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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Xenophobia and Mau Unites Karua and Ruto

They play in opposite sides of the political field occasionally throwing choicest epithets at each other. But on demanding humane treatment of victims of official harassment, Hons. Karua and Ruto play on the same team for the same goal: FAIRNESS.

While Ruto took the PM head on demanding HUMANE EVICTIONS from Mau forest, Karua is roasting Saitoti for allowing police to use excessive force in breaking last Friday's protest. True to the hen-egg adage, which came first: the floods/trees for Ruto or human rights/security for madam Martha?

Here are two presidential candidates walking the talk. And Karua should know when she barracks Saitoti for a failed intelligence gathering. Her fidelity to the law can only earn her more admirers if not more voters. She stands tall and tough when no man dares raise his neck as evident during the post-election storm.

As for Ruto, his focus and bare knuckles approach to matters he consider close to his political cause can only raise his standing. After defying Moi and succeeding against all odds, nobody knows better how to fell a political giant.

These two presidential candidates have introduced a breathe of fresh air to political competition based on ISSUES. Karua knows human rights must not be compromised at whatever cost. Even Al-Shabaab sympathizers have rights and what is more, they are Africans and Kenyans to boot. Eastleigh and Kenya would be much poorer without these enterprising lot.

Meanwhile Ruto's selfless fight for the downtrodden sets a new standard for true leadership. Nobody could have been far-sighted than an Agriculture Minister promising a nationwide tree planting instead of selective actions media tokenism witnessed in Mau last Friday. Ruto has reminded us that tree planting is like infant immunization that can be postponed till the right time.

It is no coincidence that events of last Friday provided the platform on which these two great politicians launched their constructive campaigns against xenophobia and government harassment of her citizens.

Kenya can only get better. Kudos to the principled iron lady Karua and the indomitable honest Ruto. You have both painfully planted and the bounty harvest from your common constituency constituting the harassed will not disappoint.


Anonymous said...

Nice satire. You should be called comical Taabu! Or is comical matata better option? Forgive the pan.
Ruto is in deed "honest". Honest to the extent of selling Maize meant for the same people he is meant to be champion of! How ironical.

How about the 5million he and his "honest" buddies collected at PanAfric? Where is the money some 2-3months down the line?

Wasn't that harambee meant for the evictees? Or was it a cosmetic gesture to hoodwink people?

Honest in deed! As for Karua? Please give me a break. She is irrelvant. Saitoti! Pew! What a war to fight. Mama Rucy tried to fight the prof but Presi has confidence in him. Can you say the same about "mrs" wamugunda?

"honest" Ruto? How about YK-92 and our rotten economy? How about Jirongo and sololo outlet? Ruto's honest bedfellows!

Good riddance comical taabu.

Anonymous said...

See below re revenues can be generated by keeping trees and forests standing....


Anonymous said...

State strategy to depoliticise rehabilitation of Mau Forest

And now the near-blind nutcase think he can just 'depoloticise' the Mau. Switch: Turn on, Turn off. EVICT and MOVE ON!

Rather late, isnt it? Rift Valley votes are gone forever, REDD money (or other sequestration programs from focused on Mau)are distant pipe dreams--no touch zones for potential investors and for certifiers. Reputation--at least among those that would have awarded him the prize he's been salivating over--has tanked dangerously...

So what next for this buffoon? HEALTH? At least he's got a good track record on that one. The numbers undergoing surgery (good for AIDS, I hear) grows from strength to strength.

His silly sycophants (like James Orengo) should take control of their portfolios rather than masturbate over issues (eg climate change) for which their understandings are limited.

Anonymous said...

quite interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Martha Karua now needs to adorn a hajab on her presidential campaigns.

So, what's really new from the well known mandible of one Martha Karua?

Kipsang said...

@Anonymous 2.34 PM

The money from the fundraiser was handed over to Red Cross, so please take your ignorance elsewhere....

I see you only read the Media which has been bought, no wonder they termed the poorly attended tree planting ceremony as a success.

By The President and his ministers didnot attededn only some 8 cabinet ministers, but the media reported that the Kalenjins boycotted...

Anyway if the local community did not participate , then how can you term thr process as a success. They should have invovled the people living around because they are the ones who will look after the trees, so now they can let their cows and goats eat the trees.

At the same venue the same minister in charge of our forest was asking for the trees to be cut by millers, what a contradiction! Beacuse it is the same big companies that have been cutting down the trees in all of our forests.


Have you had of the multimilliom contracts in billons to be given to private companies to plant and cut trees in Mau. Just find out how the PM is involved here ?

Vikii said...

On Martha Karua, she is right and wrong at the same time depending on how you look at it. It is sexy talking about human rights and the need for their upholding. On that score she is right. But on the same token Martha, can you really negotiate with terrorists or even their sympathizers? I repeat it on this blog; People that met violence on innocents should face the bullet! Anybody that picks up stones and goes stoning innocent motorists or looting from grocery stores should be shot twice; in the head and in the ass! We will take the corpse to the judge after that! Good luck with your Presidential politics, Martha!

About William Ruto, he is a very good student of his boss in the ODM gang, Raila Odinga. They sit next to each other in the ODM Politburo called the Pentagon which Martha Karua called in 2007 “a galaxy of suspects”. In 2005, the first Mwai Kibaki government launched evictions from Mau and Raila Odinga went on frenzy talking about ‘humane treatment’ of the land grabbers sitting on Mau. He advocated for their compensation by the government. William Ruto is only reminding him that if it was right in 2005, it surely must be right today!
In 2008, after Raila Odinga and William Ruto lost elections, their supporters seized houses (shanties actually) owned by Kikuyus in Kibera. They forcefully occupied them which is not very far from ODM’s Housing Policy of non-payment of rents. When Raila Odinga was asked about it on TV, he claimed that those evicted “could go back to kikuyu” and wondered where people expected the new occupiers to go. I pose back the same question; Where do you expect those you evict from the Mau to go, Mr. Raila?

Of course we must talk about the Mau, Raila Odinga’s mismanagement and politicization of efforts to conserve it and the way forward. Instead of helping in an individual’s power designs, the government through the Ministry of Forestry should facilitate objective, genuine reclamation of the Mau. We have a celebrated environmentalist, an internationally acclaimed Kenyan who won the Nobel Prize because of her record in environmental conservation. Why can’t we charge her with the responsibility of leading efforts to conserve the Mau? Prof. Maathai is an authority in this area, she is our Albert Gore. Give her the money, the resources and that will give this whole exercise a bi-partisan touch. Otherwise very few people will be willing to go help an individual launch his Presidential campaign on the Mau platform.

As for those asking about the fundraising money that OUR leaders contributed to help the victims of 'government' brutality, it was given to the Red Cross like the many other individual donations towards that cause.

Anonymous said...

Ruto appears to have completed his "take-over" of kaleo votes.

What vikii raises about rao's involvement in mau has been raised elsewhere and i have never received a clear answer as it why mau has come to be identified with the pm. If he opposed the evictions in kibs' first admin, why is he for them now? What has changed? I genuinely want to know what mau is all about. Someone please.

Anonymous said...

By the way Bwana Taabu, what happened to your blog which I was a fan of last year? Can you please update it??


NOW........Just look at these moronic politicians politicizing the Mau for their own selfish gains. That's what they have done with football in Kenya and of course killed it. Let's leave Mau to environmentalists like Wangari Maathai.Which fool takes this corrupt clown Ruto seriously regarding his blind ambitions? The young overnight billionaire can't explain his huge wealth. Maize and land grabbing scandals hangs on his neck while The Hague beckons for his role in PEV. He can use his billions to hire American law professors, but Ocampo ain't our spineless Wako. He simply can't be bought or cowed as we do in Kenya.

I'm with VICKII when it comes to terrorist Al-Shabaab causing reign of terror in Nairobi just like they have done in Mogadishu. Just hunt them down like rats and deport them back to the caves they came from. And if they continue shooting our police, then bring in the dreaded Kwekwe squad. The rest will be History......

I'm working on a "sex scandal" that is brewing in Naivasha retreat where MPs are holed up for the next one week. And one prominent MP with big ambitions is said to be spending too much time drinking himself silly in the hotel's bar while texting on his fone. I'm still waiting for more dossier from my mole in the hotel who also briefs me that there are so many taxis bringing "clients" to the hotel in the heat of the night. So many scandals going on to relieve the stress of constitution making...I understand the clueless Canadian Miguna Miguna has also gatecrashed there..uninvited! Lot's of tip-toeing at night, look out in my blog

Phil said...

The constitution of Kenya upholds the right to public demonstration and freedom of assembly. If anyone is suspected of terrorism, then for God’s sake charge them in a court of law! Where was Martha Karua when Minister John Michuki ‘banned’ live broadcasts and unilaterally and illegally declared Uhuru Park a classified zone? Was Martha Karua not the one who stood by as one distant relative of Vikii – Samuel Mutua Kivuitu – topped up Kibaki’s votes in complete disregard to the will of the people, an action that made Kenya descend into total anarchy?

If those in power will continue to engineer mega scams and shamelessly steal elections, then you can be sure there will be even more civil unrest than what you experienced in 2007/8.

The people who have so far be ‘evicted’ from Mau were squatters who have (a) left the forest voluntarily, (b) were initially planted in the Mau by the same KANU bigwigs and large scale land owners of MAU who had intended to use then as human shields. Surely, what is so inhuman about reclaiming through voluntary means a significant percentage of what was an important water catchment area for Kenya?

You can also do us a great favour by posting a link to the clip where RAO publicly asked those evicted to go back to Kikuyu. Peddling rumours in Kumekucha does not help our course. Chris tried it and failed. Masked scoundrels in PNU have perfected the politics of deceit and deception so it is no surprise to see hired guns like Vikii publishing unsubstantiated propaganda just to discredit the most trusted and most popular politician in Kenya (and these are proven facts!).

When the Prime Minister’s strategic plan was launched, it was none other than President Kibaki who graced the occasion and assigned the Mau reclamation to the PM’s office. Of course at that time, Kibaki knew he was giving RAO a rope to hang himself. Unfortunately for PNU, RAO has swiftly and ably transformed the Mau into an international issue and in the process won public support. PNU’s strategy to vanquish RAO in Rift Valley had backfired!

Parliament not only adopted the task force report on Mau, Kibaki’s finance minister is trying all he can to sabotage compensation for land owners in Mau while he himself never objected to the last minute amendments to the Mau task force report which recommended compensation to innocent (human shield) victims who were sold 5 acres and less. Now, PNU are torn on what to do since whenever they to undermine the PM (like the Mau and KKV programs) the PM has always pulled a fast one on them and emerged stronger.

Phil said...

And......If the ODM Pentagon is a galaxy of suspects, what would you call the current KKK alliance or even the amorphous political party known as PNU ? A galaxy of land grabbers; Nyayo Conspirators of Political Assassins; Miracle Workers of Election Fraudsters; Federation of Mungiki Financiers or perhaps Status Quo Foundation? Take your pick.

I do not think Vikii qualifies to talk about Kibera’s so called landlords. First the land which some people claim to own in Kibera belongs to government. Second, the shacks which they rent out are not even fit for habitation by animals. Third, the landlords themselves have refused to negotiate with dwellers who want to pay rent that is commensurate with housing they provide. Fourth, the governments that Kibaki, Kalonzo and their ilk served for nearly half a century have not made any housing provisions for the low income earners and unemployed in our urban areas.

Kibera is not the only slum in Nairobi or in Kenya. Civic education and increased awareness in Kibera has taught us to resist anyone that takes advantage of our poverty. Be it rent, public transportation, water vendors or even your local mama mboga. If only the rest of the country would rise up, then those hyenas masquerading as our leaders would sit up and listen!

We can now all see that Vikii has new friends in the name Zakayo Cheruiyot who organised the RAO bashing harambee at Panafric Hotel. We hear rumours that the money was given to red cross but there is no proof to back this up. 5mil shillings can earn handsome interest in 3 months. And the fact that the patron is not accountable to anyone who donated; he may as well do what Nyayo orphans are best known for? And this patron is the same character who has shielded the worlds most wanted fugitive one Felicien Kabuga for 15 years! Jijazie.

Mwarang'ethe said...

With your permission Mr Taabu, let us "leave" politics aside for a moment.

In the DN editorial for 19th Jan, 2009 (, we are informed that we are now privatising roads whereby foreigners will be managing them for a fee.

Firstly, anyone versed with infrastructuctural concessioning arbitration case law since 1990's, knows how this may end.

We have seen the end of these concessions in Bolivia, Argentina etc. We sincerely hope, the negotiators have reviewed these cases very well. If not, prepare for massive damages that will be paid by the poor.

Leaving the legal matters aside, we see something very interesting here which is this:

- when a motorist will be using this privatised road, he shall be paying a toll fee.

- at the same time, the "owners" of land adjacent to these roads will have their land values increased.

Now, if we have the same foreigners owning the road and the adjacent road, it shall amount to this:

- The road user is charged to use the road. i.e. charged to provide the public good.

- This road, i.e. public good will then increases the value of land i.e. rent.

This shall mean that, when the same road user wants to build a house or start a business on that land, he will be forced to pay higher rent to these foreigners or even Kenyans who may own it.

From this, it becomes clear:

The aim of the government policy since independence and even before is to subsidise the land values for the big players.

In other words, the govt. role is nothing but to REDISTRIBUTE wealth from WORKERS, i.e. those who labour to landowners i.e. idle gods.

Where is justice and equity in these arrangements? And, how come there is little controversy over such a grave matter?

Kipsang said...

@ Pil
Unfortunately for PNU, RAO has swiftly and ably transformed the Mau into an international issue and in the process won public support. PNU’s strategy to vanquish RAO in Rift Valley had backfired!


We come from rift-valley , so don't just write what you plagiarise from the pro raila media .

Do you think Musa Srima , a nominated MP represents Rift-valley.

These are exactly who Tujus,Kombos,Muhkisas were like to Kibaki and who PM is depending on for RV. They can't even be seen in public back at home.

deroo said...

The Minister for ENVIRONMENT did not plant a tree in Mau?

If Raila follows the Mau thread to its conclusion, I will vote for him. I will!

deroo said...

As for the Pro-Raila media, they did not have a Tononoka like photograph in the Mau to underline its success? The way the locals gave it a wide berth echoes loudly. There was no post-moterm and there was no chest-thumping and crowds ululating, only commiserations in the Sunday Press. Sorry. Sana!

Anonymous said...


I will never vote for Raila! Raila is a showman and crowd pleaser looking for ways to woe people. And at the moment he is winning even his enemies. He is a very cunning and crafty man; soon you will ALL be swept under his mystic voodoo powers that have kept Jaruos blindly following him.

I blame Raira for everything including last Friday's protest at Jamia mosque. He promised Muslims Sharia law despite muslims in Kenya making only 10% of population. Now they are demanding Haki yetu - ODM style of violence and stone-throwing.

Raila's harshest critic

Phil's mistress

Mwarang'ethe said...

Kipsang said...

We come from rift-valley , so don't just write what you plagiarise from the pro raila media .

Do you think Musa Srima , a nominated MP represents Rift-valley.


Can we know the following please:

- what do RV people really want about land issue?

- how do you as an individual propose we solve the land problem once and for all so as to avert civil strife occassioned by the same?

- what is your view on Mau issue?

Mwarang'ethe said...

I blame Raira for everything including last Friday's protest at Jamia mosque. He promised Muslims Sharia law despite muslims in Kenya making only 10% of population. Now they are demanding Haki yetu - ODM style of violence and stone-throwing.

Raila's harshest critic

Phil's mistress

1/19/10 4:30 AM


What is your greatest objection to Sharia law?

And, haven't we had Kadhi Courts since independence? What law have they been applying if not Sharia law?

Ja'Rusinga said...

Kipsang', does it matter whether Kibs attended the tree planting ceremony or not? Or whether the Rift Valley Mps boycotted the event because Kibs would not be there?
Kwani were they going to plant Kibaki or the trees?
Mau is a national heritage, a beacon of hope for millions of Kenyans and East Africans at that. It is not about the locals who did not attend. How could they attend and they had been evicted and chose to live by the road-side, thanks to your local leaders. The so-called evictees need to go back to where they came from, unless they fell from heaven!

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe asked:

"What is your greatest objection to Sharia law?...."

Our comment:

Many people, including Muslims, understand Sharia as associated with the amputation of limbs, death by stoning, lashes and other medieval punishments. Because of this, it is sometimes thought of as draconian. Some people view Sharia as archaic and unfair social ideas that are imposed upon people who live in Sharia-controlled countries. Therefore Sharia law is unfit in Kenyan society.

Phil's mistress

deroo said...

The Kalenjin problem with Land Issues in their 'region' is a tricky one. You heard even Moi telling the whole country to tread carefully with the matter about the Mau.

That is why I said, if Raila manages it, then, I will cast a vote for him. It will be a great triumph and it will show that he has CASTRATED the community. It is one thing for the government to succeed in this matter and come out of it clean and to back off and maintain business as usual.

Just as Vikii said, I opposed the main guys involved in the Mau saga prior to the 2007 elections and still do. Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing, 4th All Africa Games, now Mau, I read Felicien Kabuga somewhere, Mollasses LAND (remember cash was solicited from the aloof public) are all major scandals that squeezed cash from poor Kenya under Moi's watch are all connected to a bulk of Mps elected on ODM. It was okay during the electioneering period that it was swept under the carpet, but not now. Ahhhh!

You close Kiptagich Tea Factory, which was built on a Trust Land in the name of conserving the Mau and leave about ten other tea factories and plantations that are ACTUALLY in the Mau, then madness will acquire a new meaning.

On the Al Shabab thing and the Somalis, I gave a hint and as usual, some anon insulted me in the process. A Muslim cleric, arrested in Kenya, entered through Tanzania, and the whole matter is on the table of a man whose party promised to entrench Freedom of the Muslims and their Shariah Law in the Constitution within 100 days of getting power? Let me back off, but think hard about it and get the silence from a section of the country that jumps at any opportunity to react.

This man, like the Artur brothers has a record that is well-documented. Someone who has been banned in the UK for activities that threaten world peace, a man in the CIA, M16 and FBI watch list and there is no problem about it??? I wonder where all the vitroil that met that terrible pair in 2004 went to.

deroo said...

Mwarangethe, have you heard an opportunity to get to know what the local Kipsang (their version of Wanjiku) in Ravine, Eldoret, Kericho and Keiyo has been told about the Mau, Raila and how he is fighting their community? If you have heard the chance, then they have not been told about conservation, and as the real Kipsang here says, it will need more that Lazarus coming back from the dead to shore ODM and Raila's standing.

The same reasons they killed, maimed and chased away an entire community are being stone-cast in their minds and they have swallowed it, with the Mau evictees serving as an example. The thing has just reopened their wounds and fears about a system that has watched their land grabbed over the years.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Many people, including Muslims, understand Sharia as associated with the amputation of limbs, death by stoning, lashes and other medieval punishments. Because of this, it is sometimes thought of as draconian. Some people view Sharia as archaic and unfair social ideas that are imposed upon people who live in Sharia-controlled countries. Therefore Sharia law is unfit in Kenyan society.

Phil's mistress

1/19/10 6:44 AM


By the way, have u ever met Phil ama wewe ni e post mistress?

Firstly, it is the easy part to accept common prejudices and dogma. However, it is more difficult to do research and get a well formed/considered opinion based on weighing facts on issues.

Consequently, we think it would be better u look at wikipedia for more information on sharia law:

There are a lot of references you can pursue further.

Thirdly, you tell us that Sharia is associated with medieval punishment. Very well. Let us see the evidence from the USA, where there is no Sharia law.

When Bill Clinton was campaigning in 92, he flew back home in the middle of his presidential campaign to ensure execution of Ricky Ray Rector.

Now, if you review the case of this guy, u will find that this guy was MENTALLY RETARDED.

We are further informed that in trying to inject lethal injection, it took the medical staff more than 50 minutes to find a suitable vein. Those who were there said they could hear the man moan.

It was only later, in the Atkins v. Virginia such executions involving mentally retarded persons were held to be cruel and unusual punishment.

However, in 2008, the Supreme Court upheld the lethal injection do not violate the Eighth Amendment against cruel and unusual punishment. At the same time, many medical experts believe the method to be inhuman. This is why many in California physicians refused to do it.

So, when u say Sharia law upholds cruel punishments, what about this in the USA?

Furthermore, if it is a question of death sentences, the top performers are: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

Again, we ask, how modern was the execution of this mentally man in 1992, which helped Clinton win cos he appeared "tough" in a country where there is no Sharia law?

We have also read here how this Jamaican Imam is a bad man cos he has called for Jihad. However, the truth is that Jihad is also a Xtian thing.

In Luke 19:27, Jesus said this:

"But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them before me."

In simple words. Peddling common prejudices is easy. However, what we need is well considered opinions formed after rigorous research from all sides of the coin. From what we have written above, the complexity of issues involved is evident.

Being so, it illustrates how common prejudices which are fueled by partisan media are untrue and are meant to push certain agendas by cementing certain opinions in the piblic mind.

Motto: Read and think for yourself!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Deroo wrote:

Someone who has been banned in the UK for activities that threaten world peace, a man in the CIA, M16 and FBI watch list and there is no problem about it???

1/19/10 8:50 AM

Our response:

The truth is that these "terrorists" are not Muslims and do not work for Muslims.

So, who do they work for? They work for intelligence bodies. Thats a serious charge. Let us review the available evidence calmly without hysteria.

First, we call upon any OBJECTIVE person to review the evidence of the Church and Pike and Congressional Committe on the intelligence bodies.

It is a massive work and therefore, calls for extensive reading. Here u will see their role on JFK, Martin Luther King murder, their work in Chile etc.

The raw materials of this committe are available here:

We are sure very few people will read the above for it is easy to read our newspapers and think one knows. So, let us cqueeze a few issues about terrorism here:

According to a London based International Media Corporation:

"Reliable sources report that the United States is now [1994] actively participating in the arming and training of the Muslim forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina in direct contravention of the United Nations accords. US agencies have been providing weapons made in ... China (PRC), North Korea (DPRK) and Iran.

...It was alleged that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had full knowledge of the operation and that the CIA believed that some of the 400 had been detached for future terrorist operations in Western Europe."

NB: PLEASE NOTE the last lines.

...The Mujahedin landing at Ploce are reported to have been accompanied by US Special Forces equipped with high-tech communications equipment, ... The sources said that the mission of the US troops was to establish a command, control, communications and intelligence network to coordinate and support Bosnian Muslim offensives .."

Let us now hear from the horses mouth.

The above US Administration's undercover military-intelligence operations in Bosnia have been fully documented by the Republican Party.

The RPC Congressional report accused the Clinton administration of having "helped turn Bosnia into a militant Islamic base" leading to the recruitment through the so-called "Militant Islamic Network," of thousands of Mujahideen from the Muslim world.

The report said:

"Perhaps most threatening to the SFOR mission - and more importantly, to the safety of the American personnel serving in Bosnia - is the unwillingness of the Clinton Administration to come clean with the Congress and with the American people about its complicity in the delivery of weapons from Iran to the Muslim government in Sarajevo. That policy, personally approved by Bill Clinton in April 1994 at the urging of CIA Director-designate (and then-NSC chief) Anthony Lake and the U.S. ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith, has, according to the Los Angeles Times (citing classified intelligence community sources), "played a central role in the dramatic increase in Iranian influence in Bosnia."

It continued in part:

"The Clinton Administration's "hands-on" involvement with the Islamic network's arms pipeline included inspections of missiles from Iran by U.S. government officials... the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA), a Sudan-based, phoney humanitarian organization ... has been a major link in the arms pipeline to Bosnia. ... TWRA is believed to be connected with such fixtures of the Islamic terror network as Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman (the convicted mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing) and Osama Bin Laden, a wealthy Saudi émigré believed to bankroll numerous militant groups."


Since it is documented that these intelligence bodies have been training and arming these people, can someone tell us when the intelligence bodies ever stopped working with these so called terrorists?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Let us review another interesting case of Omar Sheikh who was convicted of murdering Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

According to Gen. Musharaf, the former President of Pakistan, in his book:

In the Line of Fire: A Memoir, he says this:

“It is believed in some quarters that while Omar Sheikh was at the LSE (London School of Economics) he was recruited by the British intelligence agency MI6,...

...It is said that MI6 persuaded him to take an active part in demonstrations against Serbian aggression in Bosnia and even sent him to Kosovo to join the jihad."

Now, as we all know, this man was identified by FBI as one of the PRIMARY FINANCIERS of the 9/11 attacks.

Surely, we would expect Gen. Musharaff to know a lot about these matters. And, if this is what he says, one can start to see what has been and is going on. Likewise, Musharaf as would be expected, did not spill all the beans.

Motto: Read and think for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Politicians who articulate issues dispassionately and with objectivity earn kudos. However, this approach should always be consistent and "statesmanly" instead of angry and acrimonious. Feverish gimmicks that attempt to appeal to the base fears of the masses is opportunism at best.

Anonymous said...

So much vitriolic in these conversations! Please moderate this forum to sanitize it of ethno-centric sentimentality. Mau evictions were authorized by the government, at the cabinet level. A commission was established to determine ways to implement it. Once an operational strategy was arrived at and approved, an implementation process involving government forestry and other security personell was launched. In many cases this is the basic way that any government works. Arguments that narrow this process to an individual "lone-ranger" busybody that is Raila, is an attempt to vilify and demonise the man unfairly for mandated public actions. Such arguments ring hollow and smirk of the "hate-and-destroy" agenda. This befuddles any efforts to argue objectively and make a case for improving approaches to public affairs in a democratic society.

It is not uncommon in Kenya for people affected by some form of government action to cry foul over such action, often without acknowledging their own responsibility in the matter. Examples are clampdowns on the chaotic matatu menace in the city, raids on unlicenced hawking in Nairobi, police action on teachers' demonstrations over salaries, even a raid on unruly demonstrators about a deported cleric etc. It is, however, an oversimplification to suggest that those responsible for carrying out such government action, e.g.the Mau evictions, could be influenced by an individual to make the implementation inhumane. One would have to interview the uniformed officers involved in the Mau exercise and the individual evictees to truthfully establish such underhand influence and attribute it to a person. Without such an investigation, it is not hard to see the element of blind hatred in all the venom about Raila. I am sure intellectual honesty would lead to the conclusion that anyone still in the designated eviction area at the end of a widely publicized notice period would have expected some gentle nudging by uniformed personell to leave.

It would be nice to raise the bar in our discourse and infuse some rules of intellectual civility for better outcomes in national conversations. Some of the worst conflagrations related to issues of identity and difference around the world have been traced to the tinderbox of hate rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

So dumping people out of their homes without alternative settlement and livelihoods is humane? Go sing your praises of King Raila to the birds.
This is what people are taking issue with. What's hard to understand about this?

The fortunate thing is that it has crept into the international human rights and environment dialogue. Let's see how the government manouvers this to get the money from abroad that it's dying to.

Anonymous said...

Phil should now start telling us the good things about a presidential system now that rao has abandoned the parliamentary system. Am sure Rao's version of a presidential system is better than anybody else's.

Kipsang said...

How can you speak about land/environment without talking about the people.

All the major tea companies occupy huge tracts of the Kalenjin land. Do you think they bought this land?

Why don't the overnight champions of environment recalim this tea companies e.g the Finalys in Kericho which is in Mau and give back the land back to the people ?

What I know is that if they go ahead with evictions which targers army soilders then God Help Kenya.

What do you expect when you steal all that a man has acquired legally?

Why are we all blinded by the fact that all the western nations support these efforts that it is good for our country. When we have major issues like :

- millions of youth missing University/Secondary becoming Unemployed
- lack of funds to buy cruitical medicine in our hospitals.
- Constitution which will lead to a failed state
- Terrorist cells in Kenya.
- Key sector of the Economy being being sold(Petroleum/Ports/Agriculture)


Only God can help Kenya. In 2007 majority were misled that hating one communiy[Not Killing, i fully support all voilence suspects to face trial hague or local ] will give the jobs/Constitution/maisha bora.... but im glad we've all come to our senses.Exceprt for a few @ja'rusing ,telling people to got to hell. The Kalenjins and Maasai all grew/deid/born in Mau not hell/heaven as you want to take them.

Advice to all to repent and give your lives to Jesus Christ since
all these things must come to pass before Jesus comes back.

God Help Kenya and the World

Anonymous said...

The iron lady should have put her foot down and insisted that Kibaki honour the agreement to give Raila premiership after 2002 elections. She should have stood up to be counted for saying NO to the useless constitution that was put forward to Kenyans in the referendum...Just because she resigned from Kibaki's government after being used and discarded does not make her a champion of the ordinary mwananchi so please give us a break and stop dreaming that she can make any headway into leading Kenya out of the mess that she helped throw us in.

Anonymous said...

"The iron lady should have put her foot down and insisted that Kibaki honour the agreement to give Raila premiership after 2002 elections."

No one in their right senses would do that, which is why Raila had to kill, maim and displace masses to get to it. He knows this very well. He doesnt fear to sacrifice--we now have the Kalenjins facing the same sword. So much for flapping the mouth about democracy. Be very careful, Kenyans!

Anonymous said...

A dangerous man indeed!

Anonymous said...

Convicted mzungu rapist freed by our corrupt and inept judiciary. time for Kenyans to give JAVA a wide berth....campaign here

Anonymous said...

Just look at this:

"On Tuesday, MPs who debated the chapter for more than five hours, voted to delete sub-clause 42(4) which sought to guarantee women and men equal rights at the onset, during and at the dissolution of a marriage.

The decision was reached in spite of protests from women members of the PSC. The committee comprises five women members and 21 men.

The clause states: “Parties to a marriage are entitled to equal rights at the time of the marriage, during the marriage and at the dissolution of the marriage.”

Syaaria is a much better deal--it's clear that a woman is half the value of a man.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The clause states: “Parties to a marriage are entitled to equal rights at the time of the marriage, during the marriage and at the dissolution of the marriage.”

1/20/10 2:47 AM


When you have lawyers trained only in reading Acts of Parliament and old cases in their court duels, you are in serious trouble.

Now, by deleting this clause, they have in effect said that one party in a marriage shall be superior to the other. Very well.

But, will they specify which party will be superior?

And, since they will not, what if there is a case, what will prevent the court perhaps headed by a woman judge deciding that it is the woman who is superior in a marriage?

And, if it decides so, what will men do who think they are superior, but, dare not say now?

Surely, the best approach would be recognition of pre nuptial agreements in the Kenyan law.

This would enable those who wish to protect their wealth from their "inferior" partners even if equality is entrenched.

Anonymous said...

i once attended a rally in 2005 raila said nyinyi wakalenjin nobody will remove you out of mau forest without being compensated alafu hii serikali inafuta watu wenu kazi hati hamujasoma. so if he used mau to gain rift valley votes in last election now he is using the same forest to be seen as a national leader and brand other leaders as tribalist first of all he is the worst tribalist since he gang up other tribes agaist one tribe in the last election

Anonymous said...

@Kipsang etal,
Now that you have unwittingly accepted that you can be let by the leash to believe anything who tells you the present master is not taking you to hell except talking in mother-tongue?

Anonymous said...

cheruyot is the guy who has been hiding the Rwanda fugitive Felicien Kabuga in his farm at Olturoto in Kajiado.Can he come clean on this?He may have gotten tutorial from him for use during the post election genocide against the kiuks.

Michael Mwaura said...

Anonymous said...

"Phil should now start telling us the good things about a presidential system now that Rao has abandoned the parliamentary system. Am sure Rao's version of a presidential system is better"

In The Standard, ODM does give their version of what the Presidential system should look like.
• A President who will not be an MP.
• Ministers are picked from outside parliament. When there is a probe of their Ministry, they will not be allowed to vote
• Any MP appointed minister must quit the parliamentary seat.
• A presidential candidate picks a running mate who will be VP and then picks ministers from outside Parliament.
So let us debate the merits or demerits of this idea sensibly, refraining from personal attacks.

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