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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Regret Mini Skirt I Was Wearing During Imara Daima Carjacking Ordeal

Woman Motorists’ Imara Daima Rape Ordeal Told In Her Own Words

I will never forget that fateful Friday near Imara Daima estate when the most terrible thing that can ever happen to any woman happened to me.

We were happily driving along with my boyfriend and chatting and making plans for the weekend. We had already had a few drinks but the night was still young. My boyfriend was on the passenger seat next to mine and his window was open because he was smoking.

It happened so fast when we slowed down at a bump. I just saw the muzzle of a menacing gun pointed at my boyfriends’ head. “Simama!” the carjacker barked. I slammed on the brakes the whole thing surreal to me.

They were four of them, all very young and one even looked like he was in primary school. My boyfriend was pushed to the back seat of my car and one of them, a very burl guy sat on the front seat facing me with his gun.

We drove on as they took our wallets, mobile phones and even my brand new tablet which I had in the car then. I was dressed as most would be dressed for a Friday night out with a mini skirt and regretted it as the guy kept on looking at my thighs.

After some time the driver ordered me to slow down. I heard the door at the back open and they pushed out my boyfriend onto the road and ordered me to drive on and gather speed. I was too terrified to even think but still wondered why they had done this. I did not wait for long to find out. The burly guy asked me to slow down in some dark side alley a few minutes later. I obeyed.

He looked at me menacingly and ordered me to remove my panties. I was both scared and horrified and really begged him not to do what he wanted to do but my pleas fell on deaf ears. Not even my tears had any impact.

Three of them raped me and none of them used a condom. It seemed to last forever but finally it was over. They then dumped me and drove off in my car.
Fortunately I was able to get help from a boda boda who was passing by and he took me to a police station. The cops didn't seem shocked or concerned but thank God my boyfriend had already reported the matter to the same station and left his number behind.

We had been robbed of everything and I did not have a cell phone to call him, all the cops said they did not have airtime for me to call. The same bodaboda guy left to buy some airtime and we called my friend who came immediately and took me to hospital. I was treated cleaned and put on ARVs for a month to protect me from HIV and birth control pills to protect me from pregnancy. It took me a while to get over all this but being safe from HIV and pregnancy brought back my strength and I am now happily married.

When this happens to you do not be ignorant. Seek medical help and fight to be safe.

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Harriet Wambui said...

Thats a serious incident and all people who are involved should all seek for attention immediately. Its always advisable to talk out of experience in order to educate and encourage others.

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