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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Juicy Esther Adongo Timberlake (EAT)

Eat and lets eat. It is a free world and let people eat and get eaten generously. The burden of modern freedom and civilization.

And then the killer punch. You can imagine if Esther's parents were also to file a counter suit demanding compensation for all the diapers, weetabixes and lollipops. Maybe Esther would counter that she is a byproduct of her parents' emotional bliss.

The Arungas financed a law degree that has come back to haunt them. The resulting legal scoundrel can afford to wed in prison/remand oblivious of the fact that is not permissible under Kenyan laws.

Whatever HELL(on) has brought together no parent must try/dream to put asunder. Consenting adults have all the rights to indulge and parents must learn to know when to let go.

Esther has set a precedence. Soon many will be suing their parents for forcing alien names and beliefs (religion) on them. Never joke with YouTube generation.


Vikii said...

I support Joseph Hellon and all these people he has converted.

Will Kenyans ever understand that people have the right to be what they want? What exactly are we condemning these guys for? They belong to a church that is duly registered and our constitution guarantees freedom of worship.So what's all the hoopla about?

I once listened to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and he was preaching one simple fact; That "Different is not Defecient". Kenyans have to understand that people can choose to be Finger-of-Godian, muslim, PNU, ODM, Safinaist, Gor-Mahian, Chelsea (Oh yeah) or whatever. Now you do not have to belong to any of these groups for it to be right. Stay the fuck away if you must but please live and let live. I don't think anybody needs a law degree to understand that.

Anonymous said...

This Luo woman is confused after tasting a Luhya sword with a sheath. She says she looked around but could't find a true man among her people.

Anonymous said...

Any post/s breaking the house rules of COMMON DECENCY will be promptly deleted, i.e. NO TRIBALISTIC, racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive, swearing, DIVERSIONS, impersonation and spam AMONG OTHERS. No exceptions WHATSOEVER.


M. Pesa said...

Hehehe, somethings are either just outright funny or plain weird. Picture this, you raise a beautiful gal, educate her with your hard earned savings. She becomes a big Celeb and gets a job that all gals dream of. Then she joins some funny cult, sues you for all your millions and gets married to a weird illegal alien who happens to be a notorious jailbird.... who also has a ridiculous name! Sounds like a scene from those cheap and predictable Nigerian movies, doesn't it? The saga continues:

"Meanwhile, the officer in charge of the Industrial remand Prison Pauline Wanja said there was no way the two could have been married in prison because weddings were not allowed in remand prison.
“Quincy is still here and to the best of my knowledge no wedding ceremony has taken place here. In any case such ceremonies are not allowed,”
said Wanja.

So Esther is also is big liar? Who is fooling who here? Esther Timberlake, I really don't think there's anyone else who loves and cares for you more than your parents! "When the gods want to destroy you, first they make you mad...."

Anonymous said...

Esther is a Kenyan woman.
Her taste, decisions and dreams dont have to do with the Luo tribe.

Let's not always equate failures, problems or mishappenings of an individual to those of a whole tribe.

A country can only move on if her people are mature in the mind. Kenyans still think too much about their circumcized (mutilated)private parts and shout loud how beautiful it is.

Whether you are mutilated (female, male), whether you wear a tatoo or a piercing, whether your 2 teeth or 6 teeth are removed, whether your ears have been disected doesnt matter at all. It is your own problem, keep it to yourself. God created you perfectly, mind you. It is an insult to God to make such stupid changes.

Let's move on and build Kenya! Let's be mature!

Anonymous said...

Why is PM Raila Odinga not requesting that Deputy PM Musalia Mudavadi to step aside pending investigations on the cemetery deal, or at least consulting the President about it? After all as Raila said "everyone is a suspect in an investigation," and = And why is Kumekucha covering up the dirt goign on in Local Govt. ministry. Oh because Mudavadi is a key Raila lieutenant and the demi-god has to be protected. got it

ODM = useless hypocrites who are only fooling the gullible Kenyan

Anonymous said...

Been away from this blog for a long time only to come back to some juicy news:)

"Lets eat" In French it can be translated "nous mange", which can mean different things.

Now back to the topic at hand:- How I wish I could sue my parents for putting me through mutilation in the name of circumcision.


Anonymous said...

The Luos used to remove the six teeth because of tetanus, the Arabs used to cut the foreskin because they had no water to wash their private parts with, the Somalis used to perform FGM because they never trusted their neighbours, the Maasais used to cut their ears to enable them to sense the low frequency roaring of the lions. And you? You havent realized that things have changed. There are no dangers of tetanus, the women can take care of themselves, there is tapped water everywhere, there are no big threats from lions.

Forget your backwardness, be a mzungu. He discarded his stupid beliefs and took science seriously. Can you see a difference? Computers, Mobile phones, Motor vehicles, ships, planes, satellites, etc.

Come on Kenyans, let's build Kenya using science and not using foreskin.

Hari Sheldon said...


You've hit the all time low, and I had actually thought you could not go lower.

Anonymous said...

Esther Adongo Arunga may end up on the path of self-destruction or self-fulfilling prophecy. The 'empty look' as seen on youtube speaks volumes. What a sad case for a family that was once the envy of their neighbours, the Jones (Kantais) and all the villagers.

All that giltters is not to be wished for.

@3:26 AM

Your parents did you a big favour with regard to time you would have spent attending to your daily personal hygiene.

LOL! Will you also sue your parents for imposing a European name on your person?

Sending you away to neo-colonial schools where you were taught in a foreign language?

Forcing you to belong to religious institutions that helped brain wash you into believing that "everything African or from your native community will always be inferior to all things European"?

FYI, since you are an adult, you are free to request, order or demand for the return of your missing 'head scarf/skin' ASAP.

There are so many of 'head scarfs' that are harvested and thrown away every year.

Arrangments can made and better transplant procedures are done during the summer season.

@6:23 AM

In your dreams! Are you not the one who once said that you left Kenya during the early 1990s and you have not been back since.

So, when did you ever meet or date Esther Arunga?

Don't forget to take your meds and to obey all orders issued by the CNA assigned to your constatnt care.

Anonymous said...

Yes times have changed. That's why the science of the foreskin has helped mankind evolve from the age of spears, arrows, old ships, and into guns, silos, submarines, rockets, missiles, aviation, and space exploration.Thanks to foreskin technology.

Anonymous said...

Esther Adongo Timberlake can do what she wants. That is because people shed their blood so that she could have freedom, and liberty. And she can marry whomever she wants to, even if the dude has a funny name and is a jail bird. Luhya women like me have always married outside the tribe, me included (though am not married to a Luo.)

Anonymous said...

Dont Kenyans have anything better to debate on, rather than discussing about Esther's personal problems.

It would be better to discuss how Prof Karega got his PhD- it can be helpful to the disadvantaged or how Kenyans should be made to be patriotic (as I read Slovakia is doing).

Anonymous said...

This is a family tragedy taking place on a very public stage, the media should just give this people a total blackout and the story will fade to oblivion. I feel sorry for esther's parents.

On a lighter note, knowing how kenya operates I think this Hellon guy has bitten off more than he can chew, you do not ridicule the middle class and get away with it, the Timberlake guy may be deported or get a long jail sentence and soon some tax guy will look into Hellons accounts and a money laundering charge may be on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

surely how does one become a millionaire by relying on sadaka from a small church - finger of god and blowing horns and trumpets in clubs? anyway,this hellon bloke must be minting money kichinichini livondo style without raising eyebrows. wapi IRS?

Anonymous said...


"Q: What is the organisational structure of the movement?

A: The movement’s top organ is the supreme council whose interim chairman is President Kibaki. The council will include leaders of other political parties so it is a representative of all the regions in the country. Members include Kalonzo Musyoka (ODM-Kenya chairman), Uhuru Kenyatta (Kanu chairman), Prof George Saitoti (PNU chairman), Beth Mugo (representing women’s affairs), and David Ng’ang’a (to represent other parties).

The central committee is like the executive committee of a party. It is in charge of management of the movement. It will have 25 members. I am its interim chairman and Mutula Kilonzo the secretary. The secretariat is headed by Jasper Nyaboga (PNU executive officer) and other members include JB Muturi (Kanu organising secretary). The technical team is headed by Dr Stephen Njiru who is PNU’s chief legal advisor "


Anonymous said...

Sam Okello has been MIA. Here's why:

"Literary critics will be waiting to ascertain whether the work will fit the bill of fictional work or PROPAGANDA literature."

Mbaka Ndungu aka the Fatcat said...

Always have said these Luos dont do things in half measures,they do what they lay their minds on with a passion.Now their once beautiful TV goddess has gone mad with the help Of this shifty,curly kitted Hell-on-earth character.I couldnt have felt more pity on this young lass than I did on saturday night after watching the duo on on K24 declaring they have launched a political party....yes..,wait for it.....called.....THE PLACENTA PARTY OF KENYA!YES!You read right,PLACENTA.To be launched live-a first for Africa(according to Hell-on)-by CNN.And the young girl is set to meet Sarah Palin for political mentorship!These two Luos are sick,very sick indeed!

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:01

Why do you always talk about the Luos? Do you feel inferior to them?

Esther is an individual who doesnt even speak Luo. She was raised in Nairobi, yes, she is a Kenyan woman.

When Kibaki's daughter fell in love with Armenia crooks, we never talked about Kikuyu girl's problem. What is Esther compared to a president's daughter?

Stop your tribal craziness and be reasonable. Once more, Esther is not a representative of the Luos.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the picture above, I cannot see why some people find this bitch (Arunga) beautiful.
Then again beauty is in the eyes of beer-holder.

Anonymous said...

What has become of some of our sisters and brothers from Nyanza? Have the famous Kisumu mosquitoes sucked all reasoning out of their heads such that only emotions are left? Mara it is Esther crying about her "snatched" virginity, mara it is Aguambo crying about his "stolen" votes. Somebody better tell them that public display of emotions will never take them anywhere!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Worrying and familiar?

...The party is also concerned about what it calls, "refusal to allow complete restructuring and overhaul of the Administration Police and selective intensive recruitment of APs." "Whereas the recruitment and deployment of the regular police has stalled; the APs are being given military training; are getting sophisticated military equipment and are being armed like an elite Presidential Unit. To make matters worse, similar suspicious activities have also been noticed at the National Security Intelligence Service," stated the party (ODM).

Anonymous said...

our brothers from the lake are still sleeping.

They should adopt our ways:

1)eat goat heads to be clever. It has been proved by a JKCAT Prof: goat head promotes intelligence better than fish head
2)men to marry men, women to marry women. This is civilization as in ancient Greece and Rome. Hey we are the first tribe in Kenya to be civilized.
3)Pretend to work hard during day time even on Labour day but earn real money at night.
4)Buy weapons
5)Migrate to any part of the country and bring your people, overpopulate it and rename the place New Nyeri, Kiambaa, Gatundu mpya
6)we are the best in vote counting. we count multi-digitally. If a candidate gets 259 votes and you find one uncounted vote in the ballot box, the number increases to 1259. This is 1+259= 1259. Multi-digital counting helped Kibaki to win and he won without cheating. We are the only tribe in the world who practice this complex maths.

We should help our friends from the Lake to develop.

Anonymous said...

Poor woman. Where will she be in five to ten years from now? Will she end up like a lollipop on the roadside?

Are those blank and sad eyes are crying for help? Wishing that some good friends from the past would come and save her from herself?

Anonymous said...

Arunga is not insane neither is she dim witted and definitely she does not belong to any cult..this is carefully orchestrated play acting for here appearance in Oprah Winfreys upcoming show on celebs and this space

shaka said...

I have the solution to fully rehabilitate Arunga.Give me two months and she will return to the same state if not better than her glamour days at KTN.Njenga will not help her.She should Contact me through the blog

Anonymous said...

Arunga isn't luo but has a luo name so tone down a little bit and get more info.....anyway luos are a people with nyadhi....

Anonymous said...

In the post-modern era, we seem to have thrown all caution to the wind and decided we can live by rules that we create and enforce ourselves. Could this be what Vikii means in his comment? This then could mean, by extension, that everybody can say and do whatever they want, and even things like rules of common decency as this blogsite upholds would also be disregarded. What a world that would be! What a world this is turning to be! Esther's issue is a complex one, as HELLON puts it, "what is wrong with a 29-year-old choosing what she wants?" Am sure he jolly well knows what is wrong where, or he wouldn't be runnning for presidency!

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