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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

ICC: Ocampo Sucked in Kenya's Tribal Murk

Refrain 1: The ICC does not care whether you are a Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luo or Mijikenda.

Refrain 2: ICC is not a tool to settle political (tribal) scores.

First, ICC's chief prosecutor is operating on an ILLEGALITY and Kenya has no blank sheet/vacuum to offer him for his destructive experiment. Our own Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo told him the very basic that the new constitution has overtaken all his theatrics. What is more, Ocampo's desire to question PCs and PPOs is an obsession with offices that no longer exist in our laws.

Lius Moreno-Ocampo may have been hitherto a top notch law don in an Ivy League University prior to taking the ICC job, but as he will soon realise to his eternal embarrassment nobody can intellectually tackle Kenya's ETHNIC-based problems. ICC lost her case immediately the suspects successfully sold the dummy of OUR TRIBE is targeted. Game over and thinking otherwise is to entertain a mirage as an oasis. Period.

Lest Moreno forgets, there is no honour among hyenas. The adage of security in numbers works best when suspects with everything to loose gang up together to protect their interests. And you cannot blame them for celebrating on the graves of PEV victims because the living have a life to live and protect. Add that to the willing tribesmen and Diaspora who have seen the dark forces aiming to nub their tribal lord and Ocampo's goose if surely roasted and digested.

Forget all that scare about ex-Mungiki leaders secured abroad with dossier on Naivasha massacres. PEV targeted only one community and all others are pretenders to murder. Ocampo will meet his Waterloo in our own superlative legal minds led by ex-LSK boss Ahmednasir. Moreno may have succeeded in convincing some two out of three judges in the Hague but he is better advised to save his face from legal eggs by going slow and avoiding Kenya's TRIBAL minefield.

Ocampo has been warned. Woe unto him and his reputation (if he has any) should he dare venture into our EXPLOSIVE ethno-government.


Phil said...


You cannot stop the river nile from flowing into the Mediterranean sea. And what we are saying here is IMPUNITY has been killed. It is time for accountability and transperancy.

KANU schooled Kalonzo cant see this, can he?

Anonymous said...

The ICC is a very bitter pill that will have to be swallowed by all Kenyans, regardless of political affiliations, party connections, ethnic background, culpability, complicity or the so called "ethnic/political neutrality."

If there is nothing to hide about the tragic events that left more than 200 [1200] Kenyans dead and 350,000 displaced, let ICC scrutinise the minutes of security meetings held over that dark period and offer its verdict.

Let us lay to rest the ghosts of horrors past by being candid, transparent and honourable. we owe that to the [1200 dead] victims whose lives were trashed and [350,000 idps] rights trampled over in 2008.

As a first step in seeking justice in our new Post-2010-Constitution context, we must stop defining the ICC process as a condemnation or singling out of one particular group.

The ICC's presence in Kenya is all about "putting wrong things right."

NB Taabu, I was expecting you to do some justice to the ongoing saga between the ICC and the Kenya goverment by digging a little bit deeper into the matter as it were.

There is an article about the ICC vs Kenya written by a young Kenyan from the University of Tilburg.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

These PNU goons shud cease hiding behind the tribe.Ordinary kiuks are tired of these selfish leaders and to be honest we are giving Rao our presidential votes-Rao is a nationalist and is more committed to reforms,let no body imagine that central will vote as a block just because a presidential candidate hails from there.Think twice and stop dividing Kenyans

JEFF said...

My concern about the ICC process is that it will only target a few tribal chiefs who 'bear the greatest responsibility' (whatever that means). What about the foot soldiers? Don't they also need to be brought to account for their actions?

I think a special tribunal like the one for Rwanda would be more effective than just targeting a few individuals. I also think that now that we have a 'local' constitution, it is time we started seeking for local solutions to our problems. And not that i am opposed to the ICC process, just that ICC will not bring justice to the majority of those affected by PEV.

Anonymous said...


There is a growing impression among some Kenyans that Ocampo's probe has stopped being a search for truth and justice. There is a feeling among some communities that some high-ups in the US administration are deviously playing behind the scenes directing the probe with the intention of helping Cousin Raila eliminate his potential rivals in the 2012 presidentil polls. That would be unacceptable and that is where the issue of tribe is coming in the investigation. Now the Kikuyus and Nandis are up in arms that the the probe is being used by external interests to target certain presidential hopefuls from certain tribes, and is being done to improve the chances of Raila's candidacy simply because he is a Luo. Whether that feeling is justified or not, it needs to be addressed before it becomes part of perceived Ocampo's legacy and a source of national ill-will in the 2012 elections.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Jeff wrote:

I think a special tribunal like the one for Rwanda would be more effective than just targeting a few individuals. I also think that now that we have a 'local' constitution, it is time we started seeking for local solutions to our problems.


We wish!

In 1899, as they came to CIVILISE us, Kipling wrote: The White Man's Burden.

In response to Kipling, Edward Morel (1903) wrote BLACK MAN'S BURDEN and the words were prophetic as we read here:

It is [the Africans] who carry the 'Black man's burden'. They have not withered away before the white man's occupation.

Indeed ... Africa has ultimately absorbed within itself every CAUCASIAN and, for that matter, every SEMITIC invader, too.

In hewing out for himself a fixed abode in Africa, the white man has massacred the African in heaps. The African has survived, and it is well for the white settlers that he has....

What the partial occupation of his SOIL by the white man has failed to do; what the mapping out of European political 'spheres of influence' has failed to do; what the Maxim and the rifle, the slave gang, labour in the bowels of the earth and the lash, have failed to do; what imported measles, smallpox and syphilis have failed to do; whatever the overseas slave trade failed to do, the power of modern CAPITALISTIC EXPLOITATION, assisted by modern engines of destruction, may yet succeed in accomplishing.

For from the evils of the latter, scientifically applied and enforced, there is NO ESCAPE for the African. Its destructive effects are not spasmodic: they are PERMANENT.

In its permanence resides its FATAL consequences. It kills not the body merely, but the SOUL. It breaks the spirit. It attacks the African at every turn, from every point of vantage.

It wrecks his polity, uproots him from the land, invades his family life, destroys his natural pursuits and occupations, claims his whole time, ENSLAVES him in his OWN HOME..."

Having enslaved the African in his own SOIL, they are back again. This time with a better sounding mission which every "reasonable" man must agree with.

It is to bring JUSTICE to victims of violence in Africa. Why would you disagree with such a noble mission?

Let all join hands in unison and say, hallelujah!

M. Pesa said...

"MONEY has been POURED by faceless enemies of peace and development who are using OCAMBO to finish the industrious Nyumba ya Mumbi! We shall never allow a Johnny foreigner to force us again to lie low like an envelopes. We are a SOVEREIGN nation that was liberated from the evil Wazungu colonizers by the great Maumau freedom fighters. OCAMBO is a RACIST and tribalist who has only one aim in his mind and that's to FINISH our community! He's a pawn of the DARK FORCES who shall not succeed! We now have a brand new CONSTITUTION which will cater for the suspects implicated in election violence."

deroo said...

Best interpretation of the real facts on the ground. There are many things wrong with the whole thing and the evidence Moreno Ocampo is using.

That a report submitted by Oscar Kingara can be relied upon by Justice Waki is a fallacy and that the whole country can fall for it hook line and sinker is another thing altogether.

Now, the other tribe says it is being targetted, allegedly for defending their 'brothers and sisters'.

When he goes for the actual suspects who butchered and barbecued 35 women and children in a church in a tribal place in Rift Valley, they will say they are being targetted as a tribe.

Okay, being 'targetted' was the first flicker of light that threatened the political juggernaut ODM. But what was the justice in trying to free suspects who had visited mayhem, disaster and death to innocents?

Ocampo made the bed, let him enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Can sombody please enlighten me on the common thread between Kikuyus and muslims with regard to crying wolf when their own are arrested for murder/terrosism but going mute about the same devils butchering others.

If the Kikuyus are silently supporting CULLING given their number, what about the less than 20% Kenyan muslims akina Kimathi?

Somebody please shed some light without raw tribal bile.

Anonymous said...


Speaking of Oscar Kingara, what happened to "no stones will left unturned"? His killers still remain free smiling on our streets as they mingle with unsuspecting citizens. 5,000 more innocent young men were labelled "mungiki" and executed under Michuki's watch. 1,000 more innocent Kenyans were executed by the trigger happy GSU after demonstrating over a stolen election. No wonder Obama snubbed blood soaked Kibaki in NY last week. Time will tell, those who have been executed under this illegal regime's watch will not and will never rest in peace until justice is delivered!


Anonymous said...

Was/is Oscar Kingara a Luhya, cook or watchman? Please share with us your expertise on Luhyas and their profession. And while at it congrats for posting after such a long time without mentioning your singular object of political hate.

Mwarang'ethe said...

5,000 more innocent young men were labelled "mungiki" and executed under Michuki's watch. 1,000 more innocent Kenyans were executed by the trigger happy GSU after demonstrating over a stolen election. No wonder Obama snubbed blood soaked Kibaki in NY last week.


“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to high office.”

– Aesop


In the 20th Century alone, close to 170, 000, 000 innocent people were killed by GOVERNMENTS.

If the deaths of military combatants are added to this figure, GOVERNMENTS have killed 203,000,000 in the 20th century.

As the world economy becomes FEUDALISTIC, with no place to run as it used to be in the 20th Century (people used to run to USA, but, it has also become like old Europe) expect more blood to be shed by the GOVERNMENTS in the 21st Century.

Anonymous said...

Ocampo should explain to us when he is going to shift focus to those within the ODM high command WHO INITIATED the violence with the attack, murder, rape and ethnic cleansing of Kikuyus in ODM strongholds. THAT is where he should have started his investigations BEFORE targetting the Security forces and Senior Ministers whose primary motivation was to stamp out anarchy and the breakout of civil war.
Even if Ocampo arrests Uhuru and Ruto, how will that give justice to those in IDP camps were ethnically cleansed from the ODM strongholds of Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley, Kibera, Mathare and Mombasa? Ruto can only be held as a suspect for what happened in Eldoret, BUT WHO WITHIN THE ODM HIGH COMMAND should be held accountable for and BEAR THE GREATEST AND COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY for the mayhem in Homa bay, Kisumu, Kakamega, Bungoma, Kitale, Kericho, Molo, Kibera, Mathare and Mombasa??!!! Ocampo seems to have the absurd and ridiculous idea that PNU should!

Anonymous said...

Some aliens have just landed in nKenya and are busy re-writing history. Only that they have clue of what they are waxing knowledgeable about.

Here is the ugly truth: more than70% of those who died during the PEV in Homa bay, Kisumu, Kakamega, Bungoma, Kitale, Kericho were victims of gunshots (mostly from behind). And Ocampo's interest is to nail the ODM high command who ordered police to do so.

All else about PNU is typical Kenyan/Diaspora tribals bile.

Anonymous said...

... some high-ups [straw men] in the US adminstration are [ ... ] playing behind the scenes...

Let's get real for a moment and put up the facts to corroborate the conspiracy theories, or shut up the spread of malicious and unfounded rumours that continue to emanate from well known rumour mills.

Get real for a change!
ICC: will prosecute planners, organisers, instigators, supervisors and sponsors.

ICTK (International Crimianl Tribunal for Kenya) in Arusha, Tanzania: will prosecute leaders at the national level, within provincial or district level, within political parties, army, police, religious denominations or ethnic militia.

'Special Courts' approved by the Kenyan judicial system will prosecute the well-known murderers who distinguished [themselves] because of zeal which characterised [them] in the killings or the excessive wickedness with which killings were carried out.

County (regional) Courts will prosecute:

i) People who committed rape or acts of sexual nature.

ii) People who were involved in causing grievious bodily harm to bystanders, neighbours, and other Kenyan citizens.

iii) People who were involved in wanton destruction of property that belonged to their neighbours, residents and merchants of various trading centres.
Where is the tangible evidence to support the influx of Greeks bearing ICC gifts?
Anon 12:04 AM
People for justice and peaceful coexistence in a post 2010 Kenyan can detect the pungent whiff of your hidden ulterior motives from a five mile radius.

Are you for real?

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Muru wa Gacii, I like the way you lay out your Facts,in a CLEAR and CONCISE manner, this blog needs more people like you, unlike some e-experts on LAND/ TAX/ BIBLE/ BOB MARLEY and a new feather in the hat, OCAMPO!

Anonymous said...

Hague Train left Nairobi along time ago!

UK,you cant sacrifice the PCs and PPOs.
Even the C-I-C is no longer immune under new constitution.

God works in miracles

Time for payback

we start from those minutes,then ask who issued orders and arranged meetings in statehouse.

ICC has the details and what they are doing is to pre-empt and catch the panicky.They have already won this psyc war.
Ati Kikuyus are being targeted?
And maina Njakwe is shouting-redo the Sagana Road ( and we need the lines-it is not a netball/lawn tennis court cowboy constructor)before yapping when you have exploited your Kikuyu folks! Are you or UK the tribe.carry your own cross.
Kwani UK is an IDP or a dead "mungiki"?

Anonymous said...

Your heading is all wrong.
Don't fall into what politicians are saying-self serving

Can we allow individuals to carry own cross.

The law deals with individuals and not communities (tribes ,political parties or a church group!)

If they were "misled" to kill, then let them prove that and we get the real culprits.

Anonymous said...

1. john michuki - Guilty
2. Uhuru Kenyatta - Guilty
3. William Ruto - Innocent

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, ICC is not some court in NBO where impunity reigns supreme. Check this out about the three ministers on ICC radar:

1) Only one of the ministers was in the Cabinet in 2007 (=JNM).

2) The second was appointed in the half-Cabinet President Kibaki formed as post-election violence raged around him (=UMK) and

3) The third was conscripted into the council of ministers after the power-sharing deal signed on February 28, 2008 (=WSR).

No wonder the TRIBAL Diaspora are crying wolf minting conspiracy theories in every corner. Lakini wapi, kila mtu abebe mzigo wako mwenyewe. Nobody kills or maims as a TRIBE. Poleni sana, Hague Express bolted from NBO long time ago no amount of tribal bile will make it stop, NEVER!

Anonymous said...

The panicky reaction of the Mt Kenya region leaders and their blind unthinking, ignorant tribesmen and women all point to one thing - ever heard of that saying that goes thus: THE GUILTY ARE ALWAYS AFRAID. The panicky reaction of this lot indicates just that. FEAR that they will have to face the consequences of their misdeeds.

They thought that after "successfully" STEALING THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS of December 2007 they would get away with it scott free. It ain't gonna work.

By stealing the elections they were the cause of all the mess that occurred thereafter. THEY MUST PAY. They can run, but they can't hide. God will make sure that they face justice.

People just can not just STEAL elections and get away with it!! They must pay for their misdeeds.

The first one to face justice should be John "the rattlesnake" Michuki. He was the brains and the enforcer behind the STEALING of the elections

Anonymous said...

William Ruto never stole elections. it is only because some Kikuyu women/children were set ablaze in Kiambaa by Luos from Langas Eldoret which happens to be in Uasin Gishu county the WSR STRONGHOLD.

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget the ICC is a bitter bill that all Kenyans will have to swallow.

LOL! Civil people don't engage in wild mayhem, wanton destruction of human life and property, just becuse someone or a group of "outsiders" have taken their cattle, sheep and goats ("stolen their elections").
"You remember in many of the cases relationg to economic crimes and corrruption, people always site their communities. How then shall we be able to run a country that believes in the rule of law, if any time you asked to answer, you are going to talk about your village. Let everyone carry their own cross. ~ Martha Karua - MP, Gichugu.
Some PNU and ODM heavyweights will have to carry their own cross when the ICC exerts its pressure.

Beware of the balanced scales of justice that will have to come from the ICC. It will cut both ways.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Kikuyus, we shall spear their Asses Shaka Zulu style

Anonymous said...

Who instigated the Kibera rape and murders?UK or ODM goons?Who incited people to turn their neighbors into IDP's?UK or ODM goons?Who shot "stray" bullets at rioting hooligans and innocent people?The police[orders from above??].The RV killings?W.R or R.O or ODM?In my opinion,they should all be roasted.From R.O to W.R to the police to those that retali8d.But obviously, impunity is universal.

Anonymous said...

So, arrest Uhuru, Michuki and Ruto and then claim that THEY bear the greatest responsibility AND the command responsibility for PEV? WHO THE FU.CK is going is going to believe that? Will the Kikuyu IDPs and who happen to be in the majority believe that Uhuru and Michuki bear MORE responsibility in the balance?!! Out of 1,300 PEV dead, 400 fell to Police bullets and so if Michuki, for arguments sake, is responsible, who will bear responsibility for the other 900 dead? Can anyone in all fairness claim that Uhuru and Ruto should be held responsible for the deaths of close to 1000 people? Where is the evidence yet less than 200 people died in BOTH Eldoret and Naivasha COMBINED? Ocampo's case does not add up and i don't think he will get the indictments he wants unless he can hold many more people accountable especially from within ODM and who seem happy to throw Ruto under the bus and to take all the blame for PEV coming ODM's way. No wonder they are egging on Ocampo.
The way i see things going, Kenya is going to be in serious trouble if it is not seen that justice has been served.

Anonymous said...

May whoever planned, raised a matchet, or pressed the gun's trigger face justice. The said beasts can escape Ocampo but sure they will face God's wrath-unless they repent.While at it, why should anyone care about tribes? Surely human beings can be overly stupid!

Anonymous said...

Well, pity, but Ocampo's 'case' has no teeth. Pity indeed. But the posturing is a whole load of fun, dont you reckon?

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, thanks for the intro ala headlines, but why are the contents, the main body of works for the intended subject matter?

Shall we flip the page or leave it alone to languish around until Monday morning?

Anonymous said...

PNU bears the greatest responsibility! After retaining PORK lets see how the sleepy PORK will help his kinsmen.

Mambo ni beba beba beba wengi! Bus ya Hague inaenda na Ruto, Michuki, Uhuru

Anonymous said...

House Speaker Kenneth Marende has ordered Special Programmes minister Esther Murugi carry out an audit of all IDP camps and present a report to Parliament in two weeks

October 5, 2010.

Posted Tuesday, October 5 2010 at 18:55

House Speaker Kenneth Marende has ordered Special Programmes minister Esther Murugi carry out an audit of all camps for the internally displaced and present a report to Parliament in two weeks.

The directive from Parliament came just after Ms Murugi said that it was “a national shame” to have IDPs in camps, three years after the post-election violence ended.

The minister said the IDPs will be resettled as soon as possible and all camps closed by December.

But MPs Eseli Simiyu (Kimilili, Ford Kenya) and Ephraim Maina (Mathira, Safina) questioned the government’s commitment in resettling the IDPs.

“Is the minister in order to tell this House that the government will accomplish in two months, what it failed to do in three years?” posed Dr Simiyu.

Mr Maina said that the government seemed to be preoccupied in seeking justice for the perpetrators, yet the IDPs were languishing in camps. The question on IDP resettlement was brought to Parliament by Gichugu MP Martha Karua, a former Justice minister.

However, the minister said, the vote in last year’s budget for resettlement of IDPs had not been touched and that it will be utilised in the resettlement exercise.

MPs Evans Akula (Khwisero, ODM) and Fondo Gunda (Bahari, ODM) questioned the remark, saying it was not possible to have the vote active in this year’s budget. But the minister said: ‘We have the money and we are going to use it.”

She said the money will be used to buy land.

“We’re pushing the Ministry of Lands to ensure that they purchase land for these people,” said Ms Murugi.

Mr Isaac Ruto (Chepalungu, ODM) told Ms Murugi to ensure that all that money did not go to buy land in Rongai.

“We hope you’ll use the money to buy land all over the republic and not just increase the population of one area,” said Mr Ruto.

But the pledge to close all IDP camps by December will be taken with a pinch of salt, given that the President made a similar statement last year in September, but one year later, the camps are still active.

deroo said...

@ Anon,

there is a place called Lubao and they sell dogs. Does it click? Or Bullfighting or even wrestling in Bunyala

Anonymous said...

This IDP issue forced Kifaki to not address Kenyans in UK last weekend enroute from New York.

The London Kenya Business Expo and a funny award ceremony for last weekend was also a total failure for the same.

If the Chief executive could not ask Kenyans to invest back home (and Kenyans dont need to be asked.They should be holding these exhitions for non kenyans,if they are not interested in misusing public funds.Then ask Kenyans to support such a function. Crooked thinking they have.,how did you expect mere ministers to succeed.Common sense.

kilonzo didnt come for same reason that the Commander in chief took cover from meeting angry Kenyans originating from RV and Kiambu!
who want to be associated with kilonzo and the like

Anonymous said...

Hague 2010=MIURU (not that village town somewhere in S. Nyanza, ni watu)

Anonymous said...

Some people should really be ashamed of getting involved with IDP issue. So what if the majority of IDPs decide to resettle in a place like Rongai where they feel far more safer and secure?

Anonymous said...

NEVER! Underestimate the POWER of very many STUPID people in a GROUP!

Anonymous said...

>>12:44 AM
STICK to the ICC topic, and spare KUMEKUCHA from all sorts of name calling.

A TRUE MIRROR of SELF never LIES! Are YOU any different from those that YOU call ST_P_D given your CURRENT STATION in LIFE?

Best of LUCK!

Anonymous said...

Seems like RV MP's have something up their sleeves....

Anonymous said...

ICC-Heat on

we dont care the spin.

ALL we want is JUSTICE for Victims!

get the culprits.Thats all we care

ODM Pentagon,Michuki's,statehouse meeting minutes are alrady with ICC.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 6 - The circus between the government and the International Criminal Court [ICC] continued on Wednesday, with the government asking for more time before it hands over minutes of security meetings held prior to the violence that rocked the country in 2008.

Attorney General Amos formally wrote to the ICC on Wednesday asking for two more weeks before the specific minutes investigators were asking for are submitted.

A source familiar with the correspondence between the government and ICC told Capital News that Mr Wako who is the State's chief legal advisor had sent the request.

"The government is cooperating with the ICC, there is even a letter that was sent to the ICC today [Wednesday] asking for two weeks before the documents are given out. We have nothing to do but to wait because the documents ICC is asking are sensitive," the official privy to the ICC process said.

As he spoke, Five ODM MPs from Rift Valley turned the ICC heat on their own party, saying the Hague-based court should investigate mass action planned at the ODM headquarters that resulted in chaos at the height of the post-election violence.

The MPs claimed that the Pentagon, which is the party's top leadership, held secret meetings at which mass action and violence was organised.

The MPs Isaac Ruto, Charles Keter, Julius Kones, Benjamin Langat and Zakayo Cheruiyot said ODM should now submit the minutes of meetings held before the violence escalated to the International Criminal Court.........................

Anonymous said...

I begged to differ with most posts on this topic and i shall try to expound why i differ.

Let me bring in the most basic court of law. Family court. In your home, most of the times your dad is the justice. If 2 brothers are fighting over an issue (say a pen)they take their case to the judge in this case dad. Who listens to both side and confer judgement. Whoever presents his case best wins and gets the pen. The bearer of the mistake may end up being caned! That is familial justice.
In the PEV case, no body was taken to court. And no tribe can ever be taken to court. Individuals are. A police officer who pulled the trigger because of command must say whose command it was. The commander must answer to his/her actions.
For those in the Diaspora, please refer to your local justice system. If someone kills another in say USA, doesn't the law take its course? Why not in Kenya? Tribes never kills. Tribes are only excuses used. Leave tribe out of PEV. Tribes were never guilty people are. Look in t6he mirror and you will see one of them guilty ones. You. Not others you. You help Kenyans kill Kenyans for your selfish end. Get it!
And because our "leadership" deals in tribes but not personalities, it has no balls to prosecute those who killed kenyans in the names of tribes. For that reason and that reason alone, let ICC take these people to Hague so that impunity can end in Kenyan

Anonymous said...

NEVER underestimate the POWER of very many STUPID people in a GROUP!

Anonymous said...

In the daily nation of 7/10/2010,there's a photo of Kibaki flanked by Obama and Mitchelle supposedly taken in the White House during his visit to the US recently.So where did these morons who have been posting here that Kibaki didnt meet Obama during that tour get that info from.?Incurable idiots and baseless rumor mongerers..!

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