Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Survey Shows Surprising Front Runners For Nairobi Governorship

Politics in Kenya is going to be extremely interesting and engrossing over the next couple of years.

Take a recent Kumekucha survey done to determine who would win governor of Nairobi if elections were to be held today.

Ferdinand Waititu: The people's governor?

Fiery stone-throwing MP for Embakasi Ferdinand Waititu would win by a landslide and his closest rival would be Evans Kidero. I still can’t bring myself to believe those results!

This is the kind of news that would greatly alarm those who own Nairobi and would like a polished governor to match the status of the most prestigious city in the region and beyond. Indeed people in places like Dar-es-salaam usually talk about going to Nairobi like they were going to London.

Bureaucrats will be equally alarmed at my survey results because the Nairobi governor will have sweeping powers and a colossal budget to boot and so the post would require somebody who has a quick grasp of numbers so that they can make the right decisions for the city in the sun. Honorable Waititu certainly does not fit the bill.

A former chair-hurling councilor at city hall Waititu is wildly popular at the grassroots and even in slum areas that are outside his Embakasi constituency. He says that he got his “degrees” from India (it is a legal requirement that a candidate for governor possesses a university degree from a recognized institution of higher learning). Still he is the kind of brush and uncouth character who has been caught on TV cameras actually assaulting somebody who was “trying to grab my people’s land.” Indeed this is a man whom the ordinary down and out Kenyans living in slums see as one of their own.

But hate him or like him, he will be the candidate to beat for Nairobi governor.

The view of this blogger is that I hate polished pretenders who are responsible for a lot of the problems facing the country today and nobody (not even me) has the right to oppose the choice of the people. The reality is that the votes that will decide the governor of Nairobi are not in the leafy estates of Westlands and Muthaiga but in the filthy slums of Nairobi.

The way things are going the race for Nairobi governor is going to be even more interesting than that for the presidency. I am looking forward to it because there are plenty of political lessons to be learnt by many naïve readers of this blog and other Kenyans.

P.S. Apparently Evans Kidero has been doing his homework in the grass roots because I was shocked when his name showed up as runner up in my survey for governor of Nairobi. There is no doubt that support from PM Raila Odinga has helped his campaign efforts considerably.

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Mwarang'ethe said...

First, being TOTALLY IGNORANT, we seek to inquire, what problem is this animal called governorship as instituted in your New CONstitution meant to solve?

As we wait to be educated further, we observe that, as an example, Nigerians have a lot of them, what have they gotten from them?

For instance, we are reading this:

"Former Nigeria governor James Ibori jailed for 13 years."

"A former London DIY store cashier who became governor of an oil-rich Nigerian state has been jailed for 13 years for fraud totalling nearly £50m.

He was extradited to the UK, where he was prosecuted based on evidence from the Metropolitan Police, who estimated he stole $250m (£160m) from state coffers."

NB: As concerns the PERFIDIOUS ALBION prosecuting his OWN COMMISSION AGENT, readers of KK know where we stand on such CHILDISH games.

Source: http://is.gd/uIOj4E


"The reality is that the votes that will decide the governor of Nairobi are not in the leafy estates of Westlands and Muthaiga but in the filthy slums of Nairobi."




(a) The MONEY stage.

At this stage, the OLIGARCHY which lives in Muthaiga and such places, DECIDES who is best to protect their PLUNDERING and COMMISSION AGENCY interests.

(b) The MEDIA state.

At this stage, the OLIGARCHY engages ITS MEDIA to "expose" their PUPPET to the SHEEPLE.

(c) The SHEEPLE stage.

At this stage, the SHEEPLE, being reliant on the OLIGARCHY'S MEDIA and their HALLS OF INDOCTRINATION (otherwise known as SCHOOLS, UNIVERSITIES, CHURCH/MOSQUES) in so called SLUMS and middle class put their USELESS papers in DARK BOXES.

As such then, to argue that the Muthaiga guys have no say, is to TOTALLY FAIL to grasp the ESSENCE of the "modern" politics.

NB: This time round, that REALITY you guys run away from, i,e, TRIBES, shall be there for even the blind to see.

With that, we are off to enjoy:

They OVER FEED one child so as STARVE the other.


Anonymous said...

This is the most ridicoulus analysis i have ever seen ,ati Waititu! no body will elect such a clown to be govenor of the richest most strategic county/city in the region , nobody.

Anonymous said...

The whole point of this post was a veiled campaign of the obscure and irrelevant kidero.. Chris, do not underestimate the intelligence of your readers. If you want to campaign for this kidero fellow, go ahead and do it without using meek excuses of surveys and taking your readers for fools.

On another note, why bury 'cemetery goldenberg' mudavadi's so called shoking revelations in raw notes that requires your readers to send you their email addresses??
We still remember you had promised to spill the dirt on raila during the KKV fund saga that was schemed and executed in the PM office. Its has been a year and as usual no revelations yet. Again shows how chris takes his readers as fools.\

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 4:12 PM

What do you mean?

Do you mean that Chris is ridiculous and his analysis is wrong?

Or do you mean that the people are ridiculous and wrong?

I ask because even without this analysis it is rather obvious that the numbers favour the stone throwing clown.

Anonymous said...

Any publicity is good publicity. We can all pick Waititu from the crowd any day but who can recognize this Kidero guy or that Kisia who has messed up our city from how former town clerk Gakuo had left it? I agree with Chris, like or hate him, Waititu (also famous for stuffing wads of notes in his socks like a real makanga) is the man to beat! I predicted right here that Sonko was the man to beat in Makadara long before after watching him closely and his relationship with the walala hoi. Waititu is a real hustler who also runs a garbage collection business in the city and has employed hundreds of down and out youths. He is just using Sonko's well tested formula of representing the hopeless and showing them he feels their pain by joining them in slum demonstrations and hurling stones to people who grab their precious little unlike designer suit wearing and snobbish Kidero and Kisia who would rather be seen dead than "chafuaing" their hands in stone throwing!

M. Pesa

Anonymous said...

Evans Kidero of all people? Are you really sure?

Why the mention of Evans Kidero with regard to seeking one of the high profile political seats in the nation's capital?

With all due respect to Kidero, his underground political network, old time golfing buddies, and his diehard sympathizers, running for the gubernatorial elections in any part of the country is way far beyond Kidero's league.

Including other so-called ambitious (former and current) CEOs, PSs, military officers (rtd) and school teachers who are busy trying to seek or take a bite at the sordid parliamentary pies in high profile urban elections in 2013.

Good intentions, bad calculations for one sugar plantation manager, a man who needs to first learn how to crawl before he can even try walking in his own home backyard of somewhere over the region west or east of the vast sugar plantation under his supervision.

As far as for the so-called Raila's support for people like Kidero and company, it will amount to zilch, (zero, nada, bila, sufuri), in any far away places like in the metropolitan regions of the country.

Even in Kibera of all places, Kidero will not win any amount of votes that will place him above the other four candidates who have already decided to seek the soon to be vacant parliamentary seat of Kibera.

Running a sugar plantation, where by Kidero has been so used to flying out to Nairobi on company's 'semi-hired' plane (in the same manner the European nyaparas of old used to do) at a moment's notice does not qualify him for being the right candidate for the gubernatorial seat in Nairobi.

Not that there's any person out there who is suitable yet to govern the very huge metropolitan plantation that hundred times more complex than the rural sugar plantation where it's so easy to either please the sugar farmers with little bonuses here and there during every other harvest season.

Or when all fails, have the farmers held hostage with scary tales and rumours about plummeting sugar prices on the world markets.

Flying out to Nairobi every weekend to play a around of golf , or have lunch with business associates on company's dime (ndururu) should make people like Kidero overestimaye their political abilities beyond the limited confines of their current corporate plantations.

People like Kidero and company are not yet ready for the showtime in the political arenas of seeking elective office in places such as Mumias ("his adopted backyard"), Kisumu, Nakuru, let alone in Mombasa or even Nairobi.

By the way, Waititu wa Matata would defeat Kidero hands-down in a landslide victory.

Whether all of Waititu's opponents in and around the city of Nairobi like him or not.

Anonymous said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnqW1N3bynM imagine in the back of my mind when I think of Waititu I'm like... really, yeye? But then he just might do it! The people like him, I personally like him and after seeing that he is actually intelligent and is a family man with the people's interests at heart, why not? He was roughed up like the common mwananchi the other day... mbona asituelewe? Waititu for governor!

Anonymous said...

The downtrodden people of Embakasi and elsewhere are still waiting for political leaders - unlike Waititu wa Matata - to become bold instruments of 'redical truth-telling, radical change and radical hope' all of which at the heart of transforming Greater Nairobi into a 'radical dream' for all of humanity within its vicinity.

While people like Kidero, the current sugar plantation nyapara and potential carpetbagger (mbeba-mkeka wakati wa mavuno) have all the right to pitch their seasonal electioneering tents wherever they decide to throw their lot in the next general elections.

The people, majority of the voters, will have to decide who among who ends up being elected to change their plight.

Or worse, who among who will continue to pull the same old political wool over their eyes for another five years, while more lucrative financial deals like the Hazina Estates are sealed in the process.

Let the local candidates as well as self-anoited 'carpetbaggers' bring it on when the election time is announced for all those concerned.

Anonymous said...

Tuwachane na huu mtindo wa siasa zatu za hapa na pale, na hasa zile za kupendekeza wakina Kidero wa Kidera, na Padre Ensakoloripita wa Wiki-ilyopita. Kwani mbona bado tunathani kwamba jogoo wa mashambani au mwiwani wataweza kuwiki jijini? Nilini padre wenye shingo upande waliweza kuzingatia haki na masilihai ya raia wa madhehebu mbalimbali kote nchini? Kidero wa Kidera hataweza kufua dafu kamwe kwa yoyote yale wakati wa uchanguzi mkuu utakao fanyika mwakani au mnamo 2013. Wenye masikio na wa? Sawa!!!

Anonymous said...

Demand integrity in choice of leaders, urges Kibaki

LOOK at Who is talking.

The DULY elected shielding the ICC international criminals

Legacy: Highways,Super corruption,Super Tribalism

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