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Monday, June 27, 2011

What Kenyans are saying: About our politicians

Politicians are directly propotinal 2 evil/demons.... Nah tax payin,increasing ua salary the way u want and now a 'raw murder' of a potential future Kenyan leader! Huh,i hate u wit a passion!


Winnie Kaburia Hahahahahahahahaha it seems ur 2 mad with the politician dea.

Peter Waithaka Yes baby,i am! To b a politician is the last option i can dare be. Dnt tel me u lv dem wini. Huh!

Winnie Kaburia Yakk! They r the worste pple 2 av around.

Suez Kuchez Peter,Now, u can be one bt change ua wy of doin thngs- follw Justice! If we al sed dat, who wll brng change n clean up da mess already caused? Pour soul who got invlvd! Ma condolences 2th famly. This is too much now!!

Peter Waithaka ‎@winni-am thnkin of dat @EVE am tryna dia bt its tormenting me vibaya!!


Anonymous said...

Not the least bit fair or warranted for Kenyans to say such things without backing it up with any evidence?Who for example said Kabogo is a drug dealer?what proof do you have and where is the evidence of such drug trade either here locally or internationally?

Anonymous said...

And what are Kenyans saying: About themselves in the first place?

First of all, the low calibre of politicians we have in parliament speaks volumes about the type of citizens that we are than the rotten pack of politicians themselves.

Sounds too cliche, but very true, 'people deseve the brand of representatives they elect into higher offfices of the land after every five years'.

So why is the whining noise being produced by Kenyans, the very same flock of blind sheep and stubborn herd of ... nyumbu who were busy celebrating when wanton destruction of human life and property was going on during the 2007/08 election violence and in its aftermath?

There are days when it takes all you've got just to keep up with the losers.

Losers as in people who have perfected the political art of electing the same calibre [rotten crop] of politicians and expecting different results or some kind of (semi-real) change in the whole country.

We deserve the type of leadership that we have because we are who are, part of the huge problem part as well as part and parcel of the whole dysfunctional system of a nation called Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Maasai, please request Ntimama to retire. It will be for his own good and for your communities prosperity.
Kikuyu's, Thank you for retiring Njenga Karume but you need to tell Jomo's son that other women bore leaders too.
Luo's, Does it have to be an Oginga's heir really for over a century? You have the most learned fellows but yet you cant shake off that obsession with Raila...wake up guys.
Luhya's, I respect you because you have refused to stick to one leader for decades. But really, Mudaba needs to go. He defines lack of musimamo and stale politicians in one.
Kamba's, Come on guys, what do you admire in the HIV funds thief and the pitia katikati yao fellow? Move on guys and ensure that mzee Mwau retires next year.
Meru's, You are doing great with the crop of leaders that you have.
Coast, ODM leaders really take you for a ride. If you do not see it then you deserve it.
Kalenjins, You need to start afresh as far as your choise of leaders is concerned. Kosgeys really? Rutos really? A good starting point is with Linah Kilimo.

to be continued..

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
As you are aware these politicians are not really "ours" but are actually a law unto themselves,because the thief who stole the elections and sits in state house was never meant to be president and together with the cabal of crooks surrounding him have been forced time and again to do whats right for this country against their will

Everything from political reform, constitutional reform, Corruption,tribalism,and the ICC trials have been forced upon the thief in the house on the hill. Left up to his own devices Kenya would now have had a lifetime imperial president like our neighbour Uganda

The thief now wants to leave a
legacy that is golden but the mess he created which nearly drove Kenya over the brink of destruction has made a stinking stench which just won't disappear on its on. When the ICC begin prosecuting his close right hand men that is when the man from Othaya will realise the consequences of cheaply squandering away the massive goodwill and public faith he gained and lost in 2002

Anonymous said...

We are not condoning the evils of the drug industry in Kenya nor trying to deny the fact that the drug barons are wrecking havoc and causing mayhem in the lives of so many young Kenyans.

The merchants of narcotic drug ("White Palgue") all deserve to be put out of business and locked away for more than three to four decades.

However, the son of Obama should first clean the backyards (Georgia Avenue and tribal areas in South East DC) around his own house, the White House, and all the surrounding of villages and valleys of the United States of America.

Where the real multi-billion drug dealers operate, where over 1000s of users (addicts in the USA) die every year due to drug related crimes.

And where the country's law enforcement agencies spend billions of dollars, 70% of manpower hours on fighting and preventing criminal activity that's generated by the horrendous drug trade and consumption in the U.S. of America, courtesy of their next door neighbours, Estados Unidos Mexicanos, the 11th most populous country.

Anonymous said...

ICC Court is really becoming a useless partisan outfit.

Why should they issue an arrest warrant for Gadaffi while rebels and NATO continue to kill innocent civilians, the same crimes that they are accussing Gadaffi of??

Mwarangethe has always been right about these wazungus. Africans will always be treated with contempt.

Anonymous said...

Luhya's I respect you because you have refused to stick to one leader for decades.

Sticking to one leader or sticking behind one leader? Have you been to western Kenya lately?

I hate to go tribal on you, but was really shocked the last time I traversed the region on than four occasions in 2010.

The big question on the minds of fellow "outsiders" at the time, people who had never been to the famous region, was "Where is the infrastructure after all the years of blowing hot air on the national political scene, compounded with wasted decades of inter-sub ethnic divisions and rivalry"?

Talking of infrastructure as in 'the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise, or the services and facilities necessarry for an economy to function'.

Feel free to throw as many of your poorly crafted spears and shoot bronze tipped arrows at me as you will, but i have failed to understandd why a people who are so proud of soccer don't have a descent or rather modern soccer stadiums in quasi-towns like Kakamega, Bungoma, Busia, Malava and eleshwere?

And why the people of the region overly dependent on Kisumu for everything commercial under the Kenyan skies?

Where is the real respect after all the years of never hiding behind one weak, spineless and visionless leader after another?

The United Sub-Nations (ethnicities/"tribes") of Luhya, should be more developed by now than the Republics of Rwanda and Burundi combined.

BTW, our home regions are no different nor any better than that of western Kenya.

Same old same old story of stagnated development aka arrested development.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy. We're saying something about our politicians and not our distant neighbours four times removed. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Knowing when to walk away with grace is worth a lot more than having to be shown the door every time one faces a tougher and smart opponent.

The curtain may have fallen on a decade of dominance by the Williams sisters who have won 17 of the 39 majors since the 1999 U.S. Open.

It's high time they transitioned into other spheres of life. Change is constant and they are going to start getting their butts kicked by opponents from this year on wards.

Anonymous said...

Where are Kenya's Aya Miyama and Monica Ocampo? Stand up soon so that you can be counted in time for the next season.

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