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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Raila Prediction…

Warning: If you are a Raila-hater or PNU diehard I strongly recommend that you DO NOT attempt to read this post. Leave this site immediately and come back another day. Possible consequences of reading this post for people who fall under the category I have just mentioned is white searing rage to such an extent that you will see red instead of the computer screen in front of you. Naturally this will lead to a very bad day for you and consequently you may start typing abusive comments here without thinking that will not add any value to the quality debates that normally happen in this blog. You have been warned.

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of the fact that I am do NOT support the political ambitions of the Prime Minister especially his presidential ambitions. However one of the reasons why Kumekucha is so successful is because we do not suppress any views from our readers. In essence we agree to disagree without getting all emotional about it.

A reader recently left a fascinating comment in an old post which I was sure many readers have missed. The other reason why I am giving this reader’s brief comments a full blown post is because I believe predictions should be given maximum publicity so that when they are proved correct or wrong we can give the self-proclaimed prophets the necessary accolades or barbs whatever the case may be.

Well this reader predicts that what is going to happen in Kenya next will be a snap election necessitated by the passing of a new constitution. Raila being the best prepared presidential candidate currently will win those elections and become president of Kenya. However his detractors will be so pissed off that they will leave Kenya in exile to other nations. However peace will reign in the country and Kenya will take off to unprecedented prosperity and success.

Fascinating. Although this reader’s prediction does not mention what will happen to Hon William “pain in the you know where and thorn in the flesh to Raila” Ruto.

Well let’s wait and see shall we?

Remember Chris still sticks to THIS prophecy about Raila’s future in State House.


SHAKA said...

PNU has sensed that we are likely to have a snap election if we enact a new constitution.However there is no budget for a referendum.This in my opinion was deliberate so that whreas the draft will be ready the referendum may not take place this year.Parliament will mutilate the draft leading to anger by the public which will in turn force the drafters to go back to the drawing board.
As for Raila presidency it is tricky for him given that Ruto is not on his side.

Vikii said...

First of all, I find it weird that you are warning off those not supportive of Raila Odinga's wild goose chase of State house and at the same time exhalting yourself and the blog as tolerant promoters of divergent viewpoints. Well, if I may remind you, the record speaks for itself. I was excommunicated from this blog in early 2008 (But we don't quit easily, do we?) for refusing to endorse Mr. Raila's barbarity (And I am told the Anyang Nyong'os of this world who think they own ODM are threatening to expel Ruto and Balala for refusing to kiss somebody's ass). Earlier on Christmas Day 2007, I repeatedly had my comments deleted by you, Chris for giving what was less than a full-throttled Merry Christmas and Happy new year wish to Mr. Raila while contributing to a post specifically meant by the boss for that. The Dereks of this world were e-stonned with unfavourable descriptions as porn mongers. That is the modern day version of 'agreeing to disagree'.

Supporting Raila Odinga is not a criminal act and I do not know why you are doing a Biblical Peter on him. After the ghost 2007 candidate you had promised to introduce to us chickened out and instead went for a second degree, you made a post a couple days before the polls unwaveringly endorsing Mr. Raila and castigating those like me opposed to him as agents of status quo. You not only voted for him, but you also supported his abortive underhand tricks to unconstitutionally assume state power. It beats logic when you claim not to support his Presidential ambitions after all you have invested in his campaign right here on this blog. You have the right Mr. Chris to support not just Raila, but even folks like Kamlesh Pattni and Maina Njenga. That is your democratic right.

On the prediction, well, maybe we should wait and see. Do I believe Raila will be President? I dont. I have said it here since 2006 that I do not believe he has the ability, the maturity or even the sobriety to be President of anything leave alone a country.

Can Kenya enjoy "peace and prosperity" in a Raila Odinga Presidency? That was an attempt at humour, right?

Anonymous said...

political wanking is a very very infectious and addicitive behaviour. Me too i will be president 20111

Anonymous said...

It's Ok to make predictions, and it's OK to say/write what u think (that's democracy). But only God has the final say and He alone knows who is the best to lead Kenya. And if it's God's destiny for Raila to become the president of Kenya, so it WILL BE and if it's not God's will it does not matter how much you pray/wish for Raila it WILL NOT happen.

If u begining to see things this way, you will live a very peaceful life. Words of wisdom.

M. Pesa said...

There are high chances that Kibaki may force himself on Kenyans around 2011 and steal the elections yet again, if his fading health allows him. We simply can't rule that out because he will claim the new constitution allows him. But if he doesn't, well let's see which guys are likely to have a go:

Kalonzo Musyoka: No chance, too much of a Moi relic and considered by many to be an opportunist. Kenyans have never really warmed up to him despite his "nice guy" image. I doubt he can really win the hearts and minds of enlightened Kenyans.

Uhuru Kenyatta: Has a drinking problem, too elitist, a rich spoilt brat and doesn't really understand the common man. Has never been inside a matatu and doesn't know where River Road is. May be implicated in PEV by Ocampo..

Geroge Kinuthia Saitoti: Him and Goldenberg are entwined in the hip. Lacks national support, still seen by many as that ardent Moi stooge.

Peter Kenneth: Still not well known nationally and lacks the millions to manage a presidential race. Would make a great running mate because of his development record in Gatanga and his squeaky clean image.

Martha Karua: Well liked in many parts pf the country due to her no nonsense approach but her ethnicity is her Achilles Heel. I doubt macho Kenyans are ready for a woman president.

William Ruto: Too controversial, many corruption suits on his neck, Ocampo holding him tight by the balls.

Musalia Mudavadi: not his own man,too much of a Raila bootlicker.

Eugene Wamalwa: Yet to mature politically, he's nothing without uttering his famous brother's name.

Raila Odinga: May have lost the Kalenjin vote, but Gema gently warming up to him, cannot be underrated or dismissed. So far seems to have captured the imagination of Kenyans, but can he warm up to the ruling elite? Can the power brokers trust him with instruments of power?

Where is our brand new Obama?

Anonymous said...


Let those who want to hold their breath do so waiting for a Raila presidency. But they shouldn't blame anybody if they suffocate to death. We know what they mean by prosperity if the thug gets power; they mean living in other people's buildings without paying rent. We know their delusional agenda, but let them try as they tried in Kibera in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Let Raila take his hyena to the market and Kalonzo take his goat, and then see which animal people will buy.

Anonymous said...

The next president of Kenya is
HON. Mwai emilio Kibaki.

New Constitution 2011.

Snap elections and Rigging 2011.

PDM= Confusion = ODM = Votes for PDM

Manipulation of;
-Census results in favor of Status quo
-Voter registar
-Manipulation of Election boundaries

Repeat of PEV but this time the security forces will deal a blow to it's effects

all to benefit of the status quo.

Believe me this will happen!

I challenge any Kumekuchan to prove me wrong.

This is what

A wise Orkoiyot is saying

ngaira said...

After reading all these comments and watching kenyans politicians on "you tube", i feel kenya people + politicians are just but a bunch of fools. If you compare yourselfs and we neighbours, we seem to be 1000 miles grown up than you guys who seems to be trapped in tribal or enthinic politics. Maybe someone needs to look at your schools curiculum and establish whats is known taught to make Kenya more cohesive nation. To me it does not matter who runs the runs the country as long as there is security, infrastructure development,education,heath etc taken care of. As long as he is honest and serious leader.To me Raila has all these qualities,but of course tribalists wont c that.

Anonymous said...


You are an ardent bootlicker of Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka, well, here is just one of the reasons why he does not cut it to be the president of Kenya (I shall quote M-Pesa):

"Kalonzo Musyoka: No chance, too much of a Moi relic and considered by many to be an opportunist. Kenyans have never really warmed up to him despite his "nice guy" image. I doubt he can really win the hearts and minds of enlightened Kenyans."

Vikii, your Idol Kalonzo just does not have the vision, character, spine and gravitas to lead Kenya in a positive and prosperous direction.

Anonymous said...

Eugene Wamalwa will sweep the vote come 2012. He will sweep Central and other areas

Anonymous said...

Wakoli wa Bifwoli beats them all hands down!!!

Mark that name WAKOLI BIFWOLI

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is winning in 2012. Just let him start campaigning with ruto and Uhuru on his side.

Raila is still shadow boxing with a man in his political sunset.

I get amused when I hear ODMorons boast of how raila has outsmarted Kibaki... Its like trying to dribble past the linesman.

Bure tu kama kawaida

Anonymous said...

Chris, it's good to dream. Raila and his cronies have a democratic right to go on dreaming. But that's the far they will go. Raila will only step to State House as a GUEST.

Anonymous said...

The guy who has said kibs will succeed himself is on to something. The uhuru thing being darling of central elite is a diversion. All the moves kibs is making are for his benefit as a candidate. Kibs will be the Establishment candidate and he will win. Michuki is not a loose talker. This is one re-match that raila may want to walk away from. Without Kalenjins raila is not a serious presidential candidate. Kikuyus appear to be on top of their game. They have effectively taken kaleos out of raila's sails. Kalonzo will of course be the deputy president. He should serve kibs with total loyalty. It pays. Ask Moi.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:06,
you sound worse than vikii. ati kalonzo to start campaigning with uhuru and ruto at his side 9i guess before ocampo strikes, right?). you mean he cannot be his own man and has to ride on the backs of others.
all of them want to be prezo - ruto uhuru..all of them. and where did you leave saitoti,balala and the rest of the railaphobics whose only plan of action is to stop a RAO presdency?

Anonymous said...

EXILE and the just fight

War on corruption must be very political and is very personal and if it results in some people going to “SELF PRESERVING EXILE” that would be a relief.

I would not mind the “good old“ professor Ongeri hounded into exile for stealing from vulnerable poor children and destroying their future – lets hope he takes his family and grandchildren with him as he has no iota of respect for other Kenyans children.

IS IT POLITICAL when you exploit your political appointment to embezzle children’s funds. IS IT PERSONAL when WANJIKU cannot get books & teacher’s she’s entitled to and already donated to her to advance her education and give her a fair shot in all like all the other children? I could be wrong can someone correct me. Maybe this shaddy political appointment does not affect WANJIKU personally.

What real change it would be when people flee to “exile” to ESCAPE JUSTICE instead of illegal persecution and detention. That is a change undoubtedly all Kenyans will cheer and applaud. That will be a conclusive sign that we are moving in the right direction.

I could be wrong can someone please correct me! Maybe this shoddy political appointment does not affect WANJIKU personally.

The leadership for fighting corruption has already been established, PUSH must now turn into SHOVE. There are absolutely no in-betweens; this just fight must be WON.

Anonymous said...

There have been "very unlikely" prime ministers in the UK. And even here in kenya both moi and kibs can be said to have been "unlikely" presidents. So anything can happen, although once the tribal alliances are fully in place it is easy to tell who the winner is. If the new constitution is enacted a lot of ambitions will have to be postponed because as some have said all indications are that kibs ataendelea.

Anonymous said...

Chris, wacha Ukamba. Kenyans love Kambas and they've always been left alone to do their things. this is not to mean that they're angels.

Vicky, wacha ushene by stereotyping on luos. Honestly if we start on that, then Vicky should come and tell us what has Kambas ever done to achieve.

Former Government Pathologist who was a Kamba swore that Robert Ouko jumbed out of the plane, broke his leg, shot himself, then douzed himself with a paraffin and set himself ablaze.

Former ECK chairman was a Kamba. He said he did not know who won and that he could not reach his returning and presiding officers, and that his junior staff altered election results and made him sign.

Government Spokesman a mkamba has guffed all his life. Even with his education, he cannot tell integrity from public foolishness.

Kalonzo's 5% is more to do with the region's ability than comparison with any politician.

Vuta pumzi Vicky.

Anonymous said...

PDM - PEV Denial Movement.

“They utilised their personal, government, business and tribal networks to commit the crimes. They implemented their policy with the involvement of a number of State officers and public and private institutions such as Members of Parliament, senior government officers, the police force and youth gangs,” Mr Ocampo told the judges.

They are all bundling together in PDM in anticipation of Ocampo, it good the organisers are all in one camp now praying and hoping its "still business as usual"

Ocampo has news for them - that was "Business Unusual"

The policeman who killed on TV with the supposedly "doctored" footage denial from the police "election violence" operations chief is he still alive?

Anonymous said...

NO Raila No Peace!


Anonymous said...

PDM - PEV Denial Movement.

“They utilised their personal, government, business and tribal networks to commit the crimes. They implemented their policy with the involvement of a number of State officers and public and private institutions such as Members of Parliament, senior government officers, the police force and youth gangs,” Mr Ocampo told the judges.

Personal - personal finaces from cash looted from wanainchi stating just after independence.
Government - PEV planning and meetings HQ reportedly State House
Business - Matatus & buses used to transport arms and "warriors" for murder
Tribal Networks - Its still our turn to eat jingoisms

State Officers - Police & GSU "election violence" operations chiefs
Public Institutions - Graft proceeds, APs transported on private buses to intimidate citizens
Private Institutions - The daily "mouth piece" Gazetti, Opinion pollsters
Member of Parliament & senior government officers - eg Martha Karua
Youth - Mungiki who else

Its all in there.

Anonymous said...

So that's the direction of the bumpkin's (Raila) propaganda machine...eti Kibaki is seeking another term. That doesnt wash, not even with the int'l community who have now started looking at the bumpkin through a different lens. He (the bumpkin) is fast losing vision, and not just in his teary eyes.

Anonymous said...

Raila who?Oh the kenyan PM with 'equal' powers with the president and imaginary powers to fire ministers.Is that the one?

Anonymous said...


That was the point - Lets expand your point of "equals" The BIG QUESTION is who has all the powers and nothing is happening in this GAVA, one cannot have the cake and eat it, and Oh ! and which side of "equality" is Kalonzo "ambi" Musyoka ?

1. All the power but sleeping
2. A partner to power or is it collabo with power?
3. No power and keeps the Gava on toes - tremors to wake them up.

TAKE YOUR PICK ABOVE - under whose POWERFULL watch is Corruption a way of life and booming? and who is mtu wa mkono?

Anonymous said...

He is 'powerful' alright. How else do you explain the 41:1 campaign slogan and the kabila adui mantra, the latter of which was coined by one lakeside messiah after the '05 referendum?

Martin said...

Who wants a president with a name like WAKOLI BIFWOLI or MUSIKARI NAZI KOMBO....should I go on?

Laikipian said...

I get amused when I hear ODMorons boast of how raila has outsmarted Kibaki... Its like trying to dribble past the linesman.

That was so hilarious. After a long day, KK copy writers always make my day!

Anonymous said...

Who is on the list?

Anonymous said...

I don't sense elections. Below is what I sense:


Is it just me or do others think like I do that the Hague trials will tear our country apart?

Yes, the suspects are both PNU and ODM but I have a feeling that should Ocampo be given the go ahead, 1 year from today the Americans who tried to stop the trial WILL BE CELBRATED AS THE HEROES who tried to save our country.

Anonymous said...

20 names of Ocampo list and you think "somehow" Raila & Kibaki ducked this list? Dream on! Ruto and Uhuru have company of the principals... Then u ask - who bears the greatest responsibility? ask a Standard 2 kid and they will answer you.

Anonymous said...

(especially my Jaluo brothers)

Anonymous said...

You definitely have a right to your political predications and aspirations.

If PREDICTIONS were EAGLES, VICTIMS of natural disasters, man made disasters, poverty, diseases, wars generated by industrial military complexes (in Europe/North America) would fly on their wings to SAFETY. ~ I said it at Kumechuka.

Frist of all, what major changes [ if any ] will a Raila's presidency bring about in the whole of Kenya, including his overly underdeveloped region of Luo-Nyanza?

We all know that Raila Odinga's presidency will not be any different from that of Kibaki, Moi or Kenyatta in terms of tribal underpinnings, corruption and the usual compromise among the "power grabbing elites and rising political goons"?

Let's take a second good look at Raila the man, politician, prime minister, "Kibera politician," hope for Luo-Nyanza, a "loyal son" who still struggling so hard to crawl from under his late father's political/ethnic shadow, and endlessly crusading to posthumously redeem his father's political image as well as somehow fulfill his father's dreams of ascending to the former colonial throne at the state (static) house.

What do we find? What we see? What do we like? What don't we like? What do fear most for the nation?

Is Raila a man who has already liberated himself from the endemic claws of destructive (demonic) and negative ethnicity? Your guess is as good as that of many Kenyans.

Well, we know that Raila is not the much awaited messiah for the Kenyan people, although he is considered one among his own people. Hence, alert and well informed Kenyans don't see him as a president who will bring about any meaningful or tangible changes any time soon.

I am sure many Kenyans will HATE [like I do] to elect Raila into office only to end up with a leader who will over flood the judiciary, civil service, treasury, army, airforce, navy, intelligence agencies, GSU, regular police, adminstration police, ambassadorial positions, etc with his henchmen, relatives, friends of his relatives and henchmen, and political foot soldiers who happen to have a name that sounds familiar to the Luo ears.

Raila Amollo Odinga is not the solution but he remains as one of the main political, economic and ethnic problems to Kenya's present as well as future peaceful coexistence.

Kenya should continue to progess into a larger community that is inclusive beyond the time tasted and failed clamourings of a Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin, Kamba, Meru, Embu, Kisii or whatever tribal presidencial aspirations that have ended up being imposed on other minority, underrepresented and voceless, communities in Kenya.

One wonders what become of our so called guided process of civilization and evolution of Kenya since the 19th century?

Anonymous said...

...snap election necessitated by the passing of a new constitution or "Raila Predictions" aka presidential aspirations?

The stage is already set! The 2008 Stalemate will be melted down into a Checkmate with so many losers on both ends.

The dice has been cast for 2012 and 2017. Let Raila and company roll their dice for the same.

The post elections trenches await to honour the political dead who will have been cast out of office in 2012 and 2017.

Anonymous said...

The luo live in 2 or 3 millenia ago when people used to deify their leaders. Speaking to luos and reading stuff in places like jukwaa, i can say raila is trully a god to luos. Because of this i can never vote for him. I just dont believe in gods. If the alternative to a kikuyu is a luo, let the robber tribe continue.

Anonymous said...

political wanking is a very very infectious and addicitive behaviour. Me too i will be president 20111

Continue wanking Raila son of a fish.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
What's up man? You said the other day you have given up on political posts?? You even challenged people to look elsewhere for intellectual debates. You mean you can never stick to what u say? bure kabisa!!

Anonymous said...

Luos are educated but they are the most STUPID people alive!

Anonymous said...

Why cant we concentrate on developement issues rather than dwelling on people.

We need stable instituitions to fight corruption, poverty, unfair distribution of wealth, etc.

I would welcome Raila, the freedom fighter, to rule Kenya but I doubt whether he would eradicate corruption. Reason: He would be a colonial president.

Let's fight for a powerful parliament, senate and Provinces(not districts), Judiciary and finally a strong mass media.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Why cant we concentrate on developement issues rather than dwelling on people.

We need stable instituitions to fight corruption, poverty, unfair distribution of wealth, etc.


Institutions are a reflection of a society's mode of production. If your economy is feudalistic, all institutions can only conform to that mode of production.

The first wealthy states with some kind of republican rule were often islands like Venice or maritime nations without arable land like Genoa or the Dutch Republic.

The absence of arable land meant the absence of a feudal structures which led to these nations to specialise in increasing return sector of the economy.

This make the case Florence very interesting. It had huge land owners which were constantly fighting among themselves for power (does it sound like Kikuyu and Kalenjin land barons fighting thru peasants any time we have elections?). Consequently, in 12th and 13th Century, they BANNED the land barons from taking part in politics.

Who dominates Kenyan politics? Is it the land owners like Moi, Kenyatta or industrialists like Chandaria and innovators? Do the interests of these two classes differ? And, when they differ, who wins?

For instance, does high land rent brought about by speculation funded by bankers serve the interest of Chandaria or the Moi? Or, let us ask it this way, does Chandaria create more jobs and wealth for the nation on his 2 acrs piece of land in Coast than 1000 acres of Moi in Laikipia?

What we are saying is this. There is a connection between economic structure of a nation and its institutions. Early democracies were states where artisan and manufacturing classes achieved political influence over nobility.

When Veit Ludwig Von Seckendorff (1626 - 92) travelled to Dutch Republic, he was very impressed with what he saw. He went home to teach German Princes on how to make Germany like Dutch Republic.

He taught the princes (Fursten) that, the road to democracy was created by DIVERSIFYING THE ECONOMY away from the production of raw materials, i.e. Malthusian activities like tea and coffee growing. Who is teaching our princes in Kenya? Bankers (WB/IMF, Barclays) and land owners, i.e. the rentier class.

Even Fukuyuma, the man who wrote the End of History, does acknowledge the "strong correlation between advanced industrialization and democracy."

Thus, it is impossible to build democracy, rule of law and strong institutions in economies where we compete by LOWERING WAGES to attract the mythical foreign direct investment (DFI) instead of FOREIGN PRODUCTIVE INVESTMENT. This is interesting cos, to the OECD, competitiveness should be accompanied by higher wages, but, to our economy, it is the other way round. (Anyway, even OECD have started doing like us, if you doubt, ask Greece people who are the first to taste this medicine called austerity).

In few words. There will be no strong institutions, democracy etc as long as we keep on farming coffee, tea, flowers and fishing fish for export.

This is a fact known to all industrialised, (NOT DEVELOPED nations, for this word is used to hide the truth), but, this is their best kept secret. Having kept this fact from us, they now tell us, you wipe out corruption, u wipe out malaria/AIDS, create strong institutions blah blah and then u will develop. It is a lie and we believe it.

Raia said...

Wishful thinking. Show me where the new constitution stipulates for a snap election? To be sure, the current parliament will ensure that clauses are inserted that make it to take effect after 2012 elections. Which parliamentarian would like to lose his million shilling monthly pay and allowances before 2012? Don't be surprised when they move the 2012 elections to 2014 so that they continue with their pay for a couple more years.

Anonymous said...

didnt i predict to y'all that Luo MP's would support Kiplagat.

cover up. watch this space

Esther Arunga said...

Jeff Koinange has posted something on kumekucha that needs attention. He has spoken about jinsi ya kunyonya umwanaume. This is very wrong.
Jeff Koinange is a well known presenter on K24 but now he has crossed lines. We know he was invovled with Marianne Briner to the extent of rape. Now he wants to bring foreign things to Kenya? ni nani atakaye kujua jinsi ya kumnyonya mwanaume?
Jeff Koinange REPENT!!!!

kirgitt smurfy said...

Tabloids, Leading Dailies, Blogs, Bars, streets...Radio, Tv news...Raia this Raila that.Fools!Does it ever hit any of you that Raila's star has always risen ,never shrunk, since he entered politics? That he's a product of phobia, hysteria and pure adoration? Listen, Any moves Raila has made in the past has sometimes cast him as an unlikely winner but he always wins his battles.Let the guy be president, one term, or two if old age allows him, he retires, we move on.What's the big deal?if he becomes unproductive, impeach him.period

Anonymous said...

Sad day today: - Esther Arunga has officialy wedded the Nigerian known as Quinchy Timberlake!

Anonymous said...

this blog is just DEAD! no post in last 3 days and previous 10 posts are just crap. im back to jukwaa and rcbowen.

Anonymous said...


”State vehicle records office catches fire” - DN

This is not about the records of the newly surrendered vehicles, that’s a smoke screen, just like the records of land caught fire to destroy evidence because of the NDUGU REPORT - this is about high level corruption of GOVERNMENT FLEET PROCUREMENT AND RESALE - lots of cars have been sold or literally taken over by the DRAFT CARTEL and their plethora of henchmen ( brokers ) - since things are getting very HOT (audit was coming) log books and chassis numbers, makes and model of car records had to be destroyed.

Some senior government officials have Used car lots, spare parts shops and car hire establishments and regularly use the government fleet as a flee market to stock their shops and repair “their rental cars” – this happens even while police don’t have enough cars to protect wanainchi. The CARTEL knows this very well. The diversion is mind boggling, imagine the magnitude - Cars, Trucks, Lorries, Buses, Tractors you name it and its there.


How many billions is the government fleet valued at – including the PRESIDENTIAL LIMOS and how much does a sprinkler system cost to contain fire in a critical computer control room that keeps records for such valuable assets?

A dry sprinkler system is basically controlled by a valve that opens when room temperature exceeds a certain set temperature and triggers carbon dioxide canisters thus reducing oxygen and stops fire in an instant – even our JUA KALI engineers can fix one.

Don’t be fooled that people are left scratching their heads because of the fire, they knew exactly what they were doing. If Kenya was not a FAILED STATE people are normally fired for such incompetence. CONTINGENCY plans are MANDATORY in any computer room especially one that holds billions if not up to a trillion worth of records. Its obvious a lot of people are in the WRONG JOB but since this is Kenya expect no action.


IMPUNITY Gurus’ are also getting computerised, from the famed 10 billion “COMPUTER ERROR” to the “now showing “ ?? Billion “COMPUTER FIRE” expect more of the same when accountability comes knocking on the door.

COMPUTERISATION my A##s - Corruption bites back wanainchi.

Anonymous said...

@2:02 AM

LOL! You of all people have been wasting away on the banks of Kumekucha trying to count how many lifeless bodies have floated by in the last three days?

Come on! Get a life and begone for a change. Have fun al carte at Jukwaa and Rcbowen.

LOL! Are angry because someone ignored your usual intelligent comments?

Anonymous said...

Is this thread closed or what? Posts or comments are not be allowed to register.

Anonymous said...

So will Kumekucha call for the stepping aside of Musalia Mudavadi due to the huge SCANDAL in his ministry, or will you cover up for your god Raila as usual?

Anonymous said...

This is how much Canandian Prime minister takes home a year.
March 4, 2010Political salaries revealed: Are we paying too much?
Prime Minister

Chris Wattie/Reuters
Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper gestures before the Speech from the Throne in the Senate chamber on Parliament Hill in Ottawa March 3, 2010.
Total take-home pay: $315,462

Salary: $157,731
Basic Sessional Indemnity: $157,731
2000 total take-home pay: $142,300
* Source: Parliament of Canada

Anonymous said...

What happened to PDM ? Already forgotten like KKK

Anonymous said...

Oh, are you referring to PDM?

Folks,here it is:



Anonymous said...

Poor nations can not handle democracy.

Kenyans have yet to understand what real democracy is all about and what is good for their future and Kenya as a republic.

In the meantime, Raila Amollo Odinga, Oburu Odinga sons of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, Muhoho Kenyatta sons of Jomo Kenyatta, Gideon Moi, Jonathan Moi, Phillip Moi sons of Daniel arap Moi, Musalia Mudavadi son of Moses Mudavadi, Jimmy Kibaki son of Emillio Mwai Kibaki, Joseph Nyagah, Norman Nyagah sons of Jeremiah Nyagah among others (sons of WHO was WHO in Kenyan politics) are the real puppet masters running the center stage of hereditary politics, Kenyan style, while thousands of politicians and voters continue to dance to their beat and sing to their tune.

Anonymous said...

this blog is just DEAD! no post in last 3 days and previous 10 posts are just crap. im back to jukwaa and rcbowen.


MUSIC said...

Okay Lets Face the reality,there cannot be snap elections any time soon.The state is not prepared yet,there are a lot of things we need, a new System of Election and It will take some time to run the tests.Also if snap elections were held RAILA would loose,if kibaki was behind raila with a few percentage according to opinion polls and kibaki had only central province behind him,with handful of votes fron other provinces,what will happen if PDM gets central,riftvalley,Eastern,cost?????????

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