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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why Are We Still Supplying Cash and Khat To Somalia?

The Bitter option indeed

There are wars that you get involved in for very justifiable reasons. For example a neighbouring country invades you and you defend yourself. If you lose precious lives in such a conflict you somehow feel that it is justified.
But Kenya has now been sucked into what is really somebody else’s war. A war that has nothing to do with us. Why do we keep on losing Kenyan lives on behalf of the United States of America? The country where Kenyans need to have an HIV test to go to (apart from going through all kinds of embarrassing and uncomfortable procedures to qualify for a mere 7 day visa)? Truly the US must be heaven, as Martha karua once said. But folks now we are at war because ncle Sam can’t do his own tidying up well enough.

If the Al Shabab rebels without a cause hate the friends of America so much, why don’t they attack Liberia and other countries that are much closer to the United States? Why poor impoverished problem-ridden Kenya? The country hosting relatives of Al Shabab guys?

Most Kenyans remember the bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi which at the time was the biggest strike against the Americans anywhere including US soil. But was it really against the Americans? How many Americans died? And how many Kenyans died? Well over 100 innocent Kenyans lost their lives while a handful of Americans died. How unfair!!!

Now our hand has been forced into entering Somalia to pursue some confused kids who get an erection every time the name Al Quaida is mentioned. More Kenyan blood will be spilt… and for what?

It just makes me very angry because I know what it means going to war. Or sending your brothers and sons who happen to be in the Kenya army to war. Sadly politicians don’t think in those terms. More dangerously so the man sitting in State House now who knows that he cannot constitutionally seek a third term (and neither can he steal another term like he did the last time).

But even more ridiculous is the fact that we are still exporting tons of khat (miraa) to Somalia every day. You can imagine that Al Shabab confused kid sitting on his carpet in the evening chewing the stuff for inspiration on where and how to hit us next. Yep we are inspiring the enemy. Instead of hitting him where it hurts the most.

How about shutting down Eastleigh? I know many innocent Somalis will suffer but I believe Kenyan lives will also be saved because it has been proved that Al Shabab financing comes through Kenya. ALWAYS!! And so apart from supplying the enemy with Khat we are also their banker and money transfer agent.


What Chris Kumekucha is reading: Man died on plane while being deported back to Africa

Hero Tom Mboya finally honoured 42 years after Kenya desperately tried to forget this great man.


Anonymous said...

Chris my brother,
Stop being JEALOUS yes USA is heaven do you even have a passport to even travel to Mombasa Road let alone Kitengela?

Don't you know over 90% of your readers are VOTELESS DIASPORA living in Imperialist Western Capitals while commenting here, I am just trying to save you from offending your core audience or do you want to lose your TRAFFIC to this popular blog stupid apologise at once why don't you?

Anonymous said...

Most Western citizens are VERY pleased and supportive of Kenya invasion of Somalia.
They are hoping Kenya will take Southern Somalia and Ethiopia Northern Somalia and sort out this Islamic hell-hole lawless Somalia once and for all!

Just read comments on UK's newspapers like Telegraph or Independent, Mail, The Sun: - and for once they are appluading Kenya.

Don't forget Western countries are aslo fed up with Somali refugees and immigrants living in their countries.

Mwarang'ethe said...

But even more ridiculous is the fact that we are still exporting tons of khat (miraa) to Somalia every day. You can imagine that Al Shabab confused kid sitting on his carpet in the evening chewing the stuff for inspiration on where and how to hit us next. Yep we are inspiring the enemy. Instead of hitting him where it hurts the most.


No, no, no.

Wachana na miraa yetu wewe Chris tafadhali.

Let us illustrate. When Hannibal attacked Rome/Italy, the Romans engaged in keeping cows and growing corn and such stuff. In this situation, they could drive their cows always ahead of the attack. Also, destruction of one season corn involved not much loss.

However, when the SLAVE Spartacus rose up, they attacked the VINEYARDS.

The reaction was furious. Why were Romans so scared? Simply, their vines represented centuries of serious investment.

So, our miraa is our vineyards and represents serious investment and we do not think should be tampered because of CHILDISH, FOOLISH, USELESS and ILLEGAL WARS.

Miraa is a serious investment just like the buildings in Nairobi or factories. As such, do not think just about Somalis. You must take into account those who have invested in it.

And, this being case, you may as well suggest we stop renting houses to Somalis then.

Since we do not want policemen with helicopters over our miraa, we leave to enjoy:

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe! Mwarangethe hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

The French woman abducted by Somalis has died. Another senseless death. RIP Mme Marie

Mwarang'ethe said...

The French woman abducted by Somalis has died. Another senseless death. RIP Mme Marie


May ALL MILLIONS of unnamed, unknown, unnoticeable, forgotten, belittled,insulted Africans who have died SENSELESS deaths since 1492, may rest in peace.

May someone one day, elect a MONUMENT in remembrance the above.

Anonymous said...


May ALL those who were killed by Raila's quest for power rest in peace. 1982-2008. And who know 2012 and beyond!

Anonymous said...

Jameni, jameni, jameniiiiiiii! Nauliza jee, kwa hakika, jeshi la Kenya litawaweza kweli hawa vijana "kula kichwa" wanao julikana kwa jina la 'Al Shabab'? Au baadhi ya wanajeshi na raia wanaoishi katika eneo la kaskani mashariki watatokomea kwa wingi kwenye hivyo vita ambavyo havina maana yoyote kwa raia wa taifa la Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Happy are those who profit from war, misery, suffering and death of their fellow men and women in times of war.

Khat has been a commodity, a stimulant so to speak, that keeps fighters, cultural warriors, religious zealots, and the lords of war awake at ll times, so that they can all manage their business of cordinating war without a wink or two.

Don't forget the "higher-ups" in the Kenyan government and political circles, men who have always demanded a share (cut)and are always been awarded their 14% from Khat trading.

Mmmmm. Talk of daily flights loaded with Khat, that fly out of Nanyuki, Wilson and Mombasa airports, heading to various regions in Somalia.

There some Kenyans (merchants of commercial death) who have perfected the art of benefiting by making a killing in the millions of dollars while their neighbours are at war since the 1960s.

Case in point, during the Anya Anya War, Rwandan Civil War I, Burundi Civil, Expulsion of Kabaka Yeka's Adherents, Overthrow of Obote I, Sudan Civil War, Liberation of Uganda, Ogaden War, Ethiopian Civil War, Comoros Islands Conflicts, Somali Civil War, Overthrow of Obote II, Museveni's Guerilla's Warfare, Insurgency in DRC, Ethiopian-Eritrean War, Liberation of Rwanda, ongoing conflict in the DRC, Dafur, and what have you.

Khat is among one of the many commodities that Kenya supplies to those with money and in need of comforts while war rages on their respective nations.

War is good business opportunity for some. Where there is war, you're bound to find an established crop of twisted but smart minded merchants of everything that trades on the frontlines, routes and enclaves of those who support the wars, as well as those who flee from the war zones.

Did you know that a Kenyan transport company based in Takaungu, had been contarcted to supply the anti- Hissein Habre forces during the Chadian civil war? Mmmmmm! Do the math.

Anonymous said...

"Al-Kebab" should not be treated with kids gloves anymore. Kenya has been pussyfooting these terrorists for too long. Time to "flush them out of their holes" as Putin says! The future of Kenya depends on how long we are willing to allow these islamsits thrieve in front of our noses.
Just look, since Putin declared war on Chechnya rebels (Islamists), Russia now live in relative peace.

Putin was criticised then when he took heavy-handedness against these religious lunatics (followers of false god) but it paid off. Do we hear anymore bombings/terrorist activities in Russia?

This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

We are in so much trouble; I have just read this; Local travellers to start paying KQ in US dollars..

As usual Mwarangethe warned us about this a while ago.
Mwarangethe, can you please give us practical advice of how to face the future economic crisis? I am really terrified.
Shouldn't the civil servants also demand to be paid in dollars then? And should we change our legal tender to the imperialist one that Mwarangethe has warned us is just papers?

I mean is this even legal????????

Anonymous said...

With the death of African protector against imperialists, the scramble for Africa 2.0 will be complete.
Libyans will only have themselves to blame since their economy and livelihood is going to the dogs.

Its a terrible day for Africa and Gaddaffi's defiance to the end is IMPRESSIVE.

Anonymous said...

RIP Colonel, the League of Arab states betrayed one of their own.
They said they were to impose a no fly zone in Libya to protect civilian lives. Once that was approved they waged a war on all Colonel supporters killing them indiscriminately. Now they have killed a sitting president elected through universal suffrage.

And they claim to be democratic nations. When will Africa and the rest of the world say no to these imperialists??

Anonymous said...

Who changes his condition changes fortune.

I join those who have refused to waste or even shed a single tear when the news was delivered about the bloody death of one Muammar Ghaddafi of Libya.

The alleged dead man had all the time in the world, as a matter of fact, the last twenty-two years to adapt and develop and so give himself more chance(s) of making Libya a better and free nation of sorts, [forget the so-called western styled democracy and sham elections], and save his neck, legacy as well as the lives of many Libyans who have lost their lives in the ongoing civil war.

Every Bullmastiff (dog) has its day as the once mighty warrior Hannibal the North African would proclaim after the end of every battle he had won.

So, Muammar Ghaddafi had all kinds of political conditions, his forty days and forty-two years in power through which he could have changed his fortune but didn't.

Anyway, the dead man, if he's dead at all (the world is still waiting for pictorial proof of his demise), deserved the manner in which he met his death, after forty-two years of having failed to act for the good of the Libyan people and, in some way, for his own benefit and the benefit of his family, clan, region and regional neighbours.

Let his death be a hard lesson to the likes of Museveni, Mugabe, future Kenyan presidents, and many other wannabe Africa's political immortals aka "presidents for life".

May Muammar Ghaddafi RIH instead of RIP.

Anonymous said...

It is slowly emerging that Muammar Ghaddafi was ASSASINATED by the REBELS who have become executioners of those opposing them while the whole world praises them. The tribe of Gaddafi is under siege, just like that of Sadaam Hussein. When will we ever leard from history??

The day of reckoning for Libyans is coming soon. Like IRAQ, the will never know peace. Mark my words.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

....Meanwhile Miguna Gunia is breathing fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

You got to love this guy:)

Anonymous said...

Friends of Gaddafi must know that power has its end. Kenya will one day get their Grand Regency back. Actually we want it back today.

Anonymous said...

Time for Libyans to bend over and have their a#$$ fu$%%d up.

They remind me of Iraq after the fall of Saddaam or lately the joy in Egypt after the fall of Mubarak.
While the former continues to suffer daily suicide bombings the joy in the latter has slowly regenerated into disappointment akin to the NARC of 2003..

Like Mwarangethe always writes here, we fail to learn from history to our own demise. The current rulers of Libya now are just former servants of Col. Gaddafi...some deja vu of Egypt situation..

Mwarang'ethe said...

On the demise of Gaddafi, we say this:

When the half brothers of Shaka the Zulu were about to KILL him, these were his LAST words:

After the 1st blow, he told them this:

“You think by killing me you will be King. You will be the BONDSMEN and SLAVES. Whites are waiting like ANTS to take over this country.”

After the second CRY, he told them this:

“You have called me many things, a TYRANT, GOD and DEVIL. To some extent I am all these things.

But, I am something else you need to remember. I am the GREATEST HOPE you have for FREEDOM from the EUROPEAN RULE IN THIS CENTURY."

In the LAST BLOW, he looked at his brothers in PITY and asked them:

“Oh, what I have done to you sons of my fathers.”

From the BBC, we heard that, Gaddafi asked the young men who killed him:

- what have I done to you?


With the death of Shaka, the war for SA began. The rest is history for up to the 21st Century, Africans are still SLAVES and BONDSMEN.


In Matebeleland, i.e. Zimbambwe, when King Lobengula was leaving his LAND for COLONIAL EXILE, he defiantly looked at his people and warned them this way:

"You have said that it is ME who is KILLING you. Now HERE are your NEW MASTERS the WHITE MEN coming.

You will have to PULL and SHOVE WAGONS which under me you never had to do. Remember I never I wanted to fight with them and tried always to prevent it."


And, when you see little Arab boys parading themselves in front of the BBC camera's with their shirts RED in the BLOOD of Gaddafi and their own brothers, what comes to your mind?

A great historian tells us this:

"In the study of nations and men, we may observe the CAUSES that render them hostile or friendly to each other, that tend to narrow or enlarge, to mollify or exasperate, the social character.

The separation of the Arabs from the rest of mankind has accustomed them to confound the ideas of stranger and enemy; and the poverty of the land has introduced a maxim of jurisprudence, which they believe and practise to the present hour."

He continued that:

"The REFINED MALICE of the Arabs refuses even the head of the murderer, substitutes an innocent for the guilty person, and transfers the penalty to the best and most considerable of the race by whom they have been injured. If he falls by their hands, they are exposed, in their turn, to the danger of reprisals, the interest and principal of the bloody debt are accumulated: the individuals of either family lead a life of malice and suspicion, and fifty years may sometimes elapse before the account of vengeance be finally settled.

The TEMPER of a people thus armed against mankind was doubly inflamed by the domestic license of rapine, MURDER, and REVENGE."

So, wrote Gibbon, the author of fall and decline of Rome.

Those who are arming these young kids, know all this history and therefore, they know what they are doing.

The question is, do these young kids know what they are doing?


With that, we retreat to study more USELESS history so that we can read and REFLECT on the PRESENT and the FUTURE with a lot of amusement.

We do so while enjoying:


Anonymous said...

Well spoken Mwarangethe.

While the very gullible Africans rejoice an the demise of the the last Pan Africanist, the whites are rubbing their hands in glee at the iminent undisrupted free feast for all.

Soon, the new govt will sign off Libyan assets to these imperialists and the story that has befallen many nations around the world will be theirs...I predict debt from IMF by the next 6 months, privatization in under a year and civil wars in a month. Its all in the history guys.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Some reactions after Gaddaffi was murdered;
“In Washington, the International Monetary said it will send a mission to Libya to assess the country economy….” Source; Daily Nation. Oct 21. p.4.

The story also acknowledges that the IMF (in cohort with WB) recognizes the new outfit, National Transition Council (NTC).

Therefore, it is not a question of if Libya will get a loan/grant from IMF- the issue is when.

chola said...

With the death of Gadafi, he gose down with the lybia we knew(10,000$ pa,every family 2 cars & flat).They shall look back and wep, for the good glorius days. Look at iraq. Hoo lybians what have you have done,you have spilt the blood of the dear brothe leader.His blood has soiled the ground, nothing good will ever come out of the that land,2 wrong never made any good.If you though 40+ 3 years were dark, the next 40+3 will be realy dark.

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around. The one time crazy leader, so called revolutionary deserves it, as in the way he met his fate.

The wholesale forgiveness of Qaddafi's past financial and material support for terrorist elements around the globe, (forget his erratic and roguish leadership), by the European and North American nations was designed to clear the air and mend fences, but in the end, old wounds were reopened, bad feelings and bad blood lingered.

At issue was the fact that Qaddafi never really gave up his old ways that were very detrimental to himself, Libya's image around world, and above all to the interests of all those "international circle of associates" who had risked their credibility, businesses and even lives in trying to vouch for him, stand up for him and help welcoming him back to the international fold.

Qaddafi knew of the risks, dangers and consequences of his wayward ways, especially his infamous ninety minutes signature nose thumping at the rest of the world from the free podium at the United Nations in 2009.

When all is said and done, now is the right time for the western nations and Qaddafi's interantional bussiness associates to make sure that they facilitate the return of over ninety billions of dollars and assets back to the Libyan nation and it's people.

Good riddance. One less despot as Qaddafi bites the bullet that was intended for him since the day he ordered the masscare of 2,564 innocent Libyan civilians in August of 1986.

Anonymous said...

So easy and fashionable to refer to Africans as a very gullible people in their ongoing rejoice of Gaddafi's demise.

The real question is what did the dead man do for your respective village, Kenya, East Africa, let alone Africa in general for that matter in terms of development?

Does the names Agha Khan schools, hospitals, university and foundation in various parts of Kenya ring bell?

Well, help some of us, the so-called "gullible Africans" find a single Qaddafi school, university, hospital, factory, road, water purification system, housing complex, industry, mosque, Muslim school (or university, hospital, financial institution), agricultural project, et al) erected on Kenyan soil that was financed or even constructed by the billions of dollars the dead man, the one time leader of Libya had over the last forty or thirty years?

So, why waste a tear drop or airing any messages of condolences just because some crazy political character from a distance geographic region has met his timely demise at the very hands of his own young people, who were seeking to better their lives, future and nation?

Nairobeast said...

I am a Kenyan abroad and I am pretty much an isolationist. Kenya has a 2-bit economy (seriously, we make less than a lot of two-bit companies in that heaven-USA).

We don't have resources to waste fighting a hydra or a cloud (I can't decide which). Somalia doesn't exist;neither does Kenya-at least to Somalis who always think along clannish lines and care not one whit to offend international borders and sensitivities while achieving clannish goals,doing clannish things in their own clannish way.

This is what we get for fostering instability in Somalia (supported by the U.S at this, of course). We agreed because we need America. And we still do, but now we have to pressure them, call them on their bull**** and get some concessions. Probably military aid-we should start jocking for some of what used to go to Egypt. Thats just the reality in geopolitics.

Nairobeast said...

I am a Kenyan abroad and I am pretty much an isolationist. Kenya has a 2-bit economy (seriously, we make less than a lot of two-bit companies in that heaven-USA).

We don't have resources to waste fighting a hydra or a cloud (I can't decide which). Somalia doesn't exist;neither does Kenya-at least to Somalis who always think along clannish lines and care not one whit to offend international borders and sensitivities while achieving clannish goals,doing clannish things in their own clannish way.

This is what we get for fostering instability in Somalia (supported by the U.S at this, of course). We agreed because we need America. And we still do, but now we have to pressure them, call them on their bull**** and get some concessions. Probably military aid-we should start jocking for some of what used to go to Egypt. Thats just the reality in geopolitics.

Anonymous said...

I am also one of the 2.5 million Kenyans living abroad and when my time comes to be taken out by vehicular accident, urban assault, robbery, old age, anyone of the fourteen cancers, or by whatever cause, - any crematorium "in that heaven-USA"/UK/Canada/Europe will do just fine.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans abroad are the rarest kind of breed you will ever meet.

I met this Kenyan couple in London, the man is Somali from Wajir and the wife is Kikuyu from Kiambu and if that's an usual union, their neighbours who are also Kenyans - the man is Samburu and the wife is Jaluo.

Kenyans abroad are way ahead of Kenyans back home.

Anonymous said...

watu wengine wapenda kujisifu sana ni kama hao ndio wamelinda nchi kwa yetu kutoka mikono za somalia Al shabab

badala ya kujipepea bure hapa kwa nini hamu rudi nyumbani na tushikane mikono tujenge nchi pamoja? ama maisha ni kukula tuu sawa kabisa

Anonymous said...


I have been following your postings for a long time and agree with all you say.

You keep on writing about the USELESS dollars. Well, if you happen to have, say, 10m USELESS dollars just lying around, could you throw them my way? I would be more than happy to help you be rid of them :)


Anonymous said...

Kumekucha has become a BY THE WAY project of Chris he founder.
See how he dissapears after he finds some small contracts here and there. Can someone point me to another blog or forum that is a better alternative coz clearly this one is going to the DOGS. Mwarang'ethe is the only one who makes me come here and thank God I am in his mailing list so I get regular updates of his views and opinions

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Eh! "oracle" sir, take a chill pill mate its Sunday for goodness sake go spend time with your family&friends

Anonymous said...

Molasses Raila once again has been caught with his hands in the youth fund and he seems to has stoled almosts a billion to jumpstart his presidential ambitions.

Kenyans want to know when Raila will announce his stepping down not if'.
After restoring officers in his office implicated in the unresolved maize scandal, Raila has no excuse this time.

I wonder what lies and excuses akina phil of kibera and other sycophants are peddling this time round.

Anonymous said...

Well, the feckless dictator will come up with another gem to extricate himself from the filth--sort of like how Miguna Miguna was thrown under the bus. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

You probably didn't do enough digging before you wrote this one. I know for a fact that Kenyan soldiers didn't cross into Somali last week when Kibaki announced it. Actually our military have always been so irritated that Kenya has always been attacked from all sides and while they wait for retirement in barracks. That the public (and some leaders from neighboring countries)tag them as career soldiers. They couldn't wait for a bell this time and they moved in (3 months ago) leaving statehouse to fumble with explanations of how, why and who. Why would Wetangula claim they were invited by the somalia tfg yet rush to mogadishu 3 days after the government's public acceptance to seek the tfg's approval. So fact 1. Our soldiers were motivated and took initiative. Them loosing their lives was a sacrifice acceptable to them.

Fact 2.We are at war with al shabaab not Somali. Therefore suggesting that Kenya stops khat exports to the neighboring country is daft

Mwangalendo said...

Eastleigh, Nairobi is where the final showdown of this war will be lost or won.

Why go after the small time foot soldier in that part of Somalia controlled by the Al Shabbab yet the financiers of these guerillas are living it up in Eastleigh busy exporting khat to finance the purchase of guns and ammunition for their foot soldiers now getting a hiding from the Kenya Defence Forces!!

It is time that the Internal Security minister a.k.a George Saitoti showed that he can raise up to the occasion and prove that Internal Security really does have a role to play in protecting Kenya and Kenyans.

Imagine the kind of mass out pouring of collective relief by Kenyans, translated into sizeable votes for Saitoti if he won the war in Eastleigh now that he is finally in the race to occupy the Big house on the Hill??

A better opportunity will not be available to any one of the other candidates and Saitoti will be the PORK in a jiffy if he and his handlers pulled this off. A golden opportunity has presented itself and is his for the taking.....finally a real genuine Kenyan hero who fought a vicious enemy and won vying for president........unless that is the reason for this war in the first place, to get him off the starting blocks earlier than all the others!!

Anonymous said...

can you please do your research before jumping & writing stuff that you know nothing about the ppl you are talking about never chew miraa they are islamists who hate miraa next time take your good time instead of giving us nonsense....!

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