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Monday, November 09, 2009

Blink Again, Another Smart Typo at Treasury

Their creativity is so amazing and they won't stop. After the BUDGET typo now comes CMC's 2003 loan being paid in style via Volkswagen Passat cars.

Competitive bidding must have been a preface in syllabus of yore. Value for theft is only guaranteed via sour be single sourcing. And at KES 3.7m per VW unit, don't ask the difference from KES 1.8m from the truly industrious lot.

You see we have to retrospectively finance the hither phantom 6% growth that was exclusively anchored on deceit. In addition to paying the previous debts, the kitty must be replenished for 2012.

Make no mistake, the fraudsters are not naive. They packaged the fraud so smartly the public was left asking for more. Denouncing fuel guzzlers must have been a superlative PR while the scoundrels scouted for next prey. And the game goes on and on..........


Anonymous said...

financial majimbo is the answer; decentralization of tax funding away from the centre to each district council; local districts are more answerable to the local population

JIMMY said...

Just did a research on the actual cost of a passat. Even if you google the cost of a passat, the cost is about $25,000. Convert that to KSH, the cost is around Ksh1,850,000 taking into account that the government is exempted from paying duty. The dealer "paid" duty passing it to the government knowing well that the government is exempted. Let Uhuru and his cronies pay out the parliamentary committee to keep quiet coz thats what they will do anyway. NO WONDER ONLY PEOPLE FROM ONE REGION HAVE AND ARE CONTROLLING THE FINANCIAL SECTOR IN KENYA, from the ministry, central bank, PS to the tea servers

JIMMY said...

How did Uhuru come to pay out KSH 3.7 million per passat when the actual cost is Ksh 1.8 million? This Uhuru guy and his cronies are stocking up loot to finance their upcoming trial at the Hague. How come its always financial insincerity after another yet the guy is still in office? Kweli, Kenya inawenyewe

Anonymous said...

I am wondering good people. How did this CMC pay duty on governemnt bought cars? Why? Is this another Anglo fleecing scandal going on here?

Anonymous said...

Wonder why Taabu didnt finish with 'TREASURY IKO NA WENYEWE'.Well the past week we've been treated to high drama frow Kajwang an Co as to why they wont bother to return their fuel guzzlers.Question is,Uhuru gave treasury's intention five months ago during the budget and even gave a deadline,so apart from foot thumping,where were these mp's and ministers waiting for?Did they have to wait till the passats to be delivered to raise their objections?Despite the procurement hiccups,this is one issue that has the masses excited and which they support fully across the poltical divide.

Anonymous said...

Franklin Bett in today's Daily Nation:

...Mr Bett said a problem in the house
is solved by a man and his wife. The
time had come, he added, for the residents
of Rift Valley to speak with one
voice and find ways to live together
in peace.
A casual visit
“If you take Bett to The Hague and
leave Kenyans baying for one another’s
blood, have you solved the
problem? We need a process that is
all-inclusive and practical. Ocampo
and (former UN secretary general
Kofi) Annan came for a casual visit to
Kenya and left us to live together as
brothers and sisters,” said Mr Bett...
Why could Bett not speak with such a reconciliatory and unite Rift Valey communities in the run-up to the 2007 elections? Or tell ODM supporters to demonstrate peacefully without killing "madoadoa" or looting and burning their property?

Anonymous said...

Passats, despite the suspect deals, are not grave like crimes against humanity. We should have debated the implications of Ocampos visit over the weekend before this Passat issue.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, i understand the passat purchase was recomended by the Chief Engineer Ministry of Public Works who is in charge of such matters. I dont know about the price. we will wait for PAC report.

And what's with the 6% growh rate? It is done by the Ministry of Planning. Am not from centro, but i think your hatred for people from there makes you sound irrational all the time.

Anonymous said...

What is the role of Raila's brother, Dr Oburu Odinga, in this passat matter? Why is Odinga's family suddenly among the top five richest families in Kenya?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kumekuchans:

Bad as this passat deal may be, what is worse is what happened to the Kazi kwa Vijana funds in the PM's office. When Raila was pushed by Kibera people, he had to admit that 1/5 of the money (one billion out of five billions) has been misused under the pretext of buying pangas and jembes. That is, ONE BILLION of the money for our destitute youth has gone into the pockets of people under the supervision and coordination of Raila in the PM's office.

Na mambo bado. Raila has invented another drain pipe: monthly stiped for the urban poor. This is another scheme to divert public money into the pockets of Odinga's family just as they took squatters' land in Malindi. If this man doesn't stop these schemes he will be stoned by the people of Kibera. Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Soon Kenya is going to be treated to the spectacle of a summit of thugs. Thug Raila is planning to meet with the chief Mungiki thug, Maina Njenga. Birds of a feather. I wish we can get a report from a fly on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Raila to meet Mungiki leader Maina Njenga

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!!!

Ocampo has an iron clad case against five people:

1. One Kikuyu (conflicting reports abound - some reports point to a former woman MP while other reports point to a high ranking kingpin on the PNU side of govt).

2. Two Kalenjins, a Kipsigis who personally supervised ethnic cleanising of Kericho and a Nandi who remained mostly in Nairobi but gave orders to the warriors recklessly over open phone lines(ODM kingpins).

3. The former PPO of Nyanza, a lady (political affiliation unknown).

4. One Coastal (an ODM washed out kingpin who dished out money and called for he dismemberment of the Republic).

He is also trying to connect the dots to nail three more people: two politicians (both from ODM), and a high ranking police officer (political affiliation unknown).

More soon.

Injeraz said...

O.K I cant defend uhuru this time, he will need to explain this Passat thing, it looks very fishy. But why does Kumekucha hear no evil, see no evil whe it comes to Railas manys scandals? Hiring his sister as ambassador, his brother as assistant minister, Kazi kwa Vijana, meeting with mungiki leader.

In Kumekucha everyone is worth investigating apart from Raila.

Anonymous said...

Why has Raila never found it worthwhile to meet the victims of Mungiki beheadings; instead, he has always acted as Mungiki's chief advocate incuding sending them gifts in prison, and now planning to meet these murderers in public. Only in Kenya does a PM meet the head of a banned criminal gang without suffering political consequences.

Out of this meeting Raila is likely to get funding for his political campaigns from the money Mungiki extorts from the public in Central Province as well as a promise for Mungiki votes in 2012. In return Mungiki will expect to get political protection from Raila so that they can continue to extort, rape and behead "their enemies" in Central Provice without police intervention. Who will save us from these diabolical schemes? Can you ever imagine Obama meeting the head of a criminal enterprise!!?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Can you ever imagine Obama meeting the head of a criminal enterprise!!?

Our response:

ahahhaha, when CIA overthrows governments in third world, e.g. Iran, Chile, Zaire etc is it not a criminal organisation? And, don't American presidents meet CIA bosses?

May be you can start by reading about the American School of Assasins @

We seek not to defend Mungiki at all, we only to seek to refute your assertion that Obama does not meet with heads of criminal organisations. He does.

Anonymous said...


You know very well what that Anon meant. Wish I could draw a picture but he meant POTUS meeting Al Capone, or whoever his current equivalent is.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:32 am: SPOT ON.
Did you also know that the Mungiki will be used by molasses bumpkin to terrorise folks during the 2012 elections? Folks from central wont vote.

Anonymous said...

Desparate times call for desperate means to an end. In the meeting between between Raila and the Mungiki Chief Beheader (Maina Njenga), Raila will be made a Mungiki elder. He will be handed Mungiki paraphenaria and will be expected to sniff tobacco and promise to circumcise young girls. And all this for what? Just for a piece of the Mungiki loot and support for his presidential ambition. I tell you, Raila is ready to sell even his grandmother for political power.

Anonymous said...

Dear Injarez,
I am NO Raira puppet but I stand for facts. You said that Raira appointed his sister Ambassadour? I don't think so.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs when asked about the mayhem in Kenyans Embassy in London retorted, the posting of any Diplomat is the prerogative of the President.
They said that it is the President who appoints and annouces the appointments.
How come when Presidient appoints everyone of his age and tribe it is ok but when the same president happens to appoint a Luo then it is Raira's work?

Anonymous said...

kenya is a failed state! period

Anonymous said...

Uhuru has sufficiently defended himself on the Passat deal.

That doesn't mean I support ethnic cleansers.

Anonymous said...

In this article, we shouldn't chastise Taabu for highlighting irregularities in the Ministry of Finance. The bottom line is, these irregularities exist.
Their magnitude should not be weighed against other 'sins' in order to justify discussion. Besides, if Taabu wrote about every office bilking public monies, Kumekucha blog posts would be too long for my liking.

Anonymous said...

Well apparently taabu cleverly left out one pertinent point that THE TENDER WAS APPROVED BY THE PUBLIC WORKS MINISTRY UNDER ODM. The question ought to be, why did an ODM ministry approve a questionable deal? but of course taabu wont highlight this because his sole purpose is to vilify anything central whether its the truth or not.

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