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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lukeconomics: It is Your Fault to be Poor..... today's Kenya.

Read that post title again slowly this time. let it sink it.
Thank heavens we're now back to 4.5% economic growth but the question you must ask yourself is if you couldn't make money when the economy was 7% in 2007,what hope do you have at 4.5% in 2010?

Too many Kenyans spend too much time endlessly politiking,rushing to leave "comments" here on Kumekucha in the name of airing their opinions and seeking the political kingdom.During the few seconds it takes to angrily e-bang those keyboards you could have been harvesting off the rains pounding the country in Flash floods in Narok and plant maize with the new variety hybrid seeds introduced by the forward thinking minister for Agriculture.Farmers across the land are reaping bumper harvests and spending it all in one night in a bar while we are busy with endless "domo domo"

When will kenyans change their mentality from always politiking? learn the economist President Kibaki's secret:1%politics+99%money=success. See even how Post poll chaos commissions are raking in billions of fortune in shillings even as they seek so called Truth and Justice on behalf of Kenyans-why can't you do the same? PSC conducted expensive week long retreat at your expense to give us a constitution that could simply have been amended in Moi days. meanwhile you are busy saying "naomba serikali" Epuka tafadhali

It's your fault if you're poor in Kenya today. See young McDonald Maringa is earning mega bucks millions each week shrewdly kicking a piece of leather across the grass in Manchester-you think he begun that way?Drive with me to Muthurwa and see the humble "juniors" playing "mpira wa juala" in the open playing fields city council has refused to develop.That's how it starts-what are you doing still tarmacking in the name of joblessness?Kick something fool

Kenya is a great country you don't even need a job just invite tourist to look at natural landscape and pay you. you can even stand in your birthday suit as they pet the elephants across your fence.Even here at Kumekucha the blog is earning money while you read-Google ad sense is making Chris smile widely with post-molars showing at the back of his mouth.politics and money

Forget about seeking "justice"-this is Kenya just make money anyhow and you will soon be smiling with all the rest of us. the new constitution will not add ugali to your table or will it?so why do you want to be a footsoldier all the rest of your life for a politician who doesn't even know your name let alone care you exist?how comes the "new" constitution does not address job creation and getting rich?

Equity bank and Nakumatt holdings head honchos are among top 50 emerging new business leaders world wide-wacheni wivu please. Never mind nay sayers shouting about domination of business and government by ONE particular tribe-watch Citizen TV Sunday live every Sunday night to see who really "owns Kenya"-how comes no one is complaining of Kenyan Asians dominating the economy owning half of all companies in Kenya?

Forget the naysayers ati "Birates" of Somali are making a fortune dangerously guarding the waters of their coast and pushing up the local housing market. Let's come to our senses. 2012 is almost here.Like Jimmy Kibaki's Simama Kenya ask yourself-je wewe mwenywe umesimama aje?hebu simama before the economy hits 10% for vision 2030 and you're still broke.
A word to the wise is enough-WACHENI MPANGO WA POLITICS BILA PESA


Taabu said...

What are you on mate? Seems very effective, please sambaza?

PS: ama is this the preface to LV's orbituary? Just asking na sio kwa ubaya.

Anonymous said...

This post is only for poor Kenyans-i know you are a rich fellow stop gloating. poor comments welcome please

PS:concerning LFC nani amesema kuanguka ni kuteleza?the phoenix shall rise again with or without Rafa

Anonymous said...

Ati taabu is a rich fellow? Jeez! the guy is a broke as a church mouse! Otherwise he won't be here fighting those who have it. sadly he will die a poor man suffocated in his jealous fits. RIP taabu.

Anonymous said...

What's your point here? The truth is that the world revolves around money, and if Kenyans don't make use of the opportunities available to them, others will. If you can get tourist dollars from your shamba, why not??

Anonymous said...

This country has clearly gone to the dogs as we sleep walk into ticking time bomb that is called mass unemployment. We have dozens and dozens of new universities mushrooming daily from every dingy street corner of any given town, churning out thousands of graduates annually like a busy posho mill. More Kenyan youth head to neighbouring countries like UG for that elusive paper called a degree.

But where are all these graduates disappearing to since local job market can't even absorb a tenth of their huge mind numbing numbers? I know guys who even sat for parallel degrees only to end up spinning city hoppas for a living while many more are completely jobless sleeping on the couch in their mama's living rooms! Other hopeless graduates have turned to a life of crime and joined various underworld gangs like Mungiki, Sungusungu, Taliban and chinkororo. That's why the snobbish and rich elite will not be enjoying their riches in peace anytime soon. The gap between the rich and poor keeps yawning under the disastrous leadership of twin brothers Kibaki/Raila.

Meanwhile, oldies like Muhoho the boss of Kenya Airports Authority who is 72 years old, yep 72! refuse to budge and pave way for younger and experienced minds. Others like PS of energy, one Nyoike (involved in so many scandals) are past their sell by dates and won't be going home soon kwani you pumbavus mta do what?

Others like Raila who is nearly 70 want power thru back door while great grand pa Kibaki who is past 80 has not ruled out- yet- of gunning for Othaya seat. And because the youth of this country has been betrayed by this greedy and old generation ( I call them stuffy old men in grey suits!), it's time we banged our brains together to elect one of our own who has a bright vision to take this great country to Vision 2030 and beyond.

As Chris Kumekucha said in the previous post,'s time for a new order. We have the numbers and the votes as the youth of this country. We also have lots of idle energy, see how young people can rip out a railway line in minutes!

Can we stop being so myopic and rise to the occasion or we just want to continue lying down and being walked over by these vision-less old buffoons? As Luke said in this post, let's get energized and get busy making that paper. Don't expect the oldies (stuffy hair-dyeing men in grey suits) to just exit the stage, we just have to shove them out. And if you are still job hunting, get busy and do something to keep the cash flowing in no matter how small in quantity. Swallow your pride brother and get your hands dirty as you keep posting the CV.

I recently read a very inspiring story of a brother from Nyanza area who planted about 3 thousand mango trees some years back. Today he makes a bumper harvest that rakes in over six million bob annually....after all the expenses. In the process, this brother has created jobs and boosted lives in his home area. Did I hear that's a cool 500k per month soiling your hands? Nice job if you can get it!

Now there's another reclusive billionaire who happens to be a chicken farmer and also the biggest investor in NSE. He's also the biggest shareholder in Equity Bank and his name is Nelson Njoroge Muguku. The guy has never been involved in politics and his money is clean. Mzee Muguku started small, possibly with 2 chickens. There's a big chance the chicken you ate last week was from his farm in Ngong or kitengela! Point is, yes..let's politic less and work more and in whatever you do, all the best!

M. Pesa

Nbi Kenya.


Anonymous said...

The next round of violence and bloodshed in Kenya will not be about primitive tribal wars propagated by federal Majimboists but will be a class war between the rich and poor. The have and have-nots. As Tracy Chapman sings in her classic song Talkin' bout revolution. The writing is on the wall:

"Poor people gonna rise up
And get their share
Poor people gonna rise up
And take what's theirs.."

"Don't you know
They're talkin' about a revolution
It sounds like whisper
Don't you know
They're talkin' about a revolution
It sounds like whisper

While they're standing in the welfare lines
Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation
Wasting time in the unemployment lines
Sitting around waiting for a promotion.."


Nbi Kenya

Mwarang'ethe said...

response to M. Pesa @ 1/31/10 11:30PM.

There is no doubt that some people can make money by doing one thing or another.

However, let us not forget that, what we need is general welfare of the commonwealth/nation.

The question is, can we create general welfare under the current system? We answer, NO. NO.

Under the current economic regime, the third world economies operate like this:

(a) We/investors borrow (what this means is a whole subject on its own) to invest.

(b) We/investors invest in export oriented sectors of the economy, e.g. flowers, tea etc.

(c) We export the final unprocessed products.

(d) Since most of the investors with money are foreigners, they repateriate their profits.

(e) From the little these people pay in tax, we pay our external debts using the £ and $ we get.

At the same time, since this debt is increasing we must export more, while destroying our environment so as to grow more tea at Mau etc.

More so, since every nation like Rwanda, TZ, etc are also desperately increasing their coffee exports to meet their debts, we are saturating the commodity market which drives the prices down, i.e. perfect competition which must be avoided at all costs comes into play.

This requires more volume of commodities to capture the amount we captured previously. The more we produce, the more we must clear our forests. It is a hopeless situation for Africa since environmentalists like Wangari, Raila Odinga are yet to connect these dots.

When so analysed, it is rather obvious to even a child, but, not our useless economists and politicians that:

(a) We cannot develop agricultural and industrial sector for our own domestic consumption and stop being export, i.e. revenue based economy.

To the extent that, we are stuck in this kind of economic thinking, our people will never acquire the purchasing power, and thence, many shall remain in desperate poverty. And, as everyone knows, poverty and conflict are intertwined.

Seen this way, without addressing our debt problem, we shall remain an export oriented economy for commodities, and this makes it impossible to develop our internal market.

So, is any politician willing to address these issue head on? No. To do so, is to provoke the managers of this world, and very few men have that courage.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem ailing Africa is POOR LEADERSHIP! We have a president with an economic background but he's been a total disaster for this country even as tiny landlocked nations like Rwanda awaken economically. Later on we shall go to the polls and elect another douche bag who will be sleeping for 16 hours a day when not wasting our taxes on useless commissions of enquiry. Why do we love..yes love..electing scumbags and tribalists into offices that matter a great deal? We need a leader who can INSPIRRE the people into an new dawn of economic revolution and not a loud mouthed war mongering zombie. Kazi kwa vijana equals pesa kwa stuffy wazees in grey suits. It has become another vehicle for lining the pockets of a few. Sometimes I think Africa is cursed. Even SA president Zuma is busy fathering children out of wedlock and the baby's mother just happens to be a daughter of his best buddy. So that means the good leader who loves singing "where is my machine gun" had unprotected intercourse yet again after apologizing to his nation 3 years ago about sleeping with an HIV woman who was ALSO hiss buddy's daughter!!! With leaders like this Africa definitely is going to hell full speed in a handcart.

M. Pesa

Nbi Kenya

Anonymous said...

Luka tou are very RIGHT by correctly describing our warpped sense of wealth. Si unaona some anon above wishing e-death to mwalimu Taabu ati he is poor. If a teacher is poor then all his students are, ama?

Michael Mwaura said...

Luke said:
"....plant maize with the new variety hybrid seeds introduced by the forward thinking minister for Agriculture. Farmers across the land are reaping bumper harvests..."
Sarcasm though it may be, we should be wary of GM crops.
Anonymous said..
"As Chris Kumekucha said in the previous post,'s time for a new order. We have the numbers and the votes as the youth of this country. We also have lots of idle energy...."
We believe this is the future. The recycled land barons will not bring progress to Kenya. We need to mobilize, front and finance candidates untainted by scandals and with practical progressive ideas.
Mwarang'ethe gave us a lucid account on how third world economies work. We quote this line: "We/investors invest in export oriented sectors of the economy, e.g. flowers, tea etc"
We have addressed the drawbacks of large scale agriculture, particularly the farming of cash crops. We believe small scale family farms is the way forward.
Anonymous said...
"The biggest problem ailing Africa is POOR LEADERSHIP!"
We are who we elect. Unfortunately 2012 will be the same players in different positions. Our focus is on 2017 and beyond. Mwarang'ethe is preparing our future party manifesto. Our movement is all inclusive across tribal lines. This a work in progress....

Anonymous said...

This is true...
According to most Kenyans, we expect the State to subsidize everything we do... Suggestions by ODM honcho that we should have a welfare state by providing "free medical care", "free houses in kebera and soon other places", "free 1,500 for old people" etc etc etc makes one wonder whether we were lucky to have dosged the bullet

Anonymous said...

Is becoming the president of Kenya the only dream you people have? When others are dreaming of building a passenger carrier to space, Kenyan can only fight to become a president. Pathetic!

In a country ravaged by AIDS why can't someone dream of finding a vaccine for this killer disease?

Kumekucha Princess

Chuma Matee said...

I welcome Lukes' progressive outlook and approach to partinent issues affecting our nascent Economy.

May somebody on the ground provide more information and highlight on the latest development regarding the weapons discovery in Narok?

Chuma Matee

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