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Friday, December 24, 2010

Of Drug Barons, Rogue Envoy and Poisoned ICC

Kudos to Juja MP William Kabogo for being smart enough and not naive to provoke an EXCUTIVE foul mood.

Only in Kenya do you find the title Honourable before the name of a drug baron. And the Kenyan voter love them while the Diaspora applaud the bling bling MPs as hard working. Woe unto you envious, lazy mortals for questioning the source of their wealth. Make no mistake, these monsters rule us from both sides of the political divide.

The Muslim clerics crying foul about drug abuse at the Coast finds themselves in a catch 22 with Joho and Punjani named as prime drug pushers. Mark you Ali Punjani donated a cool KES 6m cash and Joho 1m to President Kibaki during the Lamu fund raiser. That tells you alot about the dearth and/or abuse of intelligence and integrity among our leaders. These smart alecs know when to stealthily buy political insurance from the safest and most powerful covers.

Before we foam at the mouth shouting imperialism and neo-colonialism, we must accept that it was one ROGUE Michael Renneberger who belled these wild cats. It would be business as usual without the envoy's dossier. Meanwhile Kenyan youth would continue imbibing narcotics and transforming themselves into zombies as the drug barons laugh their way to the banks.

Exposing so-called honourable MPs as drug barons is the strongest proof of our rotten politics. Our hell-for-leather mentality manifested in blind worship for monetary success at whatever cost comes with very destructive consequences. But who cares when we envy Kabogo's and Mwau's choppers as they buy the voters' conscience with dirty money? I guess sharing comes in different forms and shapes.

The genesis of impunity is failure to hold people to account. And the tribal kings know Kenyans better. Just look at the chorus to withdraw Kenya from ICC to save just six out of 40m people - forget about the eyesore that is the IDPs. With the exported villagers aka Diaspora dusting up their local loyalties, the war on impunity was lost even before it all began.

Luis Moreno-Ocampo may have been a professor at Harvard but Kenya's political class will serve him his deadliest Waterloo. Remember we had a professor of realpolitik who never had a degree (tell it to the birds!). You don't have to be a neurologist to imagine Ruto's fraud case expedited and possibly (artificially) jailed locally and Ocampo is left chasing his own tail.

Poor Amigo Moreno is better advised that Kenya has its owners. And lest he forgets, Kenya is not Sudan or Liberia or Serbia. He hasn't seen the last of this thriller made and directed by real and true kings of impunity. Sovereignty my foot!


luke said...

wacha zako ati implicating PORK in the same SENTENCE with tainted substance lords AP and AHJ-bure kabisa!

HE ni mweupe kama....but wait a minute just who is the mysterious "very senior person in this country" whose one dear wife is also a baroness of the illegal but addictive bane of subservience to ends?Mar...shut up and keep it to yourself STUPID!

Please will the last person leaving Kenya kindly switch off the lights? and BTW DEC 27 is not a holiday unafikiri hapa ni ICC?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Only in Kenya do you find the title Honourable before the name of a drug baron. And the Kenyan voter love them while the Diaspora applaud the bling bling MPs as hard working. Woe unto you envious, lazy mortals for questioning the source of their wealth.


Brother Taabu, keep on fooling yourself about drugs.

We shall not be fooled by the American Empire propaganda which you swallow in your naive attempt to be not like the Diasporans u despise.

We follow the MONEY trail. And, this trail takes direct to the Empire pretenders your seem to worship and you think we should worship:



Anonymous said...

Mwara"N"gethe aka Sumerian General.

Serial You - Tube links topped up with abbreviated links and references are as stale as your e-farts. EGOMASTIC MANIAC Do you have anything to tell us about drug barons at the coast? Or Mwau, Apart from Noriega.

Can we have Mwau / Ali on You Tube selling cocaine PLEASE! Meanwhile enjoy your online job.

chola said...

"Make no mistake, these monsters rule us from both sides of the political divide."

Me feel this guys rule us kenyans in our front and back passage,may this why tume changanyikiwa

Anonymous said...

Wewe wacha zako, since when was donating drug money at harambees bannned, sharing is not sin or is it?

Either you are senile or loco chiko, Must every problem facing Kenya be blamed on the west? Who said the west was perfect, but your sadism is too much and your inflatable ego doesn't help much. I guess some people are right about you, but I will not inflate their egos by mentioning names.

Chris said...

Hello Taabu,

I have finally figured out how to best enjoy your posts and get the maximum from them. They are packed with the maximum amount of info in a single sentence so that one needs to chambua every sentence. More like a text book for higher learning.

Then throw in Luka posts which vary from the hilarious to the serious and you have a real mix. This is the mix that has kept the Kumekucha broth interesting even as the eulogies for its' demise have dramatically increased.

Thanx most sincerely my brothers for your staying power through the years. Too many fell by the wayside.

Kumekucha Chris

Mwarang'ethe said...

Either you are senile or loco chiko, Must every problem facing Kenya be blamed on the west?


Your knowledge of global drug trade is ZERO. As a result, you, just like Taabu and other American propagandists seem to believe that, this is a local problem we can just deal with.

There is no doubt in the minds of those who have investigated global drug trade that, the USA and the West are in CHARGE of this trade.

As such, when the Americans tell us about it, we are obliged to say, bullshit. They are ones pushing drugs, and they should stop feeding us with cow dung.

Just watch this and learn:

"From Tampa Bay to Timbuktu: American Drug Lords in the News."


Anonymous said...

So Mwarangethe,
You want say that you are the sole authority on knowledge in this blog. Do you think that we are very daft, so as to equate our knowledge with ZERO. Most of the things you post here are things we read long ago, we need systems that work for us. furthermore, I now get why the Oracle and many others always put you in your rightful place. EGO TRASH!

Anonymous said...

Anons7.56am, 8.21am and 10.17 am

SAVE your Time and Energy, mwara -rubbish will continue with his ways. Spend your time enjoying your holidays and ignore Sumerian warlords who will TRASH everything under the sun. Just take a close look at the Time readings, that he makes his posts and you will realise that Mwarangethe is on his computer round the clock, and has synchronised KK to his e-mail for he has no social life whatsoever.

Phil said...

Hello Kumekucha Chris,

Habari ya krismas? I have finally figured out your unauthorized sabbaticals.

They are as a result of lack of ideas and over reliance on people like Sam Okello for information. More like MPs and presidents wannabe's. (just joking!)

Lakini enyewe Chris, why not just ignore the euology authors and get on with it?

Parliament is presently turned into an auction market and is busy subverting not just the new katiba but also seemingly hell bent on unratifying Kenya from the Rome treaty, at great cost to the Ocampo 6. What does this portend for warlords and violence for future elections? Will non-Kalenjin communities survive as IDPs in the former Rift Valley this time around? What about kalenjins themselves. Do they have a monopoly of violence ama tujitetee?

Why was Ligale’s IIBRC’s report not gazetted? Who stands to lose most from a fair and nationally representative legislature and devolved structures? I think that Mwarangethe’s doomsday predictions notwithstanding, we are seeing the end of impunity and the beginning of a new Kenya.

Saitoti’s drug baron list is correct but selective. Who are the remaining big boys and women? Am anxious to know.

Try and get long lost Oscar to do some of this work and help us answer some of these questions when you are engaged Bw. Chris Kumekucha.

Wamezoea kununua mahakama hapa nyumbani lakini sasa Hague na Ocampo imekua game ingine. Soon we will see the people like Muthaura instead of playing a game of draught with fellow retirees in Meru, he will be cooling his heels at the ICC cells in the Hague, ouch!!

And talking about those who fell by the wayside, perhaps it is us who chased them away…..just a thought……

Anonymous said...

More accolades to the rogue Envoy (Kivoi), woe to the political chameleons and cowards who managed to champion the poisoning of all local wells of justice and the ICC.

They have just prematurely released the bubonic plague of Kenyan politics months ahead of December 2012 general elections.

Hope many of them will end up sleeping in the thorny political beds they have just made.

Kibaki has failed to bring change and good governance.

Raila would have been worse had he been sworn in the last time round.

Froget Kalonzo, he will only be used as wet rag, rubber stamp, cooking stick, and stepping stone by the barons of political phamacology.

What options are there for Kenya?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Phil wrote:

think that Mwarangethe’s doomsday predictions notwithstanding, we are seeing the end of impunity and the beginning of a new Kenya.


Habari bwana.

When Bashir came to Kenya in August, 2010, what did ODM say?

Let us hear Raila speaking:

Prime Minister Raila Odinga, speaking at a church on Sunday, said Mr al-Bashir's presence at the historic event was a blot on Kenya's international reputation.

"We are going to look bad in the eyes of the international community because we invited somebody indicted by the International Criminal Court to spoil the party for us," said Mr Odinga at Kinoo's Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Kikuyu constituency.


Now, 4 months later, where does ODM stand on matters of the ICC? On the side they stood in August, 2010, or, where we stood?

Wath this pace brother. All we have said about this constitution shall come to pass within 5 - 10 years.

For instance, unnoticed to many Kenyans, we have increased our PUBLIC DEBT by almost 20 billion to cater for this Constitution. This is only deferred taxation.

On top of this, we are facing famine soon. Haya, we shall see in the fullness of time.

Anonymous said...

Ok Mwaradoomsday go to sleep now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mwarangethe,

Please list all the negatives that you have said about this constitution, so that we can compare them in 5 - 10 years sir! We shall see if Kenya will have moved forward or backwards.

Today I was cruising on Thika road, and I tell you the barabara ni nyweeee the gava is doing an excellent job plus we are poised to grow at 6% yipeeee - kai - yeeeah

Anonymous said...


Pardon the interrruption.

I) DYK or WYA that 'Honourable MP' now translates into 'Horrible MPig'?

The Diasporans (economic refugees) did not applaud Mbuvi "Sonko" for his bling bling ("pling pling, plink plink, mbling mbling, mblingi mblingi"), but many were just glad that an unknown trounced the competition sponsored by ODM and PNU.

Many Diasporans didn't know who he was, his political background or the criminal history of the unknown candidate at the time.

The real "Sonko" Mbuvi was applauded, cheered, congratulated and embraced by the destitute, downtrodden, invisible, forgotten Makadarians (not Diasporans) and the anawim, yes "anawim" of Nairobi Metropolitan Area, and the 3rd-4th-class citizens of Kenya, who are being oppressed by the other 1st-2nd-class citizens.

Makadarians had nothing to loose but the status quo candidates, Ndolo and Waithaka, who are neither saints nor moral icons for the larger Makadara community.

Sonko is the devil the public knows, but the other two defeated candidates have sordid lives, and have had their share of shady past associations with members from the Nairobi underworld.

Anonymous said...


Are the people associated with Anglo Leasing, the procurement of fake medicines, expired medicinal products, junk air force fighter-jets, motor vehicle parts, sub-standard petroleum products and cronic exportation of Kenya's endangered species any different from the drug barons?

Anonymous said...


WOW!!!! I say again.

I have hardly slept but have just finished reading your dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency. Have not read a book like this one that kept me awake the whole night for very many years.

Brilliant book.

What really amazes me is that the evils of the presidency as detailed in the book explains exactly what is going on in Kenya just now. Kudos Chris.

P.S. Why isn't the book available to Kumekucha readers? You have only offered it to your Kumekucha confidential guys so far?

Anonymous said...

From the farasi's mouth, "Sonko has always plaid by the rules of the game. He has never failed to pay his protection fees nor has he ever double-crossed the multiple hands that protect him and his business.

Need I say more? Kenya is the land of drug barons from all regions of the country. They have learned to protect one another and their business interests, and the money is then laudered through the lucrative booming construction business.

The drug trade is not only facilitated by security personnel, but high ranking military personnel, influencial businessmen and politicians, including the close relatives of the presidents, and there is very little the good cops can do on the ground.

They either get transfarred, dismissed, framed, threatened, injured or murdered if they try to investigate or interfere with any affairs connected with drug trade. The situation has gone from bad to worse."
[Kenya a Safe Haven for Drug Barons]

Moses J.Onyancha said...

wacha ujinga.hizo drugs unasema si ni wewe ndiye huuza.The truth is that the guys who are put in these lists are victims of envy.The allegations emanate from lazy people who dont know anything in entrepreneurship or people who have disorganised lives and therefore blame their failures on others by branding them as drug barons..

Moses J.Onyancha said...

where are the drugs that this kumekucha fellow keeps talking are yourself obsessed with this drugs issue and my suspicion has always been true that you yourself high on these drugs that you keep talking about.drugs ya kuma ya mama yako.stupid.

Joseph Kipkorir said...

The truth is that if God blesses me today and I succeed and become rich,all lazy fools will start saying that I sell drugs.If they say so,i will not care.I am informed that these people are targeted by some people who have intentions of settling political scores.I know that people like the owner of this blog argue from a point of ignorance and its hard to help them.No one can become rich by selling drugs.Like you I know you have been selling drugs for this long but you remain poor and the new year and years to follow,you will still remain poor and stupid.I applaud the people who have worked hard,become rich and are helping the poor.Its known everywhere that people all this are political tricks.The truth is that people fear the growing influence of the mps mentioned and that is why they want to taint their names.Eugene has presidential ambitions and is being blackmailed by americans so that he does what they want.Mbuvi won elections and those who lost envy him.Mbuvi is helping the youth improve their lives.Harun Mwau worked hard while still young and he became rich and now he has been able to help so many people improve their lives.Kabogo is young and rich more than his agemates;Joho is successful both politically and his influence in ODM has grown because he has been able to grow rich.He has been helping so many young people at the coast;he even recently hosted meetings to fight drugs menace at the coast.Simo is just a funny young man;he left school early,embarked in business and now has some good money.This has all to do with the ODM people wanting to fight him because of the issue of the petition..WACHENI WIVU!!!!LOOK FOR YOUR OWN WAYS OF GETTING RICH.Hii yote ni siasa ya upuzi.Why is it that no one has ever raised isues about Chris Kirubi for example;yet he has so many scandals.The mps who were mentioned have never been associated with corruption.They have been representing their people very diligently.All this drug stories are driven by malice and hatred.GET SOMETHING BETTER TO WRITE ABOUT,GET OBJECTIVE OR SHUT UP.

Anonymous said...

when someone is rich in kenya and shares his wealth with the poor the way people like Hon.Mwau does,political and business competitors put up a smear campaign to label you a drug baron.In the US,rich people like Bill Gates who share their wealth with the poor are called philanthropists.Why do Africans hate progress.

Anonymous said...

I got tired of this Kumekucha's madness and I choose to treat the stupidity he writes with the contempt it deserves.its a known fact that the mentioned mps are being fixed by their political opponents and business competitors.Only fools like the administrator of this blog cant see this.I encourage the leaders who are victims of smear campaign to stay put.Hon.Eugene,dont give up your presidential ambitions.Hon.Mwau please dont stop helping the poor,Simon Mbugua simama imara,Hon.Mbuvi endelea kufanya kazi na vijana.Joho continue campaigning against drug abuse among the youth at the coast.Hon.Kabogo ,endeleza biashara zako na uendelee na kuendeleza Juja.When people are fought in Kenya,the truth is always that they are friendly to the poor.This war is planted by some rich people who never want competition and never share their wealth with the poor.Waheshimiwa msitishike.we know you are innocent.

Anonymous said...

All this is American propaganda.All drugs are in America.Why is it that ranebegar has not raised issues about drugs in America.all this 'war against' drugs is malicious and full of propaganda.he has his personal reasons and he should be sued for maligning people's names.

Anonymous said...

That list was incomplete.I heard that Ranneberger is the main conduit of drugs from the US to Kenya.The MPs he put in the list refused to work for him and trafickers.That how he developed a stategy to 'fix' them by labelling them as drug barons.When ranneberger came to kenya,he had high hopes that he was going to use his position as ambassador to get drugs from the US to Europe through Kenya.He got annoyed when the people he approached turned down his offer.Some of the people he approached included politicians and business people that he eventually put in the list.Last year Eugene went back to him and they have since become friends.That made him to later work hard to remove Eugene from the list but it was too late.It is said that since the MPs had refused to take part in his drug business,he was going to ensure that they get fixed by the same drug issue,which they had totally refused to be associatec with.It is said that even with blackmailing them,theMPs he mentioned are still committed to doing clean businesses.

Anonymous said...

am personally impressed by how people like Hon.Mwau have treated this whole issue with the contempt it deserves.Ranneberger is the drug trafficker.I also heard that the Mps became his enemies after they refused to have their businesses used as premises to help ranneberger do his drugs from the US to Europe.If I were the government,I will investigate Ranneberger.Interpol should help uncover Ranneberger's drug cartels all th way fro America.

Anonymous said...

Wacha wivu.get someting else to keep you idiot.There is no truth in this posting.

Anonymous said...

Wakenya wana mambo, ati Eugene Wamalwa started selling stolen prescription medicine from home while he was still in boarding primary. He sold LCD, Roche, what was better known as "roshe"and valium. What schools did he attend where students had money to sustain their addictive lifestyles?

Anonymous said...

kumekucha, just where is the full ranneburger dossier, the one mentioning sons and daughters of senior ministers, and wives of even bigger shots???? post it on your blog if you are credible

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