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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What You Didn’t Know: Virginity Can Easily Be Restored

Kumekucha Weekend Features
For centuries a very important do-or-die part of a wedding was where the man would get a moment in private with his bride and penetrate her for the very first time. This would be done under supervision by elders and close to white sheets which would naturally be bloodied and then brought out and displayed before all the distinguished guests. Only then would the Champagne be brought out so to speak. No bloody sheets no wedding, it was as simple as that.

Indeed this is still being practiced in many cultures the world over. But still, today most of the world has changed and virgins are an extremely endangered species, some would say they are almost extinct. Or so you may have thought.

And you would be wrong in this assumption because the truth is that the number of virgins are currently growing at break neck speed courtesy of a simple surgical procedure that completely restores a woman’s virginity and thus destroys any evidence that any man has ever been there before. What is left of the hymen is stitched together and reconstructed in a simple procedure called hymenorraphy. In cases where the hymen is not enough, additional tissue from the vaginal wall is used to make a complete hymen and restore precious virginity to any lass who wants it back.

Done properly, even another doctor examining the woman will be fooled and certify her a virgin medically.
Woman violently rapes man until he lands in hospital Video
Although this procedure is not considered a part of gynecology, it is making some shrewd surgeons a fortune literally overnight. More so in cultures where there can be no wedding without a hymen. It is also widely available in some plastic surgery centres in the West and especially in the United States.

Some pretty amazing statistics are being touted by supporters of this crafty cheat-a-man-and-get-your-own-back procedure. It is said that it has been single-handedly responsible for reducing the number of women being murdered when a bride is found not to be a virgin, by a staggering 80 percent in Egypt alone over the last 10 years. Wow!!

But even more fascinating is a deft touch added to the procedure. Apart from reconstructing the hymen, a gelatin capsule which contains a blood-like substance is added for effect. And so when the hymen is ruptured by the cheated man “blood” spurts out. Probably enough to soak a good white sheet and delight the wedding guests about to take in Nyama choma and bloody mutura. (what an appetizer the virgin blood on the sheets must be!).

This fake but effective virginity costs between US $100 and $600. At least that is what women in Egypt are gladly paying. In Turkey getting your virginity back is estimated to cost between $140 and $1500 a pop.

Now there are a host of issues that are raised by this procedure. Proponents point to the fact that there are many ways the hymen can be accidentally “punctured” even without sexual intercourse and this procedure has saved the lives of many innocent women who have never had sex but still end up dying on their wedding night any way. Critics point to the obvious fact that a lot of men will get cheated. But then many women will counter back that women get cheated all the time by men who never have to carry any visible and obvious signs that they are not virgins.

I can already see the advertisements for this procedure which should be with us very soon;

- Cause a man to worship you, get married virgin even if your immediate former profession was an escort girl.
- Get the wedding night that was intended for you from the beginning of time.
- Get your own back on men prove to him that you are a virgin while being careful not to cause him a heart attack.

In neighboring Zanzibar it is common for young girls under intense pressure to have only anal sex with their boyfriends until their wedding night. The health repercussions of this kind of sexual activity, which includes passing stool without any control, are enormous. And so those who can afford a flight to Egypt and $100 will have another way of having their cake and eating it as well.

Surely the end of the world is not too far off!!

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Anonymous said...

good one!

Anonymous said...

Chris! I laughed so much while reading this, you've managed to instil a humorous effect to what is a matter of life and death to many women but do i say. Brightened up the week ahead LOLEST!

Taabu said...


You must have learnt plenty in your escapades in Tz and Ugunja. That said ever heard of HONOUR KILLING? Well, you have mentioned Egypt+Turkey that is what it is called. Many have even exported that to the west.

Hypocracy packaged as tradition/religion is all it is. BTW do you in Kenya certian tribes go a step fruther and when the man is out on a long safari he STITCHES his property lest somebody samples. Believe you me ist is true and never beleived it till in the 1990s when one used MANILA to secure goods.

On another note brace yourself for e-cop's wrath now that you have made him skip church and induced FOUL mood on the guy.

Anonymous said...

Luka my broda,

Thank you for your views which have been duly noted by my other bosses (readers).

BTW virgins who are over 40 years are rare but you make them sound commonplace in your remarks. Please clarify.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

To be or not to be certified as a virgin bride on one's wedding day (night) is a terrifying ordeal that's forces many young women from certain cultural backgrounds into automatic survivalist mode, years or even months before their wedding date is agreed upon by the soon to be united or related families by arranged marriage.

While what some men do not know wouldn't hurt their enormous egos on their wedding nights and for the rest of their married lives.

So, why is there such an enormous demand for virginity and the high social price tag attached to it among some cultures?

The demands of reality on the virgin brides as well as the bride families are simply a case where some of us do not like dealing with troublesome issues such as the unquestioned requirements for virginity in the so called our modern era?

By the way, Kumekucha, an expected tidal wave of moral criticism is yet to start flooding your way, given the fact that one of the things we seem to be most uncomfortable with is a question - why the mandated bias women's virginity on wedding nights - to which no one tries to give an answer, let alone raise in public, or confront us with.

But different people respond to issues of cultural virginity, religious virginity and medically enhanced virginity in different ways.

Just let questions - why not a virginity requirement for both bride and groom? - out there, and there is almost no end to the different kinds of reponses that will be given.

Anonymous said...

Why don't the wasafiri use the famous specialized portion of kamoti that has been runoured to keep owners' estates loyally guarded, while keep would be intruders at bay?

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't Jesus born in Kenya? Because God couldn't find a Virgin....

(and 3 wise men!,,,,,and it would take too long to form a commission of inquiry, and various tribes would disagree in which county he would be delivered.......)

Anonymous said...

....But you forgot to add vitginity CANNOT be restored to a woman who have given birth.

Anonymous said...

what about virginoplasty for women who have gone through childbirth?

Anonymous said...

Virginity test or whatever is a weapon to de-humanize women. How come men are not expected to be virgin at the wedding night or any other time?

Women have a long way to gone in this macho ridden society.

Time for women to stand up and stop this exploitation by men!!

Anonymous said...

12:48 AM

Perhaps Jesus wasn't born in Kenya because God could not find a Joseph. There was no-one man enough in the entire male population of Kenya to be the guardian parent/father of Jesus.

Kenyan men are self-absorbed, egomastic, narcissistic, irresponsible, good-for-nothing fathers! OUCH!

Anonymous said...

If Jesus was born to a Kenyan foster father I can guarrantee you Jesus would have been abandoned by His philandering step/foster father!!
By contrast with Joseph, he had a stable upbringing-- learning His father's trade of carpenterntry which provided much needed income for his family (and also paying tax to Ceasar.)

Hakuna kungojea ati serikali itatusaidia.

Taabu said...

Time for women to stand up and stop this exploitation by men!!


Well utangoja. The answer lies in the Nancy-Kerubo saga, Women are their own worst enemies. Imagine men consipire against them, make rules for them and the same women will militantly defend the same selfish rules under the superflous dictates quoting religion and/or tradition.

And it pervades all cultures. A Jewish (orthodox) woman cannot leave her home when she is on her periods because she is considered impure and will never dare step in synagogue. Mark you the biological process being trashed here is synonymous with new life. What is more, a Jewish man cannot shake the hands of ANY woman.

Cross over and the Saudis ban women drivers because in their warped minds engaging a gear is akin to simulating sex. Add that to the fact that women's testimony is not admissible in court because they are emotional/kiddish. LOL

Simply put many men still live in the dark ages of so-called partriach society. Example is a Kenyan tribe where when a man calls at the gate asking kama kuna watu and the wowman of the home answers hakuna mtu ni mimi na watoto tu. What is more her own teenage son refers to her as mama X (sibling) because calling her mum is to elevate her to an adult status.

All this hogwash about virginity is only meant to expand man's ego. The paradox is women will scream to defend the same abuse on them.
At the risk of stirring an hornet's nest one is told to cover her jewels and walk in a TENT lest she attempts the man and the militants will stone a raped teenage girl for tempting the rapist.

Well, the church is no different either but that is is a thesis for another day.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:21AM said
"Virginity test or whatever is a weapon to de-humanize women...."
Ahh yes, the rogue anti-male basher is finally here with us again, Happy New Year to you fellow.
I was seriously wondering where you had disappeared to?and on a related note How is your brother the anti-black race basher doing? my regards to him/her/them/it

Moving on to your pet peeve subject, so exactly in what ways do you suggest women Humanize themselves? we are listening, go ahead and teach us, some of us might learn something. And you know this blog is full of men commenting here so you will be preaching to the choir without any opposition to challenge your assumptions. Speak up Sir...

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:48 AM
There was not a single adult Kenyan male gullible enough to be duped into taking on a such role at the time (BC) - before the child wwas born. So the search was then shifted from the original Garden of Eden (the one time glorious East African Highlands) to another foresaken region not far from the Dead Sea where single adult males were willing to do anything in order to survive, and at the same time gain a guaranteed spot in the after-life as their tradition dictated at the time.

Anonymous said...

Time for the women to stand up and stop this exploitation by men!

Where in the world did that commentator ever learn about the way our women work, let alone relate to each other?

The IDPs are still waiting for their fellow Kenyan women from all walks of life to stand up, come to their over due rescue and stop the ongoing political as well as ethnic exploitation of their situation?

Where are the women to stand up and stop the popagation of FGM, including the commercial exploitation of minors who find themselves caught up or trapped within the vicious vice - underworld - of the tourisim industry along the coastal region of Kenya and in the capital city of Nairobi?

And where are the real women of courage, compassion and worth their salt, to stand up, speak out and stop the half-a-century old exploitation of Kerubo Moraras of Kenya and rest East Africa?

Anonymous said...

The elevation of womanhood and suppression of womanhood are interwined, so we all need to know how to enhance the elevation and reducse the suppression that results from our actions.

Anonymous said...

Some of us don't know why we let some of the comments about the overated issue of virginity bother us so much.

Why do we allow or let some of the remarks made with regard to obligated virginity in certain cultures irritate the hell right into us?

Take, for instance, the screaming headlines; Kenyan men - men in general - are this and that and that, therefore...!

Well, well. Are most people self-absorbed? YES! Egomastic? The jury is still out on that one.

Egomaniacs? Look no further because some of the notorious egotists live right onto the branches of our very own family trees.

Narcissistic? Yes! Some men are but one would be surprised and shocked to find out that their female counterparts top the list.

How so? Just walk into any hair salons, beauty parlours, make-up-stations, stands or perfume sections in any departmental store. What do you see?

Irresponsible? Yes, some men have been known to abdicate their parental duties for whatever wrong reasons.

But it doesn't let the women off the hook nor excuse their irresponsibility as well.

Why would a woman have a child(ren) with a man, then turn around and expect another man or surrogate - temporary dad for hire - to step in?

Good-for-nothing fathers! Wow! Was that uttered from experience, as in from the depth of the heart of a fatherless daughter if that's the case - I assume it's not - with you?

Well, can't wait find out what countless of motherless sons and daughters have to say about their predicament?

Anonymous said...

Education makes people fools because they forget God.

Always refer back to the manufacturer. The fact that God made it such that a woman who breaks her virginity cannot hide it while there is no way of telling if a man is a virgin or not speaks volumes.

Think about it.

Secondly the consequences of a woman having sex are much more grave than a man having sex. No?

Anonymous said...

In the mind of the anti-male bashers there is actually no difference between the non Kenyan male and the Kenyan male In general all men are responsible for women's problems.As usual the blame game goes round with no end in sight like a dog chasing its tail

At the extreme opposite of the pendulum the anti-female basher sees no difference between the non kenyan femals and the kenyan female. all Women are equally "deceptive, conwomen, hearbreakers etc..."

what both of these 2 extremist groups fail to realize is we do not live in Mars or Venus we live on earth.Men and Women need each other it is that simple.

That is why learning to live together and get along with other people is of paramount importance. No other people skill is as important. The world is bigger than male/female extremists and their far left/far right wing views

Anonymous said...

...woman who breaks her virginity...

Break, lose, misplace, or give-away? Or those whose virginty is taken away by no fault of their own?

There is no way of telling if a man is a virgin or not...

It's so easy to establish if a man has lost his so-called virginity without ever sending a probe into his sperm ducts, or even in the inside of the scrotum to ascertain it.

I hate to remind some people that men do lose their so-called version of virginity the moment they experience their passive nocturnal emissions during the most critical ages of fourteen and fifteen years. PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

Now 'MALISTS' are out in full swing refering us to God for making man an undetectatble cassanova. Just like they make laws for women the macho men are out here speaking for women. Man and woman are different biologically SO WHAT?

The fact that you have a PROJECTION and totesterone does not make you sit on and selfish demand purity from the owner of a DEPRESSION while you go about chasing anything in a skirt.

Equality is not as simplistic as PROJECTION-DEPRESSION devide.

Anonymous said...

On a side note, I don't mean to take pleasure in the anguish brought about by increased cultural demands for virgin brides on their wedding days.

Lest we forget that fact that the West has it's own illusions and demands for longevity and extreme beauty that is gained at very high costs and pains to the wannabe beauty queens.

How many of us are willing to stand up and speak up on behalf of western women who don't see through the spin of cosmetics.

Talking of breast and butt implants from 20something years through the 40s, botox at 30, lasers at 40.

And who knows what's in store for all groups of women with regard to the latest teched-out procedures to slow time?

The list is endless, starting from stem cell facial, vampire face-lift, stimulation new collagen, synthetic volume-enhancing fillers, needling or dermarolling, which is bloodier than a surgical procedure that completely restores a woman's virginity.

Wrinkle-smoothing deep-tissue chemical peels and a wide range of less-invasive laser treatments that help deliver wannabe everlasting-beauty-queens from the ancient curse of wrinkles and looking older than they desire to be seen and admired in the public.

According to one renowned demarlogist, People here will put up with the most anything if they don't to suffer that post-operative recovery.

All in all, some of our cocerned Kenyan young women will opt to go through with complete restoration of their misplaced virginity if they don't have to embarrass, disappoint, shame, and dishonour their families in the process.

Anonymous said...

Women have always decived/cheated men since the begining of the time.

Anyone recall the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden?

Anyone read the story of Lot, Abraham's brother who was raped by his 2 daughters?(Genesis 19:30-38)

Anonymous said...

If learning to live together and get along were of paramount importance then most of the same families or people who come from the family tree or are biologically linked would have done a better job with regard to living in harmony by now. One of the hardest truth in life and especially in the world of 'Gender Conflicts or Wars' to accept is that much of the time, our predicaments aree of our own making. BTW, has the human species ever gone to Mars or Venus reported back life is over there?

Anonymous said...

Only in Muslim countries virginity is valued. Simply because in Islam women are treated as the lowest of the low. And then there is this delusion of 72 virgins in heaven - a delusion that has caused grown up men to blow themselves up killing as many infidels as possible in hope of screwing virgins.

Anonymous said...

The theory being boldly propagated and pushed forward here by the mostly {male} population of Kumekucha reader's is that even if there was life to be discovered in Mars or Venus and you put human beings there to live you would still have problems between men and women and each would be accusing the other gender for being the root and bane of their woes

Well problems are natural to life.But the blame game is only unique to one species i.e. the human race. We will always look for scapegoats and sacrificial goats to take the blame where we don't want to take responsibility

The "it is everyone's fault except mine" syndrome is not unique to either men or women however those who are most successful in life if they are honest with the reason for their success in any field or endeavor will admit that as a human being you cannot make it on your own.

Number 2 as a human being you cannot live without the other gender. this should be self-evident but sometimes common sense is not so common as the popular catchphrase goes. It is easy to have relational problems with the opposite sex, it is more difficult to learn how to live compatibly with either gender

That is why each year Psychologists and other human behavior experts churn out hundreds of books each year on male-female relationships. It is sadly a case of forever learning but never improving LOL

Mwarang'ethe said...

And it pervades all cultures. A Jewish (orthodox) woman cannot leave her home when she is on her periods because she is considered impure and will never dare step in synagogue. Mark you the biological process being trashed here is synonymous with new life. What is more, a Jewish man cannot shake the hands of ANY woman.


The African Teacher can only observe with A SMILE because, the LESSONS of history teaches us that:

- family started with the women being absolutely dominant and governing human family for many thousands of years.

- women were bossing and running the society for:


(b) no one HEEDED them.

- this was so because, there was no monogamous family, or, no family at all as we know it.

- so, ONLY the mother was recognized:

(a) as the owner,

(b) and protector of the child,

(c) and the son was named after the mother with no relations at all with the father or the father’s family.

- these EXAMPLES WERE still in existence in the 18th and 19th Century in Australia, in Marianne Islands, in Fiji, Tonga and the Caroline Islands, the natives of Chinese province Keangse, the Nairs of Malabar.

- You can see the same stuff in the POLYANDRY of Tibet.

- also, very many AFRICAN tribes as well as the Basques of FRANCE, women inherited property to the exclusion of males as late as the 18th Century.

- In Egypt:

(a) DAUGHTERS were COMPELLED BY LAW to maintain their parents,

(b) while the sons were free to do what they wanted.


Let us enter Hellenic/Greece period/world B.C.

- Woman is now confined in the HOUSE.

- She is in VEIL.

NB: This is the GENESIS of the Arab/Islamic VEILS.
As usual, those who know no history will tell you it is Islamic. Yes, it is Islamic if Greeks were Muslims.

NB: In Sparta, we find women more free than in Athens that was "democratic."

Ironically, in the militaristic Sparta, women had more freedom than men who were enslaved in their military system.

NB: At least the Romans have removed the veil.

- Woman cannot go to the market without a slave in Greece world. As it is still in Arabia.

In other words, the woman has now become the prisoner.

Anyway, we were just noting that, perhaps, at the BACK of MEN'S mind, they know something of an ANCIENT COUP.

NB: Do you hear Kikuyu's say, they are NYUMBA YA MUMBI?


What does it teach thee?

If you read that fable carefully, you will learn that:

The 9 gals, Wanjiku, Wanjiru, Wanjeri, Wambui, Wangari, Wacera, Waithera, Wairimu, and Nyambura, grew into beautiful young women.

And, then, you will hear that, they WANDERED in SEARCH of men so that they could bear children.

Anyway, since history is waste of time, we leave to enjoy:

No Woman No Cry:

Anonymous said...

Wanjiku, Wanjiru, Wanjeri, Wambui, Wangari, Wacera, Waithera, Wairimu, and Nyambura,wandered in search of men.....hmmmmm. so they needed men back then. today you will find:-
Wanjiku pinching Wanjiru on the nose,
Wanjeri claiming to be the second wife of... alongside Wambui, Wangari pulling out a gun on Wacera,
Waithera fighting over male Olympic champion runners with Wairimu,
and Nyambura...she has a certain style. for more details ask K24

the lesson from the African Teacher is Women need to learn to get along with each other.

Wangu wa Makeri said...

I cannot believe the very heart of feminity is being discussed here by male chauvunists!
Chris, delete this post at once!

Anonymous said...

typical woman's reaction @Anon 1:02PM
is this why woman are to be seen not....

Anonymous said...

Huh! Handles that do surface at very predictable times leaves one going #####. When did the issue of Virginity Can Easily Be Restored get whittled down to the usual same old same old cyclical alteractions between diehard gender advocates?FYI, the divorce rate among the so-called psychologists and psychiatrists in so high. Four out of five psychologists and psychiatrists are divorced. Crosscheck, etc. What's the point of engaging in the fruitless activity of obtaining knowlegde for the sake of ######?

Anonymous said...

LOL! What corporation owns the exclusive rights to the very vortex of a particular gender? What type of feminity? The opportunistic, predatory, sedentary, etc. kind or what?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that we can log on to Kumekucha or just wonder through open doors, thanks to Chris, browse comments and get so angry at all people and suspected closeted chauvinists who say unpleasant things, while we remain oblivious to our own sordid underbelly of outbursts of chauvinistic indignation?

Anonymous said...

Now Now Now,
Let us be truthful and realistic please. we know there are no women who leave comments in Kumekucha. The so called "closeted Chauvinists" are so closeted that actually they are men posing as women with fake monikers and handles.

This is why there is no need for anyone to break a capillary artery from the comments they read here, especially if you are a man and you are busy telling women about their own bodies.

Just imagine the double standards if the roles were reversed and the stereotyping that would be taking place now if women were to post "What You Didn't Know: Men Virility/Dysfunction Can Be Easily Restored"

Anonymous said...

Mwanamke anayeranda randa ovyo ovyo huitwa malaya.Mwanamume anayeshilianan na wanawake wengi sana mara kwa mara huitwa shujaa,jogoo.That is our society.The expectation an by creation woemen should be pure and me should not;otherwise why did God choose to create women in such a way that purity was evident unlike men.
God did not trust women at all after the Adama and Eve incident.He put in place measure to ensuure that women will not lie.

Anonymous said...

Regaling people with Jewish folklore (Bible) as facts is intellectual laziness. Remove the blinkers and respect women as equals, PERIOD.

Ati God distrusted man after the Eve-Adam event. So what we see is a revision? Pathetic chauvinist distorting facts to advance debased theories. SHAME.

Being obsessed with irrelevant Sumarian history ati women used to head families is nothing but another attempt trying too hard to sound knowledgable. Why do you sell comsmetics? LOL

Anonymous said...

@12:21 AM
Your _____ did not hold water, in other words it failed to cut the mustard to clear the custard as some gynecologists (at medical schools) would say. Could you repeat it again?

"If you are a man and you are busy telling women about their own bodies" Mmmmmmmmmm!

What would the following male physicians (of there female physicians just in case I forgot to mention) have to say about your well cultivated worldview?

Pysicians like Dr. Karanja, Dr. Wang'ombe, Dr. Wanambisi, Dr. Chacha, Dr. Gichana, Dr. Imran, Dr. D'souza, Dr. Kiplagat, Dr. Lepekeres, Dr. Mwademe, Dr. Mbalani, Dr. Semul, Dr. Aganyanya, Dr. Mwangangi, Dr. Cheruiyot, Dr. Kiprono, Dr. Ong'rya, Dr. Choto, Dr. Wambida, Dr. Osoro (not their real names) but are gynecologists who having taking care of their patients since the 1980s.

"Would you like to let them know about something that you think you know they don't know nad must know about women's bodies?"

Does the above mentioned qulify me as a "closeted chauvinist ..." in the greater scheme of things, to borrow your favourite term.

Anonymous said...

All these chauvinists posts only succeed to confirm that while women may be petty, men suffer chronic INSECURITY which makes them lord over others suffocating their victims with selfish laws. All else is pretense and thinly veiled attempt to disguise this insecurity.

Anonymous said...

So when we, the victims, are incensed at the chronic INSECURITY, suffocating laws and veiled chauvinistic insecurity of others, we must first examine ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12:21 AM
Hold your horses just for one minute. I don't mean to interrupt your triumphant chest thumping by stealing your thunder or as it were snatching the prey out of your mouth but let us also examine your attempt to deconstruct supposed worldviews which are simply nothing more than male founded opinions

Thank you for the internet research of listed male physicians Pysicians (Dr. Karanja, Dr. Wang'ombe, Dr. Wanambisi, Dr. Chacha, Dr. Gichana, Dr. Imran, Dr. D'souza, Dr. Kiplagat, Dr. Lepekeres, Dr. Mwademe, Dr. Mbalani, Dr. Semul, Dr. Aganyanya, Dr. Mwangangi, Dr. Cheruiyot, Dr. Kiprono, Dr. Ong'rya, Dr. Choto, Dr. Wambida, Dr. Osoro)those are men who are in a profession(in this case of gynecology) and they are not arm chair spectators and commentators who are pandering to the whims of a male dominated, ruled and controlled blog talking about the female body with as much authority as the Virginity surgeon themselves

You and i on the other hand yes i would like to know about something that you think you know about women's bodies outside of your "experiences" with the female species. maybe you are a gynecological thinking type of person too?

And don't worry about whether you are a "closeted chauvinist ..." I suspect you are but my opinion doesn't count. You are a man. To the feminist extremist worldview you were born a chauvinist the day your chromosome turned was confirmed XY LOL

Anonymous said...

Did someone touch a raw nerve? Or was it Kumekucha's reminder about readily available alternatives to a centuries-old tradition that is responsible for the pinched nerve itching for a shadow fight?.

"That actually they are men posing as women with fake monikers and handles":

1/16/12 09:30 AM
1/16/12 09:43 AM
1/16/12 11:01 AM
1/16/12 11:29 AM
1/17/12 04:08 AM
1/17/12 12:21 AM
1/17/12 06:27 AM

"You can fool some people sometimes but you can't fool all the people all the time." - Bob Marley.

What a charade! What a character! What a way to go!

Anonymous said...

The "closeted chauvinists" have now joined forces with the "Malists" and are in cohorts with the anti-male bashers working hard to remove all objectivity and logical reasoning from this dogmatist post which has over 90% comments from male gender with strong paternal biases and heavy androgenic overtones

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:27 AM
[@Associates Ob-Gyn c/o Kumekucha.]

Would like me to present to you - and I - the latest scientific clincal paractices and technological advancements in Obstetrics and Genecology and to provide "take home" information for your practice?

By the way, it's not an internet research of listed physicians. Re: "(not their real names)".

Over and out!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! There we go again. A concentrated retro diet of pseudo-feminist thought and intellectual effluents have found their way into the original post ["What You Didn't Know: Virginity Can Easily Be Restored"]. Kudos!!!

Anonymous said...

I really wonder if all the men who commented on "Virginity can Easily Be Restored" bothered to even ask the opinion of their better half/girlfriend/wife/fiance/sister/cousin before rushing to make comments here but there you go, that is the typical male approach way of looking at things and doing things i.e. "I wear the trouser I can speak for myself and for that one wearing the dress"

Anonymous said...

Kijana, 'wearing a trouser' is a complete no-brainer in this day and age, especially fifty years after the likes of the late Prof. Wangari Maathai and 100 other Kenyan women wore American Khaki trousers for the first time while on field and lab research. Why don't you help counsel young Kenyan women and men with your love for your field of expertise? Try and achieve extraordinary improvements in your field of expertise by supporting the brightest minds in research, as well as foster a richer research culture in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, etc. Leave the dark forces of chauvinism to wallow in their own misery, while you channel your energy into something positive for a change.

Anonymous said...

anon ^^..good observation about raila's sister. As usual KK is keeping a low profile and will not touch this story.
Anyone remembers that Chris had promised last year to release a damning expose on corruption of Raila? Well, Chris went underground and reappeared with other silly stories unrelated to the sleaze he had dared to expose. Seems the opinion poll president has many sympathizers but his charms are not working any more..the 70 year old fellow will have to retire with his bosom buddy Kibaki..
Now that will be a happy day!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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