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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Bitter enemies of the new constitution: Can Kenyans stop them?

It seems that former powerful AG Charles Njonjo needed a favour from Gideon Moi in this instance. There are hardly any photos around of Gideon's brother and forgotten Moi son, Philip. When you know what he gets up to, you won't be suprised.

There was a time when I was pretty naïve and it cost me dearly. In fact I am still paying to this day (that is a very sad story for another day).

The personal tragedy that resulted from my naïve ways has made me very sensitive these days. I know how things run and who runs them. As you keep hearing on Kumekucha Kenya iko na wenyewe.

In this post I want to focus on some of these powerful dark forces who control everything from the shadows. Naturally these guys are not happy about the draft constitution. For starters it will bring too many naïve but powerful people to positions where they can hurt some of their illegal businesses. Take the business in drugs. I hope you are not naïve enough to believe those press reports about how the police are doing a great in the fight against drugs. The truth is that Kenya in recent years has become a major drug trafficking hub on the continent. It arrives in tons on containers disguised as all kinds of stuff and it gets into the country easily and effortlessly.

The image that most Kenyans have of drug traffickers as some dirty desperate Nigerians who somehow got into Kenya and are making billions from the illegal trade. Hahahahahahahahaha. That’s really funny. Those Nigerians are mere foot soldiers. Nobody can do any drug business in a foreign country without the full cooperation of some very powerful locals.

Secondly it is NOT small people who run major drug rings. It is usually very big people. The pawns and messengers are the guys who are always getting caught and amazingly they never lead the police to the kingpin of the whole operation.

To illustrate the kind of people involved in this business let me mention the forgotten Moi son whom the famous Kroll report singled out as a major trafficker in these shores for many years.

The press hardly mention President Moi's other son, Philip Moi. Yet some of his deals would make Gideon look like an angel in comparison. According to the Kroll report, Philip's estimated wealth stands at about $770 million and he is said to control more hidden cash than even Gideon. (Other Kumekucha informants tell me that this estimate of his wealth is a mere drop in the ocean and the man is worth much more. Philip uses low key Asians and even houseboys as proxies for all his business deals and interests.

Philip rarely travels himself and chooses to use his wife Rossana Pluda instead, who is an Italian and relatively unknown in Kenya, even amongst the press. So she is able to slip in and out of the country without attracting any attention. She is also his link to many Italian underworld businesses that he works with.

According to the Kroll report, Philip Moi has dealt in Hashish, Madrax tablets and bhang grown around the Mount Kenya area with the Akasha family. But it doesn’t stop there. He has also dealt with hard drugs like cocaine, providing cover for Italian families based in Malindi on the Kenyan Coast. It is said that with his help, the drug cartel in Malindi was able to offload 20-feet containers, packed with drugs.

The Kroll report names Muzahim as Philip's business partner. Muzahim has mainly been a car dealer, drug baron and money counterfeiter. Basically Philip provided the cover and Muzahim managed the operations. They jointly made counterfeit dollars for Somalia, Zaire, Sudan and Liberia.

When Muzahim and Philip fell out, Philip paid an assassin to kill him mainly because he knew too much and had armed himself with extensive documentary proof to protect himself. Amazingly the would-be assassin approached Muzahim and confessed to him what had happened. He was promptly paid off to abandon the mission.

Now these are the kind of characters that would do anything to ensure that the draft constitution never sees the light of day because it would complicate business for them, big time. Despite denials the truth is that the No campaign team is very well funded. Now the crazy thing about all this is that the church in its’ joint NO campaign with politicians like William Ruto is getting partly funded by drug money. Digest that!!!!

P.S. Notice how angry the No team are at the recent poll results on the upcoming referendum? These guys are getting big money to do what they are doing because they are telling their financiers that it is working. That is why they are now suggesting that all opinion polls get banned until after the referendum.

People being blunt about the good and the bad in the book Dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency


Anonymous said...

Spot on

Explains why Kibaki has beefed up security as being reported in the press.
kibaki is intelligent. These forces you mention would clear him out. Luckily, the ship is already in high seas and theres no turning back

But why is he in this position?

Ask O-O-O

Mwarang'ethe said...

Naturally these guys are not happy about the draft constitution. For starters it will bring too many naïve but powerful people to positions where they can hurt some of their illegal businesses.

Take the business in drugs. I hope you are not naïve enough to believe those press reports about how the police are doing a great in the fight against drugs. The truth is that Kenya in recent years has become a major drug trafficking hub on the continent. It arrives in tons on containers disguised as all kinds of stuff and it gets into the country easily and effortlessly.


Well, drug trade/illegal trade is a state policy or foreign policy of the EMPIRE. In that case, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING a Kenyan constitution can do in matters of drugs trade. All you can do is to refuse to take drugs as an individual.

Further more, Kroll report on how Moi's son run drugs in Kenya/Africa is a con game for the uninformed.

Drug trade is controlled by the OWNERS OF THE WORLD. In this scheme of things, Kenya is just an administrative unit which gets orders from the higher powers.

As usual, we believe in supporting arguments with HARD EVIDENCE so that the readers can read and judge for themselves.

In an EU suit/case against the AMERICAN tobacco company, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the EU in the American courts, among other stuff submitted this:

"The RJR DEFENDANTS have ENGAGED in and FACILITATED organized crime by laundering the proceeds of NARCOTICS TRAFFICKING and other crimes. As financial institutions worldwide have largely shunned the banking business of organized crime, narcotics traffickers and others, eager to conceal their crimes and use the fruits of their crimes, have turned away from traditional banks and relied upon companies, in particular the DEFENDANTS herein, to launder the proceeds of unlawful activity."

The RJR DEFENDANTS have, at the HIGHEST CORPORATE LEVEL, determined that it will be a part of their operating business plan to sell cigarettes to and through criminal organizations and to accept criminal proceeds in payment for cigarettes by secret and surreptitious means, which under United States law constitutes money laundering. The officers and directors of the RJR DEFENDANTS facilitated this overarching money-laundering scheme


We also know that:

"when senior or mid-level executives have been charged criminally with aiding and abetting smuggling, tobacco companies often don't cooperate with investigators. In a Louisiana case, for example, lawyers for one tobacco company used their connections in the administration of former President BILL CLINTON TO FORCE THE REMOVAL of a prosecutor pursuing a Brown & Williamson sales executive for smuggling into Canada.


So, it may be that, Moi's son is/ or was involved, but, the MAJOR players are top and very respected executives in major companies that many will never suspect. Furthermore, these executives are working for some serious intelligent organisations.

When you add all these factors, you will realise that, illegal business/drug trade will continue as usual for it is THE BACKBONE of international banking.

Anonymous said...

Everything you have written there is true. You have the name of the guy who is the root cause of the drug problems in the coast.

The wife's name is Zahra not Zara. She is half somalian half italian born in poverty in Majengo Mombasa island. She was in the Lady Gay ad on TV and Philip saw her there and married her. Her brother, now highly ranked in the kenyan army, was the first to sell brown sugar in Majengo after Zahra married Philip. The area is now overflowing with drugs with youth walking like zombies. Was all the destroyed lives worth the millions this cursed man has accumulated? Will he take his money to the grave?

I really pray that he will pay one day..

Anonymous said...

Wacheni Fitina.

Anonymous said...

There was political hygene in Mombasa; ODM hooligans were not mobilized to jeer Raisi wa Kecho Kalonzo Musyoka. I understand the muslim leaders in Coast warned Raila not to Kibera-nize pwani politics - they were afraid it would threaten Kadhi Courts if it was seen as if Coast people are for hire by Raila.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:54 AM,

You have spoken a rotten mixture of lies and nonsense... Figments of your wild fantasizing imagination.

You "see" Raila "everywhere." You just could not resist seeing him negatively at Mombasa.

Wacha huo upuzi wako. Huo upuzi ni pumbavu saaana.

Anonymous said...

Sabotage, propaganda mob tu sana

Anonymous said...

How dare you insinuate that Phillip Moi can engage in corruption?Dont you know that if you are brought up well by a dad who provides for all your needs it becomes impossible for one to be corrupt?Well for your info Moi is a staunch church going Christian who has never missed sunday service unlike some atheists whom I wont mention.Hope you heard of a certain BBC interview where someone proclaimed with a straight face that all it takes for one never to accept a bribe is to have a caring dad.Uniquely Kenyan..

Anonymous said...


You are getting boring. Why are nyeusis so naive. Pass your document and life remains the same. Why did we fight and create post of pm?

Anonymous said...

When Museveni referred to Jaluos as mad people, I was dismayed by his attitude towards that community. He should have particularized to the few members who give the community such a bad reputation, people like Joseph Kony and Miguna Miguna.

Somebdy like Miguna has come to epitomize the ugliest crudity of Luo arrogance. International deligates in a Kampala confernce were so annoyed with his primitive behaviour that they had to chase him out of a meeting. But again, when a dog keeps defecating all over you don't keep chasing it, you go to the owner. It is time Raila is told to put a leash on this Miguna.

Anonymous said...

oops--that's a little harsh my friend. note that arrogance is by no means monopolized by the Lwo community. a pity you'd cite museveni--he strikes me as mad himself.

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for what has been said is 100% true,i remember when i was in school (Nairobi school) Phillip Moi came there for his A-levels and he and a group of his friends,mainly one Eddy Ngaruiya,Martin Aliker, got suspended from school coz of stealing gas cylinders from the school!! so you can see his criminal activities started at an early age!!

Anonymous said...

Wewe 11:16 AM

OHN! ... when I was in school (Nairobi School)... LOL!

Why not when you were in school (Hillcrest or St. Mary's or ISK or RVA)?

I can't wait to read about fictitious juicy posts about Phillip's drug business dealings in Bogota, Columbia or human trafficking in Moscow, Russia or uranium, bloody diamonds, bauxite dealings in Kinshasa, DRC.

I would like to know how can anyone in their right mind
stoop so low in order to dish out malicious dirt on one Phillip Moi?

If that's the case, then make open season and do the same on others as well, instead of cherry picking certain individuals for the predicatble character assassination based on "Krolling Krowl Report"?

FYI, narcotics business on the coast of Kenya has always been run and managed by native coastal residents on the three islands.

Some of the cartels, their associates and their families are well known by the local residents.

KV, it has been a sickening death trade of "wenyewe kwa wenyewe" or better known as "sisi kwa sisi" under the blessings of 'Mombao cartels' who no longer have any ounce of respect for the places of worship, let alone their faith.

Drug profits have become their religion above all else.

Drugs are often sold in open places around the coast as well as within houses of prayer and in the once respected neighbourhoods.

BTW, Kibaki is untouchable and the so called "forces" are very much aware of it. Only a blind fool under the influence would dare throw a bucket of sea water at his motorcade.

Anonymous said...

Why not when you were in school (Hillcrest or St. Mary's or ISK or RVA)?
your such an idiot!!nah......embecile!!let Phillip comeout and defend hiself instead of sending his "spanner-boy" to do his bidding!!

Anonymous said...

With all the 'FACTS' you have on drug dealing by Moi's son, why dont you just hand it all to interpol or FBI so that the Phillip can go to jail? Or do you just love seeing more Kenyans hooked up on drugs?

You are such a joke - RUMOR MONGER. Get a life, internet idler.

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