let some of us learn to hate the political gaming, Kenyan style, without heaping our combined vitriol and hatred - if any - on the players or political gamers.

As we all known by now, the art of wowing and speed dating political brides andd grooms by questionable expedients without actually violating the rules, let alone offending some segments of the general population is quiet legal by all means.

So, let the political dating games continue and may the most creative and imaginative couple win a larger portion of the national electoral cake in April of 2013.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm! Who is who fooling in this particular episode of pushing the rules of political cohabitation, yaani come we stay, without ever having the possibility of marriage on the horizon, by way whatever dubious methods possible to achieve the desired and eagerly anticipated homestretch ride to the old colonial house - former governor's mansion - on the hill?

And who among who will be lucky enough to be appointed as the bride of honour, bestman, bridesmainds, and groomsmen should the wedding date be agreed upon and declared sooner than later?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! We truly deserve the leaders that elect every five years in the name of mikataba na miuugano ya kuokoa ('kubomoa') nchi yetu.

Anonymous said...

Does the way we care so much for our respective presidential and parliamentry candidates, includding the latest addition in the form of senators, governors and the extra political baggage of WRs, look as if we worshipping, praising and thanking them for loading it over us and treating us as certified imbeciles of the lowest order?

Btw, WRs should be voluntary positions without any type of remuneration packages and other hidden costs, for those who will decide to seek them, so that the funds that would have been wasted on salaries, stipends, vehicles, bodyguards, unnecessary frequent trips overseas and continental Africa, etc, can be better utilized on building modern primary schools, children's and women's hospitals, clean water facilities, ultra modern markets for fresh produce, grain storage facilities, etc, in the urban as and rural areas of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Will going back to square 1 lead to a stalement or checkmate by March, 2013?

As expected the gloves are off and it now seems as though the gates of political retribution have no wrath like that of a betrayed political ally who had been made to believe that he would be the front runner for coalition during the March general election.

On a brighter note, let over due credit be extended to the majority of Ugandan MPs who stood their ground and refused to emulate the immemorial custom of their Kenyan counterparts, by refusing to acquiesce to excessive powers wielded by the executive branch,

As well as their outright rejection of being arm-twisted in order to adapt to a business as usual parliamentary mode that enables an atmosphere tha breeds corruption, impunity and the opportunity for blindly passing of bills that only end up facilitating the wholesale looting of the country's public coffers,

And the deviously calculated hemorrhaging of the potential revenues that are expected to be generated from the country's newly discovered vast reserves of crude oil.

Anonymous said...

Raila has been short-changed into accepting what was vomited out of the mouth of the G7. Think and think hard, why did Uhuru and Ruto reject Kalonzo (even after Kibaki intervened) if he is of any value?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Meanwhile, keeping our eyes on WHAT REALLY MATTERS, we are "happy" that, one of the PRIESTS, is waking up from those DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES we identified long time ago.

Soon, the whole nation shall wake up like this PRIEST:


Given that, this is the year of HYENAS, which we would call The Great OPIUM SESSION (GREAT DELUSION), we leave to enjoy:

Mwaka wa Mafisi:


Big Fish:

And, lastly:

The True Prophecy:

Anonymous said...

Did someone mention that fulani wa fulani was a mwalimu wa ugatuzi, or is he still the well known mutalaam wa kung'atuka ng'atuka ovyo ovyo when put under constant pressure?

Anonymous said...

The poll of talented politicians, professionals and individuals - from all walks of life - who can make a real difference in the political, economic, social and international affairs of our nation is limitless.

But it is unfortunate that we, the majority of the people, always end up squandering one golden opportunity after another by way of reinvesting our support and precious votes into the election of the same old same old undesirables and crooked political characters whose twisted mondi operandi has never withstood the test of time, let alone done any good for the nations as well as our collective interest.

Believe it or not, one of the consequences of experiencing the absence of leadership in almost all institutions, which is then compounded by lack of a ripen political climate through out the country and a maladjusted democracy, Kenyan style, after fourty-nine years is that it creates an aridity sort of politicality that is in solidarity with those whose horizon excludes the very best interests of our nation - Kenya nchi yetu.

What sort of seismic political, economic and social shift are we, the people, looking for if all we are after is to re-elect the very same old same old regional political charcaters and tribal lords that betrayed the nation during the 80s, 90s, and used the voters as fodder after December, '02 and December, '07?

Anonymous said...

One can not cheat on the one they love nor the one they no longer love.

The latest development - impromptu growth - of umbilical CORDS were certainly designed to inspire and to bring most of us, like wale wa huko huko, wale wa pale pale, and wale hapa hapa, out of our regional cocoons and political enclaves,

To shout and sing political party choruses (in praise of our favourite candidates), to pause and wonder - not just at the marvel of how great and different our country will be under the next regime when and if our political coalition gunners the majority in March elections, but the first cause behind the whole electoral process: Change, for the most good.

On the other hand, we are left wondering what wwill become of the long term loyal political lieutenants who had hoped for more from their mentors but ended up being sidelined or swept by the wayside in favour of the so-called known political brand names or usual household names?

Case in point, highly ambitious politicians like Charity Ngilu, Wangari Karua, Chirau Mwakwere, Naji Balala, James Ole Kiyiapi, Peter Wa Kenneth, Raphael Tuju, Mutava Musyimi (who has began showing his real true colours), Kiraitu Murungi, Cyrus Jirongo, James Orengo, Ababu Namwamba (the rising star), Sir George Luchiri Wajackoyah, PhD, et al?

What next? Will some of them slide off and form thier own umbilical CORDS in form of a third or fourth wave?

Anonymous said...

Forget the two horse race, the 'March '13 Election' will be a two cruise ship sail to the finish line at Kilindini.

The lingering question is , will the two main sea vessels, one under the captainship of Uhuru and the other under the captainship of Raila sail safely to shore for a victory parade?

Or sink in the deep waters due to the latest addition on board in the form of Musalia Mudavadi with his extra (or lack thereof) of M-DVD cargo, and Kalonzo Musyoka with his extra (or lack thereof) of 'Njia-Ya-Katikati cargo?

The outcome may well end up depending on the critical decisions made by the grand habour master, his captains and their crews in-charge of the tugboats that will be on duty during the first week of March, 2013?

Anonymous said...


Someone beat you to it, however, it is not too late to replace the above picture with one [captioned 'Due Date March 4, 2013] that is more appropriate for theme. A patient, an expectant mother of all njia ya katikati is seen seated on one of those 1940s-50s type of field hospital beds left behind by the colonial army, while two nurses are in attendance busy CORDing.

Anonymous said...

The New Constitution has not saved Kenya from tribal groupings.

It evident that Kenya needs TWO parties ONLY. A national party aiming at creating development through promoting the interests of the small man and the other National party promoting the rich man's interest.

Call the parties how you want but I will name them: Kenyan Small Man and Kenyan Big Conservatives (PF).

Truly this is what the next parliament should introduce.

God save Kenya.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
The New Constitution has not saved Kenya from tribal groupings.


Oh, Lord!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he he hi hi hu hu hu ta ta ta te te te tu tut ti ti wa wa wa we we we ha ha ha ba ba ba ba ca ca

If any one told you the new wonderful constitution will solve anything, he or she, must be one of the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS Graduate and therefore, living in that wonderful world of DELUSION, ILLUSION, HALLUCINATIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES.

As such, courtesy to this monstrosity Kenyans put on their heads, and that of their kids, some guys (ABROAD) are busy giving YOU LOANS IN DOLLARS for BUILDING COURTS in Siakago in Mbeere district where:

(a) the sand for construction comes from, and

(b) limestone stones come from.

In other words, you SHALL BE BUYING sand and stones from Mbeere to construct in Mbeere using DOLLARS.

Isn't that wonderful news in a DEMOCRATIC NATION which is going for the Great OPIUM SESSION which EVERY political analyst (jokers, dupes and fanatics) are "analyzing"?

NB: And, that KE - HELICOPTER ka justice!


Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Kilio Cha Samaki:

Anonymous said...


Yeah real delusion and childish fantasies is when you start a COSMETIC biz and demand payment in GOLD. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Pardon the interruption with tipping a traditional spear - the equivalent of the Brits' 'hat' - and extending over due credit to one Mwarang'ethe for the constant reminders to many of us about the potential debacle and disillusionment that were bound to follow the paraded euphoria after the referendum had been passed.

In the meantime, very little has changed since then other than the sumptuous creation of more high profile jobs and positions for the wealthy, the well connected, and politically savvy in our midst.

While all of our - the 85% of raia - collective efforts has only led to the absolute disappointment, disillusionment ( excuse the redundancy) and nonfulfillment of the people's political, economic and social expectations, including other countless regional and national aspirations.

As one commentator put it, our next so-called parliament should have the real guts and just go ahead with the introduction of a dual political party system, where one party would serve the overly protected interests, well guarded secret and not so hidden liftsyles of the 25% of the sumptuous segment of the Kenya's population.

While the other party would have to deal with the 85% of the gumptious raia whenever time, resources and majority elected government allow for it.

The question that continues to linger on the minds of 85% of raia is, will the post March, 2013 political, economic and social climate and modi operandi throughout the country march to a different tune and in a variant direction, or will the nation and that the powers that be revert to the age aold business as usual format?

Unfortunately, it may be too little, too late for most of us , 85% of raia, before time - sandwiched between March, 2013 and March, 2018 - can tell otherwise.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Yeah real delusion and childish fantasies is when you start a COSMETIC biz and demand payment in GOLD. LOL.

12/9/12 4:24 AM


Ui ui ui ui, ra ra ra ra na na na na ma ma ma ma ba ba ba ba ca ca ca ca

A few months ago, the EMPTY HEADS were shouting about Egyptian Revolution.

On our part, sitting comfortably on that ANCIENT ROCK called TRUTH and REALITY, dismissed the whole charade a CHILDISH.

Guess who knew what was going on:

"Mohamed Morsi approves martial law in Egypt, state media reports."

"Struggling to subdue continuing street protests, the government of President Mohamed Morsi has approved legislation REIMPOSING MARTIAL LAW by calling on the armed forces to keep order and authorizing soldiers to arrest civilians, Egypt's state media reported on Saturday."

NB: They are still prosecuting Mubarak for this law.



And, should you want to know how DELUSIONAL IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS Professors, a. k. a. POLITICAL ANALYSTS (mere SOPHISTS and SYCOPHANTS) are, read this:

"Power deals: An open letter to Raila and Uhuru."


With those EXAMPLES of UTTER DELUSIONS and MADNESS of the MOB, led by the PRIESTS, i.e. LEGAL EXPERTS who drafted your wonderful Constitution, and who TEACHES you about the WONDERS OF THE ICC, we leave to enjoy:

I feel like bombing a UNIVERSITY, for the PROFESSORS are LYING and BRAINWASHING students:

Anonymous said...

Kenyan tribal groupings are here to stay, however, the only motive needed for them to continue grouping in their own best interests is to steer them toward tribal and regional issue based groupings rather than continue to slavishly serve the warped interests and virulent agendas of their political tribal lords and regional tribal chiefs.

Tribal groupings are not the real problem, it is the regional tribal chiefs and the political tribal lords who have been the main problem and worst of all the perpetual personification of all that is evil in every part of the country.

Kenyans tribes (nations) can learn to emulate the best that exists within their counterparts in North America in terms of cultural survival, political empowerment and economic prosperity, etc.

As a matter of fact, nations (tribes) like Maasai of Kenya should have been reaping huge economic benefits from the tourism industry in the same way several of the Native American (Indian) nations are reaping from the casino, tourism and other industries in North America.

Anonymous said...

Ides of March, 2013.

Politics and elections are as old as human society. So is the accumulations of war chests, cultivation of quid pro quo strategies, and formation of temporary alliances of political parties that hope to form the next government, should they win the majority of seats.

In our particular situation, the shifting political sands and recent trail of coalition trends have presented a new reckoning to many incumbents and aspirants as well, while leaving many of them and the general public to question and wonder who among the front runners were reallt able to seize the opportunities with a brilliant survival strategy that will be able to secure them a guaranteed first class seat on the coalition bandwagons that will pave their political career paths all the way to the colonial house on hill, or if all fails, a secure chance to be rewarded with huge consolation prizes in form of plum jobs for the next five to ten years.

When all has been said, twittered, facebooked, blogged about and written in many other formats, let the campaigners including all other strategically positioned indivdiauls hoping to benefit from the expected political windfalls beware of the Ides of March, 2013!

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Tribal groupings are not the real problem, it is the regional tribal chiefs and the political tribal lords who have been the main problem and worst of all the perpetual personification of all that is evil in every part of the country."


YES, you have observed a phenomenon.

So, why not go ahead and ACCOUNT for that observation?

To stop at observation, is to fall into that wonderful world of DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES.


Meanwhile, it seems like that famous TOURIST, a.k.a. AFRICAN DUPE, has imported what he learnt in Kenya to Ghana.

To wit:

"Police in the capital Accra fired tear gas to disperse opposition protesters from outside the commission's offices.

TANKS guarded the ELECTORAL COMMISSION and roads around the offices were barricaded by police as the results were announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen, based on the results given, I declare John Dramani Mahama president-elect," electoral commission chief Kwadwo Afari-Gyan told journalists.

He said turnout had been about 80%.

Ghana, one of the world's fastest growing economies, is regarded as one of Africa's most STABLE democracies."

NB: How TANKS in the streets and stable democracy go hand in hand, we are yet to be educated by those who know these things.


Anyway, lucky for them for they have a son who shall forward letters to the his masters at the ICC.

And, we wonder, why didn't he prevent this mess as he is coming to prevent in Kenya?

With that, we depart to enjoy:

The lips of the righteous teach many,

But FOOLS die for want of wisdom,
Destruction of the poor is in their poverty:

Anonymous said...

Yes. Indeed it is. "To stop at observation" is one thing, but what about to quote sound bites from the Ghanian ECC, Kwado Afari-Gyan without any type of further objective input, disection of facts and critical analysis regarding what took place in Ghana?

So, does it lead to a fall into the wonderful world of D..., I... and C... F... as well?

Or is it just the usual typical case of a hybrid goat (kettle) calling a mountain goat (pot) a cud chewing ignoramus (black) that never produces curd cheese?

Just so you know if you did not know, that goat cheese butter from Laikipia and Uasin Gishu is a very healthy alternative to the current blueband varities, and has with reasonable amounts of needed natural protein.

Eeeh! Now you know if you did not know.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Chris has changed his position from where he was a few months ago, that's why he is so quiet.

Chris the question is for lack of an ideal leader have you taken sides with CORD or TNA/URP ???

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