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Saturday, September 25, 2010

City By-election Results Rattles Political Parties

The recent by-election results is sending shock waves among hitherto united political parties. Having lost two seats, PNU as we knew it is tottering in the brink of disintegration. With Kanu, Ford People, Ford Kenya, New Ford Kenya and ODM-K deserting the coalition, we may as well be staring a new political dispensation all together.

But wait a minute, are these mere political tantrums founded on nothing but hot air or signs of a sober reality check? Well, you guess is as good as mine given the original shaky grounds on which the coalition was founded in the first place. Just like Nark before it, PNU appear far past its sell-by date. But don't tell that to its supplicants lest you become a ready e-meal.

While political spin doctors will shamelessly peddle the lie that the new constitution has no place for pre-poll pacts, the reality lies elsewhere and they know it. No party formed singularly for convenience can stand the occasional political heat like the one brought about by the Kabogo-Sonko axis.

May be we have to witness all the present phase of amorphous grouping as a process of political maturing. But again, it is only in Kenya where the so-called leaders lie through their teeth and the voter including the Diaspora and bloggers buy the deceit line, hook and sinker. The journey to political maturity will surely be both torturous and painful.

Or may be the stillborn political baby christened Progressive Democratic Movement (PDM) will save the day and orphaned political faces. But you only bet on any Kenyan political sloganeering at you eternal peril. Talk is cheap. What is more, Kenyans never disappoint when it comes to waxing patriotic and intellectual albeit of the plastic genre.

Here comes the theatrics premiere of 2012 Kenya style now showing at a microphone and a camera near you. Enjoy, NA BADO.


Anonymous said...

Very true, we only succeed in cheating ourselves. The only change is katiba but our mindset remains the same. No wonder we cheer as Mutala waxes patriotic against ICC as if PEV victims are not Kenyans. Poor souls!

Anonymous said...

..And with Ocampo booking his KQ ticket and heading this way..who knows how many leaders will be whisked away before Dec as the Argentinian has promised? By the way where's Chris Kumekucha? Hope he's fine. NSIS spooks have been lurking around this blog for the last few days to an extent of postings some really weird stuff. Be well Chris.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Steve Biko taught us that:

“The oppressor’s most powerful weapon is the mind of the oppressed.”

We have been subjected to state's ideological indoctrination for too long just as mankind was sometimes back by the church.

As such, many have been conditioned by the state’s legitimizing ideology not to see certain internal contradictions in the state’s claims, or to ask questions that would seem obvious to anyone not trained to suppress certain kinds of logical connections.

For instance, many judge states by the professed intentions of its PR front men, rather than by their actions.

Ironically, when it comes to private affairs we do exactly the opposite for we judge others by their actions and not by what they say.

Let us face the reality. Kenya is going nowhere. And, in fact, the new katiba will make things even worse for it is nothing, but, a false dawn.

Our problem is not lack of "good leaders" and perhaps many of them as the new law creates, but, it is structural.

Now, we reading that, we need to have specially trained 5000policemen dedictated to the protection of VIPs under the new law. Is this not additional taxation?

Interestingly, as we see the government's confiscation of wealth increase under the so called new constitution, we hear Kenyans saying the same government should "fight poverty." A clear contradiction, but, soo difficult for us to see.

Anonymous said...

Very well put Mwarang'ethe:

Steve Biko taught us that: “The oppressor’s most powerful weapon is the mind of the oppressed.”

As long as our mindset remains the same, a good constitution will not make Kenya a better place to be.

You can see it now as some of us cheer Mutala Kilonzo - he who holds brief for the "oppressors" who want to sabotage the implementation of this new constitution and also prevent the major perpetrators of the stolen election of 2007 and the PEV to face justice - as he waxes "patriotic" against ICC as if the new constitution has already delivered us to canaan when our collective mindset has not changed a single iota.

I shall repeat what Mwarang'ethe said in his comment: Steve Biko taught us that: “The oppressor’s most powerful weapon is the mind of the oppressed.”

Anonymous said...

What are three main charateristics of political parties in Kenya?

1. Lack of ideology. They are mainly formed to win elections after which they start distegrating as members strategize for the next election.

2. They are tribal based e.g ODM (Luo), DP(Kikuyu), UDM (Kalenjin) e.t.c. When there is need, the tribal parties can come together to form loose consortiums which are largely defined by internal infighting and suspicion.

3. Ziko na wenyewe (owners). In other words, KANU cannot survive without Moi, ODM will suffocate to dealth without Raila e.t.c

PS: Mwarangethe, Agree our problem is structural and also think if we get a well-meaning leader who understands that, then we can see some positive changes? The issue is how do we change the structure?

Eric said...

"If you want to be a champion, you can't have any kind of outside negative coming in to affect you. So I trained myself for that. To be totally cold and not have things going through my mind." Arnold Schwarzenegger..7 Time Mr. Olympia and Current California Gorvenor.

So long as our mind set remains the same, change will not be coming to Kenyans anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

A lone voice is crying out from the desert but nobody is taking heed. Like him hate him. This man's prescription is the right dose for Kenya. we are living in denial that, if i can borrow moi's words' cohesive enough. Tribalism has become a lifestyle and its evident everywhere.

'Negative ethnicity is the dragon that Kenyans must slay or perish

Posted Thursday, September 23 2010 at 16:28

As Kenya implements the new Constitution and constructs majimbo politics, economies and cultures which we cannot embrace and simultaneously reject ethnic divisions, negative ethnicity is the dragon we must slay or perish.

To extricate ourselves from the grip of negative ethnicity, we must not only understand how it misrules us, but also how it captures our minds as the ideology of our new Constitution, politics, journalism, majimbo, education and even religion.

But to understand it, we must define the term.

The ideology of negative ethnicity is a mindset that claims some ethnic communities are superior and deserve more resources, while others are inferior and deserve less.

The chief function of negative ethnicity is to bind us with our community by antagonising us with other communities, but its ultimate goal is to eliminate others culturally, politically, and eventually, physically.

Negative ethnicity does not come to us with a war-cry against other communities.

It approaches us only as a friend and an ally, merely eager to secure the survival of our ethnic community from the threat of other ethnic species.

Ostensibly, ethnic survival is never threatened by our own ethnic elites.

But negative ethnicity preserves us for their exclusive exploitation through exclusion of exploitation by other elites!

Disarmed by an exaggerated need for ethnic survival, we embrace our own exploitation, and are misused as cannon fodder by our ethnic elites in their wealth accumulation and wars with other elites.

Normally, we are born into innocent ethnicity, neither for nor against anybody.

Thereafter, we begin to demonise other communities and become perpetrators of negative ethnicity.

When we are victims of demonisation, we seek refuge in redemptive or positive ethnicity.

The ideal, however, is innocent ethnicity that embraces national identity and subordinates itself to patriotism.

Functionally, negative ethnicity infects our minds, eyes, ears and hearts, orienting them to reason, see, hear, love or hate ethnically.

As it spreads everywhere like wildfire, many believe it is invincible and wiser to join than fight it.

But people who embrace negative ethnicity also deny it. Like a cockroach, it thrives best in the dark.

After becoming the ideology of our politics, negative ethnicity has captured and devoured the heart of the nation.

Indeed, its power to subvert, corrode and replace is awesome.
Kenyans are no more, only Kikuyus, Luos and Kambas are left. Patriotism is no more.

There is only ethnic patriotism. And Kenya itself is no more. Ethnic homelands have taken over.

Anonymous said...


We thought Maina Njenga converted them to Christianity or the by-elections and ICC situations calls for a "security scare" in the country?

Police swoop nets 250 suspected Mungiki-DN

Kenya police said Friday they had arrested more than 250 suspected members of an outlawed gang infamous for beheadings and extortion.

The suspected Mungiki members were arrested in an overnight swoop in the capital Nairobi and its outskirts, Nairobi region police chief Anthony Kibuchi said.

"We had a major security operation where 254 suspected Mungiki members were arrested. They will be charged in court later today," said Kibuchi.

Once a religious group of dreadlocked youths who embraced traditional rituals, the Mungiki is now accused of operating as a politically linked gang notorious for criminal activities including extortion and murder.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Disarmed by an exaggerated need for ethnic survival, we embrace our own exploitation, and are misused as cannon fodder by our ethnic elites in their wealth accumulation and wars with other elites.


Tribalism is the EFFECT of a state organised as a MEANS OF PLUNDERING.

As long as our state is organised as A MEANS OF PLUNDER, it is IMPOSSIBLE to end tribalism. Let us deal with the CAUSE.

To capture the states AS A MEANS of plunder, one must revert to his "tribe."

To those excluded at any time from PLUNDERING, the rest, they must revert to their "tribe" to unseat the PLUNDERING "TRIBE."

Just watch Kenyans at Wakulima. He will not see them fighting as they buy and sell from each other irrespective of their tribes. As they buy and sell, there is no free lunch.

It is only when it comes to mstters of state, they fight. Why? Because, there is free dinner if you like.


The ideal, however, is innocent ethnicity that embraces national identity and subordinates itself to patriotism.


Koigi comes from the 5 centuries utopian dream of merging humanity into one entity.

This is a hangover from the ideal Roman State which we have been trying to recreate since the 14th Century.

To embrace "Kenyan identity" whatever that means, is to ask Kenyans to bow to the dominant tribe/s. People will always reject such utopian ideals.

Anonymous said...

Someone here asks a really good question: How do we change structure?

It seems to me that the answer lies in what Mwarangethe or someone else points out: in the hearts and minds of the "agents" that find structure opressive and incongruent with their needs and aspirations. The "agents" will then invest in those actions that are necessary to achieve congruence. There two assumptions here. One, that "agents" are sufficiently capable of recognizing that structures are inimical to their interests and do not reside in that dark hole of false consciousness that Marx likes to talk about. Two, that they can organize to thwart to overthrow structures that they find opressive.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang;'ethe comes from the 5 centuries utopian dream dolled in conspiracy theories. Kweli nyani haoni kundule.

In Mwarang'ethe you get both Ahmedijan and Koigi both rolled together. Master of platitudes and colourful conspiracy theories. Always lurking on the net for any news to pounce on in advancing archain theories. Chronic selective amnesia, castigating US/West when it suits him, quoating the Bible out of context and even shamelessly going Bob Marley.

Wow prof of land/war//fish/governance/matusi/etc

Anonymous said...

We know who is funding these opinion polls which are sidelining the Luhyas? Raila must stop these games of dumping Mundavadi indirectly through doctored polls and seeking marrriage with Uhuru. We know Raila is dying to be accepted by the Kikuyus. He even forced his son to marry a Kikuyu so that he can be a father-in-law to a Kikuyu.

Raila should stop these monkey games. He rode on the Luhya backs to become PM. Pepo mbaya kabisa.

We are watching and we have more numbers than the Luos. Who said a Luhya cannot be president until a Luo has been on the presidential seat?

Mwarang'ethe said...

In Mwarang'ethe you get both Ahmedijan and Koigi both rolled together. Master of platitudes and colourful conspiracy theories.


mmmm, you think when you mention Ahmedijan, you are done with your "analysis."

As concerns the 9/11, there are TWO conspiracy theories:

(a) There are those who believe that, some Arab guys in some caves in Asia CONSPIRED to attack the USA in such a meticulous way.

This group believes that, these Arabs in cave are so good such that, Pentagon, which spends trillions of $$ on defence cannot even protect its HQ.

(b) There are those who believe that, the Arabs in caves were not capable of planning and executing such an attack. These people believe the CONSPIRACY was done at home base.

So, you choose any of the two, but, you cannot run away from the fact that, all, including you the anonymous, are believers in a conspiracy theories.

So, which one do you take and why Sir?

Anonymous said...

So Long as Kalonzo continues kissing Uhuru n Ruto's ass, I dont think he will go anywhere. Mambo ya trying to 'auction' Kamba votes, as seen in all by elections ODM-K has dropped its candidate for PNU's.

Huh! When will PNU ever drop its candidate in favour of Kalonzo, his boot licking ways carried forward from KANU's Baba na Mama shenanigans.

No wonder KIKUYU's are blogging here pretending to speak on LUHYA's behalf, the wedge you are trying to drive and create will not work. And please find out how long Fidel Odinga has been going out with his current wife, before shouting forced marriage, didn't you see how the Kikuyu inlaws where gleeing and smiling during the wedding ama ni mbesha???? Kawaida.

Just because Kalonzo and Uhuru aint charismatic like AGWASH -please take a trip down luhya land and see how his popularity is fanatical, the mention of Kalonzo or Wamalwa is met with blank stares. No wonder during campaigns for a referendum even FORD -K stalwarts had to' toe the line'.

Kalonzo and Uhuru could not dare campaign in Western and Nyanza coz they know.

Kabila adui jaribu ingine boss.

I leave you with one Kitendawili......."Ombi la Myonge haifiki kwa Adui"..

Anonymous said...

Agwambo will stick with Mudavadi come what may. BTW it is not a must that he stands for Prezzy. he can simply say mudavadi Tosha and help him win. watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Please enlighten KK students with a thread connecting a counttry or citizenry which lynches witches and also sells body parts.

Please make the theory colourful and in 3D.

Eric said...

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constituional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it"

Abraham Lincoln, 4th April 1861.

Remember, remember the 2007 bungled elections. The 'Gun powder' treason and plot; I see of no reason why the Gun powder treason should ever be forgoten.

Anonymous said...

The KKK - the klu klux Klan ya Kenya is bound to fail. They tried to prop it up and quickly retreated the idea when they realized that KENYA, is larger than the KIKUYU, KAMBA, KALENJIN.

Dawa ya Kikuyu said...

And it begins......ati Kenya can 'fix' its 2007 post election suspects. Yaani Mutula must be smoking the very best 'pot'.

The same group that bungled those elections are in government. The ones that were ferrying AP's in Citi Hoppas.

The same people who were so keen on rigging that they even shamelessly omitted Raila's name in the voters register.

The same who deployed heavily armed personnel to shoot to kill in Kisumu, Eldoret, Kibera, Kericho, Kakamega etc

The same who swore in Kibaki in the dark and ordered a media blackout.

The ones who shot unarmed youth and toddlers.

The same people who refused to go for a runoff coz they knew they would loose hands down.

The same people who only place there community 1st from the days of indipendence, plus shamelessly skew government resources to favour there kin.

Oh Mutula we know you from the KANU era and it shamelessly shows how the Kikuyu elite dont give a damn so long as they remain in power even though there kind were slaughtered kama kuku.

I mean its no suprise coz Mungiki continues to kill there own and there gava doesnt give a damn.
Roundi hii waanze kuhama mapema coz come 2012 the damage that will happen to them its only the World Bank that will help there own.

Ebu try and play Ruto the way you played have been warned.

Anonymous said...

We Kikuyu's are successfull, have beautiful women, are the most populous, most learned - akina Mwarang'ethe etc, have been in power the longest.

Have several billionaires and are hardworking.

Those communities full of lazy folk. Mezeni wembe


Anonymous said...

Octopus Emilio Rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @11.30-obviously you r not kikuyu & i suggest we consider tuju,kituyi,or karua, to be prezo ,tribal politics r coming to an end

Anonymous said...

9/24/10 11:30 AM

Opps you mean thugs & thieves who careless about their own blood and tribesmen "IDP's sufferings, and continue killing each other in the name of Mbesha "Mungiki" and hey presto no kikuyu voice is heard condemning all this killings..

And now HIV/aids has ravished Central province and yet no voice from central asking for support for the youth and more condoms or safe sex education?
yet you come here boosting on how your tribe has looted ordinary Kenyans from Kenyatta and now Kibaki even looting from their own "MauMau Veterans" shame shame! ati beautiful women? yup if one likes flat butts and skinny legs!

Anonymous said...

Swali: What is the common denominator between muslims and Kikuyus?

Jibu: They suffer acute bout of selective amnesia with regard to MURDER. These lot will shut up when their own are being butched (AUTOBUTCHERY) but shout loudest (genocide/profiling) when their member is caught committing crime/murder elsewhere.

True or false?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12.45 pm..FALSE! Like I said before no need to be jealous of the success that we Kikuyu enjoy.

We will also determine who becomes 'king'...u can all go n hang.


Anonymous said...

Ati flat butts n skinny legs... Then why do all men follow Kikuyu mamas??

Your look like mongerels.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 12.07pm bull.. Saying we consider Tuju, Kituyi and Karua is akin to saying we re-use already used Toilet paper.

Political rejects who are only best flushed to oblivion.

One thing the 3 Musketeers you have mentioned above have in common ARROGANCE!

Anonymous said...

You mean 'cheap' is beautiful - Koinange materials, Kikuyu 'fathers' should really consider taking their 'children' for DNA ju watoto wao sio wao.

And busy boasting about cooked census results... .

Let me stop here i finish with the house of mumbi daughter and send her packing kesho morning, am 'helping' her conceive, her useless kikuyu hubby is impotent.

Anonymous said...

Census TOP-UP to compensate for Mungiki's massacres. Great job sniffers. Meanwhile let bloggers look the other way gloating about success as Muranga and Kirinyaga become war zones. Na hiyo ni maendeleo, LOL.

Anonymous said...

@11:30 AM, @12:16 PM, @1:42 PM, @1:46 PM, @1:49 PM, @2:02 PM, @2:17 PM, etcetera etcetera.

Nauliza hivi: ni lini mtakomesha ushenzi na utoto kati yenu?

Kwa kweli hivi leo nimechoshwa na kilele za nzi (debe tupu) katika kikao cha wapumbavu hapa kwetu kijijini.

Mbona nyinyi nzi (debe tupu) mwasababisha Kumekucha kunuka hivyo?

Achane kubatilisha hekima na heshima kwa sababu ya upumbavu wenu wa mara kwa mara.

Anonymous said...

There is a mad man here in Kumekucha posting as Kikuyu and then post again as anti-kikuyu. This man is extremely mental and I warn you.

It's the same deranged person who was boasting ati enterprenruial skills of rearing pigs.
The same mad person is seen insulting Mwangarethe!


Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.29 a.m having followed your posts above, you have a very similar literally 'fingerprint'.

Arent you the same bogus guy who posts negative Mwarang'ethe and ethnicity comments and you keep changing your fake laughter, we know you.

Ati Bwa ha haaaaa! Then Bwa..haha.haaaaa! Now I dont know it's Bwaha..hahaa! what next??? We dont need your kind here.

Kweli nyani haoni kundule. You have been warned!

Anonymous said...

When will Kenya ever change? Negative ethnicity and unendless rants on which community is more superior as compared to another.

Guys please take a study on 'Cultural Anthropology', why all the anti-tribal sentiments.

Lets have a mature debate shall we.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:17 ,

You are the mad man I was talking about @2:29

The same mentally deranged person who call himself: Eric, King Charles, AK47 and various anons.

You can fool others but not me:)


Anonymous said...

@Anon 3.30 a.m

Kwenda huko! Why dont you lead us into this 'healthy' debate, because i'm very 'hungry' for one.

Come on now, like Nonini would say, Twende Kazi!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3.34 a.m

Please! stop and spare us your holier than thou attitude. We need to move on to the main topic of debate.

Leave your e-wars out.

Anonymous said...

Seems like some people are bila plots for the weekend, spending time on KK shadow boxing, was just dropping by will check on monday to see of there is any thing new.

Galileo lounge is the place to be.

Eric said...

See my post @2.53a.m.


Will not bend over to your nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Be proud of your country, Raila tells Kenyans abroad

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is in UK for 3 days from saturday 25th. Is he meeting Kenyans?
Cant trace any adverts anywhere.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Kenyan Old Guard were not rattled by the city by-election results because they are very much aware that they still hold higher ground and have a greater political advantage over any potential Young Turks come 2012.

Unfortunately, their respective electorate have a high preference for wazee rather than the generation of Young Turks like Sonko of Makadara and others.

We still have a long way to go and lot to learn from the way our former colonial masters manage their political affairs.

For instance, the manner in which they conduct local party elections, national party elections, the general elections, groom future leaders as well as quit office when their time is up or when their party has lost.

Talk of the devil and from the UK comes a rattling sound of a young generation of politicians who are taking charge of their respective political parties as well as Her Majesty's Government.

Where are Kenya's David Cameroon (born 9 October 1966) and Ed. Miliband (born 24 December 1969?

Where are they at the party level, in parliament, in the Cabinet, civil service, and in other positions of influence?

Kenya might remain as a nation ruled by the Council of Elders and the well connected fraternity of the Old Guard if the electorate fails to change their voting patterns by 2012.

And if the bright clouds of the 2010 Constitution fail to usher in a host of new political opportunities for several Young Turks in 2012 and beyond.

One would hate to see so many of the Old Guard retain their respective home turf (seats) due to the usual blind support from the electorate in 2012.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

@ Muru wa Gacii,

There are many capable young Turks who are capable of taking on leadership positions. But as long as the electorate continues to send "signals" through elections that they are comfortable with the old generation, then they will not bother to seek electoral offices.

But we must also define who are 'young turks'? Should we only use age as the deciding factor and if so what is the cutoff age. <40 OR <50? OR should we use the experience factor, if they have never held any public leadership posts irregardless of age.

Anonymous said...

Muru wa Gacii

You forgot, Nick Clegg, UK deputy PM and leader of Lib democrat, born 7 January 1967.

George Osbourne, born 23 May 1971 is the current chancellor of Exchequer. The second most powerful post in UK after Prime ministerial.

Anonymous said...

Is Thug Raila still considered a young man????? When I see this man I see stolen Kisumu molasses, stolen squaters' land in Malindi, and extreme violence.

The only redeeming things he has done is to command Luos to stop being lazy, get circumcised, and not to get loans to marry second wives but to go into business.

Anonymous said...

Maina Njenga for president. That will solve all problems. He is young, has a READY and merciless army with one religion and speak the right language.

President Mainga Njenga sasa, mta do?

Anonymous said...

Kibaki snubs Kenyans in UK

No wonder the CEO of Kenya snubbed Kenyans in UK. Most are from Rift Valley and Kiambu, and there was a real fear the below could have been raised during a meeting.
It is unprecedented and a shame when Raila,Ruto and others are encouraging Kenyans abroad to support their motherland Kenya.
What do supporters of the Commander in Chief have to say on this.
I am from RV and was sure to ask these questions. My family are still IDPS after voting for the C-I-C in 2007.

Peter Atsiaya

Investigators from the International Criminal Court (ICC) arrive in the country on Monday, amid conflicting signals from the Government on whether it will aid their work.

The ICC team begins the tough and painful task of bringing to justice the key masterminds of the 2007-2008 post-election violence that claimed over 1,000 lives.

To date, the Government is yet to settle hundreds of victims who are still living in camps for the internally displaced under deplorable conditions.

Lands Minister James Orengo says the investigators will get all the support they need when arrive in the country, even though the Government has refused a request by the ICC for copies of minutes from high-level security meetings during the period of the violence, to help in the investigations. ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo has indicated that he will be prosecuting two cases involving six Kenyans from December this year.

On Sunday, Orengo said: "ICC detectives will be in the country from Monday to Wednesday to probe cases involving Kenyans who sponsored or masterminded the violence that claimed about 1,300 lives and left more than 300,000 people homeless in early 2008."

Anonymous said...

The C-I-C is a KIKUYU THUG who we have had enough of. It's time to go old man.

His heir apparent a one Mr. UK is one poor leader, could not bring 'home' his ailing looser Thuo, rode on the wave of 'Narc' to gain entry into parliament has killed his own party KANU, but he has surely mastered the art of downing Henesys Burrrrp!

Ass Kissing Kalonzo aint no leader either, but we love that he keeps time with appointments every Friday at Aristrocrats salon to have his hair dyed, his 'media ban' through VPPS not to capture his bolding head will not be forgoten. For heavens sake Kaloozer you are 57yrs old, my own Dad retired 2 years ago and is your age mate, go home and eat Katumani and mothokoi.

Ruto will surely rub Uhuru and Kaloozers ass! Watch this space!

JEFF said...

Mike Sonko roughs up a Capital FM DJ in Buru Buru......

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:26 AM

Hope it's just an item on the menu of Rumours Bubu-ruru (Buru Buru). But if he really did it, then 2 Kings 20:17 will become his curse by 2012.

Anonymous said...

Tazama: Kukurukakara (September 26, 2010) za Kisiasa.

Wakati huu nimeshindw, tena nimeshindwa kwa vishindo, na nimekubali kushindwa. - Dick Waithaka.

Asiye kubali kushindwa si mshindani.

Ndolo has turned into a whining loser filled with sour grapes, a mouth full of bitter words, angry eyes, and vindictive personality.

Nina taka ... hii mambo ya vot biribari - Sonko Mbuvi.

The Makadara saga continues, kukurukakara za kisiasa.

Anonymous said...

Maina Njenga for president
1) Ready and FEARLESS army
2) Youthful (our Obama, LOL!)
3) Right genes/language
4) Religious
5) etc.

Please join me in supporting MN and help save Kenya from herself.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the future governor of Nairobi, is demanding "respect" from nairobians chec this out:

Do I see an assault and battery charge here or assault with a deadly weapon? At this rate,this man might not make it to parliament.

Anonymous said...

All security geezers will say "ask the C-I-C"

ICC ‘denied access to key state secrets’ on post-poll chaos

The Hague has been denied access to minutes of a meeting said to have been held at State House at the height of the post-election violence, according to Daily Nation sources.

Waki said revenge planned at State House, government dismisses the claim
The Hague has been denied access to minutes of a meeting said to have been held at State House at the height of the post-election violence, according to Daily Nation sources.

The sources, who are familiar with the work of the International Criminal Court in Kenya but who could not be named because of the confidentiality of their work, said the government had declined to make available any information regarding the meeting the Waki Commission claimed was attended by key people in government at the time.
On Monday, Lands minister James Orengo said the Cabinet committee which deals with ICC matters was set to meet a team from The Hague on Wednesday.

Mr Orengo said the ICC should not be denied access to any information since the government had agreed to fully cooperate with it.

“We agreed that we will fully cooperate with the ICC. The Cabinet committee will meet tomorrow to know what is happening,” he said on phone from Mombasa.

On Monday, the government maintained that no such meeting took place and therefore the question of minutes does not arise.

“There was never such a meeting as stated in the Waki Commission (report). It was manufactured and somebody really must have lied to them. We have always said there was no meeting and therefore there can’t be minutes,” government spokesman Alfred Mutua told the Nation.

The government has also declined to the ICC the minutes of high-level security meetings that held at the peak of the violence in which 1,133 people were killed and more than 650,000 evicted from their farms.

The Waki Commission report indicated that the violence in Naivasha between January 27 and 30 was pre-planned and executed by Mungiki members who received the support of political and business leaders.

“The Commission has also evidence that government and political leaders in Nairobi, including key office holders at the highest level of government may have directly participated in the preparation of the attacks,” the report said.

“Central to that planning were two meetings held in State House and Nairobi Safari Club in the run up to the election with the involvement of senior members of the Government and other prominent Kikuyu personalities,” it states.

Similar attention was being given to the killing at the Kenya Assemblies of God (KAG) in Kiambaa Eldoret which took place on the 28 of December 2007. Attackers locked villagers, mainly women and children, in the church and set it on fire. Those who attempted to escape were hacked to death by waiting killers. A total of 35 people died in the atrocity.

In the January 28, 2008 revenge attack in Naivasha, at least 19 people were killed.

The Kiambaa attack was also linked to meetings between politicians, business people and former soldiers in the Rift Valley.

On Monday, Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Mutula Kilonzo, while clarifying that the ICC was receiving full government support, said The Hague must prove that crimes committed in the country were within its jurisdiction.

It is not a foregone conclusion that The Hague will automatically take on the Kenya case, it still has to prove that international crimes were committed in 2007, he said.

“We do not know as at now whether the ICC will admit the Kenyan case... pretending otherwise is blowing hot air,” said Mr Kilonzo in Nairobi.

Anonymous said...

This Orengo chap doesn't get it. His people were not affected and why is he weeping louder than the bereaved. The Mungiki lot butchered their own people and even those shot in Kisumu and Kakamega were not Luos or Luhyas.

The real and only victims of PEV petitioned Gordon Brown about genocide on their people. They were not Luos or Kales. Orengo must stop playing to the gallery.

If the leaders and parents of the youths who were dispatched 6 ft under are not complaining why Orengo?

The is one similarity between Kikuyus and Muslims: they don't mind murder in their name, period.

Anonymous said...

ICC is naive and Orengo is busy misleading them. First the minutes for security meeting won't be helpful to ICC. Here are the attendence:

1) John Michuki
2) Michael Gichangi
3) Francis Kimemia
4) Kinuthia Mbugua
5) Francis Muthaura

So Prof Moreno, you cannot decipher the languagee of the minutes. Leave Kenya alone please as you were advised by BRILLIANT (1st class) Mutula Kilonzo.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something while I was still recovering from a forced public auction?

Anon 2:29 PM

"The real and victims of 'Post Eelection Violence' petitioned Gordon Brown about genocide of their own people."

Anon 4:17 PM

"Leave Kenya alone please ... "
American Dream + Forced Public Auctions = American Nightmare for hundreds of Americans, every other week of the month.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.29 PM.
More Luos and Kisiis were killed in the PEV than even the Kalenjins and the Kikuyus. Check KNHCR report. Those purporting to petition anybody were not affected because those affected are 6 feet under.

Anonymous said...


Orengo is a key member of the Kavirondo mafia (Raila, Orengo, Nyongo, Midowo, etc.) which hails from Luo Nyanza and has a death grip on ODM party. This mafia is also known as Pepo Mbaya Mafia. Their OBJECTIVE is to make Raila the president of Kenya regardless of the means used. By shouting loudest about PEV, Orengo hopes Ocampo can fix and remove from the scene Raila's presidential opponets. What the mafiosi need to know is that whether Ocampo removes some of Raila's opponents from the scene, it will not be enough to effectuate a civilian coup and install Raila into the presidency without much opposition. Like the failed military coup of 1982, even now their plans will just fail. The majority of people of Kenya will never accept to vote for Raila because they believe he is violent. People will never forget that he called the PEV perpetrators freedom fighters.

Anonymous said...

Luos and Kalenjins were on one side of the violence equation perpetrating it on Kikuyu and Kisiis. The Kikuyus and Kisiis were accused of exercising their democratic right and not voting for Raila. As they were killed their attachers chorus was, "No Raila, No Peace!" Some of the PEV perpetrators were killed by the patriotic state police when caught murdering and raping babies and grandmothers.

Later on, the Luos and the Kalenjins fell out politically when it came time to share out the spoils of murder and rape. The Luos become greedy with the "nusu mkate" and arrogant with power terming the Kalenjins as illiterates. As the saying goes, their is no honour among hyenas.

Anonymous said...

According to PM Raila, the new Katiba was supposed to deliver us to Canaan. I am still waiting.

Anonymous said...

this blog is certainly DEAD as a dodo. no wonder Jukwaa is the new kid on the block!

King Nebuchadnezzar said...

Anon 1:40

Why do you want to reach Canaan when you haven't applied those principles that govern any inheritance?
For you to inherit anything someone MUST die! That my friend is the principle.

If Kenya was to enter her Canaan, certain things MUST die first; otherwise you are just kidding yourself – lingering around the promise land.

And just like the biblical Moses who lead the children of Israel but did not enter the Promised Land:- Kenya's old leaders who lead you to this new constitution MUST go and allow Joshuas (new generation) to posses and inherit the land.

Kibaki, Kalonzo, Ruto, Raila, Uhuru, and ALL your dearly loved politicians MUST GO for Kenya to enter Canaan land.

Anonymous said...

Judge faults Executive over terror arrests

A judge has criticised the Executive for breaching the new Constitution in the early stages of its implementation.

In a stinging attack to the Executive and President Kibaki, Justice Mohammed Warsame said that it was clear that the impunity of the “yester years was still thriving in our Executive arm of the government”.

“Prima facie the allegations contained in this application is serious indictment on the institution of the President and whether he is protecting, preserving and safeguarding the interests, rights and obligations of all citizens as contained in the new Constitution,” said the Judge.

Further, the Judge said that it was clear that the police have not tried to understand and appreciate the Bill of Rights as provided for in the Constitution.

The judge made the remarks following an application by a man who claims that the police were planning to arrest and transport him to Uganda, where some his friends have been surrendered as terror suspects.

The suspect, Mohamed Aktar Kana moved to court through lawyer Muturi Kigano arguing that some of the suspects arrested in Kenya following the Kampala bombings on July 10, where his personal friends. In the twin attack, more than 70 people, who were watching a World Cup match, lost their lives.

And in case the police arrest Mr Kana, the judge directed that he should be taken before him without fail and not to another country. In issuing the orders, Justice Warsame directed that it be served upon the Office of the President through the Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Muthaura.

The Judge said that the case by Mr Kana raises issues of great public concern and which require sober and attentive judicial mind “in order to address the rights and obligations of all parties involved”.

In a sworn statement, Mr Kana says he is an internal designer and who travels outside Kenya most of them times to source for materials for his work. He says he worships at Jamia Mosque and has been associating with six of the 13 suspects who were arrested in Kenya and taken to Uganda.

The Judge said that the case by Mr Kana raises the basic issue of whether President Kibaki, who swore and agreed to be guided by the provisions of the Constitution, can allow “his agents to its breach with remarkable arrogance or ignorance”.

The case will be heard on September 30.

Anonymous said...

Bw Kana, there is nothing to worry if you are innocent. But I guess the adage the guilty are always afraid (in advance). Abusing the judicial process to evade the law is immoral.

Now you undertand the difference between Kenya and UG/TZ where justice is swift. Kana's case reminds one of the judicial abuse of numerous injunctions. One Kimathi knows it best but M7 sio kama Chura yetu.

PS: I also hope and pray that Judge Warsame is not being a judicial activist, albeit in disguise. You know what muslims share in common with Kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

Mbuvi-Sonko-go on my boy

This boy is SMART from an early age

I sometimes wonder if Sonko,Biwwott,Deya na kadhalika were allowed to use their smart brains for common good, where would Kenya be?

Even the famous inventors in history were thought to be "abnormal",just because we could not match their pace!
Just leave the boy to actualise his dreams. The law in Kenya see an innocent man.
He's too much smarter than those trying to spoil his name

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