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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Deadly Police killers Part 4

Deadly Police killers Part 4

I will end this series with some very interesting information I have just gotten from one of my informants.

They start by refuting my story earlier this week where I said that Maj gen Ali’s survival outside prison is favoured by current International politics.

He assures me that sources close to the American embassy have assured him that Ali is a marked man by the Americans. He is sure that the only way Ali will possible ever gain access into the US is in handcuffs to face trial. Apparently the Americans are really pushing behind the scenes for Hague to indict Ali for crimes against humanity. Apparently it will be difficult for Ali to implicate his superiors and those he took orders from, even if he wanted to.

Interestingly the other two names that never leave Ocampos’ lips are those of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. However chances of a successful prosecution against Uhuru Kenyatta appear to be getting dimmer by the day. Three police executions have buried all possible evidence. Namely the two Oscar foundations executions and that of the Mungiki spokesman Njuguna Gitau. The Oscar foundation had a thick dossier on Ali and Uhuru that would have made Ocampo’s day. And Gitau was Uhuru Kenyata’s link to the Mungiki when he financed deadly attacks in Naivasha against non-Kikuyus in retaliation to what had been done to the community in the Rift Valley. It is widely recognized that the Naivasha killings ended eneded the post elections violence when it was realized just how devastating a Kikuyu retaliation could be. This is one reason why Uhuru is a hero to many in the Kikuyu community.

Ali and Ruto were not able to possibly ‘destroy’ all the evidence to cover their crimes and are definitely destined for an appointment with Ocampo.

The sad news is that as long as the current political class remains in power and for as long as state security continues to be an issue of national importance police killings will remain. Albeit maybe not at the scale that Kenyans have witnessed in the recent past.

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JIMMY said...

Secret letters tell why Kibaki skipped Mau

Published on 17/01/2010
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Raila at Mau Tree Planting 16/01/10By Juma Kwayera

The Mau controversy has blown the lid off the latent wars President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga have been struggling to suppress.

It has also emerged that Kibaki is not a lame-duck president as alleged often. Secret letters from State House and Office of the President show he is at the centre of the feuds in his own Party of National Unity (PNU) and the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

The letters, which refer to meetings the President has held with his lieutenants at State House on various occasions, provide rare evidence of how Kibaki was using the Mau forest controversy to repay his political debts and railroad his succession by scuttling potential threats in PNU and ODM.

At the core of the meetings is the requisition of Sh1 billion through a letter signed by Head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura to compensaste well-connected individuals who acquired public land unprocedurally.

Sources told The Standard on Sunday that the President is keen on repaying the political debt he owes his benefactors in the 2007 polls. Kibaki is alleged to have given priority to Uhuru Kenyatta, who stepped down for him, consolidating the Central Province vote in the last presidential poll.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Eeeeeeh! Ati Sources close to the American embassy? Are you kidding!

What became of the heavy dossier on Oscar Foundation's being a for front narcotics on behalf of West African and Asian dealers, prostituion, stolen vehicle and small firearms?

There are over thirty members of parliament who have many barrels of blood of PEV victims on their hands as opposed to the pint of blood on the hands of Ali's men in uniform.
Many more "handcuffs made in the Hague" will have to be made to measure in order to carry out real justice.

History is always the best teacher for those of us with a very short memory of past world events.

We always tend to underestimate other segments of the general population while at the same time over-overestimating certain segements of the society with regard to what community can successful wage a protracted civil war or so called ethnic retaliation in this day and age.

There is no single community that ever won nor gained from the Bosnian War, Biafran War, Katangan War, Oganden War, Somalian Civil War, Ethiopian-Eretrean War etc

"...realized just how devastating Kikuyu retaliation could be" (have been).

Kenyans will never know nor experience such "devastating retaliation" or worse, more deadly counter retaliation before they reach such conclusions.

History! History! History! History has painful lessons for most us, starting with how the Zulu, Baganda, Nyamwezi, Anyanya, etc mate their Waterloo. Hence, wannabe "dogs of war" will meet the same fate.

Anonymous said...

The saddest thing in the post PEV analyses is the continuing chest thumping by the intellectual champions of the opposing camps. I am yet to encounter any writer decrying the general attitude of the righteousness of his camps' actions. Until Kikuyus are willing condemn the actions of fellow Kikuyus and Kalenjins and Luos similarly it would not be intellectually honest or smart to accept any analysis as fair and unbiased.

Anonymous said...

I know of a certain lady called Jane* who used to live in Zimmerman but was raped and killed by the Kwekwe squad at Karura forest off Kiambu road. Yes, this girl, about 25-28 years old was indeed a girlfriend of a wanted Mungiki/criminal man. The police arrested her from her home and used her to snare/trap the boyfriend by claiming she was stranded in Naivasha. When this boyfriend appeared cautiously, Kwekwe squad swung into action and arrested the guy. They were both detained, tortured and police got as much information as possible. The torure was obviously gruesome. They had to kill this guy and so they did. But they argued whether to release this girl or not. The senior guy ordered her elimination since she had seen too much. She was taken to Karura where she was first gang raped for hours then shot in the back of her head. Her naked decomposing body was found after some few days, ironically after tip off from a policeman. When the family went to the scene of crime, some charcoal burners said the had seen a police car with the girl inside on the day she was executed. So how many more have been killed this way Gen Ali? the same gand executed Mr Kirrinya in Westlands although he was hiding in a safe house given to him my Kenya Human Rights Comm.

Anonymous said...


I work near Banda street and we had to flee for our dear lives when the Muslim fanatics started battling the police while firing pistols. The truth is that some of these radical fundamentalists had swords and pistols and actually killed one cop, see today's DN front page. Some bearded radicals were CHANTING Arabic slogans while radicalized and brainwashed youths waved Al-shabaab flags, something I thought I would never see in our capital in my lifetime. But angry Kenyans started fighting back and pelted the fanatics with stones while police watched as they shouted "nchi yet!". The same Kenyans then smashed up all the windows of giant Jamia Mall and a nearby Islamic bank. True as you said, most of these fanatics are illegal Somali aliens and could not even speak proper Swahili/English to the media. Why should they demonstrate over a fraudulent and bogus preacher who calls for mass murder of non Muslims and oppression of women? Hard to digest this madness. These tiny gang of Muslims have only succeeded in one thing, alienating themselves with the rest of Kenyans. These fanatics have really stirred a hornets nest. You don't bite the hand that feeds you. But the riots are welcome. They served as a wake up call to foolish Kenyans and our scum leaders who let in these fanatics flood into Kenya. Migration should be controlled! I agree most Muslims are nice and decent but i have not seen them condemn the small group that made the city freeze for hours.

See a chanting fanatic waving a SWORD right in the middle of Nairobi here..

Mwarang'ethe said...

There is no doubt Kenyans are slowly but surely becoming pawns in the game without any knowledge.

Some will dispute this. However, in the fullness of time, the fruits shall be there for all to see.

But, nothing surprising if one considers Ephesians 6: 12 where we are told in uncertain terms that:

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Let those with eyes see. Let those with ears hear what is going on here before it is too late.

Anonymous said...


Stop chanting in parables Bwana. Do you condemn the bloody riots or not? Do you condemn the killing of the cop by the fanatics or not? Do you support this cleric's presence in Kenya or not? Do you support his radical views on killing non muslims and opression of women or not? Do you support his breach of a visitor's visa or not? Do you want him here to groom suicide bombers as he did in London or not? Cut the chase and make a stand Bwana.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

Stop chanting in parables Bwana. Do you condemn the bloody riots or not? Do you condemn the killing of the cop by the fanatics or not?


Mwarang'ethe does not support violence. Period. Let us keep a sense of proportion.

Is this the first time Kenyan have rioted? How many times have university students rioted in the streets of Nairobi and elsewhere for issues ranging from lack of chicken, chapatis and politics?

It seems to us that there is a well calculated scheme to drive a wedge between so called Xtians and Muslims in Kenya.

More so, there is a scheme to make Somalis in Kenya appear as terrorists and pirates or friends to both. Once this "connection" has matured, Kenya will be in the same place as Pakistan or Yemen.

Is it very difficult for the intelligence to inflitrate demonstrations and carry a Shabaab flag and thereby claim that Shabaab was involved in the demonstrations? Come on.

Now that no plane will carry this guy, what are you gonna do with him? Could the natter have been dealt in a different way?

For instance, was it not better to negotiate with airlines that would carry him before he was arrested? If this was done, he would have been deported within an hour of being arrested.

Now, you have arrested him, you cannot deport him, what is the solution? We need to think before we act in a manner that makes things worse.

Mark you, SADC has flatly refused any idea of hosting the AFRICOM. Other blocks like the EAC are yet to declare their stand.

It should be obvious that the more "terrorist and pirates" we have in EA, the better we will be compelled to host this colonial force. Open your eyes and see.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Furthermore, it is important to keep abreast of geopolitical developments so as to be able to connect the dots. Sample this:

Let us first understand that the USA imperial interests are to secure interest of its multinationals and banks. It has no interest in Africans.

Now, as we all know, Africa has now become the latest theatre of cold war between the West and China.

To secure their interest, USA/NATO alliance have plans to station permanently in Africa for the first time their military.

It is for this reason in June, 2009, General William E. Garret, Commander US Army for Africa, met with defence attaches from all African embassies in Washington to lure them into selling the idea of an American army based in Africa to their governments.

At the moment, reports indicate that 75 percent of the army's establishment work has been done through a military unit based in Stuttgart, Germany, and that what is left is to get an African country to host the army and get things moving.

Two nations, Liberia and Morocco have offered to host AFRICOM. However, at the same time, as we noted before,the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has closed out any possibility of any of its member states hosting the US army.

The truth is that the USA wants a more strategic country than Morocco and Liberia since the army will be the epicentre of influencing, articulating and safeguarding US foreign and economic policies.

What many forget is that this military might will be used by America and Europe as the only effective way of accomplishing their agenda in ensuring that governments in each country are run by people who toe their line.

Thus,by virtue of its being resident in Africa, Africom will ensure that America has its tentacles easily reaching every African country and influencing every event to the American advantage.

The main issue is this:

- By hosting the army, Africa will have sub-contracted its military independence to America and will have accepted the process that starts its recolonisation through an army that can subdue any attempts by Africa to show its own military prowess.

- Who will remove Africom once it is established? By what means?

In answering the above issues, consider this:

- by its origin Africom will be technically and financially superior to any African country's army and will dictate the pace for regime change in any country at will and also give depth, direction and impetus to the US natural resource exploitation scheme.

In simple words, as soon as the AFRICOM gets operational in Africa, all the gains of independence will be reversed.

It is from this Long Range Plans, the issue of "terrorists and pirates" in East Africa and Indian Ocean must be seen and not as mere security incidents.

Anonymous said...


These cretins (Chris included) are looking for scapegoat African style!

Just recently (pre-post 2007 General election) it was Kikuyus who were prospering and owing many properties albeit dubiously that was troubling many. Infact 41+ tribes in Kenya ganged-up against Kikuyus and we witnessed what happened. Before then it was Indians. Now it is Somalis.

Ati illegal aliens?? Shindweni Kabisa!! Somalis people have been in Kenya longer than anyone else! FACT. Re-read your history!

Somalis, Kikuyus, Indians na Kadhalika... aren't going anywhere! They belong to Kenya! If u are not happy with any ethnic group in Kenya, then pack up your bags and migrate elsewhere.

Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

Breaking News:

Police have swooped Eastleigh and arrested over 300 illegal immigrants and operations will continue for next few weeks. Also arrested is the radical mastermind behind Friday's demo Al- Amin Kimathi and 5 Somali MPs from Somalia who face deportation. The youth who shot a policeman has also been held. Na mambo bado as I said before, you don't bite the hand that feeds you or as Americans would say, you don't sh*t where you sleep. Next phase, seizing properties bought using piracy money. Ni kubaya sana....

Anonymous said...

link to the above....

Anonymous said...

Sorry actually it's 16, yep sixteen MPs arrested from Main Somalia who were in posh 5 star hotels in Nairobi. Ni kunorma, the NSIS must have read Kumekucha to gauge the mood on the ground. Yenyewe hawa Somalia wamejiletea kisirani. You dont' bloody wave Alshabaab flags in places like Nairobi..Apana! Ashaa. No way! Human rights? Go tell that to the birds!

DM-Nairobi said...

Bang on Mwarang'ethe!

That was a superb piece of observation and analysis. If anyone was ever deluded that Obama ever gave a damn about Africans just because his father was one, is in for a very rude shock.

The American agenda, so well articulated above is part and parcel now of the Obama doctrine.

Africans should not bother looking for salvation in the West, but rather from deep within themselves. The fake African leaders we still have are nothing more than agents of neo-colonialism.

The big question is - How can we rid ourselves off these devils?

Anonymous said...

This is what the evil Al-Faisal believes according to records and Wikipedia: Very Shocking:

"Those who want to go to Jenna [paradise], it's easy, just kill a Kaffar [unbeliever] ... by killing that Kaffar you have purchased your ticket to paradise."[1]

On one tape, titled "Jihad", he said: "Our methodology is the bullet, not the ballot."[1] In a tape called "Rules of Jihad", thought to have been made before the 9/11 attacks, he said: "You have to learn how to shoot. You have to learn how to fly planes, drive tanks, and you have to learn how to load your guns and to use missiles. You are only allowed to use nuclear weapons in that country which is 100% unbelievers." He encouraged the use of "anything, even chemical weapons", to "exterminate non-believers".[1]

He lectured: "So you go to India, and if you see a Hindu walking down the road you are allowed to kill him and take his money, is that clear?"[1] He also suggested that nuclear power stations could be fueled with the bodies of Hindus, slaughtered for their "oppression" of Muslims in Kashmir.[25] "Jews," el-Faisal said, "should be killed ... as by Hitler." He said: "People with British passports, if you fly into Israel, it is easy. Fly into Israel and do whatever you can. If you die, you are up in paradise. How do you fight a Jew? You kill a Jew. In the case of Hindus, by bombing their businesses."[26]

Shame on those supporting this evil basta@d

Anonymous said...

No guest (man or woman) defecates on plates, in the main cooking pot or in the kitchen area after they have been offered a free meal by their generous hosts.

That's exactly what these radical elements and misguided band of youths have just done to their Kenyan hosts who have been very accommodating since the mid-late 1960s, after the assassination of President Shermarke, and beyond.

This is one of those critical moments when peace loving Kenyan Muslims who understand what Islam stands for and has stood for since the days of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) should lead and guide "our lost neighbour from the otherside" back into coexisting with other Kenyans and refrain from indulging themselves in riots after Friday worship.

Otherwise the current social situation will soon deteriorate beyond expectations for the illegal alien sagharins and their misguided advocates.

As usual, LAW and ORDER will definitely prevail with dire consequences. It's happened in Europe, Canada, America, and Saudi Arabia. I don't see why it should any different in Kenya.

These sagharins being hosted on Kenyan soil have invited disgrace and indignity upon themselves and they will blame none but themselves for their sordid end.

ken kahugu said...

We have always prided our self in being reasonable.For heaven sake, Fasul may have preached all those things he is being accused of, but he had a reason for doing so.It is
Only a mad man, who will walk into the streets and preach hatred for the sake of it.
Ideologically i would be at home with Fasul,just look at what Israel with the support of their American brothers is doing to the poor Palestine and for once you will concur with this man.

jobs in kenya

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Ken Kahungu, how I wish your were within ground zero when Nairobi was blasted in August of 1998, and survived without a limb or two.

Only then, would I be ready to reason out with you in defense such people filled with venomous religious hatred that has nothing to do with true Islam or Christianity.

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