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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Very powerful man, Ruto

Why was higher education minister not charged?

I could not help but laugh seeing the three MPs (including a whole assistant minister) huddled together in the dock facing charges of incitement. I was laughing because the three were testing the excesses of executive power in the old constitution that they would rather retain. Talk about getting a taste of your own medicine.

For characters like these their biggest concern on most days is where they are going to have lunch or how they are going to spend their weekend and with which young lass. And therefore to them there is no urgency to change the constitution. The current one is serving them well thank you. This is in sharp contrast to the majority of Kenyans faced with all kinds of worries and pressures. The root of many of these troubles is the current constitution that has helped entrench corruption into the very fabric of the country such that it is getting to a situation where you need to know somebody high up there just to sneeze comfortably.

But the big mystery was why William Ruto was not charged with the three. If this was all about hate speech then what Mr Ruto has been saying makes the three charged MPs look like Mother Theresa in comparison.

Many Kenyans are not aware of the fact that numerous people charged in the courts of Kenya are there mainly because they crossed a powerful individual and in many cases they are completely innocent. In other instances they are guilty but justice has been selective in deciding who gets charged and who is left alone. The current scenario is a perfect illustration of this.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has been writing to the principals for weeks, complaining mostly about Ruto’s utterances. Nothing has been done and no action was taken. This prompted the NCIC to aggressively start using the press to as to attract attention and put pressure on the government to take action. Still nothing happened.

Then after Sunday’s blasts, President Kibaki chaired an emergency security meeting and gave instructions. The result is what we are now seeing.

Now interestingly the biggest culprit of hate speech, William Ruto has not been charged along with the other three. Why? Interestingly Ruto was only questioned by the NCIC mainly about his activities in Cyber space with his 8 Facebook accounts. Nothing was said about the venom and lies that he has been spitting out countrywide for weeks now. Ruto was however in court with his 3 henchmen to show solidarity.

Is it possible that President Kibaki knows something that we don’t know about those who were responsible for Sunday’s heinous act? Is the charging of the 3 MPs a warning volley for those involved to stop or else…? But even then why was Ruto not charged? Could it have something to do with some secret political pacts made between PNU and the Higher education minister that make him almost untouchable? Everybody knows that if it was up to his party leader Raila Odinga, he would have been sacked from the cabinet a long time ago. But then Ruto seems to have some very powerful friends, so powerful that they are able to over-rule the PM and Party leader of Ruto’s party. Now who could that be?

Indeed Kenyans need to ask the question, who does Ruto represent in cabinet, because it certainly isn’t ODM. Still whoever it is he represents, they are extremely powerful. More powerful than the people of Kenya. That is the current constitution for you folks. Little wonder that some people will spill the innocent blood of even children without a second thought to retain it at all costs.


Anonymous said...

Why has ida, fidel nt spoken abt katiba? Calling pple takataka, landgrabbers n looters is not hate crime.

M. Pesa said...


I checked my email and found you have addressed my concerns. I'm grateful for that.


Mwarang'ethe said...

This is in sharp contrast to the majority of Kenyans faced with all kinds of worries and pressures. The root of many of these troubles is the current constitution that has helped entrench corruption into the very fabric of the country


Would you mind bwana Chris educate us how the new constitution will cure "all kinds of worries and pressures."?

Also, why not educate us how the proposed constitution will eradicate corruption?


Interestingly Ruto was only questioned by the NCIC mainly about his activities in Cyber space with his 8 Facebook accounts. Nothing was said about the venom and lies that he has been spitting out countrywide for weeks now.


Firstly, we do not think telling lies is a crime.

Secondly, we have seen Kapondi and Machage saying watu wavunge vilaka waende kwao. Can you give us a quote by Ruto where he has incited violence please?

Thirdly, when you say he has been using facebook, surely, how do you proof he is the one doing that?

Is it possible for one person to set up 8 facebook sites in your name?


How comes Ruto who is in NO was not arrested and taken to court yet he's on record as saying there will be a big war between Christians and Muslims if the draft constitution is passed?


Does saying this really amount to a crime? If so, which crime?

Anonymous said...


Why are you importing Jukwaa and burekabisa blog junk to Kumekucha??
Just stick with your junk and let your fellow pigs and wolves come to scavange from that smelly backyard.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...


As usual you like sticking to side shows since it seems your mind cannot comprehend nor internalize the big picture.

Mwarang'ethe has tried but i thing he will soon become exhausted coz its like you do not get it. When will you start reasoning like an adult and stop discussing petty issues that are not going to enrich the constitutional debate???

Anonymous said...

Your memory seems to be too short for any meaningful recollection. Ruto was appointed by Raila to the cabinet against very strong opposition of PNU. In fact ODMorons used to shout, "No Ruto, No Cabinet!" Shortly after being appointed to the all powerful Agriculture Ministry, ODM changed the party constitution to creat a second deputy party leader position to accommondate and reward Ruto. If there is one man who has benefited most from Ruto's madness, it is Raila. Without Ruto's corrupt money spent in mobilizing RV and his ethno-cleansing mania of RV in 2007-8, Raila would not be PM today. Period.

Please, Chris, don't try to rewrite history when it is still fresh even primary school kids' minds. Raila and Ruto are one and the same thing. They are delusional thugs and masters of hate speech. In the last elections they introduced a whole new and ugly vocabulary: kabila adui, madoadoa, sangari, etc.

For now these two thugs are apart because they are pursuing the same thing, the presidency through woing Kikuyu vote. Soon when they realize that that vote is for Kalonzo and that they might both miss the presidency, their hatred for kabila adui, madoadoa, and sangari will re-unite them. And we will be back to the same ODMoronic songs: "No Raila, No Peace!" and "No Ruto, No cabinet!"

If you are already missing these songs, you are not alone, the whole of Kibera is waiting to join you in the jig as they uproot the railway.

Anonymous said...

Good point, if Raila wants Ruto to be out in the cold why has not removed Ruto from deputy party leader of ODM. PNU has said over and over again, they don't want to be involved in ODM's silly internal games.

Anonymous said...

Same old tactics; once a political friend disagrees with Raila, Raila worshippers demonize him to hell. It doesn't matter whether the worshippers are educated or inheritors of dead men's wives, they just diarrhea hatred for the politician who disagrees with their messiah. Pitiful lot, I say!!!

Karajan said...

I seem to recall that a few months ago Hon Njeru Githae made exactly the same remarks that Hon Kapondi and Hon Kutuny are accused of. When will he be arrested? Or is the Kibunja Team suffering from the usual Collective Amnesia? When shall we ever get a Commission that does not blatantly take politico/tribal sides? This is no longer a joke!

Anonymous said...

"Is it possible that President Kibaki knows something that we don’t know about those who were responsible for Sunday’s heinous act? Is the charging of the 3 MPs a warning volley for those involved to stop or else…?"

A "warning volley" my foot!

Chris, you seem to have taken this sick joke too far.
I've said it before and MPESA is now saying it loudly, the devastating truth is that all these schemes to derail the new consititution are being organised by one, Mwai Kibaki, President of Kenya, his close pals Michuki, Saitoti, and then roping in the RV mafia of Ruto and Moi.

Once we all start looking at things that way, all these "clever" schemes will cease being a mystery.
Enuff said.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:47 why so bitter? Jukwaa leads others follow. Pole kwa yale yaliyokupata ndugu/dada TISKIE, just sneak back and register with a different handle OLOO won't mind as long as you maintain sanity and stop starting too many threads which tend to derail or dilute the quality of discussion. Enyewe am on your side as far as telling off the thieves is concerned.

Anonymous said...

I dot agree with you that Ruto is being protected. We should concentrate on the facts of tis matter- The proposed constitution. Both sides of the political divide agree that there are glaring errors that need correction. The nagging question in the YES camp is; how do we deal with the Islam issue?. All the rest are suffering for nothing. Kadhi courts are the most contentious and most explosive. Its worse than any consequence that Ruto's sacking would trigger.Lets deal with it if we are writing a constitution for posterity. I believe true consensus can only be reached after the DEFEAT of this draft because those in authority will never want to appear to "oppress" the fragile and explosive Muslim constituency. Lets all join hands and score where our MPs failed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:05

Do you really expect there to be any consesus between the right wing christians and muslims?

The liberals in kenya should take the initiave and lock out these two groups completely from our politics by voting yes! If I had my way I would push for a consitution that seperates state and relgion by ensuring religious education is not undertaken in any state school.

Anonymous said...

So was the Total Man Biwott, WCP (Watts of Corrupt Politics).

ICC will take care of him and company in due time.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! There were "very very powerful men" in the government of Idi Amin Dada at one time. Where are they now?

Kibaki's government is no where near that of the Idi Amin Dada, but there are some charaters who resemble figure-heads from that regime.

They will all face their fate at one time or another, and in one way or another.

History is a great teacher and an equalizer. A constant gardener of some sorts.

Philip said...

There can be no consensus between Christians and Muslims.

As I had said previously we need to start with answering the question: which is superior to the other one between Christianity, Islam and all other religions? I'm counting also atheism as a form of religion. This is a question whose answer is with God, for we need to leave all judgment with God as He instructed us through the person of Jesus Christ.

Christians have always believed that they should influence their surroundings, including the government, but to what extent is what is unclear.

I'm strongly of the opinion that Christianity should separate itself from State and instead concentrate on teaching Word of God so that Christians will have an option of either choosing the Word of God, specifically the Gospels and Epistles, which hold it's core values, or the Constitution.

If Christianity believes that they should change the constitution to suit their faith, values and ethics then it will find itself in a situation where it will have to reject both the current and the proposed constitution, since they both allow the break of all the Ten Commandments. Maybe they'll say that one step at a time is better than nothing at all, but I'll counter this by saying that in matters of abortion we have already made a step forward since the current constitution is silent on it and this can be interpreted in a manner that will render it worse than the proposed constitution. On matters of Kadhis court I still hold that a compromise has to be done since Muslims currently pay the many C.R.E teachers and Military Chaplains through taxes. Any arguement beyond this assumes that Christianity is superior.

Some Christians are arguing that the inclusion of Kadhis courts is a plan by Muslims to expand but should they ask themselves how Christianity grew in the presence of Paganism and Judaism around them? Should they do as the Jesus, disciples and Apostles did?

I know several Christians are condemning what Roman paganism and Judaism did to them in their early days that led to death of most of them, but this is exactly what they want to do to other religions - they want to stop other religion's expansion through coercion, without realizing that Christianity itself is a choice and not an obligation. Moreover even during the times that Christians were coerced to follow other religions it still grew so what is the fear now?

Christianity, particularly in Europe is not growing but rather waning because of problems within itself and not outside and this is what Christians should fear most. Once they solve these problems within itself then, as it happened before, nothing will stop it's growth.

Anonymous said...

Look at how Uhuru Kenyatta is behaving and you know where Emilio Kibaki is!
Uhuru is really behaving as if kibaki can never "touch" him.

Whats the truth?

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