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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Esther Arunga Latest News: Now She Calls Church A Cult...

Esther Arunga Timberlake is back with a bang! And she is not just with her good-looking American accent husband but also has a two week bouncing baby boy called Sinclair Timberlake. A marriage certificate she showed to the press recently proves that she was married to Timberlake on 9th February 2010 and the two were joined together by the controversial Pastor Hellon of the Finger of God church.

But what is really amazing is that this time she is apologetic. She apologizes to Kenyans for belonging to the Finger of God church and being in all the drama that ensued as a result. She even calls the church she was a member of and defended so vigorously on National TV, a cult and she and her husband warn Kenyans to stay away from it because “it is a brothel” and “the things that go on in that church are shocking..”

And Esther even has an excuse for her behaviour. She says that she was under a spell from the dominating pastor Hellon who even wanted to be given the authority to name her child. It is not clear how Esther broke out of the alleged spell she was under.

Phew!!! What a turn around!! And once again Esther’s statement to the press leaves more questions than answered. For instance when did the Timberlake’s realize that the Finger of God church was in fact a brothel? Was it while they were there and allegedly under a spell? Or was it after they left? Also unclear is the fate of the woman who Mr Timberlake lived with for 11 years before he met and married Esther.

The Esther Arunga story held the nation spell bound for months on end last year. Many Kenyans asked themselves how such a bright talent destined for higher things in broadcast journalism would suddenly abandon her career and join a controversial church. More so because the multi-talented Esther was also a qualified lawyer.

Kenyans will already have forgotten the interesting way in which this whole soap-opera high drama first broke. The powerful Radio Africa outfit just wrote and talked about it and never quit until it became a national issue. Radio Africa is that outfit owned by a Ghanian that runs the notorious FM stations called Kiss and Classic. They also publish a daily newspaper called The Star which is where a nice lady reporter called Grace Kerongo first broke the story.

The approach taken by the chaps at Radio Africa was that they were concerned for “a friend and colleague” who had ended up in some cult. Now this is preposterous because if somebody who is your true friend goes AWOL, you don’t make her the subject of discussion on a popular breakfast show. You look for your cell phone call them and set up a lunch date or whatever. As it is none of Esther’s so-called friends and colleagues did that. Poor Esther, with friends like that she would be much better off in a pit and surrounded by the most dangerous snakes in Kenya. Methinks the chaps at Radio Africa were just doing their job in the current vicious war by the Kenyan media to grab the attention of the increasingly bored, distracted and better informed Kenyan audience who are a tad harder to con into some profitable media promotion.

But why did Ms Kerongo think that the Esther Arunga story was important and why did her editors agree? Let me start with the editors. From circulation figures most media managers already know that stories about Kenyan celebrities sell newspapers like crazy. Especially if it is a scandal of sorts and that is why Kerongo dug out all the gory details she could find (more on that in a second). Kerongo thought that this was a big story because Esther was a celeb who had resigned from her high-profile job at KTN as a news anchor to “go live with some pastor.” And this happened shortly after she had broken off her engagement to her finacee, Wilson Malaba in favour of (now the juicy gossip really begins) Quincy Timberlake Wambita Zuma who the press told us was already her lover. Timberlake is a Kenyan with an American accent and that is why hilariously it was at first reported that he was in the illegally according to the CID. But even at the time the cops were trying to get him deported, there were then unconfirmed reports that Timberlake's dad was infact a Kenyan of Luo origin.

And the soap got even juicer. The reason why Arunga broke off with her fiancĂ©e is because he reportedly made passes at 2 female members of the Finger of God church. Keep in mind the latest accusations from the Timberlake’s that this place is “a brothel.” And to make matters worse Mr Malaba had earlier used a log book of “one of Esthers’ cars” to get a loan from some loan shark. Meanwhile there were strong rumours that Esther was already pregnant from her new finacee.

At the time, she strongly denied those rumours which have now turned out to be true after all. Timberlake who is said to have changed his name several times over the years was already “married” (actually had lived with a woman for 11 years) and the union had produced two children.

Believe it or not, this “amazing” soap then swiftly moved from petty romance and office politics to national politics because Esther’s pastor Joseph Hellon suddenly declared that he would run for the presidency of the republic of Kenya in 2012 and Esther Arunga would be his running mate. Wow!!! Hellon now seems to have lost his running mate, if he still intends to stand.

Everything was going just fine for Joseph Hellon’s presidential campaign (can you imagine instant national attention and recognition for a man who had only previously been known to a very small clique of Kenyans as an amazing saxophone player inclined to Jazz) until the CID came calling and arrested Hellon, Esther and Timberlake. But fascinatingly Esther never made it to court and only Hellon and Timberlake were charged and then released on bail because the charge sheet was defective. It turns out that the fellows at CID did not do their due diligence and the Finger of God is in fact registered and yet the main charge against Hellon and Timberlake was belonging to an unregistered and dangerous organization. An interesting aside here is that I will never understand the law. Doesn’t freedom of worship allow you to worship who you want?

And so the amazing soap made in Kenya called Esther Arunga is still on. What will happen next? Who knows? Besides isn’t that what keeps otherwise intelligent and sane women glued to their TV sets like nothing else matters in this life?

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Anonymous said...

Would like to get myself a piece of that fine jaluo lass! Esther why did u have 2 marry that ugly man Aaaaaargh!

Anonymous said...

Esther is a Luhya and not a Luo.

Anonymous said...

ati esther is a lunje? such beauty coupled with brains is only found in luoland and by the way, she is my relative.

Anonymous said...

who do you believe? wasn't hellon on Tv warning kenyans not to associate with timberlake and to call the CID whenever he tries to do 'bisiness' with you. on this, i choose to believe hellon, that timberlake fella is a con through and through. poor esther already with a baby will wake up when she probably has a brood of many little timberlakes - poor girl.

Anonymous said...

Is Esther a Luo or a Luhya?

What do you call a person who is half Luo and half Luhya?

And what about one is who half Luhya and half Luo?

Is the identity of such individuals innate and naturally self-evident?

Esther Arunga Wambiti's turn around is very much welcomed and I can't wait for her to write a book about her ordeal while she was a senior member of the Finger of God.

Have we forgotten the fact that a placenta is the temporary organ which feeds a foetus (= developing baby) inside its mother's womb.

Therefore Ms. Esther Arunga Wambita does not need a placenta which is no longer of any use to her, her baby, husband and the family's future.

The issue of the place being turned into a personal brothel or harem is nothing new to those who have known what goes under the guise of fellowship in some of these so called churches, revival movements and religious institutions.

I wish her and her family all the best. It has been said, "It's only a fool who never changes his or her mind".

As for Kerongo and her tenacious tabloid tendencies, all that I can state is, I am so glad that Aljazeera did not accept her application but hired two other Kenyan women journalists instead.

Anonymous said...

My props to you for a job well done.

First of all, most of us disbelieve that which we cannot understand, and it is with knowledge of this human tendency in mind that many have made fun or poked fun at Esther Arunga and what she has gone through after having been exploited by the parties in question and also betrayed by the likes of Kerongo and company for the sake of profitable media promotion.

Suffice to say, the latest episode in the ongoing saga of Esther Arunga's life is at one and the same time the most interesting, the most painful, the most important and the most difficult to present lesson to the young adults drawn to the metropolitan glamour and excitement of modern day Nairobi.

Anon 1:28 PM
The sense of living in between two different cultures, if both parents or communities have had a strong influence in a child's life, is often a twilight zone of multiple doubts and uncertainities that lasts until one's death.

Anon 12:04 PM
Don't you think it's a bit too late to be howling lamentations? Eeeh! If wishes were horses you would have been married to Esther Arunga by now.

Timberlake's rugged handsomeness is in the eyes of the beholder, namely, Esther and that's why she rewarded him with the decision to become a family.

Like it or not, she fell for his rugged good looks. While you are still at it, how about you provide a pictorial camaprison between you and that of the "ugly man" for the record?

Anonymous said...

I think hellon and our very own 'virtual economist' went to the same school! Dreamland

Anonymous said...

cult = worship. So all churches are cults. The big churches made the word cult a dirty word to be associated with churches run by charismatic persons. It is all really competition for the sheep and their purses.

Philip said...

Chris forgive me for bringing another topic. When it comes to real estate matters I cannot avoid leaving a comment.

I'll not comment but leave sections of Standard Newspaper report here:

"In fact the deficit is so large that even shanties nowadays attract rent. The flipside is that prices of residential property continue to soar far beyond the reach of many middle-income earners who are the majority in major towns."

"It could be cheaper to purchase two to four plots and construct a decent home compared to purchasing an apartment at Sh14 million," he says.

"Legally speaking, there are no statutes that control land prices giving dealers a free hand in dictating selling costs. Several factors are attributed to the scarcity of land, which consequently inflates prices of the few available by the day."

"He argues that the State needs a sound national framework that would enable many citizens realise dreams to own family homes. As a pointer to land prices expected this year, an eighth of an acre plots in Kiambu town increased from Sh600,000 to Sh1.2 million between 2009 and last year."

"On their part, economists argue that the skyrocketing cost of land reflects the demand as private developers compete in construction targeting the middle segment market. Furthermore, the entry of institutional investors in real estate would further accelerate prices of land this year."

"Apartments in areas like Westlands cost Sh4 million in 2003, Sh7.5 million (2005), Sh10.5 million (2008) and Sh14 million recently," Agili says.

"Towards the end of 2009, values had rose to between Sh12 million and 16million and furnished apartments with lifts could fetch up to Sh25 million. Agili says demand for the apartments slightly slowed down when their values hit between Sh13 million and Sh16 million recently"

"A recent Government survey to determine the amount of loans issued by 2009, stood at Sh800 billion with a huge chunk channelled towards mortgages," Kiplagat says.

I pity those who are buying apartments in upmarket areas for Kshs 14 million for rental purpose and go ahead to take a mortgage.

In one of my earlier post around new year period I gave an outline of how most customers are being conned upto 6 years of their hard earned cash by banks and developers.

Kenyanese said...

perhaps these are the Opium takers Bw Mwarangethe is always harping on about....
whoever said "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" could have been more right.

Hopfully Mrs Wambiti will wake up from this latest stupor of hers before its too late.And Kerongo's little more than a village gossip

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22 PM

As we've argued before, religion is not my forte and it will never be, however a cult does not equal worship by what would be considered to fall within the relm of normal religious standard practices.

That's why a cult is defined as a religious group, often living together, whose beliefs are considered extreme or strange by many people.

Some of the people who are considered to be charismatic leadrs have no charisma at all but thrive on personality cult, manipulation, dependency, shaming, alienation, and strong-arm tactics.

Should the big churches and rest of society be blamed for cultic characters like Jim Jones the one time charismatic leader of the People's Temple?

Anonymous said...

Take a ride or stroll if you have some extra time on your side today or this weekend, and head out to Westlands, past Hillcrest Hotel, then take the first left on Mvuli Road.

Go past Mama Ngina flats on your immediate first left, past David Osiele (spl) Road and make a right on Jasmine Road.

Right there, take a good look and ask why anyone in their right mind would cough over Sh10.5 million for one of those tiny apartments, aka "condos" up there.

Don't forget to bring a camera with you, there is a lot of the same to view along Rhapta Road and beyond.

Bankers, developers, apartment flippers, middle men and women are busy making hay while the city in the sun still shines with unlimited real estate offerings.

And don't forget to stop by the Kenya Continental (not Inter Continental hotel) on Saturdays, dinner and first two drinks will be on me.

Anonymous said...

@anon 6.28PM

I can feel your PAIN! You must be real UGLY! But Blame that on your parents. Maybe your fairy tale dreams of one day being kissed by a princess to transform your froggy looks will materialise. Lol.

Prince Charming

Anonymous said...


We adherents of the kk wild wild west prefer to relate everything with politics! So now that issues of being UGLY have been raised we shall go with that.

Our founding father Jomo Kenyatta was one ugly dude, Moi was ugly, Kibaki is UGLY, so that means our next president will also be ugly so I bet my money on two horses for this post.

Raila and horse number two, Wamalwa. So can we now discuss from this political angle, based on ugliness, we Kenyans are ugly people so we prefer ugly people to lead us. Is there any politician more UGLY than Raila, this will surely be the winning horse.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.49pm

All religious beliefs are strange. Can you imagine some one believing that a god impregnated a woman for it (god) to be born to kill itself in order to forgive you of the sins it had created? If such a religion had only 100 followers you would have no hestation calling them insane. But if it has over a billion followers, you cannot call them insane. Some one said when one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity but when many people suffer from the same delusion it is called religion. cheers

M. Pesa said...

Arunga is back and madder even more than before- ametupa mbao kabisa huyu mrembo. Poor thing! My only real worry here is for that newborn baby being brought up by a mad woman who threw it all away after being brainwashed, used and abused by dubious self important bunch of conmen. You don't insult your parents on live TV and expect blessings to rain on you. The only reason many Kenyans have an interest in Arunga saga is because she makes us feel a little better about ourselves. We can at least point her and say, well she's more madder and pathetic than me!

Anonymous said...

The most intelligent comment in the comments section is this one:

The only reason many Kenyans have an interest in Arunga saga is because she makes us feel a little better about ourselves. We can at least point her and say, well she's more madder and pathetic than me!

It is by M. Pesa @ 1:10 AM

It says a lot about us Kenyans: We are indeed pathetic people.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...
Chris forgive me for bringing another topic. When it comes to real estate matters I cannot avoid leaving a comment.

I'll not comment but leave sections of Standard Newspaper report here:

"In fact the deficit is so large that even shanties nowadays attract rent. The flipside is that prices of residential property continue to soar far beyond the reach of many middle-income earners who are the majority in major towns."


Philip, do you remember this from the VIRTUAL ECONOMIST/Sumerian story teller?

"2010-11 Budget : A Land Monopolists Budget."

The VIRTUAL ECONOMIST continued to write this:

"Ignoring the big scandal of the BIG GOVERNMENT we are creating, we focus on this issue of housing only for what happens in this sector will affect the whole economy.

That being so, contrary to this COMMUNICATED NONSENSE from our mainstream media that more Kenyans can now own homes courtesy of mr Kenyatta's generosity, we argue that, the proposed 2010/11 budget is just a bonanza for the idle LAND MONOPOLISTS and BANKERS at the EXPENSE of WEALTH CREATORS."


Do you now understand why we prefer to enjoy popcorn as the sheep run around talking about OPIUM taking sessions and such jazz?

Meanwhile, we leave you with Rat Race by Great Bob Marley @

Kenyanese said...

enough about this obscene scam of a cult.
Please post sth more relevant eg how safe are Kenyans from a murderous police force who seem to shoot anything/anyone especially with all the bad politics headed into 2012.
Im a young Kenyan (aka prime target) and Il admit the fact that I cld get shot for driving my parents car is too unsettling.

Anonymous said...

You mean mwarang'ethe is the virtual economist I keep reading about LOL! Mr. Virtuoso do you own a home? Is your cosmetic factory built on land? Do you chew Miraa when you fika ur shagz in Meru?

Anonymous said...

40 something year old Mwarang'ethe is uglier than Raila, does that mean he will be the next world bank president? He also has an ugly name

Philip said...

Several thugs were also killed around Githurai yesterday.

It happens when a policeman has been killed.

Our police normally work hand in hand with thugs. When a deal goes sour or when a police is killed that's when you hear thugs have been killed. Though sometimes police kill thugs who haven't got blessings from them. I mean those thugs who haven't involved them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:32 AM
Speak for yourself and don't forget to leave the rest of us out of your intelligent, charming and wonderful world. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Leave Esther alone. She's inconsequential.
Let's talk about the bumpkin's botched 'mediation' efforts. Evidently his cranial surgery last year has affected his capacity for rational thinking. What fool would accept to 'mediate' a conflict over which he has taken sides in such an extreme manner?? Didnt he call for the forceful removal of his fellow Ivorien idiot?? Nincompoop. Such an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

To add insult to injury, he even goes and gets himself mugged by Ivorien youth. Jeez!

Anonymous said...

Raila was NOT sent to MEDIATE! His was to offer Gbagbo a safe exit when he steps down and that was AUs position and not RAO. The only option left is to send that Gbagbo thug a message via missiles, this precedent that was set by Emilio can't be allowed, as it will turn viral in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Can u imagine Kifaki shaggin ka Rucy, that's one nasty scene, no wonder they produced an ugly nasty brood named jimmy lol.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Anon 3:51 AM,

Raila was NOT sent to MEDIATE! His was to offer Gbagbo a safe exit when he steps down and that was AUs position and not Raila's.

The only option left is to give that election thief Gbagbo thug a message via tear gas, bullets, grenades and missiles - the only language he will understand..

This precedent (of STEALING ELECTIONS and clinging onto power) that was set by Mr Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki should not be allowed to stand as it will turn "viral" in Africa.

Kibaki, Mugabe and now Gbagbo is just too much shit for our very rich but misruled and misgoverned continent of Africa.

Anonymous said...

@11:41 PM
Hold your horses for a moment and don't jump the gun.

The issue of gods intermingling with humans or bringing forth their progenies in human form is not shocking or something new in human history.

The Egyptian and Greek mythologies attest to that, while some of the myths have been passed on as dogma for centuries.

There are so many passages in the Old and the New Testaments (including "holy books" of other religions around the world) that are hard to believe and stand open to doubt.

While others are stranger than fiction, but the fact remains that a cult is cult regardless of the number or population of its adherents.

For instance, there are so many political cults, economic cults, social cults, gender cults, intellectual cults, institutional cults, you name it, whose members (adherents) assent uncritically to everything that is propagated by those institutions or organisations to the point where they will condemn without hesitation anyone who holds a different view.

Moreover, the adherents not only never doubt, but they can't allow doubt to arise in the mind of someone else.

LOL! How many intelligent people doubted the hedge fund schemes and other prymid schemes during their haydays under financial gurus like Bernard Madoff et al?

They all had a cult following of savvy investors as well as diehard investors who always sung kumbaya everytime they accessed their financial statements.

Cults are not just limited to religion, but the worst of them all are the ethnic and racial cults in your midst.

A cult is a cult by any other name.

Anonymous said...

Gbagbo has seen the writing on the wall but he's still in deep denial.

Whether you hate or love Raila Odinga for whatever reasons, the man was a messenger and he tried so hard to extend a lifeline to Gbagbo while time is still on his side but to no avail.

Things will begin to fall apart in Ivory Coast the moment the limited wells of cocoa revenue begin to run dry.

The time has come for the UN, FRANCE, ECOWAS, and AU to approach some trusted insiders and moderate elements within the military in seeking a solution to Gbagbo's safe exit or otherwise immediate disposal.

Africa is littered with historic shadows of stubborn presidential mules like Mobutu, Savimbi, Samuel Doe, Obote I, Idi Amin, Obote II, et al.

It remains to be seen as to whether Gbagbo will be inducted into the club of Stubborn Presidential Mules of Africa (SPMA).

Let history repeat itself if that's the only option.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kenyan police. Damned if they carry out their lawful duties while in the line of fire and damned if they don't come to the rescue in knick of time or engage the thugs while a crime is in progress or arrive at the scene of a crime, accident or civil disturbance on time in country where 85% of the population have no respect or regard for law and order.

Anonymous said...

5:28 P.M, Esther is completely luo, no half luhya etc... But quite honestly, THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO 2000 AND GONE, LOST & GONE VIBE!!!

Anonymous said...

Now, your arguments that the bumpkin was instructed to go offer the Ivorien hooligan a 'safe' exit sound hollow. If for a moment we assume that is the case, then the bumpkin is an even bloodier FOOL than I'd imagined. How on earth do you accept such a poisoned chalice? What made him think that HE could persuade the Ivorien to accept a 'safe' exit after opening his foul mouth to support gbabos violent removal? Note that none of the main actors argued for that at the outset.

Whichever way you look at it, the bumpkin just doesnt look good. There was gross miscalculation on bumpkin's part. A shocking lack of savvy and strategic thinking. His advisors are a liability to him!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it's so yesterday and it now rests in the archival data of what was. Brings us some latest vibe if you will.

Anonymous said...

Trust our very own 'virtual economist' to turn a story about easter arunga into a tale of gold and opium, he forgot to mention (and or quote) bob marley!

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo Musyoka's shuttle diplomacy is going to succeed and KKK will be alive and well. Osavinya Mkamba

Anonymous said...

"Trust our very own 'virtual economist' to turn a story about easter arunga into a tale of gold and opium, he forgot to mention (and or quote) bob marley!"

That's funny.

Anonymous said...

Osavinya! While millions die of thirst, hunger and from preventable diseases. How about shuttle development projects for a change?

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to mother and child.

Anonymous said...

KKK is going to succeed, a local tribunal will be established and Uhuru and Ruto will be free men to lead Kenya to greater heights

Anonymous said...

Kifaki has a brilliant mind, Kenya is not pulling out of the ICC but we shall rally our like minded African States to back our cause for a local tribunal. We can't afford those expensive legal processes of the Hague, we are poor Africans for Heavens sake.

Anonymous said...

jeez the hot stupid gal is back again. and this time with a kid!! just do all what you are doing but plz dont put your madness to that little angle.

To be honest Arunga, you dont deserve that kid, and i wonder how or which God, blessed you this time round. To me your still a jack ass woman. shame!

Anonymous said...

Oh shut up and leave Esther alone! She deserves the child. You on the other hand dont even deserve the air that you breath. Pumbavu.

Anonymous said...

Pumbavu ni wewe bwana domo kaya! Perhaps I should plant my seeds on your girl mmmmh

Anonymous said...

Your welcome to do so just make sure you dont catch anything you dont wanna

Anonymous said...


I was going thru past articles of this blog (I enjoy doing that when bored in office) and came across some surreal article you wrote back in 2006 (you have probably forgotten about it). I wish everyone could just read it today, fast forward 2011 then compare notes.

M. Pesa

Anonymous said...

Most of us are aware of what Esther has been through by now, but the big question is, Where are you today on your own journey?

"Esther," which is this young woman's name, means "star" in Persian. This seems appropriate, since she is truly the star of the show, the heroine of the story.

There is a beautiful message here for anyone who has ever experienced brokenness, for anyone who has ever been crushed by life, for anyone who has ever felt that his or her past is so discolored, so disjointed, so fractured that there is no way in the world anyone can make reason and meaning out of it.

Nature has given women an air of mystery. This is something, guite candidly, men don't have.

Men are a pretty predictable bunch. Yet how often have you heard a man say, "I just don't know how to figure her out. I just don't understand."

There is an air of mystery about a woman, an unpredictability that men find intriguing.

Esther's ability to do what she has done and why she did it only heightens the mystery - especially her verbal restraint in the last several months.

She knew and still knows more than she has shared with close friends and the public.

Regardless of what has happened in Esther's life or what people have said about her, this lovely, dignified, wise woman is still willing to only admit her mistakes but to also listen and learn.

Someone has said, "Education is going from an unconscious to conscious awareness of one's ignorance." I agree. No one has a corner on wisdom.

All the name-dropping in the world does not heighten the significance of our character or life. If anything, it reduces it.

Our acute need is to cultivate a willingness to admit our mistakes, to learn and to remain teachable. Learning even from our enemies as Esther admits to have done during her whole ordeal.

"Those things that hurt, instruct."

My, how nature works! The mother and child moment exhibits a grace-filled charm and elegance.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Kifaki has a brilliant mind, Kenya is not pulling out of the ICC but we shall rally our like minded African States to back our cause for a local tribunal. WE can't afford those expensive legal processes of the Hague, we are poor Africans for Heavens sake.

Ati WE?. Only individual criminals are in this and not WE (Kenyans or any tribe/group). stop shitting yourself.These criminals are not poor at all

Anonymous said...

people, shouldn't we talking about how odm's coffin has been nailed. the two biggest tribes have today united to finally send agwabo home. am liking this. lakini niko na maswali:

1. is wiper part of the equation - me thinks the bigger the number, the merrier. also we have a back-up plan in case ruto and uhuru are carted off to the hague.

2. where do kina eugene fit in given that he's been teargassed in the name of starting his own presidential campaigns , na mungiki king je?

3. wapi coastarians or muslims who have been vocal for ruto and against agwabo - balala na dualle mpo?

odmorons you are dead, join the 2012 train before it leaves the station. if not, shauri zenu.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kalonzo is missing in action. The good question is, which in between path or route is he going to take in 2012?

Ruto = President
Uhuru = Prime Minister
Ngilu = Vice President
Wamalwa = Vice Prime Minister.

Which "njia ya katikati" will Kalonzo take in 2012 when all the prime slots have taken and divided during the Eldoret anointing of the "leaders of tomorrow" and 2013?

Anonymous said...

Luhya women are sweet and have plenty of meat

Anonymous said...

Arunga is a very confused woman who was trying to get back to Wilson Malaba.much the same way Wiliam Ruto has Railaphobia.Ruto is ruining Kenya.he is dragging communities to settle his personal Vendetta.a vote for the Alliance of convenience to get rid of Raila is a vote against all we fought 4 for the 2nd Liberation.WHO CARES?history repeats itself.Ruto is dragging the country into Anarchy.

Anonymous said...


This story about Arunga is not important to our Kenya's future.

The vital thing is to fight the imagination of letting thieves under tribal alliances to rule Kenya as from 2013.

We should ask for the Public money KANU YK 92 stole and which made Ruto, etc become billionares. We should ask for land stolen in CP by Jomo, which every Kenya's taxpayer financed to send off colonialists back to UK.

Thieves of Ruto's, Jomo's son, etc can not be entrusted with Kenya's future.

Anonymous said...

Ruto is a loser!
We have a new name for the KKK-KANU WITCHUNTING PARTY REMIX*3 three times better in Corruption,Looting and IMPUNITY.

Anonymous said...

Ati Esther Arunga is brainwashed??

Then what do u say about these jaruos who have been brainwashed into raila's cult and have no sign of breaking off from that spell?!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:26 AM
My gosh! You must have read my mind.

Ati Kenyans are brainwashed?

Then what do u say about those Kenyans including one Anon 6:26 AM who have been brainwashed into ethnic cults and have no sign of breaking off from the spell?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.26.

the fact you mentioned jaruos(jaluos) is in itself tribal rhetoric.
Kenyans tried to vote out impunity nepotism and tribalism so there can be some form of equality in Kenya.when will the facts begin to sink in that every Kenyan is your brother or sister.Tribal thoughts will get us nowhere..KKK will fail and fail hard it will because ....."Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Anonymous said...

When will some people like the usual suspects be man-enough and quit the leadership of their current political party like Brian Cowen.

Or just man-up for a change and start their own political party like Ehud Barak?

These usual business of circus maximus type of politics from the 1970s, 80s and 90s will never benefit the country and his intended region in this day and age.

If the man is dying to become Kenya's next president or so called prime minister, then why not wait for 2012 and let the majority of the Kenyan electorate decide at the ballot?

Why waste time playing to the grandstand?

DISCLAIMER: Not affiliated with PNU, ODM or any of the fly-by night election parties.

Don't care who becomes the next president or prime minister as long as they are not the same old same old characters that have been leading Kenya to no where other than tribal alliance and hero worship cults in the last forty years.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, when people tell you thier names will be on the presidential ballot next year, believe them. Boy, we are sinking into the realms of warlords, fugitives and failed states. Our recent constitutional moment was a false dawn of hope. It has not been followed by a morning of fulfilment - Muluka, @Standardmedia.

And the "morning of fulfilment" will never be realised after 2012 or 2017 if Kenyans continue to blindly elect the current spoiled crop of well known careless MPigs who will not lose sleep if the country reverts back to the brink of inferno or civil war.

A united Kenya is the way forward otherwise we will deserve the type of leadership we elect to parliament, and the curse will be our national inheritance for another twenty years or more.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:47 & Anon 9:07

Since you seem to have very little memory...may I ask?
Who engineered "Kabila yetu" slogan? Who called for "42-1" tribes?
Kweli you people are brainwashed beyond redemption!

This is why is said there are no true Christians from Luo Nyanza... too much devotion to idol worship!

Anonymous said...

We need more creativity on this blog, I thought it's a political blog, what is that tired Arunga story doing? It should even be more fun to know if mwarang'ethe has sex apart from being a political economist

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.58pm

We know how democratic kikuyus are. There are no democratic Kikuyus in Kenya today PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

I meant "Kabila adui yetu"

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon 7:18 am for such an insightful posting. Rather than rebuke Esther, we should all support her, keep her in our prayers and take the opportunity to learn from her life, which is now on an upturn.
Best wishes to you Esther!

Anonymous said...

ATTEN: 4 Askofu, Kasisi, Padre, Pastor, Minister, Apostle, Disciple and Elder.

There are times when it so easy to preach and preach and preach on any given Sunday of the week, month or year, but at the same time it's very difficult practicing what you preach.

I don't mean to be the skunk in the pews or mess your Sunday preaching in the garden you have laboured so hard to cultivate in the name of the Most High.

All things taken into account, are you completely dedicated to God?

Is there an area of life you have not committed to the God you preach?

What sin still stays with you after all those years in ministry or within church circles?

Talking of lust, gossip (top of the list), selfishness, keeping double books (ledgers), an unrepentant or unforgiving heart.

Do you ever talk to your fellow clergy or have you ever had the courage to discuss with your fellow brothers and sisters about how you have been afflicted or are still struggling or have overcome these sins?

Shall we sing the 'Amazing Grace'?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

When will some people like the usual suspects be man-enough and quit the leadership of their current political party like Brian Cowen.


Yes, let them be MAN ENOUGH like Brian Cowen to bankrupt Ireland.

Yes, let them be MAN ENOUGH like Cowen who SOLD Ireland to the OLIGARCHY.


If the man is dying to become Kenya's next president or so called prime minister, then why not wait for 2012 and let the majority of the Kenyan electorate decide at the ballot?


Yes, once you have sold your nation for a mess of pottage and like COWEN, who is MAN ENOUGH, you can call for OPIUM TAKING session AFTER the fact.

Yes, let Kenyans be MEN/WOMEN ENOUGH like Cowen who calls OPIUM TAKING session after having made sure that, the Irish people are back to their masters, the King of England and the Kaiser.

In other words, like a MAN, call for OPIUM after reversing the cry of the Irish people of 1916:

“We serve neither King nor Kaiser but Ireland.”


"Make no mistake, when people tell you thier names will be on the presidential ballot next year, believe them. Boy, we are sinking into the realms of warlords, fugitives and failed states. Our recent constitutional moment was a false dawn of hope. It has not been followed by a morning of fulfilment." - Muluka, @Standardmedia.


Hear, hear this from Muluka:

"Our recent constitutional moment was a false dawn of hope."


A man can learn from EXPERIENCE, or by REASONING. Experience is a very good teacher, but, a very harsh one. As such, we prefer use of REASON.

Kenyans are about to learn that, all they did is increase tax burdens on themselves. To EXRACT more tax from them, the State must become more oppressive.

One can only ask, when will, or, will these sheep ever WAKE UP from their fantasy world?

Anyway, Kenyans are in very good company, so, let us continue enjoying, "Pick a Bale of Cotton @

Anonymous said...

I do not live in Kenya, but I am wondering if GodTv is in Kenya?

If so, tuned to Bay of Holy Spirit Revival every Friday, Sat and Sunday nights.
As you watch let God do amazing work in you through our Lord Jesus Christ.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

@1:01 AM
Where is the meat of your counter remarks? Devoid of substance of galore.

Anonymous said...

moi to kibaki-stop promoting tribal alliances.he said this while with Bett of ODM and Salat of KANU.
he also said the KKK ignored smaller tribes-coded message that Lesotho should never be trusted.
The overall message in this group was that Bett by offering to be a running mate to a "nationalist" presidential candidate,Kales would rather work with ODM in a game plan where they are in KANU .Uhuru and Rutos in shite

prof Saitoti-he castigates the KKK.He is also meeting the the ICC registrar in the week to finalise role of gava once summons are issued.
Ali-seeking audience with ICC judges to explain his source og orders before summons are issued. his arguement is that orders came from Michuki.
Kiraitu-his new PNU alliance excludes the Kales.
what an interesting week where we see the REAL rift/mistrust between the Kales and Lesotho.
Wiper is only mentioned as a by the way.

The real owners of kenya can no longer trust Kibaki's kiambu/meru mafia and are ready to let go the project Uhuru this time round.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything else apart from Esther Arunga? Chris hire a sharp YOUNG mind to pen for you explosive articles if you have run out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Concur with Anon 10:16 PM. Time to flip the old script and move onto something else or pressing issues.

Kumekucha, wake up and embrace the last days of January. BTW imagine having in a day the normal traffic that flows through Kumekucha in a week?

Shauri yako. Take nothing for granted.

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrades,
Today, I want to announce that I am officially suffering from Athazagoraphobia, that is Autodysomophobia. As far as my life is concerned, Timberlake has this Bromidrophobia that putts me off. Essy, on the other hand, is having issues with Cacophobia, since she left KTN. she also has Catagelophobia, and because she also has Chaetophobia, Timberlake has had to shave his ass airport clear! IOW, Timberlake has remained a virgin since they got married because she cant find the path to his new house! its all bushy, in fact, she has severe Chiraptophobia!!! Did i mention she also has Clinophobia? You must have seen us inthe press conferece yesterday, but the truth is that it was a welcome break for Me Herron because i have had a recurrent bout of Defecaloesiphobia. I just couldt take it anymore. Did you see how Essy and T’Lake were stuggling to hug? Wonder no more, they are suffering from Ecclesiophobia! They havent been fingering in the church since last year….OMG!! and you must have realised that all of us have Ergophobia, and so were are actually eating outselves out of starvation. Woye, we know it but were are all collectively going down because of our individual and collective stupidity- we are publicity junkies! And for our choice of words, be advised, we are our own worst enemies. In fact we both have Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia!!

Did I make sense there? how about vying for Langata constituency in 2012?

and one more thing, people, we are easy, we are all Hypegiaphobic! but am particually worried for T’lake! Essy has had nightmares nowadays after getting a bout of Ithyphallophobia. She just cant stand it at all. Poor T’lake, where is he going if essy walks out and goes to Citizen TV Next month as planned? He is easily a Kakorrhaphiophobic, and is he going to see Dr Njenga as well?

One last thing, have you people listened to my song Opota Pota? ehh, its simple, i know, coz of my Kainophobia background, i didnt want to make it complicated. my dear wife( she got many names am confused) is another one. We are all alone because she is Maieusiophobic! and since i am a man, and all men are generally Medomalacuphobic, am in a limbo! and oh, sarah palin and larry king cancelled on thier kenyan trip because both of them have Ombrophobia. and you press people, how you look at me in those press conferences of yours yet am a confessed Opthalmophobic! NKT! In fact, i have said my own things that sound like big words because of your roving eyes, yet am also a Phronemophobic!

My music is my jazz! dont you realise thats how i got my wife yet am a social Venustraphobic? anyway, because i suffer from Athazagoraphobia and since am here to stay, i am not going anywhere!

Gotta go and do my hair..….hehehe, where is my dictionary, they dont know it, but both Timberlake and myself are just junkies, in fact were are Didaskaleinophobic!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous blogger 5:58AM,
Go back to Mashada or is it Twitter where you are from?both these websites expose very many different shades of mental problems people suffer in Kenya on a daily basis

Anonymous said...

Can we talk about something else! How about why msaliti is busy campaigning for hague cases to be deferred has he cut a deal with two fellows on that list or is it fair for pimped up middle class kids to flood our national schools at the expense me 'kabila maskini' my people and i pass it on to our very own 'virtual economist' what does the quota set by the ministry mean for the price of gold?" what did bob marley have to say about this phenomenon

Anonymous said...

Ruto fixed by Kulei (Read Moi and Real owners of Kenya)

If the co-accussed accept charges, then others are as guilty.
Moi's men at it-to finish Ruto

Has KKK any hope?

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