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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Golden rules you need for a come back

Many of the most sensational comebacks have been in the world of sports. I am sure you know many and I would advice you to study them very closely because the same rules apply to a come back in virtually any field or calling in life.

Let me for a moment focus on a sporting come back I am very familiar with. Diego Maradona. Down and out and literally dying as well as being a cocaine addict to boot many people believed that Maradona went to Cuba to die and not only to escape from his tax problems. But in 2005 he literally bounced back from the dead and started a successful career as a football administrator at a leading club in Argentina. This come back led to his being appointed the Argentine national soccer team coach in 2008.

But the 2005 effort was not the first time Maradona whom some consider to be the greatest soccer player of all time (not this blogger my money is on Pele) was making a come back in difficult circumstances. After sensationally winning the 1986 World Cup for Argentina there was probably nowhere else to go but down. By the time the 1990 World Cup came along he was overweight and nursing a serious ankle injury. The speed, agility and dribbling were all gone but amazingly even though he hobbled along most of the time, he was still extremely effective and made a huge difference taking Argentina all the way to the finals. The man re-invented himself completely and concentrated on his positioning and pinpoint passes to tear apart the best defenses in the world and win crucial games for his country. This confirmed his status as a soccer genius.

It can’t be done if you don’t understand “your sport” like the back of your hand

Maradona’s soccer career has some important lessons for any come back attempt. The first is that you MUST understand your business, your sport or your vocation better than the back of your hand. There are no two ways about it.

Diego Maradona would never have achieved what he did without his deep knowledge of the game. If your come back is in business then you must understand that business extremely well and that includes the rapid changes that technology has brought about in many industries.

Luckily we are in the information age and getting information to make you an expert is easy, even if you are not one at the time you begin your research for your come back effort. Find one source of information I strongly recommend for anybody attempting a come back in business HERE.

You must re-invent yourself

If you understand your vocation deeply then re-inventing yourself like Maradona has done successfully again and again becomes much easier. Let’s go back to boxing now and compare Mike Tyson to other boxers like Mohamed Ali and George Foreman. Both these men managed to make successful comebacks. They came back as slower and less fit boxers but what mattered and counted in the end was the fact that they re-invented themselves adequately to be able to make a mark. Tyson it seems is less knowledgeable and this has no doubt been a great hindrance in any come backs he may have wanted to execute. It seems that he is only one kind of boxer and has found it impossible to come up with a new tactical approach or style that re-invents his game.

Most of those who fail in their come back bids are guilty of trying to do the same old thing using the same old tactics. This will not work. You will need to completely re-invent yourself. YOU MUST to stand any chance of success.

Finally whatever happens never ever give up. NEVER. Try again and again secure in the fact that some of those who went before you and became the greatest men in their time did so after failing so many times that failure almost became their second name before they finally made it. Just make sure you learn all the lessons you need to learn from every single failure. I can sense your doubt at this last statement I have made and so I will close my series this weekend with an example.

Abraham Lincoln is considered one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever had and is still an inspiration to this day to many seeking leadership under difficult circumstances. And yet he started off with very minimal education. He had only one year of formal education in his life and then what followed were more failures than most human beings can take in two lifetimes.

List of Lincoln's failures

1831 - Lost his job
1832 - Defeated in run for Illinois State Legislature
1833 - Failed in business
1834 - Elected to Illinois State Legislature (success)
1835 - Sweetheart died
1836 - Had nervous breakdown
1838 - Defeated in run for Illinois House Speaker
1843 - Defeated in run for nomination for U.S. Congress
1846 - Elected to Congress (success)
1848 - Lost re-nomination
1849 - Rejected for land officer position
1854 - Defeated in run for U.S. Senate
1856 - Defeated in run for nomination for Vice President
1858 - Again defeated in run for U.S. Senate
1860 - Elected President (success)

Read more about Abraham Lincoln

Thanks for keeping me company through this weekend and I wish you the very best in your come back. Hang in there!!

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Anonymous said...

While you are still at it, sports that is, why is it that someone or rather a clique of people are giving one of the greatest players of all time cold treatment?

Did you known that Recardo Teixeira and his clique have excluded Pele from any involvement with the preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup (Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil 2014)?

Knowing very well that Brazilian soccer is synonymous with the name Pele, one of it's greatest sports ambassadors.
Btw, Diego Maradona was one of the few players turned coaches who could outline plays on the drawing board, and at the same time succeeded in getting inside the minds of his players and always motivated them to arise to every occasion.
How many blows, rejections and defeats can a person - Abrahan Lincoln - withstand or take without being tempted to throw in the towel, call it a day, cut (withdraw) and run, or call it quits?
What do Trauma and Resilience have in common?

A rubber ball if you guessed it right. Why a rubber ball?

The metaphoric 'rubber ball' fits any come back scenario and it acts as the best antidote to one of the dreaded term in life - repeated failure.

A rubber ball is very resilient and immediately springs back into shape no matter hard it's hit, how far it's thrown, how many blows or kicks it receives, or no matter how many times it's span around.

Therefore, No matter how many times you fail. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. Then always bounce back not with a bang or splash, but with vision, focus and the knowledge (tools) for sustainability.

On the other hand, the greatest barriers to embracing the golden rules needed for a come back are none other than:
a) defensiveness
b) cold-mindedness
c) projection
d) assumption
e) pride
f) wallowing in self-pity.
g) self induced come back paralysis
(a main killer of any intended come back venture).


kumekucha said...

Anon@ 10:20


I remove my hat from my balding head.

Never in all the years of running Kumekucha has a person written such an inspirational comment in the wild wild west Kumekucha. The only one that comes close is one that was penned by Mpesa recently. But then Mpesa has cut out a niche for himself over a long time. You... you have sprung out of nowhere. Your writing has some similarities to that of Mpesa. Is this Mpesa again?


Anonymous said...

You cannot talk about comebacks of all time especially in sports without mentioning Lance Armstrong.
At the age of 25, Lance Armstrong seemed invincible. He was one of the world’s best cyclists, having won numerous races, including a couple of stages in the Tour De France, arguably the world’s biggest cycling race. But then his life changed. He was diagnosed with cancer.

The diagnosis was testicular cancer, stage 3. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 15-35, and when diagnosed early, has a very good cure rate of 90%. However, Lance being a seemingly healthy young man, ignored the warning signs. By the time the cancer was diagnosed, it had spread to his lungs, abdomen and brain. His chances of survival dimmed.
But the Lance Armstrong cancer story doesn’t end there. Lance’s combination of physical conditioning, strong support system and competitive spirit took over. He declared himself a not a cancer victim but a cancer survivor. He educated himself about the disease and treatment options. Armed with this knowledge, he underwent aggressive treatment and beat the disease.

The standard chemotherapy drugs to treat testicular cancer are a cocktail of BEP (bleomycin, etoposide, and cisplatin, or platinol). Armstrong chose an alternative though, VIP (etoposide, ifosfamide, and cisplatin) to avoid the lung toxicity associated with the drug bleomycin. This decision may have saved his cycling career, by avoiding impaired lung function caused by the drug. His treatment lasted from October to December 1996. During his treatment Lance underwent two surgeries, one to remove the cancerous testicle and another to remove two cancerous lesions from his brain.
The Lance Armstrong cancer battle should be an inspiration to us all, Lance always had great faith and hope, and did not let his poor prognosis deter him. He did everything he possibly could to get better. He chose a very strong method of treatment to give his body the best possible hope for recovery. He pushed himself hard to stay in shape, and to begin training as soon as he could.

Not only did he keep racing, but just 3 years after his diagnosis he went on to win the Tour de France, a race he has gone on to win 7 times. Lance’s success should give hope to every other cancer sufferer, that no matter how grim the outlook might be, there is always hope!



M. Pesa said...


That's definitely not me. I always long in, always have. There are some distinct writings that can't really be hidden at all whether the writers sign in or not. A good example is yours and your twin bro's Oscar, then there's Taabu's, Mwara's and of course the one above by Son of Gacii (Muru wa Gacii)..Remember him earlier this year????

Great post though, made my weekend!

Anonymous said...

I posted earlier on Lance Armstrong and his great comeback from a terminal cancer patient to winning Tour de France 7 times. Curiously, my comment was deleted.

Kenya army blogspot said...

Kudos Kumekucha. Am loving your weekend inspirational posts.

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