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Friday, June 12, 2009

A Terrible Way To Die: Flight 447 We Remember

There are many ways people die but over the last couple of days the way in which passengers of the doomed Air France flight 447 may have died has haunted me and refused to leave my mind.

Conclusive investigations are of course far from being completed while other experts say that we will probably never know what really happened. Still one can imagine the following scenario;

The aircraft enters serious turbulence which naturally causes fear when you are that high above the ground as the aircraft shakes violently. Suddenly all the lights go off and there is pitch darkness (because it was a night flight). The next thing that happens is that the aircraft suddenly breaks apart and passengers can immediately feel the decompression of the cabin which causes breathing problems. So the poor passengers suffocate as they fall into dark nothingness. Most, if not all would be dead long before their bodies hit the icy waters thousands of feet below.

What also disturbs me about this accident is the fact that strange things always seem to happen when an Airbus accident is being investigated, something that this article brings out so well.

Aviation is a subject that has always fascinated me, more so it's history. Great risks were taken to make what we take for granted today possible. The first ever aircraft accident in history is instructive. Scroll down to the last article on this page to read a brief amazing history of how mechanized flight was discovered.

Get detailed latest information on this air disaster.

What Kumekucha has been reading;

I found this web page discussing the accident fascinating. More so because there were comments from several experts.


Anonymous said...

what no comments?

Anonymous said...

Is this Chris? The writing style is that of Chris, if so Chris thank you so much for coming back. I love you to bits!!!

Shiko-Msa said...

KK I too am fascinated by matters aviation. I'm an avid watcher of air crash investigations and I can just imagine what the passengers went through before meeting their end.

I like the way they investigate crashes, find the problem and sometimes ground a whole fleet until it has been checked and fixed in all similar crafts. I think that is how air travel has managed to still remain the safest despite it's horrifying crashes. I feel for the victims of Air France 447.

kenyaone said...

hey. Its true its such a painful thing to think about. The delta airlines flight that was to come was cancelled for that reason. It was an airbus of same make and was following a similar flight path and refuelling in Dualla where the fateful aircraft was headed. They cancelled until they had proper info on what happened. May God give comfort to the family and friends of those bereaved

M-Pesa said...

"A Terrible Way To Die?" You are having a laugh mate! Just remember those poor women and children who were roasted alive at Kiambaa church in Eldoret by marauding Kalenjin warriors. Who can forget screaming kids who were trying to flee being tossed back into the raging inferno by a cheering and satanic mob?

Who can forget in the same church stories told by survivors of a disabled woman in a wheelchair who was gang raped by a baying mob before her skull was cracked open using a crude weapon? A terrible way to die? Sorry mate, you didn't have to travel thousands of miles away, just look around you!

Anonymous said...


Karibu na usile. We were worried to death by your whereabouts. Brother usipotee namna siku ingine. We hope your presence will scare away the genocidaires who had invaded Kumekucha celebrating deaths of others and rapes of small girls.

kenyantykoon said...

For sure it is a terrible way to die. But come think of it, there are worse ways to die. I mean think about it, What about freezing to death, or burning to death, or being beaten to death by an angry crowd in the city center who then proceed toburn your body or worse torture (am talking really twisted stuff like having boiling oil poured on you!) So if you really think about it(and keep your emotions out of your head), a plane crash isnt such a bad way to die. How many ppl actually get to experience the last few moments of their life?? Maybe they even had a few moments to confess their sins and avoid etrnal damnation in Hell. But thats my opinion.

JR Alila said...

If the photo posted is from Flight 447, then we must assume that these people had time to put on the masks at high altitude; that it was not sudden; that they perhaps were dead by the time they hit the water---there is no sign of struggle at all! Sad!

Vikii said...

M-Pesa, thank you. I can imagine what was going on in the minds of the travellers in the final minutes. That is nothing compared to those CHILDREN barbecued in Kiambaa. While the former perfectly understood this was an accident blamable on no one, the latter were acutely aware they were being burned because someone LOST an election and was findig it hard iving with that reality. I DO SINCERELY HOPE that God comes down on these gangsters!

Lucas Mboya,I was supposed to be in that inaugrual delta flight to Nairobi and your description of the fears they had has sent me straight to the fridge at 8 oclock in the morning for a Guinness. Looks like I will live to witness the hanging of Raila Odinga, William Ruto and their spanner boys in arson!

Taabu said...

Death in whatever form is TERRIBLE. The only exception maybe EUTHANASIA. Even those who commit suicide regret their act when it is too late-evidence is the struggle to free the noose.

That said, air travel remains the safest mode despite its comprehensive execution rates albeit rare. Speak of an ELITE DEATH but it still remain painful. At least the trauma is short lived unlike what the patients undergo in the hospices. Even Omar Bongo's death was painfull to those close to him. What an irony?

Anonymous said...

Go away Taabu,wait until you post your usual ethnically divisive balderdash and then wait for our comments.Kudos Chris if thats you,am also greatly fascinated by air and space travel which am sure Taabu cant even begin to understand!

Vikii said...

..cant even try to pretend to understand, sio?

Anonymous said...

Kibaki must have taken Wright's advice too seriously "If you are looking for perfect safety, you will do well to sit on a fence and watch the birds."

One Wife Man said...

Chris aka Kumekucha,
welcome back-sometimes a rest is as good as a change and i'm sure the batteries are fully recharged

still i'm glad you decided to cut short your self imposed sabbatical leave in time- some commentators here were contemplating silent suicide if you never blogged again

Loss of life in any form is regrettable-better those who were never born than those who live and die.The truth is when its your time its your time and life is so cruel she does not even allow you to chose the time or the method not all is lost though the amount of terror we all experience is the same as well the grief shared by all those left behind

R.I.P. 447

Anonymous said...

@Vikii @M-Pesa


Taabu said...

Polygamous Joe,
Wewe stop being a sexist. How can you refer to a feminine life (SHE) and puntuate the same sentcence with the word cruel? Shindwe wewe.

That said at least you cannot excape both eventualities-DEATH/TAX, not until you become an MP. But again that insurance PIN is only valid for tax. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

What a bizarre post. But yes, aviation disasters must be VERY fascinating for those who hardly spend much time in the air, most especially if not directly affected by the disaster. Enjoy the discussion.

Anonymous said...

Spend much time in the air?? Kwani what are you....a bird?You are in the air only for the duration needed to travel,silly!!!

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