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Friday, July 30, 2010

Real reasons why some people are voting NO

If you feel offended by some of these reasons then you know the truth usually hurts, especially when you look in the mirror

We stand on threshold of history and I am very grateful that it pleased God that I should be where I am at this historic moment able to write in a blog like Kumekucha that has such wide reach and have the opportunity to submit my last arguments before we all go to the referendum to decide whether it will be business as usual or we will rise to the occasion to change Kenya forever.

Some Kenyans think that this historic moment is a chance for them to shine.

I have talked to many many Kenyans on the ground and I have deliberately concentrated my efforts on those who were either undecided or intending to vote “NO”. I respect their right to their views and indeed their right to say NO. Albeit to the best thing that has ever happened to long suffering ordinary Kenyans. But allow me to tell the whole truth without fear.

Those voting No fall into 4 neat categories as follows.

1. Born again Christians too lazy to go on their knees and seek God (because He says in the good book that those who seek him will find him) and find out what His will is as concerns the new constitution. Instead they blindly follow what their church leaders are telling them and shut down their own thinking. Every generation has its’ fair share of Pharisees but the good book tells us that in these last days many will be fooled by people pretending to represent God. And the tell tale signs are there for all to see. For instance why are all major church leaders so rich? Why don’t we have any John the Baptist type of prophets any more?

Anyway this group will blindly vote NO whatever arguments anybody tries to put forward. My advice to them is that if they are truly who they say they are then they should take a day or two and deny themselves food and seek the face of God and ask him how to vote on Tuesday. THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT. In my view August 4th is going to be the day the will of the church leaders clashes with the will of God. We know the one that always wins, don’t we?

2. Kenyans who believe that since the majority seem to be in favour, they will look more intelligent and independent minded by arguing against the said new constitution. Many have made a total fool of themselves interpreting the draft constitution. Some are sure that the new constitution will abolish the current penal code. Even some well educated Kenyans (including lawyers) have fallen into this trap of interpreting the draft whilst ignoring the penal code. Or interpreting individual sections out of context. My message to these guys trying to show people that they are extremely intelligent and can grasp things is that this is NOT the time. We are talking about matters of life and death here. Too many Kenyans have reached the end of themselves and only a complete re-birth of the Kenyan nation through a new constitution can save them. Vote No and you will be killing people, literally. I kid you not. Admittedly I don’t expect most of my readers here (sitting in comfortable air-conditioned environments all over the world and burping from heavy 6 course lunches while lazily scrolling down this blog with their mouse—too lazy to even use the keyboard) to have an inkling of what the hell I am talking about.

3. Skeptical Kenyans whose experience has convinced them that the political class can NEVER support anything that is genuinely good for the ordinary folk. To be honest I too am amazed at the way things have worked out so that we are on the verge of getting what in my view is the best constitution in Africa—by far. I am totally puzzled that some people would campaign so vigorously for something that will finish them forever. The only way to explain it is to say that there has been divine intervention in this matter and that is why Christians in Kenya should pray very hard lest they vote against the will of God on Tuesday. My message to this group is; don’t trust the politicians but instead listen carefully to what experts like Yash Pal Ghai, Njoki Ndungu etc have to say. People who love their country and mostly feel the pain of ordinary folk. What are these people saying about the said document? I know for a fact that the original constitution-making body (CKRC) members who went round the country seeking views came back to Nairobi reborn. Who could not have been touched just seeing the numerous Kenyans stripped of all dignity by poverty and lack of opportunities brought about by impunity and years of very bad governance? And still these people wore their best suits (worn and torn from being washed at home with Omo) and came forward and talked about their dreams for a new Kenya. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Yash Pal Ghai was in that group and the guy has a passion about ordinary folks that he never had before the trips.

Skeptical Kenyans listen to these guys and what they have to say and then vote wisely on the 4th of August, the happiness of your children and grand children (even those unborn) depends on it.

4. Those who see red and plug their ears when the word “Abortion” is mentioned. Or shut their eyes tight when they read it somewhere. My message to this group is simple. I will not be sucked into the silly argument of whether or not abortion is allowed in the draft constitution. Instead I will say that abortion is NOT something that should be in any constitution. Even the holy Land Israel does not have it in their constitution, so who do Kenyans think they are? And so don’t cheat yourself on Tuesday that you are voting NO because you hate abortion the way God does. If you do then you are suggesting that a constitution should do the work of the church or our religious institutions and help them in ridding society of sin. And so we should add clauses to the constitution stating that adultery is not permitted (unless some randy car jacker rapes you or asks you to have sex with other passengers—as they do sometimes). And while you are at it I will insist that the constitution addresses the make-quick-money-for-the-pastor churches and ministries that are springing up all over the place and offering irresistible cash for prayer deals to desperate Kenyans.

Get my drift? Let the church do its’ job and let the government do its’ duty and let’s not confuse the two.

Finally what I am about to say is what I have said to many of those Kenyans intending to vote against the draft constitution. As you face the ballot box alone just make sure you vote with a clear conscience. Make sure you gather all the facts now so that you will not later regret how you voted. And by the way Moi and Ruto are the wrong people to gather information from. Even Kibaki, Raila and other Yes proponents are the wrong people to rely on for your information (although they have spoken much more truth than their NO counterparts about the draft constitution).

Instead talk to lawyers. Ask questions in the comment area of this blog and let those who know answer in full view of the rest (NOT by private email) and then carefully observe the reactions of others to the answer you have received here.

My brothers and sisters, I beg you once again, this is NOT the time to show others how intelligent you really are arguing against the draft constitution like a real learned friend (lawyer). Please, please, there will be plenty of time for that after we have chased away the foxes from the hens. We can even have a contest to discover the most intelligent sharp minded Kenyans in the land and you will get all the publicity and attention you crave then.

Vote with your conscience, vote alone and be prepared to take full responsibility for how you vote. Chances are that this opportunity fate has given you will never again be given to any other Kenyan until the end of time. That is how bloody important this thing is. And that is why I don’t laugh when people make jokes about the draft constitution. I don’t want the joke to be on me 100 years from now when people sit down to analyze my writings in this blog and your vote on the day that coincidentally Barack Obama Junior was born.

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Breaking News: Bishop Margaret Wanjiru loses her Starehe seat in court ruling. More to follow.


Anonymous said...

This is the sanest article I ahve seen in a long while written from the heart!

Anonymous said...

Why cant christians like chris see what they say makes no sense. He accuses born agains of not following the will of god. He himself knows the will of god! How was this will communicated to you, fool? Born agains are also praying and hearing god telling them to vote NO. It is subjective. You hear what you want to hear. You are no different from the preachermen you accuse. We will pass the document but keep your superstitions to yourself.

Mwarang'ethe said...

We do not seek TRUTH for the sake of it. We seek it so that, we have it as a lamp for our feet. Without a lamp of truth at our feet, we shall surely fall.

The world population is divided by the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE into three groups:

(a) The FEW Enlightened.

(b) The DELUDED.

(c) The CATTLE.

There is one guy who has "summarised" this system very well.

Anyone interested can see it here:

M. Pesa said...

President Kibaki has declared a public holiday on August 4 to allow the full participation of Kenyans at the referendum on the proposed Constitution.

"Public Officers, who will need to travel upcountry to cast their vote, will be allowed to travel on the afternoon of August 3rd, 2010. The Government urges the Private Sector to accord similar consideration to their employees," said a statement posted on the government spokesman's website.

By the way last time I checked Kenya was a secular state. Shame on those who want to impose their doctrines on others. I have said it numerous times here, let the minority have their say and the majority have their way.

Good afternoon.

Anonymous said...




Let's all shut the eff up!

Tuonane kwa debe on 4th.

And respect the wish of the Wananchi.

Anonymous said...

Chris is simply a recipient of the YES campaign funds. That explains why all of a sudden he is churning long widing campaign speeches in favor of the katiba.

Its ironical that the same fellow thinks that he is more religious and near God that the annointed men of the cloth in Kenya. Talk of the power of money.

Chris, endelea kudanganya wajinga as you stuff your pockets with american dollars.

Anonymous said...

Fact: The constitution does indeed give leeway for parliament or counties to legalise abortion

Fact: Whilst the constitution states that one has a right to marry someone from the opposite sex it does not prohibit same sex marriages it goes further to prohibt discrimination by sex leaving wriggle room for a reasonable ground to allow same sex marriages.

Fact:On land the constitution assumes that parliament will act in good faith while legistlating for land. This again leaves room for a corrupt parliament to act in a manner which could potentially adverssely impact our land tenure system.

Fact: The constitution is some what liberal on matter of our security forces.

Having outlined all the facts above, being a liberal and left leaning kenyan, i really dont give a hoot about any of the issues I have raise above. What really matters to me is the following:

Does the contitution provide a stable political infrastracture that could allow kenyan to prosper? YES

Does the constitution provide a
system of producing leaders, allowing the country to develop great and experienced leaders: YES

Does the constitution break the status quo and give us a chance to manage our affairs differently: YES

Does the constitution devolve some powers away from Nairobi? YES

Anything that will help us become a stable and prosporous nation is most welcome. Anything that gives kenyans a chance to in the medium term live dignified lives with access to at least three meals a day, water , electicity and hope of achieving dreams is certainly welcome. I really dont care if abortion is legalised, same marraiges are allowed or land lords are left out of pocket. What matters to me is that the children of kenya have access to a happy and dignified living free from the current poverty that prevails in our country.I want a system that allows for 90% employment level, a system that reward hard work and recognises heros and great kenyans. A system which corruption is viewed as repugnant etc etc.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when it became a crime against humanity to have a differing opinion!

YES proponents have one thought process and NO proponents have another. Neither is better than the other, and majority is never always right.

This is the kind of barrage, better than everoneelse commentaries that lead to divisions and blood shed in this country.

Let everyone have thier opinions regardless of how they arrived at them. The vote is what will determine the day

Anonymous said...

clause 43 on economic and social rights is most interesting. I suppose you cannot expect a resident of kibera to reject a constitution with such a clause.

But let's pass it. We will "learn on the job" what it really means to us.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you have made my day. Thanks for the blog. And YES it is, August 4th, 2010, when Kenyans will set sail and head into a future they deserve for themselves, their children, their children children's, and their beloved country of Kenya.

Talk of a cry for change, a cry for a new constitution, a cry for a different direction when it comes to improving the basic lives of the majority who have suffered for so long.

Anonymous said...

Chris, how much have yoyu received from your gvt to write soem a stupid article.

Take your wife and the mistresses out with the few milions you received instead of diarrheaing on your readers

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
clause 43 on economic and social rights is most interesting. I suppose you cannot expect a resident of kibera to reject a constitution with such a clause.

But let's pass it. We will "learn on the job" what it really means to us.


You are now staring at the introduction of communism in Kenya without a bloody Revolution as we saw in Soviet Union in 1917.

If Kenyans pass this document on 4th August, 2010, and we have no illusions they might, that day, shall go down in the Kenyan history as the greatest tragedy.

It is very sad to note that, our genuine desire for reforms has become like what became of the French Revolution. However, this is not surprising to those who have taken time to study the Fabian Strategy.

When you make men dependent on the "State," you make them loose confidence in themselves. People without self - confidence do not have initiative. Without initiative, a society is on the road to ruin.

Anyway, who cares about the people who want to appear "intelligent"? All that matters it seems is the immediate needs. And, therefore, let us shout together:


Anonymous said...

Please read category #2 from Chris. This is NOT the time, came back later after Aug 5.

Anonymous said...

uko on point..lets clean the churches as well we need serious people in the churches one of the best articles

Anonymous said...

Me and deroo are voting NO because Raila is in the YES camp. By the way, Wanjiru has lost Starehe seat. So it was not true that they were robbed

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:32 AM

FACT: God has never sanctioned any of the man-made-religions since the day the universe was created (made).

FACT: Creator of Universe [God Almighty] is not a Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Animist, Catholic, Pentecostal, Evangelical, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventist, Jahova Witness, Later Day Saint, etc., and doesn't belong to whatever form of religion some of want the Creator of Universe to be.

The Creator of the Universe is above all the man-made-religions, engineered theologies, religious institutions, and warped dogmatic perceptions.

FACT: The Creator of the Universe has no dog in the draft constitution fight (vote) on August 4th, 2010.

FACT: No mortal has ever been given the authority to speak on behalf of the Creator of the Universe since time began.

Unless one wants to transform themselves into a delphic oracle in modern time.

FACT: Morality police have never won the minds and hearts of a people ready for over due change.

FACT: The penal code is what it is and has been since the colonials landed on the shores of East Africa and brought their religious ways and cultures with them.

Africans were more conscious of the unborn, the young, weak and the living since time memorial. They don't need the religious right or religious left to tell them what is and what is not.

FACT: The Economy of Abortion is driven by the political ideologies that have been perfected by the "pro-abortionist" camp as well as the "anti-abortionist" camp.

FACT: After August 4th, 2010, prophets for profit and all those who use religion for their personal benefit instead of speaking the truth and standing up for the downtrodden, will no longer hoodwink the public as they have done in the past.

FACT: There are more constructive issues in the Draft Constitution than the naked religious fundamenatlist eye that is glued to the "abortion" clause will ever want to admit or see.

FACT: Kenya will close one chapter and start a new chapter for the better once the votes have been tallied.

luke said...

yet again you have gone too far with your stinging insults and hurtful mockeries and i am too annoyed!

First of all you are asking those numerous kenyans (stripped of all dignity by poverty and lack of opportunity due to impunity and years of bad governance)who don't
even eat 1 meal a day to not eat at all in the name of prayer!why remind them of their daily PLIGHT
which is worse than death by asking them to consume AIRBURGER on purpose?

secondly what is wrong with burping?i am doing it even now as i type this and its because.. (Thirdly) there is nothing wrong with 6 or even 10 course lunch!There are some places i've eaten where its BOGOF(buy one get one free) so buy a plate of chapo and OFAL and get another plate FREE at the cost of 1 plate!Thats why i burp Chris let me be!

BTW after you've eaten at a place like "Kosewe" you too would sit
comfortably with your stomach hanging losely over your belt!And those BANDAS are free air- conditioned environments because they are built with mabati and wood to allow natural interaction with nature

Lastly i normaly lazily scroll down this blog with my mouse and its not my fault! the keyboards in Kenya cyber cafes are mostly imports from foreign countries and the writings on the button are in foreign signs and languages i can't decipher so its easier to scroll with my mouse

All in all you must offer an apology to some of us your readers who wear "broken suits" like that one shown in your cartoon picture...aren't we kenyans too? or must we deserve your respect whether we vote yes or no

Taabu said...

Ati BOGOF, we kwenda. Would you please stop burping until RH has secured Europa proper. Kwani huyu Gong anatoka Ngong, ama? You better buy OFAL from aplace with acrynim YWNWA, beat that, uta do?

Anonymous said...

Wanjiru is a self declared enemy of Islam in kenya. she managed to sneak into the parliament through rigging but too bad, she now faced justice.

good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Another election thieving ODM MP has lost her seat. That is the result of the change that they promised us. ODM is a collection of human worshippers and thugs.

Anonymous said...


This is the most dishonest post you have ever written!! At least, it sets a new record of intellectual laziness. Where did you meet the simple minded Kenyans you describe or they just exist in your skull?!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo booed in Ukambani

Now that is NOT FUNNY even for Raila's bashers. Ama Rao exported his gang to Ukambani? Interesting times as Wed Aug 4th nears.

Anonymous said...

Hear ye hear ye hear ye!

When we differ over challenging issues such as voting for or against the Draft Constitution, we must not claim the church's authority exclusively for our personal positions.

*August 4th, 2010.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo YES NO YES stance is going to cost him big time. I am willing to bet that the NO side will take Ukambani which could leave bwana kalonzo muddied.

The catholic church calls shorts in ukambani- and the church has gone full throttle to ensure its congregation votes NO.

I understand from some sources that sunday services in ukambani now last upto three hours as catholic priest invest great amount of effort to ensure a NO out come!....Ruto and team have smelt the opportunity and they too have invested alot of time while Kalonzo was busy deciding if the constitution is Raila or kenyas.....BURE KABISA

Anonymous said...

Ayiiii! Ate the Roman Catholic Church are performing miracles with the minds and voices of Ukambani?

Are these the miracles of Ukambani that were foretold by none other than their very own native son, Kalonzo Musyoka in 2007?

Oh how I wish there was the Jerusalem Catholic Church to counter the Roman Catholic church in our backyard of Ukambani.

Well, well. Who will endeavour to check the growing luxury and well known immorality of some clergy in Ukambani?

How about NO to Abortion and NO Immorality as well? Will I ever hear an amen or amina from the clergy and Catholics of Ukambani?

The people of Ukambani deserve to givee their clergy men several RED CARDS or NO CARDS for their well known personal behaviour whenever the sun goes down.

Anonymous said...

KATIBA-DAY: August 4th, 2010.

How long will it take for KATIBA MPYA to add more sufuria of ugali, githeri, muthokoi, wali, surwa and beer onto the tables of Kenyan households?

Anonymous said...

chris, u should know that the voice ofthe prophets is GODS voice.You seem to be above GODS power by ur comments. Its my prayer that the wrath of GOD may be upon you so that atleast you may know there are situations money cant help.
you have no mandate to tell christians not to vote NO. immediately the draft was released muslim clergy told their faithfuls to vote YES. Why havent u raised a finger against them? you seem to be against a faith which you profess,why dont u close over and be part ofthe muslims u r supporting. It seems stupid to burn a house u r inn.

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