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Thursday, February 09, 2012

How Democratic Is The Orange Democratic Movement?

The consensus within the Orange Democratic Party is that Raila Odinga should not be opposed by anybody when he seeks the party’s ticket to vie for the presidency. The feeling is that this is a waste of time and resources because he is the most suitable candidate and there is really no other stronger candidate to represent the party. So why waste time and resources going through the motions of proving the obvious?
"Weak-leaf" Musalia Mudavadi: The meek hen who has suddenly turned into a lion

Folks this is the reason why I keep on saying in this blog that it is easier to teach old dogs new tricks than it is to expect to change our current political class. We just have to get rid of the current crop of leaders (including our beloved Raila Odinga) and go for a fresh start with a brand new crop of leaders (for better or for worse) if we are going to have a fighting chance of saving our country.

This is exactly the kind of “democracy” that Mzee Jomo Kenyatta fostered in KANU in the early days and just look at what happened? This unique Kenyan “democracy” caused the kind of problems in our country that are not likely to be solved in our generation, indeed they will probably need another two or three generations of bado mapabano to deal with them.

Raila Odinga himself has been forced to state the obvious and announce that Mudavadi has every right to oppose him for the party ticket. But sadly this does not change the fact that the “real owners of ODM” will hear nothing of it. Their kind of democracy says that those who are worshipped are exempt from the rules that everybody else follows. Kenyan voters now have a right to ask a simple question;

If they are behaving like this before their man gets to State house and starts to yield real power, how will they behave when they are drunk with whatever people inhale in the corridors of power?

Chances are that a blog like Kumekucha may be quickly shut down and told that we have no right to make any negative comments about his most Excellency the PORK.

Having said that it is also true that the behavior of Musalia Mudavadi is not consistent with his character and the politician we have known all along who avoids confrontation at all costs. Some people here in Kumekucha are fond of calling him Weak leaf (instead of Wickliffe which is his Christian name). This is to emphasize the fact that this is a politician who has never been his own man.

Admittedly you really cannot blame the ODM “democrats” for suspecting that Mudavadi is not acting alone in his quest for the ODM presidential ticket. For starters the man is very close to retired President Daniel arap Moi and there are those who suspect that Moi could be behind a bid to weaken the party from within. Even if it is not Moi who is involved ODM has numerous other enemies who litter the landscape just waiting for a chance to sink in their daggers into the heart of the party.

It is also true that there is no way that a closely fought race for the presidency within ODM between Raila and Mudavadi will affect party unity big time, going into the election. Chances are that if and when Mudavadi loses to Raila, the Luhya vote will fly out of the window never to return, Fred Gumo or no Fred Gumo.

Knowing Kenyan politics these are fears that are justified.

Still the rules of true democracy have no exception. Not even when a hen suddenly turns into a lion.


Anonymous said...

Asking "How Democratic Is The Orange Democratic Movement?" is like asking "Are Kibaki / Moi / Kenyatta and the whole flock of idiots nice people?". Different questions with the exact same answer.

Let's face a bit of reality here: Raila, just like Kibaki, is only interested in the presidency for one reason and that is to steal on a massive scale. Forget the long-winded speeches on democracy, building Kenya and the usual nonsense spewed. The party is just a vehicle to get him to where he wants; looting-ville.

Anonymous said...

...But Raila is a VERY democratic person! The best Kenyan has ever produced.
I wish Kenyans would give him a chance to lead this great nation of ours. He will bring many good changes.

Anonymous said...

Why is Raila so desperate to lead Kenya?

If they use the counties system (which is best) Mudavadi will win. Just do your math. But of course Democrat Raila will not allow that to happen.

Phil said...


Sorry to state the obvious.

This is a load of crap.It is an insult to millions of ODM members around the world.

I wonder if you live in a country that practices multi-party politics.

And I also wonder what moral authority you have to assume you know ODM more than the members of ODM themselves.

Show me any other party that is more democratic in Kenya and one which more Kenyans relate to than ODM.

Anonymous said...

Poor Phil still worshipping the old serpent called Raila!

Anonymous said...

Steve Biko Wafula

Philip said...

Chris says:

"We just have to get rid of the current crop of leaders (including our beloved Raila Odinga) and go for a fresh start with a brand new crop of leaders (for better or for worse) if we are going to have a fighting chance of saving our country."

My response:

Chris. I would wish that you read that paragraph, and maybe delete it or clarify or elaborate.

Chris. You know very well that in 2002 we voted out more than 40% of our MPs. In 2007 we voted more than 70% of our MPs. And this year, if elections are held, we might vote out more than 80% of our MPs. I can comfortably predict that in 2017, with the same attitude we have, we are likely to vote out more than 90% of our MPs.

Chris. You want to tell me that you can't see something is wrong, and further you can't see something wrong with your statement?

Chris. After what you have seen happening in Libya and Egypt, don't you see there is something really wrong by our view of democracy? If democracy is all about replacing leaders, then where are we headed?

Chris. I can assure you that over 80% of those who will run for MP, Senator, Governor and Presidency will be motivated by greed for money. The next election, as usual, and now not a surprise to me, will be like chasing a hyena from the carcass and letting the vultures to feed on it.

So what is the solution?

The solution is not first of all by replacing our leaders, but by understanding those problems we face that influence us to believe election is the solution.

I still believe that if we don't understand our problems then we will never know the solution to it.

What motivates us to go for elections, eventually, is our need to improve our lives and be happy. Most of us will not see the need to participate in election if we are happy and our lives have improved. We believe that our leaders are the barriers to our achievement of happiness and improved living standards.

But then, are they really the cause of our problems?

In many constituencies that I have visited, from Makueni, Kitui, Kiambu, Karatina, Keiyo, Alego Usonga, Gem, Vihiga, Kimilili, I have noticed that poverty has not been caused by their Member of Parliament. To many the contributions of their MP to their poverty is non-existent.

Their own collective contributions in poverty eradication will be so big in comparison to the MP's influence to the extend that it will make them not to see even the purpose of having a Member of Parliament in guiding them towards poverty eradication.

So, sitting down, and expecting miracles from our MPs is like sitting under an amarula tree and expecting to get Amarula drink. I think Wahenga waliokula chumvi mingi tumboni walikosea walipofoka, "fuata nyuki ule asali". For you'll probably be left behind by the bees or be stung by them if you follow without working hard and coming up with strategy to follow them.

So Chris, ningependa uvuke daraja kwa mwendo wa aste aste, kwani umekosea kwa mjadala huu.

Philip said...

In my second last paragraph - it should end with, .... to follow them and get the honey.

Anonymous said...

I just hate to remind some of us that one does not have to be a diehard member of the ODM, let alone an insider, in order to know, better understand, or be well-versed in all things ODM from A-Z.

As a matter of fact, it takes an outsider to be some how objective as opposed to an insider when dealing with the raving elephant issues in the room:

a) How Democratic Is The Orange "Democratic" Movement?

b) Why Raila Odinga is not a suitable candidate for the presidency in Kenya beyond 2012.

c) Why ODM (rank and file) are just as intolerant, chauvinistic, bigoted, violent, xenophic and overly myopic as their PNU, WIPER, NARC, (rank and file) etc. political counterparts.

d) Why the difference between Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka, William Ruto, Joseph Saitoti, Weakleaf Mudavadi, Kalembe Ndile, Wamalwa Kijana, Kiraitu Murungi, Charity Ngilu, Balala, Chirau Mwakwere, et al, is worth a 1961 colonial cent or shilling.

Kenya has over forty-one ethnicities, and apart from the dominate groups like Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin and Kamba, the rest of the other thirty-something communities are totally fed up with business as usual when it comes to politics of tribal alliances and cyclical tribal poltical domination.

Why not give real Democracy a chance to take root and flourish through out Kenya after 2012 for a change?

Rather than continue to engage in the same old same old futile political exercise and ethnic shenanigans while expecting different results at the local, regional and national levels.

Anonymous said...

It's very futile to live in some past phase of your (or my) life when: I was the son of the so and so, student at this or that university, minister for this and that, top gun in defunct institutions or organisations, vice president under so and so's era, vice chairman of this or that political party,

Or in a more sophiscated vein: I was part of the establishment, rubbed shoulders with the political elite or wazungu [who really don't give a ___ about Kenya's political/economic future].

That's the exact political cloud that Weakleaf double 'MM' lives under at this very moment of his political career, while at the same time tightly holding onto hope against hope of running and winning the 2012 presidential election.

We have always been reminded that a leopard never changes its spots regardless of how many times it finds itself in a matter of life or death situations.

As for Weakleaf, he is not a leopard, he has never been one nor has been known to roar like the ancient kings of the region, talking of the lions that were known to roam about from Lake Turkana, through Mt. Elgon, in the vicinity of Kakamega Forest, and the highlands above and around the lake region.

Anyway, time will tell when and if Weakleaf will be lucky enough to ever become a real political leopard, lion or elephant by the time he reaches his early-mid 60s.

However, there is one thing that many of his people and the general public have known about Weakleaf, that he has been a bobcat for far too long.

And there is no way in the realm of nature where by a bobcat can transform itself into becoming a leopard or roaring lion.

And maybe that's what Weakleaf needs to come to terms with and be contented with (being a bobcat)for the remainder of his political life.

A realisstic move that will allow fresh political faces, young minds, political risk takers and a new crop of well grounded leaders to emerge from ODM's pupae, western region and the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

The more things change, the more they same remain the same when Kibaki and Raila agree to reshuffle PSs and other deadwoods in government ahead of transition to devolution. Why are the two individuals trying to pass on their current self-inflicted political problems and severe economic headches to the next president, elected leaders and people of Kenya?

Anonymous said...

the beautiful thing about online criticism is that it is by far and large only an expression of individual opinion

Lets keep this short and simple-in the history of political parties in Kenya there has been none as democratic as ODM. Its that simple

From grass root elections through to delegate voting system and finally of course nationwide support in all 7 provinces, ODM has defined what democracy in a post-multiparty era looks like. The truth stings but there you have it

Mwarang'ethe said...

Oh, poor folks!

Ati democracy in Kenya?

Forget it!! Forget it!!

In the land of NERO HOOVER O, when you loose your house, you get paid $ 2000 and the criminals walk free.

In other words, they give NERO HOOVER Obama more funds for re - election.

And, they call it democracy!

"States Negotiate $26 Billion Agreement for Homeowners."

"After months of painstaking talks, government authorities and five of the nation’s biggest banks have agreed to a $26 billion settlement that could provide relief to nearly two million current and former American homeowners harmed by the bursting of the housing bubble, state and federal officials said."

And, the KICKER:

"Another 750,000 people who lost their homes to foreclosure from September 2008 to the end of 2011 will receive checks for about $2,000. The aid is to be distributed over three years."



In the land Cameron, the PENSIONERS etc , after VOTING (OPIUM SESSION) as they have ALWAYS done, are being sc£4$d.

NB: In their world of dreams, their "democracy" has been responsible for their wealth. There have never been a greater LIE than this.

NB: Taabu, how is your pension doing? Chunga, iko hatari.

Anyway, first, they have their CHILDISH/DELUSIONAL theories as explained by one of the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS PSEUDO - ECONOMIC Graduate.

And, then, there is the REAL economics as felt by the PENSIONERS.



And, in Greece?

Well, Lord, the less said about that DEMOCRACY, the better. So, we leave at that.

Anyway, you guys go on and on and on and on and on and on WAITING for that POSTPONED MILLENNIUM.

For us, GROUNDED IN REALITY, we continue enjoying:


Bobby6Killer said...

"Kenya has over forty-one ethnicities, and apart from the dominate groups like Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin and Kamba, the rest of the other thirty-something communities are totally fed up with business as usual when it comes to politics of tribal alliances and cyclical tribal poltical domination."

@ Anon 7:52am, I was arguing the same thing elsewhere recently & therefore agree with you fully. What we have in KE is a tyranny of the majority ethnic groups while the smaller groups watch the merry-go-round.

@ Phil, Chris is spot on. Even Raila has to go. If it takes getting rid of 100% of the current political class in order to get true servants of the people then that's a price worth paying. Besides, if you argue that even changing 90% of them will not lead to change, then why should we bother voting at all? If that's the case, even if Raila were to win, nothing would change. We might as well extend Kibaki's tenure at State House by granting him a third term & not bother at all with another of Mwarengethe's opium sessions...

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Kenya has over forty-one ethnicities, and apart from the dominate groups like Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin and Kamba, the rest of the other thirty-something communities are totally fed up with business as usual when it comes to politics of tribal alliances and cyclical tribal poltical domination."


Good point.

Coming closer to the teachings of the African Teachers.

First, recognize EXPLICITLY the existence of TRIBES in Kenya.

With that EXPLICIT recognition of the REALITY, we begin building a peaceful nation.

In truth, without such recognition, a few HYENAS will hide under the cover of ONE NATION, UNITY and Satanic words like "democracy" and eat the rest.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:06 AM
Am I missing something? How comes the party has been able to define what democracy is in the so-called a post-multiparty era (Kenyan style) when in reality the very same party is still struggling to free itself from having been trapped under its current political immature form where it's obviously controlled by a clique of old-school politicians and tightly embedded associates?

When will the party rise up to the overdue occasion in order to find democratic avenues through which it can thrive and flourish as a distinct and independent political party? While at the same time be democratically controlled by the majority of its members from all walks of life?

What do you make of the ongoing clarion calls and traditional shouts of "Raila Tosha!" or "Raila Kende!" or "Agwambo's Time Is Now - 2012."

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:06 AM
What do you make of the ongoing clarion calls and traditional shouts of "Raila Tosha!" or "Raila Kende!" or "Agwambo's Time Is Now - 2012."

@Anon 2:03 PM
Look at KANU, DP, PNU, NARC K, UDM, URP etc. aren't they all "struggling to free themselves from having been trapped under its current political immature form" as you put it?
And who controls the FORD/PNU/KANU/UDM/URP? aren't they also "cliques of old-school politicians and tightly embedded associates" as you put it, from Uhuru, Ruto, Martha,Muite, Jirongo?

There is currently no party in Kenya that fits your description of transcendency above petty old ideologies of "cronies, coterie school friends and common interest looters"

The party you are seeking does not currently exist in Kenyan landscape. However if you were to compare ODM to all the above mentioned they are a cut above the aforementioned

Anonymous said...

anon 2:24,

Your argument sounds too familiar to another argument that is the law in the blog where phil has found an abode. They call that argument afadharization of raila or ODM in this case. Simply, in a crowd of thieves, we pick the most appealing to our eyes as the custodian of our treasure. Only in Kenya can you hear such arguments.

Chris: can you care to explain why my comments that accurately predicted the knee jerk response of phil and bobby to your post were deleted? Are you the one who did it or one of the other administrators?

Anonymous said...

why is his salary one of the highest in the world???

Anonymous said...

does anyone know how will they be counting the Keny elections ballots and reporting to Nairobi??

Anonymous said...

whatever happended to 'no raila no kenya'

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:24 PM
Concur wholeheartedly. By the way, has someone in the person of Weakleaf properly calibrated the risk involved in challenging the party boss for a seat at the throne?

Will he manage to make waves, rattle some cages, ruffle a few feathers, upset the overloaded apple (fish) cart (mkokoteni), or will he just end up pinching some nerves when all is said and done, only to be handsomely rewarded with the vice chairmanship as expected by many within and outside the party?

On the other hand, all those political parties - PNU, NARC-K, DP, KANU, UDM, URP, WIPER etc. - in question are known to be _____ driven as in what they are, what they stand for, who controls them, the type of ancient cliques that exist at the helm, and the chauvinistic puppet masters in charge of strategy, ideological sustenance, and financial lifelines.

There is no secret about their modus operandi because they have always carried out their usual business in the open and they never hide the fact from outsiders, unlike their counterparts in ODM.

Anonymous said...

Benji, a compromise candidate will be a good fit for the nation, however she or he will have to be very suitable presidential candidate with national appeal and a fresh face, unlike the usual same old suspects like Kipepeo, Kigeugeu, Katikati and Kaloser who is known to have accepted as well as made so many decisions which have compromised his principles and future beyond measure. Kaloser is not a "safe pair of hands" because he carries a lot of personal and political baggage dating back to the dark 1980s. Politicians like Mutula Kilonzo among others would be better leaders than Kaloser, your preferred candidate of choice.

Anonymous said...

Na kweli some kenyans have a memory of a cockroach, how con someone is his sane mind propose Mutula corruption Kilonzo as a councillor leave alone presidential candidate? What are fellows smoking? Weed like bobby?

Anonymous said...

Ahaa! Predicatably, knew some folks would fall for the Mutula bait hook line and sinker. LOL!
And FYI, the the beetle-like scavenging insect, mende, with long antennae and naturally microchipped legs has out-lived many generations of humans in the last three million years. It's one breed of kind that even out-smarted and survived the Hiroshima and Nagasaki strikes.
Have a great Friday afternoon and a restful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Mutula is bad, Kalonzo is bad, Raila is bad, Kibaki is bad, everyone is bad except who?

Anonymous said...

Kenyans voted the UGLIEST in Africa!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mutula is bad, Kalonzo is bad, Raila is bad, Kibaki is bad, everyone is bad except who?

2/10/12 5:10 AM


Bwa ha ha ha we we we wi wi ho ho hu hu hu

By now, we would have expected you to realize that, "discussions" of who will become this, that, this, is MADNESS.

By the way, according to your WISE and EMINENT lawyers such as Nzamba Kitonga, Ghai, PLO, Kilonzo, Mutunga etc, we have now more USELESS EASTERS/HYENAS.

With more USELESS EASTERS/HYENAS, these USELESS lawyers convinced Kenyans that, their problems shall be solved.


We can only say this. The world has never witnessed such ILLITERACY among men who call themselves learned in the annals of human history.

So, you are simply, "discussing" the wrong and IRRELEVANT "issues" as we sink into more quagmire.

Sample this:

"Inter-clan fighting displaces 40,000 in Kenya: aid groups."

"More than 40,000 people have fled clashes between two northern Kenyan clans over access to water and pasture, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said Friday."


Where is SAVIOR Ocampo when you need him to end these African WARS/IMPUNITY?

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

Many MORE are going to SUFFER,

many MORE will have to DIE,

Anonymous said...

Except those who have not been tainted by the murky waters, dark shadows, smears of underhandedness, blood of the innocent civilians, behind the scenes unethical dealings, decades of corruption, culture of outrageous impunity and what have you during the tyrannical reign of KANU under Daniel arap Moi, including the not so rosy ten years of "kazi endelea kama kawaida" umbrella held by Mwai Kibaki as well as the era of "kitanda wili ('mbili')" narrations from Raila Odinga.

On a more serious note, to paraphrase a very wise person in the hinterland of Mombasa, the majority of us - with the exception of some you - want to coexist peacefully, in unity, and in a unified country of a people with fourty-two languages and cultures, rich and ethnic heritage.

Majority of the Kenyan people have always desired to be one with their immediate neighbours, fellow citizens, regional neighbours, and they have tried working so hard in order to realize the fact of how we are more alike irregardless of what politicians, tribal lords, extremists in our midst, chauvinists, segments of the diaspora, and the usual suspects ('demented tribal warlords') have done to the people and country in the last fourty-nine years.

Let's hope that the majority of the Kenyan people will seek out a leader who is a unifier and not divider nor a polarizing individual who will end up taking the people and whole country through the same old hurdles of a sickening, tiring and retrogressive mudos operandi that have been the order of the day for the last forty-nine years.

So, why don't we embrace real change in 2013 and beyond? By being the real change we want to see happen in our hearts, homes, villages, counties, regions and whole Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:00AM said
"......Let's hope that the majority of the Kenyan people will seek out a leader who is a unifier and not divider nor a polarizing individual who will end up taking the people and whole country through the same old hurdles of a sickening, tiring and retrogressive mudos operandi that have been the order of the day for the last forty-nine years......"

very well put and thank you for that. in other words the problem is with the Kenyan people, imperialism or other academic text book theories discussed here

Let us be honest with ourselves Kenyans. 99% of us have no idea what a good leader looks like.

Anonymous said...

one cannot blame everything on a leader; is it not too late in the day to choose another leader for the ODM??.....we are all for a leader who believes in peace, love and unity.....

Mwarang'ethe said...

very well put and thank you for that. in other words the problem is with the Kenyan people, imperialism or other academic text book theories discussed here

Let us be honest with ourselves Kenyans. 99% of us have no idea what a good leader looks like.

2/10/12 12:45 PM


Bwe he he he ha ha ha hu wa we wa wa

Ati good leader?

Wacha maneno wewe.

You mean GOOD leaders like Bush and NERO HOOVER O?


"And in March 2009, Ranneberger REMINDED Raila of the US PROMISE during talks on the political crisis to “support him if he agreed to a political solution” to the crisis.

I REMINDED Odinga that during the crisis I had indicated WE WOULD SUPPORT HIM if he agreed to a political solution,” Ranneberger reports.

At another meeting the PM WAS TOLD told he had to cut off vested interests around him if he is to win the 2012 elections, or they would bring him down.

Please, please, we are not that stupid.



If you ever meet Iteere, please ask him to do more than these guys in Greece and ARREST those HYENAS:

"Greek police union wants to arrest EU/IMF officials."

"Greece's largest police union has threatened to issue arrest warrants for officials from the country's European Union and International Monetary Fund lenders for demanding deeply unpopular austerity measures."



Oh, let us see the GREAT LEADERS of those who know GOOD LEADERS when they see them:

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama's budget request to Congress on Monday will forecast a DEFICIT of $1.33 trillion in fiscal year 2012 and includes hundreds of billions of dollars of proposed spending on the nation's infrastructure, according to draft documents viewed by Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal.

mmmmmmmmmm, consuming NON EXISTING FUTURE wealth to the tune of TRILLIONS in 12 months is what you call leadership?


Anyway, since SELF - DELUSIONS is the way to succeed these days, we leave to enjoy:

Sura Mbaya:

Anonymous said...

Mutula Kilonzo: I owe KRA for unpaid taxes during Mo1 error, but my entire salary pays arrears

Constitutional Affairs Minister Mutula Kilonzo has admitted he owes the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) tax arrears but asserts that his entire parliamentary salary goes to the taxman to clear the dues, since he made his debut to Parliament in 2003.

Kilonzo dismissed a figure being floated in the public, which places his tax arrears at Sh352 million, saying that even large corporations wouldn’t owe the KRA such an amount.

He added that the issue was a personal matter that was being used to harass him politically.

“I’m actually paying my taxes and I’ve been attaching my salary. I would even expect you to donate something to me now that you know I haven’t earned a single cent from Parliament for the past eight years,” he told this reported on phone.

“Can you just calculate for me how much income one would have made to deserve paying Sh350 million as taxes?” he asked.

The Justice Minister further dared MPs to file a censure Motion against him over the matter, maintaining that he would not allow anything to distract him from carrying out his national duties.

“I have come a long way but my position will not be changed even if you censure me for a million years; I will wake up and tell you the same thing. In fact, I don’t see why we should waste such valuable time discussing such a thing when there are so many national things to focus on,” he stressed.

The Justice Minister served as a private lawyer for retired President Daniel arap Moi, and it was during this time that he failed to remit taxes to the KRA.

However after the Moi regime, the KRA caught up with Kilonzo demanding that he pays all the taxes accrued over the time. It is however not clear how much Kilonzo owes the taxman.

“If I am liable for tax of Sh350 million, how much income do you think I made? Would I be in politics if I earned so much money?” he asked.

comment from Francis, an enraged kenyan about this story
Mutula, So you are "USING PARLIAMENT=PEOPLE OF KENYA" to clear your taxes that you owed from other "businesses" Wow! In that case anyone who owes taxes should get a job so as to clear their arrears.You are such an hypocrite that one wonders how speak with a "straight face ". By the way many prospective candidates to constitutional offices have been disqualified because of owing taxes and HELB LOANS.But Kenyans have to pay for you from money you earned fighting against reform heroes like university students who gave their lives to seek justice and change but you now shout the loudest? You are such a disgrace.Your personal vendetta against others makes you stink like a skunk.Do you know that the integrity chapter you have been yapping about is actually about ECONOMIC CRIMES= OWING TAXES=STEALING MONEY FROM PUBLIC? Now show the way and RESIGN ASAP!


Anonymous said...

Greek police union wants to arrest EU/IMF officials.

Obviously, the union officials and members want to retain their financial status quo that will enable them to continue straining as well as draining the Greek economy through old fashioned hefty retirement packages and uncapped salaries.

With all due respect, why should a former police guy who retired in the early 1970s continue to draw a monthly income of $3750 from his retirement package plus full health benefits as of 2012?

Now multiple similar police retirement packages by thousands of police officers and multitudes of former civil servants who have been in retiremnt since the early 1970s.

While the above financial bleeding of the Greek nation's scarce resouces has been going on for decades, it's the Greek teachers, nurses, midwives, physicians et al who are left holding the short-end of the stick that translates into being paid peanuts per month in 2012.

Anyway, I have no dog in the current fight between the Greek police union and their intended targets, the EU/IMF officials, who happen to be invited guests of the Greek government.

However, it's only a rabid canine that bites the hand (EU/IMF) that is going to help feed the Greek nation for the next decade and half.

In the meantime, high tragedy, tragic despair and collective disillusionment at what is being perceived as the senselessness of austerity measures will continue to unfold in the long run.

Anonymous said...

An enemy of an enemy is friend in situations where there is a common rusty axe to grind for all intents and purposes, while at same time hoping to avoid or escape the ICC's legal guillotine.

Talk of the forceful removals and consequent displacement of Kenyans from their rightful homes and some of the looted parcels of land appear at time when others are so busy proclaiming and professing their self-certified innocence, at a time when the ICC juggernaut is in hot pursuit of the accused.

Well, is it for fact that Ruto wants to return IDP's land after the victim of post-election violence was disposed of his property five years ago?

Eldoret North MP William Ruto wants to surrender 100 acres of land he is accused of grabbing from an internally dispalced person, Mr Adrian Muteshe (the IDP).

Mwarang'ethe said...

However, it's only a rabid canine that bites the hand (EU/IMF) that is going to help feed the Greek nation for the next decade and half.


Do you honestly believe such RUBBISH? Ole wako.

Anonymous said...

And do you always believe the pseudo-ancient Mesopotamian TAKATAKA and dead-dogmatic lyrics that you keep spewing on Kumekucha in the name of being the only expert on every issue under the sun?

Many of your comments defy reason and betrays a hostility that blinds one even from common sense.

At the end of the day, we are all entitled to our own opinions but we are not entitled to our own version of so-called facts.

So all we can do is enjoy the simple pleasures of daily life, such as eating, drinking, gossiping about people, talking politics, and taking enjoyment in one's work etc., which are temporary gifts of life.

And of course without forgetting the unlimited free access to KUMEKUCHA, thanks to the generosity of Chris Kumekucha.

Mwarang'ethe said...

And do you always believe the pseudo-ancient Mesopotamian TAKATAKA and dead-dogmatic lyrics that you keep spewing on Kumekucha in the name of being the only expert on every issue under the sun?

Many of your comments defy reason and betrays a hostility that blinds one even from common sense.


Aha! We see you have a PhD from IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS.

"Comments that defy reason and betrays hostility?"

Yes,yes, yes, we betray HOSTILITY against HYENAS, JACKALS and stupid PhD's like you.

You tell us how Greece people have messed, but, you dare not INVESTIGATE what really happened because, the TRUTH scares you or you are INCAPABLE of doing YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

Some of the LOANS FORCED on the Greek people were GERMAN loans.

What were the GERMANS FORCING the poor Greeks to buy? SUBMARINES.

So, how did the Germans SECURE those contracts? By BRIBING the Greek so called defense Minister.

So, having FORCED Greek people to "take" USELESS loans so as to MAINTAIN JOBS in Germany, now, so as to RESCUE German BANKS, they IMPOVERISH the Greek people.

When we mention this, you go ballistic. Why?

"Akis Tsochatzopoulos, the former PASOK defense minister indicted in connection with bribes for the purchase of submarines, was on Wednesday banned from leaving the country and told to post 150,000 euros in bail as authorities said they would seize one of his properties in central Athens which he is alleged not to have declared to avoid paying taxes."


NB: Who COOKED Greece books before entering into the Euro?

Is it the Greece people?

Use your LITTLE BRAINS before you engage your fingers.

Anonymous said...

What does Mutula Kilonzo, the current Minister of Justice and MP for Mbooni have in common with the late Kitili Mwendwa, the one time Kenyan chief justice and MP for Kitui West?

Anonymous said...

@3:37 AM
"Use your LITTLE BRAINS before you engage your fingers."

Couldn't agree more with you, however why does the kettle always calls the pot black?

Anonymous said...

where are the anti-personal attacks brigade when it comes to personal attacks carried out by their online hero Mwarang'ethe?

Just like our "human rights groups" who only cry foul when the victim is one guaranteed to make front page press headlines, the so called "sympathisers of personal attacks against Mwarang'ethe" only cry foul when their idol is at the receiving end.Double nay triple standards if ever there was any in Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Some troll is really desperate for attention using respected Mwara as a bait. Is it mating season for dogs already? Does anyone else see the prints of the pensioner aka sheeple?

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Nyani haoni kundule. Same case with with the resident kettle and his sidekick tumburi. The two samangos have upgraded the tempo of calling other tumburi pitch black.

Anonymous said...

What about the practicle angle on the current post about "How Democratic Is The Orange Democratic Movement?" as opposed to the digressive comments by electrified anonymous commentators and especially former subjects of V.S. Ramachandran?

Anonymous said...

You mean how democratic is Odinga Desperate Men?

Anonymous said...

Mudavadi is a good choice since he is a man unlike Raila who has yet to ....( I dont want to be labelled tribalist for mentioning the obvious) Let ODM front mudavadi instead of stone throwering idiot. Kioko, PP

Anonymous said...

I think thieves and conmen should be shut out of leadership. Have we forgotten the molasses theft, the oil theft, and theft of kazi kwa vijana? Raila Odinga the stupid kihii and the king of stupid fishermen wants to lead a Bantu Republic. He should go and seek leadership among his monkey cousins in South sudan. Kioko, PP

Anonymous said...

Your comments speak volumes of ingrown bigtory in you. Only a bigoted can cower behind an anonymous "Kioko, PP" instead of his real name? Keep up with the bigotry, and high honours to all those who raised you and have influenced your early childhood.

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words. And here is a caption of what's going on in the prayerful mind of "Weak-leaf" Musalia Mudavdi as seen deeply engrossed in prayer.

Lord how shall I abide in ODM's tabernacle, and emerge to be the ruler of its political inner sanctum?

Will I manage to get enough votes and support in order to dwell in the house on the hill that is being sort by many of us?

Lord, I have become so accustomed to putting on my political game face like the other 99.9% of members of parliament, including many parliamentary aspirants who are now busy preparing to enter or trying re-enter the House of August.

To the point where we have forgotten to walketh uprightly, and wortheth righteousness, and speaketh the truth in our hearts, to our constituents and to the general public.

Lord, I come as I am this election year: some are cornered by the temptation of seeking the presidency, while many others seek the newly created senatorial seats, and governorships.

While others are in deep grief for reasons buried in the recess of their hearts, and many in our midst are also anxious of how many people will be added onto Ocampo's list, depending on the out of the trials at ICC.

Lord, help me to cast my political burdens on You, who knows all about me, and longs to hear from me more than I long to be heard by my constituents, ODM's members and the general public.

O Lord, it's me, it's me standing in the need of prayer. Pave the way for me so that I may win my party's nomination and consequently rise up to the occasion and become Kenya's next president. In Your name name. Amen.

Anonymous said...

If nominations are done at county level, Mudavadi will beat raila hands down. Raila likes kasarani where he intimidates delegates. And NO, odm is not democratic, its a bus that is supposed to take raila to state house.

Anonymous said...

The next president of Kenya:!

Raphael Tuju

Anonymous said...

The PoA party, Party of Action...what a day, what a wonderful week, what a year!!!.

Thank you Mr. President in waiting, president Tuju!!

Anonymous said...

Some have alluded to the fact that POA is the "Party of Anonymous" and at times they have gone on to jokingly refer to POA as the "Party of Abunuwasi".

By all accounts, Raphael Tuju is a very likeable business person who happens to be in his early-mid fifties, but when it comes to electability then that becomes another political issue, sphere and ball cyrstal all together.

Many of those who favour or suport Raphael Tuju in one way or another, should not confuse likeabilty for eletabiliity when it comes to fronting him as the next president or 'Mr. President in waiting.'

With all due respect, Raphael Tuju is well known in the media circles for having worked within and around Nyayo Empire to the very best of his personal financial interests and unfortunatley at the expense of his principles and morals.

He is even further considered by many on both sides of the political divide as a former member of parliament who is now a heavily liveried political footman (face/logo) for undisclosed special interest groups.

There is one thing that is for sure, which is, Raphael Tuju will be no match for the likes of Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, Martha Karua or even when it comes to the soon to be lame duck - grabber of 100-acres of IDP's land - William Ruto.

When all is said and done, Raphael Tuju has the constitutional right to run for the presidency if he decides to raise enough funds and join the 'Race to the State House' in 2012.

On the other hand, he will be better off vying for one of the senate seats within the greater Nairobi metropolitan area in 2012, and thereafter he may strategically transition from senatorial politics to presidential political campaigns in 2017.

Assuming that he will be lucky enough to be among those who will be riding a very different political wave that will sweep across the country in a way that many have not seen since the day Kenya got its independence.

Anonymous said...

Annon @9:11am of 11/02/12. I want to let you know that you are wrong in say that Kenya is a country of Bantus! No Kenya is a country of us all but Nilotes are even more than Bantus. Lets put numbers to it:
1. Nilotes
a/ Luos,
b/ Kalenjins,
c/ Maasai,
d/ Sabaots,
e/ Samburu,
f/ Teso,
g/ Turkana,
h/ Pokots

2. Bantus
b/ Luhyia
c/ Kamba,
d/ Parts of coastal communities

3. Cushites
a/ Somali
b/ Borana
c/ Rendile,
d/ Garba,
f/ Some coastal communities.

Anonymous said...

On the issue of Mutula's tax, when did the press know about it? Why is it coming out now? Could it be that it's coming out now because Mutula has differed with the powers that be on ICC issues? Could this be away of bulling him to toe the line? If Mutula had made arrangement with KRA in 2002 that allows him to clear his tax arrears why is it coming out now?
Could UK using his knowledge from finance ministry to intimidate his opponents?

Anonymous said...

Poor Kalonzo Musyoka continues to desperately tag along and hitch rides on the Uhuru-Ruto bandwagoon rallies around the country while seeking to hear the Ocampo-Duo say the words, "Sasa Kalonzo Musyoka Tosha" to the rest of the loose alliance. In reality there are Kenyans who are hoping and wishing that Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga will be among the Nyayo era politicians who are going to be decommissioned from the political landscape of Kenya, once and for good in 2013. People are just sick and tired of having the same old faces return to parliament with same old silly political tricks.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The PoA party, Party of Action...what a day, what a wonderful week, what a year!!!.

Thank you Mr. President in waiting, president Tuju!!

2/12/12 5:57 AM


RIGHT noises, but, same, same ILLUSIONS and DELUSIONS.

Okay, in 1980's, Thatcher sold Council houses to create a property owning society.

So, how is that experiment 20 years on?

He is saying Kenyans need mortgages to build houses. Well, well, the West has been on that road since 1970's, where are they now?

He talks about access to credit. Well, well, Japan, since 1990, USA, West since 2008 have been on ZERO INTEREST rates, how many industries have they built with all that money?

Aaaaaaaaand, how shall we build those irrigation systems when WE BORROW to BUILD TOILETS in Kibera?

If those who LEND to build TOILETS refuse to do, what shall he do?

Anyway, since the NOISE is nice, you guys go ahead.

Anonymous said...


Tell them, please do till they buy your singular prescription of tunnel vision and expertise in LAND/TAX/WAR/WEALTH etc.

Mwarang'ethe said...


Tell them, please do till they buy your singular prescription of tunnel vision and expertise in LAND/TAX/WAR/WEALTH etc.

2/12/12 1:45 PM


Fortunately, you have a choice.

In 2008, the IDIOTS who are PhD Graduates from the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS told you this:

"Doing Business 2008:Large Emerging Markets Reforming Fast; Egypt the Top Reformer,Eastern Europe Overtakes East Asia on Ease of Doing Business."

Drunk with PhD's in STATE INDUCED FOOLISHNESS, they told you this:

"Thanks to REFORMS of business regulation, more businesses are starting up, finds Doing Business 2008—the fifth in an annual report series issued by the World Bank and IFC..."

Aaaaaand, the KICKER was here:

"This year EGYPT tops the list of reformers that are making it easier to do business.

Egypt greatly improved its position in the global rankings on the ease of doing business, with reforms in five of the 10 areas studied by the report."

Bwa ha ha ha hi hu hu hu hu we we we, it is IMPOSSIBLE to make these things up.

Aaaaaaand, as if such State induced STUPIDITY is not enough, they told you this:

"Countries in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union reformed the most in 2006/07..."

And, such Eastern European nations are like LATVIA which is NOW BANKRUPT and under the Swedish JACKALS and HYENAS.

Bwe he he ha ha wi wi wi wu wu hwa hwa, wa wa

NB: Latvia used to be a FEUDAL area of Swedish nobility. So, it seems like they have restored ancient DOMINATION without FIRING a GUN.

Sweet, ehe?


So, you can listen to Tuju's and the World Bank JACKALS and HYENAS, or, to the African Teachers who know these stuff.

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Time Is Getting Harder

They have just passed another POVERTY PACKAGE in Greece:

Anonymous said...

Apologies. I am guilty of the sin of presumption, and for that mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa.

Cause one of our greatest sins is the presumption that we have answers for all of _____ questions under the Kenyan skies.

Well, I am guilty as perceived due to the fact that I have been one among lots of different people pontificating on various issues as well as giving a lot of different unsolicited advice.

[Mr. Raphael Tuju's public life and private life is a matter of common knowledge to a large segment of the Kenyan population, East Africans and others who have cared to know more about Mr. Rapahel Tuju the citizen, man, husband, father, brother, neighbour, business person, former cabinet minister, politician, and presidential aspirant etc.

What about you Mr./Mrs./Ms. Anonymous wa Fulani? Who are you, and what have you really done for yourself, family, people, region, country and the world around lately?

Who are you by the way? What are you in the greater scheme of things that have anything to do with a progressive Kenya, it's people and a better world in general?

FYI, Mr. Raphael Tuju has been on move for all the right reasons, while you and your ilk have been stagnated, left behind wasting away and rotting out your personal and public life since the days you earned your undergraduate degree. True or false? Answer the quistion!

Who are you anyway? What are you? Do people even know you from somewhere near your village, town and former academic institutions?

Why don't you just go on record and declare who you really are for a change and let the public judge for themselves?

C'mon Mr. Anonymous wa Fulani, be man, man up, own up, stand up be counted for once. Take some responsibility and stop hiding behind a keyboard and screen that do not even know nor care the ____ about who the hell you really are.

Has your bloated ego cascaded to a point where you now believe that you are infinite, omnipotent, and omniscient, while ignoring the fact that you are a mere mortal who may have slaved or is still slaving on some of those world's glorified corporate plantation where you have become so addicted to surviving from one paycheck to the next, submerged in fear, worry, anxiety and fear of being laid off without any adequate notice.

What's expected of people like you is simply to narrow your vision and sharpen your focus. And if you are really lucky enough, you will encounter with the infinite, limitless possibilities that will lead you to discern the one thing you really want out of life before Age 50 begins to crip up on you soon.

Get a life for a change. Seek clarity and focus that leads you to desire one thing more than anything else. Ultimately, that one thing is within your reach ......

Mwarang'ethe said...

Who are you by the way? What are you in the greater scheme of things that have anything to do with a progressive Kenya, it's people and a better world in general?


Educating/dragging you and your gods like Tuju's as you SCREAM from your PhD in State Sanctioned Stupidity, Foolishness is the GREATEST contribution we have made to make Kenya progressive, its people and make the world a better place.

Iko swali lingine?

Anonymous said...

1) Intellectual insecurity is when you premise all your take on comparison with shadows. Take away your greatest fear (IVY LEAGUE) and you are exposed for what you are, shouting in th dark.

2) Original stupidity is when you delude yourself as an exclusive oasis of knowledge and consider all other as clueless.

3) There is a big gulf between intellectual arrogance and simple INSECURITY. Take your pick PIG.

Anonymous said...

The arrogance of some here who claim to be virtual African Teachers reminds one of the African President Kibaki who also abused his citizens as "mavi ya kuku" and "pumbavu" presuming he knew more than they did on all matters economic.

It seems the more educated one thinks they are the more abusive they become to all and sundry

Mwarang'ethe said...

Intellectual insecurity is when you premise all your take on comparison with shadows. Take away your greatest fear (IVY LEAGUE)


YES, yes, yes, we FEAR the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS.

We do because, they are the ENEMIES OF MANKIND (Hostis humani generis).

Sample this:

In 2001, Mr Bush, a Graduate of IVY LEAGUE of FOOL, told YOU this:

"Americans are asking "Why do they hate us?''

They hate what they see right here in this chamber: a democratically elected government. Their leaders are self-appointed. They hate OUR FREEDOMS: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.

They want to overthrow existing governments in many Muslim countries such as EGYPT, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

NB: Did you see Egypt there? Who assisted in the overthrow of Mubarak? Oh, we know it was called Revolution.


"Leader of Al Qaeda calls on Muslims to help Syrian rebels."

"The head of Al Qaeda is calling on Muslims across the Arab world and beyond to support rebels in Syria who are seeking to overthrow President Bashar Assad, and says they cannot depend on the West for help."


NB: Did you hear the ANNOUNCEMENT, that, the so called Al Shabab has JOINED the HATERS OF FREEDOM?

mmmmmm, do you get the DRIFT ama you are too SHEEPLE with a PhD in Indoctrination?


In Iran, there is a TERRORIST group, as our FRIENDS tell us called: Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK).

Now, although this so called TERROR group has KILLED AMERICANS, our FRIENDS are discussing how to REMOVE it from their so called TERROIST list.

So removed, the LOVERS OF FREEDOM from the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS and HATERS OF FREEDOM from the CAVES can work together as THEY HAVE ALWAYS DONE.

And, who are the supporters of this TERROR GROUP?

As you would expect, the LOVERS of FREEDOM from the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS:

"The MEK also lists among its supporters in Washington former NATIONAL SECURITY Advisor GEN. James Jones, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, former NEW YORK MAYOR Rudolph Giuliani, former JOINT CHIEFS Chairman Gen. Richard Myers, former WHITE HOUSE Chief of Staff Andy Card, Gen. Wesley Clark, former Rep. Lee Hamilton, former CIA Director Porter Goss, senior advisor to the ROMNEY campaign Mitchell Reiss, Gen. Anthony Zinni, former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, former Sen. Evan Bayh, and many others."



Yes, we repeat, we FEAR the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS for they are the disturbers of peace of mankind with their LUST FOR HUMAN BLOOD.


Knowing that:

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God,

we leave to enjoy:

For Jah set I and I as a watchman,
Around Babylonian walls,

Fight down war and crime, Rasta fight down war and crime,

Anonymous said...

G7 in real trouble

“We are strategizing on the formation of a coalition which will produce the next president of Kenya,” said Wekesa.

“We have nothing to show our people for working with PNU. They have instead fought us and divided our leaders,” said Dr Eseli.

“ODM and Ford Kenya are like conjoined twins who stand for the same principles. We are natural partners,” added Namwamba.

Anonymous said...

Well put. My sentiments exactly.

Who are you anyway? What are you? Do people even know you from somewhere near your village, town and former academic institutions?

Who are you really and what were you before you found a shed at Kumekucha and started running around and barking out loud with two to three liners extracted from other people's comments? Who are you?

Anonymous said...

You epitomize true IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS when all you do is to shout in darkness 24/7 stuck in gear one only seeing imperialist shadows lurking everywhere.

For change please tell us what small change you have made in your own life or neighbour's using your Sumarian economic theories? And while at it relocate back home and stop pissing from the safety offered by imperialists in Europe.

Finally how is the Sumarian cosmetic biz doing trading in GOLD?

Anonymous said...

Why are people fighting their own reflections? Mwarangethe always counters arguments with solid facts and leaves his e-enemies wetting their pants. Address the issues he raises and beat him with arguments. Or is that asking too much? Otherwise, kk readers will agree with him that you are a bitter bunch of ivy league fools and imitations who cannot think on their feet.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Speaking for yourself or what? What about you in particular? There has been nothing of real substance coming from you lately. Phew!

Anonymous said...

The mirage coded named 'G7' is not the problem and has not been the real problem for the people in western Kenya since 2002 or from way back in 1992 or 1982.

The real elephant (97-year old grandfather) in the political enclaves of western Kenya as a whole is the likes of Noah Wekesa and his dead company of political comrades in arms.

With all due respect, dead wood politicians such as Noah Wekesa and company, are one trick political players whose time for retrogressive tribal politics should have come and gone with the likes of oldmen Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel arap Moi.

Unfortunately, he is now a man who has become an expert in blaming outsiders and government for all the internal political, economic, social, educational and regional problems that his calibre of politicians and elders have created and nurtured for the last forty-five years.

Why can't he and his ilk quit for a change and allow young Bukusu/Saboat bloods the likes of Eugene Wamalwa and many others - young intelligent women and men - to take up the challenge of leading the community and region as a whole into a totally different but progressive direction after 2012?

As a matter of fact, Noah Wekesa should have paved the way not just for his sons and daughters, but for his thirty to twenty-something year old grandchildren as well by vacating the political stage all together.

One of the mind boggling question about Noak Wekesa is, how can a man with his record produce the so-called next president of Kenya when he has literally failed to produce a world class tennis champion (no pun intended).

Or any renowned progeny of the Wekesa dynasty (bloodline) to fully represent the family's name, Bukusu community and rest of the country in any of the major academic, scientific, business, political, medical, engineering, aviation, innovation fields at the continental and international arenas.

What begins at home? The strategic formation of one's family and the progressive impact they eventually end up having on the rest of the local, regional, national and international communities for the better.

Anyway, as the newly formed tribal/election alliances - all over the country - continue strategizing and political partying ('major feast') in search of the next president, the writing is on the wall for all the self-anointed tribal Belshazzars of Kenya, their henchmen, lieutenats (of darkness) and ever loyal foot soldiers.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:39 AM
"...address issues he raises and counter them with rational arguments... Or is that asking too much?" Don't forget to dig up where the aforementioned was used in recent months.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the church of online e-cheering have appeared right on cue!welcome Monsignors, and even as you exhort the rest of Sheeple to "address the issues he raises and beat him with arguments" we ask the same of you, other than clapping loudly and cheering for your overlord African Virtual Teacher what are you contributing yourself?

Talk about positioning oneself in the right place in order to sound smarter than one really is

Anonymous said...

Let the ODM vote factory flutter on FORD-K horses at their own political risk, for it's going to be countered with equal measure in other parts of the country as well. The ripple effect will be enormous in terms of political consequences. The political and combined ethnic backlash may end up being the deciding factor in terms of making the critical difference when it comes to tipping the scales of the presidentiial election in favour of an alternative candidate or selection of a compromise candidate with a broader national appeal.

Anonymous said...

Chris!why are so many women beating their husbands all of a sudden? In particular women of Central Kenya, what is going on? we expect a Kumekucha investigative piece as this is a matter of importance to all Kenyan man!

Anonymous said...

Weakleaf Standing (posing) in a Desperate Need of an election Prayer.

1. Not Raila, not Uhuru, not Ruto, but it's me, O Lord, standing in a desperate need of an election prayer.

2. Not Anyang Nyong'o, not Orengo, not Midiwa, not Namwamba, but it's me, O Lord, standing in a desperate need of an election prayer.

3. Not the people that are shouting "Raila Tosha" or "Tuko Pamoja" or "Party of Action", but it's me, O Lord, standing in a desperate need of an election prayer.

4. Not the ODM members nor my people who have been doubting me, but it's me, O Lord, standing in a desperate need of an election prayer.

5. Not PNU, not FORD-K, not NARC-K, not WIPER, but it's me O Lord, standing in a desperate need of an election prayer.

It's me, it's me, it's me, O Lord,
Standing in a desperate need of an
election prayer. x 4.

So far, the infinite political posiibilities that lay before Weakleaf Musalia Midavadi have had a very limiting effect: they have forced him to focus on the help and from above, including the time tasted tini techniques from his long time religious advisor, Right Reverend, Prophet, Elder, Doctor Ensaikolopitia wa Tini, MPhil, MBA, D.Phil Ph.D, LLD.

As he continues to wonder, ponder and really ask himself how he can attain the profound: the wisdom to lead the ODM party, and later on to be the president of the people of Kenya and their East African nation in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Why are so many women smashing the skulls and cutting the body parts of their spouses, live-in-partners, and boyfriends?

While the general public awaits for the social scientists and marital experts to provide some factual data as to why and what is precipitating the recent spike in spousal abuse epidemic against men, one is left to wonder about what become of the one time concerned villagers and neighbours in terms where mitigating such heinous domestic crimes was the way of life.

Seems as though, "my brothers and sisters keepers" and "who is my neighbour" is longer a viable communal option in this day and age.

On the one hand, such embrassing and unfortunate domestic incidents on the rise are now a major reason for certain known cultural warriors not to dare call other people from the regions across the valleys and ridges, kihii, the next time they want to release pent up cultural outbursts, exhibit some misplaced chauvinistic bravado or collective grand standing.

Is this a typical case of woman bites rabid dog? Or is there more to it than meets the public's eye?
When all things are taken in account, especially in cases where drunk individuals are known to tell no tales once they have sobered up.

On the other hand, the harmless looking woman as seen in court today, seems to be among a league of rural and slum women who suffer from undiagnosed cases of BPS (Battered Person/Spouse Syndrome).

The defendant who is accused for having committed the atrocious actions, is qualified for a BWD ('Battered Women Defense'), in light of her particular case, given the history of her violent, abusive and alcoholic husband, that's well known to her immediate family, in-laws, neighbours, local market and around the village.

This is in no way an advocation for battered women or wives to take matters into their hands when subjected to domestic abuse, but it's an option in a legal sense once the investigations has been carried out by the police and an independent body of objective investigators.

And of course, we have been reminded in the past that, a battered woman syndrome is not a legal defense, but it may legally constitute.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2/13/12 10:16 AM
Must you take it out on others after you have been battered by your wife of ten years?

Anonymous said...

Kikuyu "enterprenurial skills" making headlines in UK

Anonymous said...

Wapi Maendeleo ya Wanaume when they are needed to come to Mr. Kioko's overdue rescue?

E-COP said...

Chris my brother,
I was on the phone today with MZALENDO KIBUNJA,they are monitoring Kumekucha comments section very closely, even MWALIMU T has gone into hiding lest....REIGN IN the loose WILD WILD WEST cannons won't you?

Anonymous said...

The WILD WILD WEST band(its) or usual rabble rousers are a in a very different world and class of their own most of the time.

Lakini, are you trying insinuate that Mzalendo and company are busy monitoring Kumekucha to point where they would like, wish or want us to head back to the tough old days that are similar to the era where civilians in Tanzanian - from primary school, secondary school, during national service, college, university, civil service, military, parliament, senior cabinet ministers, even religious leaders - were trained, encouraged, blackmailed and at times forced to spy on each other as part of their partriotic duty.

Then report back to their immediate representatives of ten houses (balozi were nyumba kumi), who then passed on the information through the established channels and party pipeline onto higher-ups within the divisions, districts and regions depending on the sensitivity, urgency or seriousness of the information gathered?

Those were the days where business people who were found out working contrary to the policies of the revolutionary party, or spoke ill of local or regional party representatives and Mwalimu, got their operating licenses withdrawn or cancelled with immediate effect.

While those in government and regional corporations - rank and file - who did not toe the party line lost their jobs through mysterious circumstances, tramped up charges, or frivolous evaluations brought about by those incharge of maintainig the status quo.

That's how the establishment and political system kept tabs on the general population and maintained its stronghold throughout the vast East African country.

Luckily the times have changed, and so has the leadership and mindset among the majority of peacful and hard working Tanzanians.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Luckily the times have changed, and so has the leadership and mindset among the majority of peacful and hard working Tanzanians.

2/13/12 8:45 PM


Aaaaaaaaand, if we may INQUIRE, where are the FRUITS of that HARD WORK?

We maaaaay even INQUIRE further, why is that, 1 HOUR of labor of an American can "BUY" 5 HOURS of LABOR of a HARD WORKING Tanzania?

Or, put it this way. Why is it that, 5 HOURS of labor of a HARD WORKING Tanzanian can only buy 1 HOUR of a LEISURELY LABOR of a Swede?

Anyway, since asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS amounts to knowing everything, and MUST not be tolerated we leave to enjoy:

You work police - you false priest!

When will this payday be?

Taabu said...


Wacha e-paranoia. You must be mistaking Yale graduates to tinsmiths (keycutters), LOL.

E-COP said...

@anon 8:45PM
Granted Kenya has EXPANDED DEMOCRATIC SPACE (thanks to.....)but its an election year and see the WORMS CRAWL out of hiding to puke their regurgitated TRIBAL NONSENSE,are Kumekucha and Taabu ASLEEP?

MZALENDO K is ACTIVELY searching for you,DO NOT ANSWER when the DOOR BELL rings today please?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:10 AM
How many of those American hours, including your own hard earned 359 hours (in the last ten years) have been untilised in the building of basic public institution for the use of your downtrodden ancestral people in the long forgotten villages of Kenya?

Must you uplift your so-called imperialists in order to put down your geographic neighbours?

Since whne did you end up becoming good bedfellows with people you have always to referred to as imperialists?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anon 3:10 AM
How many of those American hours, including your own hard earned 359 hours (in the last ten years) have been untilised in the building of basic public institution for the use of your downtrodden ancestral people in the long forgotten villages of Kenya?


We seek to INQUIRE further:

(i) What is the POLITICAL ECONOMY of the "downtrodden ancestral people in the long forgotten villages of Kenya?"

Awaiting some "enlightenment," we leave to enjoy:

Bring back the money with the sign of the Lion money,

The Lion DOLLARS (FOR BUILDING TOILETS in KIBERA) can't satisfy good WANTS and NEEDS of "downtrodden ancestral people in the long forgotten villages of Kenya."

Anonymous said...

this is one of those silly blogs where only the 'chosen few' can post an article, the rest have to resort to shortcuts. Anyway, virtual economist, this one is for you, in case you haven't stumbled upon it yet

You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum!

Anonymous said...


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