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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Gaddafi Expands Ego, Ropes in Fellow Rulers

Sovereignty must be a battle cry for scoundrels. So African rulers are consorting on continental impunity under the able tutelage of Leader Muammar Gaddafi? The next few days will see the African continental air suffocating from the hollow rallying call of independence and non-interference.

Our rulers are only fooling themselves. Their selfish acts and personalized RULERSHIP only succeeds in providing the much needed cannon fodder to imperialists who are the custodians of their wealth stashed abroad. With one hand they wax patriotic beating anti western drums oblivious of the fact that all their loot is banked out there. What is more, at the signs of flu, they catch the next flight to those same western capitals for specialized treatment.

Gaddafi must be laughing himself silly for congregating dinosaurs and dictators whose only common denominator is pure IMPUNITY. It couldn’t have come at a better time after Gaddafi has taken the shameful mantle from one dwarf Omar Bongo as the longest serving ruler in the world. Other octogenarians must be salivating with envy of him in Sirte. Gaddafi is simply buying loyalty with petro-dollars and greedy scoundrels are more than willing to play ball.

The Hague express
Gaddafi’s ego is expanded the more secure in the knowledge that he is offering many outlaws the holiday to spend their taxpayers’ money. From Bashir to Mugabe, their flights outside their borders are limited to like-minded dictators and murderous. No wonder they are all gleefully ready to sign Gaddafi’s anti ICC communique.

Well, they can run from Cairo to Cape Town but they cannot hide from the ghosts of Hague Express. The diligent Chief Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo will dutifully strike when time comes whether they are in office of dead.

It is only a matter of time and no amount of security in numbers gimmick packaged as African solidarity will wash. The Hague Express is one unstoppable juggernaut that once it departs from the station no pedigree in family name will stop it.


Anonymous said...

Kibaki, Raila Odinga, William Ruto and Co should receive the first ticket to Hague for plunging Kenya into a senseless bloodshed for raw greed for power.

The two live lavishly and show no concern as IDPs continue to languish in poverty yet it is their direct actions that led to the slaughter of more than 1,500 Kenyans and displaced thousands of others.

The blood of the innocent will haunt Kibaki, Raila and Ruto and their families for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi contrubuted generously to ODMs 07 campaign. Dont bite the hand that feeds you! Bad manners.

Anonymous said...

Hard haired, thick skulled nilotics-r-us will never learn!

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anonymous said...

anon7:52 PM

yeah yeah!! and that is why he got the Grand Regency and the Oil refinery deal from ODM?? OOOOPs!!! wasn't Kibaki the thieving thug of Othaya and his cronies that signed the deals off??

No wonder the mungiki's are furious..

You my friend are so funny you belong to dreamland..keep trying to bury facts.. they won't gp away..Hague train is indeed rolling in the sooner the better:)

chola said...

Hague is an external court, if we as Kenyan’s are not able to sort out
the bad potatoes among us then how can we live together as a nation, justice in Hague is no justice, justice is at home. Hague is ucoloni mamboleo.Rawndis local courts have tried and convicted 100,000 iterhamo goons at cost of 1 million pounds, while the ICC have tried and convicted just hand full of interham goons at a cost of 1 billion

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is Gaddafi's slave 100%.

Kibaki sold us out to Gaddafi.

Kibaki sold our national asset Grand Regency to Gaddafi for cash in election 2007.


Anonymous said...

Uhuru Kenyatta the sponsor of Kenya's genocidaires Interahamwe called Mungiki is the first nmae in Waki's envelope.

See you at The Hague Mr. Uhuru Interahamwe Kenyatta.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru Interahamwe Kenyatta is the FIRST NAME in Waki's envelope.

Uhuru Kenyatta = The Hague

Anonymous said...

I saw something in bbc about Norway that surprised me. Norway's oil money is not spent. It is saved with the national pension scheme and will be used in a post oil world.Imagine these guys dont use their oil money and yet Norway is the richest country in the world. Does any one know how I and my family can move to Norway? Kenya will never change because its people and leaders are just too thick.

Anonymous said...

We are tired of your promises. The whole of last year, you kept on telling us that Raila will deliver us to the Promised Land.

This year you have changed the song to "ICC Chief Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo will dutifully" deliver us the Land of Plenty.

Tell us the truth; where is the True Messiah? If you don't know, say so, but don't put the messianic burden on Raila or Ocampo without their knowledge or consent. Instead, try putting more faith in the unsophisticated warrior with a bow and arrows from Mogotio.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:11 AM

You are as thick as our leaders because you want to migrate to Norway to get things for free. Think about how to improve your corner of Kenya, Norway doesn't need suckers!

Anonymous said...

Raila deliver to the promised land? That would have been a very funny joke at one time. But now, doom and destruction is more likely to visit those who follow such a violent, vile and flawed man. His recent copulation with the Mungiki is just one thing to think about.

deroo said...

To all,

Things are elephant in ODM. They will remain so for another three to four months. Stay Alive!!!

Tsunami yaja babaa!


Anonymous said...

Like Sarah Palin, some ODeMon peeps will step down soon.

deroo said...

It is so bad for ODMERS that the charade that told us that Kibaki will resign in three days have of late been engaged in unfounded hypothesis and research that will definitely not change that tide.

The vilified William Ruto will carry the day. As it has been outlined here, MASTERS OF IMPUINTY, it will take root and Ruto will walk away from his troubles to torment ODM into the earth. Not bad for starters! For Ruto to support the right candidate, which will mean SEEING LIGHT and joining the right minded people, we will only ensure that his declared stand remains as it is.

As ODM have been known over the years to spoil people names and tarnish personalities, I am waiting for the moment they will descend on Ruto like a PACK OF WOLVES. While it is norm that anybody with contrary political opinion is seen to be fighting ODM leadership, I wait for the moment Ruto will be hang out dry.

In the name of impunity, Ruto will survive his cases, but someone will NEVER make it to the House on the Hill. Who is that??? Jijazieni.



Anonymous said...

The real king of impunity is one hobo bumpkin, whose vision is slowly dimming. Ruto,a relative newcomer to impunity, is vigorous and if given a chance will rip the fishy pack of wolves to shreds. See how Ruto mobilized his colleagues to throw out a censure motion against him even as his party chair and his fishy pack of minions undercut Ruto. Bottomline, there's enough impunity to go around; hobo and minions should tone down unless they're seeking castration part 2.

Anonymous said...

Ruto Blah blah blah blah...........

Instead talk about genocidaire Interahamwe Uhuru Kenyatta and his date with the ICC instead of meandering about Ruto.

Shallow minded idiots, William Samoei Ruto will NEVEEEEEER EVEEEEEER trust ANY Kikuyu politician on the face of this earth, therefore, your little wishful thinkings remains just that. Wishful thinking.

Hey, even Kikuyus don't trust Kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:33
why not go ahead and also declare the left side of a kikuyu doesnt trust the right!he he he.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Kikuyus dont trust Kikuyus.

Kikuyu Mungikis dont trust Kikuyu vigilantes. There.

Anonymous said...

Hobo bumpkin is finished. Thank you Ruto! Eti bumpkin is now throwing his FULL WEIGHT behind Mudavadi. Ha,ha, ha,ha.

Anonymous said...

"You are as thick as our leaders because you want to migrate to Norway to get things for free. Think about how to improve your corner of Kenya, Norway doesn't need suckers!"

You are are even thicker than the one who wants to migrate....the history of the world is about migration--you dont have to be a great historian to figure that out, though it has eluded many country bumpkins in Kenya. Let the guy who wishes to migrate do that, and as for you --> get on the right side of history!

Anonymous said...

How come Kumekucha isnt keen to analyse the deep rumblings coming from the orange party while they are all too fast to gleefuly paint doom and gloom from the slightest whiff of disaffection from the opposite side?

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note,how come many very successful Kenyan actors are Kikuyus with Luo stage names or are the Luos themselves too politically charged to discover the humour that is in their lives?And will they also accuse the Kikuyus as stealing their humour from them?

Anonymous said...

I gather that's a rhetorical question? I'll second it, though you and I know there's little in the way of analysis that goes on here. But what to expect of the back streets? Chungwa moja, maissa bora!
Now more than ever with swine flu dangerously in the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus and humor? Hahahaha...

Like when they are slicing each other's heads off. Or raping a man's wife in his presence and asking him to pay for the privilege of enjoying the show as his wife is gang banged by Mungikis and Vigilantes? Am sure that passes for humor in UKikuyuni.

Macabre humor!!

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