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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Detestable Stereotype Benefits Kibaki Big Time

I had a fascinating, “sizzling hot haircut” recently.

Before you read any further let me warn those of my readers with weak hearts that this is an adult post. And those very intellectual brothers of mine who do not like explicit posts like this please read no further. There are plenty of other nice intellectually stimulating sites out there that will keep all the stimulus above the shoulders. Those blogs are owned and written by chaps with much better manners than the crude Kumekucha.

Let me also add that I have realized that the old fearless Kumekucha did not fear to step on any toes. I liked the guy because he said it as it was, without fear or favour. I have no idea how the current self-censoring Kumekucha came into being but I don’t like him and this post is the first step in a concerted effort to get rid of him… hopefully for good.
The nice lass from Central province who gave Kumekucha a haircut looks very much like this…

So I was talking about this sizzling haircut I had recently. You see once in a while I go to this kinyozi situated in a constituency in Central province. I go there to hear what people are saying politically and the excuse I use is a haircut. It is a fairly decent Kinyozi I dare add especially when you consider where it is situated. The owner even has a solar back-up system so that if there is a power outage when only half your scalp is done, he can complete the job on solar power. Wow!!! And he does not charge 400 bob like the guys in town.

When I arrived the chap who usually shaves me was busy with another customer and like a true Kenyan, I don’t like waiting… for anything. And so I noticed this nice young lady (I had never seen her there before) giving a young boy a haircut. Actually she was just putting the final touches and before I knew it, she was free. Now, regular readers of this blog will know that I have great respect for women and the easiest way to get into a fight with me is to show disrespect when I am around.

I made the decision in a split second. Why not, I told myself. I settled down to receive the very first haircut I have ever had since I was born from a woman (who is not my mother). My, oh my!!!

One thing about women is that they pay much more attention to detail than men. Without being biased she did a much better job then any man has ever done. Even the 400 bob folks who hang their noses high in town don’t come anywhere near. Imagine those guys at that barber who talk so much politics have never massaged me with hot water after the haircut and so I assumed that they don’t have the facilities. This nice chic did!!

Now the down-side of having such a young girl give a normal red-blooded man a haircut is what I experienced and am about to share with you. Quite a few times her shapely breasts pressed against parts of my body.. Luckily I am a well behaved man in full control otherwise… sitasema!!!.

Then there were a few other times that she held my head gently to tilt to a certain angle so as to shear off the hair better. I am ashamed to say it but I experienced this tingling sensation. You know there are ways only a chic can hold you and no rough man’s hand can achieve the same thing.

Then worse of all there were times when as she leaned forward parts of her anatomy that I cannot dare mention here (brave as I think I am) pressed against me. It was accidental and I am sure she was not conscious. But the effect!!! Aiii!!! Folks I am only human and I like to tell the truth.

I have to admit that I enjoyed that haircut and my hair cannot grow fast enough for me to make a return trip to that Kinyozi. Eat your heart outs kumekuchans, I shall not mention the name of the Kinyozi or where exactly it is. And you know I can’t be bribed. So let’s just leave it at that.

That long hot story was told to illustrate the fact that it is very difficult to avoid stereotyping. From my experience at that Kinyozi the other day (the drama and sex innuendo aside) I am tempted to say that women are much better at jobs like giving a haircuts. And the reason is that they pay much more attention to detail. Men get bored easily and settle into routine much more quickly.

In my last post I realize that I rubbed quite a few of you the wrong side when I suggested that certain political decisions made by the Prime Minister were mistakes he would NOT have made was he not a Luo. Now I realize that stereotyping is detestable but the truth is that most Luos I have met are proud fellows who like to feel important. Including my late best friend called G. Admittedly I have met a few (very few) who are different. Most Kamba women I have met are crazy about sex and tend to be unfaithful in marriage. I have met very few who don’t fit into that pigeonhole. Perhaps two out of a total of well over two dozen women. I have also met very few Kikuyus who do not have a fondness for money that is beyond normal. Most Kisii men I have met have ended up being wife-beaters. Sad, but the truth. And I can go on and on.

Stereotypes are used by the wise to prepare themselves for the unknown. For example if you have an important client coming to your office who happens to be a Kamba man and you don’t know anything else about them, you will use your stereotype knowledge to impress the man and get the business. Hire some nice-looking but decent models to serve drinks and swagger across the room regularly during the meeting etc.

Folks I am convinced that one Emilio Mwai Kbaki used his stereotype knowledge of the Luo community to outfox and outwit one Raila Odinga. That is the truth. Hard to swallow? YES. A terrible thing to say? Absolutely. BUT it is the truth.

Now I know some of you will ask what I have started smoking. And I know that denying it will just be a waste of time. And so I will say, Yes I am smoking something. Uta-do? Expect even crazier posts from Kumekucha from now on.

You must have missed this other controversial Kumekucha post about sleeping arrangements.


Anonymous said...

Am even afraid to be the one to start off the comments and Chris,I dont mind in sharing whatever it is that you smoked today!

Mwarang'ethe said...

There are plenty of other nice intellectually stimulating sites out there that will keep all the stimulus above the shoulders. Those blogs are owned and written by chaps with much better manners than the crude Kumekucha.


It is not about so called intellectualism as you wanna put it Chris.

All we are saying is very simple. Let us focus, or use KK to discuss issues that can or will move the nation forward.

In other words, it makes no sense for Kenyans, especially the young to behave like the old guard.

What does that have to do with intellectualism Chris?

For instance, we have had milk glut in Kenya in the recent weeks. This has translated to huge losses to our farmers. This has happened as we continue to import subsidised milk from Holland.

Surely, is it impossible for Kenyans to take both MK and RO to task so as to justify Kenyan govt. policies that require us to enrich farmers in Holland while consigning ours to poverty to be rescued by "aid" from Holland/EU and which will be stolen?

JIMMY said...

I wonder why when things go wrong in Kenya, some guys want the president and Prime Minister to share blame yet when the Prime Minister calls out for more authority to deal with issues, the same guys cry foul. Now that he has no authority to fire any corrupt minister, who is to blame? Was the prime Minister consulted when in Japan, Kibaki appointed the acting permanent secretaries

luke said...

You have gone too far!this blog is rated G and do you know how many families gather around the PC at night to read this blog? please stop sinking to the despicable low levels of cheap mexican soaps that nowadays are on all TV channels with their takataka romance plots

Even though i feel TOO IMPORTANT for this blog you have no powers to suspend me from commenting on a weekday so let me play the stereotype intellectual and say i am sorry to disappoint you but nowadays 95% of all barbershops in Kenya hire women on purpose to massage all male clients with hot water after the haircut.They know that will keep the gullible men coming back for more.just ask any women with short hair whether they are also massaged in the same way when they visit the's not their fault that men are so typical

Secondly what do you have against men's rough hands? what do you mean "no rough man’s hand can achieve the same thing" you know just the other day in the coast 2 men were trying to get married....why don't you ask them if their hands are rough?

Thirdly if women pay so much attention to detail than men then why can't they such poor drivers on the road?

Fourth in keeping in line with your stereotypes i have met many Kenyans who follow politics keenly does that mean they all make good politicians one day?

Anonymous said...


Some children go to private schools some childrens money is stolen without consequences

"You don’t expect me to disclose my personal details and the contract with my employer," he told The Standard.

He added: "I entered the Civil Service on different terms, which must remain confidential

I thought Government is financed by the people who else is the employer ? The Tax payers are the employer can somebody please let this SOB aware of that. We need to see that contract PERIOD.

Chris said...

Luke my brother,

How are you? Why do I end up laughing every time I read your comments? Believe me I tried very much not to laugh this time. You missed your calling brother.

@Mwarangethe a few questions fopr you.

1. Will having more women barbers move the nation forward or backwards?

2. Are writers who bore readers (so much so that they can't read beyond the first senetence of a VERY IMPORTANT article) taking the nation backwards or forwards?

-The crude Kumekucha-

Mwarang'ethe said...

1. Will having more women barbers move the nation forward or backwards?

2. Are writers who bore readers (so much so that they can't read beyond the first senetence of a VERY IMPORTANT article) taking the nation backwards or forwards?

-The crude Kumekucha-

2/23/10 12:38 PM


Nothing wrong with women kama kinyonzi/vinyonzi.

The issue is this. You can be a nation of very efficient vinyonzi, but, u will not grow wealthy that way. Forget it.

In other words, to raise the real incomes of vinyonzi, u need a vibrant industrial sector, i.e. manufacturing sector. But, if you look around today, as we noted before, we are importing milk even as we pour ours.

As concerns writers who bore readers with VERY IMPORTANT Matters, may u give us an example of that you may have in mind please?

And finally to just know more.
Firstly, the ruling class, i.e. MK, RO, Kalonzo. UK Ruto etc, they produce no wealth at all. They are parasites.

Now, since the economy/wealth of Kenya is dependent on Wanjiku whose milk is going down the drain, why is it that, there is no "analysis" of such vital matters?

Why do u/we find it easy to talk about, fight or get easily mesmerised by the stupidity and BS of MK/RO/Kalonzo and not the issues of those who bear unproportionately the burden of building/creating wealth for the nation?

Anonymous said...

Good one Chris, the Kamba in you could not resist but get a hard on as the lady worked around your head.

About Raila, sure all Jaluo's are the same. Give them a big title, big car, big house and you can pay the brat nothing but he will go nowhere.

Mwarangethe, people have been pouring milk since time in memorial. Its the simple rule of supply and demand and lack of simple processing capabilities. Harping about it daily will not solve anything.
Dont tell us, do something mr 'intellectual'.

BTW, Kibaki once again called Raila bluff in Parliament and the moron can do nothing since he has no balls to do the right thing and resign.
Phil has taken the comfort of his railamaniac Kin at Jukwaa and His tired old theories were proved to be hot air of a fanatical supporter.


Michael Mwaura said...

Mwarang'ethe said...
"For instance, we have had milk glut in Kenya in the recent weeks. This has translated to huge losses to our farmers".
A possible answer to this would be more processing plants to turn the raw milk to powdered milk for those lean years.Farmer-owned cooperatives could start such concerns. As for financing, we are looking at the idea of a common-good bank whose operations would be local and majority of the profits would be spent on public service projects. This is in the exploratory stages so no details as of yet.

Michael Mwaura said...

Mwarang'ethe said...
"Surely, is it impossible for Kenyans to take both MK and RO to task so as to justify Kenyan govt. policies that require us to enrich farmers in Holland while consigning ours to poverty to be rescued by "aid" from Holland/EU and which will be stolen?"
We have proposed Protectionism as a government policy but it will be impossible to enact with the leadership we have presently.

Joragem said...


First, I give you credit for being human enough to realize that what you said in your earlier post was wrong, even though you only admit partially. Please, be a Kenyan Mzalendo and apologize to the Nilotes today.

Next I apologize if I say something here that is already said by others. I tend to write before I read other comments so that I am not biased in my thoughts.

Now, there are certain things that are wrong no matter how when or where you say them.

One, your reaction to the lady 'barber' is normal but abnormal to report. In Psychiatry, it is called trotage. If your sister did what she did, would you get a hard-on? It is because you'd tune off. I bet when you saw this woman, your G-spot was already exited and touching you was just the icing on your cake! You see Chris the biggest sex organ is the mind, and for this, yours is sharper than mine. I get full body massages from very beautiful women and I am able to control my thoughts to avoid embarassing erections.

Two, here in America, there is something called racial profiling and it is wrong no matter how you look at it. Even though most suicide bombers are Arabs, there are many many more Arabs that we do not hear about who are good people. Likewise not all Nigerians are conmen or drug traffickers, not all kikuyus are thugs and not all Luos love a flushy lifestyle.

Raila did not necessarily love his motorcade and outriders the way you put it, but if you remember, it was a sign for Wanjiku, Otieno, you and I, that the National accord was being implimented. I do not see you critisize Kalonzo for being lured with the trappings of VP position which he really did not deserve. Is it because Kalonzo is not a Luo, so it is not obvious to your tribal mind that Kibaki lured him with a position and trapings that come with VP position? Is Raila not a human politician as compared to Kalonzo?

Now do not give too much credit to Kibaki on this out-foxing non-sense for we have not seen the end of it yet. He simply is capitalizing on this 'Raila blunder.'

Come on, if Raila 'blundered' in suspending Ruto & Ongeri, he blundered because he is Raila, and not a Luo.

So go wash your hands, mouth and mind with soap, and then continue writing your blog, which indeed we take more as a tabloid and entertainment than news or political analysis.

Joram Ragem
wuod Ndinya, wuod Onam, wuod Amolo, wuod Owuoth, wuod Oganyo, wuod Mumbe, wuod Odongo, wuod Olwande, wuod Adhaya, wuod Ojuodhi, wuod Ragem! (Are you my relative?)

Anonymous said...

The 'nusu mkeka' incident said everything there is to say about Raila, and confirmed some stereotypes. If this man paid more attention to more than appearances, he would be Head of Government like Tsvangirai and would never have to waste time fighting 'protocol' battles with Muthaura or Kalonzo.

Vikii said...

I think responding to specific claims in this post is playing right into Chris Kyalo's hands. I will not help him achieve his intentions so easily.

That said, are you serious you had never gotten a haircut from a female? And where the hell have you been living????

M. Pesa said...

Luke said:

"Thirdly if women pay so much attention to detail than men then why [are] they such poor drivers on the road?"

Luke, Bwana! Talk to your insurance guys and they will tell you MOST claims, actually around 80% are from MEN, especially under 40 years old! Women are the best and most careful drivers around. Male drivers are just too arrogant, aggressive, rude and always in a hurry. Even when lost, men never bother to stop and ask directions! Remember that old wise saying "hurry hurry has no blessing?" When I'm very rich one day, I will definitely hire a female driver. She doesn't have to have firm tits, smooth hands or apple shaped bottom like Kumekucha's "barberess"!

@ Chris
forget about the 400 bob Kinyozis in town. There's one owned by a very enterprising lass from Central that charges 1,000 bob! Yep 1k! for a silly haircut. It's located at Old Mutual, Kimathi St. It's called Kimm's. You even get a glass of wine etc. Nearly all the customers are brothers from the lake who wield 2 or 3 iphones, Mercedes keys and their belts are tied somewhere near the chest! Don't ask me why they love that kinyozi.

@ Mwarangethe.

How comes Chris talked about his barber's "shapely breasts" and you quickly jumped on to talk about the current "milk glut?"

Anonymous said...

Joragem, at 46, and you still sign off with this trash???

Joram Ragem
wuod Ndinya, wuod Onam, wuod Amolo, wuod Owuoth, wuod Oganyo, wuod Mumbe, wuod Odongo, wuod Olwande, wuod Adhaya, wuod Ojuodhi, wuod Ragem! (Are you my relative?)

Only a Luo for sure!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heh-heh, Chris.

Joragem said...

@ Anonymous, I would take you seriously if you led by example and signed of the right way. In Argument & Persuation 101, you have lost because you are a nobody!

Philip said...

Chris, forgive me for what I'm about to say, and please correct me when I'm wrong.

Nowadays, just like Mutahi Ngunyi's column, I see your writings are more of entertainment writings than writings that address issues. If that's your objective then let it be, after all that's the effect it's having on me.

I agree with Joragem. I don't have to repeat that ethnic stereotyping is wrong. You've done this to Somalis and now Luos, I don't know who'll be next.

Maybe in future you need to start asking yourself, is what I'm writing of benefit at all? You know very well that ethnic stereotyping divides people, including the innocent who are different from what fellow tribesmen have been portrayed.

This ethnic stereotyping has been existing for a long time and it's what our parents have used to prevent us from interacting with people of different tribes, then politicians capitalised on it further to divide us, which culminated into the chaos that we had in 2007 and 2008.

You know very well that Raila agreed to sign the NARA accord due to the position in which we were in January/February 2008, everyone knew that if there was not going to be an agreement then there was going to be an all out civil war especially in parts of Rift valley.

You know very well that it was a great favour Raila did to the people of Kenya when he signed it, knowing very well that 50-50 sharing of powers was a mirage.

It's sad that you have distorted what happened and try to portray that Raila signed the accord since he was promised a motorcade. I repeat again, that he signed it out of the situation that Kenya was, if he had not signed there could have been a civil war in Kenya - something that Kibaki didn't care at all.

I wish that in future you'll start talking about ethnic stereotyping on a light note, as you have done in this post, and not on a serious note when there is renewed tension in Kenya as you had put in your previous post.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chris!

Why should this blog dedicate itself to some stupid never-ending cheap kenya politics?
It's about time this blog be spiced up!!
I am sick and tired of reading Mwarang'the's (Mr-know-it-all) boring crap!

Life is too short to be kept preoccupied by some silly poltical games of Kenya!
I know this will hurt Jaluos so much since they enjoy politicking more than making love!
(Prove me wrong)

Chris bring it on!!

Anonymous said...


Maybe you should stop being afraid to think.
Raila did no favour for nobody. The moron did it for himself.
Secondly, Raila and his thugs perpetuated the civil war as a bargaining chip. Thats why it stopped when Raila got a motorcade. Remember no raila no peace??

Kenyans are not stupid so i suggest once again you stop fearing to think before you contribute.
And yes, Raila and his love for fame has been exploited before. When he led NDP to Kanu in exchange of Molasses plant, Luo votes and Energy ministry, the moron used a military helicopter to go celebrate in KIsumu. What a fool. Remember the HUMMER that he took to Kibera and Kisumu.
Which other leader from the other tribes has entertained such showbiz???

Fikiria kizee

Anonymous said...

These Luos are one and the same, i had one who was making my car i just had to praise him and his kin and he dropped the price by 50%

Anonymous said...

Kizee....that sounds like abusive language to me.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarangethe, people have been pouring milk since time in memorial. Its the simple rule of supply and demand and lack of simple processing capabilities. Harping about it daily will not solve anything.
Dont tell us, do something mr 'intellectual'.


People always demand the freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, how comes Kamba gals never say no?

Anonymous said...


I guess you think you are the only brain in KK. Go tell it to the birds.
Go to Equity and get a loan to start processing milk and stop whinning about it daily in KK.

Got it???

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

I guess you think you are the only brain in KK. Go tell it to the birds.
Go to Equity and get a loan to start processing milk and stop whinning about it daily in KK.

Got it???


"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
- Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)

Philip said...

Fikiria kizee

First of all I'll tell you that I don't approach issues in a combative and abusive way like you. Your case of approaching issues sometimes has an effect of making people concentrate on the fight and forget the issue that brought the fight. That's exactly what happened between Raila and Kibaki, all of a sudden anonymous Kumekuchans concentrated on the fight and forgot issues of corruption.

To answer the question,"who brought the PEV between December 2007 and January 2008?" I'll give you the answer before giving you details,"Kibaki, late Kenyatta and Moi contributed to it and not Raila". Raila nearly joined later but cooled it down through signing the NARA accord.

Look at it like a house that burnt to ashes. Late Kenyatta and Moi brought the fuel and poured on the house, Kibaki lit the fire.

The fuel is the tribalism and unequal distribution of government resources that Kenyatta and Moi perpetrated. Kibaki added more fuel by continuously supporting this status quo.

Moi, through tribalism, appointed Kalenjins in high levels of government institutions. Kibaki, through the same tribalism, sacked those Kalenjins and appointed Kikuyus to replace them. This explains the reason Kalenjins reiterated more than the Luos.

Why did people fight? They didn't fight because Raila lost but they fought because they felt Kibaki had stolen the votes. There was a general feeling those days before the election that Kikuyus wanted to take control of Kenya through privatising and acquiring government institutions so that in the end the incumbent President will become their puppet.

The hatred towards Kikuyus was existing, brought about by what late Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki did. The tension started, particularly where I was, on 29th December 2007, when the media was given a black out. It increased when people found out that areas that had not submitted their results were areas controlled by PNU. The first explosion went on when the results changed in favour of Kibaki, the final one went when Kibaki was announced the winner and sworn in an hour later.

I'm telling you that even if Raila had kept quiet there could still be violence. His announcement for mass action had only a small impact on violence that happened in Kibera. In Kisumu it was spontaneous after what Kibaki had done, in Kalenjin Rift Valley it was going to happen anyway whether Kibaki won or Raila won, something that NSIS will tell you better if you can't believe me. Kibaki's action was just a catalyst to violence in Kalenjin Rift Valley, a catalyst that the Kalenjin leaders capitalised so much on.

Now let's go to issue of signing NARA Accord. You know "all" were watching and "all" were arming themselves. BBC brought this story clearly. "All" means Kalenjins and Kikuyus. International organs were also watching and their voice was, "SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!"

You know very well that Kibaki was not going to make any move. He didn't care whether there will be war or not. Raila was also hard on his stand believing he had won the election. Both knew what was going to happen if they don't agree.

Kibaki finally accepted because he knew very well that the sumptuous part of power had not been taken away from him.

Raila, while knowing very he had not been given what he wanted, accepted since he knew what was going to happen to our motherland Kenya, if he doesn't accept.

Fikiria kizee

I hope this time you will argue with me in a soberly way and not being combative and abusive.

Mwarang'ethe said...

For those who may be "stupid" enough to understand that:

- it is not just a question of setting a milk plant after borrowing "money,"

- since about 800, 000 households depend on milk industry, and

- this contributes to about 3.5% of the Kenyan GDP, it is better to discuss such matters than discussing all the time stupid politicians who create no wealth at all, may see Kisero's article on this matter.


Anonymous said...

" makes no sense for Kenyans, especially the young to behave like the old guard."

What a gem.

Anonymous said...

Little subtle lies

1. It was not a kalenjin vs Kikuyu war. Most of Kalenjin land was quiet. It was in Nandi and Kipsigis areas. Oddly enough, those are the areas where Kosgei, and Ruto both high profile members of ODM come from.

2. The signing of the NARA accord did not end the violence. The violence had long ended when the two signed. Most kikuyus had been flushed fromt he north RVP and most non Kikuyus had been flushed from the south. the boundary was in Molo. there was no one else left to kill and people had began to run hungry and cold. Raila realizing that his 'Revolution' ws running out of the blood it needed to keep it watered and running grabbed at the half loaf.

next you will be nominationg Raila for saint hood ati he saved Kenya.. Please. spare us your cultic worship of another mwanaume like you.

Anonymous said...

Chris, thanks for the reminder. One of the best kinyozi providers I have ever met was a female in Nairobi during my early twenties.

I never looked back nor went any where else after running into the kinyozi provider by chance. She was a rarity who could perform real magic-cuts with her clients' hair.

She was one of the few kinyozi providers who were very good at taking care of irritable bumps (on kidevu and at the back of the shingo) caused by ingrown hair, and she was also an expert in preventive maintenance when it came to future outbreaks.

Guess what, a haircut from her salon at the time was equivalent to a one-way bus ticket to Mombasa.

As for stereotypes when it comes to Kamba women, I have to confess that I was once attached to the 1% percent who are not fond of recreational healing when they are in a steady relationship.

Rationing was the order of the day (times) and I had to beg for days or even weeks before an offer would be granted. And the worst part of it all was that it always ended up being a one-way treadmill workout event with no ounce of emotion nor reciprocity, whatsoever.

Anyway, we moved on into different dirctions, and I later found a very good match who is now my woman, spouse, friend, a happy mother of my four children, and an angel in my life.

So, debunk the myths associated with some of our regional stereotypes such as Kamba women being great at gymnasts workouts.

Anonymous said...

Why does the draft constitution discriminate against women by stating that life begins at conception?

This will expose women who have miscarriages to the death penalty. Women who suffer from ectopic pregnancies will surely die from such death as doctors will not save the woman and expose themselves to criminal liability ( and the ectopic feotus will die anyway). the draft constitution is chauvinistic and the church ought to be merciful to its female congregation.

divisive issues like arbotion, when life begins, homosexuality, kadhi's courts are too divisive to be included in the constitution and will rob the document of legitimacy from a wide section of members of the society.

Lets only include in the darft constitution issues that we all agree upon, and legislate the rest through an act of parliament.

Anonymous said...

Let us not spare truth even for the reason of Political Protectionism.

Anybody rational enough will tell you; the public of this age are not the uninformed populace of Hittler's Propagandist credo. Persuasions presented in all your arguments expose very myopic and monolithic political discourse. Am appealed by the senseless ethnic orientation peddled with this. Politics is about personalities, ideologies and principalities yet there comes extraordinary moments in the life of a country when a bold resolve has to taken and defended. The amount of bloodletting that occurred in this country should caution us from indulgences in hate literature. Accuse me of political insanity yes! But many informed Kenyan know too well that this mode of leadership is wrong and should not be tolerated.
We all aspire to develop this region and such is not possible with the current circumstances of distrust and wrangles. As an elite, I might care very little about whatever political, social, economic circumstances prevail in my country; yet its a matter of altruism that we can survive or overcome such systems but its done at a cost. This is the reason we become partisan in matters of pluralism....
You can love your country better by praising developments but not cherishing retribution and retardation. Propaganda; if am not wrong must target the 'emotions' and not the 'intellect' yet AGAIN..'It must be tailored to the less endowed' that segment I hope is well served by the 'Ethnic FM Radio stations in the country. That population have no access to Blogs and the internet. It therefore insults our wits meeting such a nasty encounter. You are my wonderful friends but I must pick you so that we become better friends.

Obiero Stephen. Prof.

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