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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What is this new thing happening in Kenya?

Something without precedent is happening in Kenya.

In just a handful of days Kenyans raised over 80 million shillings to feed their starving and dying fellow Kenyans in areas that are worst hit by the current drought and resulting ravaging famine.

On the ground many amazing tales of selflessness and sacrifice are beginning to unfold. A humble house-help with a very stretched budget asked her employers to deduct half a monthly pay and send it to the Mpesa number that has been set up in the Kenyans for Kenya appeal to raise funds for the hungry.

Others are walking to work and other skipping lunch to create donations out of their equally stretched budgets.

Now it is a little difficult for most of my readers to appreciate the struggles that most Kenyans go through to maintain sanity in their lives. I am not talking about balancing their hand-to-mouth budgets because most folks cannot dare have a cup of tea or a cold Coca Cola in town when they are thirsty for fear of creating chaos in their already unbalanced food budget.

Amazing. Kenyans have never given like this before and believe me we have had many disasters and many appeals for donations. Mostly those administering these programmes have been very frustrated and have had to beg, cajole, sell stuff give amazing offers etc. for Kenyans to show any signs of reaching for their pockets for coins to throw at them.

Not this time round. Something has changed and changed dramatically.

So what is happening now? What has changed?

These are the angry voters of 2012 I keep on talking about. Kenyans who are completely fed up with the political class. To use a very appropriate local phrase “wame-shiba watu wa siasa.” And they are expressing their disgust at the disorganization, corrupt ways that those running this country insist on keeping to. They are doing this by taking matters into their own hands and doing what leaders should have done a long time ago. Kenyans are delighted to be able to prove to themselves that they can do without the political class some of whom have been in parliament so long that cobwebs must have developed on their clothes that are stuck to the August house. And many of these characters have given the impression that life in Kenya cannot go on without them.

Folks, the stage is being set for a what I call “a blood-bath” in 2012. Don’t worry, I am not talking about the blood letting of 2007/08. I am talking about huge casualties amongst the political class and those who think there would be no Kenya without them.

Yes, the stage is being set for an outsider to enter the precincts of State House to the amazement of all and sundry. And let me warn that individual in advance that they will have a hell of a job on their hands. Mainly because the angry voters will not be done yet. By that point in time they will be so angry that what they wil demand from the fourth president of Kenya, no human can deliver.

But halleluyah because that will be the beginning of a new era in Kenya where leaders are truly servants of the people.


Kenya army blogspot said...

Lately Kumekuwa na so many lottery games. Why are we not seeing them donating some of those billions they've fleeced from Kenyans? How convenient that Royal Media decides to end the " Kutazama Citizen ni Kutazama chapaa" just when people need food aide. Hawataki waambie wachange

Anonymous said...

i was quite amused the other day watching on CitizenTV's Sunda "politician spotlight" segment as a hefty and very round potbellied House Speaker Kenneth Marende puffed and huffed away on the treadmill as he did some exercises in an attempt to keep at bay all the food he can afford to eat from appearing on his body. The week before that Citizen had highlighted Mutava Musyimi as he also attempted to run for some few minutes on the treadmill. Some times before that it was Martha Karua's turn as she attempted to jump a skipping rope looking very defensive!

Their body sizes say it all!its no wonder then that it took private sector organisation to raise the millions of Kenyan shillings needed to feed our fellow Kenyans starving and dying like flies-the government is so out of touch with the people they can't relate to hunger because they've never gone an hour without a meal!

If Kenyans are so quick to unite and fight to save the lives of their fellow Kenyans from hunger and thirst, why can't we unite and fight to save our country from the wrong type of political leadership?

Anonymous said...

my apologies please,my fb account has been infiltrated and deleted, i know you sent me a message. i am in the process of setting up another fb account,will let you know when its in place

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