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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Uhuru park blast: Why did grenade hitmen want to maximize on deaths?

Update: This must be the mother of all national jokes to see police ask Kenyans to use a yahoo address: And we scream murder when two words NATIONAL SECURITY is clandestinely inserted in a classified document under government guard!

See recent Mwarangethe post 2010-11 budget: A land monopolists budget

More vital clues that point to the suspects

Investigators have now established that the explosions in the Sunday Uhuru park blast were in fact grenades and that there were actually three explosions and not two as widely reported in the media.

Scenes from the 1990s so-called land clashes which always came just before a general election and featured imported bow and arrows.

But the most sickening thing that is beginning to emerge from this whole saga was how the hit men planned their strike so as to kill and seriously maim as many people as possible. Clearly the first strike was positioned in such a way as to cause people to hurdle together at the centre of the park where the two grenades that inflicted the most harm went off. One of those killed was an 8 year old boy who had left his home in Kawangware slums Nairobi knowing that he was coming for a Christian crusade and NOT a political rally.

It is clear that those who paid the killers had given careful instructions on what was to be done. In a way this gives vital clues that the investigators should not ignore. It appears that the idea was to cause such outrage that the majority of Kenyans would quickly lose their appetite for a new constitution. Exactly the same mode of operation that was used with the re-introduction of multi-party democracy into the country. Indeed this is the kind of thinking that brought in the famous land clashes which always erupted ONLY when general elections were around the corner. Catch the drift?

And of course many Kenyans have forgotten that the bows and arrows used in the land clashes were imported into the country by the then government.

I dare say that when you understand the Moi presidency, it will be very clear to you who were involved in organizing and funding the evil thing that happened at Uhuru park on Sunday. Every Kenyan needs to fully understand the Moi presidency and you can do so very easily by reading my landmark book; Dark Secrets of the Kenyan Presidency. For a free mini version of the book, please EMAIL ME NOW. Or if you are using a shared computer and this link doesn't work for you, send an email now to:-

In my view the church leaders made a fatal mistake promoting the Uhuru Park meeting as a normal crusade only to turn it into a NO political rally at the very last minute. I am sure the idea was to get a big crowd there and they knew that if they told the people the truth, they were not going to get such a big crowd. Interestingly evangelical church leaders in Kenya have always had great difficulties in uniting but the common enemy in the draft constitution has had the magical effect of uniting them. For many Christians a meeting with so many different Ministers was irresistible.

I am reliably informed that the intelligence service already knows who and where the attacks came from. If this is true, it doesn’t make the investigations any easier because some of the people involved have gotten away with much bigger murders than the killing of a number of nobodies at Uhuru Park. Very sad, but that is Kenya yetu for you.

Breaking News: Ruto accused of using 8 Facebook accounts that incite people. But Higher education minister defending himself against hate speech allegations says he only has one Facebook account.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh Chris u cant get that desperate to look relevant!! Ati u predicted uhuru park blast! Boy u'v jst made ma day!

M. Pesa said...

Is Kibaki really in charge of this country? Blood soaked anti-reform politicians have been killing Kenyans with impunity for donkey years yet remain untouchable. They are currently inciting fellow Kenyans to ethnically cleanse parts of Rift Valley and Western provinces yet Baba Jimmy has locked himself in state house snoring till cows come home. These anti reform thugs, crooks, liars and cheats sponsored the mass murder of innocent Kenyans during the 2007 elections. Some of them also oversaw 5,000 young and jobless Kenyans executed in cold blood in the name of fighting Mungiki. Others who were in positions of power and command oversaw the chilling killing of over 400 innocent Luos in Kisumu when they protested over a stolen election. Most of these innocent men, women and children were clearly shot at the back of the head from close range. Now the anti-reform brigade is busy blowing up innocent Kenyans using military devices to scare them from embracing a new constitution as they mount a spirited fight to protect their ill gotten loot. The sad fact is that, we are on our own as Kenyans. even those responsible for inserting "National Security" are laughing on our helpless faces asking "mta do?" No one appears to be in charge of this fragile and corrupt Govt! Lord have mercy!

Anonymous said...

Smart timing for the BOMBERS. If only they performed their evil act a week ago when Joe was around they would have lived to REGRET it. But they are not fools, are they?

Anonymous said...

@Anon, 6/15/10 3:40 AM

An indicator of maturity and issues-based discussion is when we graduate from mediocre. However, if you are looking to humour yourself, please visit mashada. There are others who have specialized in name calling and cat fights when called upon to express an opinion. There is a difference there. I hope that your next contribution will be informative, insightful in perspective if not interesting

wanjirina said...

what a shame to kill masses for selfih gain. I am sure though our God will one day bring all this to an end.Let us all pray that justice comes fast.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Chris.

You have been doing some remarkable blogging over the last 2 weeks and anybody reading Kumekucha wud have had an idea what was coming.

And that is why I was telling you please don't dissapear on us like you usually do for weeks at a time. At least wait until the referendum. If we get there that is.

Now I know for sure that Ruto reads Kumekucha. have you ever noticed those crazy comments whenever there is a negative post about him. Lol, am sure he usually comes straight here from his 8 Facebook accounts. the comments are too similar.

Well, ignore them all Chris and keep writing and digging. Remember the silent majority who just read and enjoy your blog absorbing everything but never leaving a comment (like me). Keep writing for us.

I beg you again, Chris, Pls Pls don't go AWOL on us... not now.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theories will not solve this case. To unearth the truth which is hiding in plain view we start with two questions: Who were the targets of this terrorism? What is the likeliest motive of the terrorists?

The victims of this terror is the "no" people, and the likeliest motive is to silence their growing voice in the katiba debate. The simple aim is to scare all prospective attendees from attending future "no" rallies. This is not the first time that those who happen to be in power have tried to silence their opponents. Examples litter our entire history since independence. Only individual players change.

The "no" people have been demonized and to underline that their opposition will not be tolerated, the katiba has been called a govt project. In such a climate, as night follows day, the "no" people were bound to be harmed in an attempt to silence their voices of reason.

Chris, it is sad, but here you are joining the perpetrators of that terror by blaming the victims.

Who had the motive, means and opportunity to silence the "no" people? Those are the questions you should be asking and not indulging in grand conspiracy theories while fellow citizens have lost loved ones.

deroo said...

Empathy? Is there any?

DM-Nairobi said...


"Is Kibaki really in charge of this country?"

This is an extremely naive question. Of course he is fully in charge. I put it to you that he is part and parcel of all these shenanigans to derail the reform process in Kenya.

Just watch the DVD "making of a Nation" by Hillary Ng'weno and you'll see clearly that Kibaki has never been a reformer. in fact he derailed successfully the bomas draft by watering it into the infamous Wako draft of 2005.

The man is "Yes" during the day, "No" at night.

Anyone with a different theory - lets hear it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Hope you have graduated from village insults and stereotypes. No matusi please.

Anonymous said...

Just the same was Chris cheered on Kikuyu murderers in 2007 and 2008, he has gone back to cheering the grenade killers.

Chris reminds me of FBI report on Ouko. The FBI concluded that Ouko shot himself before dousing himself with acid.

Chris here is trying to trade a theory that the Church organised to kill its followers who have agreed to vote NO. In the meantime, the muslim extremist whom the CIA have blamed for the suicide attact in their latest intelligence report are smilling all the way to the bank knowing they are well shielded by their paymasters and the ignorant fools like Anyang Nyongo, Chris and other morons.

God have mercy on Kenya.

Anonymous said...


According to you PEV was about the policee shooting peace loving Kenyans and innocent Kikuyu's who are peaceful members of Mungiki.

Can someone please change the diaper of this thumb sucking moron. I think he is thinking through his poopoo!!

Anonymous said...

These are the thoughts of people who are too naive or too afraid to face the harsh reality,that this could have been a terrorist attack by muslim extremists.As Chris himself says,in any investigation,you first establish a motive.The Kadhis courts have been an emotive issue since the draft came out and muslim religious leaders have been issuing veiled threats including secession were the courts to be left out.And as was posted here some time back,Al Shabaab is already having a healthy presence in Nairobi.Wh

Anonymous said...

yes kibaki is in charge , this is his legacy, he doesn't give 2 fucks, he is president and that is the end of his ambition, good or bad presidency is irrelevant

Anonymous said...

Ati if we vote yes we will get
american money and a visit by cousin obama!Another reason to vote no.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kumekucha is an empty house....

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.17

Please post the email here for all and sundry to see!

Anon 2:15 your almost beginning to sould like Al Shabaab. Being anti american is clearly un helpful!!

Anonymous said...

- Grenade hitmen?

That's a new one for the books. They could have been female attackers or assailants.

- Those who paid the killers had given careful instructions on what was to be done.

Was it with the same money or funds from foreign sources that are still intending to derail the proposed constitution process?

- Moi's presidency in 2010?

You must be kidding!

What the hell have shadows from Moi's bygone presidency got to do with the criminal actions of a lone ranger, lone wolf, lone hyena or evidently some disnruntled Christians elements (preachers for profit) who didn't get their fair share of the millions of "crusade dollars" that have been pouring into the country from various European destinations?

- Intelligence service already knows who and where the attack came from.

You bet. They do and the usual suspects will have to answer for it in one way or another.
The attack was so amateurish to say the least, and it was so predictable.

How convinient was it for the attackers to have struck when the "prayer crusade" was winding down.

And after so many of the so called "leading religious leaders" had left the area.

Why would any professional attackers hit the tail of their intended target (enemy) rather than strike the head (of the enemy), located near and around the podium or on the main stage itself.

The Uhuru Park Blast (UPB) is going to backfire against the inside planners with dire consequences.

The innocent blood of the foot soldiers (sacrificial lambs) will come back and haunt the perpetrators forever.

Last word: Much ado about nothing. Attacks: Evidence suggests it was the handwork of a lone hyena or hacked by some disgruntled insiders.

Anonymous said...

For all those of you like Chris, who like guitar strings shout at every strike of the strumist and refuse to use your faculties even when you in many ways seem intelligent, yet you have mutated and multiplied so that when you speak, you judge others and brand them naive and mediocre and you brag and arrogant around with lound mouths intimidating others and forcing your ridiculours reasoning through the ears of everyone else and you have failed all of us. You have caused many ills in this country with the latest being the 2007 chaos. Can you stop this evil campaign again and please if you have nothing to say or to write about, just shut up and close down!!!

Anonymous said...

With all due respect....

Some people here have always done what they have been known to do so well for years, which is, overfeed themselves on yesterday's, last week's, last month's, last year's or last decade's stale news paper reports and political events that are of no value and no longer matter in the eyes and minds of so many Kenyans back home, living on ground zero.

Talk of an eating place that next changes its menu for the better but still expects patrons to pay higher prices for the same old food. Not that people pay to access this place, it's just a given privilege.

Lol! Chapatis (poorly prepared), nyama-choma, sukuma, ng'ombe-mchuzi, mbuzi-choma, mbuzi-mchuzi, kuku-fry, kuku-mchuzi, kachumbari, wali (poorly cooked or mashed rice), samoza (sambusa), etc, that is always COOKED (yes, off premise) WEEKS IN ADVANCE, then FROZEN only to be ferried onto the premises so that menu items can be MICROWAVED to ORDER accordingly.

BTW, the chapatis you always see or may have seen being cooked (warmed lol), are not meant for the orders (tickets) of the day, but they are usually added onto the old pile in the freezer (located in a basement somewhere .... in Europe, Australia or North America) in accordance with FIFO* storage.

*FIFO as in "First In, Fast Out."

Enjoy your meal the next time around. LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

On a serious note, let's not forget the fact that it's always a privilege and not a right to access this site for free.

So, take it for what it is (as is) or leave it in peace. You will not be missed either way.

With all due respect .....

Anonymous said...

Off topic I know, but I like this blog and it seems to be read by serious people. It is about what has been happening in my home island of Lamu. None of it has been heard of in the media and our MP who has never opened his mouth in parliament is true to his character even in this case.

We have lived in peace for thousands of years with virtually no crime at all. But for the last few years we have seen an increase in drug addicts and an increase in police officers. These police officers are very young men fresh from Kiganjo. They have started harrasing and asking for bribes imposing curfews on people whi have lived on this island for centuries without ever hearing from the government. Last week a drug addict stole a phone from a meru miraa dealer. Police officers went to his home and beat uo his poor mother. Who in his right mind would do that?!?! The reaction as has been always when residents are harrassed by the police is that it is reported to the imams. The imams went to the station and instead of the police apologosing and investigating why an old lady was beaten up for a crime her son committed they have become extremely violent. They now beat up anybody they see on the streets at night. Growing up in Lamu I could go anywhere at any time of the day or night without any fear. Now people can't go out even in case of an emergency because of fear of the same people who are supposed to keep law and order. Even tourists are cancelling.

Something has got to be done to save this piece of paradise. People are already murmuring about all the people from Nairobi who have never seen the sea who show up with title deeds claiming land in anticipation of the new port. Tension is high. And now the police have gone berserk. This is just a few weeks after police illed 2 boys and one mentally disabled woman in watamu. I hope somebody is reading this.

Anonymous said...

^^^this Lamu fellow.

You think Kumekucha will save your island??? Thats hilarious.
My advice, go to the Ombudsman offices and report this case.
Better still, call the morning show programs and complain on air. Best advice would be you write to the Watchman Daily Nation. That always does wonders.
Otherwise, the cretins who own Kumekucha are busy selling email accounts and propaganda books to stay afloat.

arap chito said...


kumekucha said...

Anon 9:16 PM you seem to be very bitter with Kumekucha. How come? Kumekucha imekula mbuzi yako?

It's OK don't answer. I already KNOW. Good luck to you in your own money-making project.

Anon @ 6:24. By leaving your comment here, you have already taken the first important step of making others aware of what is going on in your home town. Your comment is accessible to the entire web and anybody searching for Lamu info with the particular keyword phrases will find your comment. It is also permanent.

Secondly I already have somebody checking out your story. Please email all details you have to umissedthis at

Thirdly follow the advice in the bitter guy's comments above and NEVER give up.

It would interst you to know that this blog started in identical circumstances to yours. Somebody's home country was going to the dogs and so they started making posts on the web and people found those posts and 4 million hits later most people know Kumekucha and it must be important coz some people earn a living constantly thinking up new ways to discredit everything written here. What a waste of money when most Kenyans are too inteligent these days to be fooled by anything here in Kumekucha and don't need a self-proclaimed prefect to help them think.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Off topic I know, but I like this blog and it seems to be read by serious people. It is about what has been happening in my home island of Lamu. None of it has been heard of in the media and our MP who has never opened his mouth in parliament is true to his character even in this case.


This reply might seem very impractical. It is not asking you to walk to the so caled Ombudsman and such.

However, when the people will ever understand it, such harrassment by the policemen/state shall become a thing of the past.

When you go to these various offices and courts, you shall be seeking to fight for your human rights as we call them.

But, what are these rights we talk about in law schools and "nice" constitutions?

When we look back to history, we find disturbing stuff. The earliest notion of a right came from the boon granted a slave by his master.

It was therefore, the conqueror's voluntary restriction on the exercise of his power over the vanguished.

The sole purpose of such self - imposed restraint was to further the economic purpose of conquest.

This was so because, it was self evident to the master that, a slave harrassed too much would reduce his productive capacity and thereby, lessen the loot.

In time (this is what is to be noted), these limitations to the conqueror's powers became traditionalized and put into legal forms. You can see such in our constitutions.

It was from this that, when the conquering class overstepped the bounds, the slave class could invoke their rights and demand restraint on the conquerors.

As such, we still have master and slave system in the way we constitute our governments. As a result, subjugation shall remain with us. It cannot be otherwise.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6/16/10 6:24 PM

Its a shame what's happening in Lamu but you should realise that you and the people of Lamu are partially to blame for electing a person who does not care about the peoples welfare, perhaps you should remind your MP that 2012 is round the corner.

On the other hand you should try visiting the media houses sometimes it works as in the case of the serial killer if that fails video tape instances of police brutality and up load them on you tube that will most definitely produce some results.

Alternatively raise some money as a community hire a lawyer and sue the police make sure you invite the media, the negative publicity may help tame the police force

Anonymous said...

Anon: 6:24 PM

Those were the days during a bygone era when native sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, uncles, shangazis,close cousins, distant cousins, neighbours and "upcountry people" DIDN'T ENGAGE in theft, drug use, cheating, lying, profanity, promiscuitty, prostitution, murder and absolute lack of respect for the ancient religion of the island.

I hate to remind you that those days are long gone and the islanders have allowed themselves to be corrrupted by the daily seduction of the mighty euro, mighty dollar and the darkside of short-term commercilism.

Have you ever wondered or asked yourseleves why there are so many cases of HIV/AIDS, TB, intestinal cancers, abortions (yes abortions by natives islanders) and outright disrespect for family roots etc?

It is so easy to blame "outside forces" for internal decay that has been taking place within the island since the late 1980s.

A community always decays from within before external forces, vices, agents or winds of change can crode it from the outside.

Kikulacho ki nguoni mwa....?. In Lamu's case, it's ki nguoni mwao.

The police are not angels, they have never been professional given the colonial legacy that still permeates the rank and file throughout the glorified Kingajo Police College.

The police are damned if they come to your rescue, they are damned if they fail to do so on time, and they damned if they not show up at all.

BTW, let's not fact the fact that some corrupted grandmothers had been known to hide, guard, protect, or redistribute their grandsons' contraband that is brought to the once innocent island from the Comoros and Kismayu (Somali) territories.

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