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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ICC Curse: Trapped Between Devil, Deep Sea

The elephant that is ICC is refusing to burg. The Kenyan government is refusing to play ball too. In between Kenyan voter and IDP find themselves sandwiched between the devil and the dark blue sea.

We have been reliably informed by bloggers here at Kumekucha that behind ICC's enthusiasm to met justice to PEV victims and perpetrators lurks the evil schemes by some politicians to eliminate their potential rivals prior to 2012 elections. The wisdom from that logic implies that it is alright to leave the IDPs and those who were prematurely and mercilessly sent six feet under during the 2007/8 near-meltdown to their own devices.

When Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo talks from both ends of his mouth on matters ICC, some support him for his bravery and patriotism. Well, if the new constitution is the panacea to all our problems then one is left wondering what the IDPs are still trapped in squalor. But that a concern for the politically naive because big things come at a prize and it seems none is too big to pay even with more than 1300 lives lost.

It is true the US and China are not signatories to the Rome statute but do we have to employ cheap security in numbers and reverse logic (hata wewe pia) after failing to protect the same voters? Kenyans are superlative spinners capable of shamelessly reading malice from an angel's lips. Behind all the plastic patriotism lies ethnic bravado and loyalty. But dare tell a Kenyan blogger that and you become an e-meal cooked in tribal vitriol.

ICC just like the international community came to save us from ourselves. Were it not for them, there would be no Kenya to speak of in the first place. Waxing patriotic to hide our primitive ethnic loyalties is to live a coloured lie. Well, the five-course tribal meal never constipates. We often wash it down with champagne made from ground conspiracy theories and served as intellectual discourse.

ICC must have seen it coming and Prof. Luis Moreno-Ocampo is better advised to brace himself for more roadblocks. He has not seen the last of Kenya's superlative schemers yet. Meanwhile the living Diaspora and Kenyan leaders continue to urinate on the graves of PEV victim, both burnt and sliced.


Mwarang'ethe said...

The ICC is not the right route. Simply, the ICC, just like the new law does not tackle the root causes of conflicts in Kenya/Africa.

Having said this, we would be happy to read your thoughts as to why you think ICC will give justice to the PEV victims and even more importantly, ensure there will be no violence in the future.


We often wash it down with champagne made from ground conspiracy theories and served as intellectual discourse.


Why is Ocampo chasing some secret state memos? Is it not try and prove a CONSPIRACY to commit a crime.

So, why are you following a conspiracy theorist in the name of ICC/Ocampo who is "pretending to do serious investigations?"

Or, conspiracy theories is a label thrown at those who you disagree with?

Anonymous said...

Why is Raila supervising and coordinating kidnapping of Kenyas and sending them to Uganda in the name of fighting terrorism? Or is it to please cousin Obama? We need answers right now!

Anonymous said...

All I care is that the barbarians of the FORMER RV get to pay for murdering and raping babies and grandmothers.

Anonymous said...

It is not really the number of those that were killed that is important. A report by a jew appointed by the UN shows israel committed crimes against humanity in its last offensive in gaza. A lot of civilians got killed. A lot of people are being killed in pakistan and afgnistan. A lot more have died in iraq. I dont think the death of about 1300 africans in kenya is something the US cares about. And the ueropeans and their human rights activists cannot accomplish anything without the US. The US, not EU, ended the wars in the balkans. If the US sees ICC action in Kenya is not in its interests it will block such action. Remember one judge in the pretrial chamber did not think the kenyan case met ICC threshold. Mutula has been saying he doubts if the kenyan case will be admitted when ocambo goes for indictments. He may know what he is talking about because if the two cases of eldoret and naivasha cannot be shown to have involved key figures in gava and the odm movement then how does icc come in. Icc only deals with the very top leadership of gava and political/opposition/rebel movements.

Again ocambo may just drag this thing up to the next elections just to scare anyone who might want to repeat the 07/08 violence. I think the US cares a lot about our next elections. And here the ocambo "scare" may come in handy. But I warn you: am big on conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt whether Kenya can ever change under the current crop of leaders.And worse still,we are seeing it fit to elect rumoured drug kings and ex convicts to the august house.The shenanigans being pulled by the coalition partners put to shame the many such schemes perfected by Daniel Arap Moi.Here is where I agree with Mwarangethe,mere change of the leadership doesnt necessarily mean good governance..!

Eric. said...

An ICC story is told of one Mr. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo of DRC, whose release was due in part to the Trial Chambers inability to review 'confidential material' - a very similar script that our Kenyan Government is currently playing, written by our very own 'first class' senior counsel Mutula Kilonzo for we know who.

The Trial Chamber ruled that " the trial process had been ruptured to such a degree that it was now impossible to piece together the constituent elements of a fair trial"

Now that the documents that the ICC is requesting for will ' compromise our national security' further aggrevated by; the documents to be submitted will be 'vetted' by we know who.

Like I always say.. We should not forget the 'gun powder treason' of 2007. Justice must not be perverted.

Why cant our 'Saved' Presidential Contender speak out.., bwana PM, and ofcourse Prezzo Emilio himself.

In regard to conspiracy theories - they are rarely supported by any conclusive evidence.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.23 pm

You are not serious!, your pungent smell and hatred for the Man and biase can be smelt from miles, endelea if it makes you sleep well.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are still waiting for the white knight to ride on a white horse to town and rescue them from their kabila adui mentality and raping and murdering tendencies. Ocampo couldn't care less about which kabila wants to rape the other, all he wants is to cap his career with a black scap. he has already said that his aim is to teach the black man a lesson, not to seek justice.
So, Taabu, are you ready to take notes as the great mzungu/teacher comes to town?

Anonymous said...

Do we only look for JUSTICE when only our OWN has been AFFECTED? What becomes of the people who EFFECTED this henious crimes?

Lets not hide behind our tribal cocoons and politicians who are only interested in furthering their own course.

We have more confidence on Ocampo than Mutula Kilonzo, until Kenyan courts can prove their mettle, we can only rely on Ocampo for now.

Anonymous said...

It appears the ICC is on a mission to clear the path for raila since he cannot get 50+1% of the vote. The strategy now is to eliminate competition Via ICC that's why Orengo is on the forefront urging the government to release security meeting minutes . The government should respectfully decline the violence was not caused by Security agents but by ODM goons. Security agents simply reacted to a situation just like american soldiers reacting to a situation in iraq or afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3.28pm and the charlatans of Naivasha should also have the balls fried for burning kids and butchering pregnant mothers.

Anonymous said...

Chris KK is still lying low, he he he hope the NSIS spooks have not made you 'dissappear', be well though.

kevoh said...

Something we should not forget is that many commission of inquiry reports have been shelved and might have helped Kenyan-election violence not to erupt. we should demand to see them as we sort out the Big fish and try to implement the new constitution.

Anonymous said...

Raila was the masterminder of 2007/08 violence!!!

Anonymous said...

Hang him, will you please?

Anonymous said...

It appears the ICC is on a mission to clear the path for raila since he cannot get 50+1% of the vote.
A baseless allegation in my opinion.How do you draw such a conclusion yet we do not even know clearly who might end in the Hague. Again, knowing that Kenyan politics is largely driven by 'scratch-my-back-I-scratch yours' policy, then it is not suprising to find Raila in coalition with one of the suspects (Ruto, Uhuru, e.t.c).

But let me also hasten to add that I believe Ocampo is not getting anywhere, unless he's around to fry small fish (not untouchables like Uhuru or Ruto)

Mwarang'ethe said...

Eric wrote

In regard to conspiracy theories - they are rarely supported by any conclusive evidence.

9/29/10 12:38 AM


The question is, what is meant by conspiracy theory? Let us give a few examples:

We all agree that, the 2007 elections were not conducted as we would expect.

Now, was the bungling of that election an ACCIDENT or a CONSPIRACY?

We reject in toto the silly idea that this was an accident. However, have we been able to prove the conspiracy? Have we been unable to prove it because of lack of evidence or cover up?

And, if there is cover up, who is doing it? The same people telling us it was just an accident!

The deaths of JM, TM and Ouko were events that changed the course of Kenyan history. Were these deaths ACCIDENTS or a CONSPIRACY?

We reject the mad idea that, these were accidents and suicides as those who committed these murders tell us. However, have we been able to prove in a court of law the conspiracy to murder these men?

Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg changed the course of Kenyan history in a way. Were all these dealings an ACCIDENT or a CONSPIRACY?

Once again, we reject the perveted idea that, these were mere accidents. However, have we been able to prove these conspiracies in a court of law? No. Does that prove they were accidents or a huge cover up by those telling us these are mere accidents?

The facts are these. States have always sought to subdue their subjects/sheeps by hiding their venality by attributing such events to mysterious and arcane social forces or the imperfect state of the world. With the subjects/sheeps accepting these myths, they never rise up against such misdeeds.

More so, an attack on "conspiracy theories" ensures that, the subjects/sheeps believe the nonsense of "general welfare" and "state security" reasons put forward in defence of despotic deeds.

After all, the "conspiracy theory" can unsettle the system if it causes the subjects/sheeps to doubt the state's ideological propaganda.

After all, even colonial occupation was meant to "civilise" Africans and when you try to investigate the real economic motives, you are blasted as a conspiracy theorist who is masquarading as an intellectual.

Yes, because, the real intellecuals are the court intellecuals like the ones of the Oriental despotism!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:02 PM


Anonymous said...

Sasa inajifanya ng'ombe ukamuliwe na nani? Here: conspiracy theory is LURKING in the e-shadows to pounce on any news and speedily trolling the net to justify the same claiming the foresight of seeing it before and seeing SHADOWS behind the news. Ring a bell?

Stop living in delusion and denial Prof but again we know you better and this will definitely loosen you fingers to hit the keyboard asking wherewe studied that, LOL.

We are students of life and not e-fame.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:07 AM

I concur with you. Thanks for highlighting an issue that is so conveniently forgotten by many of us for obvious reasons.

I am afraid that the likes of Mutula kilonzo may end up fumbling the ball of justice in the same manner one of his counterparts fumbled - big time - during the 2007 general elections.

I was still hoping and waiting for more meat (analysis of competing views) to be served on your "ICC Curse" platter.

In the meantime, let none of us fail to do justice to the pressing issues of Post Elections Crimes Against Kenyans.

What are the chances of Pre-Trial Chamber of the ICC finding any reasonable grounds to believe that "some well known tribal chiefs" - who commanded their lieutenants, henchmen, election-roughnecks and "political/ethnic crawbars" to commit heinous killings - bear individual criminal responsibility for most PECAK (Post Election Crimes Against Kenyans) and human rights abuses committed between December 27th 2007 and May 2008?

So far it's becoming evident that some of them are so busy trying to obstruct the ongoing investigations by the ICC.

I wonder how many of the so called ringleaders of PECAK (Post Election Crimes Against Kenyans), do you think will end up in the custody of the ICC by 2012 or before 2015?

Unfortunately, if justice is not seen to be done any time soon then Kenyans will always be trapped between the two menacing political blades of ethnic violences and an inept judicial system.

The struggle for justice continues.

Muru wa Gacii.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:54 AM
Rather than waste our time by needlessly attacking Mwarangeth'e , just tell us what you do not agree with and why.Furthermore it's your right to agree and disagree. But I doubt you're capable of doing that.

Philip said...

ICC is going to provide solution, which is only creating fear to people who will want to start violence against another tribe and nothing more.

We all know the root cause of PEV and we all know ICC has not come to deal with it. ICC will arrest the masterminds of PEV but we'll continue crying because the root cause of PEV will not be dealt with. We will continue suffering and we might start insulting ICC for not doing their work properly.

I blame the means in which we decided to deal with the root cause of PEV violence. Killing each other was wrong because most of us were innocent, we fell into the trap of the guilty.

Anonymous said...

With the new katiba in place, there will be no more political violence in Kenya. Former RV, which used to be the main source, is no more. It has been divided and diced into counties. Now, it is you stick to your Kericho and I stick to my Nakuru. No more "ancestral land" singsong nonsense unless someone has a permanently loose nut.

Eric. said...

Kenya is a 'young democracy', they say, and its weak institutions - not inherent ethnic divisions - are at the root of the current 'political crisis' the new constitution notwithstanding.

Kenyans have long realised that our institutions are not going to address our concerns about social and economic inequalities and have led us to distrust institutions (read Judiciary) and as a result has led to a "sense of disempowerment and disillusionment".

ICC should 'rescue' us from this 'burden'.

My two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

As long as Raila is a presidential contender, there will be violence. He will still find a way of quenching his violent thirst. He will find a way of re-inventing the kabila adui bogey man; and voila, violence galore from his worshippers.

Anonymous said...

Killing each other was wrong ... and it's always wrong to participate in the wanton destruction of human life and property.

But what about our ongoing complicity - be it active or inactive - in the PEV since 2008?

I am still saddened by the fact that some of our actions continue to speak louder in September of 2010.

What was the real root cause of PEV?

One of the burning question is how do Kenyans go about cultivating workable homegrown solutions that will address as well as curb future outbreaks of any post election violence, ethnic violence and land related violence?

It pains me so much to reiterate that Kenyans have been involved in the wanton destruction of human life and property since the early 1980s.

And it's always been carried out in the name of ethnic hatred fueled by ignorance, xenophobia, election politics, competition for scarce resources, an inept judicial system, and above all poor governance.

Political violence against other Kenyans is an evil mechanism that has been engineered as a warped way of dealing with political, social, economic and ethnic oppenents.

An evil art that was perfected by some prominant politicians, individuals and groups, as means to subdue and demolish any resisting or "stubborn communities" within particular jurisdictions around the country.

So, what alternatives means do you suggest we develop as a lasting solution for rooting out the causes of PEV as well as preventing any outbreaks of PEV and cyclical 'Ethnic Clashes' in 2012, 2017 and beyond?

BTW, if the ICC does not make an example of the masterminds and ringleaders PEV, then who will?

And how will potential political/ethnic criminals ever learn to desist from perpetuating violence, anarchy and mayhem?

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Raila is the beginning and end of all Kenya's problems. Let us all resolve to terminate this problem once for all by checkmating Rao with Maina Njenga who has all the qualities:
1) Youthful
2) ready and merciless army
3) right gene and language (kabila adui)
4) etc.

Please let us all join hand stop Raila while propelling brother Maina to the big office.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10.37 a.m

If it makes you sleep better. Hatred will get you nowhere. Your mother must feel pain to know that she has a child like you.

I bet you have an average job, average salary, were in an average school and got an average grade and you live an average lifestyle, and you are forever doomed to live that way. But you can thank Mj of Safcom for granting you a 10Mb bundle for ksh.8 to spit your vitriol here.

I bet you are the kind who would shit on themselves if they met a true mungiki adherent, plus you were scared shitless during PEV in 2007.

People like you never get far in life, and I feel sorry for you, lakini since ni 'makamasi' is what is between your ears endelea!.

Anonymous said...

What's the actual distance between the Devil and the Deep Sea? In other words, how wide is the Trap Door between the two lesser evils?

IMHO, the 'us-them mind-set' is still the greater evil in our midst, and it must be adjusted at all levels of the Kenyan society.

When I'm asked about the PEV in my travels, I generally return to the unpopular subject by saying that our higher thoughts and ways transcend our arrogant, exclusive, low-level political supremacy and negative ethnicity, and the new Constitution invites us all to transcend as well.

Whatever the final verdict will be, then, it will not involve our ethnic bias but the rendered judgment of the ICC after due process.

The ICC should be allowed to carry out its work without delay or any hindrance

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2:36. Brilliant!


Mwarang'ethe said...

Eric. said...
Kenya is a 'young democracy', they say, and its weak institutions - not inherent ethnic divisions - are at the root of the current 'political crisis' the new constitution notwithstanding.


We might witness more blood flowing in the 21st Century than we have seen in the last 2-3 centuries.

All this will have nothing to do with "young democracy" or "tribalism."

We are at critical juncture in human history. Unfortunately, many are not seeing this.


Anonymous said...
Killing each other was wrong ... and it's always wrong to participate in the wanton destruction of human life and property.


You mean the way they are doing in Spain?

Human nature is essentially the same. When men loose everything, they will ALWAYS resort to violence. If you doubt, study the last 6000 years.


As concerns the new constitution, we have created a mess as we see in Ireland, and the outcome for future generations will be dire:

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.36,

Pole but you got the sarcasm all wrong. That Rao-Maina beef is meant to fool Rao's haters who drop his name everywhere. I hold no brief for Rao but the fear he sends down the spine of his haters. So why not propose one of their own as checkmate with proven murderous record?

Anonymous said...

'..Telling them to stop is like giving them anaesthesia to continue being raped..'

The above statement was made by Raila Odinga in January 2008 in a BBC interview after he was asked why he was not calling on his ODM goons to stop killing, looting, raping and burning. After all, according to the evil b.ast.ard, they were 'exercising' their 'legitimate' right to 'demonstrate in protest' at the 'stolen' election. Interestingly, that a.rse.hole Omar wa Human Rights commission never thought it important to include the remarks in his 'evidence' to Waki. However, some of us have already forwarded the info to Ocampo for action.

Anonymous said...

Kifaki and 40 thieves
very greedy this Mt. Kenya mafia

Fireworks in Kenya's Parliament over implementation of new constitution

Differences within Kenya's Party of National Unity (PNU) intensified in Parliament on Thursday when coalition parties failed to agree on the composition of the Parliamentary Constitution Oversight Committee.

PNU is a partner in the East Africa’s country's grand coalition alongside, ODM and ODM-Kenya.

It became a tussle of PNU members from the state’s Central/Rift Valley Region and Eastern regions, with the former crying foul that they have been short-changed as the latter averred they are being targeted even after giving unwavering support to ‘their cousins’ from Central.

The differences led to the deferment of a motion that would have seen the 27-member committee put in place to jumpstart the implementation

of the new Constitution.

Consequently, two Bills that were to be tabled were shelved owing to this technicality.

The Commission for the Implementation of the

Constitution Bill, 2010 and the Vetting of Judges and Magistrates Bill, 2010, were marked for the first reading, but this was never to be.

Immediately after the vote, PNU members from Eastern called a media conference and vowed that people from the region will not relinquish their positions.

They vowed to pull away from the PNU coalition should this happen.

Runyenjes MP, Cecily Mbarire, Yatta’s Charles Kilonzo and Mbiuki Kareke of Nithi, dared the other group to pull their members out and

face the consequences of ‘a broken marriage’.

"We are disappointed in particular with Central and Eastern provinces’ reasoning of some MPs, that are still based on tribes. After being supported by Eastern, Central, today is on the forefront attacking Eastern, it is unfortunate," said Kilonzo.

"They want Eastern to surrender two posts, but if any name is removed then the marriage is over, because they just want to get slots for their brothers in Rift valley," he added, in reference to members of Kikuyu community in Central rift valley.

Anonymous said...

? ? ?

Anonymous said...

This Raila will never stop creating heat. Now he is busy dividing PNU. Who will stp this man?

Anonymous said...

Lets assume that everyone behind or suspected to be involved in PEV 2007/2008 are taken to Hague before 2012 election and election is blatantly rigged.
Will there be any violence?

Anonymous said...

Come 2012, the spotlight of the international community will be on Kenya whether the perps are taken to The Hague or not. Nothing will happen.

Anonymous said...

Aiiiii! Blog imededi ka Mnyambo Puuiiiii! Prrrrrrr.

Guys Jukwaa is the real deal. There are more mature discussions, sio pale watu wanatafuta e-fame, na ni xperts wa;

LAND/TAX/BOB MARLEY/ ROMAN EMPIRE/ CONSTITUTION/ NA bila kusahau they know history from year 1 - 5,000 years ago.

Anonymous said...

There goes Mwarang'ethe posting as Anon 6.54 a.m.


Anonymous said...

It is now clear that PANIC is setting in over OCAMPO. PNU guys are crying fowl and wolf he he he, as things are now becoming evident.

Ocampo ati attacking a certain community ( read Kikuyu ) to enable others 'gain' political mileage.

They clung to power, ensured they retained PORK, in the process used state machinery ( read GSU and AP) transferred officers in Nyanza, Eldoret, Busia, Coast - with officer who would obey 'orders' bila problem and now they cry wolf.

'our people' will be denied justice if the Ocampo team continues this way huh- kwendeni huko, if it were leading elsewhere would your 'people' get justice.

Ocampo endelea - if their is nothing to hide why the Hulabaloo on security documents requested by the ICC ( we know who is subverting justice here - bila Uwongo aint it PNU wing)

They were so eager to see Ruto flown to the Hague he he ha ha, it now seems Ocampo Must go Clarion will bombard our ears from PNU and they were busy shouting ODM goons off to the Hague.

Even Kaloozer has been swallowed into the whole fiasco huh it seems KKK house has a foundation of 'straw' and not 'Bamburi Cement'.

THIEVES and MURDERERS - Ocampo do your thing

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:42 PM

Are you the one and the same anon 5:54 AM, "the one wasting time needlessly attacking Mwarangeth'e"?

Why don't you agree to disagree with Mwarang'ethe in the open rather than resort to your usual trademark sneaky walkthroughs?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:13 PM

Be a model citizen or goodwill ambassador for Jukwaa in the e-world.

And allow the effects of "more mature discussions" to help you polish words like "Mn_ambo Puuiiiii! Prrrrrrr!" out of your phraseology.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:09 PM

Hold your horses for a couple of months.

The ICC at the Hague will have to prosecute the Planners, organisers, instigators, and supervisors of the Post Election Crimes Against Kenyan Citizens.

While the approved cases of Leaders at the national, provincial or district level, within political parties, police, religious denominations or ethnic miliatia (thugs) will have to be dealt with at the International Criminal Tribunal for Kenya (ICTK) in Arusha, Tanzania.

The Kenyan judicial system should be left to deal with The well-known murderer who distinguished himself because of zeal which characterised him in the killings or the excessive wickedness with which killings were carried out.

People who committed rape or acts of sexual nature.

Those who were involved in the wanton destruction of property

Anonymous said...


Flip the script. High time a new topic was lined up.

Just a suggestion, nothing personal.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.46 P.M
Very good observation.
Sorry to say but it looks this blog needs to rejuvenate itself or else it dies a natural death.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that US is heavily involved in the direction Ocampo is taking in his PEV investigations? Is it true that US is determined to assist Raila (Obama's cousin)in his presidential quest by removing from the scene his most formidable opponents in 2012 elections?

If these machinations are true, somebody better tell them that Kenyans will not be intimidated into voting someone because he is "related" to Obama!!!!!!!!

A Packet of Crisps and a Pint of Lager said...

Those who think this blog is dead:

Just wait for the ailing Chris to get out of his lazy bed with his tired lines: "I have been digging some very important information from my informers, which I will be sharing with my precious readers in the next coming posts".

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:22 AM

You are welcome to stop over at Llandoger Trow and have 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps' on me.

LOL! Those were the days when international students based in South West England loved to congregate at The Old Duke and the Llandoger Trow for a weekend supper that consisted of fish and chips rolled in old sports pages from the Western Daily or Bristol Observer, and a pint of lager.

The two pubs were venues where students got together to listen to some old fashion jazz as well as take the time to drown their sorrows that were part of the daily life for many "common immigrants" living in a land where they thought they would be welcomed with open arms after struggling so hard to gain admission papers.

The Old Duke located on King Street in Bristol was a kind of an oasis of sorts, while backyard court at The Old Duke was thee favourite weekend spot for many 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 yr old students from UoB.

Surprisingly very few of the students ever bothered to embrace the Bristol City F.C. or Bristol Rovers F.C. in the same way so many of them embraced the Bristol Rugby F.C.

It may have had something to do with the crowding out effect at some of the venues or the availa.

Good memories are all we carry forward when some chapters have been closed with the eventual passage of time.

Anonymous said...

non9/30/10 6:38 AM
Can you post a link to that BBC interview I once watched it with horror when Raila said that
'..Telling them to stop is like giving them anaesthesia to continue being raped..'

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:03 AM

A brilliant message was left for you and company by Anon 2:36 PM.

Don't forget to take note of the timely words of wisdom by Anon 2:42 AM.

Hope you find some semblance of peace and normalcy within youself.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Meant for one bitter anon @9:09 AM and not anon 9:03 AM.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.13am:
Ofcourse the US is involved, right up to its eyeballs!
It is the power behind the ICC and Ocampo's overzealous determination to 'make an example of Kenya', by removing from the political equation those perceived to pose the greatest and most formidable obstacle to a desired Raila Presidential coronation in 2012 i.e Uhuru, Ruto and the KKK alliance.
They know very well that an Uhuru candidacy backed to the hilt like in 2002 by the Kalenjin, apart ofcourse from the GEMA community, will be in a position, due to its sheer numbers alone, to attract additional support from the Akamba and North Eastern enough to win the election IN THE FIRST ROUND with a landslide. Uhuru and Ruto therefore must go, but that is easier said than done.
The tribal card that PNU has now played is going unlike anything else to make inattentive Kikuyus to seat up and ask: why indeed is Ocampo going after Senior Kikuyus in Govt AS IF THEY ARE THE ONES WHO CAUSED THE SITUATION THAT GAVE RISE TO THE IDPs STILL LANGUISHING IN CAMPS? WHY is attention being deflected AWAY from the ODM towards PNU and the GOVT's SECURITY FORCES when it is these security forces that gave safe passage from the killing fields of the Rift Valley, Kisumu, Homa bay, Kakamega, Bungoma, Kibera, Mathare and Mombasa where murder, rape, looting and arson was being visited on outnumbered, outgunned and terrified Kikuyus? Why is Ocampo and where is justice when he focuses his attention on those mandated by law to use firearms and those mandated by natural justice to defend themselves and seek vengeance? What did 'stealing' an election have to do with disembowelling a 4 year old Kikuyu boy?
Ocampo has given PNU the excuse to give him endless migraines by handing him the skunk of tribal partisanship to deal with, politically.
We shall see how he will be smelling at the end.

Anonymous said...

Reverse LOGICis when you suffer unqualified fear of your opponent till you read his/her in every event. Just look at how Rao is in evrybody's lips. Hatred for Rao makes strange bed fellows: Ruto+UK. And their tribemen are ready to urinate on the graves of the dead provided .......

Well, real politics is never played online and 2012 will be a SHOCKER and sucker. Nobody knows and pretending otherwise is only to fool thyself. Only time will tell but the tribalist Diaspora can have the field day. Hurray!!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:36,
it was all well and good when kiuks thought their tribal kings including the sloth who caused all the mayhem by stealing elections would get away? weren't kiuk mps using every opportuity to sing HAGUE, HAGUE. NOW THE SAME IDIOTS ARE CRYING FOUL!
KIKUYU, KALENJIN WHATEVER...OCAMPO is not a kenyan politician to be threatened PERIOD! whippig up tribal emotions will not work with ocampo hot on the heels of the buchas wa naivasha and kiambaa church. kwani why are kikuyus panicking? were you all kikuyus at statehouse plotting how to mince wajaluo into submission? ati those manadted by law to use firearms?
you guys better be serious. most of those shot in ksm and western were shot in the residential areas and SHOT WHILE FLEEING. YOU guys keep yapping about about those that wre you are not even aware that the cops stood by and watched as the looting was going on in the CBD.
My neighbours child who was shot as he stood outside the house needs JUSTICE!! His only crime being that he happened to be a LUO and as GRACE KAINDI - THEN NYANZA PPO said, she had shoot to kill any JALUO on sight.

You have the audacity to write such nonsence....SHAME ON YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:36,

RAO does not need the help of the US to win the presidency. your overated tribal king UHuru(what happened to his 'supposed clout" in Juja and starehe?) can form an alliance with Ruto plus kalonzoplus saitoti and all the RAILAPHOBICS IN BUNGE and they will still not beat RAO. You can take that to CHARTERHOUSE BANK.

Anonymous said...

First, gods make a man mad before they destroy him. Ida, the wife of Madman Raila, has already commissioned a design firm to study how best to incorporate orange colour into State House curtains. And as if that is not enough, the madman himself was admiring some hotel toilet seats in South Africa during World Cup saying that he would like them installed in State House when (not if!) he becomes president. Dear Kenyans, this is the change we are expected to believe in. Total madness!

Anonymous said...

Those still dreaming about a KKK alliance will be in for a rude SHOCK!

Already one Kalonzo has joined the fray of ICC Ocampo mania! But it is not lost that He made the declaration while in Nyeri - Like we always say Kalonzo is so desperate for Kikuyu votes that all Objectivity is lost.

He is already talking of bloodshed, prophets of doom like him will not see state house, plus his votes were rigged in Rift Valley??? Is he crazy in the membrane!

Playing the Tribal Card with a crucial investigation like this is not lost to us!

A crucial security meeting in Jan 2008 will not be forgoten were Lt. Gen. Karangi blatantly said that if Kikuyus are chased out of Eldoret then he will order the Airforce to blow up Eldoret and all the Kalenjins therein.

We heard him loud and clear and for that we have seen realignments in the security apparatus aligned with GEMA kinsmen - Police Commissioner, CID Director, CGS and Vice Chief of Staff, NSIS Director, PS Internal Security, Deputy director of Military Intelligence, Defence College Commander.

PORK ( President of the Republic of Kenya) must continue in his Zzzzzzzz! We shall this time round 'finish' were we left.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.13 a.m

Clap! Clap! Clap! Kalonzo has similarly begun shopping for Statehouse goodies.

He recently received a full coloured brochure for the latest Mercedes Maybach Model that he was admiring for one Zuma and Mugabe. He prefers blue colour.

He is still hovering like a vulture in the yet to be completed Official residence of the VP and has vowed to revert it as his when he becomes 'President'.

Kalonzo's wife is busy eyeing the post of Director of Banking Supervision at CBK and hopes hubby will get to state house and hand her the job.

Plus he has bought the Latest Hair Dye ( the one that Mugabe Uses ) and is reportedly consulting Dr. Bosley ( U.S Medic ) on how to restore hair in his balding head.

We applaud Kalonzo but state house Nene Nene never ever!

KALONZO( St. Peter has realised how evil he is and is now Lucifer's son) / UHURU ( His liver will have liquified coz of Liquor before he sees statehouse) / SAITOTI ( Is he not the same man who lost in Kajiado and offered a lucrative job in OP and ksh 250m to his opponent who floored him hands down in 2007 to drop the election petition) - we shall not recycle K.A.N.U in whichever way.

Anonymous said...

We are in October and this post was posted in September:- have kenya became brain-drain?

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo will NEVER EVER see statehouse, maybe from the Photos in his album. What has he to show for all his years in Government from -

Deputy Speaker, Environment, Foreign Affairs e.t.c he has nothing to show, but atleast his attended BrookHouse school (British Curriculum) while he vehemently opposed reforms in Education saying 8.4.4 was excellent and should be left as is.

All his Anti -reforms stance are known from Kanu days; his declarations and pronouncements that were all anti-reform are well known his bills in Parliament we can never forget.

RAO is a brand name - Nation and Standard newspapers know that they can thank him for the super normal profits that they are enjoying.

If it were Kalonzo's name in the headlines we all know that the news papers wont sell he is boriiiiiiiiiing.

He hasn't contributed to the 'democracy and mutli-party politics' that Kenyans enjoy today - I mean what is Kalonzos Legacy?? But RAO HAS.

He isn't the centre of gravity that Kenyan Politics revovles around but RAO is.

He doesnt bear 'scars' for the fight for democracy but RAO does.

RAO will occupy the House on the Hill, all his haters can go Hang.

Eric. said...

Kenyan Politics and the Tribal Card never ceases to amaze. The theatrics that we are now being treated to is like the movie 'Conspiracy Theory'.

I think the notion of ICC targeting One community is absurd to say the least as a result of a 'leaked' UN report.

Why are people panicking? I thought that Investigations should only be backed with evidence and facts. Panic should only come in when their is 'witch hunting' with no material evidence.

ICC should be allowed to do its job and fullfill its mandate - that of ensuring justice for all. Ofcourse without any fear or favour.

Only those blocking/ tampering with the investigations, hunting down witnesses, and trying to pervert justice and know that their is evidence incriminating them have a reason to be afraid.

Anonymous said...

His excellency Raila Amollo Odinga the President of the Republic of Kenya - Jan 2013

I cant wait

Anonymous said...

Her excellency Martha Karua the President of republic of kenya- Jan 2013

can't wait!

Anonymous said...

The 2012 elections must be held in august 2012 as per the new constitution. Forget about that old crap of voting in shags in december.

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua for Prezzo that will only happen when Hell freezes over.
She vehemently defended Octo Emilio and helped seal the 'stolen' victory.

She was rewarded well........ By now being out of the very same government she defended. Now she is busy defending her new thugs 'Sonko and Kabogo' who in the first place wanted to be in ODM.

She can post on Facebook and Tweet till her fingers drop but state house ni Mirage. Just to put it straight she wont be the first woman prezzo of Kenya.

She has very BIG EYES can't she see that she has no FUTURE!

Anonymous said...

She has father wamugunda's vote! RAV 4 special

Anonymous said...

Anons @ 5.35, 6.08 and 6.15pm:
Changing the topic is a waste of time! Kibaki may or may not have stolen an election, but the security forces would never have had to be deployed and been under great pressure to shoot IF the screaming ODM hordes of mindless savages had NOT INITIATED the murder and rape of Kikuyus, plus the destruction and looting of their property in ODM strongholds! You bastards even killed APs in Nyanza BEFORE any elections had been conducted! Pray tell, if ODM supporters had been peaceful, would large numbers of Police have been deployed? You are frothing at the mouth here yet YOU STARTED the mayhem! Kikuyus did not START RETALIATING until mid-January 2008, yet you have the audacity to play victim here, bloody ghasia nyinyi!! You now expect Ocampo to reward your communist thug with power at our expense but be assured it will not happen katakata! We would rather the country goes up in flames rather than allow that idiot in State house, no way!

イクヨクルヨ said...


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