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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is The Prime Minister Corrupt?

Is it possible that Raila "must be president in 2012" Odinga is corrupt?

I launched this blog in 2005 with an open mind. I promised myself to be balanced and NOT to have any sacred cows. Not even my hero and the biggest inspiration behind this blog, one Tom Mboya has been spared. I have always told it as it is and almost paid with my life once.

At the beginning there was no problem because I uncovered little on one Raila Odinga. But now things have gotten really hot. It seems that it is okay to criticize Mwai Kibaki and say all sorts of things about him... but the minute I say anything negative about Raila Odinga... TROUBLE.

The last time I published some info on the man in my raw notes, this blog was shut down by a very serious Malware attack. Luckily highly skilled friends of this site bailed us out. I also received some very angry emails from some of my subscribers... HOW DARE I..?##$@!!

I am scared. What do I do with the information I have on Raila Odinga and corruption at the PM's office? What do I do with info that I have been researching over the last 2 years or so?

Help me answer the question with the multiple choice answers below.

a) I cannot afford to have the blog shut down again... NOT NOW. So I keep quiet and survive to fight another day.

b) I reveal only bits and pieces carefully leaving out any incriminating bits that mention the "holy" Captain and pretend that I am being fair and balanced.

c) Contact PNU hardliners for a hefty bribe in exchange for the information (although it may be a little late now with the latest developments at the PM's office.)

d) Seek political asylum and all the high profile stuff that goes with it... probably in Ethiopia or even better... Libya. Actually my first choice would be South Africa followed by Swaziland (have always dreamt about attending those dances where the King selects a new bride annually).

e) Publish a Mwai-Kibaki-bashing post instead and weave all kinds of conspiracy theories about how this whole thing is a PNU plot to finish Raila after he attacked the President Kibaki last week concerning 2008 poll chaos. This will sell better and give me more traffic especially from ODM strongholds in the US and Europe.

f) Publish and be damned.

Guys tell me what to do.


Anonymous said...

e) - Publish and Raila be damned.

To have a realistic chance of running for PORK in 2012, Raila must be corrupt otherwise where is he gonna get the bucks for the campaigns? The only difference between Kibaki, Moi, Jomo, and Raila are just the spelling of their names.

Raila joined the bandwagon when he dissolved NDP and got into bed with Moi. He has been corrupt ever since and he will always remain corrupt (check out his "best buds" for the kind of company he keeps).

Anonymous said...

Of course the man is as corrupt as any other Kenyan politician. Besides the recent Kazi Kwa Vijana robbery, fingers have been pointed at him before.

One such incident that I can never forget is the Raila Vs Mangeli (formerly MD, KEBS) saga. From a trusted insider I got to learn that poor Mangeli had to go because he was overly determined to protect Kenyans from substandard & counterfeit goods. He was doing Ok until he tried to intercept some goods belonging to a well connected guy (read thief) who also happened to have earlier on sought RAO’s protection. The rest is history.

I am sure about maize, so I’d rather not comment. But in our community there is adage which loosely translated goes like “ a thief and the person keeping watch for him/her are equally guilty” . If Ngilu’s water scandal is anything to go by, then it is clear that RAO can never condemn corruption as long as the victim adds value to his state house quest.

Also, not long ago, the man watched as MPs tore P.L.O and his KACC into pieces for the obvious reason you know. I don’t want to talk about his wanton appointment of cronies and family members in public offices as it is more or less acceptable corruption (at least in Kenya)

PS: Chris, Ans to your Q: plse go for e. We’re in a free democratic country!

Anonymous said...

e). Publish and be damned

Where there is smoke there is fire and someone gunning for the highest office in the land should be subject to the same (if not more) scrutiny that other lesser mortals gunning for other positions in this failed coalition called Kenya.

Did they think that by signing on the dotted line only OTHERS would be subjected to scrutiny??

Anonymous said...

This just goes to prove how the feckless dictator is one dangerous man. You have been able to write fearlessly about others' corrupt ways but you cant write an expose on this one dangerous slum lord who desperately wishes to be Kenya's president. Flying toilets have caught up with safi-kama-pamba. Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

None of the above!

Just SHUT up!!!

Anonymous said...

i doubt if you have any information.perhaps you r trying to test the waters

Anonymous said...

wow, 3/10 comments from the same single anti-Raila crusader, give room for other birds of your feather to flock with you

Anonymous said...

Chris, stop being a hypocrite.
When did you ever seek your readers permission to bash PNU aka Mt Kenya affiliated politicians even with faulty and shaky evidence?
Why is Raila untouchable? This is not or that obscure OO owned Jukwaa that hosts raila minions and fanatics where their owners delete accounts of those that call their paper king a thief that he is. We visit this blog because you are daring enough (at least most of the times) to expose the leeches and scums of the kenyan political class., the only place the PM leads from the front.

You and the likes of phil of Kibera have been shielding raila even when evidence of his ill gotten wealth from molasses plant, maize scandal, triton saga and malindi squatters land were screaming from the roof tops.

Stop playing games and just publish the expose you have on this bondo sloth.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:22 AM

Yup, that's how our politicians always manage to steal from us and get away with it.
All they need is to get some fool, just like you, to shout "anti-Raila crusader!!!" or "anti-Kibaki crusader!!!"
Then, while you're busy shouting like the robot you've been programmed to imitate, they steal from us.

Anonymous said...

Post the doggone information!! We know he's tainted.

Anonymous said...

why are people acting like our politicians are holy?
you want to be a president of any country you have to abet corruption simply beacuse the entire system is corrupt

dont publish unless your are paid.paid to keep quiet or paid to publish..where in kenya has the least corrupt person ascended to the presidency?

Anonymous said...

lol..the sloths foot soldiers all all over the net trying to save the falling grace of their safi kama pamba sloth king...

Chris, name and shame the recently anointed kaya ..sic..elder!!

Anonymous said...

Mr.Chris and other cowardly anonymous bloggers
now that you want to "name" the crimes of Raila which are too hot for this blog, how about also "naming" those who are innocent and "clean" in the same coalition government? You know you can't because there are no such individuals in Kenya politics

Therefore let us stop pretending that Raila is the only guilty politician in this government.That is a low blow even for KK

Anonymous said...

This is getting hilarious. There are some morons telling chris not to smoke out the bondo sloth because the govt is full of corrupt people njut bacause their deity's 40 days are here???
Can someone tell me how they arrive at those conclusions coz I very well know some good people in the govt.

How pitiful..

ritch said...

Chris, name and shame the guy!

Anonymous said...

Raila is OUR man, the only politician 'safi kama pamba' and Chris you must learn to respect this man.

Also you must learn to speak well about an elderly person, this is Kenya where we respect elderly people.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Mr.Chris! Internet/google allows you freedom of expression. You should NEVER be intimidated by anyone not matter how powerful they are! Know your RIGHTS!! Your Google account is registered outside Kenya where you are guaranteed Freedom of Speech!

As for Raila, he is liar, a thief, master manipulator, political conman and most it all a DICTATOR who will reverse all the gains made if he ever ascends to presidency. Mwizi mkubwa masquareding as a reformer!

Anonymous said...

Some men and women in high places can remain very honest and dedicated as long as they are paid well and honoured to remain that way.

However there are those like so and so, you know who, who will stop at nothing to get their greedy eyes and dirty hands on public's money, resources as well as other people's private poperty, and even spouses.

So far, the person in question is very corrupt, he has been corrupt for the last four decades, and he will continue to be so corrupt until he's either forced to face the consequnces of his actions, or Mother Nature appoints to take him out (subtract him) from earth due to his corrupt ways of life and other reasons.

The manner in which he has been grabbing parcels of land in the coastal region is so blatant and conduct unbecoming a person holding such a high office in the country.

For instance, the former CBK property (land and flats) in a certain area (go figure) of on Mombasa island, now belongs to him and some of his cohorts.

Lest we forget the other property in Mbaraki, Makupa, Makadara, Tudor, Changamwe, Port Reitz, Kizingo, Kwa Jomvu, Nyali, Ganjoni, Bombolulu, Utange and Shimo la Tewa, et al that once belonged to the Kenya Police force, provincial adminstration, Kenya Postal Service, GK Prisons, Minstry of Education, Ports Authority, Kenya Army, among others.

Guess who owns it now? Go figure for yourselves as the country's heads into 2012.

Kenyatta was the devil many Kenyans knew and the younger generations have heard and read a lot about.

But the current crop of senior politicians from PNU and ODM, the unknown devils in our midst, are the ones who have dealt the country very hard economic blows, and will continue to do so after the 2012 general elections.

And they will continue to ravage through whatever that was leftover by the former known devils, Kenyatta and Moi, even after the 2017 general elections.

Anonymous said...

So far 19 comments

Not even one of them has noticed that there are two option (e)

Do you guys really pay attention

Anonymous said...


Fellow Countrymen,residents of the peaceful Republic of Kenya,the young and old people of this great nation,people of different tribes,colours and religions,today we find ourselves in a very unusual situation because of what has been happening in the last few hours. As you are already aware,in less that 24 hours,the enemy has not only threatened us but also attacked us twice already.The enemy has tried to interfere with the most fundamental element of our lives-freedom-ny trying to cause as much fear as possible. There is now way of telling how far this enemy is willing to go with its futile attempts to intimidate us.

In the past,this same enemy has reared its ugly head and tried to cause anxiety amongst us without success. Last year when they bombed us at Uhuru park,we reacted swiftly and made sure they would not get such a chance again to attack us. When they tried to bomb a bus destined for Uganda,we reacted swiftly yet again and disrupted their plan even before they could execute it. Today is no different from the past ,we will surprise our enemy yet again with the speed with which we will react to their actions.

The enemy has tried its best to give reasons why they are attacking us. They have said we invaded their country Somalia and that is why they are doing what they are doing. We have questions for this coward. When you attacked us at Uhuru park last year,had we invaded your country?When you tried to bomb a bus on our soil,had we invaded your country?In 1998 when you killed many of our people simply because we have befriended your enemy,had we invaded your country?We are not ignorant of your ways and your 'clever talk' will not make things any better for you. Weeks ago when you kidnapped our visitor right from our country,had we invaded your country?As a matter of fact,Somalia is not your country. The people of Somalia do not even want you and that is why they are helping our army to drive you out. You might have beheaded two of your own yesterday because you thought they were spying on you for us but that is nothing since even those whom you consider your friends are turning against you. Our army is crushing you in Somalia and we will crash you in Kenya as well.

This is a call to all the people of Kenya and those whom we call our friends,let us rise up against this common enemy who is trying to threaten us. Let us show them that we will protect what we have with all that we have and that we will not be held hostage by people with their own selfish agendas. Our national army is already crushing the enemy in Somalia,our intelligence service is listening to the plans of the enemy as they scheme,our police service is protecting us within our borders as we continue with our activities and we should should offer our help in all the ways possible. It is known that some of us are betraying us by helping the enemy but that is just a small number of selfish people whom we will weed out in due course. As we go to work and engage our activities,let us be the eyes and ears of our forces – the civilian spies. We should remain alert and expose anyone who tries to disrupt our peace.

The enemy should learn a lesson in Kenya. It should remain clear to them that we treasure our peace and we will do anything to protect it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:36pm
please relax mate, Osama is dead. go on with your life all will be well

Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwa ha ha ha hi hi wi wi

Chris, we never understood much of what you have written. So, we cannot assist in making the choices for THERE ARE NO CHOICES.

So, as usual, two points and a story:

1. The so called "Fight against corruption" is WASTE of time and STUPIDITY.

2. Programmes like Kazi Kwa Vijana ni U[JI]TOTO, UJINGA, UPUUNZI na
USHENJI wa hali ya juu sana.

Hear the story now:

As Rome was collapsing as we are, Emperor Augustus (18 B.C.) in his "GENIUS" came up with some laws so as to combat CORRUPTION of customs:

(a)the LEX SUMPTUARIA meant to restrain extravagance.

NB: This is the same as WEALTH DECLARATION law of NARC.

However, instead of what he expected, we are taught that, the Oriental luxuries increased as well as the spectacles.

The peasants of Rome were losing their petty avarice and growing fond of monumental and colossal, the GREAT FOLLY of the Orient.

So, they demanded immense theatres, great temples, huge basilicas, spacious forums etc.

(b) the other law was the LEX DE ADULTERIIS which proclaimed martial law in the family threatening exile to unfaithful wives and their lovers and confiscation of half of their property.

This law decreed that, if a
woman was caught committing adultery, the husband had to denounce her in courts. However, if the husband failed, the father of the lady would do so.

If the father and the husband failed to denounce the woman, any
stranger could do so in public interest.

Now, hear this!

Julia, who was the daughter of the Emperor Augustus and WIFE of the future Emperor Tiberius, committed adultery.

What to do now? Tiberius one of the GREATEST GENERAL of Rome who had vanguished Germans, not knowing what to do with his WIFE, withdrew from Rome and when for some self exile.

To Augustus, who was in 60's, how do you exile your own daughter?

To Emperor Augustus, the moment was terrible. Many a father had disdainfully refused to be the executioner of his own daughter, leaving to others the grim office of applying this law. Could he imitate such an example?

To him had been granted the greatest privileges; but precisely on this account it was dangerous to try to cover his daughter with a privileged protection as the prey was too delicate for public attack.

And then, if he himself gave the example of disobeying his law, who would observe it? The tremendous scandal would unnerve all the moral force of his legislation, which was the base of his prestige.

Augustus found himself all at once facing these alternatives:

(a) either destroy his daughter, or

(b) undo all the political work over which he had laboured for thirty years.

At some point, overcome by grief and rage, he even considered killing Julia.

Then reason, pity, affection, gentler habits prevailed. He did not give the sentence of death, but he was too practised a politician not to understand that she could not be saved; and as he had immolated Cicero, Lepidus, Antony, so he immolated her also to the necessity of preserving before Italy his prestige of severe legislator and impartial magistrate.

To avoid the trial, he resolved to punish her himself with his power of pater familias and exiled her to Pandataria and announced the divorce to her in the name of Tiberius.

He then despatched to the Senate a record of what he had done, and went away to the country, where he remained a long time, seeing no one, put down by PROFOUND GRIEF.

To cut the long saga short, you ought to read the "SUN" of Rome after this scandal of Augustus exiling his own daughter, and know that Murdoch is an amateur.

Anyway, the question is, did these laws which made a father exile his own daughter save Rome from CORRUPTION? NO and NO.

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Cultivation of Herb PIRATES,

Disappointment is my ONLY BEST FRIEND, he does not leave,

Anonymous said...

Hiyo ni swali kweli..
Look at the compay he keeps, Gumo, Kajwang, Ngilu, Kosgey, Moi who he has recently warmed to..these are the lowlife of Kenyan polticians and he feels comfortable dining with them coz HE IS ONE OF THEM.
Your so called expose is meaningless to Kenyans with open minds.
We know he is a corrupt, sly, murderer..etc

Joragem said...

I select (e)

Kenyans are Ng'ondu, they will still vote for Raila en mass in 2012, I promise you.

Anonymous said...

I am scared. What do I do with the information I have on Raila Odinga and the corruption at the PM's office?

Do I read Miye nyumba ya udongo, sihimili vishindo between the lines that end up with the question, Guys tell me what to do?

Well, Mtaka unda haneni, in other words, he who desires to make something does not announce his intentions, but just turns them into actions.

Therefore, hesitate no longer, much depends on your willingness to do what's right for the common good and what's in the public's best interest.

Let no unquantifiable emotions or predictable reactions of Raila Odinga's jeshi la kinga na ulinzi as well as ODM's diehard supporters deter you in nay way, shape or fashion, because when all is written and done, it's your energy and persistence that will conquer all things, including a segment of the legion of 'Doubting Thomas'.

All things taken into account, it's been said that a person scratches himself where his hand can reach.

So think of the consequences if you did nothing with regard to the information you have on Raila Odinga and the ongoing corruption at the PM's office?

As far as some of us are concerned, the domain of appropriate action or repeonse with the cache of information rests with you and you alone.

There are those of us who will agree or disagree with you based on our political inclinations and what have you, because in that way we end up doing our best to test whetner the corruption theories, allegations or priceless (very valuable) information that's in your possesion is true - factual so to speak.

Why not just do it as in publish it now or never?

Anonymous said...

Raila belongs to Kibera! Come 2012 we are sending this bumpkin there to open a mandazi factory.

Anonymous said...

Chris, is it a question of being caught between a rock and a very hard place?

Or is just a matter of what do I do versus what ought I to do with information at hand?

Anonymous said...

The anti-Raila crusaders are out in full effect to paint the PM as "chafu kama ardhi" yet not a single one of them so far has named even one other member of the government who is as innocent as a new born baby

Go ahead and keep yapping but there is no such person existing in the kenyan political fraternity today, and in any event it doesn't matter because who else other than we ourselves are the ones who voted them in!

Anonymous said...


You wrote "Is The Prime Minister Corrupt?"

Ha ha.

Is water wet?

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua is not Corrupt

Kalonzo Musyoka is not Corrupt

Eugene Wamalwa is not Corrupt

Rev. Mutava Musyimi is not Corrupt

can I go on anon 4:40 am coz it seems you cannot see beyond your crooked nose??

molasses raila ni mwizi, siku zake 40 zimefika...kama ingekuwa ni kibera angewekwa taya!!

Anonymous said...

well send me at onmedia the stuff you got i will publish it

Anonymous said...

Most of these politicians are crooks, liars, cheats, murderers and corrupt to the tilt. Are the political waters wet or muddy at the PM's office? They must be very muddy while corruption continues to rain and flood the PM's office and within circles of his extended relatives in various government positions and places of influence.

Anonymous said...

@4:40 AM
Ardhi ni uhai, mali na ina rutba nyingi kasoro uchafu, ulafi, unafik na mchafuko wa kisiasa. Isitoshe fitina za kawaida baina ya PNU na ODM, na kati ya makundi mbali mabli ya wanachama wasiojua mbele wala nyuma. Heshimu ardhi kwa vyovyote vile, kwani itakupkea kwa mikono mikinjufu na bila ubaguzi wowote wakati ukuwadia.

Anonymous said...

Shock Shock;

These principals nominate 9 people 5 of whom are Muslim and Kenyans of Somali descent to head the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).
Meaning, when they have to vote on key issues and it will be happening regularly, the 5 will always have their way.
Considering the fact that these fellows come from areas where the National Census data was cooked, an issue that is yet to be resolved, will this issue not bring a conflict of interest?
What are kina Raila smoking?
Where is the 1/3 women rule and the national balance?
If these appointments favoured one of the 5 big tribes, Kenyans would be crying foul led by the Mp's from NE. Now Kenyans, who are in war with radical islamic militants in Somali, are keeping mum at this SHOKING turn of events.

We need to demand an explanation as a nation. Gender and Regional balance should be taken into consideration.

The Oracle has Spoken.

Philip said...


A while ago that could have been a very big issue to me. Currently I can say it isn't as big as the issue of the banking industry e.t.c.

As we complain how we are getting poorer as a result of inflation, the banking industry is reeking off huge profits, that we thought belongs to Safaricom and EABL only. And this comes after some of them raised their interest charges e.t.c. (KCB nine month pretax profit rose by 40% to 9.1 billion, Equity Bank pretax profit rose by 42% to 9.1 billion).

As we complain how money is stolen in OPM, we will loose focus on the 'Banking bill' by Rangwe MP Martin Ogindo that strangely has not been reported extensively in our mainstream newspapers, and that is to be raised in parliament, which I know will be shot down after our MPs have been taken to Whitesands and Sun n Sand, courtesy of our banking industry.

The only difference between the two thieves is that one steals from you without your consent and against the law (OPM) while the other steals from you with your consent and within the law (Banking industry). The former is easy o fight than the later. The later, in combination, steals from you every year upto Kshs 50 billion, through high rates.

Then an event organised annually will hail some of these banks as Company of the Year.

As we get poorer the people behind these banks see Karen and Muthaiga as not a place of choice. Instead they have started securing ranches in Laikipia, Lukenya e.t.c. that they visit using choppers.

So its up to us to see where to focus.

As most of us were focusing on ICC, sugar was being hoarded with the intention of increasing prices (got this information from a storekeeper in one sugar industry). In the end they succeeded just like the maize millers.

Anonymous said...

Odmers should be able to understand why kenyans would have more interest in the activities at OPM than at OP. The occupant of OPM is a presidential candidate; in fact he has run in the past, and is now running, on a platform of Mr. Clean. Could all these reports of corruption at OPM be manfactured by odm's enemies? Wikileaks, Miguna and world bank? Saying other politicians are corrupt is not a good response. If odmers do not want to investigate these reports then we will clearly understand that they only want "our man" at the head of the food chain.

To chris, clearly in Kenya certain persons are a religion. One thinks very hard before making any attacks on Mohammad and Islam. It is easy to criticise Jesus and Christianity because this religion came to us after the Enlightenment in Europe: its position of authority had been lost. There was no Enlightenment in Arabia. I dont know whether this is a good anology with regard to our politicians and how you have treated them in your blog.

Anonymous said...


A while back last year, our resident professor of real economics, Mwarang'ethe told us as follows:

"The CBK prints sh. 20 million for cents, lends this money to Equity at 6.75%. Thereafter, Equity lends to NOCK, i.e. Kenyans for 15%. At the end of the year, we are invited to celebrate Equity's success. Yes, celebrate our slavery."

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...

A while ago that could have been a very big issue to me. Currently I can say it isn't as big as the issue of the banking industry e.t.c.


Bwana Philip, the problem is this.

Many a times, we WASTE time and energy debating USELESS STUFF.

For instance, in this "debate," Chris ought to have asked FIRST:

(a) Why is it necessary for the WB to loan Kenyans money for Kazi Kwa Vijana so called programme?

Notice, Chris like the rest of Kenyans, does not FIRST question the idea of the WB loans, but, he assumes it is alright. IT IS NOT.

Without first questioning the whole arrangements, the debate is in VAIN.


And, by the way, talking of WB, now that, the MAD DOG of Libya is dead, and, having left Libya with ZERO LOANS (000000000), we hear that, the WB and the IMF are on way to assess RECONSTRUCTION NEEDS:

"The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have visited Libya and will return there in "coming weeks" to assess economic and financial needs, an IMF spokesman said on Thursday."



And, talking of Gaddafi death, the ICC KANGAROO court seems very silent about his, and his son's death as well as others in Sirte.

According to the ICC Statute Article 8 on WAR CRIMES, it has jurisdiction:

In the case of an armed conflict NOT of an international character, where there are:

(a) serious violations,

including on members of ARMED FORCES forces who have LAID DOWN THEIR ARMS and those placed hors de combat (OUTSIDE THE FIGHT) by sickness, WOUNDS, detention or ANY other cause.

It has such jurisdiction when as concerns such MEMBERS OF ARMED FORCES are victims of:

(a) Violence to LIFE and PERSON, in PARTICULAR MURDER of all kinds, mutilation, CRUEL treatment and torture;

(b) outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment.

(c) passing of sentences and the carrying out of EXECUTIONS without previous judgement pronounced by a regularly constituted court, affording all judicial guarantees which are generally recognized as indispensable.

If we just stick to (c), since the ICC Kangaroo court had indicted Gaddafi, doesn't his and his son's execution constitute OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE?

Just to add. A few days ago, the same ICC asked Malawi to explain why it allowed Bashir to land in Malawi.

However, the same ICC is not concerned about obstruction of justice in Libya.

Oh men, VICTORS JUSTICE on parade for the whole humanity and Heavens to witness!

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

The Boss

Anonymous said...

Chris, you're going to need heavy duty doors, windows and hinges put on your castle (residence) and extra personal protection, once the "information you have on Raila Odinga and corruption at the PM's office" goes viral.

Must the particular indvidual be president after 2012?

It's not a must because there are other Kenyans as well as potential candidates who can be better presidents and national leaders, if and when given a chance by the majority of voters.

Let's hope the same old majority of voters and new breed of young energetic voters (without ethnic underpinnings and so called alliances) will be wise enough in 2012 to not only look outside the regional political boxes, but beyond the current crop of the so called 'ethnic' presidential aspirants.

Otherwise the country will end up with the same old corrupt leadership and business as usual if one of the following, Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka (coattail rider), George Saitoti, William Ruto, Weakleaf Mudavadi (anothe coattail rider), Charity Ngilu ('mama radar less') and ... are elected to be president of our economically challenged nation.

We need a very clean slate if there is to be any semblance of real political change, new leadership and better direction for the country and the people.

Rather than have both houses that will be occupied by allowance vultures, tax evaders, ethnic goons, corrupt mongooses and fork tongued representatives seeking their time to eat for the next five years (December '12 - December '17).

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
The truth should never come as a surprise to those who know it, so its no surprise that in all 39 comments not one of you appears shocked or even mildly surprised at these "revelations" that Chris Kumekucha is spending sleepless nights debating whether to reveal or not

So the truth of the matter is everyone knows the prime minister is corrupt. The truth of the matter is also that everyone knows all other politicians are corrupt.Except of course those listed by anonymous@6:33AM

So if there is nothing newsworthy to us all why should it be published only to put the blogger in serious hot water?He has already said KK was shut down just recently by attacks from an unknown entity, let us not tempt fate twice.

And for goodness sake will pro and anti-Raila supporters on this blog just agree to shake hands and get on with their lives? you are the people who will be considering using machetes against the rest of us at the drop of a hat come next years elections

Mwarang'ethe said...

Fellow Kenyans,
The truth should never come as a surprise to those who know it, so its no surprise that in all 39 comments not one of you appears shocked or even mildly surprised at these "revelations" that Chris Kumekucha is spending sleepless nights debating whether to reveal or not


Bwa ha ha hi hi we we wi wi

There is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. And, even if there is, IT TOOOOOO LATE.

If one was to be worried, at least, that, should have started from the DAY the WB announced they are funding such STUPIDITY as Kazi Kwa Vijana. Period.

This is the deal CHILDREN. You may reveal, talk, demonstrate, take OPIUM after very 5 years, tell us about NON - CORRUPT guys AS ABOVE, and all that TRASH. However, ALL this SHALL BE IN VAIN.

Anyway, since this does not make sense now, BUT, SHALL make later when it TOO LATE, we leave to enjoy:

No Slave

Anonymous said...

f) off course!! si you said you are ready to loose your life for saying the truth ama?

King Nebuchadnezzar said...


Why do you need people to tell what to do?

Use and follow YOUR insticts!!

If your gut instincts tells you don't publish the material then don't do it. No need to consult KK readers who are themselves lost (under Raila's spell).

That's why God gave you those insticts.

...that unless you are a coward.

Anonymous said...

Andika kwani yeye nai?!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Is The Prime Minister Corrupt?"

Chris, first things first, has the circumstantial evidence (dossier on the Prime Minister) in your vault met the burden of proof to warrant publication or rather timely release to the eagerly awaiting readership of Kumekucha?

Do you have indisputable evidence, clear-cut proof that can hold in the court of law rather than in the usual court of Kenya's public opinion?

Further, do you think the dossier on corruption within the Prime Minister's office is all there is?

The general public would really like to know all there is to know about any type of corruption that Raila Odinga and the PM's office have been involved in the last couple of months or years.

FYI, any indisputable evidence with regard to the afore mentioned may end determining the trajectory of his presidential bid 2012.

So, why not go ahead and let the fat grey cat out of the corrupt bag for a change?

Anonymous said...

While at it, don't worry so much about your life or future to the point where paralysis or writer's block sets in sooner or later.

After all is said and done, it's the first cut that is the most painful, and we all die once.

Therefore, be not afraid, stand up and be counted for what you believe, and you will at least suffer or even die (just kidding) for something worthwhile, unlike many of us who will end up suffering in quite desperation before meeting our ultimate deaths at various times.

Anonymous said...

Chris is careful not to cut the hand that feeds him especially so close to election campaign period. Its no secret that Chris used to get cash support from ODM in 2005-2008 period and his hesitation understandable. He hopes that the fora (friends of raila caucas) will talk him out of publishing damning evidence with a handsome donation to Kumekucha the kenyan style.

Chris, enda ukandanganye maasai.

Anonymous said...

Kajwang’, MP sued over clients’ cash

A Cabinet minister and an MP have been sued for failing to remit Sh8.9 million they received as compensation for accident victims.

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) is seeking orders to enforce decrees issued against Immigration minister Otieno Kajwang’, Kisumu Town West MP John Olago Aluoch and East Africa Legislative Assembly member Gervaise Akhaabi between 2005 and 2008.

and these are the mpigs that raila has rewarded with ministerial positions...what a joke of a reformer..

Full story:

Anonymous said...

Phil and his raila worshippers in the obvious obscure blogs are busy cooking explanations and diversionary stories to exonerate their septuagenarian hair dyeing hero aka thief..

Why are some Kenyans so gullible??

Mwarang'ethe said...

Why are some Kenyans so gullible??


You mean gullible like this?


We do not know how gullible Kenyans are, but, we are DOUBLE SURE of one thing.

The AFRICAN TEACHER was and is still not gullible. That is why, he would say:

Why BOASTETH thyself
Oh, EVIL men
Playing smart
And not being clever?

I said, you're working iniquity
To achieve vanity

Anyway, as we leave we are wondering, has the time for the PROPHECY come?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Sorry for diversions and constant BAD NEWS.

As Chris worries about Raila, we are more worried because, our fears of the Zurich GNOMES have been confirmed. (

You, your kids and those unborn, are now on the HOOK/SERFDOM for an another KES 75 Billion which is part of the QE1, QE2 and QEnth.

We add, more will be added soon.

With that, it is time to enjoy:

Life and DEBT

DM-Nairobi said...


I think you are sick. You seem to enjoy the tragic story of Kenya too much - as if you were in a position to advise Kenyan citizens back in 1963 and they rejected your "enlightened" advise.

And I've challenged you before on this blog on your conspiracy theories of blaming the West for all the African thieves masquerading as Leaders. How come these theories didn't work in Botswana?

A thief is a thief and leaders with integrity remain just that (Sir Ketumile Masire) - It doesn't matter whether the "illumunati" or the West's "Masters of the Universe" are pulling strings behind the scenes as Mwarang'ethe strongly believes.

Get down your high horse Mwarang'ethe (if you are a Kenyan citizen) and start sharing practical solutions of how Kenyans can obtain REAL leaders to manage their country. Your high sounding economic approaches after all will never be implemented by thieves such as Raila, but ony people who really care about fellow Kenyans. If Gaddafi, Castro, Seretse Khama, Ketumile Masire & Jerry Rawlings could stand up to the West for decades, so can a credible Kenyan leadership that doesn't worship money.

Mwarang'ethe said...


I think you are sick. You seem to enjoy the tragic story of Kenya too much - as if you were in a position to advise Kenyan citizens back in 1963 and they rejected your "enlightened" advise.


Bwa he he he hi hi hi hi

May be your are right.

But, wait a minutes:

"European leaders have reached a "three-pronged" agreement described as vital to solve the region's huge debt crisis.

They said banks holding Greek debt accepted a 50% loss, the eurozone bailout fund will be boosted and banks will have to raise more capital."

Now, since you are HEALTHIER, please, educated us the SICK, is Greece poorer than Africa?

If not, why haven't Africans enjoyed the 60% haircut on their debts?

Why has the EU imposed such SATANIC AUSTERITY on Africans since 1979? Isn't this RACISM in display?

NB: For the moment, ignore the fact that, this 60% haircut is A LIE for its the poor Greece pensioners who will be skinned alive.

NB: Taabu the Pensioner, are you there?


"After marathon talks in Brussels, they agreed a mechanism to boost the eurozone's main bailout fund to about 1tn euros (£880bn; $1.4tn)."

Since you are HEALTHIER than those of us who are SICK, please, educate us:

(a) how do you convert $ 250 billion into $ 1 trillion?

Oh, may be you have an answer for it is FINANCIAL ENGINEERING.

Aha! who is SICK, a man who points the madness of FINANCIAL ENGINEERING, or, the "leaders" who mislead thee?

And, by the way, if you have like KES 250 k in your bank, you now know how to make it a million.

And, finally and CRUCIALLY, can you the HEALTHY one, educate us the SICK this:

(a) How do BANKRUPT NATIONS lend us money?

As we wait thy HEALTHY response, we leave to enjoy the SICK music:

The System is a FRAUD

Mwarang'ethe said...

If Gaddafi, Castro, Seretse Khama, Ketumile Masire & Jerry Rawlings could stand up to the West for decades,


Just to mention something we forgot.

During the FAKE Cold War (war against 3rd world), Castro's soldiers were in Cabinda in Angola.

And, who was mining oil in Cabinda, defended by Cuban soldiers? An AMERICAN OIL company.

How could a Communist nation defend a Capitalist oil company?

Bwa ha ha ha ha he he hi hi.

If you want to see where Castro is coming from, please start in 1492 in Spain. We leave it at that.

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Revolutionary WORDS:

Revolutionary words 'ave become entertainment,

Revolutionaries babblin' out angry words,

About changes we need, de system greed
While they take it for a joke, sniffin' on coke,

Revolutionary words bein digested with Bubble gums, pop corn, ice cream In tall inter-continental buildings

Revolutionaries 'Ave all gone to the art centers to watch
The sufferin' of the people

Bein' dramatized by the oppresors
In their revolutionary words:

Anonymous said...

Coward. Bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

Pardon the interruption with a side bar issue regarding the presence of Cuban forces ("the real liberators and defenders of Angola") in Angola during the 70s, 80s and early-mid 90s.

I concur wholeheartedly, that it was a "Fake War", a very an unnecessary and unjustified war that was engineered and solely funded by the multinationals, but fought by Angolans with the help of Cubans' boots on the one side, and SADF's boots, the notorious French mercenaries and the blood thirsty merciless British mercenaries on ther side.

As we 'speak', the same forces of evil ('dogs of war' and seasoned 'engineers of the fog of wars') are doing the same destruction to the Dem. Rep. Congo what they did to Biafra (Nigeria), Angola, Mozambique, South Sudan, Chad, and Darfur (future "East Sudan").

BTW, let's hope there is more to the ongoing conflict in Somalia than clanish militia and an entrenched desire to avenge the kikosi maalum cha 'Tausi Mweusi Jini'.

Whoever said that history likes to repeat it self in many ways, shapes and forms, knew what they meant during the era of Cicero's.

Anonymous said...

Chris do you have an idea whether all the eleven corrupt guys who were arrested and charged in a $1 billion L.I. rail road disability pension scheme were former employees from the PM's office?

What about the contractors, government liaisons, companies, and some of the senior employees who were involved in high level corrupt dealings in the construction of the Thika dual carriageway to no way project?

Are they also from the PM's office, and did Raila Odinga have any knowledge of the double and triple billings, kickbacks, and the ghost companies that benefited from ill gotten contracts by supplying non existent construction materials for the Thika dual carriageway to no way project?

Anonymous said...

Coward. Bure Kabisa

The former president Daniel arap Moi may have been considered "a coward and bure kabisa" when compared to Agostino Neto of Angola, following a failed coup d'etat on 27 May, 1977 that was put in motion by Nito Alves, founder of the Fraccionismo.

It's reported that over 18,000 (Angolans) members of Fraccionismo were systematically eliminated in the aftermatth of the failed coup, over a period that lasted up to two years.

Re: The Twenty Seventh of May: An Historical Note on the Abortive Coup Attempt in Angola, pp. 33-68 by David Birmingham.

Agostino Neto made Daniel arap Moi look like an angel and a very benevolent African preisdent after the first of August 1982 abortive coup in Kenya, when the precious lives of over 18,000 Kenyans [suspected airmen, university students, lecturers, politicians, civil servants, business people, coup sympathizers and ordinary citizens] were spared due to Moi's inborn capacity for mercy as well as high threshold for fatherly forgiveness.

Never forget to give some of pinch of political credit where its due, because the current descendants [children, grandchildren and great-grand] of the over 18,000 Kenyan lives that were spared by Daniel arap Moi, would never have been born or alive today had Agostino Neto's hardline solution been implemented on Kenya soil.

Anonymous said...

The anti-Raila bashers are now in league and have joined co-hots with the pro-Moi forces who yearn and long for the good old days of "baba na mama" rule of party when Kenyans were so afraid to speak even in the privacy of their own toilets

Anonymous said...

Raila Corrupt?

100% of Kenyans are corrupt.
People and mainly politicians are ALLOCATED property.

This communist practise started with Kenyatta while allocating himselself 1/3 of Kenyan land. Ever since this corrupt practise has never been considered to be corruption in Kenya. THis must change as from 2012.

The type of corruption here is to be compared with
1) Billions lost in Grand Regency (Kimunya)
2) Billoions lost in Anglo-leasing(Kibaki, Kiraiti, Murungaru)
3) Billions lost in YK92 (Ruto)
4) Billions lost in FPE (Ongeri)
5) Goldenberg (Saitoti, Moi)

The architects of these scandals are PNU friends and sympathiers.

The same people cry foul when WB says a clarification is needed for 33millions. WB doesnt mean the money was lost, they want to INJECT more and need a report.

Is PM corrupt? No.
To fight the vice, tell Gaddafi friends to give Kenyans GRAND REGENCY back as ta first move.

Anonymous said...

Since Sunday and Chris is still asking/looking answers whether he should publish materials on Railas corruption.
Kwani how long does it take to decide?
I have a feeling this could be another one of Chris' fantasies!

DM-Nairobi said...


For all your apparent economic brilliance, you completely don't get it. Spewing over and over again what whites are doing against black people is not going to help our situation here in Kenya. Use just a little bit of your mental prowess to propose PRACTICAL solutions that Kenyans can use to wrestle their country back from neo-colonial agents and thieves masquerading as "leaders".

While at it, please provide clear evidence to demonstrate that Fidel Castro was just as corrupt as our African leaders - that he has stashed billions of looted Cuban funds into some secret accounts over the five decades he was in power. You could also do the same for Sir Ketumile Masire and Setretse Khama of Botswana. Oh, lets not forget our good neighbour Dr Paul Kagame of Rwanda in your "corruption revelation".

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:07am,
Easy does it mate. On one hand well done for using the words "practical" and "Mwarang'ethe in the same sentence. but on another hand why bother the cow grazing with the guitar? leave the choir to enjoy the music playing

Anonymous said...

Chris, let's forget for a moment whether the Prime Minister is corrupt or not, and take a indepth look into the importation of counterfeit drugs (medicines) from Russia and China that flooded the pharmaceutical outlets, hospitals, clinics and can be found on the shelves of 89% of shops and kiosks around the country.

The age old epidemic of corruption that exist in all government ministries may not affect you or me in the short term, but the counterfeit drugs (medicines) being imported from Russia will definetly affect us in one or another.

So, why not dick deeper and expose a very danerous industry that has taken hold of the country, and is bound to cause more deaths than a tsunami on the beaches of Phuket in Thailand?

Start with the Asprin, toothpaste, soap and other common household products.

Mwarang'ethe said...

DM-Nairobi said...

For all your apparent economic brilliance, you completely don't get it. Spewing over and over again what whites are doing against black people is not going to help our situation here in Kenya. Use just a little bit of your mental prowess to propose PRACTICAL solutions that Kenyans can use to wrestle their country back from neo-colonial agents and thieves masquerading as "leaders".


Ati practical solutions?

By this, we understand to tell us that, borrowing $$$$$ from Americans to connect:

(a) a Kenyan, with
(b) jembe is PRACTICAL?

Just see Raila and Kibaki here:

You mean, buying those JEMBES,WHEELBARROWS, we need World Bank and dollars?

And, you call this PRACTICAL?

And, in your OPIUM SESSIONS, you elect leaders to do these CHILDISH,and DELUSIONAL stuff?

This is MADNESS and those committing Kenyans to such SLAVERY should be examined at Mathari Mental Hospital, assuming they have drugs and enough of them which are not counterfeit, whatever that word means.

More so, this is PURE TREASON.

We sincerely, hope, you are not an IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS PhD Graduate, because, only them, can be this FOOLISH.

Okay, even we assume it is practical, how shall we pay these debts?

Do you believe, even with your IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS PhD in FAIR TALE ECONOMICS, that, we can be able to pay back $$$ which we borrow to DIG and FILL holes in Kibera?

So, what happens when we are unable to pay 5 - 10 years down the lane?

What foolishness is this now, oh Lord!


Anyway, leaving your PRACTICAL rubbish in Kenya, just look at the EU and their PRACTICAL deal, just 24 hours ago. What did we see today?

In Italy, the 10 year bonds are now over 6%. So, why are interest rates for Italy rising then?

More so, by declaring a GUN POINT HAIRCUT as not default/credit event, they have avoided another AIG, (oh, NERO HOOVER O) but, what is the status of the Credit Default Swaps (CDS) and LAW OF CONTRACT now?


Finally, you might as well take these words of one of the BEST AFRICAN TEACHERS seriously:

"We (AFRICANS) will have to work for many years to come. Not only without the popular support that we must have, but with inadequate resources.

...We (AFRICANS) strive to be those things most unlike ourselves.

No matter what talent we (AFRICANS) have, we feed GRIST into other people's mills and, of course, nothing comes out except what has been put in.

And that then is our GREAT SORROW."

Edward Wilmot Blyden, 1881, at Liberia College.

The most interesting aspect of this quote is that, what he said is true today, than, was in 1881.


Anyway, since you believe what is childish and rubbish is what is practical, we leave to enjoy:

Pay Day:

Anonymous said...

No matter what talent (or natural resources) we (AFRICANS) have, we feed GRIST into other people's mills and, of course, nothing comes out except what has been put in.

And that then is our GREAT SORROW.

How true it is for so many of us who have been wallowing in our sorrows for years while complaining of myriads of political, economic, social, cultural, academic, religious and other issues that have gone wrong since we gained independence, some five or four-and-half decades ago.

The next time plenty of oil is discovered on Kenyan soil, don't forget what has been taking place in Dalia oil fields located off the coast of Cabinda, Angola.

...we feed GRIST into people's mills and of course, nothing comes out except what has been put in for the benefit of others, the usual outsiders.

Dalia Oil Field, Cabinda, Angola.

The current production of 240,000 barrels per day don't benefit the ordianry Angolan people, but it ends up making companies and wealthy people wealthier than we, AFRICANS, will ever imagine in our wildest dreams.

How so? Well, the devil is always in the details.

1) Total SA (French) owns 40%
2) Statoil ASA (Norwegian owns 23.30%
3) Exxon Mobil (USA) owns 20%
4) BP (British) owns 16.67%
5) Angola (the people) owns ...%

The question is, how much or what percentage do the Angolan government and Angolan people own?

And that then is our GREAT SORROWS, and will always be for many on the African continent, and especially for the Angolan people.

Anonymous said...

What would we rather have? A good local hospital with the state of the art medical facilities, good primary and secondary schools, colleges, water purification plants, affordable electricty 24/7 and modern market, within a five mile radius of our immediate communities, or have US $10 million spent per single kilometer on a dual carriage way to nowhere?

Anonymous said...

Which company built the dual carriage highway? A Kenyan company?

Definitely a Chinese. Who signed the contract?

Whether it is an Oil mine in Angola or Nigeria, or simply the construction of a cattle dip the general public will never gain from the contract,

The contract will be given to an Indian, Chinese or to another foreighner.

We are still too busy thinking of tribal lines with some tribes wanting to own the others. Ati Kenya iko mwenyewe. Bure sana.

Anonymous said...

If you believe in unlimited economic growth then you are a mad man or an economist.

Mwarangethe you are boring us with the same rubbish everyday.

Go to Greece and help them strengthen their economy. Kibaki might go there too as a consultant after his retirement.

Anonymous said...

Everyone back off and leave Mwarang'ethe alone, there is such a thing as freedom of airing opinions and it is his democratic right, its Friday we are all stressed just back down and enjoy the traffic with me on Mbagathi highway (partly built by chinese)

Anonymous said...


Please ignore these fellows who are envious of your wits and therefore result to insults.
These are just clueless losers getting screwed by the system and the truth you have been showing us is too much for them to handle.

The majority of kk readers actually visit this site to read your opinions. Please do not give up on us because of a few rotten oranges.

Ps: I hope the moderator is not one of those envious of your wits

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarangethe you are boring us with the same rubbish everyday.


Do not worry Sir. We can give you NON RUBBISH from your brethren from IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS and IDIOTS.

It is this:

"The central irony of financial crisis is that while it is caused by too much CONFIDENCE, too much BORROWING and LENDING and too much SPENDING, it can only be resolved with more CONFIDENCE, more BORROWING and LENDING, and more SPENDING."

So, says Larry Summers. His CV:

(a) Former World Bank official.
(d) Former USA Treasury Secretary.
(d) CURRENTLY, the Charles W. Eliot University Professor at HARVARD.


In other words, should you drink 15 bottles of beer today, so as to be sober, make sure you drink 20 more tomorrow, and every day thereafter. That way, you shall be sober in let say 100 days.


And, that is not enough NON RUBBISH stuff for we are hearing that:

"Germany finds extra 55bn euros after accounting error."

Germany has found itself 55bn euros ($78bn; £48bn) richer after discovering an accounting error at Hypo Real Estate (HRE), the troubled bank it nationalised in 2009.

The country now expects its ratio of debt to GDP to be 81.1% for 2011, 2.6 percentage points lower than previously forecast,..."


To that, we say this:

Blessed are those who expect nothing from the modern CIRCUS, for they shall not be disappointed.


And, if you do not mind, we ask RUBBISHLY, (assume this word exists, and if not, we can say that it is an error of Englishmen which we have discovered and corrected), why did Fuhrer (3rd REICH) want to take Europe with STEEL and BLOOD when he could have used a currency? (4th REICH)

"Furious Greeks lampoon German 'overlords' as Nazis with picture of Merkel dressed as an SS guard."

"Greeks angry at the fate of the euro are comparing the German government with the Nazis who occupied the country in the Second World War.

She wears a swastika armband bearing the EU stars logo on the outside.

And German visitors flocking to ancient tourist sites are being met with a hostile welcome from some Greeks.

One shows a German soldier watching over Venizelos as he barks at a Greek citizen to pay more taxes."



To avoid too much RUBBISH, we leave to enjoy:

They Don't Care About Us:

Anonymous said...

We have heard from both his supporters and his enemies, now it's time for the man to speak for himself-hear ye him:

Raila says Kazi Kwa Vijana funds were not stolen

Published on

By Steve Mkawale

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said not a single cent earmarked for Kazi Kwa Vijana project was stolen.

The PM dismissed allegations that officials in his office have looted the fund meant to empower the youth.

Raila said those alleging theft were spreading propaganda with the hope of swaying the youth vote in the next General Election.

"I know they have a lined up a series of scandals to malign me ahead of the election, but I want Kenyans to know that I am as white as cotton. Not a single cent will be lost through scam under my watch," said Raila.

He was addressing a crowd at Namanga trading centre in Kajiado where he held a series of public meetings.

Recently politicians allied to the G7 alliance and some rebel ODM MPs alleged misappropriation of the KKV funds.

This came after a World Bank interim report on the funds raised questions over some Sh33 million in 14 expenditure items that had been identified as potentially not entitled for repayment from the proceeds of the World Bank credit.

But Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi told Parliament last week that the report was subject to change after quality assurance reviews and validation.

Opposed to Constitution

The PM on Saturday said the mudslinging and name calling perpetrated by some leaders seeking presidency in 2012 would not cow him.

Cabinet minister Fred Gumo and William ole Ntimama, Assistant Minister Joseph Nkaiseri were among leaders who accompanied the Prime Minister.

Raila attacked some politicians seeking president in the next polls, saying they were not fit to lead.

"They are the same people who opposed the Constitution; they cannot be trusted to implement it. Kenyans must reject such leaders," he said.

Massive wealth

Gumo, the Regional Development minister, dismissed members of the G7 Alliance seeking president, saying some of them were responsible for the plunder of the economy.

"How would they explain the source of their massive wealth? Where did they get money to buy helicopters?" asked Gumo amid applause from the crowd.

He urged voters to reject them at the ballot claiming they would loot the economy that had improved.

Ntimama also said the G7 members were ganging up to block Raila from the presidency.

"Their interest is to block Raila from being the next president, but I want to assure the PM that the Maasai community will rally behind him," he said.

The Kajiado Central MP: "There are young people who have joined a group of leaders calling themselves G7, that is not the way to go."

Raila addressed rallies in Maili Tisa, Iibisil and Kajiado town.

Anonymous said...




DM-Nairobi said...

"What foolishness is this now, oh Lord!"

No, no, no Mwarang'ethe!

You keep spewing the same rubbish over and over again, criticising and ciriticising the most obvious tomfoolery by our kleptocratic leaders and balming the West for Africa's failures. Anybody with a brain will tell you that its a complete waste of time to expect gangstas masquarading as leaders to ever do anything beneficial for their people.

Please don't duck my challenge to you again: What PRACTICAL solutions or proposals can you now offer Kenyans of goodwill in order to wrestle power from theses kleptomaniacs?

Its a simple question - don't go off on a tangent spewing theoretical economical constructs that have nothing to do with reality.

Mwarang'ethe, criticising ALL the time is very easy - any FOOL can do it. What we want to hear from YOU is practical solutions to the predicament Kenyans of goodwill are faced with regarding their future.

If you have no practical answers to how patriotic Kenyans can gain political power for the overall benefit of citizens, just shut up and leave Kenyans be.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe, stay the course, and keep drumming sense into some of us who have failed to figure out what's essential for a our very survival.

Anonymous said...

Chris, where art thou to flip the page during this bright Monday morning?

Did you get the book on one of your favourite topics?

What about the latest timely news concerning one public figure who is about to face insurmountable odds as the 2011 gears itself for the horizon in a matter of eight weeks?

Don't forget to flip last week's page, it's very very overdue, or rather "fery offertue" as Mr. Mbalula would say during his quarterly assessments.

Anonymous said...

Chris, 8 days are gone since you asked if Raila is corrupt. Wake up and stop giving KK readers a raw deal!Do u think we are permanently planted here?

Anonymous said...

Chris or whoever has decided to KILL kumekucha..congrats.

I will not waste my time again visiting this site with ZERO activity for almost a week.

Moderate that!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, why are you not making Kuchekucha even better (or greater, if wiil) with the right building blocks?

Why not make sure Kumekucha stays among the best in the blogsphere?

While I, one of Kumekucha's diehard users, continue to visit the site while doing what I do better, which is understanding that the world-class businesses, hospitals (national and regional), colleges, schools, local police stations, highways, residentials road, rural access roads, water treatment facilities, sewage system, agricultural sector and environmental standards matter to all of us (Kenyans) because they keep our property values high, make more employees want to hire, improve our quality of life and pave way for the real trickle down economics when it comes to the 40% of the downtrodden segment of the population, 35% of the working poor (hand-to-mouth type, paycheck/salary to paycheck/salary living type), while improving the quality of life for the other 20%, not fogetting one of the most fortunate 5% who will remain very very wealthy for decades to come.

Anonymous said...

What's happening or rather what's not happening as it's supposed to?

I am among those who have been wanting to say, "flip the page" since the 26th of October, but couldn't be heard (read) due to the fact that "comment moderation has been enabled and all of our so called comments must be selected, accepted and approved by the blog author" in one form or another.

Anyway, how about you change the post asap, and keep the place alive by getting and lining up good posts from other adherents of Kumekucha in advance.

Come on Chris, where art thou when you're need most to breathe some much needed new life back into Kimekucha?

Why wait for the general election year 2012 in order to pay some extra attention to the well being of Kumekucha?

Anonymous said...

Chris kuna shida gani toka juzi, yaani mwezi jana? Kwani bado hakuja kucha wala kurauka bali giza kuu la usiku wa manane limezidi katika bwalo la Kumekucha.

Tafadhali hebu amka twende kwenye mwanga ili mwezi huu wa kumi na moja uwe na mafanikio mema kwa sisi wote.

Usisahau kwamba Kumekucha "is a brand that needs to have its integrity and reliability intact as well as its user friendly functionality in place at all times."

Wana mkuwa nawe ni wenzio kama wewe, kwa hivyo usithubutu - don't take Kumekucha's diehards and frequent browers for granted.


Anonymous said...

Chris we have your back. If he is going to stand for high office, he must be ready to have his entire life scrutinized and knit picked. This applies to all leaders, of all caliber, in all nations...

Anonymous said...

Have no fear at all. What's the worst than can happen to you in this day and age?

Does the name Cain the Republican presidential hopeful, or wannabe ring a bell?

What about John Edwards a one time Democratic presidential candidate who had loads of home made skeletons in his personal as well as political closets?

So, if the Kenyan presidential candiadte in question or any of the other prospective candidates don't want their known shenanigans discussed in public or exposed, then they shouldn't bother with vying for the glorified residency at the former colonial edifice on the hill, better known as the 'Static House'.

Anyways, times have changed, the days when ordinary people, journalists and politicians were always gripped by deadly cold fears during the draconian era are over and done with.

If the man or any other politician can't offord to stand the political heat, then let him or her stay far away from the kitchen arenas of present day politics where news and other information flows easily and is accessible to a large segment of the population 24/7.

Anonymous said...

The man Raila is just incompetent!!!

He was given the post of Waziri "Nyapara" as a stepping stone to the presidencu but he tries to act president so much that he failed miserably in hi job.

How do people close to you steal from left to right and you do not notice? How do you surround yourself with sycophant "Amololets" like Millie ,Rachel and Charity and still expect to perform?

In their zeal to propel him to the presidency, they will commit a Watergate burglary that will end his career.

kevoh said...

from DM-Nairobi

Mwarang'ethe, criticising ALL the time is very easy - any FOOL can do it. What we want to hear from YOU is practical solutions to the predicament Kenyans of goodwill are faced with regarding their future.

If you have no practical answers to how patriotic Kenyans can gain political power for the overall benefit of citizens, just shut up and leave Kenyans be.



Are you in possession of the correct answer or possible answers to the question you just asked?

Mind you if you are possessing the right answers so that if Mwarang'ethe answers you could say 'Nah, you are wrong'. or you trying to fish for the right answer/s could as well amount to treason

I might assume Mwara' is too smart to let his guard that low.

From your question I also assume these patriotic Kenyans of goodwill who have also failed to give you the golden answer are more in numbers than the kleptomaniac system obscuring their bright future.

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