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Saturday, April 07, 2012

What Is Gema Really Up To?

By Anonymous and Mpesa

I think the problem is that Kumekucha Chris has missed the point in the previous post.

I think the Gema illuminati, more than anyone else, know that those signatures and petitions will not stop a legal process from advancing. Instead, what we should ask ourselves is why the Gema meeting?

You will find that Uhuru has for the past couple of years been pretty much up there in leadership and this concretized sometime last year-so the timing of the Gema meeting to make this announcement is out of sync with happenings. So what might be the value to the Gema illuminati of having held this meeting? I think there are two things. One, to test the extent to which the rest of the country would be rattled by the prospects of a unified Gema. This has succeeded. Two, to bait the "Raila domo domo" group. This has succeeded immensely. There has been a flurry of writings, statements and so on, many of which are incendiary and fit rather well in the category HATE SPEECH. The rest will be history-stay tuned.

I wonder, why are the odomos so slow to pick up nuances?

Mpesa adds...
The International Criminal Court based at The Hague in Netherlands does not recognize tribal groupings like GEMA and KAMATUSA. The Hague bound train left the station long time ago and is unstoppable. Let's assume Uhuru was elected the president of Kenya (which will be a tall order..) do you think other leaders from across the world would even dare shake the hand of someone facing the most heinous crimes known to man? Leaders of the world would rather be dead than pose smiling with someone who could end up being guilty. And that's the message Uhuru got when he tried to cling on Finance docket, "mere" ministers from other countries were ignoring him and that's why he had to quit. And if the Kibaki Administration fails to cooperate with the ICC (which they are planning to do!) then we shall be hit with severe sanctions that will cripple our economy and hurt Kenyans (GEMA included) real bad.

For starters, expect a total ban on flowers being exported to Europe, rendering thousands of poor Kenyans jobless and of course with that crime shoots through the roof. Ditto foreign tourists and this will cause hundreds of hotels to be shut and more job losses. If you think the price of unga and petrol is high, just wait when we are slapped with vikwazos. All these for the sake of Muthamaki (one of the richest men in Africa) who believes he was born to rule? Wake up Kenyans...stop dreaming! Kenya is bigger than anyone of us.

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Anonymous said...

Where everybody these days?

Anonymous said...

My intentions are not to rain on What Is Gema Really Up To? parade, because it's a known fact that they are up to no good, they have never been and will never be in the future if they keep up the current trend.

Anyway, how about Kumekucha lends a hand in helping some of us really understand who the new preisdent of Malawi really is?

Why? Her lived experience while in Kenya during the 1970s seems to have been reponsible for planting in her the seeds of a braveheart spirit that led her to empower women of Malawi, as well as forging in her the much needed spine of steel that later catapulted her into national politics of Malawi.

The rest is history, because President Banda danced with political wolves and won by rising above the vicious in-house party fights and lived to tell her tale.

Then after the death of Malawi's president, she found herself circled by opportunistic hyenas and vultures that didn't want her - "a woman who had been divorced from her party that gave her the vice presidency" - becoming the president of Malawi.

Is it possible to dig a little bit deeper and find out whether Maendeleo Ya Wanawake or the ordinary 'Wanawake Wa Nairobi' at the time managed to plant one of the rare seeds of slef-empowerment and political adventure in her?

Women have been know to be very loyal to one another, most of them are good at staying in touch with long time female friends (BFFs), unlike men who tend to burn their bridges whenever the usual old carriage 'out of sight, out of mind' no longer has any further use for the one time social bridge.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, don't get me wrong, President Joyce Banda is in a class of her own, way above the so-called presidents of many countries on the African continent.

What has been so impressive about her since she entered politics some years ago, is that, she has always conducted herself with class, dignity, and professionalism.

So far she is the right person and the right time for the Malawian presidency at this particular juncture. Hope she wins the same in the coming general elections and helps Malawi move in a new and better direction as nation.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Kumekucha, don't get me wrong, President Joyce Banda is in a class of her own, way above the so-called presidents of many countries on the African continent.

What has been so impressive about her since she entered politics some years ago, is that, she has always conducted herself with class, dignity, and professionalism.


Bwa ha ha ha ha he hi hi we we wiw wi,


Lest we waste too much time, we hasten to the LIBRARY to STUDY some histories of some PIRATES and buccaneers who assured the Queen of England that:

".. though the whole world were the King of Spain's garden, it was hers to pluck the fruit thereof."


Africa may be your garden. But, it is for OTHERS to pluck the FRUITS thereof.

That is SHALL be until you realize your ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES are just that.

Anyway, we are off to enjoy as we read:

We want a SUBJECT in school:

carlton said...

the GEMA guys should awake from their slumber by realizing that Kenyans are tired of tribalism

Anonymous said...

Mwar_ wa Ng_th_, will you be attending the funeral of your former classmate, the late Mbingu wa Mutharika? Or are you going to keep yourself busy splashing your usual old time professorial illusions, one sided historical delusions and the outdated octagenarian fantasies 24/7?

Anonymous said...

Kenya was the locomotive of positve developements in Africa.

After Kenyatta died there was a peaceful transition, which led to Moi ascending to power. 24 yrs of iron fist and then a miracle happened.

Moi stepped down and majority of Kenyans elected Kibaki (a very few number of GEMA people elected him). 5 yrs of tribalism and scandals.
Then came stolen votes, then PEV.
What does GEMA country?

They want to rule Kenya for ever or form their own country called GEMA Republic Country.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Mwar_ wa Ng_th_, will you be attending the funeral of your former classmate, the late Mbingu wa Mutharika? Or are you going to keep yourself busy splashing your usual old time professorial illusions, one sided historical delusions and the outdated octagenarian fantasies 24/7?


No. No.

We do not attend funerals of the COMMISSION AGENTS.

So,let us continue enjoying:

them want I & I
be com'a them funeral
them CLAIM say
them are the GENERAL

now we know the TRUTH
yes we do, find you
wearing the boot
of taking people's business on your head

Anonymous said...

The dead man was not a commission agent. Why deny your former political colleague from 1969?

Anonymous said...

Private Message @Chris. Personal Message @Chris.

Please do something about keeping Kumekucha UTD (up to date), and don't let it waste away or go to accumulate dust by leaving posts or articles hanging on for far too long.

How about letting fourty hours be the longest hang time for any post to remain on the front page?

Is that asking too much? Work on some of your several reserve articles in advance, and release them during a dry spell or when you are busy and at times overloaded with other pressing personal issues or professional (economic) matters.

Further, try and work on keeping Kumekucha alive and well, or else the downturn does take its toll in many ways than just the obvious.

The site needs some overdue updating, so don't hesitate to seek the free services of young volunteers from teh American University in Nairobi, Daystar University, Strathmore, Agha Khan University etc.

As well as from other not-so-young willing individuals with talent to transform Kumekucha to greater heights.

Chris, never take it personal, but imagine yourself heading out to your favourite eatery, call it cafe, only to find the usual left overs from last Saturday's or Friday's cooking are still being served at the same price or more on Monday morning and at noon.

Goes without saying that even two days manda(zi) and chapati neever tastes the same as fresh, regardless of how many times it's warmed in the oven, microoven or on the usual jua kali hot plate.

Anyway, it's up to you to find the new ways and much needed means to stay afloat, current, relevant, in style, trendy, without comprosing what makes Kumekucha what it is or has been since 2005.

Why come all this far only to let it go to waste?

For your information, do what some of do, use the voice tech sold by a tech company from South Africa, and you will not need a key board on a desk top or laptop for delivery, as has been the case with few of us since June of 2009.

Last, don't forget to incoporate the picture of the day, photo gallery option as well.

My offer from way back when still stands and available whenever Kumekucha is ready, willing and able to take advantage of the free services.

Chris, the choice is yours. I will try and find an email or text to connect with you in due time.

Wishing you all the best at Kumekucha.

Re: Not for Publication but a Personal Message @Chris of Kumekucha.


Anonymous said...

Today I listened to Citizen TV in the morning and heard Rev. Njoya say the things Mwarangethe has been saying here all along about imperialists and elections being avenues of legitimizing our collective bondage.
I trust Rev. Njoya and to me it seems its about time KK readers started taking Mwara seriously and stopped following blindly the uhurus, mudavadi's, raila's and the rest of the agents of imperialists whose families have owned kenyan politics since independence. Infact I agree with Rev. Njoya that what kenya needs is a french like revolution where these agents are dragged in the streets and sent to the gullows. How do you expect these fellows to implement the katiba that denies them avenues of raiding our coffers, a habit that they inheritted from their dead fathers?
Its not about kikuyu's, kales, luos, kao's etc..its about these agents that go to funerals in helicopters and make us sing bado mapambano while they rip our coffers dry, sell our passports to crooks, steal clients money and when the 'mulika mwizi' is on them, their cousin starts shouting assasination plots to divert our attention.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:47 AM,

That is the right way to go.

I feel you brother (sister)!

kumekucha said...

Anon@ 1:26

I know you did not want the comment published (to protect me from embarrassment). But I have published it all the same because I love constructive criticism.

Besides by publishing it forces me to be accountable in making the desired changes demanded by my precious readers.

Thank you very much.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

ROLOL! Mwarangethe and Rev. Njoya, same school of thought?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
ROLOL! Mwarangethe and Rev. Njoya, same school of thought?


If he says elections are the new OPIUM SESSIONS for the SHEEPLE, we would agree 101%.

However, if he thinks going to the streets and killing the COMMISSION AGENTS (or the ICC route) is the solution, WE PART WAYS and we declare him to be living in the world of ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES.

To engage in wars, street fights and such kind of PRIMITIVE IDEAS, is to waste human life and destroy property for no gain.

NB: Not that it matters too much for many, i.e. just for fun, we have heard rumors from the TALKING HEADS that:

"Apple May be World's First Trillion Dollar Company."


NB: Is anyone aware of the advancement of DEMOCRACY in the ODM where some are ADOPTED sons?


Ati democracy in Africa at this time, bwa ha ha ha ha he he hi wa wa wa we we wi wi wi, poor Kenyans!

Anyway, we have much to say but, what do we know?

So, we leave to enjoy:

So they build their world in GREAT CONFUSION,

To force on us the devil's ILLUSION.

Anonymous said...

The 'man of the cloth' of all people?

The very same man who has never raised a voice nor lifted a finger against religious imperialism?

Mmmmm! An individual who now resides in a two million dollar mansion located in one of those upscale neighbourhoods of Nairobi?

The so-called 'man of the cloth' is one of those people who made a lot of hay while a certain politician whose name I will never mention nor dignify was still in power for over two decades.

Those were the real fertile days where some well known political activists had horned the skills of engaging squads of riot police, GSU and plain cloth officers, in order to get tear gassed, manhandled and frog matched to waiting police landrovers, unmarked vehicles and whisked to unknown locations, only to be released in a matter of hours or the following day.

And it was always all done in broad daylight for the sake of concerned foreign (donors with very heavy pockets) gallery and unsuspecting local audience.

So long as the media was present, the cameramen (some of whom were hired and well paid for every great action shot taken) were in the vicinity and used the usual idle crowds as backdrops whenever they came to witness the so-called ordeal of the activists at the hands of the brutal apparatus of the cruel regime.

There are well known individuals who were part of a self-serving crop of activists that gave a real bad name to several bona fide political and social activists of the day.

Talking of political and social activists who had put their lives on line while they fought against political oppresion as well as struggled for real change within the country.

Whereas there are others who were involved in the so-called "activism of the day" for the sole purpose of miniting lots of money (donated by gullible sympathizers) in order to build their own personal fortunes.

CAse in point, In 1990, a well known activist received $355,000 for urgent medical treatment and other miscellaneous expenses.

Another $265,000 followed as reward for standing up against one of the last bastion of dictatorial rule in the East African region.

More funding followed throughout the whole of the 1990s, it was channeled to several other professional activists in the country and others who were in 'exile'.

Clandestine visits from the donors (always with undisclose social agendas), including foreign trips for activists who were able to travel abroad were always made at the time.

Decades later, some of them now own very prime properties in and around Nairobi. While others own properties in Mombasa, and huge tracks of land that are located upcountry.

And yes in deed, some of their efforts were never in vain because they have continued to rip huge benefits, while the bona fide activists languish in object poverty mired with health related compliactions that resulted from beatings and long periods of detentions.

Activism is a very lucrative industry in the same way POVERTY has become a profitable industry for so many international and local organizations and institutions based in Kenya, Africa and around the world.

Anonymous said...

When a poorly trained and domesticated hyenas bite the hand that feeds them.

Will Guinea-Bissau split into two separate nations of Guinea and Bissau, now that some demented military goons have decided to rock the fargile boat of democracy in the country?

The time has come for African countries to invest more of their wealth into development projects rather than in their ungrateful and thankless armed forces that have failed to uphold the constitution, serve and protect their respective African nations.

Mali was messed up by some confused and demented military soldiers who thought they could play politics in uniform, only to have three quarters of the country fall into the hands of the desert jackals of war that had retreated back in the country after having been in long time hired service as mercenaries (the so-called "Black African people") of the former leader of Libya.

And just when the continent of Africa was beginning to sigh a sign of relief with the return of a transitional democratic government in Mali, another bunch of confused and demented military goons in Guinea-Bissau decided to take over the reigns of power and concetrated it into their dirty hands so that they could take full control of the drug trade routes along the multitude of small offshore islands of Guinea-Bissau.

As reported by several international media outlets, the drug kingpins and drug traffickers are bound to have a field day in Guinea-Bissau if the international community does not act quickly and restore law and order as soon as possible in a country that has been cursed with bloodless coups that are organized by blood-thirsty and power hungry military goons.

Or before the country is engulfed by a civil war that will pit the residents of Guinea against those of Bissau.

Anonymous said...

Does any Kumekucha reader ever think on why groups like Gema exist and are revived every election year? When where which community was first affected by PEV first? Who stopped Gema nation from being pushed out from Rift Valley-Kibaki or Uhuru? Is Uhuru in the Haigue for defending his mothers property or Gemas?

If you can answer the above then you know why Gema is being revived & why Uhuru is more important to Gema than Kibaki and all purported Gema leaders.


Anonymous said...

We hate to say that we told our dear Uncle Mjuaji so the last time he was in the village during the funeral of our grandmother.

Our dear Uncle Mjuaji just turned fifty-seven years old in April of 2012, and the last time we spoke, he was still planning on running for parliamentary elections in 2013, despite all of the barrage of candid talk and heavy barbs of discouragement that we leveled at him by family members in November of 2011.

Uncle Mjuaji ended up calling us all sorts of names, and went on to state how we were nothing more but a a "bunch of village cowards who have never bothered to venture beyond the confines of backward tribal enclaves", let alone our dysfunctional republic.

The utterance that escaped the mouth of our dear Uncle Mjuaji whom we thought we knew just because it's always been stressed to us that blood is thicker than water, came as a real shocker from a person who claims to have attended some of the best universities in the northerm hemisphere and has always had our village's best interests at heart since the era he left for northern Ughaibuni hemisphere.

One of the bone of contention was that he wanted us to agree with all he was trying to say just because he still thinks that he the only who "has seen the light and what is really beyond the horizons of our little village" that's located eight hundred and twenty miles away from the capital city, Nairobi.

Truth be told, there are many "former Kenyans" like our dear Uncle Mjuaji who still believe that Kenya is an old play ground where any prodigal son or daughter can just return and pick up where they left as if nothing has ever changed since the days, weeks, months, years, and decades they left us in search of better lives, brighter futures and greener pastures that the little village couldn't afford them due to well known economic, political, social and ethnic reasons.

Unfortunately for some of our diasporic relatives that usual return to visit their home country or come by once in a while or drop by the villages for only five to ten days during funerals of very close family members, the lastest news about election requirements could not have come at worse time for those prodigal sons and daughters like our dear Uncle Mjuaji, who are still entertaining the thoughts of running for electoral office and seeking plum positions in the next governments of 2013 or 2018.

Truth be told, our dear Uncle Mjuaji will have to wait and run for elective office in 2022 or 2023, because the reality is that such persons do not qualify as the law says (if) a person has lost his or her Kenyan citizenship. S/he must first apply to regain her or his Kenyan citizenship and then wait for ten (10) years before one can run for (any) elective goveernment position in Kenya.

So, our dear Uncle Mjuaji will have to wait and run for elective office at the age of sixty-seven or sixty-eight if he's still lucky to be well and alive by then and have the means to buy his way (wow voters Kenyan style) into parliament for one or two terms in 2022 or 2023.

Anonymous said...

You are now officially off the hook [4/7/12 @8:16 PM] due to the fact that one Rex Chikoko did come to the rescue with his article that appeared in yesterday's Daily Nation - Malawi's Iron Lady, Joyce Banda.

Mmmmmmmm! Never ever make fun of our hard working police officers from now hence forth. The iron lady Joyce Banda's father was one of them and the child of that humble man is now the President of Malawi.

Anonymous said...

Unexpected reversal of fortunes for one woman who had forgotten all about where she came from, including what other ordinary women from her country go through in their every day lives as they struggle to survive in order to support themselves and their families.

People like the particular in question are always shocked when reminded by sudden turn of events in their lives, to be careful of the disrespectful things they say about hard working mandasi (mandazi) women, Kenya's equivalent of mama mboka (mboga), for one day it will come back to bite them when they least expect it.

The one time well connected and even feared woman whose fortunes, place in the lime light and access to high echelons of power will soon begin to dwindle with every progressive day, week, month and year of her life, is just beginning to learn the hard way as she wonders what the ... just happened several days ago after she was by-passed by a ripple effect dating back to a current wave with deep connections to the Mandasi Revolution.

The former first woman ('lady') in question had forgotten all about the old adage of being nice and kind to people while she was busy scaling the well calculated heights of social ladders within her reach, courtesy of her former one time most powerful man in the whole land.

The reckoning time is at hand and she will have to find ways and excuses of avoiding all the mandasi women (those she once considered to be beneath her station in life) in her home village, urban estate, region, country, and wherever she goes after vacating the state house, an official residence she had come believe that was her permanent personal home (for life).

Unless she decides to relocate or take refuge in South Africa, Zambia, Angola, Lesotho, Swaziland or Mozambique where she will be given very little attention as she tries to avoid the shame and obvious wrath from all hard working women who have been subjected to alienation, discrimination, calculated political, social and economic isolation, and many other lifetime abuses on a daily basis from fellow women, men and mean people like her, the political elite.

Some of us, people, who happen to find their way into high places or squeeze themselves into advantaged positions in life, always tend to forget a very simple fact of life; what has a beginning has an end, what goes up, must come down, the higher we rise in life, the harder we fall when we least expect it, wherever we go or find ourselves, we should never forget that there are countless numbers of other people who have been there, are still there and will always be there after we have left, gone and been forgotten by the very corridors that supported our bouncy steps and the comforting walls that cushioned us 24/7, Monday to Friday, and times on weekends.

Change is the only thing that remains constant, and life always goes on, regardless.

Anonymous said...

In 1952 Mau Mau conflict arguably helped set the stage for Kenyan independence in December 1963.
And the odds against them were long, and the risks were enormous, for even if they survived that particular battle, any ultimate failure would bring charges of treason and death by hanging.
The statistics of the Mau mau struggle tell an even more interesting story. The Mau Mau rebels killed over two thousand African Kenyan civilians, but killed only 32 European settlers and fewer than 200 British soldiers during the 8 years of the uprising. The British in turn killed 20,000 Mau Mau rebels in combat, hanged over 1000 suspected Mau Mau supporters, and interned more than 70,000 Kikuyu civilians for years in brutal detention camps on suspicion of providing material support for the uprising. And yet they took that chance.
They did so not on behalf of a particular tribe or tribal grouping (GEMA or KAMATUSA) or lineage, but on behalf of a larger idea: the idea of liberty, the idea of God- given, inalienable rights.
Those men Mau Mau men were among our first patriots.
We reflect on these questions also because we are in the midst of a campaign trail, perhaps the most consequential in generations, a contest that will determine the course of this nation for years, perhaps decades, to come.
Not only is it a debate about big issues -- health care, jobs, energy, education, retirement security -- but it's also a debate about values.
How do we keep ourselves safe and secure while preserving our liberties? How do we restore trust in a government that seems increasingly removed from its people and dominated by special interests?
How do we ensure that, in an increasingly global economy, the winners maintain allegiance to the less fortunate? And how do we resolve our differences at a time of increasing diversity?
Given the enormous challenges that lie before us, we can no longer afford these sorts of divisions GEMA and KAMATUSA and those yet to emerge. None of us expect that arguments about patriotism will, or should, vanish entirely. After all, when we argue about patriotism, we're arguing about who we are as a country and, more importantly, who we should be.
But surely we can agree that no party or political philosophy has a monopoly on patriotism neither do GEMA or KAMATUSA.
It's worth considering the meaning of patriotism, because the question of who is or is not a patriot all too often poisons our political debates in ways that divide us rather than bring us together.
And surely we can arrive at a definition of patriotism that, however rough and imperfect, captures the best of Kenya's common spirit.
I have come to understand that our revolution was waged for the sake of a singular belief: that we could be governed by laws, not men; that we could be equal in the eyes of those laws; that we could be free to say what we want, and assemble with whomever we want, and worship as we please; that we could have the right to pursue our individual dreams, but the obligation to help our fellow citizens pursue theirs.
For me, patriotism is always more than just loyalty to a place on a map or a certain kind of people. Instead, it's also loyalty to Kenya's ideals, ideals for which anyone can sacrifice, or defend, or give their last full measure of devotion.
I believe it is this loyalty that allows a country teeming with different tribes races and ethnicities, religions and customs, to come together as one.
As Mark Twain, that greatest of American satirists and proud son of Missouri, once wrote, "Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it."
The leader of the Mau mau, a man called Dedan Kimathi was executed at Kamiti prison on February 18th 1957. He was a patriot.

Anonymous said...

The young legislature from Donholm who was murdered because of pain that he had for his beloved country.
JM Kariuki who became increasingly vocal of Kenyatta's policy. Some of their disagreements were:
Government corruption.
The widening gap between rich and poor due to drought and the oil shock of 1973.
Deteriorating relations among East African Community members. (This led to the disintegration of EAC which is yet to heal its wounds)
Unfair distribution of land: After independence, the United Kingdom government gave the Kenyatta government funds to buy back land from the white settlers and redistribute it back to the natives. However, the land was never redistributed, but most of it was handed over to Kenyatta's close friends. He was a patriot.
The Angloleasing whistle blower John Githongo. He is a patriot.
Recognizing a wrong being committed in this country's name, insisting that we deliver on the promise of our Constitution, these are the acts of patriots, men and women who are defending what is best in Kenya. And we should never forget that, especially when we disagree with them, especially when they make us uncomfortable with their words.

Anonymous said...

What are Kenya's ideals? Please educate me for change.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to JM Karuiki and what they say he stood for at the time, he was not the saint he has been canonized to be by a select few or the hose who still remember who he was.

As matter of fact, he may have been an unfortunate victim of the one time deadly Kiambu Mafia, although he was also a very wealthy land owner who should have known from the get-go that charity as in the "generous distribution of land" begins at home, instead of starting or engaging in wild verbal attacks against other very wealthy land owners.

While at the same time, waging a relentless and fruitless war against Jomo Kenyatta, the renown African king of all land owners in the whole of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa.

There is no doubt that the deadly Kiambu Mafia were people whose evil modus operandi was very well known by the likes of J.M. Kariuki and other very wealthy individuals at the time.

They were known to be above the law and had absolute powers of deciding who lived or died during the era of 'haraaaambeeee, tufute pamoja kwa nguvu, haraaaambeee' (check youtube).

By the way, why do we always select to concentrate on the manner in which some of the political victims in who died at the hands of the deadly Kiambu Mafia as well as other many victims who met their untimely death(s) at the hands of power hungry and blood thirsty hyenas from the Nyayo era?

why not also concentrate or dig deeper into on how they lived out their lives, and especially contributed toward the nation's development?

Besides, how many innocent Kenyan children, women and men have been murdered, mysteriously disappeared or never been seen nor heard from since the years T.J. Mboya and J.M. Kariuki among other prominent politicians were exterminated?

Be warned, that when we insist or begin to value certain lives as more important than others, then that's time when we all begin to destroy our common humanity.

No one life should ever be deemed more important or rather valuable than the other.

After all, death never comes or happens after life but it always occurs while we are all alive without any favour or discrimination whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

A patriot is a person who vigorously supports their country above all else [like their tribe], and is prepared 24/7, 365 to defend it against all enemies and detractors, both foreign and domestic.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mali was messed up by some confused and demented military soldiers who thought they could play politics in uniform, only to have three quarters of the country fall into the hands of the desert jackals of war that had retreated back in the country after having been in long time hired service as mercenaries (the so-called "Black African people") of the former leader of Libya.



During the Libyan "conflict," your gods told you of BLACK SKINNED AFRICAN MERCENARIES.


NB: These LIGHT SKINNED BERBERS spokesman is in France.


Do you people who live in the world of ILLUSION, DELUSION and CHILDISH FANTASIES who SUPPORTED democratic REVOLUTION in Libya RECALL these words?

"African Union Commission chief Jean Ping says France's decision to air-drop weapons to Libyan rebels is dangerous and puts the whole region at risk.

He told the BBC the action risked creating problems similar to those in war-torn Somalia.

France has confirmed it dropped arms to BERBER TRIBAL FIGHTERS in the mountains south-west of the capital, Tripoli."


NB: Have you seen their HUMVEES? And, the NAIVE soldiers in Mali wanted such HUMVEES as well?


"Will Guinea-Bissau split into two separate nations of Guinea and Bissau, now that some demented military goons have decided to rock the fargile boat of democracy in the country?"


Ati democracy?

You, just like so many Africans are, you are EXTREMELY NAIVE.


Anyway, since Kamaru's understand MUCH MORE than the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, we are off to enjoy:

Kenya/Africa ya Ngai

Wakahare akuire akietha ngemi!

Anonymous said...

@10:03 PM
Give common sense a chance. By the way, it's never too late to culticate the ability to make wise, educated and well researched commentary on Kumekucha, day-in and day-out, given your academic credentials and lived experience.

Anonymous said...

Mwangarethe aka Matsanga is a the one and only one who has not yet got it by all accounts, as he continues to wallow in his small sized little office filled with illusions, delusions and nectors of fantasies reserved for people in their late seventies. Childish fantasies can be reversed or erazed with the passing of time, unlike fantasies that afflict people in their old age.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
@10:03 PM
Give common sense a chance


Common sense means understand that, anyone telling you about democracy and such things in Africa under the PRESENT social economic conditions in Africa is either a:

(a) FOOL,
(b) FAKER, or

Bwa ha ha ha he he hi hi we wa wa wi wi ta ta ta ti ti

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Sisi ni wale wale tuu:

Anonymous said...


Going by what is going on in west Africa,it is not too fetched to think that Kibaki will stage manage to impose a muthamaki in power.

After all,everybody will blame the Army.

watch the space

Nyakenyanya said...

We cannot be tribalists first and Kenyans next. Gema should examine itself in the light of Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga SC’s powerful statement a few weeks ago: “Being Kenyan is a full-time commitment. You cannot choose the days to be a nationalist and the days you will retreat to the comfort of ethnic cocoons. This country needs citizens who are Kenyan all the time; not those who are vernacular Kenyans most of the time.

Anonymous said...

There is one issue that always sickens and tires me to the point where my bile ducts become so over active with all sorts of self-regulated controls against those who are overly blinded to the point where they are addicted to spewing the phrase 'my tax money could have been put to better us.' Or the taxpayers money is being wasted.

Well, well, well, how comes I never read or even hear the same phrases being spwed out on how our so called 'tax money' gets wasted when the president, prime minister, ministers, assistant ministers, members of parliaments and senior government officials take free (wasteful) rides in helicopters to places that could have been reached easily had the so-called tax payers money been put to better use on proper road construction and good pubtlic transport since 2003.

If I may ask, how much taxes do some the concerned people, the average civil servant and ordinary citizen really pay, knowing very well the amount of time (minutes, hours, days, weeks and months) they spend (steal) away from their government jobs, corportate jobs and other places that earn their taxiable incomes.

Need I say more? Oh yes, how about our deporable medical facilities and services around the major cities, towns and rest of the country among other deacying infrastructure?

Where has the tax money (derived from foreign aid as it were and has been for decades) been flowing to since the golden 1960s, that are still better known as the era of blissful ignorance among the general public?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Gema should examine itself in the light of Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga SC’s powerful statement a few weeks ago: “Being Kenyan is a full-time commitment. You cannot choose the days to be a nationalist and the days you will retreat to the comfort of ethnic cocoons. This country needs citizens who are Kenyan all the time; not those who are vernacular Kenyans most of the time.


Bwa ha ha ha ha hi hi we we we wa wa

That is what we call CHILDISH FANTASIES coming from the CJ.

Tell this CJ and the other IDLER called Kibunja to watch Kikuyu musicians and he would UNDERSTAND WHAT REALLY the Kikuyu's are "thinking."

If you and your friends like the CJ and IDLER Kibunja have not realised, the Kikuyu's are on a "WAR PATH."

Sample this:

Mwaka wa Hiti - The Year of the Hyena:

Also, watch this.

NB: If you know the history of Mau Mau war, you will have an idea what is happening in the grassroots:

If you LISTEN to Mzee Young he is saying for instance:

- THERE IS NOTHING in the West,

- he does not want to live in the West etc etc

- he does not want to be told what to do by foreigners etc

Now, you might dismiss what that "MUNGIKI" guy is singing, but, read the New York Times, and you will see the same message.

For instance, in article that would seem like was written by this Mzee Young, you will read in the New York Times that:

"Many U.S. Immigrants’ Children Seek American Dream Abroad."

Why are the Chinese, Indians leaving America and going to their ROOTS?

In other words, CJ and his friends are BEHIND the boys in the grassroots.

However, given that they these guys are graduates of the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, we are not surprised.

So, we leave to enjoy:

Naulinza Wazee:

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