Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Special: Woman rapes man until he lands in hospital; Video


Female rape suspects arrested as Mombasa gang of women rapists go on the rampage

Woman has epileptic fit every time she tries to have sex

Gangsters hijack Matatu & Force Male Passengers on Female Passengers As They Watch

Kenya Beauty Queens Who Lost Launch Facebook Page To Expose Their Colleagues For Spreading Their Legs To Win


Taabu said...


Now that you have provoked Luka ole wako.

That said, the man functioned for three days and got paid with a pair of jeans. The lady is top notch to feed him viagra.

The lady should relocate to Zimbabwe where women often rape men to harvest sperms.

kumekucha said...

Habari ya weekend fellow pensioner,

I have braced myself and installed the necessary padding.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Mess Olga and you end up in hot water, mess with Natasha and your wallet and bank accounts ends in the red. Why denounce Olga for trying to take matters into her own hands? Where were the police when she needed them most? She may have just become fed up with guys raidng and robbing her saloon.

Anonymous said...

Two or four hours, or even a single payback session would have been appropriate to teach the thieving thug a memorable lesson, but Olga went too far in extending the teachable moment up to three days.

Self-driven women like Olga tend to forget that men just like women in general need to shower and tidy up themselves every so often after the fact. They even get bruised like any other mortals made of flesh, veins and blood.

Olga's marathon session was uncalled for, two wrongs do not make it right, and she rightly deserves to be prosecuted for kidnapping, unlawful dentention, taking law into her own hands, and assault with an unconventional deadly weapon.

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