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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Why Was Mboya’s Assassination So Significant?

Tom Mboya: The man the rich political class in Kenya want to forget

Shocking New Revelations In Cold Case That Kumekucha Won’t Let Go

The date today is July 5th (at least in Kenya as I write this). Ever since I started this blog, I have always remembered this date and more specifically what happened on a day like this in 1969. It is the day Tom Mboya was shot dead.

Mostly my annual memorials have been a lonely crusade. But not this year. Yesterday and today Kenya’s leading daily, The Nation has carried extensive coverage on the assassination of the man I consider to be the greatest politician to ever come out of a Kenyan woman’s womb.

I interpret that to mean that finally more and more Kenyans have come to the realization that this assassination was significant and that if the country is to move forward and truly have a new beginning then we must face the ghosts of Tom Mboya and settle this thing once and for all. More so because the chief planner and executor at the centre of that assassination still lives.

Why was Mboya’s assassination so significant? Simply because the two bullets that were fired that Saturday lunch time July 5th 1969 changed the course of Kenya forever. Today we are suffering the consequences of that new course that was clearly charted out that day. Impunity won that day. Years later the rhetorical questions were to be asked over and over again; Mboya was killed and nothing happened, who is so and so? We survived the Mboya assassination what crisis can we not survive?

Tribal politics won that day. In killing Mboya the assassins killed nationalism. To date we are yet to see another Kenyan attracting national popularity in their own right enough to win a presidential poll with votes from every corner of the republic. Every single prominent politician now has their political base in their ancestral village and those who don’t have imported their fellow tribesmates in large numbers into the constituency they represent away form their village. Tom Mboya was a Luo who was time and again voted in by mostly Kikuyus even when other prominent Kikuyus from very prominent families stood against him. To a young Kenyan who understands Kenyan politics today, this statement seems like pure fiction.

I want to say today that most analysts agree that Tom Mboya was on course to end up as the first president of Kenya. A man called Jaramogi Oginga Odinga noted this fact early and decided that he would do everything in his power to make sure that this did not happen. And so he started a crusade insisting that Kenyans did NOT want Uhuru unless Kenyatta was released. In fact Odinga said that Kenyatta was “like a god to Kenyans. This clever ploy put Mboya in a tight corner. Knowing his constituents he knew that if he failed to support this belated call his support would evaporate. And so the old man who had been so out of touch with what was happening was released from Kapenguria and Oginga Odinga won the day while Kenya and nationalism lost badly. The Brits also won big time (more on that later).

It has now been revealed that a few weeks before the assassination of one Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya warned the politician that he was going to be killed by Kenyatta’s inner circle (the same people who murdered Mboya). This is instructive and demonstrates the fact that Mboya’s intelligence sources were impeccable. We also know that Mboya knew his life was in danger. Indeed his biographer tells us that his American friends warned him and discussed the possibility of getting more body guards (which Mboya turned down). In fact on the day Mboya was killed, he had just released his driver and bodyguard. Why? Was he not concerned about his own life? He had warned Pinto that the Kenyatta inner circle was capable of murder and Pinto had doubted saying that his killing would cause serious problems for the Kenyatta administration. In other words “they wouldn’t dare.” Is this what Mboya thought about his own possible assassination? We can only speculate but the truth is that this is a question that badly begs for an answer.

It is also instructive to note that warnings of assassination came to Mboya from the Americans. This adds an International angle to the plot. Which major world power had a motive for Mboya’s death? Which country benefited most with Mboya out of the way? Britain of course. I have come across many interesting facts that point to MI5 links in the assassination of Tom Mboya. Indeed it would seem that Kenyatta’s inner circle got encouragement to proceed with their heinous plan from the Brits (unofficially of course).

In planning Tom Mboya’s assassination the plotters were keenly aware that this was one hit that could NOT go wrong. The Kenyatta administration and everything they were fighting for (in terms of personal gain) could not afford any slip ups. It would have been a disaster for them if Tom Mboya survived. The plotters already had the experience of carrying out the Pio Gama assassination over 4 years earlier and knew that many things can and do go wrong in the best planned assassinations. So they had to choose the gunman very carefully. There was no way they could afford him getting cold feet or worse still, missing his target.

I can authoritatively report today that there is increasing evidence that I am coming across that suggests the unbelievable. That apart from being the chief planner and operations man in the killing of Mboya, a certain man well known in the security forces at the time may have been the man who coolly pulled the trigger and fired those two shots that change Kenya forever. This man had a striking resemblance to Nahashon Njenga (the man who was convicted of Mboya’s assassination). That man remained an “untouchable” throughout the reign of Kenyatta. That man’s name is Ben Gethi (now deceased). I have talked to several people who confirm that in his last days Gethi's consceince seemed to have been disturbing him greatly. He drunk way too much and seemed to be haunted by the things he had done in his savage and eventful life (including overseeing the cutting off of certain sensitive parts of JM Kariuki's body).

In Pio Gama Pinto’s assassination word got out about the taxi driver who had been hired to carry out the hit. Nothing of the sort happened in the Mboya assassination and it is no accident. Little wonder that the Nation told us yesterday that then Vice President Daniel arap Moi described the Mboya assassination as “brilliantly planned and executed.”

Eye witnesses say that there was a bald-headed man with a brief case who looked like he was window shopping moments before Mboya was shot. Naturally the brief case concealed the murder weapon. Now just think about it for a moment. It is possible but unlikely that that man was a Kanu youth winger with little or no previous training in firearms. It is hard for me to believe that that youth winger coolly pulled out his revolver at just the right time and with precise timing shot the Minister just as he walked out of Chaani’s chemist. In fact the door was not fully open when the shots rang out because Mboya fell back inside the chemist’s shop. Now the fascinating thing here is that both Nahashon Njenga and Ben Gethi were approximately the same height. The resemblance of the two was uncanny.

The truth is that there were two very well planned phases of the Mboya assassination. That is the actual hit and the cover up that was to follow. Both were carried out clinically. With the clinical precision of a doctor... a surgeon perhaps?

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...To Be Continued


Mwambu said...

Kenya is still paying the price for Mboya's assasination. Following Mboya's assasination our politics became one defined by the intrigues of ethnic and hegemonic cabal of tribal overlords.

Mboya's demise was the beginning of de facto Kikuyu dominance of Kenya socio-political and economics milieu. It was also the beginning of Kikuyu oath taking and the statement that power should not pass from Kikuyu hands a la "river Chania".

Jomo Kenyatta, Njoroge Mungai, Mbiyu Koinange, were the THREE principals behind Mboya's death.

The action of these three dastardly cowards is the major reason why Kenya has regressed since Mboya's death.

papa plus said...

I beg to digress.

Q. Has Michele Wrong's It's Our Turn to Eat been chambuad here on kumekucha yet?

Did I miss it?

If not, what is the hold up? Surely the book is full of debatable nuggets, no?

papa plus said...

Correction please - Michela Wrong

kumekucha said...

Stories about dead people usually bore many Kenyans to death. Some of the killers who are still alive are counting on that fact.

Should people be allowed to get away with murder just because it happened long time ago? Especially when the murder affected the nation so negatively and ushered in impunity?


Anonymous said...

As Maina Kiai once said:

Tom Mboya was a true nationalist who reviled ethnic politics and sectarianism. Tom Mboya should be a role model for Kenyans- and especially politicians.

Mwambu said...

I, for, one still believe that our politics would have been more high minded and substantive had Mboya lived, that is, more issue based and policy oriented.

Folks, let us not forget that Mboya did not condone mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

Sentiments!I guess this is pure sentimentalism.There's no discernible evidence to suggest Mboya would have made a great president.Lets just say he was a river that never ran its course and not judge him by what he had achieved before he met his death.People change,situations change and dont forget power corrupts.What do I have in mind?The story of one Mwai Kibaki is all too familiar,before he eventually became president after two unsuccesful attempts,he used to earn plaudits from political commentator as being the best president Kenya never had.But as we all know now,he's the most mediocre president maybe Kenya will ever have.And now on to Raila Odinga,dont we all know about his past and now present?I rest my care.

Anonymous said...

Unlike the ethnic warlord called Raila Odinga, Tom Mboya was first and foremost a nationalist who eschewed "kabila adui" politics.

Anonymous said...

Msaliti Raila has betrayed what Tom stood for. He has even betrayed the downtrodden of Kibera by allowing his son, Fidel, steal people's maize.

Mwarang'ethe said...

We seek not to detract from Mboya's many achievements although we do not know many apart from the fact that, he was instrumental in dismantling the Lancaster Constitution and thus concentrating dictatorial powers on one man. The results of this are now with us.

If someone disputes what we have said above, can he given us the Constitutional amendments between 1963 and 1969, and the facts will speak for themselves.

In our view, what we are seeing in Kenya is nothing but deconstruction of the bogus Kenyatta - Mboya centralised state.

It cannot be otherwise, for we have never been a state, but an IMAGINED COMMUNITY. Such a state can only be founded on useless META - NARRATIVES of "nationalism."

We therefore, see no need to mourn the death of such a state.

Anonymous said...

Even before Mboya was murdered all Kikuyu traders in Nyanza and Western had known what was going to happen.

They were all evacuated from Nyanza, Western and Eldoret the night before TJ fell.

We really wondered at day break why our Kamau retailer at Kibuye Market had decided to close his shop on that busy day. Kumbe the guy had been collected at night.

That was the day Kenyans mainly Luos, Luhyas and Kalenjins started mistrusting Kikuyus. I think very few have not recovered from it.

Anonymous said...

No bobody can tell how Mboya could have performed as the 1st President of Kenya.

One thing is however clear: Mboya airlifted many Kenyans to the US, irrespective of their tribe.

Infact some of the most corrupt and brutal tribal ministers like Prof George Muthengi gained tremendously from Mboya's achievements.

Mboya's murder was the beginning of impunity in Kenya and the day Gema's superiority was affirmed.

That day Kenyatta adressed the nation on KBC using Kikuyu language instead of English and Swahili, as he had been doing.

Anonymous said...

as I posted previously sometime ago I heard the culprit was in the car with Mboya before the event; he exited from the car while the car was waiting for the minister and the rest is history; it was the same guy convicted...apparently..but of course it could have been anyone else. I heard the person who saw this kept quiet for fear of being assassinated.

Anonymous said...

The world over dead people are always revered.Even Hitler and next door Idi Amin all got some positive accolades upon their demise.Lets not even start on MJ!

Taabu said...

TJ did his part and as they would say TENDA WEMA NENDA ZAKO. Unfortunately for him he was prematurely sent under by the lords of impunity. His death marked the begining of present day GIANT IMPUNITY.

That said we can only speculate on what kind of leader TJ would have made. We saw KK of Zambia and our own MK turned into. I guess it all boils down to Lord Acton's curse: power currupts and absolute power corrupts absolutesly.

TJ was no saint as evident in his sungura tricks to cut down opponnets like OO. He must have seen it coming after the katiba change. Si in by the sword out by the same blade.

The reverence of TJ is traceable to lack of TRUE LEADERS. All the accolades re counterfactuals (what ifs). He did his good part for the 39 years and all we have to thank hi for are his murderous beneficiaries like Prof Kiarie.

Anonymous said...

The nauseating glorification of Tom Mboya is reliant on conjecture and hopeless romanticism. Get over it. Impunity was visited on the country long before Tom Mboya was assassinated. It was not a first.

Mwarang'ethe said...

To Chris,

Let us separate TM's question into two parts:

(a) His assasination, and
(b) his achievements.

As concerns (a), every reasonable person would share your views. So, there is no debate about that.

Now, let us look at (b). You (including our newspapers) keep on telling us that, since he was elected in a constituency dominated by Kikuyu's he was a nationalist.

That may be true. However, let us ask this. If Tuju stood in Kamukunji in the recent by - elections on PNU ticket, would Kikuyu's have voted for him? No doubt yes. Would that prove that Tuju a Luo, is a nationalist and a great man? No.

Thus, to the extent that, we can show there may have been other reasons for Kikuyu's to vote for him, your premise that, since he was elected by Kikuyu's was a nationalist collapses like a house of cards.

Let us look at airlift to USA. Seen out of context, it is a very great achievement. However, if we see these lifts in context of COLD WAR, where Africa was the play ground of the two superpowers, we fail to see the greatness in these airlifts.

Let us be clear. We are not saying that, these airlifts were not okay. We are only saying that, they must be seen in the context of cold war strategies of the West/USA and East/Soviet Union.

Now, anyone who has read Weekly Review of this period, TM was called Sungura Mjanja. Now, in our childhood stories, what role does Kaka Sungura play?

Let us look at 1966 Limuru Conference. The first question is, who stood to gain by demolition of Oginga? No doubt, it was the Kiambu/Gatundu whatever you call them. If that is correct, we now ought to ask ourselves, when these Gatundu men conspired against Oginga, did they see Oginga as a Kenyan, or as a Luo to be isolated?

The scheme tells us that, they saw Oginga as a Luo. So, in scheming to frustrate him, they were playing a tribal card. To the extent that, he (TM) played a part in such a scheme, puts him among the people who planted the destructive tribalim we are grappling with today.

The ultimate question is, what role did TM play between 1963 - 1969 in systematic destruction of the Lancaster Constitution?

Would you be couragious enough to venture here? If you dare, you will be confronted by ugly facts. We dare thee.

Anonymous said...

perhaps Britain should have held on Kenya till 2000; today we could have been an economic giant like Hong Kong

Wangu wa makeri said...


sorry to be out the topic, but whats happening in Kenya? We watched a programme here in UK yesterday about the insecurities in Nairobi and Kenya in general. people being kidnapped for ransom, others abducted at the gun point, carjacking is now part of a norm in Nairobi, violent robberies accompanied by murders, violence against women including gang rapes...JESUS! Whats happening?!!

Anonymous said...


Britain was a little bit respectful to their subjects in Hongkong. In Kenya, anyone with a black skin was not even equal to a dog. And even among the black skinned, there was a differentiation.

The presense of a Maasai was felt by wazungu like a Lion. The Luhya were the hard working trustworthy people. The Luos were the well dressed proud askaris, the Kambas were the nice sweepers, part of the Kikuyus were toilet sweepers and jigger infested people who were untrustworthy. But most of the Kikuyus were considered by the whites as terrorists and thieves. The white man had bad feelings towards the Kikuyus because they knew they (mzungu) was the real intruder and thief.

All in all, the British could have developed Kenya but could have not developed Kenyans.

Anonymous said...


There is alot of truth about what you are saying but I cant agree on you about airlifts.

Consider this facts: TJ had friends in the US, Kenyatta became the British darling after realizing that it is Jaramogi (as Interior minister) who was interested in their deportation. Kenyatta protected the interest of Britain immediately after independence. Jaramogi was a friend to USSR, Hungary.

All the airlifts to the US, USSR, EAST EUROPE were for all Kenyans. Airlifts to Britain untill 1978were reserved for GEMA and one to two other exceptionally intelligent Kenyans. The majority went to the US and that is TJ's achievement, even if you are doubting it. This is a fact.

Bacardi Breezer said...


In my culture we leave the dead alone to rest in peace. We believe if one is dead the best tribute you can give them is to allow their souls to rest in peace. If at all the death was caused by murder, we leave it to God of vengeance to revenge. We believe the guilty or those with blood in their hands will never find peace.

So Kumekucha let TJ rest in peace, rest assured his blood was not shed in vain.
Even in the bible its wrong to keep talking about deads.
MOVE ON, sir

Anonymous said...

The only reason we have RAO today is because Tom Mboya was assasinated. You reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

yes but who assassinated Tom Mboya?
was the family of muindis with twins assassinated because they saw too much??

Phil said...

Blogger Mwarang'ethe said...

We seek not to detract from Mboya's many achievements although we do not know many apart from the fact that, he was instrumental in dismantling the Lancaster Constitution and thus concentrating dictatorial powers on one man. The results of this are now with us.

If someone disputes what we have said above, can he given us the Constitutional amendments between 1963 and 1969, and the facts will speak for themselves.

In our view, what we are seeing in Kenya is nothing but deconstruction of the bogus Kenyatta - Mboya centralised state.

It cannot be otherwise, for we have never been a state, but an IMAGINED COMMUNITY. Such a state can only be founded on useless META - NARRATIVES of "nationalism."

We therefore, see no need to mourn the death of such a state.

Thank you my brother Mwarang'ethe. I sure would like to see Chris respond to your two comments on this thread.

I have over the years expressed similar misgivings about how Chris always tries to create a hero out of the late Thomas Joseph Mboya whereas it is an open secret that he was not a hero but a native who took advantage of his position to short-change the country in the hope that Kenyatta would identify him as heir apparent!

While I do not celebrate his premature demise, I certainly hold him 100% directly liable for the constitutional quagmire we find ourselves in - nearly 50 years after we got this so called Uhuru.

I am yet to see anything that this arrogant, proud and good-for-nothing womaniser (no pun intended) achieved in terms of developing our politics or improving democracy and rule of law.

Please convince me Chris.

munak said...

chris, am still lost about odinga's role in all this. basically both Tom Mboya and Odinga were Luo. Then Odinga campaigns that Kenyans did not want uhuru unless Kenyatta was released. At the same time, Odinga was actually the leader of the opposition Kenya People's Union. I guess you have the facts that it was all carried out by Kenyatta's inner circles, but but, can i embark on a wild theory that Odinga could be one of the suspect?

Odinga was a Luo, so was Tom Mboya, both were enterprising politicians, what would stop Odinga from eliminating his competitor? Secondly, before pinto was shot, Odinga arranged for Pinto to escape the country, why?

i might be treading on very sensitive grounds at the moment, but your research is killing what respect i had for Kenyatta, and i believe if all this was true, Kenyan history books will have to be rewritten and the entire cabinate will have to be expelled coz all the top guys are involved in this one way or another.

munak said...

"Bacardi Breezer said...

In my culture we leave the dead alone to rest in peace. We believe if one is dead the best tribute you can give them is to allow their souls to rest in peace. If at all the death was caused by murder, we leave it to God of vengeance to revenge. We believe the guilty or those with blood in their hands will never find peace.

So Kumekucha let TJ rest in peace, rest assured his blood was not shed in vain.
Even in the bible its wrong to keep talking about deads.
MOVE ON, sir"

no offence bacardi breezer, but it this mentality of us kenyans that the assassins are taking advantage of. Tomorow another minister will be assassinated just because they know who cares for the dead ppl. sometimes its not stiring the dead ppl in their graves but fighting to make sure that others dont suffer the same fate.

Anonymous said...

and just so you all know, Obama is what he is today because of Tom Mboya for it was Tom Mboya who airlifted Obama's father to the US.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kumekucha, for once you have written the truth, keep it that way.
Please disregard the spiteful, ignorant rubbish of Odinga zealots like Mwarang'ethe and Phil who love and thrive on the perpetual confrontation between Kikuyu and Luo. What really galls these fanatics is THE TRUTH that Mboya was not just elected by Kikuyu majorities AGAINST prominent Kikuyu candidates like Munyua Waiyaki, but that their crusading hero of Luo Nationalism, Raila Odinga, will never attain such cross cultural appeal ON MERIT ALONE, NOT TRIBAL ALLIANCES LIKE THE ODM, or enjoy such an honest and tribeless rapport with and trust from Kikuyus.
Mboya was also not just a brilliant politician, he was the brilliant economist who had no degree, but went on to craft the blueprint that set forth Kenya's path to 8% annual growth in the 60s and 70s.
With your info about MI6 and Ben Gethi's involvement in his assasination, just call a spade a spade and say Njonjo(MI6 agent) was the Big Man. All circumstantial evidence points to him. Ben Gethi was not the only Njonjo man. Njonjo's attack dog, Joginder Singh Sokhi of CID(remember the Sokhi/Shaw tag team that carried out Njonjo's orders to shoot thugs on sight?) was the one who arrested Njenga within hours. Was it not Njonjo who influenced Kenyatta to appoint Moi as VP and heir apparent with a view to removing him later? In this regard, Mboya stood in the way of Njonjo and British interests.

Anonymous said...


I know you belong to the Raila Fan Club but I have to agree with you on the much hyped point that mboya was a "kenyan" because kikuyus used to vote for him. Kikuyus voted for mboya because they knew he was allied to kenyatta just as, like you have said, they would vote for tuju because they know he is allied to kibs.

Chris, taking out someone will always be part of politics. Am rusty on "the Prince", but my recollection is that the book recommends assassinations in some form or other.

Syntax said...

Nice post, though in trying to understand the motives behind Mboya's killing, I try to put it in context...1969 was a general election year, and I suspect (though I'd need to research more) that probably Mboya was planning to stand for the presidency and word of this got to the Kiambu mafia.

Kenyatta's popularity nationally was waning, and the mafia at first tried to destabilize Mboya's political and trade union base so as to crush his chances at the presidency or any high office but this didn't work...

Sensing that their turn to eat would be severely under threat if they did nothing soon , they ventured on the final solution...which was assassination...after of course receiving Kenyatta's approval...

Anonymous said...

i concurr with you 100per cent,this same notorious Ben Gethi was the same person that shot J.M Kariuki in the arm as he was being interrogated at Kingsway hse by members of the Kiambu mafia after having been punched on the face by chief presidential body guard Wanyoike Thungu and loosing 3 of his front teeth as a result of this,J.M instinctively reached for a pistol in his pocket which Gethi had earlier given him for protection and only Gethi in the interrogation panel knew had,this man was despicable ,cunning and probably fired the fatal shots later on that night in Ngong hills that ended the life of J.M Kariuki.

Anonymous said...

I dont see why kenyatta would want to kill mboya. Mboya was his Prince, his blue eyed boy; like say, for arguments sake, tuju is to Kibaki. Mboya decimated Jomos arch rival, Odinga and fought him the same way Tuju fought Raila. Now imagine Tuju assasinated then Raila blames Kibz. If you say Njonjo/ Koinange coz of succession maybe yes, but Jomo.......I really doubt it. If Jomo did it, God nows, then its the height of the greatest betrayal without cause contravening the human conscience. All in all it was very very unfortunate and sick murder that causes to date the unnessesary hatred/ persecution of kikuyus

Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate that we cannot have such a person among our political class that is deepy tribal and continues to spread this tribalism in broad daylight. I sadly remember when Raila lead ODM bigwigs in addressing a crowd at Uhuru park in their mothertougue in the full view of the world in the run up to the 2007election. Raila, in doing so, reminded us that we belonged to tribes not Kenya. Didnt they think that there were other tribes in ODM other than Luos and Luhyas?
I dont think mboya would ever stand on a podium and complain of VIP toilets and red carpet. FYI Kikuyus did not simply vote for mboya because he belonged to Kenyattas camp, everyone belonged to kenyattas camp including his fomidable challenger Waiyaki. They voted the guy coz he was really a true leader. If kenyatta killed mboya, we condemn and regret it. But if he did, did he kill his Prince because he was a luo? NO! Why? Was JM a luo? This tribal bigotry must end

Anonymous said...

I cant imagine Raila/ Ruto/ Uhuru/ Martha/ Saitoti and all these other tribalists leading this nation. Why cant these guys take a plane and crash

Anonymous said...

@6:15 AM it is ignorant people like you who ensure that Kenya will remain a 3RD World country into perpetuity.

Ati Jomo could not have done it because : Mboya was his blue eyed boy and also because it is the height of the greatest betrayal without cause contravening human conscience.

You are flat out wrong. Here is a remedial tutorial for you and your ilk.

First, Jomo did it just because he could; as an act of impunity. Kenyatta was above the law, and not subject to law(s), so he commited this crime and act as he did to countless others, including:

- Betraying Mau Maus

- Stealing land meant for the Kenyan poor, principally Kikuyus

- His self-aggrandisement, stealing property anywhere, land, houses, farms, beachfronts, smuggling ivory and coffee in the Republic of Kenya. If he coveted it he got it.

- Killing his own former Private Secretary, JM Kariuki who, by the way, was a genuine Mau Mau hero

- Betraying Kaggia, Oneko, et al

- blatant promotion and institutionalising tribalism

Simply put, Kenyatta had NO conscience.

Anonymous said...

anon @3.17 if kenyatta did so much evil to Kikuyus, why do you hate Kikuyus for the wrongs done by him? Why do idiots, including your likes, say that Kikuyus killed mboya, yet many kikuyus suffered under the same person who killed mboya? Why is Taabu and fellow genocidares persecuting Kikuyus? Kikuyus this, that blah blah blah......

Anonymous said...

l sympathise with Mboya's family for the brutal murder meted against this great Kenyan son.
However l think Mboya's achievements are exaggerated. l even doubt he was a selfless Kenyan whose interest was for the well being of Kenya.
This is a guy who used all tricks in the book to fight his nemesis Oginga Odinga.His major preoccupation was to fight odinga by changing the constitution and creating a vice president from every province so as to eclipse odinga's powers. Eventually his evil motives would have helped him clinch the presidency by hook or crook. There is a theory that kumekucha should explore and report to us that Njenga the alleged killer had been hired by Mboya to kill Kenyatta. It turned out to be the case of hunter becoming the hunted. The guy may have camafolaged as a nationalist but well, research should be carried out to expose his evil side of life which ultimately was his undoing. As oginga odinga once said of mboya, he was a hot blooded young man who needed to slow his pace. Could his quick pace be his undoing? l rest my case.

Mwambu said...

It is retarded dolts like @10:13 who will forever ensure that Kenya remains a 3rd World country.

It is very rational and also very plausible to argue that Jomo Kenyatta was a sociopath and a psycopath. Trace the man's history during his days in Europe and you will get my drift. In fact, I even think that an earlier bout of syphillis was what made Jomo the sociopath that he later became.

Let's peruse your simplistic argument that: Kikuyus killed Mboya, yet many Kikuyus suffered under the same person who killed Mboya. Voila.

Now, now, now. A Kikuyu did kill Mboya, and yet it is apparent that Kikuyus continued suffering under a Kenyatta government. Hello!

Of course, that is and has always been the tragedy of Kikuyu ethno-nationalism that Kenyatta always exploited to the hilt whenever he needed to rally the abysmally ignorant Kyuks to defend his plutocratic regime. Therein lies the tragedy in that the Kikuyu masses never came to the realisation that they were being used by the sociopathic Jomo Kenyatta.

Genocidaires? Please spare us, because the biggest genocidaire is Uhuru Kenyatta who masterminded the Kenya Interahamwe called Mungiki as
they killed in the PEV:

Luo ----> 300

Kikuyu ----> 268

Kalenjin ----> 225

Luhya ----> 178

Kisii ----> 115

We all know that Jomo Kenyatta the socio-psycopath is long gone but please we do not want his reincarnation in Uhuru Kenyatta killing innocent Kenyans and stealing the rights of poor Kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

A baboon by the name Mwambu said

"Now, now, now. A Kikuyu did kill Mboya, and yet it is apparent that Kikuyus continued suffering under a Kenyatta government. Hello!"

So what are you saying? That coz a kikuk killed mboya, the whole community did? Coz a Luo called Oyugi killed Ouko does it mean Luo community did? Just ans this DID KIKUYUS KILL MBOYA? If you cant take your idiocy to the toilet and your Kiuk hatred back into your ass! FUCK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Mwambu, your hatred of Kiuks will consume you!

Anonymous said...

Mwambu has been posting all the comments here as Anon then answering them himself. Dont you have work to do? jinga wewe

Mwambu said...

I am actually the single most ardent defender of Kikuyus even more so than you average myopic Kikuyu posers on these threads.

I, for one, have insisted on JUSTICE for all Kenyans especially for ALL the poor Kikuyus who were victims of the great heistmester a.k.a. thief Jomo Kenyatta who stole so much land belonging to Mau Maus and the Kikuyu poor.

For my consistent and selfless contributions to Kikuyu emancipation I get commendations from many Kikuyus who support me for my efforts to ensure that the disenfranchised Kikuyu poor get a piece of what is righfully theirs.

Don't blame the fireman for putting out the fire.

munak said...

i still dont get it why u guys are making it a racial issue when we are talking about individuals rather than races! guys, move on, this tribalism will consume us and kenya will forever be in deep shit. kenya was once the fastest growing country in east africa, where are we now?

we still lost in the past pointing fingers at each other while the killers are laughing at our stupidity, puppets we are.

Mwambu said...

Now, now, now, let us not get all worked up here.

This is what I said @11:56 PM..."a Kikuyu did kill Mboya."

Nowhere did I say that Kikuyus (as a tribe) killed Mboya.

However, it is @10:13 PM who stated in apparent reference to me (or maybe to someone else) thus:..."why do idiots, including your likes, say that Kikuyus killed Mboya,...."

As I have said, I, Mwambu, am the defender of the average oppressed Kikuyus par excellence.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me at what stage Njoroge Mungai and Charles Njonjo fell out. But they continued to be part of Kenyatta's Kiambu Mafia. Did they fall out completely prior to Moi becoming President?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 5:52 AM,

This is belated, but Weekly Review didn't have to be founded in the sixties for its editors to write about T.J.

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