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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

NHIF: Scandals Galore as Elections Approach

The latest smell of scandal at NHIF cannot be divorced from the forthcoming general elections. History is replete with mega scandals minted to finance elections. The Ministry of Medical services cannot woodwink us to believe in spending 700m in two phantom health institutions. It follows a very familiar script akin to exporting non-existent gold and selling air using tax payers money.

Introducing the usual ODM-PNU wars does not whitewash. The NHIF board drama captured it all. Meanwhile the loser remains the very Kenyan tax payer who will unwittingly end up supporting and electing one of their own after being taken the cleaners by the very fraudsters.

We are not poor because of lack of great policies. Far from it, our main problem lies in the fact that we formulate very good ideas with the singular objective of cannibalizing them. Fleecing taxpayers of their health insurance of amounts to dancing on their collective graves. Conscience my foot!

What is more, just the other day it was revealed more than 200m was smartly misplaced in the budget estimates. It didn't matter that the line ministries did not ask for the money neither were they aware. This is Kenya we are talking about where COMPUTER ERRORS crop up handy when caught with hands firmly in the national till.

Add that to Kimunya's latest attempt to populate KPA board with the right DNA and you need not look far at the naivety of fueling Mombasa Republican Council's crusade to secede.

The adage you get the leaders you deserve has never been more accurate. The scoundrels we do call our leaders were not elected by aliens.

The season of accelerated fraud is here with us folks. And it will only get nasty and more intense as we close in on the election date. Brace yourselves for all shades of political posturing. NA BADO


Luke said...

Are you ODM (pro-scandal) or PNU?(right DNA)?Just curious bro

Anonymous said...

Appeal on Jurisdiction through back door .....failed.

APPELLANTS: cited the Kenyan constitution and the Criminal procedure code which safeguards the right to a public hearing.
“The Appeal Chamber is obliged under the Rome Statute to apply the national laws of States which would NORMALLY exercise jurisdiction over the crimes,” their lawyers submitted.

Further they argued that oral hearing would not delay the case but would complement the chambers ongoing deliberations and assist it in any issues that would need further clarification.

ICC: “The submissions on the jurisdiction are already voluminous and detailed,” she added, “Therefore in the Appeal Chamber’s view, further oral submissions are not required,”

Anonymous said...

The latest smell of scandal at NHIF cannot be divorced from the forthcoming general elections.

No, there are more isn't there? Perhaps it is time for a little exposure, or what they call public confession and political pardon in some well known circles within the media industry of Kenya.

The rusted buck stops with our so-called scribes for the local papers and blogs, especially those who have not only failed but refused to expose, show or announce publicly for the first time whenever such scandals like the one at the NHIF are brought to their attention, or leaked out courtesy to one of the most threatened species in Kenya, the whistler blower.

The only self-serving art of the game our scribes have perfected and know how to play it at their best, is one of threating to unveil the (already known) personal silver spooned-life histories of the sons and daughters of 'who-was-who' - likes of Musalia Mudavadi, et al, of Kenya - dating back to their days in when they were nursery school (kindergarten), primary school, secondary school, University of Nairobi or somewhere in Europe, North America or Australia, up to the months (moons) leading to the general election.

Instead of utilizing their highly crafted skills (of very good English and penmanship) on informing and educating the general public about the constatnt scandals and other 'ill-going-ons' in 97% of the public institutions in the country, the majority of them have always opted to adopt a see no evil, write about no evil or holier than thou attitude as they threaten to write about political gossip (glorified shenanigans) that passes for journalism in our immediate social circles and villages for all its worth.

If elections are about (Kenyan)people and (real) issues that concern them, then by all means let it be so at all times, without any hesitation or crouching down in fear from unveiling or exposing the wicked scandals - such as the NHIF - that have become so common to the point where Kenyans now put their distant Nigerian cousins to real shame.

They (elections) are not about insulting other leaders while calling yourself (ourseleves) a humble gentleman (people).

Now who is insulting who when they fail to 'unveil' scandals like the ones at NHIF and in many other institutions around the country?

Who is the insulter when all is said and done? Is it not the one who insults the public's intelligence by firmly believing that Kenyans have not been insulted enough by a mother-load of financial scandals and corruption that have become so endemic in both the public and private sectors government and public, yet goes unveiled by the so called hired league of scribes within the media houses in the ndizi (maligo) republic?

NHIF: Scandals Galore as Elections Approach, will the courageous scribes unveil the truth for once, even if it translates into costing some of them their careers, friendships, 'very-low' mortgage rates, political affilaitions, tea time in high places, lunch-time with powerful political brokers, and neighbourly regional ties?

Time will tell.

Taabu said...


No none of the above, I belong to PUNDOM hybrid party.

And why do you limit my options to only the twin scoundrels? There must be more options out there - 3rd party UDF!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Indeed the stupid person at the end of the day is the tax payer.

The politician steals from you, you kill the other tribes for him. If he is arrested you carry stones to fight the judiciary, even the ICC.

We shall never develop because we have small minds which can not think beyond our backyard in Kerugoya, Makindu, Mbale, Ahero, Narok and Kapsabet.
We shall never play economically and politically in th Premier League of this world.

Anonymous said...

It's very easy for so many of us to stain our opponent's, rival's or perceived enemy's reputation, than it is to dare confront the billion shilling scandals that continue to rare their ugly heads in the country.
There is an Arab saying, 'use a slave to kill a slave, so that when nightfall comes, sleep can be embraced in peace and without any guilt whatsoever.'
And Chief Fulani seems to be a well informed master in the ancient ways of dealing with what are believed to be easily disposable items from the master's vast homestead or domain.
One of the many reasons why history seems to be duplicating itself in one local vast political backyard, 'keep your hands unstained by hiring a willing hand to stain one of their own, an outsider or a formidable opponent, then get rid of the stained hand in due time, as soon as possible, or whenever they are no longer of any use to the homestead's mission and vision.'
Let the political games and financial scandals continue to ride along the same path to 2013 and 2018 general elections.

Anonymous said...

We deserve the government we have, we deserve the type of leaders we have, we deserve the caliber of public prosecutor we have, we deserve the law enforcement agencies we have, we deserve the public media houses we have in the country right now. All of the above have decided to look the other way rather than take quick legal action against all those involved in the NHIF scandal. We deserve to be treated like third class citizens in our own country due to the fact that we are who we and we will remain so unless we change our individual, regional and fifty year old national modus operandi.

Anonymous said...

Time for damage control over the Sh4.2 billion shillings fraudulent affair continues as the PM overules Anyang' Nyong'o and sends the NHIF board packing.

Who would have thought that the powers to "micro-manage" let alone to remote control events at the Ministry of Medical Services would be taken away from Anyang Nyong'o after he had done the same to Francis Kimemia?

And what part of NHIF board is suspended in order to pave the way for the investigation(s) into alleged malpractice at the national insurer did a whole professor like Anyang' Nyong'o fail to comprehend?

Sadly, the high school type of public drama that unfolded between Muga Kerich was very embarrassing to say the least as the duo tried so hard to out do each other with the childish aim of showing the press who was the boss.

All things taken into account, there is someone somewhere somehow who must be having the last laugh after the Prime Minister took care of business in what is going to turn into a long series of scandalous and fraudulent affairs as well as soon to be destroyed careers at the NHIF.

Let's hope that all the crooks, culprits and conspirators will be brought to justice, unlike in many other cases where prosecution of similar fraudulent activities have always ended up being swept under the proverbial dirty rug by the powers that be.

In the meantime, Anyang' Nyong'o must go as well in order to a pave a clear path for a thorough investigation, not just the NHIF but througout the Ministry of Medical Services as well.

The man, Anyang' Nyong'o must go! Anyang' Nyong'o must step aside because it happened on his watch and he failed to take the appropriate action as required by law and common sense.

Anonymous said...

Can we, the people, out there believe that we are the very same people who were clamouring for real change, justice, accountability and transperancy several years ago, while pointing fingers and accusing the previous corrupt regime for all sorts political decadence?

Do we, the people, really hate to always hear the words; 'the more things change, the more they will always remain the same' in all government ministries as well as in the private sector? Guess not!

So what change shall we, the people, be seeking this time around once the 2013 general election are over and done with?

Anonymous said...

Musalia Mudavadi must resign immediately so that 'one of own' may be appointed as the next deputy prime minister and fly the flag high for our party and supporters as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the man who was once considered by many to be a 'Weakleaf' seem to have found the nerve and spine of steel to transform himself into a hardened 'Broadleaf' that already busy seeking to attract much needed tropical sunlight and abundant moisture in search of the presidency.

A strategic move that continues to anger some of the self-deluded personalities (henchmen) and an inner circle of servile self-seekers who have been so busy trying to out-do one another in their attempts to win the PM's attention by flattering his ego at various social cum political venues around the country, such as the chest thumping and self-professed vows of uttermost loyality that were on display at a funeral function held in one of the counties in western region.

Unfortunately, 'flying a flag' is all that matters at this point and time for the self-appointed political sub-chiefs who care most about the temporary crowing instead of seeking the much needed development and progress in their poverty-stricken constituencies.

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