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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Verdict on the Ocampo 6: Evidence the ICC Should Not Miss

BREAKING NEWS: ICC Confirms charges against 4 of the 6

We have been told that the Kenyan anti-riot police are on full alert in readiness for the announcement by the ICC on whether the Ocampo 6 will stand trial or not.


Why should anybody riot and cause chaos when some super rich (ill-gotten wealth) Kenyan individual is found to have a case to answer in a court of law that has to be more impartial than the Kenyan judicial system which has time and again declared that our corrupt leaders are actually clean "Kama pamba"?

The answer should be obvious. Only a tribal war Lord can provoke that kind of reaction (or is it organize those kind of chaos). No?

And that is exactly the kind of evidence that the ICC should be looking for to strengthen their case when they confirm the charges against the Ocampo 6 shortly.

So let them bring it on. Let them go into the streets and cause chaos and give us a glimpse of exactly the kind of things they got up to in January 2008. ICC prosecutors please pay close attention.

* *

Folks are asking me to make a prediction on what the ICC verdict will be and I don't think it is fair for me to do so. But what I can say is that the evidence against two individuals (both presidential candidates) is so overwhelming that if they go scott free then all 6 should go free.


Anonymous said...

mutual kilonzo dares the warlords:

Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo has dismissed assertions by two presidential aspirants that they will campaign for the top seat irrespective of the International Criminal Court ruling over the post election violence.

Mr Kilonzo said Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto pronouncements that an ICC indictment would not halt their presidential ambitions was the height of impunity.

"It is just impunity because you can't take a court of law for granted and we don't know what the court will say," said the Justice minister during the launch of the East African Centre for Human Rights at the Hotel Intercontinental, Nairobi Wednesday.

He said it was "extremely presumptuous to take for granted a court order that has not been issued when they did not know what the judges will say”.

Mr Kilonzo said going by their utterances, the two had shown that they did not have much regard for the Constitution.

"It is unfortunate they appear to say that Chapter Six of the Constitution has no meaning and also ridiculous that they appear to say that the Public Officer Ethics Act has no meaning."

Chapter Six deals with leadership and integrity of state officers.

He urged Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto to refrain from making any presumptuous assumptions with regard to the ICC ruling, expected any time, and to consult their lawyers and “listen to careful legal advice"......

Anonymous said...

Mutula is right

Tell me where else apart from Hague that Uhuru has travelled. I mean any official tour outside Kenya since the ICC case started.

If,and God forbid he was to be elected President (a dream),which leader in any other government in the world would agree to meet an international murdere,rapist

Even kifaki found it very difficult to travel outside Africa after the !thief" tag

Kenyans should get serious and get a leader who can discharge duties without any restrictions

It is the name of Kenya as a nation at risk if Kenyans are not careful.

Anonymous said...

Wacha kutuenjoy Chris.
The hottest story out there is about the sister of one raila amolo odinga embezzling millions of shillings from Kenya Railway pension funds.

Why are you trying to bury that news with this old ICC thingie...

and where is your damning expose of Raila's corruption that you promised last year ama you think your leaders have the memory of sheep???????

Kwani ODM is paying you chris???????

Anonymous said...

anon ^^..good observation about raila's sister. As usual KK is keeping a low profile and will not touch this story.
Anyone remembers that Chris had promised last year to release a damning expose on corruption of Raila? Well, Chris went underground and reappeared with other silly stories unrelated to the sleaze he had dared to expose. Seems the opinion poll president has many sympathizers but his charms are not working any more..the 70 year old fellow will have to retire with his bosom buddy Kibaki..
Now that will be a happy day!!

Anonymous said...

Raila's Sister is a common thief.We see many in Kenya

Chris knows what is hotter of the two.
This ICC will also have a major effect on Kenya.

Raila's sister-free or in jail will not change anything in Kenya,unless Raila get caught up in it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Chris! you promised us juicy storos this year, why the sideshows, dish the dirt on Beryl Odinga, bett and kumur.

Anonymous said...

The anti-Raila bashers are out in full effect to derail the post "Verdict on Ocampo 6: Evidence the ICC should not miss" as if bashing Raila will save their preferred presidential candidates from facing trial at the International Criminal Court

Go ahead and shout all you want about Raila's sister - by the way you do know she will be found "safi kama pamba" in our "corrupt" judicial courts as Chris Kumekucha has pointed out?

Your preferred presidential candidates on the other hand...well lets just say Trendafilova Ekaterina is no Nancy Baraza LOL!

E-COP said...

ati tribal war Lord? hio ni bure kabisa,you are INDIRECTLY ACCUSING Kenyans of being at the ROOT of electing BAD LEADERSHIP

we know WHO we want to lead us (remember no peace) Tread CAREFULLY BRO there is a thin line between TRIBAL WAR LORDS and TRIBAL VOT.......shutup stupid!

Taabu said...


Why are you stuck with this movie-like story? Bill and UK are going nowhere and they have reminded all and sundry that game on ICC conviction or not.

Accusing them of murder and rape is Mauhood movie. And as for integrity, ethics and morality well they all have a local price ama?

Mutula is just playing smart to pave way for Stevo. And Raila must not be left out of this because IT IS ALL HIS FAULT. You don't befriend Ocampo for nothing. So please make sure you rope Raila in in all related posts for FAIRNESS.

PS: Please confirm or deny that you are have been appointed URP's communication director and Luka is the Diaspora king. LOL

Phil said...

ati the hottest story is which one?

Soma hapa

Anonymous said...

You want my predictions for 2012?

3 kenyan political leaders will die in this year 2012.

Mark my words............

Anonymous said...

even phil of jukwaa comes to defecate in kk!! ole wetu

Anonymous said...

Kwani Jukwaa ni hell people from there should be vacuumed first?

Anonymous said...

Political evil - murderous mayhem and utter chaos - engineered by tribal war Lords [politicians and businessmen] and then carried out by their lieutenants [henchmen] and legions of blissfully ignorant tribal foot soldiers have always followed a cyclical pattern.

And will simply continue to destroy the country when it - political evil - is not admitted, accepted and those responsible - rank and file - are not brought to justice.

While the rest of us have a matching responsibility to be honest about our collective as well as individual actions when political evil and ethnic violence erupts.

Talking of the type of political evil and ethnic violence that we are always caught up in as majority of us struggle between the good that we would do - that we do and not do - and the evil that we do not want to do but somehow slips out and happens during and after every general elections in Kenya.

As Kenyans from all walks of life, we keep setting ourselves up for major political, economic, ethnic disappointments and untold anguish when we try to pretend that we are all good, that we as Kenyans are moral, just and kind.

While lying to ourselves that it's the others - ethnicities, political parties, people - that are evil by all standards known to us since we gained independence.

The eagerly awaited 'Virdeict On the Ocampo 6' will be another huge disappointment and utter failure for many of us if the real root causes of our nation's political, ethnic, economic and social state of sordid affairs that continue to sink the country deeper into a quagmire of inequality, hatred, violence and lawlessness are not constrained and tackled head-on by all means.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to the likes of Mutula Kilonzo, his camouflaged pronouncements on the two presidential aspirants, including his chameleon political affiliations, sets him among his fellow opportunists who have been languishing in ministerial positions for far too long.

Here is a man, who now thinks that he is suitable to free the country from impunity by just casually talking about it and pointing figures at Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto?

Mutula Kilinzo seems to have now become the self-anointed knight in shining armour, a champion of justice, truth, freedom, democracy and equity for all Kenyans.

While he continues pandering to his constituents' and political party's every whim, it's evident that there exists a horrible gap between his so-called calculated pronouncements leveled at the two presidential aspirants and his actions since January of 2008, let alone as a justice minister.

In all fairness to Mutula Kilonzo, he is not alone, after all there is often a huge dichotomy between what politicians say and what they do.

What they promise during the elections and what they deliver thereafter.

What they take indirectly from people, corporations, government and what they give back for all intents and purposes.

What they are in public and what they really are behind the scenes, especially in an election year - 2012 - that is bound to be so tense and a timely exit for the already confirmed incompetent incumbents in parliament.

It remains to be found out as to whether Mutula Kilonzo will not only be re-elected but if he will be lucky enough to be among those holding influencial positions of power within the next government - after Hon. Mzee Mwai Kibaki's and Hon. Mr. Raila Odinga's presence has ceased to be at the helm.

Anonymous said...

Has a critical moment ever embraced Kenya, only to let go? As a matter of fact many of us will agree that it has on many crucial occasions only to be squandered by ethnic jostling and political wrangling. Wananchi, let's hope that 2012 will not be one of the squandered moments, regardless of the "Verdict on the Ocampo 6". Here's to all those who will stand up and be counted when it matters most for the country above all else.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"It is just impunity because you can't take a court of law for granted and we don't know what the court will say," said the Justice minister during the launch of the East African Centre for Human Rights at the Hotel Intercontinental, Nairobi Wednesday.


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha hi hi hi we we wi wi

Toooooooooooooo much illiteracy!

Kenyan/African problem is not impunity.

It may APPEAR so to the ILLITERATES and CRIMINALS at the KANGAROO COURT called ICC, and the IVY LEAGUE FOOLS and IDIOTS but, it is not so.

If anyone meets this NOT LEARNED Kilonzo, please REQUEST him to do one thing.

Having made enough money now, he should retire from active NOISE and engage in:

(a) serious STUDY, and

(b) MATURE reflections.

Were he to do as we would recommend, humanity will be forever be grateful for his services.

His name would immortal for as we are taught by a GREAT TEACHER Plato, he would:

"[Behold] beauty with the EYE OF the MIND, he will be enabled to bring forth, NOT IMAGES of beauty, but REALITIES (for he has hold not of an image but of a reality), and bringing forth and nourishing true virtue to become the FRIEND of God and be immortal, if mortal man may."

Otherwise, he may be famous today, but, the future generations will look at him with utter contempt like the Roman lawyers which Jesus dismissed as USELESS.

They were USELESS because, with all their USELESS and CHILDISH learning, their society went into dust.

NB: You may think we are joking. However, should you read their VERY WELL WRITTEN laws on damages to be paid when someone was hit by the FLYING TOILETS, you would realize how foolish they were. Instead of WASTING time framing laws of FLYING TOILETS, they ought to have tackled the CAUSES of that menace.

NB: By the way, over 2000 years later, don't we have the same FLYING TOILET in Kibera? All that is remaining is for Kilonzo's of this era to frame DAMAGES LAWS.

We continue...

How this shall avoid that SAME route, we do not know. However, since our generation SHALL not live to see the COMING BITTER END, who cares for we live like BEASTS who do not care about tomorrow?

Anyway, we know that, society and its institutions has NEVER had a room for GENIUS, but, just the AVERAGE JOE.

This being the case, we leave in a huff to enjoy:

FOOLS die for lack of wisdom:

Anonymous said...

PIG (Paragon of Intellectual Ghosting)

Oh the only oasis of origal knowledge tell them. And please don't quote Plato because that is staff for ILF. You see only you are authentic. You support Boko Haram becoz those who beat you in class to study law are slaves of sinful education. Tell them and quote dead Sumarian folklore punctuated with Rasta songs. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I want the two Major ICC suspects to be indicted, the gods demand a sacrifice in order to grant freedom from 'railaism', the resultant anti Raila backlash will be so massive that Kenya can be assured that THERE WILL NEVER BE A RAILA PRESIDENCY EVER!!! Now that would be a great 2012 gift wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Mutula wants his guy to pitia katikati but this time things are thick either they guy goes out and campaigns or he can forget State House

Anonymous said...

There is a political circle of comrades-in-arms who are still busy hoping against hope for the likelihood that the ICC delivers a verdict that would favour their political equation as they brace themselves for the general elections.

And consequent ascension to the throne at the 'House on the Hill', including unlimited access to the spigots of political power and government coffers.

This particular band of politicians does not care at all about what happens to IDPs and other victims of post-election violence.

They have continued to oppose and ignore any promises made earlier on for most of the culprits to be brought to justice so that they can make full restitution to the victims and suvivors for the injury, lose of property, forced displacement and death of their loved ones.

Any implementation of some sort of restorative justice has never been on their agenda, or on their so-called humanitarian radar screens, nor in their political equation that was hatched the moment it became evident that the 'Ocampo 6' were going to be tried by the ICC.

As a matter of fact, they will not mind at all if their one time faithful, loyal, courageous comrades-in-arms - Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto - end becoming the unwitting victims and scapegoats, simply because the two stand in the way or rather express highway ('bypass') that will lead some of them to the colonial edifice on the hill, now better known as thee State House of power in the whole land(s) of Kenya.

All things taken into, the 'Verdict on the Ocampo 6' will definitely end up becoming an unavoidable double egded sword for the political front runners in 2012 general elections.

Anonymous said...

I had the most horrid dream or was it a nightmare that Uhuru, Ali, Muthaura were to go full trial, and then a huge black smog engulfed the whole region that was so suffocating, dreams don't always come to pass right?

Anonymous said...

Raila has court cases on stolen squatters land in malindi, molasses plant...

Miguna is soon detailing how raila was involved in Maize saga, Triton saga and KKV (kazi kwa vijana) theft.

His sister is in court to answer corruption and theft charges.

His brother in the treasury has court cases too..

Fidel Raila had theft cases in the USA if all the evidence posted in kenyan blogs from the court proceedings is anything to go by.

If this trend is correct and the evidence points to that direction, dont you all think his candidature is a ticking nuclear BOMB???

kenyaone said...

What if icc make no decision, and say that further investigation of all of them is required before a decision is made. What then. Any ideas guys?

Anonymous said...

The story of the feckless dictator's pension-thieving sister's story is a juicy one. Quite like the one about Fidel being a furniture thief in Maryland. It's an election year--brace yourself for all manner of (juicy) stories.

Anonymous said...

Poor Mzee Muthaura! I fear for the octogarian's heart. But again he diserves it otherwise he would have known when to leave and gal his grandkids with tales. Power must be really sweet. As for the blood shot eyed Jomo Jnr money may buy you the bed but not the sleep.

Anonymous said...

Raila this, sijui Raila that! Sadly no one cares or seems to be listening to the anti-Raila squad!

Best of all Ruto and/or Kenyatta is going to prison for a long timeLOL

Anonymous said...

On a side note, kilicho na mwanzo kina mwisho, Eastman Kodak, a 131-year-old film pioneer has filed for bankruptcy protections.

Kwa kweli ya dunia ni mengi because the industry has undergone radical transformation in a 1000 ways unimaginable to the top dogs and folks who once owened or worked at Eastman Kodak during the 1970s and 80s.

Change is the only thing that remains constant.

Anonymous said...

Nauliza, how far can a person or a well known politician stoop in pursuing his or her political desires in 2012/13?

More troubling is the question, how far can a politician who has showcased himself as an upright national leader who is above destructive ethnicity and bigotry end up in unguarded moments where he's heard prematurely celebrating the fate of his nemesis?

Ahaah! No political temptation is too small to take seriously, and what if - what if, what if - the so-called nemesis has five more political lives left?

Anonymous said...

There is alot of activity from pro Karua/Kenyatta/Uhuru hoipolloi on the social media and other online websites with Kenyan content. Nothing but a sign of fear that they are about to experience defeat in their campaigns for presidency. They had better look quickly for alliance willing candidates who will be willing to share the trapping of power with them

Anonymous said...

kenyaone said...

What if the I.C.C makes no decision, and says that further investigation of all of them is required before a decision is made. What then. Any ideas guys?
We go on living. These suspects don't have worries like you or me. So my advice is, lift up your life, Uhuru and company does not put any ugali on our tables

Anonymous said...

I would vote for anything but raila so if the two are indicted the field is left wide open but certainly not for the "tin god from the lake" he is too rusty, I guess that's what happens to tin it rusts. Poor "rusty raila" like his father doomed to never be president its called a "tragedy of fate".

Anonymous said...

Uhuru and company does not put ugali on our tables.

Exactly!! Let alone put left over kiporo in our badly dented bowls.

The arrogant political elite and criminal packs of latter-day political striped hyenas do not care about you, me or the rest of ordinary wananchi.

So, whether the charges of indictment against 'The Ocampo 6' are allowed to stand, or are suspended, or are dimissed, the ICC's deterrent effect to other would-be political offenders in December, 2012 or December, 2017, will have little effect on the ignorant lout, especially the regional rival ethnic militias.

And regardless of the ICC's verdict, what is the posibility of getting the first returnees of let's say ten displaced families back to their rightful homes?

Talking of would be the first returnees under a special government protection plan, for instance ten displaced families - seventy eighty people in number - who lost approximately one hundred and thirty-nine acres of land that was legally owned by them since the early 70s.

Without forgetting hundreds of other victims who perished in red-zones like Naivasha, Naikuru, Kangemi, Kabete, Waginge, Dagoretti, Ruiru, Thika, Limuru, etc. at the hands of well known ethnic militias.

There are those of us who would like to hear arguments from both ends about how the local rival ethnic militias and their low-level leaders - captains, lieutenants and cotmas - should not just be held responsible but dealt with to the fullest extent of law within the Kenyan judicial system.

It's not sheer improbability that Kenya's legal system can not afford to emulate what continues to take place at the ICTR in Arusha, Tanzania as well as in the Gacaca courts all over Rwanda.

All the culprits of the post-election violence should be brought to justice, from top (lords of impunity) to bottom (foot soldiers of impunity) in order to end four-and-half decades of impunity.

Mwarang'ethe said...

kenyaone said...

What if the I.C.C makes no decision, and says that further investigation of all of them is required before a decision is made. What then. Any ideas guys?


Whatever the DEVILS at the ICC say or decide, for those who know what is going on and why, we shall take solace in these words:

"Since whiteness is a mark of DEGENERACY in many animals near the pole, the negro has as much right to term his SAVAGE ROBBERS ALBINOES and WHITE DEVILS, DEGENERATED through the weakness of nature....

might he say, I, THE BLACK, am the ORIGINAL MAN. I have taken the DEEPEST DRAUGHTS from the SOURCE OF LIFE, the sun: on me, and on every thing round me, it has acted with the GREATEST ENERGY and VIVACITY."

So, wrote the GREAT German historian Herder.

NB: To be clear. We vehemently oppose the ICC rubbish because, the violence, impunity in Africa, is not the CAUSE, but the SYMPTOM. As such, the ICC CHILDISH games are meant to cover up the real CAUSE of the mess.

With that, knowing that what we say does not make sense to the VULGAR MINDS, we leave to enjoy:


Anonymous said...

What if the ICC makes no decision... What then. Any ideas...?

I. We must as a people remain faithful to our committment to maintain peace, promote national integration and enhance cohesion amongst ourselves. ~ William Ruto.

II. Refain from engaging in any actions that may endanger the security, the property or the safety of any victim or witness, and also refrain from engaging in actions likely to raise tension in the country. ~ ICC's ...

Promote civic education by all means necessary, because it turns out that only 16% of Kenya's popluation is literate in civic matters while the rest is either clueless or illiterate.

Anonymous said...


Very true. Now that capitalism has failed please sell me your cosmetic biz and I will pay in GOLD.

Anonymous said...

ICC -But some of the suspects’ lawyers and some government officials are already at The Hague!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The suspects are not likely to travel to The Hague for the ruling. Some of them have confirmed to the Standard they will wait for it here at home rather than travel to The Hague.

But some of the suspects’ lawyers and some government officials are already at The Hague.

The Pre-Trial Chamber II is made up of judges Ekaterina Trendafilova (Presiding Judge), Hans-Peter Kaul and Cuno Tarfusser.

Anonymous said...

Without prejudice and malice,kindly consider this as a possibility thanks to ICC:

A kim jong fish presidency, 2013-2018.

Chungwa moja. Maisha bora. ;)

Anonymous said...

ICC: whatever the outcome, what nobody ever talks about is that house of mumbi was speaking in one voice during pev, everyone of them know what they demanded of their tribal lieutenants in protecting their house, and what went down; and now again they stand together in silence, only this time, fearful of jomo's curse should things backfire.

Anonymous said...

We'll all perish together as separate ethnic fools, or rise to greater heights as one great nation enriched by cultural diversity.

Otherwise, it's such a toll order to try and introduce law and order in a lawless society.

The on going demands for direct tribal - call it 'ethnic' if will - representation are a real obstacle to representative democracy in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

@1/18/12 2:52 AM, 3:02 AM, 3:56 AM, 12:17 PM, 1:54 PM.
@1/19/12 6:36 AM, 8:03 AM, 11:28 AM.
@1/20/12 4:59 AM, 6:26 AM.

'Democratic governance rest on the capacity of and opportunity for citizens to engage in elightened debates' and discussions, instead of resorting to war mongering and tribal scarecrowing day in and day out.

Provide Kumekucha with your unbiassed opinions, your mature judgment and elightened views (thoughts) on what you think the ICC should do or not do with regard to the 'Virdict On Ocampo 6'?

*[Be civil].

Anonymous said...

@anon1/20/12 7:42 AM
Unfortunately our politics is tied to ethnicity in other words my interests are ethnic based and even worse the new katiba firmly entrenches ethnicity by creating ethnic conclaves in the form of counties. We all support our ethnic warlords, if you recall during PEV not once did the ODM hierarchy call for an end to the massacre because they stood to benefit as long as it wasn't "their" people dying , once their people started dying the y begun to scream blue murder thats kenya for you

Anonymous said...

Mwangerathe or whatever you call yourself, I thought that you are learned. But your comments here talls me that you are just another grandiosed Kiuk.
If it does NOT suit UK you criticise it. UK is nothing but impunity. How do you explain him appointing 3 Kiuks at KRA aka Kikuyu Renumiration Authority! Njiriani boss, Chegeh and another!
Kwani wao ndo wamesoma Kenya yote!
U are tribal man.

Anonymous said...

Anon@11:16AM said
"Unfortunately our politics is tied to ethnicity...."

Is it also unfortunate that ethnicity is tied to us as a people?
why should we support ethnic warlords? you are trying to justify your hate by blaming it on the politicians you elect but if you are tainted goods you will elect tainted leaders.mmmmmmmhhhhh!

So yet again we(you and I) are our own worst enemies. no wonder we hack each other to death with machetes with or without prompting from the "tribal warlords" you speak of

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwangerathe or whatever you call yourself, I thought that you are learned. But your comments here talls me that you are just another grandiosed Kiuk.
If it does NOT suit UK you criticise it. UK is nothing but impunity. How do you explain him appointing 3 Kiuks at KRA aka Kikuyu Renumiration Authority! Njiriani boss, Chegeh and another!
Kwani wao ndo wamesoma Kenya yote!
U are tribal man.

1/20/12 11:26 AM


Listen and listen good.

To be learned means to understand REALITY as opposed to living in the wonderful world of ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH ILLUSIONS.

Many a times, we have noted on this blog that:

(a) we have built African post - colonial government by running away from REALITY, while

(b) embracing FICTIONS.

The Kenyan tribes NEVER, NEVER adopted a general system of governance. If they did, the tribes would have formed confederations for mutual defense on an equal basis.

However, instead of the above, these tribes were UNITED by CONQUEST. Remember, their unity was meant to facilitate LOOTING. As it was, so, it is.

Now, this being the case, you must bear this in your mind:

(a) Life at ALL levels is


(i) When food is abundant, it is PEACEFUL,

(ii) however, when food is scarce(PUBLIC OFFICES - KRA), it is VIOLENT (2007 PEV).

As such, civilized, or, let us say, CRAFTY men eat each other by the process of law.

Animals, eat each other without qualm.

However, when law fails, men slaughter each other like beasts, 2007 PEV, remember?

In other words, the 2007 PEV was a case of men retorting to animal method of competition because, the law had failed. There is logic to these things.

Now, this is the point you should take home and TEACH your KIDS:

(a) Life being competitive, man cannot win alone.

(b) The ability of a man winning is therefore, DEPENDENT on how organised his social background/group is.

Thus, so as to increase his chances of winning the bread, man HAS ALWAYS organised himself into many forms like:

(a) families, for instance, the House of Kenyatta is organised against every other Kenyan family including that of Odinga.

And that of Odinga is organised against all Kenyan families including that of Kenyatta.

NB: Have you organised your family against these families, or, yours is to yell in support of any of them?

(b) clans,

(c) tribes,

(d) religion, professional organisations, business associations, including SECRET SOCIETIES etc, etc etc.

This being the case, the existence of TRIBAL POLITICS is necessary as a means of WINNING the competition for bread.

Even if it was not there, another division would be created as you see in the UK or the USA.

As such, the tribe which is the MOST ORGANISED and RUTHLESS, wins the competition.

That is why UK put his fellow Gema guy at the KRA because, KRA is a means of competition for the NATIONAL CAKE.

Now, in your delusions, you think KRA is a means of collecting taxes. Rubbish.

Nooooooo, it is a means of robbing/looting the national cake.

This being the case then:

(a) the ROBBER - IN - CHIEF, must as a matter of NECESSITY, have his BOY there.

Therefore, if you sit there and wait when family, clan, tribalism, racism, religious divisions, will go, we say, POLE SANA, for you live in the WONDERFUL world of ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASY.

The irony is this. All your life, they have LIED to you and taught you to chase a FICTION of ONE KENYA.

Keep chasing it. You will die chasing it.

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

Dread SHALL not come for the POLITICIAN'S funeral,

for they rob even the BLIND:

Anonymous said...

@MWara (aka PIG),

Well said except nyani haoni kundule:

a) We have built African post - colonial government by running away from REALITY, while

-- yeah and you dive into African reality by relocating to the WEST and seeing every white shadow lurking in all you post. Bashing them marks begining and end of all your post. True African, LOL

b) Embracing FICTIONS - yeah like starting a cosmetic biz and then bash capitalism.

You see you are the oasis of knowledge sir tell them LAOSHI.

Anonymous said...

The tribal war lords, lords of impunity and lowlives (tribal foot soldiers of impunity).

Who are they in Kenya of 2012?

The losers! (1) They dismiss the Constitution. (2) They ignore the Constitution. (3) They miss the opportunities availed by the Constitution.

They shall remain Yesterday's losers, Today's losers, Tomorrow's losers and for the rest of their lives until they RIH.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans will soon realize how quickly a circumstantial occurrence can provide a unique opportunity for a presidential bid to take root and subsequently catapult a particular candidate into being the next occupant of the 'House on the Hill' and leader of the nation.

When all is said and done, 4Ks [Kipepeo, Kigeugeu, Katikatika, Kaloser] will have the best opportunity ahead of him to take advantage of ICC's confirmation, plus the deep mistrust and suspicion that has existed for decades between the warring factions and rival camps.

And make huge bundles of political hay for himself while the sun will be shining on his presidential campaign path all the way to the former colonial 'House on the Hill' in 2013.

2012 is going to be the year - or never - for 4Ks [Kipeopeo, Kigeugeeu, Katikati, Kalozer] to showcase himself afresh while at the same time strategically maneuver himself into the so-called highest office in the land, where he will be able to fortify his political base and legacy.

The presidency is all for 4Ks to lose because he is one of the very few candidates who will end up being viewed - by larger percent of the electorate - as the lesser ____ among the front runners sponsored by various warring factions, rival camps and sworn political enemies. It's now or never for 4Ks.

Oh by the way, I really hate to remind those of us who are still in denial or self-imposed suspense that the ICC will confirm the charges against all the suspects.

There is no doubt about it because that's exactly what asked for by majority of the people in 08 and their request and wishes will be fulfilled through the ICC process.

We must never underestimate the legal muscle of the ICC. So, let the process begin.

Anonymous said...

@anon1/20/12 7:42 AM
I will try to respond to your challenge for us to be more thoughtful in our posts.

I think the ICC rulings are important and possibly useful at the global level. The global community needs to feel that they are doing something to help humanity learn from its mistakes and to generally move human civilization forwards. That’s the (philosophical) language you’re likely to hear at that level---the empirics can only be analyzed over time. I think the confirmations of several of the Ocampo-6 will happen—especially those for whom a “pattern” regarding the activities that took them to the ICC can be established. The court has to justify its existence and the global community must feel that civilization is progressing apace.

We are facing an election at the national level. Political rationality demands that whoever is opposed to the presidential candidates among the Ocampo-6 milk this situation effectively. There is a lot to milk politically and morally. However, they may also face stiff opposition from the supporters of the Ocampo-6 presidential candidates. Such supporters have reasons they believe are compelling—including Ocampo’s allegedly flawed investigations, political targeting by the ICC, Raila’s betrayal, Kikuyu hatred/genocide and so on. There is a lot the said candidates can call upon to at least persuade their supporters.

At the local level, where everything happened in 2007 and 2008, the ICC process will not make a difference. The local level needs a process that directly draws from local institutions, arrangements and processes in order to provide justice and to somewhat ensure that people can and will accept to live together. ICC cannot deliver that and it’s deeply unfortunate that we have not explored these local options to the level that we could have. Conflicts have always been there, the wazees and all forms of institutions have always sought mediation and relief. We allowed the ICC at the international level to mostly crowd out possibilities at the very local level, where people to people initiatives embedded in cultural, religious or social institutions could have been accorded some chance.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:54 PM
Well put. I couldn't have said it better. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

There are those who are going to react like automatons depending on whether they agree or disagree with the ICC's ruling on Monday.

While there are many others who are not among the Ocampo 6 but are still in our midst who will get away with murder and never be held culpable for all that happened in the epicentres of PEV.

However, I do believe in Karma, yes I do, because it is a cruel, silent creditor. It leaves you hanging on a thread, filled with a fearsome uncertainity about whether it will support you or break you.

Time will tell, sooner or later.

Michael Mwaura said...

Mwarang'ethe said...
Families, for instance, the House of Kenyatta is organised against every other Kenyan family including that of Odinga.

The tribe which is the MOST ORGANISED and RUTHLESS, wins the competition.
I think the above two statements contradict each other. The first one holds some truth but the other is a little off. It is not the tribes that are the most organized and ruthless that win, it is the devious power elite that go to any lengths to rob and pillage this country dry. They make very good use of their tribes men to perpetuate the myth that if they win their tribe also wins. Watch for instance, how Uhuru is received by enthusiastic crowds at public meetings in central. Yet these very rabid supporters are the poorest of the poor. The support by the exported villagers in the diaspora is even more perplexing given that we would have expected them to have been exposed a little to the workings of democracy outside the country. Tribal power elites are very few in every community yet they sit on and choke the life out of the majority in Kenya. Unfortunately the regular mwanainchi is too busy surviving to notice or even care. Do a random sample study by asking Kenyans on the street how much they know about the workings of government, and its various branches such as the KRA. They know very little, and kept in such ignorance the power elites continue feeding at the trough.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"It is not the tribes that are the most organized and ruthless that win, it is the devious power elite that go to any lengths to rob and pillage this country dry. They make very good use of their tribes men to perpetuate the myth that if they win their tribe also wins. Watch for instance, how Uhuru is received by enthusiastic crowds at public meetings in central. Yet these very rabid supporters are the poorest of the poor."


You are missing the REAL politics bwana Mwaura. Sample this:

"Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta was in Murang’a with good news for coffee farmers in Mount Kenya region; their Sh3.7 billion coffee debts to various financial institutions HAVE been written off.

Speaking in Murang’a Uhuru, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, announced Treasury has already released Sh797 million to eight financial institutions and unions, which loaned the money to farmers."

In other words, UK has taxed the Maasai's, Luos, and all other tribes, and TRANSFERRED that money to his people.


NB: How many BILLIONS has Kibaki given the Central farmers this way since 2003? If we are right, it is not less than SHS 40 BILLION now.

Which tribe has gotten more state jobs than all others since 2003?

Have you analysed the public sector TENDERS so as to know who wins them?

Anonymous said...

Will there be multitude of casualities due to massive heart attacks, aneurysms and dozens of immolations after the verdict on the Ocampo 6 has been delivered? Or will there be the usual threats, rants and raves, then back to business as usual? What became of "every should carry his or her own cross"? Will the time tested slogan apply after the fact?

Anonymous said...


Hague verdict: ALL 6 have no case to answer. Game 2012 on, bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we have live media coverage of the ICC verdict broadcast here on Kumekucha?maybe even a real time poll of what your cross-section of readers think about the verdict?
These and others are some of the changes we are looking to see happen on this blog in 2012
For now it's 30minutes and counting till the end of UK/WSR presidential dreams as we know it!

Anonymous said...

Breaking: Raila has a case to answer says the ICC judge. Sand and Muthaura are off the hook!!

DM-Nairobi said...

How can Henry Kosgey escape justiice??????

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