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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Karume is Dead: Grim Reaper Strikes Again

Former cabinet Minister Njenga Karume is dead.

The billionaire businessman and close political associate to President Kibaki passed on in the early hours of this morning (at 2:40am) at Karen hospital Nairobi aged 83 from complications associated with prostrate cancer which he has been battling for some time now.
A strange twist of fate has seen the country lose two very similar men who were both very close to president Kibaki in a space of only a few days. What is going on? What are the signs of the time telling us? What is the grim reaper up to?

Local TV stations that have been filling the airwaves with Michuki eulogies appeared "confused" this morning. Abandon Michuki or pull out all programming to eulogize two old men that represented what went terribly wrong with Kenya.

Past Kumekucha articles on Njenga Karume;

The late John Michuki (standing far left) in this 1952 photo of the Mangu High School 1st XI soccer team.


M. Pesa said...

Karume never hurt anybody, he just made tons and tons of money. Together with John Keen and Kibaki, they formed DP in 1991 inside Keen's house in Karen. Being a wealthy man and very generous (I believe he was the most philanthropic Kenyan) he single handedly bankrolled the DP. Kibaki is famed for being very stingy with cash even today whenever a bill comes on his table, he quickly passes it on to anyone who is next to him, even his security detail are known to scatter hurriedly when a bill is being presented. So it was indeed Karume who moulded and financed Kibaki when they were in opposition trenches. Thus Kibaki simply owes his presidency to Karume, period! That's why he quickly appointed him as defence minister on his first term, although Karume really never went to school, can't type or even send a text or email. That gesture was simply a thank you from the president to the billionaire businessman who put him in statehouse from as early as 1991. the rest of us simply just endorsed him on the ballot. Michuki and Karume's deaths are a big blow to Kibaki. They were same age mates, political allies, family friends and business associates. Let's not forget it was Michuki as security minister who single handedly prevented the Govt from collapsing when Odinga and other ODM goons tried to seize power on 2007/8 by force through their infamous mass action. The bigger message here is that it's time for the younger generation to take over now. Are Kenyans ready as the older generation, Raila included, step away?

Anonymous said...

Careful M.Pesa, I always value your contributions but this time you have fallen into the Kenyan sickness of sanitizing Satan himself as long as he is dead.

Njenga Karume was involved in the 2008 genocide. Karume was a member of the dreaded Kiambu mafia during Kenyatta years that ordered crazy hits. Kwani you have not been reading Kumekucha posts? You didn't get a copy of the Kenyan presidency dark secrets?

Anonymous said...

From an old rock band:

"Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I'm gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust"

Anonymous said...

Kenya is on trial for her past sins. Judgement is raining upon us and we still can't get it.

Instead those who were wronged and enslaved are very busy showering praises on their dead oppressors and saying that it was OK, after all.

Murder by Kenyatta cabinet was okay. Murder of innocents during 2007 election was OK.

Just wait and see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
change may take a long time to happen but when it comes it strikes suddenly. The old guard are transitioning rapidly to the afterlife and of course Kenyans like all human beings are abit superstitious and wonder what this all means

However if only ordinary Kenyan victims like those who died in PEV for example, and others who suffer similar death of unfortunate demise daily in all corners of the country would have had the luxury of knowing when their last day on earth was coming.

Once again, let this be a wake up call to the remaining politicians who are alive and well on God's green earth- how do you want to be remembered and what will you give as an account of your life? You never know when your time is and many thieves, murderers and drug dealers in the current parliament have certainly carried out enough evil to merit a mysterious and painful departure to the next life

Anonymous said...

ICC Hague has lost 2 crucisl witnesses or potential criminals in a spate of 2 days! UK and WSR will get celebrating their demise very much. No one to give tellimg evidance against them.

M. Pesa said...

Anon @ 11:29 PM

True Karume was not a saint, no one is. I have heard your "allegations" before but they are just that. Where is the evidence and where are the witnesses?

I have also heard similar allegations regarding Raila, Uhuru, Ruto etc. But they are just that...ALLEGATIONS!

Let's wait until the trial is concluded. These men could walk free you know... or be jailed.

We simply can't tell how the case will go, unless you are a psychic or one of the many "experts" along River Road who have an opinion about anything under the sun as they process fake passports and licences.

Of course Karume may have stepped on some toes- who hasn't? I think it's wrong to kick him when he's laying dead in a morgue without concrete facts.

I do read Kumekucha's raw notes and really enjoy them although Chris has been asleep of late. But I don't take them as gospel truth. U digg?

M. Pesa said...

What many folks may not be aware of is that Karume's death has shaken Kibaki and GEMA nation more than that of Michuki. Karume was the founder of Gema nation way back when their motto was "kuuga na gwika!" meaning saying and doing. He helped thousands of Kikuyus settle in the Rift Valley, where he also has a big farm and home in Molo. Many people in Gema viewed his as the community's spiritual leader and that's why he had recently been appointed as GEMAs leader in Kikuyu's holy shrine of "mukurwe wa nyagathanga" in Murang'a.

Anonymous said...

In Africa, I believe it is better to elect an old president than a young one. If the constitution does not get them death definitely will....It is surreal, with the old boy networks ebbing away, the constitution will truly take effect. For this I am very elated

Taabu said...

RIP Karume.

But this death is biased. Death must represent the face of Kenya if it wants us to take it seriously.

Luke said...

RIP Karume and KUDOS for leaving behind your LIFE IN BOOK FORM.
You set your own record straight IN ADVANCE now the HISTORIANS can only COMPARE FADING memory against your own INFINITE memoirs

Anonymous said...

RIP Njenga Karume

Say hi to John Michuki, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

M. Pesa said...


That was a very fascinating photo you posted of Michuki in his younger soccer days at Mang'u. Anyone who can tell us the rest of those guys in that squad? I wonder if Kibaki who also went to Mang'u same years with Michuki is in that pic!

Anonymous said...

M. Pesa,

You allege:

"Let's not forget it was Michuki as security minister who single handedly prevented the Govt from collapsing when Odinga and other ODM goons tried to seize power on 2007/8 by force through their infamous mass action."

Stop lying and trying to twist history!!!.

You conveniently choose to "forget" that we had just had a BUNGLED ELECTION in December 2007 and it was NOT an issue of the Government collapsing. It was an election for the people to CHOSE their government. That was what was going on.

Kibaki of PNU had lost the elections but it is the likes of John "the rattlesnake" Michuki who played a huge role in the STEALING of the election and making sure that despite losing the election, Kibaki remained the president.

The call for mass action by Odinga was to protest a BUNGLED and STOLEN election. Anyone who is really honest with him or herself knows that Kibaki DID NOT win the second term that he is not about to finish. HE STOLE IT.

If your comment reflects the fraudulent and deceptive thinking of the people you call "young" then they are no better than the these wazee's who are now dying like flies.

Kenya does not need such fraudulent and deceptive "young" leaders. They will mess the country even more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the school photo of the late Njoroge Michuki dressed in his sports uniform. You have just deserved the right to get a photo of Kitili Mwendwa holding a hunting rifle with scope and in the company of a former president from a neighbouring country.

Anonymous said...

Death must represent the face of Kenya if it wants us to take it seriously.

While that kind of sense of humour is appreciated at all times for all it's worth, let's be very careful what we wish for, for we just might get it sooner than later.

What is fair is foul and foul is fair in any dealings with Ms. Ever Present Kifo binti Matanga, PhD.(Equalization of All Things Mortal).

While at it, pray and hope that Mother Nature's envious cousin Ms. Ever Present Kifo binti Matanaga doesn't come calling closer to a place near our political and regional enclaves to collect high interest on overdue debts.

Death must represent the face of the nation as long as it restricts itself on claiming octogenarians before they celebrate their next milestones in 2013.

Talking of octogenarians who have made a lot of wealth through well cemented underground connections as well as the old boys' networks that are increasingly becoming a thing of the past.

Including people who are or have been inducted in various inner circles of excluisve high powered political camps, where they have been so privileged and profited in the process during the course of the last five or four decades.

@Taabu, don't worry anymore, you've been heard loud and clear by Ms. E. P. Kifo binti Matanga and the iron lady will definitely do the needful in due course.

Who knows hwen the next simu ya kifo will ring of the hook? I don't want to know any of it during this month of February.

Anonymous said...

Amos Kimunya-Is he ok, healthwise?

seen some clips that made me concerned.he looks poorly at his age and position

Anonymous said...


You remember only few weeks ago I wrote here my 2012 predictions.
If you can remember on one of January posts, i predicted 2 politicians will die this year.

Well, I didn't realise it was going to happen that quick.

Anonymous said...

Requiem for Mzee Njenga Karume.

Great Elder, Owner of all things, we have no words to thank you for having loaned to us Mzee Njenga Karume, a great son, brother, husband, father, cousin, neighbour, friend, businessman, former politician, fellow citizen ('one of us') and a real patriot who is known to have consciously decided from an early stage of his business adventure to reinvest 95% of his wealth back into his homeland.

Instead of opting to reserve the same in some distant offshore accounts and banks in foreign countries, in the same way a large percentage of his counterparts have done out of constant fear that has paralyzed so many of them for several decades.

Kenya would have been a very different nation from an economical and social point of view had there been five versions of Mzee Njenga Karume born and raised in every district around the country dating back to the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

But with your deep wisdom, we are sure you will make it possible for more bona fide modern versions of Mzee Mjenga Karume to rise up and lead their counties and nation to higher economic prosperity.

May Mzee Njenga Karume rest in peace as his soul prepares to be embraced by the Great Elder, who dwells on the shinning mountains, where Mzee Njenga Karume's parents and kinsmen have gone before us.

O Great Elder, Owner of all things, have mercy on Mzee Njenga Karume's soul and shower Your earthly and heavenly blesses upon his family who have been left behind to keep his memory alive for as long life allows them.

May Mzee Njenga Karume's soul rest in the hands of the Owner of all things and in whose power is greater than all powers in the universe.


Anonymous said...

Traitors to our sovereignty and patriotism are gone.

Anonymous said...

@9:22 AM
Predicting the death of two politicians without any specifics is like casting a wide net in the deep seas for weeks or months while expecting to capture the Blue Marlin.

Next time, provide Kumekucha with specifics or reasons as to why your predictions should be upheld. Name names where posiible.

I am among those who was sure that Mr. Robert Mugabe, Margaret Thatcher, Ratzinger et al would have passed on as early as last December but to no avail.

Anonymous said...

Traitors to your sovereignty and patriotism? How so? Well, hating their political shenanigans is one thing, but failing to recognise and encourage the younger generations to emulate their entrepreneurialism will become just another death nail on one more of your so-called respective community's economic coffins. Let's give credit where its due or forever live in abject poverty and disdain for entrepreneurs like the late Njoroge Michuki and Njenga Karume.

Anonymous said...

Nyeri TV Guide


Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:59AM
Nothing new or funny there. Back to the main post "Karume is Dead:Grim Reaper Strikes Again"

Anonymous said...

Unsolicited proposal to the current and future descendants of Mzee Njenga Karume.

Please, don't ever let that palatial mansion of Mzee Njenga Karume go to waste, fall in the wrong hands (red-eyed auctioneers), or be hastily exchanged for worthless paper money.

The only way the descendants can immortalize - if they so wish or desire - the legacy of their great patriach for the next two to five hundred years, is to convert his mansion into an adminstration block and the rest of the two hundred acre coffee farm be developed into an eco-friendly university - hate to sound like a broken record - in his lasting memory.

Otherwise, the magnificent looking prime property may end up going up on sale for whatever reasons, or leaving some of the trusted and caring family hands forever in the same way as the previous great and huge properties that once belonged to people like Joseph Murumbi, Ronald Ngala, Andrew Gumba, Charles Rubia, Koinange, Gichuru, Isiah Mathenge, J.M. Kariuki, Mahinda (twenty acres on South Coast sold for peanuts), Chelegat (former PC), Seif, Bhagwanji (property in Peponi, Westlands, Kilelshwa, Lavington, Karen, Gigiri, Emabakasi, Upper Matasia, Chale Island, Ngara was all lost due to acrimonius family feuds), Chesire, Bukhala (lost several waterfront properties in Mombasa, Malindi, Windsor, Muthaiga, Upper Hill), Omino (his one time empire in Ganjoni, Kwa Jomvu, Port Reitz, Kizingo, Nyali etc evaporated in thin air), Halwenge, just to name a few.

Yes, it's uncalled for at this stage and it is the wrong time to be already talking about how to divide Mzee Njenga Karume's estate while his body still lies in state.

Time will tell and let's hope that the good hearts, rational minds and visionaries among his descendants will prevail when all is said and done.

May he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Wewe wachana na Kimunya, the man is as fit as a fiddle, he is in good health unlike the other tumbo mbeles all over the country. Kenyan men need to learn how to cut down their huge looking tombos as if they were six to seven months pregnant. Carrying around excessive fat coiled around one's stomach is no longer a sign of wealth and status quom, but it's a ticking hazardous time bomb. Kimunya's example of shaping up and taking care of his health should be emulated by millions of Kenyan men in their thirties, forties, fifties, sixities and beyond. Being overwieght has become a matter of life or death for those concerned. Shauri yenu.

Anonymous said...

@Anon5:35PM said "Kimunya's example of shaping up and taking care of his health should be emulated by millions of Kenyan men in their thirties, forties, fifties, sixities and beyond"

what example? of how to overindulge by consuming excess red meat and alcohol and then being forced to do a crash diet under doctors orders to stem the risk of cancer and high blood pressure?

Ken said...

“Michuki’s ‘shoot to kill’ orders to the police are not something that we can endorse, but it is a fact that the police are usually outgunned by gangs and that the gangs themselves tend to have the same policy. Michuki recognises the need to deal with the violent crime problem.” -- Michael Ranneberger to his bosses in Washington

Anonymous said...

Mubia wa Kianyaga, lest you forget, Mzee Njenga Karume amefariki and some of us are busy try to keep up with what's going on about his funeral arrangments in one way or another.

So let's call a truce for now until after his burial is over then turondane bare knuckles. Deal?

Mubia wa Kianyaga, one more thing, it's okay if today you don't pray for The All Powerful One to heal those of us who are usually involved in excessive intake of roasted, broiled (or is it mboilo), grilled, pan seared or stir fried red meat, fail to drink in moderation, and are never bothered with doing any type of exercise, let alone go for physical check ups every year, or every other year if extra money is available.

The All Powerful One knows how some of us have been yearning to be saved from overeating red meat and drinking large quantities of alcohol. We really want be healed and freed from the deadly eating disorders.

But I don't think we're are going to get well nor will we ever be freed from our usual vices of nyama choma, 46 (kaunga/kaungali), maji mataam, tembo, mipango ya kando kando galore, na kadhalika.

Now, let's us pray that The All Powerful One will give us the love to love Him no what we're given in terms of health for those of us who will be lucky to live long enough to celebrate our seventy-ninth or eightieth birthdays.

And maybe, maybe, find the strength, discipline and daily commitment to change our unhealthy eating and drinking habits so that we somehow be able to rival the late Mzee Njenga Karume and company of his rika in terms of becoming octogenarian celebrities in our own right, regardless of whether we manage to accumulate a tenth of the wealth the likes of Mzee Njenga Karume had in their lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Credit must be extended to places where it's due, and that's why it would be very unfair to substract, take way, deminish, trample upon, or trivialize the achievements made by the late Mzee Njenga Karume in any way, shape or fashion, whatsoever, given his humble beginnings, survival instincts and consequent rise to the business mogul that he was.

There are some of us - not all of us - who know by now that life has inevitable risk. Each next breath is a chance.

Heart attacks, auto accidents, tax assessments, business problems, acrimonious family issues, marital nightmares from an ex (similar to what one of Moi's sons is being subjected to), health related complicated issues - 'HRCIs'.

Backstabbing relatives, friends, colleagues and so-called neighbours - every conceivable kind bad news wants to spring upon us without warning like pack of hungry stripped hyenas during the drought season.

So it's hard for us humans, or rather mortals to play the gamble of life. It's a difficult balance indeed.

Anyway, I have always wondered why men and women of substantial means, especially people who have had it all, be there, done it, engaged in anything they ever wanted to do, or desired in life, would turn around only to stoop so low in order to engage themselves in electioneering politics.

A game of political cards that is most suitable for the rest of us - names withheld - whose only aim of going into local and parliamentary politics is to make a lot of money by any corrupt means necessary, while at the same time overcompensating for myriad of childhood issues and glaring inadequacies in our adult lives.

One can't imagine the likes of Bill Gates running for a political seat in the American Congress or Senate?

Of course, there have been several millionaires who have run and won mayoral, senatorial and gubernatorial elections after spending (wasting) millions of their so called hard earned, or rather created wealth, but who turned out to be political and admisntrative disasters while in office - incumbents.

All things taken into account, the real question is, must the very wealthy among us run for political office in order to be fulfilled, or as the only avenue for them to feel accomplished and acknowledged by the public?

Are they that insecure given the amount of business and personal empires they command, let alone the excessive amounts of wealth at their disposal?

Is political office the only conduit of receiving the overated stamp of approval in life?

Anonymous said...

An old man from a village located in the ridges of Kwawenyewe, called a meeting of his octagenarians, and said, "You have heard tha Michuki and Karume are no longer with us."

Another octagenarian immediately asked the summoner of the gathering, "Would you like to have prayer?"

The summoner, the leader who called for the gathering of elders replied, "Sure, We still have a couple of us right here, and why not?"

The eldest among the fourteen ocatogenarians gathered said, "I'll lead. First I want you - rika - to pray for Mwai Kibaki, Moi, Kiereini, Githunguri, Ole Ntimama, Martin Shikuku, Matiba, Moody Awori, Kagengo Ongeri, Wambui Mugo (she's not one of the boys but she still needs to be prayed for, Noah Wekesa, Kinuthia Saitoti, Ndingi, et al."

"Then I want you to pray for those among us who will not be lucky enough for one reason or another to live long enough and rise up with new dawn in 2013."

"Then let's not forget to pray for the younger generations of men and women who will drop by the wayside before their fortieth, fiftieth, sixtieth and sventieth, since most of them always expect us - octogenarians - to crack or smash the calabash (kick the bucket)sooner than expected."

"May us the elders have wisdom and speak with one voice as we pray for our people, nation and offer praise to the Great Spirit, under whose protection there is nothing we cannot oversome."

"Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace!"

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