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Friday, November 06, 2009

Wako to Enter Nolle Prosequi on US Visa Ban

Smiling Wako must be wishing that impunity could be exported and made universal. But hell NO.

Well, the smile has vanished to be replaced by a long face. Amos needs to CLONE himself to have a chance of testifying against the US. He would better ask one Chris Murungaru on the futility of such bravado.

Living national lies must be damn expensive in the long run. Now Amos Wako can shamelessly claim to be the point man who ushered in multipartysm during the fall of the Berlin wall. That amounts to hawking fake credentials, and smart Amos knows it. Whoever said lawyers are legal scoundrels wouldn't have been more apt.

Extrapolate that lie to the hitherto 6% national growth in the face of more Kenyans joining the poverty bracket and you define our national fabric of deception. NA BADO.


Anonymous said...

LMAO.....Taabu you cracked me up with your wicked sense of humour! When will these people ever learn? Best thing is for this 'proud african' is to make a quiet early exit. The Murungaru, Kimunya, Ringera route is tried and tested. Shame on you Amos Wako!

Anonymous said...

ole wetu. Ole kaparo ni wetu ama ni Ole Ntimama? anaway, Kenya iko na wenyewe. impunity and collective deception from the chosen tribe na bado.

Anonymous said...

by the way, it is "nolle prosequi" leave the big words alone kama hauwezani.

Kizungu kiko na wenyewe.

Anonymous said...

haha prosecui comes from Kui which comes from Wangui.

UrXlnc said...

"nolle prosequi" ni kizunguu? ama ni latin?

never mind the cui=kui=wangui=gui



GUI=Graphical User Interface not that other ....

hehehe taabu

we are waiting for impunity to be exported ata na kizungu na maneno kama hiyo "cui" na kadhalika

Anonymous said...

Sent: Wednesday, November 04, 2009 8:37 PM

Subject: ICC,Kenya-don't let Kenyans downwn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am born kenyan.

I am aware that thre is an issue related to 2007 stolen presidential elections in Kenya.

I am aware that the ICC has a mandate to take action against perpetrators of genocide in Kenya.

i am aware that Kenyans (may be wrong) dont think that ICC will deliver in these prosecutions.
I am aware that no Human is superior to any other

I am aware that so many Kenyans, not less than 1000 perished due to the 2007 election crimes

I ask you to be fair, and meet expectations of ORDINARY Kenyans

a time comes when humanity must act as humanity. It is this precious moment that ICC has to be seen to act on these lines.

Kenyan politicians are devious-simple as that.

Let the rights of humans in Kenya triaumph!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kumekuchans:

Beware!!! The small-minded UrXInc is back.

Anonymous said...

The sell-outs are happy Mzungu Moreno is in town to do for them what their lazy bones and stones can't do. These are the types who ask the govt to fund even their own circumcision. Wavivu washidwe!

Anonymous said...

Taabu has no sarcasm for ODM ministers, likes of embattled ex lawyer Kajwang, who have clung dearly to fuel guzzlers not to loose their newly acquired waheshimiwa status.

Anonymous said...

Amos Wako giving a litany of "achievements" when accused of being a non-reformist and abetting corruption reminds me of Idi Amin of Uganda who, when asked if he eats human flesh said, "The world must know that I am the first President to compete in the East African Safari Rally. I was also the first African President to be co-driven by a beautiful girl in that rally." Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!

Anonymous said...

wacko wacko wacko wacko wacko wacko wacko wacko wacko wacko wacko wacko wacko wacko wackooooooooooooo!
mtaka vyote hukosa vyote

the laughing fisi king of ngiri land is no more. who could have seen it coming so soon?
tamaa iliua fisi

i hope that many other fisi will resign sooner or later once their little tricks have been exposed.

lol! will the real fisi laugh (sing) us a farewell song before next the attorney general is appointed?
wacko amekula huu na a sara juu

Anonymous said...

A section of top Government officials around Mwai "Mr Pumbavu" Kibaki have been pushing to have the prosecutor (Moreno Ocampo) stopped from coming..... These officials had also engaged the services of a public relations team that even infiltrated the Kenyan staff working at The Hague, to change the course of events....

Wow! The guilty are always afraid. They are afraid of the TRUTH about their blatant THEFT of the elections of December '07 coming out in the open.

M-Pesa said...

Free advice to Wako: When the going gets tough and bad publicity is clouding you, why not do a Raila trick. Call pastor Awour- the doomsday prophet- and get baptized in a public swimming pool while wearing all white. Another time tested Raila trick is to summon the world's media and claim your life is in danger from some dark forces. Alternatively and cheaply, call Hon Dr Bishop Wanjiru Kamangu and inform her you have "seen the light" Mungiki style then join her JIAM ministry. Where's the politician in you bwana Wako?

Anonymous said...


If you comment again as anon, i am going to publish your IP and location asap.
This hypocricy is becoming too much and someone has to do somthing about it. That someone is me!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:29 PM,

PUMBAFF!! Spare us your panua laden theatrics and histrionics.

That the "heat" is to hot for you to bear is 100% your own doing. The "fruits" of fraud, deception and theft are about to burst forth and cause a lot of discomfort.

Soon your ass will be on fire; what will you say? A big OUCH? A bit SCREAM is more like it.

Anonymous said...

Mpesa, its Hon. Dr. Bishop Mrs. Margaret Wanjiru Kamangu. Get the titles right!

Anonymous said...

Ocampos is in town explaining the inevitable dynamics of international criminal justice to the Principals. Eventually, when the wheel of justice begins to grind,there may be intersting defences, whether at the Hague for the architects, or Locally for the perpetrators, like this quote I noted:
"I encourage the politicians who incited their supporters to violently protest to use that line of defense “we killed and maimed fighting for democracy”. Or, we killed and raped because elections were stolen. Ocampo will love that and definitely save them from hangman’s noose. Instead of getting worked up present your case."

Mwarang'ethe said...

Justice must be done and seen to be done.

However, we watch this drama with a heavy heart for we know that, the REAL CAUSES of these calamities in Africa have been swept under the carpet.

And, since Africans are refusing to see what is happening (all they see are "enemies" in the other tribes), we may as well open ICC branches all over Africa.

It is a sad day to be an African.

M-Pesa said...

According to the Nation website, Ocampo will be staying at Michuki's Windsor Hotel. So who decided this? Hio ichunguzwe! Hope they won't bug his room the way they did to Kofi Annan at Serena in the height of murder and slaughter.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for Raila to tell Ocampo that kikuyu's were slaughtered under his watch in the fight for democracy. Then Ruto will be at pains to say he obeyed Raila call of Kabila adui same as Balala of the Lesotho call.
By the time Ocampo is done, ODM will be an empty house and Kalonzo will win the next election hands down. Heck i need some crackers to watch this drama lol..

Anonymous said...


You are doing a remarkable job enlightening us on national wealth creation, poverty eradication, job creation etc. It would even be better if you also gave us examples of the roles you have played as an individual in terms of, e.g. innovations that have assisted some Kenyans, starting a project that has employed some Kenyans etc. May be citing some of your practical experiences and contributions will contribute greater self-believe in the role of individuals, which is also important to the economic success of communities, and convince other Kenyans to pursue your examples. Congratulations for your well thought and reflective articles.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous wrote

May be citing some of your practical experiences and contributions will contribute greater self-believe in the role of individuals, which is also important to the economic success of communities, and

Our response:

Mwarang'ethe does not believe in yapping alone for people need bread. We have talked enough. It is time for actions, as actions speak louder than words.

To this extent, we have a number of on going projects or in the pipeline.

We can mention a few. For instance:

(a) We are making briquette in Nairobi Mukuru slums. Very soon, depending on the outcome, we will need to move from human energy to a fully mechanised system.

That will require funds to get the machines, and we welcome any Kenyan willing to invest in alternative charcoal production so as to protect our forest from charcoal burners.

(b) As per this moment, our ALOE VERA PROCESSING project in Mbeere district has just passed provincial JITIHADA BUSINESS PLAN competition.

If anyone would be interested in financing/investing in the project if we do not get funds at the end of this competition, we would welcome any such funding.

(c) We are at the moment looking for a SERIOUS WOMAN enterpreneur for women sanitary pads. This would involve manufacturing of low cost, clean and affordable sanitary pads for rural women/low income women in Kenya.

(d) We cannot forget our most audicious project for FREE ENERGY to our city councils. The details are here:

Anonymous said...

Constituency Boundaries and Options.
Presented by Wangari Maatthai
to the
Sitting at
Nov 4TH, 2009

The way I see it, the new constitution and the boundaries committee should consider to recommend as follows:
• That we do away with constituencies. The role of Members of Parliament should be national and their constituency should be only one: Kenya. Members of Parliament should have a national focus, cater for the wellbeing of the country by creating laws that promote national integration and unity, allocate resources equitably and monitor to ensure that those resources are used responsibly and accountably. Their primary responsibility should be one namely, legislation
• Members of Parliament should compete along political party lines. The party that will have the most number of MPs should form the government and produce a Prime Minister. This will make every vote count and parties will work hard to ensure that they get as many votes as they can from every part of the country. Parties will be supported on the basis of their agendas, not tribal affiliation. Every vote will be important to the party rather than to an individual MP. Promoting parties has the potential of detribalizing politics and dealing with issues.

• Constituency boundaries should serve as administrative boundaries for the devolved government. The day to day responsibility of the constituency/location/ward should be left to the devolved government, which should create boundaries, guided by their capacities and resources.

• There should be a fixed number of members of parliament at about a hundred who should serve as proportional representatives.

• Eliminating constituencies would put an end to tribal power bases (and tribal Chiefs/ warlords). Politicians use their tribes to get at each other and to assume political power and wealth.

• Kenyans have clearly said that they want to also elect a President. The President should be sponsored by a Political party and like the members of Parliament, his constituency should be one: Kenya.

• Kenyans also want Presidential powers devolved and to have a President who is popular and able to unite the country. He should get 50 plus 1 votes to be declared a winner. The requirement for a certain %, of votes per province has forced Presidential candidates to manipulate tribes and influence the votes, and thereby turn into warlords. At every election they mobilize their tribesmen to attack those who are perceived not to support them.

• Voters for the President and MPs should not be constrained by constituency/ locational/ward boundaries. That should only happen at devolved government level. They should be able to use a national ID and a voting card and they should be able to vote from anywhere. This would eliminate movement of voters who try to vote twice, or the need to displace tribes not supporting the candidates. This would also eliminate the need to do gerrymandering of constituencies.

• The local devolved government will have locational/ ward boundaries or even constituency boundaries, but only for representation in the devolved government. At the level of devolved government, competition over votes will be less divisive and unlikely to precipitate tribal clashes. The boundaries will be determined by the amount of revenue the local government can collect in form of taxes etc. A certain % of the revenue would have to be surrendered to the National government.

Anonymous said...

Any sober discussion of the above Wangari recommendations? I already have some questions like; what will be the guiding criteria in one vieing for a member of parliament....maybe I just don't see it?

Anonymous said...

"MPs should serve as proportional representatives" of what? if they are to have no constituency?

M-Pesa said...

Something big had to happen to cloud Ocampo's visit and sure to Kenyan style it has just happened!

"An outlawed sect spokesman has been shot dead in downtown Nairobi

Mr Njuguna Gitau of Mungiki"s political wing was killed after he was confronted by three unknown assailants in Nairobi"s Luthuli Avenue.

Police removed his body to the Kamukunji Police Station"

M-Pesa said...

time tested excuse coming your way.

"..Our mboys were on patrol. They stopped thlee men who were acting suspiciousry. One of the suspects dlew a firearm at our porice officers while running away. But the officers were quick and quickry shot and kirred One the suspects who berongs to the outrawed sect. We urge members of the pumblic who have any information that can assit the porice to applehend those who fred to come forward. Any information will be tleated in outmost confident..."

Or how about the one the goes like, "It was an internal grudge...bla blah blah

M-Pesa said...

Wako had been forced to call a press conference yesterday to blast the Americans and even threatened to (don't laugh) SUE them... that also didn't knock Ocampo off the headlines. Someone is really desperate. Will our gullible media fall for the Mungiki murder gimmick? Don't be surprised if busloads of hired thugs are poured on our streets to demonstrate the murder.

Anonymous said...


Am Anonymous 3:23 am

Just to say keep up ur good work. We need more of your type for Kenya to really progress.

Anonymous said...

Ocampo is here to deal with crimes against humanity and not crimes against Mungiki. From inception Mungiki has never acted humanly.

Anonymous said...

Let Mungiki sort out their own quarrels. As long as they don't bother the innocent citizens, who cares which gangster kills which gangster. They are fighting about power, money and women like other gangsters in history.

Anonymous said...

Where is Raila to coordinate and supervise the investigation into the killing of the Mungiki spokesman? Raila must earn his keep. He is sleeping on the job. We want Raila at least to go and give a good speech at the burial of this thug.

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Anonymous said...


1) "free energy project", - you claim that it generates an ROI of 32% but you at the same time you want to give it away for free to the councils. This is a contradiction.

Please, explain?

Anonymous said...

This is interesting and horrowing at the same time! How could the government inspector come incognito and then stay in the genocide perpetrators house!( Did you read The Government Inspector by Nikkolai Gogol)?
John Michuki is one of the suspected supporters funders of Naivasha and Nakuru killings. He owns Windsor Golf Hotel. Yet Ocampo is booked to lodge there!
What type of investigations do we expect out ICC if they could get the basics right?
The best here is who owns what and where should he stay in?!!! Pathetic.
I don't expect much for this ICC thing. I stand correct. Time will tell if I am correct. How I wish I am but I thing I ain't!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

1) "free energy project", - you claim that it generates an ROI of 32% but you at the same time you want to give it away for free to the councils. This is a contradiction.

Please, explain?

Our response:

Have you visited the website?

We can make money selling other products, and thus, we can afford to give energy free to the providers of waste. It is just our business model.

For instance, doesn't Yahoo or Google provide both emails and search engines for free? Does that affect the returns to their investors?

Does Kumekucha charge you to read posts and comments?

Also, have u ever wondered why you do not pay to use internet? It is the same concept.

Anonymous said...

that is a face of a man who never saw the uppercut coming his way. he has been dealt a knockout punch that will take months or even years for his busted ego to heal.

however, very little will change after his departure. it's like changing long distance bus drivers and hoping that the old broken down bus will now ferry passengers to their destination without delays or any mechnical problems.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe you are so annoying with your idiotic 'building castles in the air' nonsense. Why dont u just do the easiest thing and which is proven that you are genetically inclined to do anyway(being a kikuyu)......just get a rich kikuyu man and marry HIM. Homosexuality is encoded in the Kikuyus genes. Its now scientifically proven.

Anonymous said...


Agreed. Did not study the project extensively.

Anonymous said...

so mwarangethe continously logs in as anon to thank and encourage himself to 'keep up the good work'
sasa hii ni ujinga, dont you have anything to do?

Anonymous said...

Lol. Watch this one

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous @ 2.50 AM, 2.28 AM and 12.2o.

In the I Corinthians 13 - 11, it is written:

"When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I gave up childish ways."

Anonymous said... reports

Kibaki visiting UK end November.

seems heat(pressure) is on and health failing?

A good demo should face this monster in London

Anonymous said...

wako has been a "godfather" to some employees at various foreign missions (washington dc, london, rome, south africa etc), now they are sooooooooooooo worried that there will be nobody to "vouch (protect) for them" when the usual house cleaning begins in 2010.

some of them have been rotated around for the last ten, fifteen, seventeen years and twenty years.

don't even start counting the "technical staff" (karanis) that have been working in some of these embassies for the last thirty years.

working at the same desk, dealing with the same paper work, same daily routine and ... from 1998 to date 2009.

Anonymous said...

people with narrow minds always back a way from issues when time is right and linger in completely unnnecessary topics like circumcision. i know for a fact that most of this circumcission rants are targeting luos. i also know that it is mostly males who deliver the rants to belittle their luo conter-parts. ok how about this, kikuyu women(NOT MEN)go with these same uncircumcissed luo men but never complain. wanaume wakikuyu mnashidagani na mboro za wajan'go?

Anonymous said...

Moreno Ocampo is damn serious. The same day the guy met Kibaki and Raila, a pretrial chamber of judges to approve his investigations was constituted. Hear from the horse's mouth:

The only problem is that, as he has stated, is that he will be going for those that bear the highest responsibility, only four guys at the most. Therefore, some of the names circulating may miss it altogether, especially if evidence is mere hearsay without direct evidence or corroboration. However, on the minimum, I doubt how the two or three outstanding politicians who not only strategized the violence, even publicly (forget secret meetings that cannot be proved), did nothing to preach peace or reconciliation or call for halt of ethnic cleansing, and in fact incited violence and eviction of non locals that was interpreted as licence to kill, will escape Ocampo's dragnet. Nevertheless, given Ocampo highly expects the Kenya government to arrest those indicted, and may not desire a repeat of the Sudan Bashir saga, I bet both Kibaki and Raila will not be, and cannot be, in the eventual indictments. Nevertheless, expect three or four big names cum politicians cum ethnic cleansing strategists.

Anonymous said...

Man donates his only land to IDPs

Naivasha traders donate 25 acres
to long-suffering displaced families


It is a compassionate act that continues
to baffle both friend and foe. Few
in his shoes could imagine, let alone
attempt, surrendering their valued
assets to the less fortunate in society.
Many are questioning the rationale
behind his decision, but David Mbau
Ndirangu does not appear bothered by
the criticism.
Mr Ndirangu, 56, who recently gave his
only parcel of land to a group of internally
displaced persons, says the decision was
not long in coming.
“I was touched by their plight, and
knowing they had no roofs over their
heads, I decided to surrender my fiveacre
parcel of land to them,” he told the
Sunday Nation in an interview.
Mr Ndirangu lives in a house that he
rents for Sh 5,000 a month.
He is yet to put up his own house, and
he said he does not own any other land...

Anonymous said...


...In the Anglo Leasing type of cases for example, which Secretary Carson and the American
Ambassador are fond of quoting, the assistance of the competent authorities of the United States of
America is critical.
I will give you two such examples related to Anglo Leasing Type cases and typical example related to
other corruption cases:-
1. One of the principal actors and suspects in a number of Anglo Leasing cases is a citizen of the
United States of America by the name of Dr. Merlyn Kettering. In June 2005, FBI organized for two
investigators from KACC to interview him in Baltimore in June 2005. The KACC investigators went
but Dr. Kettering had left Baltimore. The Investigators agreed with FBI that FBI would maintain
surveillance on Dr. Kettering, secure his co-operation and notify KACC on a date to travel and
interview him. From June 2005 up to now, we are still waiting to hear from FBI.
2. Another active participant was a citizen of the United States of America by the name of Mr.
Bradley Birkenfeld. As soon as the matter was reported in the local press in March this year, that
Mr. Bradley is prepared to tell all that he knows about the Anglo-Leasing type of contracts since
he was alleged to have signed some of the contracts, on 28th March 2009, I wrote to H.E. Michael
Ranneberger to confirm the report as the Government was greatly interested in him as a potential
suspect and/or as a crucial source of information which could not only assist the investigations but
help Kenya conclude this matter satisfactorily.
Ambassador Ranneberger responded immediately by letter dated 3rd April 2009 and promised to forward
any information they may obtain to us to the extent possible under U.S. Law. On 22nd April, 2009, the
Deputy Chief of Mission asked me to put in a formal request for Mutual Legal Assistance to obtain the
information. By letter dated 30th April, I put in a formal request for Mutual Legal Assistance for information.
By letter dated 20th August 2009 I sent a reminder to Ambassador Ranneberger wondering when I should
expect to receive the information and reminding him that without the assistance of foreign competent
authorities, it would be difficult to successfully investigate and prosecute Anglo Leasing type of cases. To
date we have not received a response ...There are other cases involving corruption where
the competent authorities of the United States of America have been unable to secure the co-operation
and yet the competent authorities in Kenya have been able to help the competent authorities of the United
States of America when they have been asked to help.
This is already a case of double standards where the bigger and more competent brother is demanding
more from the younger brother, than he the bigger brother can deliver.
The Attorney General is a prosecutor and not an investigator and has to rely completely on the investigative
arms of Government who do not come under his portfolio. Since the Attorney General is not in charge
of investigations, the Attorney General cannot be accused of impunity unless you can demonstrate that
investigation files reached his desk with sufficient evidence and he refused or declined to prosecute. In
Post Election cases, such files have reached the Attorney General were prosecuted...
Let it not be forgotten that it was the Attorney General who on 3rd January 2008 became the first official
to issue a warning that if the unprecedented violence that had broken out was not immediately stopped,
crimes against humanity were in danger of being committed...


Anonymous said...

Prof. Anyang' Nyong'o is a very thick-headed man. Ocampo has already told Anyang' that he is not interested in political analysis of Kenyan election theft. But Anyang' keeps on telling Ocampo to punish election thieves as if he can't read the Romo Statute and understand that election theft is not a crime against humanity. Anyang' is one of the idiots from Nyanza who say that if Raila says something it must be correct. Amesoma lakini bado mjinga.

Anonymous said...

With Mungiki thugs murdering each other, Molasses Raila is running out of thugs to exchange gifts with.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad day indeed when even the dregs here in kumekucha can rate Anyang below zero. Wololoyaye.

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