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Friday, December 24, 2010

Impunity bounces back…

…and why the Kenyan parliament has committed mass suicide

Based on a true story: The teenage boy was a real expert on snakes. He had started handling the slippery slithery reptiles that put so much fear in most when he was a very young child. He would catch the harmless water ones on the side of the Ewaso Nyiro river near his home. But on this fateful day he was distracted by many things including the fact that the very next day he was set to leave for University. He would be away from this place he called home which he loved so much.
On his right hand he held a deadly slithering snake and on his left he struggled with a glove. Suddenly the slippery slithering thing slipped from his grasp and bit his hand sinking its’ fangs into his flesh and releasing the potent venom into his bloodstream before disappearing under the table. He was alone and by the time somebody else got to him he was unable to speak. His mother arrived and desperately tried to get the dieing boy to tell him where the antidote was (kept in the same room) that would quickly reverse the deadly effects of the snake bite. But it was all in vain. Did you know that if a person is injected with the wrong antidote it can easily kill them? To cut a long story short the boy died with the secret of the correct antidote to save his life stuck somewhere between his brain and tongue.

That rather sad scene from the movie I dreamed of Africa based on a true story in Kenya has stuck on my mind and refused to leave since the dramatic events of Wednesday in parliament. Actually it describes very accurately exactly what happened in the August house as impunity made a dramatic comeback shortly after many including yours truly had strated writing lengthy obituaries.

Let’s cut to the chase. Old man impunity has fought back dramatically and delivered a deadly bite on our right hand even when we though we had him. And he has taken advantage of diversionary tactics. It is no accident that the same day that parliament unanimously passed a bill urging the government to withdraw from the Rome statute, leader of government business professor George Saitoti read out a list of drug barons in parliament. Regular readers of Kumekucha have had that list for a very long time but not everybody reads Kumekucha and so it stunned the nation and effectively diverted a lot of attention away from the other thing that the MPs did and its’ legal implications. Actually it was the main thing they were after. In other words what thye had done was start a fire at Police headquarters to rob the Central bank.

The passing of the ICC motion effectively means that the Attorney-General Amos Wako must table a Bill in Parliament to repeal the International Crimes Act. He cannot ignore a resolution of the house and get away with it without facing the wrath of the legislators. Indeed it is unlikely that he will do so because although the bill was sponsored by a back bencher, Isaac Ruto Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka insisted that the bill was “government business” which means that Wako will quickly comply right on cue.

The passing of the bill also means that the executive (Kibaki and Raila) will have to write to the United nations and notify them of Kenya’s withdrawal.

What all this does is to send a very clear message to the International community that Kenya is not interested in fighting impunity. Hardly surprising when you know the history

Sorry folks it seems that Kenyans started writing the obituary for old man impunity too soon. But once again the fact that the headquarters of impunity is the executive has been underlined very clearly because what happened in parliament was carefully choreographed at State house long before it unfolded before the eyes of shocked Kenyans. Complete with the reading of the list of legislators who are drug king pins which was designed to get Kenyans attention away from the deadly snake bite that impunity delivered shortly after that. Now my earlier post about the whole Mwai Kibaki game plan to stay away from the Hague has been emphatically confirmed. Including the co-operation of PM Raila Odinga and his ODM party. See this earlier post.

If you have not read my landmark book Dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency there is no better time to do so than now more so when I have a special offer today that allows you to get your hands on the gem of a book for free. See the bottom of this post and act quickly because I am pulling out the offer pretty soon as the numbers rapidly get overwhelming.

At first glance the whole move to withdraw Kenya from the ICC does not make legal sense. Mainly because of the following reasons;

I) Article 2(4) of the new Constitution gives the ICC authority to arrest the suspects under customary international law. And so Kenya is legally obligated to hand over the suspects even if they are no longer in the ICC.

II) The cases were filed while Kenya was under legally committed to obeying the Rome Statute and so it does not affect the Ocampo 6 and the inevitable.

III) In any case the withdrawal cannot take place earlier than 12 months after the request for withdrawal is received (more evidence that somebody is thinking of 2012 and thereafter)

However if you study the past impunity of the presidency in Kenya then you will quickly realize that the whole thing is part of a wider scheme to discredit the ICC and dilute it’s influence, especially in Africa. What will follow is a campaign in the African Union (AU) and elsewhere to the effect that Africa is sovereign and should be left to handle her own problems within the continent.

Whatever happens next it seems that President Kibaki will soon be another Al Bashir of Sudan, a fugitive with very limited travel options. More so when he leaves office in 2 years time. And so will the Ocampo 6 if formally indicted.

But the good news my fellow Kenyans is that the political class has just committed mass suicide. What they have done will unite Kenyan voters more than ever before against them in 2012. Just watch angry voters wipe the slate, that is the Kenyan political scene, clean. For better or for worse that is pretty exciting.

Christmas shocker!!!!!!
My free special gift to all of you this festive season is the FULL digital version of my best-selling book Dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency. It is the whole entire book, not a single page has been left out. It is in pdf format. It is what my clients have been paying Kshs 1,350 for. Just send a blank email NOW to

Do it now, the offer is ONLY for a very limited time.


Anonymous said...

Vintage Kumekucha. I have read the book too.


Mwarang'ethe said...

I) Article 2(4) of the new Constitution gives the ICC authority to arrest the suspects under customary international law. And so Kenya is legally obligated to hand over the suspects even if they are no longer in the ICC.


Wewe wacha Chris story hazina miguu.

Kwani, does the ICC derive its jurisdiction/powers from the Kenyan Constitution?

ICC is a weird creature of a treaty. As such, its powers are those granted in that treaty, and which can be withdrawn by the member states at their will.

It is for this reason, the ICC had to rush to the UNSC to issue an indictment against Bashir. And, as we noted, Bashir retains his immunity as serving head of state.

More so, if Bashir wants, he can go to the ICJ and challenge the UNSC decision.

In fact, this would give us a clear direction on the extent of powers of a POLITICAL INQUISITORIAL BODY like the UNSC. This would have happened had Ghadafi not withdrawn the Lockerbie case against the UNSC.

More so, in a clear langauge, you are arguing for so called universal jurisdiction whereby, any STATE, but, not the ICC, whereby, any state can prosecute crimes against humanity etc in its own courts.

However, this theory does not fry. It has only been used against pirates. And, more so, has been used against pirates by the West precisely because, they did not need piracy which they had used to rob the whole world blind.

Having robbed the whole world blind and gotten rich, they made it their business to arrest and prosecute any pirate, obviously from 3rd world who would interfere with their commerce in the seas.

Thus, when it comes to universal jurisdiction, the West will never accept it. Precisely because, most of their leaders are criminals.

As a matter of fact, a few months ago, Spain had to change its laws to remove the pretence of universal jurisdiction when they realised it would affest their aliies.

In any case, the ICJ, in the infamous the ICJ Arrest Warrant, which involved Congolese officials and Belgium, but, we might add, perhaps godsent, declared, state officials are immune from prosecution when abroad for criminal charges, including war crimes or crimes against humanity.

In the same case, it added, this might be different for international tribunals, or courts, when they have jurisdiction, which ICC will lack once Kenya withdraws.


Having noted the above, when you say impunity bounces back, you are assuming it was dead.

NO. We have told you so many times, such death only existed in the minds of those who are gullible. Kenyans lost a golden chance in August, 2010.

Live with it.

We are off for mursik, while enjoying "Why" by Tracy Chapman.

Anonymous said...

Well done wana bunge. You have just given the Ocampo six a one way ticket to The Hague!

Anonymous said...

Well done wana bunge. You have just given the Ocampo six a one way ticket to The Hague!

Anonymous said...

And has Chris has said those idiots have just voted themselves out of parliament enmasse. Thanx guys this was the fresh new start we were looking for in 2012.

Anonymous said...

What sort of statement is this ati "....not everyone reads Kumekucha...." manifest nonsense. I almost had a civil servant heart attack when i read that sentence.

I mean come on my brother,why defeat the mission of our cause by lending credence to the voice of those untimely eulogising the demise of this popular widely read extended family blog?

KK is beloved by all including house helps, day&night security guards, KIBARUAS,hawkers, mama mbogas and youthful 'maboys choir' who are the despised overlooked uncatered for demographic with no one to stand up for and speak out for them yet they bear the greatest brunt of suffering when impunity strikes like that ugly snake you used in your picture

and BTW why show such a scary looking reptile like that on Christmas Eve?think of the CHILDREN!

anyway, the middle class who flock this blog are too busy enjoying nyama choma and watching the SAMANTHA BRIDAL WEDDING show to fight for and take back this country, that is why impunity is flourishing unhindered like a swamp of corruption and it is choking

the truth of the matter is look no further than the man in the mirror if you want to see why this country is progressing backwards.There is a Drug Baron lord of impunity in every Kenyan

That is why every Sunday morning and every Saturday night both the church house and the discotech are simultaneously and consequtively full and bursting at the seems

Behind closed door in every Kenyan home mwanaNICHI share the bed comfortably with fraud deceit and deception.make no mistake CORRUPTION and TRIBALISM are like Charity-they begins at ho...shutup STUPID!

Please I must apologise for E-SERMONS spoiling your Christmas eve have a merry christmas bro and have an Alvaro on Taabu,Phil and Sayra for FREE they owe me

PS: kudos to you PIONEER 1 for setting the trail and blazing the pace in political blogging culture

DM-Nairobi said...

Kweli the Kenyan Presidency is the patron of Corruption and all things foul afflicting the nation including drug dealings. Its obvious Kibaki is behind this ICC pull-out move.

Mr can run but you can't hide from God's justice.

Each day you live, our Creator is giving you another chance to repent from the Evil you and your peers/cronies have visited upon Kenya under your leadership.

God is merciful that he continues to give you just a little more time (You are now 80 years old) before you exit this life and face His full Justice in the next life.

Anonymous said...

I have watched the film and read the book(I dreamed of Africa) by Kuki Gullman. The film is set somewhere in Laikipia, Kenya and staring some big hollywood names like Kim Bassinger.
Stunning true story film about one white woman life-long affair with Africa...tragic... but seriously what does it have do with stinking rotten kenyan politics? Or am I missing something here?

Kumekucha Princess

Anonymous said...

Uhakika ni kwamba, if Chris doesn't say it who will say it in this day and age of wholesale impunity?

Kenya no longer has a strong and independent media houses, most of them have been compromised in one way or another. While the rest are too fearful to make waves against the status quo.

One of the saddest thing is that the country and people have access to several antidotes for various worst case scenarios, but the majority are not united enough to warrant the implementation of known antidotes against the legislators and their reptilian agendas.

Where are the 'Churches ("Jonahs") of Kenya' when they are needed to speak up and speak out against "The Burden ('Lords of Impunity') of Nineveh" (Kenya)?

Where are the so called Nahum, Jonah, Habakkuk, Malachi, Job, Jeremiah, Samuel, Obadiah, Hosea, Isaiah, Zechariah, Nathan, Jonah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Amos, Haggai, Elijah, Micah, and Zephaniah of Kenya when the already burdened country needs them?

Where are they when the people desperately want to hear them speak out against the "abomination that causes desolation"?

Rulers will come, evil figures of impunity who will legislate horrible things.

Their armed forces will be commanded to rise up and desecrate the nation, its people, constitution, and will abolish the daily freedom of speech, the right to assemble, the right to association and the movement around the country.

Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation. They are dirtying the nation and parliament in the worst way.

Let the citizens know and understand what's taking place in broad daylight.

Remember, this is the abomination spoken of by Pinto Gama, Tom Mboya, Josiah Mwangi Kariuki, Bishop Munge, Robert Ouko, Karanja (VP), Adogosi (spl), and many others who have been silenced in recent years.

Although parliament still seems to be playing the legislative role here, the withdrawal from the ICC has given hint as who is the real enemy of the country, people, constitution, law and order, something that will be very clear when Kenyans get to 2012.

What's the big difference between "Watumushi wa Dini (za kisasa/biashara)" and the real "Watumishi wa Mwenyezi Mungu"?

Their actions (or usual silence) speak louder.

Anonymous said...

Read Chris' amazing book, Dark secrets. All the evil starts and ends at State House.

Anonymous said...

Yes I will read them all before the end of the holiday season.

All maldies of Kenya are engineered at the Static House, incubated in the minds and lives of the ordinary people, then birthed in parliament and later sent back to the Static House.

Anonymous said...


that is da comment of the year by far. such powerful revealing info all packed into one short innocent-looking paragraph. merry christmas whoever u r.

Anonymous said...

I would hate to interrupt the holiday spirit, let alone steal the joyous mood of saying goodbye to 2010 and the expectant beauty of welcoming 2011.

It was had to resist the e-devil's temptation when wiki leaked another cable to remember.

In Guinea, the country's biggest narcotics kingpin turned out to be the president's son, and dilomats discovered that before the police destroyed a huge narcotics seizure, the drugs had been replced by flour.

The ingredients: kingpin, president's son, police and flour.

Which leads me to question whether Kenyans and the rest of the world were duped into believing that they were seeing elephant tusks or caches of recovered ivory being destroyed by fire after Daniel arap Moi had given the order.

Was the 'ivory bonfire' a real undertaking or a sham that later helped the Asian ivory cartels get frequent shipments of ivory from Kenya?

Things are not always what they seem to be before the naked eye.

There is no reason to believe that there will be fewer acts of corruption (impunity) in this government than in nay past government.

Mmmmmmmmm! The more things change? The more they?

Anonymous said...

According to Mayan Calender, the world is coming to an end 2012.
Whether that is true or not, there are already so many predictions and prophecies going around both in cosmic and spiritual world that 2012 is going to be a VERY difficult year.

So my dear brothers and sisters enjoy this moment and year 2011. But remember if you have Jesus in your heart, you got nothing to fear.

If you don't believe me just google "2012 predictions".

Bobby6Killer said...

@ anon 7:36. The nyayo era ivory burning session was a brilliant PR move organized by Richard Leakey when he took the helm at KWS. I doubt it was fake (wazungu can do no wrong...isn't that why we have more faith in ICC?) & it won Moi a lot of kudos globally. Besides with a market value of a mere $3 million it was chump change to Moi & his cronies.

On the incinerator drug for unga swap in Guinea. Who's to say that didn't happen here with our much larger haul of cocaine ($150 million worth compared to Guineas $6 million). The incinerator in Nairobi even broke down at one point. It must've been all that EXE unga meant to make chapos.

End of the world in 2012? Remember all the "prophecies" for year 2000? It will come & go....

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theories has been a delight of many! The Ivory Cache in the 90s was for real just to inform any doubting Thomas' as for the $160M cocaine haul, It is said that the Drug Lords said they couldn't deal with the Commissioner of Police, perhaps that's why the GSU were brought in. Bw. Iteere can answer that now that he seats in the big seat.

Mwarangethe is out enjoying his holidays in Utopia, and we wait for a year filled with copy and paste theories passed on as intellect.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarangethe is out enjoying his holidays in Utopia, and we wait for a year filled with copy and paste theories passed on as intellect.

12/25/10 11:35 PM


Yaani, you cannot resist a dig at us?

Simply, we follow the money so as to appreciate what is going on and what will happen in the future.

Sample this:

Around July, 2010, a British guy cornered the COCOA market. We figured, something must be afoot.

To many, since history is a matter of ACCIDENTS, they noticed nothing.

Where does much of Cocoa come from? Ivory Coast. So, how many millions of £ has this guy and his informers pocketed in a span of 4 months at the expense of African farmers and world wide consumers?

Off course, such is not part of the news coming from Ivory Coast now. For instance, the BBC is just telling us this:

"About 14,000 people have fled Ivory Coast to neighbouring Liberia following last month's disputed Ivorian presidential election, the UN says.

Most of those fleeing are supporters of Alassane Ouattara, who is recognised internationally as the new president."


The question is, are some people making money out of this "crisis?"

Read for yourself here:

Who financed this guy to corner the cocoa market? Banks.

Who is financing the "crisis" in Ivory Coasts? Banks.

Enjoy your holidays.

Anonymous said...

We were just tasting and checking on if the copy and paste master was still alive and surely it seems holidays are spent with the computer on, get a life bro! Masterbatory theories and e-farts never made one an intellectual.

Sam said...

No offense Mwara whatever but could you tone down so that atleast ordinary folks like us can get you. Is it me only - most of your comments are mostly out of rhyme with the current post and if I try to follow what you say, I just end up with jumbled words without any content or clear idea. Maybe you could start a blog of your own to tell us of your mindset and urge us to visit, rather than polluting excellent Kumekucha's posts with Philiph-Ochieng style literary tidbits. You just make ordinary folks like us steer away from reading user-comments after the posts.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1.59am

Sorry Bro! Mwara-rubbish will always try and dorminate any comment(s) posted here and not only steer away from the main topic of discussion but pollute KK with his folklore theories, you have put in a very good IDEA for him, why can't he start his own blog, is it because he depends on plagiarism?.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe can't start his own blog, sample this:

a) Unlike Chris, Mwara is Simply is out of touch with the "common man", as a result he elicits mostly negavite comments rather than intellectual discourse and interaction

b) He passes on works of others as his own inorder to seem illuminated. And for years we were duped into thinking that he was indeed an ORIGINAL until the Oracle bust, just go through his past and present posts word for word and you will get the drift.

C) Every Kenyan Topic / post will be met with European / American references 99.99% of the time.

d) NEVER and I mean NEVER does Mwarangethe have anything positive to say, it's always doomsday occult theories all the way

e) Have you noticed how lame his posts are when he uses his own words without abbreviated web links and You tube references.

f) when refering to himself he takes on "we" instead of "I". And wore unto you if you have a different opinion then words like bullshit, and idiot will be used as your reference.

Just go ahead and start your own blog Mwarangethe and we see how you will be met with REAL INTELLECTUALS on economic, tax, trade, politics, war and Land ( It's a challenge and I dare you as you will be exposed, or you are Kuku?)

Please Mwarangethe don't attack my comments, the way you attack others. Spare me Oh fake one, inquisitive minds will be reading, researching and digesting all.

Anonymous said...

African men are STUPID!
Instead of extending a hand of peace and goodwill they are still here e-shadow fighting on the web.
No wonder Africa is going nowhere!
This Oracle aka different anons is a sick DOG! Why do you feel so threatned by Mwangerethe?
I wish anyone would come up with a deadly virus and inject it on all African men (minus women), their women will marry other races and kill off this stupid race. i dream of a world free of these subhumans.

Free thinker

Anonymous said...

@ Free Thinker,

Am anon 3.40 a.m and WTF! Am NOT ORACLE STUPID! All I have stated and outlined about Mwara-rubbish is TRUE! Who the Hell would feel Threatened by a FAKE A$$ posing as an intellectual. The ORACLE un -masked a Fake Intellectual Imposter, is he your gay boyfriend?

Mwarangethe hates the ORACLE and we have seen it here (Posing as Free Thinker), the oracle has severally stated that he has no respect for Mwara-rubbish whatsoever and I back him fully, enuff said, go to HELL MWARANGETHE....

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe has a point some carefully orchestrated moves appear accidental/incidental but someone is always laughing all the way to the bank, the dude who has cornered the market , arms dealers and the world bank just got a new project in Ivory coast, new loans to rebuild,everything that will be destroyed in the coming war which will mortgage that country in perpetuity.
Thought for the day : remember how ivory coast got its name? From the huge quantities of ivory looted from that region

Free Thinker said...

anon 10:19 aka Oracle, you can hide, deny but your writing gives you away everytime your use your fingers to type on this blog.
Even the most dimmited person can identify your writings.

You have this self-importance and a chip on your shoulder that stinks to heavens! A stinking bugger that get shafted in the arse!! You are not a man, you faggot! I hope you die a very slow painful death and God forbid you ever leaving a seed (children) behind!

You are nothing but a worthless scumbag.

STUPID son of a wicked witch!
We are simply tired of your bullish pathetic childish behaviour in this blog.

GO TO HELL...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10.53am ( hiding as Mwarangethe) Mwarangethe you have been on this blog long enough and we know when you are posting as anon, don't stoop so low.

@anon 10.56 The Oracle ( hate or like) un-masked an imposter and your senility won't get you anywhere, I only wish I had the mastery of Oracle's way of writing. Mavi ya Kuku wewe, shoga wewe na mpenzi wako mwara -rubbish, endeni mka onje mavi yake ( Free Thinker), I know you have understood what I have said.

Anonymous said...

I was once labelled an Idiot and stupid by mwarangethe for reasons best known to him only for seeking clarification. A smear campaign against oracle is being orcherstrated by his enemy one and it is their for all to see.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.56am fikira uhuru and other anons, strong emotive (read name calling)comments have no place on this blog, and Chris can you please enforce the house rules to the letter.

Bobby6Killer said...

Folks Mwarengethe is right that Brit commodities trader, Anthony "Choc Finger" Ward, bought 7% of global cocoa stock in July this year for £1 billion. He's wrong though that he's making money. As of September he had already lost millions of £....on paper at least.

The intriguing thing is that back in 2002, Choc Finger had pulled off a similar stint. He bought 5% of cocoa global stocks in August. In September the Ivorian military mutinied while their PM, good old Gbagbo, was in Italy. By the time Choc Finger sold his stock in October '02 he had made a cool 40 million quid!

If he was trying to pull off his '02 magic by financing the malcontents in the disputed elections then it's not worked out this least for now.

Now, about those pesky MPigs of ours...

Anonymous said...


First things first. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Our people have always reminded us that it's conduct unbecoming for one of their own to ask for an expensive gift in form of a goat, steer, or a small piece of land during the harvest season.

However a person is allowed to make his reguest for small gifts such as small portion of farm produce, a pegion, quail, rabbit, duck, chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, or guinea pig (kanyuru) known to neighbours with substantial means or the ever benevolent council of elders once the harvest festival has been succesfully completed, so long as there are no major rituals pending in the community at large.

I, ... , a resident of the southwestern valleys of Kumekucha, would like to see the elders council of Kumekucha provide us with ways in which visuals such as youtube can be acommodated on Kumekucha in 2011 as deemed fit.

I hope to hear word from the elders before the planting season begins.



NB. Kumekucha kind of missed a treasure trove of wonderful pictures, slides and videos in review on various events, incidences, places, and public personalities from Kenya, 2010.

Anonymous said...

Gbagbo's (Babagabo's) fate is predictable and it has already been determined by circumstances he had failed to anticipate.

First of all, ECOWAS has spoken and its members have been brutally honest with what they intend to do should "Babagabo" or "Gabogbo" decide to hang onto power.

Second, most African armies are very proficient in travelling on huge stomachs that have to be soothed on a daily basis without failure.

So, his control of the army's rank and file will fizzile the moment the current state coffers run dry.

Forcing many of his close associates, supporters, tribes people and dedicated sychophants to abandon him in search of other alternatives or soon to be available greener pastures within the next government.

Going by regional predictions, the power hungry man will be forced out by the end of January or early February with the help of patriotic and concerned senior and junior military officers.

His namesake Laurent Kabila didn't see it coming, although a mistake was done by allowing his son to be a compromised replacement and thus hidering the complete evolution and the democratization of the DRC.

What's in a name 'Ivory Coast'?

Will history repeat itself as it did when 'Zaire' gave in to DRC?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Gbagbo's (Babagabo's) fate is predictable and it has already been determined by circumstances he had failed to anticipate.

First of all, ECOWAS has spoken and its members have been brutally honest with what they intend to do should "Babagabo" or "Gabogbo" decide to hang onto power.


mmmmm, ECOWAS has spoken.

In other words, the BEST DEMOCRACY in Africa/in the world, i.e. Nigeria, will lead the war to remove Gabgbo. And, Africans believe this charade?

More so, we have the election commission and constitutional court saying different things.

Has anyone told us why we should listen to one of these bodies and not the other? All we have been told is this. The constitutional court is full of Gbagbo supporters. Fine. Is it possible the election commission is also full of Quattara supporters?

More so, who is this boy called Soro? Who does he work for? Why did the same bodies, i.e. UN, AU, and people like Kofi, see it fit to saddle Kenyans with a coalition and not Ivory Coast? Will this new hard line be seen in Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt?

All in all, what is there for the Africans??

Bobby6Killer said...

@ anon 9:06.

It's a curious animal this International Community. Our disputed elections played out very differently from what's transpiring in Ivory Coast. Gbagbo has more "legitimacy" clinging on to power as unlike Kibaki he won the first round of elections then lost the run off.

Overheard recently on BBC radio from a State Department official: "Gbagbo must go" after which he chuckled. Why the different rules? Nusu supa loaf for KE, outright favouritism for opposition in Ivory Coast.

This NY Times article about the International Republican Institute's controversial exit polls in '07 may provide part of the answers.

Bobby6Killer said...

Here's the link:

The IRI exit poll proved that RAO won the disputed elections by a 6% margin. However, the Republican Bush admin ignored the numbers & congratulated Kibaki. This was later amended to a push for coalition gov't when the smelly brown stuff hit the fan.

Note Ranneberger's involvement in trying to put out alternate polls favouring Kibaki. That's also known as propaganda. Had RAO been educated in the US & named Fidel after JFK, would the election results have been different? NB: Outtara is an ex IMF guy.

Had Bush been more concerned with respecting the wishes of the majority of Kenyans rather than backing an admin that would work with him on the War On Terror (WOT) we'd be living in a very different KE today...& maybe 1,300 Kenyans would still be alive.

Anonymous said...


True the 1,300 Kenyans would still be alive, plus No ICC racket. The Bush adminstration would be better off in the skull and bones occult. ECOWAS has stated that they won't have a Zimbabwe or Kenyan type of arrangement. Hosni currently has no competitor, even Egyptians themselves don't know what the future will hold without him at the helm, so we expect no change of regime.

Chris said...

Anon @6:10 PM

Your suggestions have been duly noted. Will get back to you withy the actioned results or some kind of feedback soon. I am not sure which it will be at the moment

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Kenya is not fit to install nuclear energy.

1) disposal of used radioactive fuel rods is costly and is even disturbing Western technology powerful states like US, Germ, UK.
2)A nuclear power station needs too much water for cooling. The stations will have to be shut down during hot periods, just like the hydro-power stations.
3)A country like Kenya which can not even maintain roads (cheap technology), is unfit to maintain such a dangerous and complex technoly.

Solution: Let's invest in Solar power for all low voltage consumption and leave current supply for Industries.

Please advice the Commission headed by Prof. Olweny accordingly.

Eng. Energy systems

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